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1, Report #6123
Aug 10 2001
12:00 AM
rip off from computer personalities
I am writing this on behalf of my mother-in-law. The first of FEB. 2001 my mother-in-law ordered a computer from Computer Personalities over the internet. She had heard great things about this company from her brother who already had one of their computers. The computer my mother-in-law was ordering was supposed to be the top of the line with all the extras. This computer was going to be a graduation present for my sister-in-law who is disabled from muscular dystrophy. All she wanted for grasduation was a computer because she can't go out and do the usuall things a teenager does,so you see why this would of been special. Anyway to get to the point she ordered a computer was promised it would be here in 4 weeks after she sent them a cashiers check for over $2000.00. Well after 4 weeks still no computer. She went to the website and was informed they had filed bankrupsy. Apparently they filed less than 2 weeks after she ordered the computer. However they cashed the check 2 days after they received it. She now has no computer from these people and they have her money. She is currently tring to resolve this through the courts in PA but we live in CA. So if anyone knows how else to resolve this or has had a simular problem please feel free to email me @
Entity: Pennsylvania
2, Report #1395633
Aug 25 2017
04:10 PM financial fraud, misrepresentation, computer fraud. Internet
 I have been investing in this company, or website for a few months. I recieved a few small payouts in Bitcoins was supposed to be a few 5 year and a few 2 year contracts. The website took my 3.2 bitcoins that's including the payouts I reinvested, and the website dissappered after 6 months. I used to purchase my bitcoins for investing.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #7007
Oct 08 2001
12:00 AM
computer personalities ripoff consumer fraud AKA ..VIDEO COMPUTER STORE
join the croud i also bought a computer from computer personalities paid with casheers check and personal checks totaling $ 3.245.00 with extras, i recived the monitor, printer, scanner in about two weeks, but i called and complained to them for 8 to 10 months and never recived my computer, finaly i told them i wanted a refund of balance of what i didn,t recive, i recived a check for what i didnt recive , but i will never understand why anyone would run a business that way. gary Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on computer personalities Click here too, ...COMPUTER PERSONALITIES, AKA ...VIDEO COMPUTER STORE consumer computer Rip-off
Entity: Pennsylvania
4, Report #1374
Feb 23 2000
12:00 AM
I took my computer to Computer Denn on Jan 20, 2000 to have my C: drive get fixed, because it was not working. Specification of my computer: Floppy drive, two removable 1.2 gigabyte western digital drives (C: & D:), and the following was installed on the C: drive ( Window 95 ID: 09996-OEM-0009685-14823, Office Profession 97, Microsoft Works 4.5, WordPerfect 9.0, Juno 4.0, Hayes modem 33.6, etc.). Drive D: (Window 3.11, PageMaker 5.0, Word 6.0, WordPerfect 6.1, etc), and CD-ROM. I picked my computer on Jan 25, 2000 after I had to pay $65 for the service. When I got home and had the computer hooked up, and when I booted my computer window 3.11 came on, because they switched drive on me, by making the D: drive as C: drive, and the C: Drive as D: drive. So when I checked the orginal C: drive nothing came on, because the Computer Denn had replaced my 1.2 gigabyte western digital C: drive with an 80 megabyte Quantum drive. Also, they replaced my Hayes Modem 33.6 with Boca 28.8. I took my computer back the store on Jan 26, 2000 and explained to them what happened to my c: drive and the modem, the owner/manager told me that he's the one worked on my computer, and never took anything out of my computer and I never had window 95 on my computer and told me bull shit, and get out my store and do not ever come back. All I want is my $65, 1.2 gigabyte western digital, and Hayes modem 33.6. Thank you very much for you help.
