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1, Report #1097557
Jun 19 2014
06:42 AM
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2, Report #163650
Nov 07 2005
02:09 PM
Freedom Marketing ripoff Chicago Illinois
I have health issues and need a way to work from home. I have two kids to care for while my husband is overseas. I researched and found this company that does mailings from your home. I looked up with the BBB and found no information. I sent my registration fee in and have heard nothing since. Instead of making money I lost money. I have only their email address and get no response from them. Michele Bellevue, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #383367
Oct 21 2008
11:51 AM
TWF Marketing, SAO Marketing, TWF SAO Marketing Magnolia Texas
TWF Marketing, formerly SAO Marketing is a company that promotes websites for businesses on the net. They claim to enhance our chances of website activity through search engines such as Google. AOL search,Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, Best, Big Finder ETC. -Monthly/quarterly Ranking Reports -Weekly monitoring of website and positions -Monthly reporting -Quality Submission Reporting They have done NOTHING! TWF Marketing has been scamming our business for a long time. I have been working for a small Blue collar business for 2 months now. I handle accounts for the business and recognized this bill from TWF Marketing. Since I am also trying to enhance the wisite for my Employer I was curious to see what TWF Marketing has been doing to increase our business. Apparently They have done nothing and Have failed to respond to many emails.I sent requests for our reports but recieve no contact. My Employer is not computer savy so I can understand why he didn't know that he was being taken advantage of. A search for TWF or SAO on several search engines have resulted in failure to locate Owners, a contact number, or a website that belongs to them. If you have had an issue with this company please post what happend and if you have contact information please submit it. Scott Chula Vista, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Magnolia, Texas
4, Report #1315710
Jul 09 2016
10:11 AM
Entity: Austin, Texas
5, Report #210062
Sep 08 2006
10:27 AM
Computer Learning Center ripoff Internet
I ran across this offer late in August. I read it carefully and should have been aware that if they require mony up front you should back off. They had carefully listed a source (Comsumer Advocacy Group) as reference to the offer. Also promised a refund of the $99.00 charge but only after 45 days. That should have been the second clue. After all your money is gone by that time. So, I placed the order, charged it to my American Expess Card and proceeded to upload the instructions. I received a program code that I was supposed to use to identify myself and earn money from the ads that I placed. Since I had some questions I sent several e-mails to the wetsite listed for questions and answers.... no reply....then I began to feel I had been scamed and decided to request a refund. Guess what? No place to do that either. I immediately called my American Expres company and requested that they do an investigation of this charge by CLKBANK FOR $99.00 and refund the charge. They were wonderful and said that they would refund the charge because CLKBANK was a company that would cooperate with this type of thing, so maybe they are legitimate but the rest of the lies are intended to RIP YOU OFF. Thak you very much for your report, it was helpful to prove to American Express that I had been scamed. Alexandria mechanicsburg, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1166018
Jul 30 2014
06:54 AM
Kelly Giacco Marketing scam Internet
I am writing this report in disgust as I was scammed by someone called Kelly Giacco. If you have come across Kelly then you might be familiar that she has a website called is offering false services to people and lies to people on Skype. She comes across as an Expert when in fact she is falsely getting people to sign up to her MLM scheme. Please do not do business with her as she will encourage you to give you her email and then pitch you MLM schemes.Avoid Kelly Giacco at all costs. Thanks
Entity: Internet
7, Report #16305
Mar 08 2002
12:00 AM
Blue Shark Marketing, White Shark Marketing ripoff fraudulent ripoff business Corinth Mississippi
My husband and I recieved a postcard in the mail from this comapnay requesting Development Partner Positions opened for an investment of $1950 Blueshark would train us to develope websites and Do all the selling giving us at least 5 websites to design each week and paying us $100 per website. We sent our money and trained ourselves and sent in the requested 10 test websites this was all don in 2001 to date we have gotten NOTHIN in return for our investment . To makle matters worst the comapny has had it's numbers disconnected. If they went out of business they hav Not notified us. the never answer our emails although they appear to be still soliciting other suckers to become their Deveolpment partners even on 3/7/02. We simply want our money back but they have said in their agreement that you can't get your money back for a year. We assumed this only menat if they were living up to their agreement. We havr given $1950.00 and have NOTHING to show for it. We are FURIOU. the one phonme number that works they NEVER answer. Eleanor Norcross, Georgia
Entity: Corinth, Mississippi
8, Report #369854
Sep 04 2008
04:56 PM
Online Biz MarketingONLINE BIZ MARKETING online biz marketing Houston Texas
i do not know exactly what the web is anymore, since they never send me an email. i know it is an onlinebizmarketing that charged my account, but what the web name i don't know. i know their phone number is 1-866-417-2870. please help people like me out since they care very little to what they do to inoccent people. Norma Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
9, Report #765298
Aug 15 2011
09:15 AM
Skyline Marketing poor service, borders on marketing or SEO scams Temecula, California
I used Skyline Marketing's Lead Cloud program to source out the SEO of my company back in January of 2011. They had a 100% guaranteed refund if their customers weren't happy with the service. I decided to cancel it in May 2011 after getting no ROI. I received an email the 1st part of May stating that it was cancelled and placed a phone call to them about the $300 refund. Erik at Skyline said I would receive a check in 3-5 business days. Now it is July, I've contacted him over a dozen times and have received nothing but excuses from him.The initial excuse was they had my address wrong, then one month later it was that they had switched banks and were having problems issuing the refunds. I finally resorted to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.The last phone call I placed to Erik at Skyline was the first week in July, informed him that I filed a complaint and that I would be hiring an attorney in their city to file suit against them.I would highly recommend not using Skyline Marketing. I'm trying to give as much exposure on this poorly ran and scammy company as possible.Just to reiterate, I have talked to Erik on the phone over one dozen times about the refund on the services I use and get nothing but excuses on why they haven't received the refund. I also gave them my bank routing number as they said they could do a direct deposit into my business account, that was about one month ago. My business takes credit cards so I gave him the option to refund me by card but he stated that they could not do this.Beware of Skyline Marketing located in Temecula, California.
