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1, Report #581535
Mar 16 2010
08:25 AM
Redi-Set-Go/GT Express Redi-Set-Go TOTAL SCAM DO NOT BUY FROM THEM West Chester, Ohio
I ordered this piece of junk for my boyfriend for his birthday, he saw the ad on tv and had to have it.  We got it in the mail and it is Junk!  It does not cook evenly and takes either too long or burns the food.  The pans get so hot that they can cause serious burns.  And to top the whole deal off the company keeps  charging my credit card for additional products that I have sent back.  The customer service is horrible cause no one speaks very good english.  They charged me for the product 3 weeks after I sent it back and now I am unsure of whether to cancel my card or wait for the refund to appear on my statement.  What a Joke!!  Do not buy this product it is not worth the $80 + that I paid fot it plus the shipping is outrageous.  BUYER BEWARE!
Entity: West Chester, Ohio
2, Report #918400
Jul 27 2012
12:16 PM
xpress redi set go The xpress redi set go is of poor quality with no customer service. Internet
The cooking unit has teflon inside.  It bubbled and started to peel on the first use.  The timer quit working almost as quickly.  A piece of junk I wouldn't put in a garage sale.  There is no customer service.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #518176
Nov 01 2009
10:50 PM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101 Gaiam Americas Inc Online Robbery, Internet
On October 26, 2009 I placed an order for the Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS SKU:05-53712 and before I got to the order confirmation page was asked if I would like to subscribe to the Recipe Club. I thought it was like a free email newsletter so I said okay. After I placed my order I got an email confirmation with my order and saw that the recipe club was not what I thought and called to modify my order. I was told I would have to wait 24 hours to call back and make any changes. I called the next day and was told the order was already processed and could not be changed. the customer service rep told me that she would cancel any future orders and waive the shipping due to the fact that I could not change the order. I thought, okay lesson learned, read everything more carefully. I accepted my mistake and took a hit on the 9.95 for the one month subscription of the recipe club. Then today I was checking my credit card statement and to my amazement my card was charged 63.83 instead of the original 51.80. and of course there was no credit for the shipping that the idiot on the phone said would be waived. I called back again and was told that my order was 66.80. I thought this is unbelievable !!! I immediately called my credit card company and placed a dispute on the charge and wrote a professional but nasty email to their customer service email address which I am sure will be deleted. The treatment I received by the customer service reps was unethical, unprofessional, and inexcusable. A total scam and rip off company.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #435538
Mar 18 2009
09:37 PM
Roanoke Economic Development Inc. - REDI, Automatically eliminated! Rich Square North Carolina
Someone should investigate REDI's long running corrupt system of non-profit management. REDI is a subsidiary of the Roanoke Electric Inc. Funding for REDI's non-profit programs are being funneled through the company by-way of grants i.e. taxpayers dollars to allegedly support economic development, and youth programs. When indeed, funding only fattens the pockets of certain greedy employees. Namely directing managers and marketing personnel of said programs. In addition, the company has on the books only, a policy that discourages the practice of hiring family members. If anyone took a closer look they would find that nepotism runs rampant throughout the company. Some of the employees grew up together, attend the same schools and churches and are close and distant cousins of each other! Anyone, willing to stand up and say anything about the favoritism that goes on in the company is automatically eliminated! Annonymous Ahoskie, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Rich Square, North Carolina
5, Report #657849
Nov 02 2010
08:54 PM
Xpress Redi Set Go Product is too small to be useful, scratches easily, hard to clean. Do not buy. Internet
I purchased two of the Redi Set Go units at a special price.  It looked like a better version of a George Foreman Grill since it closed completely.  Before purchasing I tried to find out the size of the cooking surface, but I was never able to contact a live person.  I have used it about 4 times & it is already scratched even with using only nonabrasive products for cleaning.  It is hard to clean & too small to be of any use.  I would give the second one away (still in the box) but I would not want to give a friend a worthless piece of junk.  Don't waste your money.  Buy the George Foreman Grill instead!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #910708
Jul 12 2012
08:18 AM
xpress redi set go gaiam scam by using microscopic information on tv, no one can read. west chester, Ohio
I refused an order and sense I did not open package I did not see that it said they were going to keep $19.50 for return shipping, however they kept $29.90 on my credit card.  They said this information was on the tv.  You know the microscopic and blurred words at the bottom of the screen.  SCAM!  I want my $29.90 back.