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
5, Report #6851
Sep 27 2001
12:00 AM
The Video Computer Store rip-off
I bought one of their Computers off of their website and thought I was getting a great deal and it has ended up being the biggest joke. I have had nothing but problems with the computer shutting down and or freezing up and when I call for tech support to help fix the problem all I get is a busy signal. I would not recomend anyone to buy a computer from this company ever it is a reall JOKE. :::::::::::::: Click here to see how over 100 others have been Rip-off off and what some of the victims have done to get their money or product
Entity: Pipersville, Pennsylvania
6, Report #126306
Jan 07 2005
10:33 AM
Dell Computer Corp ripoff! Round Rock Texas
I was ripped off by Dell's illegitimate cancellation of order. Placed a single order online where there are promotional items. However, when order was submitted, it split up with 2 order numbers. The promotional items were in a 2nd order with a new order number for the amount of slightly over $1 where the computer was for almost $2000. When the computer ships and almost a month late with all sorts of delays, the promotional items were cancelled. Instead of shipping the promotional items worth approximately $750 (retailed price), I was given the tough luck excuse from Dell. The promotional items serves as a bait and when all is done, they switch out and leaves me with nothing but a high price computer. Rick Alhambra, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
7, Report #23689
Jun 29 2002
06:35 AM
Computer Personalities ripoff Plumstead Pennsylvania
I watched an informercial on 1/13/01about the computer package.I spoke to Anna Marie, she said send a certified check and it would speed up the process, and that there would be no delays for check clearance. on 1/16/01 my husband and i made out a cashiers check for $1972.00 which included s&h. We also sent it priority mail to speed up process.I called the co. and talked to Irene which she said they received it on 1/18/01,but did not process order till 1/26/01 dueto overwhelming amounts of orders. weeks passed and i tried calling and was told its on the way. finally my husband got his computer at work and we got suspicious and he looked it up on the internet we knew then we were had. Look we took out a loan threw our 401k. and we are stiil paying it back. please help us. we never received nothing. we are being charged 218.00 on my husbands check a month. any help you can give will be appreciated. thank you alice gregory we did file a consumer complaint on 4/19/01 and was received on april 27,2001. we have kept all papers receipts and everything concerning this matter. Alice El Paso, Texas
Entity: Plumstead, Pennsylvania
8, Report #6617
Sep 17 2001
12:00 AM
video computer store failing to send rebates
I have filed all rebate forms with video computer store on a computer ordered 11/00. I have tried countless times to reach company but to no avail. I go on line to contact by email and find many sites describing same problem. A total of $350 in rebates in owed.
Entity: Pipersville, Pennsylvania
9, Report #7533
Nov 05 2001
12:00 AM
computer video store rebate fruad ripoff
Almost a year ago I ordered a computer from the VCStore off television. It was a micron computer with printer ,scanner, lots of software. It came with a reabate offer also. The rebate was to be sent to you after your computer was sent so you could give them the upc from the box. I filled out the papers for the rebate and mailed them in. I recieved my papers to aquire the rebate and instructions on how to fill out he papers. I filled out the paper as they said and even mailed them in seperate envelopes to make sure I was doing everything correctly. It has been 6 monhts since the reabates were mailed and I have not heard from them on why it has taken so long. I have tryed to call and have gotten a rapid busy signal everytime. I have emailed them and on one has responed to my emails. I have held up my partof the transaction by paying for my computer and I htink they should keep up their end of the deal. My compter had been acting strang here lately and I had to rebuild my mothr board. It is starting to do the samething again and I may have to get a new mother board.
