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1, Report #1255862
Sep 19 2015
06:02 AM
2, Report #1377112
Jun 04 2017
08:34 PM
Commissioner of Judging processing division Larry Hourd wanted me to send them $12.99 Kansas City Kansas
They have been trying to rip my old man off.. They wanted him to send them $12.99 for a acquistition fee due within 7 days to quaifty make money order payable to the ANC he almost had me get a money order for it.. Thank God I looked into it beforei got the money order..
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
3, Report #1279507
Jan 11 2016
07:54 PM
commissioner of judging processing division AWARD Notification COMMSSION Mailed me this winning offer and wants me to send 12.99 + 3.00 for rush processing to see if I won Kansas City Kansas
I was sent a letter saying I won $1,327,940.00. The want 12.99 to have final judges say I have won. + Plus 3.00 for rush processing. So ridiculous !Please do not waste anymore of my time If I won mail it to me & subtract the 15.99. Why do these people waste there time. How many people really send them $15.00 to win $ that is your 1st sign this is a scam!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
4, Report #1341011
Dec 02 2016
10:34 AM
Commissioner of judging -processing division Send me a letter with a 2 million dollar award taxes to be withheld if I have the matching number and send them 12 dollar processing fee!! Kansas city Kansas
 I received a letter from the commissioner of judging processing center claiming that it's a certified award official declaration and provision of payment for 2 million dollars non taxed. Asking me to return the fee of 11.89 and return the document enclosed with the serial number to see if it's a match. Payable to ANC -Award notification commission
Entity: Kansas city, Kansas
5, Report #1290961
Jul 25 2016
08:13 PM
Commissioner of Judging - Processing Division Award Notification Commission Asking for $12.99 to receive a lump sum payout of a lottery win of $1,327,940.00 Kansas City Kansas
I received notification of a lottery win of $1,327,940 if I pay them a fee of $12.99 for processing.  This is a scam. No phone numbers, email addresses available, only a PO box to send the check to.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
6, Report #1246079
Aug 03 2015
02:01 PM
Commissioner Of Judging*Processing Division Awards Notification CommissionP>O> Box2905Kansas City,KS 66110 Certified Award Of $1,230,946.00 as one lump some or $2,000,000.00 in Anuities Kansas City Kansas
I received a Official Declaration Of Certified Award letter on August 3,2015. When I got home I called the BBB and they had never heard of nor did they have any information on them. So I looked them up and found that there had been other reports filed on them. They ask for $11.89 processing fee and $3.00 for a Rush fee. They need to be found and stopped or someone needs to make them pay out the So Called prize money.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
7, Report #1197117
Dec 22 2014
02:52 PM
Commissioner of Judging-Processing Division Award Notification Commission Received letter in mail stating I had won $1,230,946.00 if I'd mail them $12.99 ,Send $3.00 for RUSH process, Kansas City, Kansas 66110 ,PO Box 2905, Kansas
Received a letter in the mail which included a copy of a check for $1,230,946.00. They gave me two options for my cash prize;  The above stated amount as a lump sum amount, or a larger sum-amount of $2,000,000.00 to be remitted by annual payments of $66,667.00 per year for 30 years. They offered a bonus of $2,500.00 gift certificate for up to 75% off online merchandise and service offerings. An Acquisition FEE for Premium Offer is due and MUST be enclosed as required for $12.99 payable to the office of ANC.  Enclose your remittance by cash, check or money order. Add $3.00 (for total of $15.99) for RUSH processing. The two pages were very official looking with seals and Official Form of Tender No. 13570, and Judges Decisions are FINAL, and other legalese wording. Carole  Magna UT    
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1324946
Aug 27 2016
11:36 AM
Commissioner of Judging..Processing Division Awards Notification Commision Sent ripoff scam requesting I pay 15.99 to relieve my award winnings Kansas City Kansas
 Stupid, dumb b* holes taking advantage of consumers using words and dangling unheard of amounts of money...they tried to put it on official looking letterhead and paper.. this should not be allowed and more should be done to prevent this from going on. And consumers should know that there is NOBODY going around offering money for didn't go to work so what would you be getting paid for? Why are they allowed to keep getting po boxes ...this world is horrible !
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
9, Report #1358451
Feb 26 2017
11:38 AM
Commissioner of Judging Processing Division AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION They send me letter stating I win $2,000.000 and asking to send them $12.99 Kansas City Kansas
 I received letter from this company stating that I win $2,000.000 They was requesting me to send them $12.99 payable to ANC in form of check, cash or money order. I would love to sue those thiefs .