Entity: west chester, Ohio
7, Report #985169
Dec 20 2012
05:15 PM
Redi Help Kim part owner cheated me out of hours worker back in 2011 and now 2012 West Allis, Wisconsin
Kim the part owner and Marty looking for ways to steal hours from day labor employees. They stole hours and money owed and never paid. They will even go as far as to create fake documents. When confronted, Kim will and try to show inaccurate - self created paperwork, in hopes to squash any legitimate claims and accusations made against Redi Help. These people are very dishonest, naive, and unprofessional. And in addition to that, they steal and short change workers of long deserved hours worked. After trying to claim lost wadges, in a very loud and offensive tone will first lie and then avoid the situation by walking away. On another occasion last year I was asked to report at 5 am to the West Allis office (by Marty) only to wait 30 min in the cold. How unprofessional! If others arrive 2 min late for work assignment they get passed over. Other times workers wait hours for service This place should be shut down and seriously fined for misconduct and submitting false information... to say the least.
Entity: West Allis, Wisconsin
8, Report #1364790
Mar 29 2017
03:04 PM
Redi Cut Carpet Westport CT their error cost me $1000.00 westport Connecticut
Redi Cut worker came to put in carpeting, and cut all the phone wires intentionally left to install the lines in my medical office.  It cost over $1000.00 and hours of work to replace.  Called to tell them this was done by the tech- no one bothered to call me back,or even acknowledge the mistake.  Horrible.  Unacceptable.   
Entity: westport, Connecticut
9, Report #1450008
Jul 02 2018
04:25 PM
Redi Clinic Tech Ridge Rediclinic Nurse Practioner incompetent and corporate has a policy of refusing all refund requests Austin Texas
Horrid organization. Sent my daughter in about 2 weeks ago. She was quite ill and we were nearly certain it was allergies. She sat and waited for the desk gal who was off Lord knows where. She finally gets registered. When she is seen, the nurse practitioner starts to check her out. Looks in her nose. Looks down her throat. Exclaims she has no idea why my daughter was gagging with a stick down her throat after she has explained one symptom has been nausea and vomiting. My daughter says I'm producing a lot of mucus, you can see my throat is full of it.NP insists on testing for strep despite my daughter's insistence that she only had a raw throat, not the typical severe sore throat of strep. Note Strep, while confirmed with testing if it is present, is generally very obvious in appearance. Finally the NP says I think you have allergies.My daughter says I'm cash pay, can you please choose inexpensive medications? NP says yes, then proceeds to give her to scrips that add up to $300 for generics!  Daughter goes back, replaces one with one cheaper. Then she uses a phone app to price shop the meds, finds them cheaper at Randalls and sends my daughter off. This is the ONLY helpful thing the NP does.Daughter doesn't improve. I finally send her to a real doctor. Doctor looks in her nose and in less than one minute, says yep, allergies.  He prescribes two nasal sprays and a pill. Only one a prescription. Tells her to sleep with a sonic humidifier. Daughter is noticeably better the next day and is now back to herself.The difference, in addition to actually making my daughter better? Professional experience and knowledge. This nurse practitioner is an idiot or a poorly trained rookie. Maybe they just hire poorly. I find it hard to believe that she can't spot what is clearly allergies as quickly as an MD. Her lack of medicinal knowledge was also pathetic.  So I call corporate, explain all this, and ask for a refund since services were not remotely adequately delivered. I realize that medicine and diagnosis are not always simple, but in this case the problem was obvious to anyone with medical training. Training the NP should have had. Of course, I've been refused a refund. They don't really care if their NPs are qualified or competent. Stay clear. Another urgent care may be a tad higher. If you're looking for competent low cost care that even has a sliding fee scale based on income, Check out Community Care. They have both nurse practitioners and doctors on premise. Their staff is skilled and trained.Update: So...upon seeing this review on Google, Rediclinic was mad. So do they reach out to me? Nope. They call my daughter. Fair enough. She was the patient. Do they apologize for leaving us feeling scammed? Nope. They got defensive. Said that the NP didn't deserve to be called an idiot.Sorry folks, anyone who can't diagnosis allergies when that's both a common and typical issue, isn't well educated. When she insists on giving a strep test after being told I don't have a sore throat, she's just padding the bill.  All I can say is that those writing great reviews either got lucky, were paid (today's review 7/2/18 almost certainly was written by an employee given it sounds like a damn ad), or didn't know the difference.Shame on you Rediclinic. I do reputation management and social media professionally. I write thoughtful reviews, almost exclusively good. You deserve worse than the one star I gave you. This is NOT how you handle customer service.