Entity: Pennsylvania
10, Report #853543
Mar 13 2012
10:59 PM
computer renaissance jacked me up mason, Ohio
to everyone: before i purchased a $3,200-$3,800 custom build desktop pc from computer renaissance in mason OH. dave the mananger told me the pc would be set up for me to inspect when the build was finished before i took it home and it had a 30 day full refund on it. so i went ahead and paid for it. the build was finished weeks late and i also had a laptop in for repair. dave the manager called me, told me both pc's were finished and were set up for me to inspect. when i got to the shop 10mins later, both pc were in the box. i was told he didn't have time to set them up and if anything was wrong just bring them back. the desktop did not have updated drivers, it had nero also other programs installed that i told them not to put on there. i paid $750 for a video card and the colors were all grey while gaming. the video card kept kicking off and would not complete a test. while playing my favorite game the pc would freeze every 5-10 seconds. the desktop had the laptop drivers installed on it and the laptop had the desktop drivers installed on it. i called the shop and was told that there was nothing wrong with either pc and i could not bring them back to the shop. i called numerous times and went to the store to check them in for repair for 3 weeks. each time i was told by the owner and mananger that there wasn't anything wrong with the pc and that they wasn't going to look at them. i told them i wanted my money back for the desktop and was told there wasn't anything wrong with the pc as it was a new pc and i wasn't getting my money back. i have written my visa card company, the BBB and the attorney generals office. my visa card called computer renaissance and told them to give me a refund. i returned the pc and was issued a refund. i closed my visa account. a month later i was rebilled for the pc. i was told that they had to repair it and give it back to me. computer renaissance called me and told me the pc was ready for pick up. i tried several times to pick it up and each time i was told i returned it. computer renaissance resold my computer and i am being forced to pay full price for it. my bank of america visa card told me they could not do anything about it because my account was closed out. bank of america are the ones that recharged a closed account.
Entity: mason, Ohio
11, Report #182204
Mar 20 2006
11:15 AM
Computer HQ ripoff, fraud Morrisville North Carolina
I ordered an ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard from this company. I received an ASUS A8V, which sells for much less, and is totally unsuitable for my application. Upon notification of their error, they attempted to RMA the item, not refunding my full cost foir their mistake, and trying to charge me a 15% restocking fee. William Lodi, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Morrisville, North Carolina
12, Report #51982
Apr 07 2003
09:10 PM
Telic Computer Corporation consumer fraud ripoff Internet Worldwide
Telic Computer Corporation Free Laptop with one year membership. Never delivered. Offering promotion again I see. rip off scam con artists dishonest ripoffs consumer fraud ripoff Internet Internet ..... Attached is my email thread. Cmon, someone answer me! Vic ----- Original Message ----- From: Victor Rxxxxx To: ; ; ; Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 9:31 AM Subject: Re: Confirmation and Thank You [7785-2727-3613458] Hello? Is anyone out there? Hello? Irritated, Vic Rompa ----- Original Message ----- From: Victor Rompa To: Sent: Monday, July 29, 2002 8:49 AM Subject: Fw: Confirmation and Thank You [7785-2727-3613458] Promotions does not respond. Alternate Request #1. Can you please tell me the status regarding the delivery of my free computer for joining this website? It has now been 3 months. Thank you, Vic ----- Original Message ----- From: Victor To: Victor ; Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 8:51 AM Subject: Re: Confirmation and Thank You [7785-2727-3613458] Polite request #32. Can you please tell me the status regarding the delivery of my free computer for joining this website? It has now been 3 months. Thank you, Vic ----- Original Message ----- From: Victor To: Victor ; Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 4:19 PM Subject: Re: Confirmation and Thank You [7785-2727-3613458] Polite request #2. Can you please tell me the status regarding the delivery of my free computer for joining this website? It has now been 3 months. Thank you, Vic ----- Original Message ----- From: Victor To: Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 10:46 AM Subject: Fw: Confirmation and Thank You [7785-2727-3613458] Can you please tell me the status regarding the delivery of my free computer for joining this website? It has now been 3 months. Thank you, Vic ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2002 3:14 PM Subject: Confirmation and Thank You [7785-2727-3613458] Customer's Name : Victor Rompa Account Number : 4613... Billing Address : 11745 Depew Court Billing City : Westminster Billing State : CO Billing Zip : 80020 Billing Country : US Telephone : 303-439-8343 Website Description : Total Value : 25.00 Auth Code : 001359 CVV:U AVS:Y Receipt Number : 7785-2727-3613458 Useful URL : The following will appear on your account statement: WebsiteBilling.Com, 1-800-297-3308 Customer Service is available Online at Administration for this website can be reached at Thank you for using Vic Westminster, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1181046
