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1, Report #1411985
Nov 15 2017
07:18 AM
Certkingdom Not honoring lifetime membership
I purchased the lifting membership. They changed the terms of service after my purchase and now claim it expires. Yet still list this as list package. They jacked the price by 4 times the amount for the lifetime and expect me to repurchase. This is a scam. I signed up for unlimited lifetime package and expect such. I want everyone to avoid this scam.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #548872
Jan 03 2010
10:03 AM
Computer Computer They took my money, taught seven classes, then closed the doors Bensalem, Pennsylvania
I signed up for training and the school presented itself as bein sound and stable. All reports sounded good. After I got there they let all their secretaries and recruiting personnell go. They had the Regional trainer come in to reassure us that everything was alright and a corporate recruiter was there through webcam. Classes started on Dec 7 th and were monday and wednesday from 6pm to 10pm. We were told on December 30th not to come to class and no reason was given. On Friday, Jan 1st we received an email say ing the school was closed. Copy below. Notice they didn't even have the courtesy to put our names on it. Dear Student:   It is with deep sadness and regret that announces it will cease operation and close all of the schools, effective immediately.  These actions are due to circumstances beyond the Companys control. There will be no further classes held at any of our schools.    This letter serves as written notification that all future inquires should be directed to your state agency listed below:   PA Dept. of Education 333 Market St. 12th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17126   Very truly yours, Our classes have since gotten together and hopefully with the help of our instructor and some good people we will find a place to hold our sessions and continue to get what we went there for. We at this time however, have no place to hold class, have limited computer resources, limited access to training materials , and most of us have been robbed of approximately 13,500 dollars. We are hoping that through the use of press and publicity that someone will step in and help us as a group.
Entity: Bensalem, Pennsylvania
3, Report #349875
Jul 10 2008
07:47 PM
Computer Career Institute, Hipcor Marketing Computer Career Institute is a SCAM Palm Desert California
I am just simply writing to report that this is a SCAM...they take your money, give you a lame class (mostly stuff you would know already), take all of your personal information....AND RUN. BUYER BEWARE. Josh Hartford, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Desert, California
4, Report #1128387
Mar 05 2014
09:22 AM
Entity: St-Sauveur, Quebec
5, Report #63360
Jul 11 2003
05:54 AM
Ameritrain ripoff deceptive company Atlanta Georgia
This company signed contracts with students, knowing they were having problems financially. The schools, nationwide, closed down with no notice. Now several hundreds of students are stuck with thousands of dollars of debt for courses they didn't take. Mackenzie Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
6, Report #1035744
Mar 18 2013
12:15 PM
pfhelp took money with no contact, Internet
I  my daughter withstudies wanted to use answers as study guide. they did not give any answerswrote to them 3 times they never responded. total ripoff stay away
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1227929
May 09 2015
08:35 AM
kaplan university scam iowa Nationwide
 I agree with what is said about kaplan university. Such a waste when you work so hard and get charged so much. after I graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree I was out of work so I called them and asked them if they had job placement or at least helped you get a job and they said no. very disappointing. In 2015 I'm still not working in my field. There is no way you can pay off school loans working in a call center.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1289470
Mar 12 2016
03:02 PM
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1365805
Apr 04 2017
02:28 PM
Lincoln Academy Internet
 I was recommended this uni by someone and I thought it was legit and now other universities are not accepting me. I am doomed ☹️ I paid so much. I need my money back!!!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1381203
Jun 25 2017
04:50 PM
AIBT My School Loan Tucson Arizona
This report I just found out that AIBT is not an acredited sbcool, I attended AIBT in 1997 got my diploma and started my Associates Degree but had to drop out due to my work schedule of working 2 full time jobs and taking care of my family. Now that was in 1997 and Ive been trying to pay back my loan for the past 20 years, since my diploma is invalid then why should I have to pay that back since its no good ? And if I had continued my education through them and later I had found out that my Degree would be invalid how would that make me look in my career field ? 
