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1, Report #1404019
Oct 03 2017
10:00 PM
Commercial Services Corporation Afiliated with American Cosigners and Equity Risk Services Commercial Services Corp stole my money! Ladera Ranch California
 Commercial Services Corporation is a fraudulent company with no phone number, no contact people, and no email. They are affiliated with American Cosigners and can only be reached through American Cosigners , 866-311-2130, 866-311-2130 ext702, 856-214-6309, I wired 2296.00 to their address (listed in this report) to the Ladera Ranch Bank of America. Julia Daniels aka Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante is the only person you can get a hold of. I managed to talk to a Lisa Rossi aka Summer Rain Rossi,Summer Rain, and Summer Rossi at 856-214-6309, but she wouldn't help me. Be careful. These people lie, deflect questions, threaten you, and have no remorse for taking people's money for services that were NEVER provided.
Entity: Ladera Ranch , California
2, Report #102650
Aug 08 2004
08:00 AM
Commerce Commercial Leasing / Norvergence / Partners Equity Capital Corporation Questionable relationships??? Horsham Pennsylvania
We entered into an agreement with Norvergence and had our equipment rental agreement transferred to Commerce Commercial Leasing. As I have been trying to find information on Commerce Commercial Leasing, I came across the following, which may be of interest to others. On several news releases on the Interent and in two copies of court documents related to the Norvergence case, one of the initial creditors who brought the lawsuits that precipitated the bankrupty/liquidation of Norvergence is a company called PARTNERS EQUITY CAPITAL CORPORATION (PECC). In the court papers, this corporation has the same address as COMMERCE COMMERCIAL LEASING. The name associated with PARTNERS EQUITY CAPITAL CORPORATION in the court papers is MARTIN F. BABICKI, who also is Executive Vice President of COMMERCE COMMERCIAL LEASING. So the question is: What was the relationship between Partners Equity Capital Corporation, Norvergence, and Commerce Commercial Leasing? John Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Horsham, Pennsylvania
3, Report #790979
Oct 20 2011
05:08 PM
Commercial Maintenance Chemical Corp. CMC Corporation, CMCC We're not the first, neither are you. Farmingdale, New York
This company knows what they are doing.  They get the name of your maintenance personnel and use it against you.  It's such a simple scam:- Get the name of the lead guy- Send a product that seems useful to the company- Send an invoice with the lead guy's name on it to the manager, not the lead guy.Here's the test: how accountable is your team in checking invoices, talking to employees and checking deliveries prior to accepting them?  This company will find out just how weak your systems are, and you will pay for it.If you're experiencing this, report it immediately to the BBB.  Don't pay the invoice, don't accept the package, and by all means don't open anything!!  They get very aggressive and make huge threats of collections and even lawsuit.  Still not sure if they're using a legitimate collections agency, but we'll find out.  
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
4, Report #851108
Mar 09 2012
08:04 AM
Commercial Maintenance Chemical Corporation Harrassment Farmingdale, New York
This NY company is trying to force my skilled nursing facility to pay for drain cleaning chemical they never ordered.  $600 worth of product that they called and said we woud be receiving free of charge as it was damanged in shipment.  Then when it was received they sent a bill saying that my maintenace man had ordered the product when he accepted delivery of the free product.  This is a popular scam that unscrupulous vendors use to pedal their product.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
5, Report #136253
Mar 24 2005
10:22 AM
TRM Commercial Corp./TCRM/Brookside Mortgage Co ripoff New York New York
No check in the mail again today for the $2500 from this bunch....You know after you have been around the block a few times and gotten burned...especially when you really trusted a company and their representative, it gets you very angry..You don't bump appraisal fees on someone who is down on their luck. at the time, and not return the $500 initial downpayment when they changed ALL the terms of the loan... Nothing in writing states the outrageous last minute fees and lender owning 90% of the land WE ARE PAYING ON!!! How wrong is that ??? .We are nice people who just want our money back and the money we lost in lost work time, get this took months of paperwork, accumulating papers by both my wife and I and will continue to report until we get what is due us...I appreciate all of your help and support.... Happy Easter....PS If I owned their business...I would take care of small potatos such as this when they brag about their multi million dollar deals....incidentally, they show up on most websites as the top ripoff companies.....check out google and netscape...they should be there from what they did to us. Very simply resolved...just send the $2500 and it goes away. They have wronged us and will not take it lying down. Nick Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #452013
May 14 2009
05:54 PM
Dealer Services Corporation - discover - DSC is an Unlicensed Financial Lender The maximun of interst on a commercial loan is the greater of 10% or 5% of the federal discount rate as set by San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank Carmel Indiana