Oct 05 2014
08:40 AM
the computer geekz louisville Colorado
My name is Adrian tabakoff. I have been attempting to get in contact with computer geeks as a laptop of mine was given to them for repairs without my permission or knowledge at the time. I received an email before leaving Colorado for a while that my laptop was being examined and that if I didn't pay the service fee, which I never sign for or authorized, that my laptop would be sold. As I have just returned to Colorado, I have receive neither word or compensation for the unauthorized selling of my personal property signed over by an individual without my consent. I have attempted to call on various occasions and have received no word and no message box to even inquire about this matter. It's is currently Sunday today and as they are not open, I will have to wait a day for any course of action to take place. I am writing here in the hopes that it will be read by an employee of the computer geeks so we might be able to resolve this quickly. As the laptop either kept or sold is valued at $500, I would require eithe the laptop itself or the value stated above. I am not associated with any rival company and am not a customer of computer geeks, as I had no part in the involvement of this other than having my computer taken by second parties, this needs to be resolved immediately. I will wait til Monday morning, at which point I will visit the office to speak to a supervisor. It is my hope that it can be resolved respectfully to both parties. If not solved amicably, I will have no choice but to involve legal authorities. I do not say this as a threat but simply as a course of action I would be forced to take. As computer geekz took the laptop in under the assumption that I had somehow authorized this, I don't hold them 100% responsible for being suspect. However, as I neither signed any contract or made any verbal agreement with computer geekz, this would be tantamount to theft if I receive neither the laptop or the compensation for the unauthorized sale of my laptop immediately. I hope to receive word back within a day. If a member of computer geekz is reading this report, if this can be handled properly, I will retract my statement and erase this report. If not, I will be forced to contact the police and file a grievance with both the better business bureau and the local papers, as if it is not handled in a legal way, it would serve as a warning to potential customers to avoid possible fraud to their behalf.  
Entity: louisville, Colorado
14, Report #5381
Jun 08 2001
12:00 AM
Computer Fraud with Quantex
My complaint is with Quantex Microsystems that went Bankrupt Hi, when i bought my first computer (quantex), i was in high school, and preparing for college. I bought the computer in the first place because i will be a computer science major. The first issue i had and still have today is that my computer was shipped about 2 months later that it should of came, and since they say that they will give me the money back for the price change in teh system i got, i never received the 200$ i should of got back. That was the first problem... the next was on the first day i got my machine, the driver disk they gave me for my Guillemot 3d prophet wasnt working correctly, even the demo games on this disk would freeze my computer... very very annoying. Here i busted my ass working at Giant as a bagger/cashier for 2 years saving up for a POS computer... I called them and they were no help whatsoever... I even wrote a letter and didnt get a reply. It seems to me that either my motherboard or graphics have a error or they arnt compatable with each other.... i always get the blue screen of death with VxD errors, which i believe have to do with the chipset i have, although i downloaded the latest one form Currently i work at my college fixing comptuers, Northampton Area Community College and i have a vast knowlege of comptuer repair but my system is a hopeless cause... after months of tweakign i got my system down to maybe 4 error's a week if im lucky, i wanted to return my system the first week i got it, but from lack of information and support it wasnt gunna happen.. Now i have to wait till im outta college (3 more years) and get a descent job to get rid of the crap computer i have now that i paid $2500.00 for ---sigh--- Any way i can get some money back?? they havent kept their promise of refunding my money for late shipment and only once responded via email about a hardware problem i had, the response was mean and didnt help at all Sincerly, a ripped off customer
Entity: New Jersey
15, Report #3915
Nov 24 2000
12:00 AM
buyers reward member?? rip off artists Computer Fraud
a fee electronically done on my account for the amount of 89.95 and i have no idea who this is and it says buyers reward member??? who is this and how did they get my info?