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
10, Report #1291334
Mar 02 2016
07:34 PM
Larry Hourd Commissioner of Judging Processing Division Award Notification Commission Scam Kansas City Kansas
 At first I thought it was a scholarship I've been hoping for, whoever did this put a lot of thought into it. It looks legit, to the non observant eye I could understand why some people believed in it and sent their money. I think the person behind this scam as a disgusting, vile, despicable in-humane son of a biscuit. Too many people are facing unfortunant financial difficulty, and promises of a miraculous solution is not only illegal, it's cruel. I would never wish harm onto anyone, but I hope they can be stopped either through the legal system or plain karma.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
11, Report #1311154
Jun 13 2016
03:02 PM
Award Notification CommisionP.OKansas City KS 66110/ Larry Hourd Lead me to believe I was a winner of a million dollars as long as I sent him Money first for fees rendered, Kansas City Kansas
Ripoff Report, this report is to let you know what I feel like. I'm stuck at home usually 24hrs 7 days a week, I use the publishers Clearance House sweepstakes once a year, some how this company Award Notification Commission, must have some inside information on the numbers and are able to feed information to make it look like their very important mail is so much more than likely from PCH.. I forgot to mention, I'm home almost everyday with my husband because, we are both disabled, he from a couple serious accidents, myself, My Dr aren't even sure yet, it's been 6 years now and my problem has created many other problems,including depression, so  to get this uplifting letter I was so close to being a winner, the least I can say is, I might actually make it through this time, So I filled out everything I needed To fill out.I asked my husband Bob to proof read it all for my, just in case I miss read anything, I finished my testing I found this angelic princess, I thought I'd loose my mind in her beautiful body mind and soul.Little did I even know it was not PCH yet. My husband brought it to my attention,and they wanted scam money in return, almost 13 dollars, I was in disbelief, I'd pay it, it's only $12. And change.we didn't agree, it caused us to disagree, I'm thinking its a misunderstanding, he googled the fake company and showed me.  I am so embarrassed.I didn't send out money, it's a Ripoff. if I hadn't listened I'd be out of luck, this company would have access to my account routing number and account number, who knows what could of happened. hopefully I've learned a lesson, check first before falling victim to the scams on the Internet. i hope this lesson helps other people like me! Pay attention , when your winning something free it's free, you need not pay for it, if it's sold free!! It's either Free, or there is no such word as free! thankyou for your time 
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
12, Report #1396220
Aug 28 2017
01:56 PM
Commissioner of judging processing division award notification Commission Corporate sponsor judging and decisions award notification Commission award notification Commission MI 520-1923 World Headquarters Midwest United States of America I sent money to this company I thought I had one and I was yet to receive any funds this is a scam it is not authentic now i want my money back Kansas city Kansas
 These people are a rip-off they have your name and information just like you won something but this is a scam people please do not send these people any money you might get a letter every month or every two months these people should be slow walk down and prosecuted and if there's anyone out there that can do such please get in contact with me.
Entity: Kansas city, Kansas
13, Report #1290617
Feb 29 2016
08:19 AM
Commissioner Of Judging Processing Division Award Notification Commission PO Box 2905 Kansas City Ks 66110 Larry Hourd Ask me to send $12.99 to receive my winnings of &2,000,000.00 to be remitted by annual of $66,666.66 per year for 30years or a lump sum of $1,327,949.00 Kansas City Kansas
 I received a notice in the mail stating that I won $2,000,000.00. I could either take a lump sum of $1,327,940.00 All I would need to do is send$12.99 to receive my winnings. This is horrible to play with Someone's intelligence to make them think that the have won a lump sum of money.. How could this company be taking advantage of people and still exist . Something should be done about this besides taking a compliant report . Please help me an other victims that's been scammed with this ridiculous disgrace.
Entity: Kansas City , Kansas
14, Report #1406651
Oct 16 2017
03:35 PM
Award notification commission Commissioner of judging..processing division Commissioner of judging. Processing division ..I received a letter stating that I had won 1,325,000.00.. and all I had to do was send them 11.89 in cash, check or money order ..payable to ANC..the check which looks very legitimate is attached to the bottom .When I saw it I just knew that some of the sweeps that I enter from time to time had paid off...and it says it's authorized by Larry Hourd, Executive of Awards...I had actually gotten so exicitec about the check.. Kansas City Kansas city
 I received a letter in the mail that looked very official. On the outside of the envelope in the address it says that it was protectively sealed mail and enclosed was official documents. It also has a type of seal that says corporate on record and that it was a judges seal. Opon opening the letter it has at the top commissioner of judging . Processing division and it also has a number 13570 official form of tender. It states that 100%cash and says certified bank check or electronic wire transfer and it was authorized by Larry Hourd Executor of awards.its asking me verify certain things and the amount I needed to send them that's an acquisition fee of 11.89.and at the bottom of the letter it has a check for the amount that I stated .
