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1, Report #24620
Jul 14 2002
11:03 PM
verizon wireless severe grievances ripoff orangeburg New York
I worked for the company. I filed true, severe grievances and not only did they not act on my grievances or answer me about them or resolve them, they fired me for sending too many e-mails about my grievances because they were not being addressed. They now are pressing criminal charges against me for too many e-mails (23 in a 24 business day period) My grievances were serious and real and frightening. barbara bronx, New York
Entity: orangeburg, New York
2, Report #381555
Oct 15 2008
01:47 PM
Instant Site Comments, Robert Blackstone No Customer Support, Vendor has Disappeared No Idea Where They Are nationwide
I purchased the instant site comments software over a year ago. I could never get it installed and working properly. Robert Blackstone said that he would personally install this software if I couldn't get it running. That never happened. Months passed and I have left a series of questions at their help desk which go completely unanswered. I contacted the company that referred them which is Allan Gardyne at Associates Programs, and received an email from an assistant saying they were sorry I was having trouble and that Robert is a good guy. Still no resolution and the software is useless to me. This is the kind of thing that makes internet businesses get a bad rap. Cltaylor Rancho Santa Margarita, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1172059
Aug 25 2014
05:59 AM
Chat Avenue Getting banned for complaining about racist comments from other chatters. Chatroom Admin supporting racial comments, after showing proof of said racist comments. Internet
Chat avenue has been a constant horror. Chatters are racist, and make racial comments towards me as a black chatroom user. This all started in the Singles room with another chat user named Ree- she constantly attacks me for no apparent reason even when I've said Hi to other people in the room besides her. She has called me a, Monkey the N word, and various other names in which I cannot even mention on this site. I have sent numerous chat Screen shots to the administrator of Singles Purple rose, where she avoids the issue at hand, and decides to BAN me from the site for 14 days.I don't see this as fair, and just. Even after providing proof, she (purplerose) continueously decides to stick up for another chatter using racist comments. I suggested a food that could be used on a Bagel- another chatter by the name Brix Shy then said Aren't you people supposed to eat fried chicken, and chitlins? Hamhog Travon Sizzurp I then responded, and that was when I was kicked out of the room then banned. Purplerose the administrator was contacted via Private message, where she stuck up for the user, and said Brix was not directing the comments at you, he was saying maybe I should eat real food instead of a bagel. And that he made the Sizzurp statement about Justin Beiber, Are you him? I saw the dialouge with my own two eyes, and yet she continues to repeatedly dodge the issues, and blames me for distrupting chat. If racism, and hate is encouraged on this site, shouldn't people of a higher power be monitoring? Besides incompetent mods who play favorites, and break rules. Not to mention the numerous complaints of pornography, and pedofiles.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1237927
Jun 25 2015
01:41 PM
Le Parise try Fake Photos Fake Glowing Comments They Prohibit Negative Comments from Real Customers Internet
This internet company currently uses a severely photo doctored image of Jan Brewer, (70) the former Governor of Arizona in their online advertisements.  Jan Brewer is 70 years old and has very fair skin and few wrinkles.  The ad photo depicts her w/dark leathery, severely wrinkled skin. I called Le Parise at (855) 345-9141 and asked to speak to the marketing department or the home office and was hung up on after I explained I was calling about the phony picture in their ads.  I called back and asked for a list of ingredients in their Vitamin C cream and was put on hold for over 10 minutes.  I hung up and didn't call back.  This internet company has no physical address they are willing to share on the internet. There is no combination of words you can Google to find out what the ingredients are in the vitamin C cream, even though it's the only thing they sell.  Please don't give these people your bank information!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #7065
Oct 10 2001
12:00 AM
Digital Audio Dogg Speakers Ripoff *EDitor's Comments