Dealer Services Corporation is an Unlicensed Financial Lender Dealer Services made more than one loan to M. Grissom In fact, DSC made twenty two (22) loans to Grissom on a single day, 9/01/2006. The various loans ranged from $1,100 to $11,000. Dealer Services Corporation must be a licensed California lender. A. Finance lender includes any person who is engaged in the business of making consumer loans or making commercial loans (Financial Code 22007). B. A license is required if one makes a single consumer loan (defined as any loan of less than $5,000) or more than one commercial loan (Financial Code 22050). DSC's receivable detail report to Grissom dated 9/08/2006 (Exhibit A), DSC's loans have rates charging interest at APR rates that can exceed 500% A. An unlicensed lender that willfully charges usurious interest is guilty of loan sharking (CC 1916-3(b), a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. CC 1916-3(b). (Nonwillfully charging too much interest merely entails treble damages. CC 1916-3(a).) The requirements for a usury violation are: 1. The transaction must be a loan or forbearance of the use of money; 2. The loan must be made by a non-exempt lender in a non-exempt transaction; 3. The interest received by the lender must be in excess of the maximum rate that is applicable to the transaction; and 4. The lender must have a willful intent to inter into a usurious transaction (the lenders willful intent can be presumed when the loan is usurious on its face). HN13 The California Unfair Competition Law (UCL) permits any person acting for the interests of itself, its members or the general public to file an action for restitution and/or injunctive relief against a person or business entity alleged to be engaged in any unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business act or practice. The UCL allows a private plaintiff who himself has suffered no injury to file a lawsuit under the UCL in order to obtain relief for others. What do you do when a corporation is liable for damages against your family business, do you walk away? Do you fight the giant Corporation like there's no tomorrow? Do you find video of yourself at 6 o clock news? Do you put it in Gods hands and let his supernatural powers fight your enemies? Share your comments with us. American family auto BURBANK, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carmel, Indiana
7, Report #7701
Nov 12 2001
12:00 AM
Commercial Federal Bank
If anyone has every had a bank account with Commercial Federal Bank in Tucson,AZ and they reported you to Chexsystems email me I can help you with your problem. Thanks Robert
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
8, Report #1298731
Apr 09 2016
09:35 AM
Mirrelson Commercial Lisa Mirrelson Nationwide
 This company are a scam - I have been done over once before by this woman under other names. Complete scam. They have rung me and sorted and appointment out but did some digging and won't be touching her. They just run these companies then go bust - then start over again - don't touch them - don't hand over any money it's a scam
9, Report #788728
Oct 14 2011
09:53 AM
Commercial Maintenance Chemical Corporation Terry Fox Sent us unauthorized merchandise and a invoice to follow Farmingdale, New York
A representative from this company, Terry Fox called my office offering some sewer degreaser and said that my company told him to contact us and send the products to our offices.  When Mr. Fox called we told him repeatedly we did not want the product.  He spoke with my maint supervisor and leasing consultant and we explained to him that we did not want the products and we had no need for them.  Shortly after this a product arrived at our office that we did not order.  My leasing consultant called Terry Fox back about this product and he said he would look into it and get back to her.  We received an invoice today from Stacy J, and then we called to speak with Terry Fox and the gentlemen in the office informed me that Terry was at lunch.  I asked to speak to Terry Fox's supervisor and he stated that the person I was speaking to was Mr. Fox supervisor.  He informed us that Terry had documented in their system that my maint supervisor ordered it.  When we asked for a recording of this he said they did not have any recordings.  When I explained the situation to the gentlemen he kept stating that none of what I was saying was in his notes.  I repeatedly told the gentlemen that we instructed Mr. Fox to not send us anything.  My leasing consultant, Maint supervisor, and I were all sitting at the desk telling Mr. Fox this.   The gentlemen on the phone said this was not in his notes, I asked again if we could have Mr. Fox talk to us about this.  He told me Mr. Fox does not work in this office.  I said thats strange, you just told me a second ago he was off to lunch.  If he is not in that office, how did you know within a split second he was off to lunch?  He said because its 12 and we all are at lunch.  This seemed fishy to me, at this point the representatives tone changed and he began to get aggressive.  I don't see how any business that is looking to get into an industry as big as apartment investment property would want this to be how they introduce themselves.  Now I am sitting here with a product and an invoice that they wont take back, unless I pay for shipping.  So at the end of the day, they will threaten and probably send me to collections on a scam, and if they were a true business that wanted to get more business from companies, they would not have approached this in this manner. I strongly suggest an investigation be done as I have known other properties to be victims in this particular product scam, with the same outcome.  We have tried to call back several times to get the supervisor name, and no one picks up the phone.  We also try to do a directory search on their voicemail for Terry Fox and no name comes up.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
10, Report #674078
Dec 21 2010
04:12 PM
Commercial Maintenance Chemical Corporation Rob Stevenson Billed for product that was to be sample at no charge Farmingdale, New York
Received call from Rob wanting to sell me a chemical to coat sewer pipes to eliminate clogs. Told him if he could provide something to prove his claim I could have an interest but since it was to be put down the drain and underground I could never be sure if it helped or not. He said he would send a free sample to which I reiterated that I was not ordering anything and would not be paying for anything but if he wanted to send a free sample I would try it. Today I received a bill from the manager to the apt complex for $131.16 which will not be paid. I called their phone number and went directly to voice mail (surprise, surprise) and told them either Rob was lying to them or they were a ripoff company and I would not be using their product or paying.      