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
11, Report #1032157
Feb 11 2007
02:12 PM
Abco Technology ripoff dishonest fathima sethi cancelled classes unqualified instructors scam Ripoff Los Angeles California
Abco Technology and the courses they offer are an absolute scam. I signed up for their advertised Flash class which was scheduled to begin on November 11, 2006 but didn't conclude until February 11, 2007. The instructors are all unqualified to teach their respective courses and the facility is not equipped with state of the art computer lab nor do they even have an overhead to teach. How is it possible to teach a Flash animation course without the use of an overhead and laptop for demonstration purposes? We were handed the wrong textbooks for an earlier version of the Flash program and experienced difficulties studying the program and completing the exercises until the last week of class. My instructor Fathima Sethi was never in class. She will instruct for the first 10 minutes and go on periodic breaks leaving the building or giving tours to other students and can never be found. In a 4 hour class I would find myself and the other students left alone without any assistance for over 98% of the time. It is very unprofessional for any instructors to answer personal phonecalls during class and give random tours while disrupting the class. All the objections, goals, and class project that were discussed in the first day of class never came to fruition as the instructor failed to provide instrucation and we were often left clueless with no guidance and didn't learn anything valuable. It was a complete waste of my time and money. Nothing but empty promises and lies were made and told to us. Fathima never seems to have a lesson plan ready or knew what she was doing. Instead of teaching we were basically handed a book and told to complete the exercises ourself. She has never once come prepared with a lesson plan. Overall, there class has been cancelled more than 8 times and there was a 2 week gap in between because Abco was under rennovation. Other excuses include the instructor failing to fly back after the Thanksgiving holiday break to the electricity went out and they couldn't find a electrician to get the power up. A 5 week course has been dragged on for more than 3 months! No one, including the people that work at Abco or its instructors would return phonecalls or call you back to inform you when the next class would be held once there's a cancellation. Look up Abco Technology on Google and you will also find plenty of other complaints against this scam operation including former instructors suing the school due to late and nonpayment of their salaries. Do not sign up for any classes with Abco Technology. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and filing a claim with my credit card company. The school and its unscrupulous, unqualified and lying instructors deserve to be reprimanded by the law and return us our hard earn money. I would never recommend this school to anybody and I will make sure to inform everyone I know to not attend Abco. LL MONTEBELLO, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
12, Report #1222484
Apr 14 2015
06:42 PM
Training Camp No Classes, No refund Los Angeles California Nationwide
I signed up for thir Microsoft Server 2012 MCSA 9 Day boot camp back in November 2014, It was scheudled to start in Febrauary 2015. I got an e-mail saying the class ahd not been fulfilled, and that i could either reschedule or get a full refund.   I chose the full refund. Krystina Miller was in charge of my refund, and she did respond. She originally told me that the refund process takes 6-8 weeks to complete. So I waited. The 6th week I asked for an update, and she curtly said my refund was sent out on march 26th, 2015. I waited another week, no check in the mail. I then e-mailed her again, no response. I emailed again, this time I cc'd her manager Joe, and he responded, apologized and said the refund check was not mailed out and he would mail it out tomorrow. It is now going on another week since I jave emailed with Joe, and he is no longer rsponding to my e-mails.   I paid $5,895.00 to a company to help with my future, and since they could not get the enrollment they needed they offered me a refund which i took, and now I feel like I am being pushed aside and forgotten, hoping I will go away. Today is April 14th, 2015 and I just emailed Joe and his manager. I will see what happens, but I doubt anything will change. My only other course is to higher an attorney and pursue them for my refund and anytime I lose for missing work to deal with the legal issues.      
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #21306
May 22 2002
07:20 AM
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers victimized many consumers Orlando Florida
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers are in the business of charging fees for training and hiring un-qualified instructors. The information they cover is not even remotely on the exams and you are instructed to get the info you really need from other sources. I was taken for $10,000 Ten Grand. Beware. You can take my word for it too. I am the Network Admin for one of the largest communications companies on the planet. . I am completely versed in Windows, 95, 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000 and IBM AS400 operations and configuration. I have been servicing and building custom systems for several years and have designed and built several large networks. I am presently Manager of Information Services for XXXXXXXXX (Sorry) can't do that. Anyway I am still making payments and would only like to warn others. These people are in the business to take your money not train. Beware is all I can say. My name is Bradley and I was robbed by New Horizons Computer Learning Centers On Lee Road In Orlando Florida. Please do yourself a favor and do not under any circumstances do business with this company. Bradley H. Orlando, Florida
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #20943
May 15 2002
07:53 PM
AMERITRAIN COMPUTER TRAINING is a deceptive rip-off SCAM company. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