I live in St. Cloud, MN. Recently I was approached by a guy in a van in the very same manner. I was suckered but I did write the guy's plates down just in case. His plates were Illinois and the numbers were 5623 NL. I for one am very pissed off and plan to call in the plates to the cops. EDitor's Comments::::::::: They will approach you at a stop light or in a parking lot, giving you some sort of bull story that they are left over stock, we're moving, closed our store, they fell off a truck. What ever story they tell you it's a lie. The speakers will not work. Even if there are speakers in the cabinet. This scam has been going on for many years and seems to be getting more popular.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #354229
Jul 22 2008
11:48 AM
SHELDEEZ -- Satified Customer Comments Herndon Virginia
I actually stumbled on to this site as I was searching for a phone listing for my hair salon. I discovered some very unhappy customers. I understand the concern was not with the salon, but the product/supply services. I can only say, I have not had this problem. I did want to share with the public that if not for Sheldeez, I would have lost my hair and because of them I now have neck length or a little longer -- very natural and healthy hair. I always get an education when I go to the shop and I've found the customer service to be right on. As someone that is an experienced customer/client relations rep, I would like to suggest that when customers make complaints -- IF you resolve the issue that you also update the reporting. This because without fully understanding the circumstances -- others really do get a bad taste. I actually called the owner to ask if they were aware of the concerns mentioned here. I learned they were and had resolved the supply requests, I also learned that unless the customer updates the report it remains without the final outcome. With regard to delayed delivery, it's a good idea to opt for the expedited services of FEDEX. However, due diligence of the customer is important. ASK when placing the order what the expected turnaround will be and if there are any problems with stocking. IF for an example an item is back ordered, this could create delays some of which are beyond the suppliers control. Request a faxed confirmation, know exactly who you are speaking with and in a case of out of state or out of country ordering confirm with the supervisor that it is placed timely. While I understand frustration and would not wish the hassle some describe here for any customer, I'm mindful that part of good business is also great patrons. Positive or constructive feedback helps a business -- partnership in community and the world happen and stay healthy when we talk to them (without anger). Customer South Riding, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Herndon, Virginia
7, Report #1370090
Apr 27 2017
07:42 PM
BehindMLM Dishonest comments Internet
 Behind MLM selectively edited my comments and omitted the items that reflected poorly on them. They lied/misrepresented about a product I use, then cut me off from commenting and defending it. Then they used the death of my Dad to try to shut me up.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #398992
May 03 2009
10:30 PM
Nh Krystal Cancun Scam, Fraud Cancun Mexico
NH KRYSTAL TIMESHARE SCAM A friend and I went to Cancun on vacation and we got approached in the airport by people working for NH Krystal Cancun. So the next day April 19, 2007) we went to the timeshares sale pitch in exchange for Tickets. Lee Stepp was the sales rep that persuaded me into signing the so call Great Investment. I did not like timeshares and still don't but the investment sales scam Lee and his team told us sounded too good to pass up. My friend was going threw a divorce so they turn to me when it was time to ask for money or credit check. He had me convinced that my timeshare was already rented for 13 weeks that would pay for the $14900 purchase charge. That the following year I could rent out the 2 bedroom timeshare for 13 week again and this would be all profit. Reading about all of the other people's stories sound so familiar. Lee keep the drinks coming to us the whole time we were there. Of course we loved it because that's why we were in Cancun. He sold me on that this resort is easily rented because it so close to the Convention Center and downtown Cancun. This sounds all legitimate. SCAMMED! He told me that I would be receiving the checks from the broker in July. So like and Idiot I went on with my vacation and did not look into anything until I got back into the States. Then I still waited until June before I called the brokerage firm Resort Solution Inc. (Brian Jackson). After I got off the phone with him I knew I was scammed and was embarrassed. Then I got hit for more money by RSI saying I needed to pay $600 for them to post my rental week out, and they have 80% success rate. On 4/19/07 KIVC told me the $600. It has been 18 months and I never been contacted about any of my weeks being rented and sure I never will. RSI, I think lied about 80% rental rate just to get the $600 out of me. I didn't know so many people got SCAMMED by KIVC until last week when I got a maintenance bill and decide to look this up on the web. I just wrote KIVC and cancel my contract for Fraud and being untruthful. I do not plan on paying my maintenance fee or my loan for $8300 with Sun Bank any more that KIVC set up. John St Albans, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Cancun, Other