Entity: Austin, Texas
10, Report #651273
Oct 15 2010
08:52 AM
First, the non-stick surface fails after only a few times the product is used... and also my second unit failed immediately when the gravy/juice was left in the unit overnight... resulting in the non-stick surface literally began flaking/peeling off leaving exposed pot-metal that quickly corroded... rendering the unit unusable. Second, company at first refused to send a replacement Return Mailing Label... after complaint via credit card... company promised to send refund of the $113.70 representing the cost of two Redi-Set-Go Express Cookers and return shipping label but failed to do so... and never contacted me by telephone, mail, or otherwise. COMMENT: These units are totally unsatisfactory as verified by four Staff Persons [junk because the non-stick surface is not Teflon and is almost exactly like painted-on black paint]. Redi-Set-Go Express Cookers proved to be totally unsatisfactory/worthless BECAUSE THE SO-CALLED NON-STICK SURFACE IS OF SUCH INFERIOR QUALITY THAT MINE BEGAN PEELING AWAY FROM THE METAL SURFACE WITHIN THE FIRST SIX (6) USES rendering the product junk [mere meat juices, left overnight, ate away the so-called non-stick surface, leaving exposed & corroded pot metal]. Frankly, the product should be RECALLED until a true non-stick surface [such as Teflon] is used, because Consumers expect a non-stick surface to be durable over a longer life expectancy for the product. Perhaps Consumers could get refunds via a Class Action.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #517434
Oct 30 2009
01:24 PM
Redi-Set-Go/GT Express Redi Set Go Fraudulent marketing schemes, hidden costs, advertised as free were charged, automatically enrolled in membership clubs, cancellation tactics ,Internet
When I called to place an order, the items that they advertise to be free are only given as free when you join a membership to a club. Even if you decline it over the phone, the cost is added to your order. At the end of the automated call they do not give you the total cost of your order. I had to call back. What was advertised was a cost of $40 for the appliance, 2 equal payments of $20. When I called in the afternoon, my total was $170. I asked them to itemize and I was added to every club they had with monthly charges for future delivered items. They also advertised a free upgrade to express shipping which actually was a $16.95 charge and the only thing free was the shortening from 6-8 weeks delivery to 7 days. I tried to cancel my entire order and they could not because it was still being processed. That was a Saturday. By Monday morning, it was not yet in the system, I could not cancel. Monday afternoon it was already shipped so I could not cancel. They asked me to try it anyway. I had to do a stop payment in my bank for the $170 they were charging me for an item that was advertised to be $40 with 4 free things. Fraudulent advertising schemes, hidden costs, terrible customer service, excused after excuse on why they can not cancel.  And the worst customer service group which is based in the Philippines. They should be investigated. And I hear the product is also faulty.  the teflon comes off in just 3 to 4 uses.