Entity: Temecula, California
10, Report #1068181
Jul 18 2013
03:39 PM
NuDigital Marketing uneducated in digital marketing, lazy, and non-compliant with deadlines Roseville California
NuDigital Marketing was hired to take over all of the digital marketing for my dental office.  They were contracted to fabricate branding, Facebook management, a website with management as well as any other social media services.  After paying them the monthly fees for over 4 months all that was completed was a few posts on Facebook, no website, and an approval for a logo and color schemes.   In my opinion, the website should have been up and running by the end of the first week.  The Facebook page should have had daily posts completed with pictures at least tri-weekly.  This however was not even initiated until the fourth month of our contract.  I was required to coach my representative weekly on items that I was paying the company to manage so that I would not have to worry about them.  Isn't that they whole point of hiring a social media company?  This was not the case with this company.  They spent months slowly trying to fabricate a logo that I was satisfied with but in the meantime, they did not create a website nor develop my Facebook (which should be the first items to get up and running as they draw in new patients).  Once I finally agreed on the logo, they personally decided that it wasn't right for branding and self-decided to remove it from my website and all other forms of social media.  They also changed my decided upon color palates to make the branding right, even though it was not what I wanted or even represented myself.  At this point I was becoming frustrated and gave up with caring because I just wanted something up and running.  I spent a great deal of time writing content for both the website, brochures, and facebook as their representative was incompetent in doing so himself.  Overall, I wasted over $8,000 on this company with nothing to show for the months of waiting, and now they want to charge me and file a lawsuit against me for $21,000 to pay for all the future work that they claim they would have done for me.   This company has clearly shown me that they are a misrepresentation of what a social media company should provide for any business.  As soon as I decided to leave them, I had a new website up within 24 hours and was receiving phone calls from new patients in less than 48 hours.  My facebook now has daily posts that are clever and did not require me coaching or writing content.  I have business cards and a logo that is representative of me and my company.  I would never recommend NuDigital to anyone in the future.  $8,000 wasted that I'll never get back!
Entity: Roseville, California
11, Report #1005334
Jan 29 2013
08:16 AM
A1 Marketing Unlimited inc Bad marketing Companie Laconia New Hampshire
This companie charge me with $998.00 to rent my timeshare and never call back . When i call never pic the phone or answer my mesages . In other words they took my money and take off. Be care full this was on May 2011 and still waitting for a text message at least. ..
Entity: Laconia, New Hampshire
12, Report #1378580
Jun 12 2017
10:22 AM
Advisor Internet Marketing Advisor Internet Marketing is a RIPOFF!!! Cortaro Arizona
This company is a total RIPOFF!  I am a financial advisor and was looking for help with internet marketing.  I heard of Advisor Internet Marketing and checked out there website.  They looked legit and talked a good game. Boy, did they pull the wool over my eyes! I was told that they would build me an internet sales funnel so I could attract clients and it was a Done For You service.  Of course since they are in an industry that is highly regulated they advertising in the funnel needs to pass compliance. I asked what would happen if this funel does not pass compliance and I could not use it.  They told me no problem we'll give your a refund so there is no risk on your part!   Well, after the funnel was submitted to compliance it came back NOT APPROVED!  Nt only was it NOT APPROVED, it also had wording in the sale copy that triggered requiring filing a FINRA letter which would cost serveral hundred more dollars.....this after already spending $3,000 for the funnel. But it get sworse.   My compliance department said that this material does not even meet GENERAL CONTENT STANDARDS set forth by FINRA.  FINRA is the regulating bodyfor brokerage firms in the United States. So I was basicallt sold a bill of goods and have been totally ripped off.  Again, I was told this was a turn key marketing funnel that was plug and play.  Clearly it is not turn key in that it does not even meet General COntent Standards set forth by FINRA. When I called for a refund thay hid behind their 30 Day Money Back guarantee.  The problem is that this funnel, due to it's comlexity, took 45 days just to get it thru compleance.   So this 30 day guaratee is 30 days by design.....just long enough so they can rip you off! 