10, Report #1255157
Sep 15 2015
08:17 PM
InvisibleMask Shipped Headlight Film Mask That Does Not Fit for Specified Vehicle Hawthorne California
3M Film cut outs were ordered for headlights on 2015 Genesis Sedan.  Film delivered was cut without considering the new lens contours of the 2015 Genesis.  No amount of stretching, pulling or heating can account for the amount of misfit of the film cutout - it just is not the correct cutout or whoever planned it out never tried an installation.  I’ve been installing films for 20 years.  I asked for a refund and got told, more or less, I didn't know what I was doing and only way they would refund is if a professional installer says it can't be installed. I may not be a professional installer but I've installed protective films on many of my own road cars and race cars.    The cutout is just way too far off to work on a 2015 Genesis Sedan.  No one could make the film sent by Invisiblemask work on a 2015 Genesis short of Houdini.   I would charge these people back; but they have a string of threatening language about sending collections agency against any and all chargebacks.  I don't need to deal with bill collector trash.   Don't order any film from these people unless you have seen a vehicle like yours with the film applied.      
Entity: Hawthorne, California
11, Report #164879
Nov 16 2005
07:32 PM
McDonald's Discrimination raical comments. Ripoff MUSTANG Oklahoma
Where do I start!! My wife has been working for McDonalds for over 2 years. The owners sold out and the new owners took it over and Problems and harassment started. They are Spanish people with in 1 month the whole store was Spanish, and most of the original people had quit or got fired over nothing. My wife troubles started when this manager came from another store!! At first it was it was little things like your labor is to high or to many people on the clock for slow business. Then after a couple of weeks they started accusing her OF stealing money. Mind you my wife has worked for this location for over 2 years with no problems at all. Then one night this manger Hugo states she was missing 164$ from the safe and he was saying it was there the day before but now its missing off her shift. Hmm why after a day and a half they just now say it's missing? Well after recounting the safe my wife found it, and in no way or forum did he apologize to her! Well after a couple of weeks more supposedly money disappeared again it seems to be on my wife shift and the same manger Hugo was counting everything. But if my wife did not pull cash draws until he leaves then they would come up even. After this she spoke to the owner witch she did nothing or said anything to this so-called manger, and the little games was on going and she was the blame every time! Like I said she was at this location for over 2 years and when the new owners come in all sorts of problems and her being the blame each time. At this point it has gotten so bad she does not want to go back to work, and this guy barley knows English maybe enough to get by on. But each and every time if there was money missing my wife would go back thru every thing and find it. Turns out he was making mistakes and blaming her because she was the night manger and he needed some type of excuse to cover him self on the day shift in front of the owner. He verbally abused her and made racial comments to her about being white and him being Hispanic and that's why the store is more Hispanic because they are more Trustworthy To me this is a racial discrimination issue. And to make matter worse they illegally take money from the employees checks if they are short on the cash draws. In the employee hand book it states. McDonalds will not take any deductions unless the employee has signed a consent forum saying so! Only deductions they are allowed to make are insurance, 401k,medical, and Normal tax deductions! So they have taken money from her check when money came up missing on the day shift. They said every one pays when the store comes up short from cash draws or the safe! But I do not believe they are taking money from every employee just cretin ones. Including my wife check and two others I know of. Time for me to call INS and report them because I know for a fact they have two people working there that do not have papers or a green card or work visa. xxxx to protect me 73179, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: MUSTANG, Oklahoma