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
11, Report #723143
Apr 28 2011
10:29 AM
TCRM Commercial Corporation - TCRM BROKERS BEWARE!! This company will screw you and take you CLIENTS!! New York New York
I sent this company a loan package - complete full loan package with everything the lender needed. The company.  The company asked me to fill out the Loan Registration Sheet - which I did. Next Dimitrios talked me and the client into signing a 60 exclusive agreement for the client - which I did since the client was a signle asset entity. Fortunately for me I had an agreement with the parent company and an exclusive agreement with the borrower and an exclusive agreement with the owners. Immediately the client signed the AGREEMENT, Dimitrios excluded me from all future phone calls, emails and correspondence. However, Dimitrios has always requesting that the client be present with his attorney to try to gain creditability. Dimitrios told me and the client the loan would close in 2-3 weeks. Two weeks later I asked for an update at my client's request and Dimitrios stated that I should talk to me client. The company COULD NOT perform on the loan and tried to act as a broker for my client. Again BEWARE, DO NOT HAVE YOUR CLIENT SIGN ANY AGREEMENTS!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A  LENDER -   THIS COMPANY WILL STEAL YOUR CLIENTS AND NOT PERFORM AS A DIRECT LENDER. AGAGIN THEY ARE A DIRECT LENDER!!!!!
Entity: New York, New York
12, Report #1346890
Dec 31 2016
05:32 PM
ABC Home & Commercial Services ABC Home & Commercial Services Bad Service AUSTIN Texas
I live in a gated neighborhood and our HOA uses ABC to maintain the landscaping on our property.  I washed my car on my driveway and the person blowing the leaves down the street was at the end of my driveway at the time.  I went inside for about 10 minutes and came out to the same guy standing on my sidewalk about 4 feet from my wet car blowing dust and leaves all over the side of my just washed vehicle.  Because it was still wet the entire side, top, hood and windshield were covered with dust.  I called ABC and got a return call from Juan who said he managed the group on site at our property.  I explained to him what happened and he questioned that this actually happened and literally said “I don’t know if this actually happened” as if I am in the business of calling landscaping companies and making up a story like this.  I couldn’t believe he said that but when I explained to him that I took photos of my car and told him that I have multiple video surveillance cameras on my home and that two of the cameras recorded the entire incident he couldn’t back track his statement fast enough.  He then offered to have my car washed and I told him that I wash my car myself and that I had already re-washed my car so I wasn’t interested.  That was all he offered and when he could tell I was put off he said “what do you want me to do?”  I told him that it isn’t my responsibility to tell him how to make the situation right because I don’t work for ABC “it’s your responsibility” but he had nothing else to offer.  I called the office back later and spoke to an office manager and she said that “she had contacted our HOA and they told her that they shouldn’t talk to me about their work on our property.”  My HOA has nothing to do with my vehicle, but this was clearly their way of trying to excuse themselves from dealing with what happened.  I told her I would provide pictures and video of the entire incident and that I could send the pictures via email now and that I would download video from both cameras to a thumb drive and that they could pick it up anytime today.  She scoffed at the idea of having to pick up the thumb drive but gave me her email address to send the photos to.  I sent the photos when I got off the phone and never heard from ABC again.  Because they never contacted me again I called Les Stobart the director of marketing for ABC and left him a message and he never returned my call.  If I could I would fire ABC from maintaining our property but that’s a decision our board makes so I have no direct authority to do so but I absolutely would if it was possible.  I will say that a normal person would never blow dirt all over a clients car right after he saw them washing it.  I also will say that I think that the fact Juan who is his manager who said “I don’t know if this actually happened” basically never even considered that what I was saying was true until faced with the fact that I had video of the entire incident.  Bad business practices roll downhill in a company and if the marketing director doesn’t return calls, the office manager scoffs at an offer to provide video proof, Juan the manager won’t consider that this actually happened and lastly you end up with a guy that blows dirt all over a clients car that he just watched him wash.  It’s all bad and it comes from the top down in this case.