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #537748
Dec 11 2009
09:31 AM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101 Xpress Redi Set Go Adds Extra Charges for Free Items AFTER confirming your order. Internet
BEWARE REDI SET GO SCAM My son wanted a Redi Set Go for Christmas. I ordered a Redi Set go item directly from the manufacturer (see original cost $56.85). Then they offer free items AFTER you have checked out and confirmed your order and your price, and then they add shipping and handling and fees to your order AFTER you select the free item, BOOSTING THE COST $15. Any mention of additional fees for the free items, if there is one, is way below the scroll bar, and well hidden. I called the company at (5:13PM EST Dec 10,2009) immediately after seeing the bogus charges but was told that I had to wait 24 to 48 hours to for the item to enter their processing system before I could cancel the order, since it was not visible in their system. However, I saw the order confirmation by email with 10 minutes.  I called the company at 9AM Dec 11, as soon as the lines were open to cancel the order, but was told the order was in process and could not be cancelled.  I told them I would not pay for the items and had contacted my credit cards. I was told they would try to cancel the order but if it is shipped to refuse shipment.  However, as I read what others are experiencing with this company, their practice is to deny the return or to continue to deduct the shipping charges, or worse.  Apparently they continue to charge your credit card for memberships in the free recipe club after you have asked to be removed from their subscriptions. Apparently you have to cancel your credit card to stop being charged. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH DECEPTIVE CHECK OUT PROCEDURES IN MY LIFE. ?I work in Internet development and have worked on the web for 10 years. ?The link at the bottom shows that not only do they have deceptive practices; they continue to charge customers for products they do not want after they have gotten their credit card numbers. They operate out of the Philippines. I have filed a complaint with the FTC. But this problem needs more investigation. ?The Company is called: Gaiam Americas, Inc. No address given. ORIGINAL ORDER CONFIRMED? Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS ?SKU:05-53712 ?Sub Total: $39.90?Estimated US S&H*: $16.95?Total w/ Est. S&H**: $56.85 AFTER SELECTING FREE ITEM - Automatically charged extra. ?Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS ?SKU:05-53712 ?1 $39.90 $39.90?Cathy's Easy Eatin' Recipe Club XPRESS ?SKU:05-53866 ?1 $9.95 $9.95?Sub Total: $49.85 ?Shipping & Handling*: $21.90?Order Total: $71.75
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #482411
Aug 19 2009
01:10 PM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101, Redi Set Go Cooker, Scammers, continue to charge your credit card over & over again, even after it was cancelled months before Howard Beach, New York
BUYERS BEWARE, FIRST OFF THEY SCAM YOU & YOUR CREDIT CARD, SECOND OF ALL THE PRODUCT SUCKS & BURNS EVERYTHING, HER VIDEO IS BOGUS THAT SHE IS SHOWING & THE PAN & PAN HANDLE ARE SCORCHING HOT & VERY EASILY YOU CAN BURN YOURSELF SERIOUSLY! SO KATHY MITCHELL'S EXPRESS REDI SET GO IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM BESIDES BEING A DANGEROUS PRODUCT! I originally placed an order and than when I re-watched their Video on the product, I realized that I would have to order an add'l insert pan, which they show in the video as being part of the set, which it is not. Due to the expensive shipping charges & than to order an add'l pan to make the pizza's, I decided to contact them and cancel the order.  They told me I had to wait 48 hours in order to cancel, which I did, I was given a cancellation # and an email showing that this transaction was cancelled.  4 weeks later what shows up at my door, the entire order, I was furious, I called them, and they had no explanation.  Apparently, to appease you, they give you a cancellation #, but, never cancel the merchandise, and on top of that they charged me for membership into their Recipe Club.  I was going to return the product, but they charge a restocking fee, plus I would have to pay for the return shipping costs, so I just kept the products WHICH BURN EVERYTHING, THE PRODUCT STINKS (I guess that is what they want people to do, thats why they ignore your cancellations).  