12, Report #71385
Nov 08 2003
04:39 PM Thank you all for your comments Internet
Thank you all for your comments because I was about to email the trainer back but I decided to check here first. You all have just saved me from a waste of time. Thank you Rip-Off Report! Alicia Sumter, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #391332
Nov 14 2008
02:03 PM
Robert Cliett rude comments Hawthorne California
I recieved a call from Robert Cliett. When I asked who I was talking to he replied don't you remember - your old friend Robert from Handicapped and Disadvantaged Employment He then went into his sales pitch stating that the company was no longer going to be calling citizens at their homes to ask for donations - this was the last call I would receive and to please help him out at this time. When I explained that my accountant does all my charitable donations and I do not do any over the phone - he stated lying bitch and hung up. Randee SALEM, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
14, Report #430512
Mar 03 2009
07:29 PM - GPTBoycott allows libelous comments Internet is a website, which claims to assist members of Get Paid To websites to make sure they are a true paying website. This website has absolutely no authority on anything, yet they ruin the reputation of several GPT websites everyday, with no facts to back any of these negative comments up. This is accomplished by the disgruntled members, which they allow to post, literally, anything and everything they want. People should be warned to stay FAR, FAR AWAY from GPTBoycott, and disregard the majority of information shared on these forums. Justice4all San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #635415
Aug 29 2010
09:27 AM
Urbanspoon Is Allowing SPAMED Accounts & Fake Misleading Comments/ Reviews About Companies Internet
We have contacted Urbanspoon about a user making fake accounts to post multiple hate comments about Kinki Lounge.. The company has never replied back to us with an answer which means they refuse to do anything about this matter.Kinki Strives for perfection at our restaurant.One of the biggest & most successful  Sushi / Lounges in Ottawa has one of the worse score and comment ranting online because of this matter.We would like this problem fixed but we had no where else to go.I would not recommend this website to anyone for reviews on restaurants.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #542313
Dec 19 2009
01:37 PM
AdSenseBoy, AdSense Money Maker, Blog Comment Poster, YouTube Comments Poster AdSense Money Maker, Automatic Scuttle Submitter, Automatic Website Builder, Blog Comment Poster, PHPD, Social Bookmarks Submitter, Trackback Submitter, YouTube Comments Poster, Webmaster Book Don't Buy Any Software These Guys, You'll be very disappointed. Internet
Me and my partner purchased comment poster software from this guy along with a hosting account (because it's impossible to set-up on your own) and the webmaster book. First, let me say that we are not software novice by any means and we both understand how to operate a wide range of scripts, software, programs, hosting and we are professional SEO consultants by trade.  So we have a pretty good understanding of how things work.Once we got the software we realized that we would have to purchase a hosting account in addition to the software because it would work with our current hosting no matter what we tried, so of course we paid again. Then once the software was set up we ran it several times without any good results whatsoever.We reported the problem to their so called customer support and they responded about 24 hours later with a very vague response that did not help us figure out what the problem was.  The we tried contacting them again and it took a little longer the second time and he told us to pick different keywords which we did and still the same results, no results again.So, long story short we never got the software to work, we couldn't get customer support and ultimately we could not get a refund either and they stopped responding to us after we requested a refund.STAY AWAY from these guys.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #798739
Nov 16 2011
03:44 PM Does not deliver products, falses promises, deletes negative comments/feedback Internet