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
15, Report #1315152
Jul 06 2016
05:16 PM
Entity: KANSAS city, Kansas
16, Report #1179899
Sep 29 2014
10:22 AM
Award Notification Commission Commissioner of Judging, Processing Division, Larry Hourd, Executor of Awards Multiple addresses, Do not open, just throw in trash Kansas City Kansas
Ireceived an envelope from these guys today, Sept 29, 2014. I opened it and 2 pages said I won a jackpot but I could only claim if I directly mailed the processing fee of $11.89 within 7 days. The legal fine print insert stated I have yet to win and gave an address of another po box in Shawnee Mission, KS. Since I recently moved from the Kansas City Area, I can tell you there is not a Shawnee Mission, KS, but yet 2 towns Shawnee and Mission both of Kansas. Do not open, throw in trash and call your attorney General, postmaster general
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
17, Report #1217863
Mar 24 2015
12:30 PM
ANC Award notification commission, commissioner of judging- processing division Congratulations, you have just one 1,230,946.00, an acquisition fee is due and must be enclosed for 12.99 payable to ANC Kansas City Kansas
I recievThea letter today from ANC, staying that I haone on the cash prize of 1,230,946.00 or a larger sum of 2,000,000.00 to be trotted by annual payments of 66,667.00 a yr for 30 yrs. then it asked to complete a form asking option A or B how you want funds distributed, then asks you to send an acquisition fee for 12.99 payable to ANC, the paper says you have 7 days to reply and that date if issuance is tues 10:55 am, ironic that it doesn't give a dadate the form also asks for your signature. If I you add 3.00 to the 12.99 you could recieve rush really made me think I had won, then I googled the address and saw the complaints, people are really messed up, I hoPE this goes to court and we all get some kind if a settlement, how did they get my address/name? Funny how there's no number to call them and ask question, I'm not signing a form or sending a check, thank you all for sharing your experiences with me.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
18, Report #1207091
Feb 05 2015
09:05 PM
Award Notification Commission commissioner of judging Processing division Said that if I sent 11.89 I could win 2,000,000.00 and I DID send them The MONEY not knowing it was a scam Kansas City Kansas
I was sent a letter from the Commissioner of Judging Award Notification Commission and they said that I could win $2,000,000. I did send them money and I want it back.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
19, Report #1246081
Aug 03 2015
02:03 PM
Commissioner of Juding processing Division Award Notification Commission It says I won 1,230,946.00 choose a lump sum wants me to send money its a scam Kansas City Kansas
 I got a letter from Commissioner of Judging Processing Division saying I won 1,230,946.00 choose a payout or take the lump sum wants you to send money too bad it's a scam and I'm not going to fall for it
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
20, Report #1345709
Dec 26 2016
01:35 PM
Commission of judging processing division award notification commission p.o box 2905 Kansas city ks 66110 Larry hourd: as the executor Commission of judging processing division award no Nationwide
 They sent me a letter in the mail twice, telling me I had won 2 million dollars total payment 1,327,940.00 lumps sum check disbursment or electronic wire transfer of funds to my bank account anyway in the world no taxes withheld. With a office address record: with the verified is # on it telling me I must pay 12.99 to send with the paper that was sent to me. Something must be done with this none call for scam that they put together.. I filed a lawsuit for this recently issue that had occurred. Hope to get to the bottom of this.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1357818
Feb 23 2017
07:30 AM
Commission of judging processing division award notification commission Larry hourdExecutor of awards Told me that I won money and never got anything Kansas city Kansas
 They told me that I won 1,325,000.00 and told me to send 11.89 payable to and and for me not to give this letter to any other person or party for application or completion by any means
Entity: Kansas city, Kansas
22, Report #1305669
May 15 2016
10:43 AM
Commissioner of Judging, Processing Division Award Notification Commission stating I won 1,327,940.00 with an official looking check. Asking to send $12.99 payable to office of ANC. States Official Form of Tender No. 13570. Evidently many people have received this same notification. Obviously as scam if someone asks for money and many other are told they are winners too. This is obviously an effort to defraud multi-millions of dollars from unsuspecting individuals. What laws are there to protect us from outright lies such as this? This letter states point blank Congratulations, you have just won $1,327,940.00. and states they will not call you and you have additional reward funds of $2500.00 for online merchandise and service offerings. I have read that if a prize is offered and money is requested, it is in ALL CASES, a FALSE CLAIM. Kansas City Kansas