It is now 2 months later, and on my charge card statement there is a deduction for the Recipe Cards Membership Club, which I have not received the cards and I cancelled it over 2 months ago.  Now I have been charged TWICE. I than had to call Customer Service which is in the Phillipines and are they nasty, like they are doing me a favor, they are the ones ripping everyone off, and holding onto people's money, and again they gave me a cancellation # and said they would refund my money, if they ever do. I am also going to report them to the Better Business Bureau, as this is an outright scam on their part, charging people and not cancelling or refunding their money, and now they charged me for an item I had never rec'd SO SHAME ON YOU KATHY MITCHELL XPRESS REDI SET GO, OR ONE OF THE OTHER 5 DIFFERENT NAMES THIS COMPANY GOES UNDER, THAT IS A RED FLAG RIGHT THERE...GAI*EXPRESS, GAI EXPRESS, GAI EXPRESS 101, XPRESS REDI SET GO 101, GAI EXPRESS 101
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #562626
Jan 31 2010
12:34 PM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101 Xpress Redi Set Go Gaiam continues to send product & charges my credit card after I authorized cancellation West Chester, Ohio
I have the same problem at azchilisue.......I canceled auto subscriptions for pans and cook books on December 14, 2009 and received a confirmation number to confirm the subscriptions had been canceled. I thought that would be the end of the shipping & billing of merchandise.  On January 6, 2010 I received another order for cookbooks and an automatic charge to my credit card for $14.90. I called on January 20, 2010 to complain and they said there would be a credit on my card in 3-5 business days. It is now 11 days later, January 31, 2010 and still no reverse of this charge. Yesterday, January 30, 2010 I received another unwanted shipment for pans and they charged my credit card $25.90. This company will not quit sending merchandise and charging my credit card, so I am now disputing the charges with my credit card company. I hope this will stop the auto billings. Canceling my credit card may be the only answer for me too. Do not order from this company as you can never get out of the shipments and billing. And believe me the recipes and pans get more and more bizarre as they go along.    
Entity: West Chester, Ohio
15, Report #647459
Oct 04 2010
01:18 PM
GAIAM Xpress Redi Set Go. Xpress Redi Set Go Product was advertised at $39.90, plus S&H. Receiving merchandise, total was $89.70. A total Ripoff. West Chester, Ohio
Ordered the Xpress Redi Set Go appliance from a TV commercial.  The advertised price was $39.90 plus shipping and handling.  They tell you there will be two units shipped, and there is no way you can ask for only one.  The automated system does not give the total bill, so it took me three days to discover what the total was.  Rather than the $39.90 plus S&H, it was $89.70.  A far cry from the $39.90 I thought I'd be paying.  In the shipment was included an accessory kit, which included a can opener, grater, plastic measuring spoons, peeler set.  Things I will never use, never.  This was an additional charge of $14.95.  I tried canceling the order, but was told I could not because it had shipped.  I was told I could mark Refused on the package, but I would still be charged the shipping fees which came to $35.00 for an 11 pound box from Ohio.  As it turns out, it seems a bit ridiculous to return something and still be charged the astronomical amount for shipping the item in the first place.  To top it off, the additional unit they send is bare, has nothing extra like is offered with the set.  Major ripoff at its best.
Entity: West Chester, Ohio
16, Report #550413
Jan 06 2010
03:42 PM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101 Xpress Redi Set Go Gaiam continues to send product & charge credit card West Chester, Ohio
I ordered one product from this company.  The product arrived.  Now they send me recipe books every other week and charge my credit card.  I did not order these books and I do not want them.  In December  I called and cancelled books but they still keep on coming.  I called again today, January and again they assured me it would be cancelled...righhhhht.  I had to cancel  the credit card I used to pay for this order, seemingly the only answer. Do not purchase a n y t h i n g from this company!