Entity: ?, Nationwide
16, Report #426957
Feb 21 2009
03:49 PM Stephen, Billing Support Specialist Computer Fraud Internet
I went online to update my Spybot Search & Destroy software using Google. I was connected to a website falsely using Spybot in their title (spyware_remover=spybot. I downloaded the software charging $47.76 to my debitcard. My security system (Avast) blocked the software from being activated warning a Virus. I sent the an email notifying them and requesting a refund. They have promised to refund the charge. I haven't received it to date. I just wanted to warn any unsuspecting person of this. Howard Duluth, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1314660
Jul 01 2016
03:23 PM
iyogi Computer fraud New york
Company called me from 1-877-710-0840 stating that my computer is having problems with my windows systems.  I said how does he know.  he said microsoft shows that my computer shows reported problems with windows.  I said is this a joke and he said Yes this is a joke my friends have called him to call me that report this error.  I wonder if they are spamming others and if others are falling for this.   I would like to report this issue.  
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1173354
Aug 30 2014
06:18 AM
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
19, Report #1131664
Mar 18 2014
05:33 PM computer fraud, warranty fraud, outragous behavior mesquite ? Texas
 In January I ordered an Acer Iconia Win 8 tablet from as part of the emachines lawsuit settlement. The machine I got was dead, totally dead.  I called the support number expecting a replacement. NO!  I had to send in the tablet to be repaired.  After two weeks I received my tablet back.  It worked, sort of.  The screen did not follow the orientation of the tablet.  Again I called warranty support and was told I had too wait 10 days till the repair report showed up at their office, by carrier pigeon I suspect.  Again I was told to send the computer back, and again they paid shipping both ways.  Two weeks later my ACER tablet showed up, and now the screen orientation worked some of the time, but there was a new problem.  I got a notification that I needed to buy a $129 product key to use WIN 8.  Back went the tablet again. I just got the Tablet back and their solution was to have the machine run under an Administrator key.  Unfortunately no apps will run under this situation, except of course ACER stuff.  Worse yet the battery seems to be mostly dead.  Again I am in the 10 day waqiting period, hoping their only carrier pigeon doesn't get lost or die.My advise, if you get a bad computer on this site, throw it away.  It will cost you more in grief than it's worth!
Entity: mesquite ?, Texas
20, Report #38880
Dec 20 2002
08:12 PM
Roma Computer Solutions Inc ripoff High pressure - overpayment fraud Ventura California
I attended a National Grant Conference Training Workshop on September 16, 1999 and was pressured into buying with the implied promise of wealth. The promoters of the conference were very pushy. At the time of the conference my need for income out weighed my usual sensibilities. I am ashamed to say that I witnessed one of the promoters of this conference belittle and humiliate one of the the people attending. This month of December, 2002 my final payment on a Toshiba 2060CDS lap top computer lease has been paid. The company had to replace two of the power cords. The first time they made me ship the computer back to them before they would replace the cord replacement took 6 weeks. The second time they could not find a replacement cord for 5 weeks. 11 weeks of down time with no compensation. My original payments were to be $149.95 for 39 month's. The payments increased with no notice to $159.37. I have the original contract. My bank is on notice to cancel payments. I will use the leased computer to recover the $881.12 overcharge. This figure includes 2 months of down time while waiting for the power cords. James International Falls, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Ventura, California
21, Report #539988
Dec 15 2009
04:52 PM
The Computer Guyz Computer Repair FRAUD Antioch, California
In June 2007, I brought my computer into The Computer Guyz to get a new hard drive installed.  The following day, I received a call stating that my motherboard was shot, and I needed a new one.  I authorized The Computer Guyz to install a new motherboard in addition to the new hard drive.I continued to have CONSTANT problems.  November 12, 2009, I called another computer repair service to diagnose the trouble.  Lucky for me, I found an HONEST business, the technician showed me the hard drive installed in my computer; it was dated August 16, 2001.  I bought the computer brand new in 2002, so this is OBVIOUSLY the original hard drive.Although the owner of Computer Guyz, Dean Taylor, has had PLENTY of time to rectify this FRAUD; to date, not a thing has been done to fix it.  I was offered a computer in exchange for my old one, but it had a 40 GH hard drive, (obsolete!), I paid for an 80 GH hard drive.  The computer Dean wanted to swap with me was a piece of junk, so I refused.  I have heard nothing from him since; even though he PROMISED to make this right.This is fraud, plain and simple. 