Purchased the $10 for $5 CVS gift card 10/28Never received confirm email, gift card, voucher to redeem gift card, mailed gift cardOn 11/11 was still selling these gift cards on their site....The comments section has over 400 comments with people wondering where their gift cards are. I called the 800 number on their site and sat on hold for 20 minutes and gave keeps saying they are having technical issues and things should be resolved in 24-48 hours. I question whether any of the 35,000+ people that purchased this deal ever got a gift card.On 11/11 I contacted to request a refund of my purchase. I received 2 replies asking for my billing address which I provided each time.On 11/15 I inquired again about my refund and was asked a third time for my billing address. Finally in a response they said I will receive a refund in 48-72 hours which I doubt will ever happen.Along with another consumer that has posted on here about, I too believe that their merchants are created by the same group that is running They all have sketchy web addresses and similar designs. I even saw a comment in the teeth whiteneing deal where they list the same phone number for customer service that is posted as contact info on the site.Hopefully the word will spread ASAP that this site is a scam and they will not continue to con more and more people out of their money for nothing in return.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #778675
Sep 19 2011
04:41 PM
Sean Buckely Sexual Explicit Texts & Comments Repeatedly Made Houston , Texas
While Sean Buckley seems to have an exceptional reputation in the legal community, don't be fooled by outstanding ability to make a first impression.  Things aren't what you will first perceive.  This lawyer may have exceptional legal abilities, but he is dangerous at best.  After I made numerous complaints of his sexually explicit comments and texts, he became vicous, degrading, hateful and frankly put my legal representation at a high degree of risk.  Before my complaints, he went out of his way to show his outstanding abilities in the courtroom and with judges, but afterward I saw his true side.  Why would anyone want to be represented by a man that can make sexually explicit remarks on a regular basis and when you complain, make you his worst enemy?  Please don't be fooled like I was.  After paying Mr. Buckley an enourmous fee to represent me, I was emotionally, professionally, and personally abused by his rage, hatefulness and deceit.  I beg you to find out more about who you attorney really is ethical, professionally, and personally before entering into a legal agreement.  Not only have I had to go through this tramatic experience of being charged with a crime, I had an even greater tramatic experience dealing with an egotistical lawyer.  Don't make the same mistake I did.  After the abuse began, I sought other legal counsel.  Unfortunately, because of who Mr. Buckley is, no one would take my case.  I was forced to stay with an abuser that had my future in his hands.  This will takes months to get over as your attorney is suppose to zealously represent you, believe in you and support you.  Instead, Mr. Buckley will only turn on you at any given opportunity if you question his representation, ethics, or sexual exploitation.  He's not worth anyone's time....there are plenty of lawyers out there that will treat you with respect, honor, and dignity.  
Entity: Houston, Texas
19, Report #297884
Jan 07 2008
05:53 PM personal comments that I know for fact. Internet internet
i just want to comment on the way they advertise all the sexy girls available in certain areas. i live 6 miles from a little town called desbarats ontario. population is about 300. a very small town and i personally know most people there, though not all by name. you are being led so far astray if you think that all the women advertised are real. it's all a lie, honestly ! why do they lead people to believe and hope for relationships when its totally false. they need to be sued !! Joe833 bruce mines, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1102998
Nov 29 2013
11:48 AM tries to fine its customers for making critical comments has been reported to try and enforce a non-disparagement clause in their contract, This means that if you are unhappy with their service and write up a report (like here on, you may get a letter from demanding that you remove the review or pay them money!Check out this report before doing business with
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
21, Report #1268938
Nov 18 2015
10:23 PM
EJA Agent Services Jeremy Sisson EJA Agent Services, Jeremy Sisson Orlando Florida
We tried to submit a letter of intent to the broker. After calling multiple times, they were completely unresponsive. When we finally managed to get through to them they called us back an hour later and threatened to sue if we called again or submitted our LOI.Buyers: Dont bother with these guys, they are impossible to reach, unpredictable and volatile. Sellers: Dont get involved with these crooks, potential buyers will never be able to get through to them.  