Official looking letter from Corporate Sponsor Judging and Decisions Award Notification Commission, from P.O.Box 2905 in Kansas City, KS 66110 and ANC- Award Notification Commission MI 520 19 23 (TD -14/7-P) JC 38022-0209385. World Headquarter, Midwest, United States of America 7800154482-1194276833 - Not Favorable or Assignable to any Alternate Party  -  I have type copied what this letter states:  First it states not to give this letter to anyone else for application or completion.  Then goes on to say:  by madate of my professional office, the sole requirement if you and return the preselected winning number is that you respond by >>MAIL REPLY
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
23, Report #1175074
Sep 08 2014
11:20 AM
Judging Office & Decisions Center; Commissioner of Judging Award Notification Commission Award Notification Commission Kansas City Kansas
My elderly father in SC received a letter saying if he sends $12.99, he MIGHT have a winning number to win $1-$2 million. I wonder where this company received their mailing list as it seems they are only preying on the elderly (I assume that based on research on other sites that collect Scams like this).  It is a shame people do this & I plan to post a complaint at every one of these Complaint collection sites.    
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
24, Report #1296310
Mar 28 2016
10:53 AM
Commissioner Of Judging ANC Award Notification Commission By Larry Hourd Executive of Awards Alert!! DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THIS MAN IT IS A SCAM!!! Kansas City Kansas
I received in the mail today this letter me winning $2,000,000.00. As I read the whole thing, two pages long I realized that this is a scam. First of all when you win something like money you dont have to send no $12.99. They just send you a check. But I do not stop there I take it to the bank and the bank tells me if it is real or not. I have gone to the bank and found out that at least two of them were scams. So watch out for those too. Sorry ANC you are not getting a penny out of  me nor my sister. We both got the Award Notification the same day. What a coincidence! Please do not fall for this.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
25, Report #1157917
Jul 03 2014
04:33 PM
Commissioner of Judging Award Notification / NextGen, Inc / Larry Hourd Manipulative letter indicating I won $2,000,000. All I had to do was return the preselected “WINNING NUMBERS” by mail only and send $12.99 Kansas City Kansas
 I recently received a  letter indicating I won $1,140,000.00 Lum sum or I could select to receive 2,000,000.00 if I selected annual payments. All I had to do was return the preselected “WINNING NUMBERS” by mail only and a check ,cash or ,money order made out to ANC for $12.99 First of all I didn’t recall ever entering in some drawing and their literature conflict with its self. It states no purchase necessary. Purchase will not increase chance of winning ..but just before that it’s saying I needed to send them $12.99 and if I wanted to rush my processing (just in case some how I may have been close to the 7 day window, ha) to add another $3.00, why should I have to pay anything? Speaking of time limits,  while I was looking at this the letter indicating “I must act quickly because I had only 7 days to return my winning numbers”, I noticed the “day and time of issuance” box , it stated Tuesday, 10:55 AM and at the top of that same page it indicated that the consequence of late reply automatic terminations.  I was wondering how is someone suppose to know the time frame if it simply list Tuesday? A day of the week doesn’t provide any sort of a time line nor does the time stamp if it doesn’t list eastern, pacific or any of the other numerous times zones we have around this world. This fraudulent letter list no actual date such as “June 10, 2014” so that when you rushed off to send your letter back to them not realizing it probably took 3 days in the mail to reach you, then maybe a day or two for you to actually read it.  If they provided a real date, you would see that “hey the 7 day deadline is going to be past before I can even get this in the mail back to them”, therefore it becoming paper to pick your dog crap up with instead of you parting with your money to send to these greedy  chameleons imitating a real business.  Curiously enough while I was looking for any date indication I looked at the envelope in which I received this scam letter in and it too had no post mark date stamp in it. What would be wonderful is if the police would apprehend some one as they retrieve all the hopeful replies that people mail to their piggy bank they call a post office box number and bring this company that was built on lies down. That would be Fair !
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas

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