Entity: Texas
13, Report #838877
Feb 14 2012
09:33 AM
commercial driving services commercial driving school forced me to leave their school. woodford, Virginia
the owner of local trucking school forced me to leave because i would not kiss her fat behind!! i enroled in her so-called school for CDL training. after a period of time she told me i didn't have the appitude to drive a bus or truck. it didn't make any difference that the full tution had been paid. i was a consumer there to get goods and services. when i stood up to her about the bus idea, she refused to speak to me for several days. i wanted my grades and personal papers which she refused to give me. yet i did get my grades, but not my personal papers she claimed they were hers. as far as this school goes, i will never set foot in her school again.  she told nothing but lies from day one. she gave me an ulitimatum to get the double-clutching down  and pre-trip down in 2 wks time or i was out. well, she is just a crazy B**** in pants!! hope she rots!!
Entity: woodford, Virginia
14, Report #93331
Jun 02 2004
09:48 AM
Commercial Products ripoff dishonest fraudulent company Tulsa Oklahoma
On January 5th, 2004, I heard a radio advertisement for receiving a Visa and Master charge card. I called the number and a representative for the company told me that if I wanted a charge card, I had to send them $149.00. (service fee) I gave them all of my information and they were to take the funds out of my checking account and they did. They told me that I would receive a Visa and Master credit card within 7 to 10 days. I wanted 20 days and received nothing. I called them back and they said that it was on the way and to wait at least another week. Well, a month pasted by so I called again. They said that they were have computer problems and to give them another week. I waited until March. When I called back, I got no anwer. I tried calling for two weeks. Finally someone anwered. They told me that they were having phone problems and that my package was on the way. By the beginning of April I still had nothing from them. I called them again and they told me that they received my package back because it didn't have enough postage on it. I was so mad that I told them that I wanted my money back. They told me that it would take 30 days to get it back. I wanted 30 days and nothing. I called them back in May and now I can't get anyone the phone. This is June 2nd and still no one answers the phone. A recording comes on and says that they are on the phone with other customers. Also, you can not leave a message because the mailbox is full. To me that means that everyone is calling them to complain and they a avoiding them. To me this is a class action suit. How can they rip-off so any people and get away with it? Please don't let them have the last laugh. The managers name is Eddie Harris. When I call to speak to him he is never there, but is on his way. Please help me and others. Thank you so much. Linda Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
15, Report #538291
Dec 12 2009
12:50 PM
Commercial Wholesale - Scentura Creations Brainwashing Elmhurst, Illinois
My husband was looking for a job and the ad pretty much doesn't give that much information and he called. He told me he was going to be a manager and own his own office and that they will be training him. I was exstatic and then I learned that first he was going to be selling cologne and perfume by shopping centers until they think he's ready for his own office. I didn't like it but I figured I'd try and be supportive and give it a shot. I never saw him. He was due in the office by 8:30am until 7pm and that was only on tuesdays and thursdays. Wedensdays they want you to come in 8:30am and want you to late merch and that could be until 5am the next morning. And that also goes for friday. Saturday you need to be there by 9am and turn in the money you made and you could be there until 1pm but then they want you to go back out and sell. Then Sundays they want you to come in 8am and do an overnight until tuesday night at 9pm. They call these satalights and you drive to another state in your own vehicle and you have to try and sell bottles of there perfume to pay for motel rooms. The bottles supposedly go for $30 but want you to sell them at $25 so people think they are getting a deal. From that $25 you make $5 is yours. My husband maybe was able to sell 3-5 bottles a day what bills or apartment can you get for $25 a week; that's just gas money. I've even went to his office and sat through some of the meetings. Robert and Rikki are brainwashing these people. Rob has told people when interviewing people for the job just state facts don't get in to a conversation. If people ask questions they are douche bags and obviosly aren't getting it. He's even said when people ask for a website make up stuff and keep going on and on so the person just says forget it. The reason for that is is because your talking to them and stating everything what else more do they need to know, websites are for fancy people. He's even told them that this is a buisness opportunity why would you want to work at walmart and making someone else money when you can do this all for yourself. Well walmart pays a paycheck and a whole lot more then $25 a week. These people stand outside in 20 below weather making money for rob and rikki. After my husband meet a certain level they told him that he'll be making $7 a bottle and the people he trains he'll be making a certain percentage off of what they sell. But Rob is taking out $150 for the new office. So again they make no money just empty promises. After you get an office you have to pay a mortgage, heat, water ect. And your employees are supposed to sell this stuff what moeny are you making it just keeps going back into their product. I was upset and I called my husband and told him that he was wasting his time Rob heard my husband say he wasnt wasting his time and hung up on me. I called back and Rob started screaming at me how I was unsupportive. My husband is lazy and garbbage, if he was lazy why would he be there on time everytime and stand out in cold ass weather to sell stupid perfume. And I mean he was screaming at the top of his lungs at me. and they are supposed to be professional. They are nothing but manipulative brainwashers. Please stay clear from these people especially if you have babies beacuse they'll never have food on the table!