Entity: Cortaro, Arizona
13, Report #1305279
May 12 2016
07:47 PM
Entity: Internet
14, Report #60151
Jun 09 2003
10:53 PM
The Marketing Group ripoff scam fraudulent con artists Miami Lakes Florida
I had an email sent to me, because I signed up that I was interested in learning more about working from home. I am very skeptical about companies. So I checked out the company with the BBB. It said nothing bad in the report. So I signed up online and waited. Of course I never received anything. Since I had the phone number that was listed on the BBB's website, I called it. I talked to someone and was told to call back in at 8:00 in the morning. So I did that. I was then told that I needed to give it a little more time, and if I did not receive the kit by a certain day, don't remember exaclty which day, to call back. I called back and was told that they had just sent out kits on May 3rd, and that if I didn't receive the kit by Friday May 9th, to call back on Monday May 12th. I never received the kit, so I called back on Monday May 12th, and surprise, surprise, I got an answering machine. So I left a message for them to call me back, and I did not receive a return phone call. I called back again, left a message, and still have not received a phone call or my money back. I am really tired of scumy people getting away with scams. Anyone who can scam a person out of their hard earned money, is just a really bad person. I have contacted my bank, but they are unable to do anything. I really hope these people are caught. If this report helps out another person, so that he or she is not scammed out of their money, then it is worth filing it. Angie Farmington, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
15, Report #388879
Nov 07 2008
10:08 AM
Encore Marketing International Unauthorized charges on my debit card! Lanham Maryland
While looking at my bank statement today, I noticed an unusual $14.95 charge. The description said Easy Saver. I had no idea what this was so I called the phone number listed. They answered the phone Membership Services. I asked her what the name of her company was and she replied again, Membership Services. I finally got her to say Encore Marketing International. I asked her what the charge was for and she said that I must have clicked accept on a pop-up banner after I ordered flowers back in May. I knew that was not true because I never accept offers like that (it was for $10 off my next order and I knew I would not be ordering again). She removed the pending $14.95 charge, but said I needed to speak with a supervisor about removing the other 5 months worth of charges. There is also a charge for $1.95 that I did not authorize. I am currently waiting on the supervisor to call me back. After searching Encore Marketing International online, I have found that there are numerous complaints against them for the same thing. This was an unauthorized charge. I did not accept anything, nor did I agree to or sign up for ANY type of service. So far, I have been billed over $90. I will update my report with the outcome of my calls and complaints. Melissa Garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lanham, Maryland
16, Report #401711
Dec 15 2008
07:48 PM
United Marketing Group Order two computers, I didn't receive them. Schamburg Illinois
On 11/17.08 I received a article from my Sears bill to purchase The Laptop Computer Just for Kids. I gave them all my information that was needed for this order. They saw it takes 7-14 business days for delivery. As of 12/15/08 I still have not receive my order. After researching to find this company, I came across a rip-off report, I was so mad. I woulld like for everyone to know that don't order anything that comes in with your credit card bill if it's not the credit card company alone. John Philadelphia, PA John Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Schamburg, Illinois
17, Report #477731
Aug 08 2009
04:05 PM
Modern Marketing Systems Refuses to pay gaurantee Phoenix Arizona
I was also refused my guarantee because they failed to debit my bank account. They are even claiming they don't have my authorization. Well I made a copy of the authorization I sent them. I have filed with my states consumer fraud division including the State of Arizona and the FBI internet fraud bureau (IC3). I suggest everyone that has a complaint file with their state or if overseas their country then file with the State of Arizona and FBI. It is important to know that in Arizona a small claims court filing only covers upto $2500.00. You may want to consider it. Motorider Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
18, Report #643356
Sep 22 2010
03:43 PM
Jennifer Coburn / JC Consulting Marketing SCAM! FRAUD! Homestead, Florida
On December 2, 2009, Jennifer Coburn (JC Consulting) sent me a contract and an invoice for $240.  For $240, she was supposed to conduct 30 hours of coldcalling on my company's behalf.  From December, 2009 to today, I have been attempting to obtain a refund. On Feb. 10, 2010 she claimed there was a death in the family and she was in NY and that is why I had not heard from her or received any reports. On Feb. 23, 2010 she claimed her brother was diagnosed with cancer. On March 10, 2010 she claimed to still be in NY and that she would refund 50% of my money. On April 19, 2010 I sent an email and received an email from someone named Mark who claimed to be her account manager.  He said that Jennifer's brother had passed away and she was in NY but would be back the following Monday and would issue a refund. That was 5 months ago.  I have emailed and emled her time and time again with no response.  This woman has taken my money and I want it back. I am willing to work with FBI, other victims, whatever it takes.     