Entity: West Chester, Ohio
17, Report #581468
Mar 16 2010
04:03 AM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101, cheap product, non-stick coating is only paint that chips off after one use, won't honor warranty for refund Lousiville, Colorado
I purchased 1 redi set go express cooker March 2009.  After first use non-stick coating started to chip off.  I followed directions for pre-seasoning.  Obviously, it is only paint and not genuine non-stick coating.  Called in July (I was busy and didn't have time to call earlier) and requested a replacement because I really liked the product other than the chipped coating.  After 30 minutes of argueing about it, I finally gave in to the $17.00 shipping charge for the replacement even though the written warranty in the book that came with the unit said no charge for replacement.  They said that was only if replaced within 30 days of purchase.  No amount of argueing would change their mind.  There was no mention of a time line in the written warranty.  Got replacement and same thing happened to it.  One use and coating started coming off.   Put it away until this March and then was going to throw it away but decided not to let them get away with ripping me off.  The written warranty stated that a replacement extended your original warranty by one month.  So I still had time to request a refund.  Wrong!!  They said that had to be within 30 days also.  There is no mention of a time line any where in the written warranty.  They said it says that on the infomercial.  I said a written warranty superseeds an infomercial.  They would only give me a replacement.  Why would I want a replacement that would only do the same thing plus I would have to pay another shipping cost.  I am now going to report them for not honoring their written warranty.  Because no where in the written warranty does it say anything about a time line for anything.  They only tell you that when you call for refund or replacement.  It also does not say anything about having to pay shipping costs. On the contrary, it says there is no charge for replacement. Big RipOff
Entity: Lousiville, Colorado
18, Report #682911
Jan 15 2011
08:04 AM
Entity: WEST CHESTER, Ohio
19, Report #736770
Jun 04 2011
10:35 AM
Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker Cathy Mitchess Order 1 get 1 free the second 1 didnt have any insertables so thinking it was a mistake i called and u had 2 order them @ 19.95 which they didnt tell u this.Also the 1st 1 didnt have a undivier, Internet
I ordered the buy and get 1 free and when I opened up the second one it didnt have insertables , thinking it was a mistake, I called the company and the rep explained the second 1 didnt come with those and we would have to purchase them @ 19.95. So you have 2 order or u cant use the second 1. This was not made clear when I ordered them or I wouldnt have ask for the second one  plus the shipping was 14.95 each. Also ther isnt a nondivider and when I checked on that it is another 12.95 plus shipping. So that limits u cooking anything in the so called cookbook u got 4 free. Someone needs to stop the false advertising because this is a major rip-off, and people dont deserve this!
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #908256
Jul 07 2012
07:11 PM
GAIAM xpress Redi set go GTXpress101 Ordered xpress from infomercial, charged 39.85 P &H, one was suppposed to be free, one was 39.95 my total bill was 79.85 I called & complained handling charge was $39.85, they took $15.00 off sent m West Chester, Ohio
I ordered an Xpress ready set go grill from an infomercial for $39.95, second one free. Iwas charged 89.85,  $39.85 was P&H. I called & complained, they said the infomercial told you of the P&H charge, but they took off $15.00  I did not receive a spatula in one box and he said no problem, we'll send you one, never said I'd have to pay for it.  It arrived today, the spatula was 5.95, tax 3.09 and P&H 39.85 total 48.89. This plastic spatula does not weigh more than 6 oz., a first class stamp would have been sufficient! They NEVER mentioned any charge at all.
Entity: West Chester, Ohio
21, Report #506410
Oct 08 2009
02:07 PM
Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101 CATHYS EASY EATIN CLUB They charged my friend $142.00 for a 19.99 + shipping and handling. They charged 19.99 for each item in the box, even though it came in one box. Then they said they do not return any shipping refunds. WEST CHESTER , Ohio
My friend ordered pans and utensils from the tv show. It looked and sounded like everything came together for 19.99 + shipping, which would have been around $40.00.  They sent chinsy pans and utensils all together in a box, but charged her $19.99 per item shipping. . Then she called and told them, they laughed at her. She also told them to not send anything else. They sent recipe cards for $15.99 shipping and handling. All together they took out of the bank account $142.00, for junk. We tried calling them again, and all they would do is say they would credit her $20.00 to keep all the stuff. This is a very small cooking skillet for one. She also offered to send it all back and they said at the most they would credit is $94.70 because shipping is not refunded. Why would it cost almost $50.00 for their shipping, and she still has to pay to ship it back.  It weighs less than 2lbs. The ones we talked to were from the Philipines. We asked to talk to an American Representative. They said they had none, but gave a name as Kathy Roberts 367 Int. Blvd. Bloomfield Colorado 80021. Must have just made up a name and address, the Philipino girls were Sally, Carol and Kathy. NO DEALS WITH THIS XPRESS COMPANY !!