Entity: CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
15, Report #140256
Apr 25 2005
01:37 PM
Business Computer Technical Institute ripoff Tacoma Washington
i graduated from bcti back in 2002. i originally wanted to attend the graphic desighn courses but was informed i would have to attend the microsoft sweet courses. each course was about ten grand. as i started to take theese classes i was working full time and travelling a good distance to the campus so i only attended a few days a week. off the bat i noticed how easy the classes were but assumed the first class was for people who have never touched or turned on a computer before. plus with my busy scheldule until i could switch campuses so i was closes to school i didn't mind the easiness of the classes. but as the school year progressed on i constantly complained to the teachers that i was not learning anything. i came from a good highschool and took advance business classes their. i also grew up on computers so i didn't want to express my feeling to the other students. i didn't want to make them feel bad if they weren't haveing as easy of a time as me. will admit i learned a few tricks on microsoft excell but nothing i would pay ten grand for. infact nothing i learned or would have learned at the school if i didn't already know would i pay ten grand for. and this may just be me but i taught myself as a young girl microsoft sweet. i truely beleive most of the students the i attended school with could have picked up a manual and taught themselve for freee. i even noticed the teachers would rotate so fast. as in a high turn over rate. i also noticed most teachers seemed to be teaching from some sort of manual and often needed to help from students when stuck on a question from another student. it was also taught when given an assighnment you were to go around and help everyone else once your done with your assignment. i saw more students teaching the class then a teacher. i am sure i could go on for pages but here is a few main points. at least the ones i am more concerned with. the students teaching more then the teachers, the easiness of the classes, the price of the classes, and the method in which they found you a job. i know i did not go into how they pretended to find you a job but once i can go into more detail on that once contacted Hayley Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
16, Report #1007560
Feb 01 2013
06:54 PM
NATIONAL COMPUTER SCIENCE ACADEMY NCSA scam, not real, fake Whitesboro, Texas
they use fake better business bureau seal to make them look good and they are a fake school because its been a year since icontacted them and they never returned my call and the use fake business seals on their website and they should be reported as scam or fraud . and taking other peoples money over a secure server.   and they are suspicious.
Entity: Whitesboro, Texas
17, Report #1259170
Oct 05 2015
08:02 AM
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Frauds, Ripoffs, Scam artists Gainesville FL
I, too, was a victim of these scam artists.  Like a previous report, I was also searching for IT jobs and never once went directly to the New Horizons website.  It was only after I applied for a job that I received a call from a recruiter from New Horizons.  I spoke with him for a bit and listened to his spiel about the training classes they offered.  I was hesitant due to the cost.  They told me about different programs at the different prices and I, initially, was interested in enrolling in the training that was a little over $14K.  I was told that the certifications in that program would only get me a help desk job at around $16/hr.  I was strong-armed into signing up for the $25,500 program for which the certifications could get me a job making between $50 and $60K.  The recruiter saw on my resume that I had no IT background other than a help desk position I had when I first got out of college.  But that was only for about 7 months.  The majority of my career experience had been spent in health care.   I went through all their classes and took my first certification test, CompTIA Network+, in October 2013.  I passed it the first time, but only barely.  I then took the Security+ certification test in January 2014 and passed it.   I took the Windows 7 certification test last week and miserably failed it.  The large majority of the questions were geared towards people who would have had career experience with Windows 7 OS, something that I was not told by anyone at New Horizons.  I am not going to take the test again because I don't have $150 to pay.  Why would I anyway only to fail it again?  So I'm in debt $25500+ with nothing to show for it, all because the only thing New Horizons is interested in is making a quick buck. And don't even get me started on their so-called Career Placement department.  I've dealt with them and all they could tell me is to give them some names of contacts at different companies in Arkansas and they would contact them to see if they had any jobs they could try to get for me.  Sorry, but I am not going to do your job for you.  These people need to be shut down so they don't rip any more people off.  I will be searching for a lawyer to try to sue them.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1417530
Dec 17 2017
07:58 PM
Techfleet Corpreteelevater They took $12000.00 for computer classes They said if my son dropped out within the first week they would refund the money. Columbus Ohio
They are trying to keep the money .They said we have to pay for the computer .That it would only take one month to receive our refund .It has been over two months .We have tried calling with no respond
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
19, Report #72225
Nov 17 2003
08:31 PM
Smart Certify Direct Ripoff - Misrepresentation Clearwater Florida