Entity: Homestead, Florida
19, Report #869777
Apr 17 2012
08:33 AM
Logistic Marketing Group *Mystery Shopper* Williston PArk, New York
On April 1, 2012 I was mailed a letter and a check for the amount of $2400 dollars to which I was to deposit in my account and follow the directions for withdrawl.  IT is a scam.  the contact phone number doesnt even work.  I just want people tp be aware of the  scam my story is just like the others on here and I just want it to be known.  Thanks
Entity: Williston PArk, New York
20, Report #869783
Apr 17 2012
08:40 AM
Logistic Marketing Group *Mystery Shopper* Williston PArk, New York
On April 1, 2012 I was mailed a letter and a check for the amount of $2400 dollars to which I was to deposit in my account and follow the directions for withdrawl.  IT is a scam.  the contact phone number doesnt even work.  I just want people tp be aware of the  scam my story is just like the others on here and I just want it to be known.  Thanks
Entity: Williston PArk, New York
21, Report #931824
Aug 23 2012
09:40 PM
MindShark Marketing in Canada Zamir Javer and Sherry Clark DISHONEST SPAMMERS Internet
Mindshark Marketing has been SPAMMING me and my company. I have no idea where they got my email address from but I have gotten several emails advertising their company in my SPAM folder and my regular mail. They say they are the #1 SEO company ranked by Blah Blah Blah, but they are rude and won't answer emails when you ask them to admit mistake. Some have been from Sherry Clark and some from Mindshark, but then Zamir Javer sent me emails filled with lies. Stay away buyers because if this company can't handle their own reputation, how are they going to handle yours.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #181184
Mar 14 2006
04:20 PM
Paid Marketing ripoff!!! Pearl River New York
The company guarantees payment of $100 for 90 days of participation but does not pay. I submitted my first request form (per certified mail, return receipt requested) 12/19/2005 at a cost of $4.62, was immediately notified by Traffix (apparently the parent company) that they could not read my email address. I returned the corrected form 1-18-2006 at a cost of $4.84. It has been almost 7 weeks and still no response. I am tired of ripoff jerks, scam artist and identity thieves and have determined to do whatever I can to hurt them. I plan to write to each advertiser in paid marketing panel list and let them know they are paying ripoff jerks to advertise their products and ask if that is the image they want to portray. Carolyn Granbury, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Pearl River, New York
23, Report #283871
Nov 09 2007
09:58 AM
Adnet Marketing Solutions Money making opportunity with well known names of businesses Milton Vermont
I received a phone call stating I asked for more informatin on working from home. They gave me all the information and prices and I was to look it over and get back to them. The names of the busineses were Ebay, Amazon and Pharmacy RX and the prices were a little steep so I chose two, received a call back stating I could get all three for $100.00 more totaling $299.00. I then gave them my credit card number. Theysaid they were going to send all the paperwork, they did and I filled it out and sent it back and I put delievery confirmation and my first response was: no such address but days later I checked again and it was delivered. I tried calling them and only get a busy signal. Went online to see if I could find anything and I saw scam all over the place. Sad because I was doing this for my family and I have a parent who's disabled and I've never done anything like this before and I was sucked right in, I'm so ashamed, trust will come hard now. Adam Milton, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Milton, Vermont
24, Report #315642
Mar 07 2008
10:07 AM
ADVANCED MARKETING GROUP ripped me off 22.00 dollars to work for them Internet
on febuary 18,2008 i sent in dataforcash the sum of $22.00 and i was to get work for them to enter on the computer, (work from my home). well two weeks came and went and nothing. i tried to send them email at and it kept coming back to me, as invalid email. i went to my bank to talk to my banker, and he gave me a phone number to call them on and all it told me to do is leave a name and number and we will get back with you, and they never did. after four days i went back to my bank and they said to write a statement and now the bank is helping me to get the money back. Wanda STANTON, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #183085
Mar 24 2006
12:56 PM
My Net Marketing Center ripoff Minden Nevada
This company advertises falsely I ordered an e-book that was advertised and nothing that was in the advertisement was in the e-book. They claimed that they offer refunds if not satisfied but, it's been over a month for me and I did not receive a refund or a response. They are scammers. Alexa manhattan beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Minden, Nevada

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