Entity: WEST CHESTER, Ohio
22, Report #591570
Apr 09 2010
08:17 PM
Simpson Door Company Redi-Prime Doors junk; do not match sample McClearly, Washington
I received a sample Redi-Prime panel since no local dealers display any Simpson doors. On the basis of the quality of the sample and discussions with Simpson phone reps, I ordered these doors. Door panels spec'd as 3/8 deep are 1/4 as delivered. Prime paint quality is poor as is overall construction and finish. Dowel construction not tongue and groove as sample would have you believe. Doors had been mfg. in Brazil; are now imported from TrimLite out of Canada or China and QA is missing. They don't even arrive labelled Redi-Prime. Customer support and district support are arrogant and don't care once the sale is complete. Avoid this product.
Entity: McClearly, Washington
23, Report #713076
Apr 02 2011
02:49 PM
Gaiam Americas, Inc Xpress Redi Set Go cooker Rip off Stole $101.86 after return Internet
My mother-in-law ordered one (1) express cooker @ $39.90 by mail. They sent her four (4) units and charged her credit card $149.36. I called the company to tell them she was dissatisfied with the purchase and was told to return the package for a refund. They refunded only $70.88 to her credit card. A follow up phone call gets me only as far as a recording to leave a message. No call is returned.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #420024
Jul 08 2009
11:14 AM
Redi Mortgage - Orlando Diaz- Owner Mortgage FRAUD BEWARE of REDI Mortgage RIP OFF Miami Florida
My husband and I thought we where getting our dream home with a mortgage from REDI. In the end my entire family, including our 2 children where left homeless because of the fraudulent and irresponsible lending practices of Redi mortgage. Don't do business with this company if you want to keep your home. They trick you into sneaky mortgages whose rates go up and don't tell you about it. Redi Mortgage Fraud Kendall, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #858489
Mar 23 2012
03:37 PM
Redi Clinic Refused Refund Internet
On February 27, 2012 , I sent Rediclinic a letter stating why I believed I should get a refund:  I was seen at the Tomball location on 2/6/12 for a sinus infection. I've had many of them and know when I have one. After explaining that I developed this because of lots of crying and tissues after learning my father passed away three days earlier, Dr at the Rediclinic in Tomball Texas looked in my ears, mouth and checked my breathing with the stethoscope. I told her my symptoms were pain in my left estachian tube, headaches and sinus pressure. She said either I should go to the ER and get a test done for a heart attack or she would prescribe a muscle relaxer as an anti inflammatory for the stiff neck. Already too upset to argue and having my two children present,  I asked for a steroidal anti inflammatory instead as I was going to be driving with them within hours across state for a funeral. She wouldn't do that, so I left with nothing, no medicines and no diagnosis. This has now turned into a bronchial infection. I still have headaches, coughing, thick green phlegm and my sides and back ache. The same left estachian tube hurts to touch and I was just seen 2/27/2012 at The Woodlands location and given much better treatment and an antibiotic for a respiratory infection and this woman was much more pleasant and helpful.    I will never go to Tomball Redi Clinic clinic again, the experience was a waste of money and there isn't even a main office email or contact person! I was refused a refund when no treatment, no diagnosis and no medicine was given. Unfortunately, the company is not a BBB Accredited Business ..hmmmm.   
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