Entity: Elmhurst, Illinois
16, Report #426000
Feb 19 2009
08:30 AM
Garnder Commercial Capital Kinston North Carolina
My Client a Widow was left with multipleProperties upon her Husbands death. One was a large Commercial Land Parcel and Quincy Gardner issued an LOI and Refund Guaruntee for her Due Diligence Deposit. After 2 months he said property was in a declining Market (this was 2007, all Markets were declining!) and said she shuld have disclosed that and used that Misrepresentation as a reason to keep het money. No return calls, No Refund, No Loan. Naplesbroker Naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Kinston, North Carolina
17, Report #1135015
Mar 31 2014
09:06 AM
Commercial Employees Drama, Drama and more Drama Canonsburg Pennsylvania
This Company has so much Drama going on I am surprised they get any work done. They treat their Temporary employees very poor. You never know what the owner is going to do next. Daily threats of being fired. The owner will tell other people who he is going to fire rather than discussing it directly with you. The Employees work in fear every day of losing their job. The owner has a lot of problems he needs to address. Not saying it is a bad company but please be aware what you will be getting into.
Entity: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
18, Report #1403574
Oct 02 2017
08:23 AM
Equity Risk Services They are affiliated with Commercial Services Corporation and American Cosigners. ERS and CSC have NO WEBSITE, NO PHONE NUMBERS! Equity Risk Services Stole My Money! Ladera Ranch ,although they say Phoenix CA California ,Arizona
Equity Risk Services is affiliated with American Cosigners and Commercial Services Corporation. ERS has a mailing address of 11201 North Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ, 85028. I looked up the address online, called the address, and it's a company that forwards mail for virtual offices. Anybody can look this stuff up. ERS doesn't have a website or phone number of their own. This must mean they are part of American Cosigners and not their own entity. I've also never spoken on the phone with anyone from ERS, only Julia from American Cosigners. Commercial Services Corporation is affiliated with Equity Risk Services and American Cosigners. This is who I sent my wire to at : 999 Corporate Drive ste100, Ladera Ranch, Ca, 92694. They do not have a phone number, no email, and NO CONTACT PERSON. That is very strange for a national, professional company. But, this address, is near the 4 other addresses listed on this site Ripoff Report for the companies We Rent For You. These reports reveal that Julia Daniels also has gone by the names of Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante! And all these companies use the same basic names also: Terry and Tony and Duo and Kim Nguyen, Lisa and Summer and Summer Rain Rossi, Kim and Jonathan Bailey.  The speech patterns, misspellings, grammar, punctuation, and phrases are identical in all of the rebuttals written from American Cosigners employees, supporters, and Julia. Read all the Ripoff Reports. You will even see some court documents served to Randi Natashi. So, I am politely asking all three companies to return my refund that you already promised to return in 4 emails, 2 phone calls with Julia, and THE CONTRACT WE SIGNED! Thank you! Melinda, Washington
Entity: Internet
19, Report #79752
Feb 09 2004
01:28 PM
Commercial Health Services RIPOFF Another call offering a Visa 299 fee Nationwide
Probably Fradulent also. Another Phone call promising a Visa (Hard to pin down this person as to what bank offring, just Visa) For only a 299.00 fee you can have a pre approved visa with a 2000.00 Credit Limit. After the one from Consumer Network Services (279.00 fee) I am getting smarter I think. They have no phone number for incoming calls unless you are a customer of theirs. 866-584-1157 showed on caller ID. This is a number that when dialed says you have entered a number that cannot be reached from your calling area. May be on the up & up but I really do not think so. Hope this is helpful Mary Tylertown, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
20, Report #352593
Jul 17 2008
07:43 PM
Usis Commercial Services false criminal history Tulsa Oklahoma
last 5 years i have been continously ignored by employers even though i have 25 years proffesional driving, no accidents for the last 23. applied several months ago, and received copy of daq report. report stated i had two felonies since 2001. at first i thought maybe someone used my name when arrested. called both states (south dakota and washington) they ran my name and other info and absolutely nothing. daq has easily cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, because of their false and misleading report. Rick aspen, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