Entity: Orlando, Florida
22, Report #77937
Jan 23 2004
01:51 PM
Option One Mortgage Harrassing Customers, Belittling Comments Irvine California
I have had my mortgage with Option One for 2 years. They call me starting the 1st of each month for that month's payment! They are rude, nasty and downright mean. They take great joy in verbally harrassment. I'm here to tell you that I have refinanced my mortage with a different company. Contact The Lending Connection. They walked me thru the whole refinancing process. I feel like 10,000 lbs. are off my shoulder. Bye, bye, Option One. I'm sure NOT going to miss you!!!! Rememeber....refinance thru The Lending Connection. Website: Elslie Stafford, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
23, Report #69220
Oct 15 2003
06:56 PM
OCWEN, MOSS CODILIS, LITTON LOAN Ultra Frauds: Kweku Hanson Comments Orlando Florida
I am so ultrabusy collaborating with my lawyers keeping this class action lawsuit alive and healthy (and giving the shameless fraudsters at Ocwen constipation in the process). I also have a regular heavy load of client work to handle (everyone here knows by now that I am a lawyer by profession) that I decided NOT to post anything online or even respond to victim emails for the next five days, just to catch up on deadline work. However, Marlene's very poignant and powerful comment above left me stunned, because it is right on point in my judgment. Ocwen would love nothing better than to see us discredit each other and squabble with each other and sabotage each other. Ocwen, which has unleashed a new round of anonymous workers to work us up with insults and false statements, all the while brutally raping us in ways even a pathalogical serial killer psychopath would not stoop to, is laughing on the sidelines. I 100% support Marlene's statement without reserve. United we stand; divided we fall. Robin's exhortation may have rubbed some as too conceited or too pushy but I for one can say I wish every case of exploitation had a dedicated consumer advocate with nothing to gain, chiming in for the betterment of the victims. We are all heroes for resisting Ocwen in the first place; some of us have been more active than others in visible ways; others are behind the scenes lobbying their Attorneys General, elected federal officials, contacting local news media, etc., etc. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean (some once said). So to all, especially those who have joined me in faith that we shall not only fight Ocwen as a class, but we shall BEAT Ocwen as a class: please take every post here for whatever good you can exract out of it. If you feel compelled to send in a sworn statement, please do so. If you wish to donate money, feel free to do so. If you wish to simply send a God speed the class action case, you're very welcome. We shall fight in the trenches; we shall fight in the hills; we shall fight from our basements; we shall fight from our roofs; we shall fight Ocwen in the courts of law and in the corridors of public opinion. One rouge company CANNOT defeat a people united. Yes, Robin was right in that the people of the colonies rose up with one accord and threw off the yoke of oppression they perceived from the King of England (whose lasting legacy, ironically is that we are all able to communicate in English). We shall also shake off Ocwen's yoke. We shall also expose the wrongs we have tolerated. This is not some fanciful thinking on my part, because I have little time for fancy. I am a man of action, and my kind of action figure is Moses before Pharaoh, or David before Goliath, or Daniel before Nebucadnezzer, or Ruth before Mordecai's accuser. PLEASE STAY TUNED DURING THE NEXT TEN DAYS FOR A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING THIS CASE! AND THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FOR THE FREE SPACE PROVIDED BY THE RIPOFFREPORT.COM WEBMASTER! Kweku Hanson Kweku Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
24, Report #28845
Sep 05 2002
12:00 AM
Genesis Energy, A BIG POWER COMPANY RIPOFF Hamilton New Zealand
I'm in New Zealand, and I've just come back from 2 months in Canada and the US. Before I left , I paid **$350** to the power company to cover the period that I was away for. I live on my own, so the bills are usually small. Imagine my horror when I get an email from my sister saying that my power has been **disconnected** !!!!!!! #$@#$#@@$ Now , I would have thought that $350 is ample for an unoccupied house for 2 months. The only things using power in that time are hot water (usused, of course), fridge and burglar alarm. Genesis took over from another company, and when they did so, they sent out all the usual guff about **how we're pleased to serve you, yada yada yada**. Yeah, right ..... I have NEVER in my life had such a shoddy experience as I have had with them. I will be switching power companies (leaving Genesis Energy), and if there is anyone in New Zealand who reads this, I will encourage them to do the same. Cheers ..... Andy Wellington, Other
25, Report #358861
Aug 04 2008
06:29 AM
Mike, Mike, Phpvideosearch php script, missing files, bad comments and conned Internet