Entity: Antioch, California
22, Report #355342
Jul 24 2008
05:25 PM
Dojo Computer Systems computer rip off Farmersville Texas
This computer asked for a deposit for a computer. They took $499 out of my visa account. I did not receive the computer, so I called and they said there was a back order and I should get it in 2 weeks. Two weeks went by and I called again and asked for a refund. They said no problem and that I should get a refund within 3 days. I never received the refund and then tried to call the number again and the number was disconnected. Sandy Metolius, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Farmersville, Texas
23, Report #55494
May 02 2003
10:41 PM
Computer Personalities Video Computer Store Fraudulent billing consumer rip-off fraud Pipersville Pennsylvania
Through a television Sponser I purchased an Everex computer system(Order #F671468)in sept. 2000. The order was subsequently place with the computer video store. Weeks went by and no system despite several phone calls. In october the Monitor arrived and in december after a repeat number of phone calls I cancelled the order as I needed the system for christmas and that was not going to happen. I made many more calls before I got permission to return the Monitor. (Big mistake)I received proof of delivery re. the monitor which was a condition for getting my money back.Many more weeks went by and no reimbursement and phone contact advised me they had filed for bankruptcy. No 01-14231dws U.S. Bankruptcy Court 900 Market Street Philadelephia Pa. I filled in necessary proof of claim with the court and to this date I have had no conclusion on the outcome of this case. It is now 2.5years and I am still out of pocket to the tune of $2200.00 I can hardly describe in words my opinion of this company and the tv station that sponsered them. Patrick Orange, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pipersville, Pennsylvania
24, Report #1103603
Dec 02 2013
11:08 AM
The Computer Paramedic Computer Fraud Wentzville Missouri
I am furious about having my computer repaired at The Computer Paramedic in Wentzville, MO. I search the local area for computer repair stores, and The Computer Paramedic was the first add to pop up, so I figured I would give them a try...BIG MISTAKE. This company is a JOKE, and the store owner is a bigger JOKE. They were so nice when I took my computer in for the repairs, but when i started having problems less the 30 days later. My experience was totally different. They promised me all these wonderful things while I was inquiring about having my computer repaired, but after they got my computer things changed. The manager told me there would be additional fees for repairs I had already paid for. COMPUTER FRAUD The staff and the manager should not be allowed to work with customers. I would not recommend taking your computer to The Computer Paramedic store. They charge a $30 nonrefundable fee to diagnosis your computer, and they charged a $120.00 repair fee. I have had my computer back less that 30 days, and the computer is infected with a new virus and they want to charge an additional $60 fee to remove the new virus. The owner told me he can't guarantee that your computer won't become re-infected with new virus. I took my computer there because it had a virus and the store owner guaranteed to remove the virus, and add spy ware to prevent future virus. Now I’m being asked to pay an additional fee to remove a virus I already paid for. I would strongly encourage you look around before having your computer repaired by The Computer Paramedic in Wentzville. I have spent $150 and I still don't have a working computer. In the future read the customer reviews before trying a new company.    
Entity: Wentzville, Missouri
25, Report #984436
Dec 19 2012
12:24 PM
A Computer for Everybody $ 199. Computer !!!!!BAD COMPUTERS !!!!!, Internet
My mom purchased on E-Bay a computer, gave it to me for x-mas. BAD Disk Drive and would cost over $ 200.00 plus to fix. Called several times leaving message, no return call. E-mailed over 20 times. No response. DO NOT GET A COMPUTER FROM THESE PEOPLE. !!!!!!    RIPPED OFF AND NO COMPUTER !!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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