21, Report #358518
Aug 02 2008
02:33 PM
Usis Commercial Services, Inc. USIS GAVE FALSE INFO ON BACKGROUND CHECK Lincoln Nebraska
USIS provided a background check to company I appled with. That background check contaned info about a dui, I have never had a dui. When I check the case # with court records it did not match my name birthdate and can't match my ss#. I was not given the job based on this info. When I contacted the company and informed them of this matter I was told I could reapply in 60 days.= No job for me. d hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lincoln, Nebraska
22, Report #944080
Sep 20 2012
10:13 AM
Commercial Credit Counseling Services CCCS Stole money Paramus, New Jersey
  This company says it can negotiate with credit card companies to lower and resolve your credit card debt. They get an automatic draft on your bank account and are to take that money to negotiate settelments and lower payments.  They drafted my account for 6 months for $6000.00 total, and paid no one.  When I called to ask why, they said they needed more money.  I asked for a refund on the program, and they refused.  Basically I invested the money for nothing.  No credit card company was paid.  They motto is Turning adversaries into allies.  Its a scam. My credit was ruined as a result, and this company never paid anyone, and never refunded my money. Their advertising broucheres lool impressive, but the end result is zero.
Entity: Paramus, New Jersey
23, Report #475288
Jul 31 2009
10:53 AM
Credit Collection Services Commercial, Car Accident/ Insurance Claim Newton Massachusetts
I received a letter on July 30,2009 from Credit Collection Services Commercial informing me that I and/or my vehicle was involved in an incident on 02/24/2009. Allstate Insurance Company was mentioned as the insurance carrier and that I would now owe $3,844.97 to the Credit Collection Services Commercial. The letter further asks me to remit full payment in the envelope provided or to visit their secure website I did visit their website and it sure looked non-too secure to me. I did not enter any information/file number. At no point did the letter indicate who the other party was/where the accident took place/or any other details pertaining to the incident. And for the record: Neither I nor my car was in any accident whatsoever. I have not had a car accident in 25 years (and then I was in the passenger seat). Anonymous San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newton, Massachusetts
24, Report #469140
Jul 13 2009
01:52 PM
Credit Collection Services Commercial RIPPING Innocent Off Newton Massachusetts
I received a call from someone saying they were with CCSC,On July1,telling me I owe Allstate Insurance a balance of $3080.43 .for a auto accident I supposedly had with another driver ,on 9/ 8/2008 When in fact the driver of the auto was my son and the auto belong to my son ,NOT me .They said the auto was registered in my name .the day of the accident I was on my way back from taking my other son to work which is 40 miles away from where the accident was . My son whom was involved in the accident called to tell me he had just hit someone in the back of their car .the other driver called 911 telling them his car was totaled and he was seriously hurt .When the DPS officer arrived he ask why did this person say he was so hurt and looked at his car handed the man a police report to fill out and handed my son one too.about that time my daughter-Inlaw drove up to accident with her freind ,The officer said there was nothing he could do because there were no injuries and the damage was very minor . All that happen to the other drivers auto was a scrape on his fender.The officer then left.Since July 1,they have called me 3 and 4 times a day telling me they are going to have my license suspended,and they are sueing me for the amount above,I asked them how are they inttending to do that if they have no info such as my lincense # or my s.s.#.The only reason they think the auto belong to me is because there was an expired insurance card in the auto that the officer looked at .They sent me bill from their letter head with no info as to anything other than the amount of so called damages .no claim no nothing explaining the charges .The other driver filed a false police report .I just told them good luck on collection!!!!!!!!!!!! Texascowgirl Tomball, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Newton, Massachusetts
25, Report #1116175
Jan 16 2014
07:25 PM
Entity: Houston, Texas

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