These folks allowed me to test drive a course before they called and pressured for my to sign a contract for payments. The sad part is that once I got into the training sections I wanted, it was junk. I have contacted them and all I get is that I'm past the 30 day money back warranty (even though according to the other reports I see here they don't stand behind it anyhow). Steer clear of this company and their hype. The course I was allowed to review was indeed well laid out and seemed accurate, but after evaluating much of their other content, it's garbage and not worth the bandwidth it takes to look at it. I have since bought books and studied for my courses and am much better prepaired at a much lower cost. I am working on how to get my money back from these folks, but it's taking some work and I may or may not be succesful. DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH THESE PEOPLE, is my word on this. Michael Auburn, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
20, Report #29519
Sep 09 2002
02:56 PM
Ameritrain ripoff ripoff fraud business Tysons Corner Virginia
I enrolled in computer training classes for a Microsoft Certification program to begin on 7-22-02. The total monies for the class was $3425.00. With 10% down in cash and the remaining balance to be handled by a student loan which Ameritrain set up for me. I was approved by a student loan and the necessary monies were paid to Ameritrain. I was scheduled to begin night classes at the Tyson's Corner, Va. Ameritrain on 7-22-02. A week prior to the class I received a phone call from Dave Diconcini, Ameritrain Reginal Mgr. who signed me up, stated that the night instructor had a conflict with his day job and had to reschedule the class for a new begin date of 8-27-02. I had no idea that Ameritrain was closing their doors. I had taken my NT4 certification classes there several years ago. I arrived the night of the class on 8-27-02 and found the doors to be closed and no one around. I then received a letter from the student loan that I got for the classes that Ameritrain had went out of business and for me to contact the Va. State Board of Education. Ameritrain has my money from the student loan and I have no classes to attend. Ameritrain did not inform me of any school closures or that they were going out of business. I want a refund of my money. Shawn Woodbridge, Virginia
Entity: Tysons Corner, Virginia
21, Report #3586
Mar 04 2002
12:00 AM
Video Professor TV advertisement consumer scam
I, too, fell for this scam from the TV advertisement. Unlike others, I was able to get ahold of the company over the phone and return their CDs. They promised to send a credit to my credit card, but we'll see about that. Two things about this business really ticked me off. 1) They don't warn you ahead of time that, once you get your initial trial shipment, they automatically start sending you shipments every month and 2) We ordered the set of CDs about the Internet and found, when we loaded the CDs, that in order to use them, you had to sign up with their internet service for $19.95 a month. They say the first month is free, but that means your instruction CDs are only good for a month plus, when the month is up, what guarantees that they'll stop billing you for the internet service also. These people are a rip-off and a big waste of time (it takes quite some time on hold to get to speak to someone on the phone).
Entity: Denver, Colorado
22, Report #537562
Dec 10 2009
08:43 PM
ABCO TECHNOLOGY Look elsewhere for training Los Angeles, California
Looks elsewhere, save your money. Computers are terrible, CIW track classes are all taught from Element K books that cost about 20-40 each. ABCO charges a ridiculously higher number for these. Lesson plans are just read out of the book and you are left to do the exercises for the rest of the classes. The work takes about 2 minutes to do and you are left sitting in the class for 30 minutes twiddling thumbs. None of my classmates were satisfied with the classes. Windows software and Adobe CS3 software are pirated, I still do not have my own CD keys. What really irked me is that I did side work for them testing a client site, since they received my funds for the school, they completely stopped responding to me when I had begun asking about my compensation for the work. Multiple emails, left messages. No replies. OK that's fine, I should have paid more attention to the previous reviews. Well here is another one for you guys, look elsewhere for training. Plenty of more reputable training schools for lower price out there.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
23, Report #467970
Jul 09 2009
02:36 PM
Video Professor It doesn't work on Mac Internet
I ordered the video professor product and found out when I received it, it would not work on an apple computer. They charged my credit card at once and when I asked about the refund they said it would take 10 weeks. It has been 12 weeks and still no refund.Why doesn't law enforcement do something? Norm napa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #452696
May 17 2009
12:56 PM
Video Professer Took money Denver Colorado
I order the photoshop an was sent 3 extra cdds nothing stated i was to return the 3 cds in 10 days,they took 189.99 out of my roommates account,I called an they said I had to return the cds,I overnighted them an when they signed for them I called they said It would take up to 21 days for my money to be refunded,I asked to speak to a superviser an she then said it would take up to 5 business days that was on 5-7-09 I have yet to receive my refund! Cindy Sevierville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
25, Report #611055
Jun 07 2010
07:00 AM Ripoff, overpriced, hard to follow lancaster, Pennsylvania
Well I bit on the sales pitch back in 2005. And today I am still not in the field and about $24,000 lighter in the wallet. I took the classes and spent a lot of time at home studying the material and most Sat. mornings in help classes. Now I'm no dummy (nuc. engr.) but I found the effort to jam us through the lessons without regard to comprehension. Half of the class was lost most of the time in the 2nd half of the program. I was unable to pass any Cert. exam and found the whole situation maddening and I was angry realizing I was conned out of $24,000 and my time and energies that could have been used elsewhere.
Entity: lancaster, Pennsylvania

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