Came across this interesting script that allowed users to search for videos online, the previous versions all worked well and when I did a search for the website, I made a purchase and was happy to part with my $25 USD to obtain the Super Deluxe PhpVideoSearch v3.1.1. I had originally had a go of the original script and had tested it on my server to make sure everything was compatible and too also make sure that my current version of mysql and php had supported the script, which was bought for me as a gift. But since using the original version and looking up the website, I saw they had some other cool scripts as well, so I proceeded to look further then I found they had released an updated version of the current script I was using, I was eager to purchase the script. After purchasing the script I uploaded the entire script to the domain and was eager to test out the new features which were mentioned on the website, but once I ran the script and began searching I kept getting errors, I thought I had done something wrong with the script, so reuploaded the script incase I messed something up, but still the same result, I wasnt getting any search results. I sent off an email to the support waiting for a reply and in the end gave up because the support never replied so I went back to paypal and asked for a refund to which I received asap. Later I get this abusive email from the owner telling me the following: I am the sole and legal seller of this script. Any others selling this script are violating United States copyright law. As you were issued a full refund, you have forfeited any right to use or sell the script. If you do so you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What makes this interesting is when I purchased the script there were no terms and conditions with the script, there wasn't a licence with the script and there were no mention anywhere that even after a full refund I couldn't use the script. There seemed to be many loopholes in this persons website and also the fact that he had sold me a script which clearly stated: Super Deluxe_PhpVideoSearch Script v3.1.1 + Copyright Removal: $25 USD (Combines all video sources of 3.0 and 3.1) yet I received a script that was incomplete and buggy. What made this more interesting was after the owner had contacted me I did tell him it was buggy and files missing and he told me there wasn't, but after checking through the script I was able to produce the same errors on his own web domain. Until recently I also informed Mike that selling a script that was incomplete and lacked missing files and also taking peoples money was illegal, it was conning people out of there $25 USD, if I didnt know about refunding or anything like that and had purchased the script, I was of been ripped off $25. Mike threatened me and said that if I jepordise his paypal account he will take legal action against me, well its interesting to point this out Mike, because I have recently obtained legal advice and have been advised to take this matter up, since you were the one that sold me the script in the first place, your domain clearly states you were selling a product, I purchased the product, went to use the product and it failed to work, not because I didnt have the right version of php or mysql, but because files were missing from the script to which you claim were rubbish and no files were missing. I am now proceeding action against you and your domain and stopping you from ripping other people off. If you had offered your services to me instead of getting uptight and angry at me and seeing that the files you had given me were incomplete then maybe it wouldn't of come down to this, but you didn't want to listen to what I had to say. Instead you insisted you were right and I was wrong. According to the law, if there is a product that you have designed or built, if I modify that product by 51% then I have changed the product which no longer bares a resemble to the original product then you have no foot hold over the script I have not only corrected, but modified and included the files that were missing, which also bares a 51% change in the original script.With paypal you said to me: If you do anything to jeopardize my standing with PayPal you will be sued for any and all damages incurred and any and all monetary losses What about the people you have sold the script to when they go to test it only to find that it doesn't work, they get a full refund, no questions answered, some people dont know how to do a refund, as for being sued, do so, I have obtained my legal rights and know where I stand since you sold me an inferior website script as to what was stated on your domain, plus you have failed to list your terms and conditions on your website and you failed to mention anything about the script not being used on a full refund, I know my right, I hope you know yours. So for the user of this domain, I hope you have the common sense to lay down hands and see what you sold me, despite giving me a full refund, and see that you sold me an inferior script, if you actually came to my level than I would gladly show you what you sold me and have this removed to show that you helped me set this script up and got it to work by including the other files in this script as well. Someguy35 Kentucky, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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