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26, Report #232703
Jan 25 2007
10:26 PM
Successful Marketing Strategies Sms internet advertising scam Phoenix Arizona
I spent $150 for a web site which I would receive commission from buyers through my site for,, Windows, and As Seen On Tv. I received my web site, but they waited until I got my site to let me know I would have to pay for advertising and they had several packages to pick from ranging from $1000 to $20,000 depending on how many visitors you wanted guaranteed to your site. He discussed what he thought was right for me, but I told him I would have to discuss this with my husband. He was supposed to send info in the mail but instead, he sent me an invoice for $6000. Of course I didn't sign and return invoice, and tried several times to contact them. In four months I was only able to leave a message on their voicemail once. They have never contacted me. It's like they blocked my calls or something. Part of the deal was to receive customer support and advertising manager 24 hours a day, yet I've yet to hear from them since the invoice. I even sent a few e-mails and no response. I did not authorize this charge to my account and want my money back! They already had my credit card number from the $150 charge for the web site. They told me they were a member of but when I checked on them I didn't see a list of names of legitimate companies; Only scammers. I guess they were members of alright! Do not let them lie to you. Kathy Mt. Victory, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
27, Report #275537
Sep 21 2007
12:30 AM
Newport Internet Marketing (NIM) Rip-Off, Failed. Fraud, Deceptive Converse Texas
I opened my internet business in 2002,as XXXXXXXXXX. I needed a way to advertise, I selected Newport Internet Marketing because it could broadcast to 128,000,000 e-mail addresses. I ordered the CD and downloaded it on my computer $295.00}. I could download the addresses but the CD did not explain how to disseminate the message to the receipeints. I held on to the CD until now with no results. I have started a new business and I decided to use the CD again. I e-mailed NIM and my e-mails were retuned. Whats UP? Please help me. Cornelius Stephens CXXXXXX Number482132448 converse, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Converse, Texas
28, Report #249918
May 23 2007
12:53 PM
TNG Systems Marketing Ripped off went bankrupt after buying $20,000 system Houston,Texas
We got talked into buying a TNG marketing system in 2004. In 2005, they stopped answering phone calls or questions. We heard they went bankrupt. Because we leased the machine from an outside leasing company, we were bound to the lease. We were stuck paying for $20,000 system with no support or help and that no longer was useful!!! Jill Dyersburg, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
29, Report #1099113
Nov 13 2013
04:20 PM
Beware Media Mouth Marketing is a scam Portland Oregon
These lunatics drive me crazy calling me all day everyday sometimes 5 times a day. I keep telling them to take me off their call list but they just keep calling me over and over again it is ridiculous. These idiots mumbling out some telemarketing script at me over and over again. I am an attorney and would love to get a class action law suit against these clowns.  Their website is here: and man what a joke, an obvious telemarketing rip off. Someone please get these guys to stop calling me!
Entity: Portland, Oregon
30, Report #1279309
Jan 10 2016
08:59 PM
The company promised me an amazon account and all kinds of ways to make money but I never was able to. They promisied that they honored a TWO YEAR refund process. I have been trying for over a year to get my $400 back. They said I only could speak to customer service but customer service is never available.
Entity: Arizona
31, Report #1076703
Aug 17 2013
02:43 PM
synaptic marketing & viper marketing They charged my bank account $97 each every month and I can't get hold of them to stop it. Internet
These companies have been billing me for $97 each and every month. I don't know how to stop this and I don't know who gave them my bank information or how they obtained it. This is money I need desparatley because I have been scammed by other companies . I was trying to start an online business to make extra income and now I am totally in debt! The companies I have been dealing with change their name every three months or so and they are all connected, operating as a whole. Does anyone have information?
Entity: Internet
32, Report #1420713
Jan 03 2018
08:12 AM
MyCity Social Con Artists Miami Florida
They will make you believe they are marketing professionals. After you sign a contract they will have very young inexperienced kids who know nothing about marketing, write very simple and and childish posts on Facebook etc. Even after your contract is over, they will try to coerce you into paying them more and even threaten you with reporting you to a credit agency. They would even threaten legal action to keep you paying. They are totally unethical, and the “likes” you get on your page will be from their own employees. Be very careful with these peolple.
Entity: Miami, Florida
33, Report #762188
Aug 07 2011
03:46 PM
Rex Halbeisen connect u marketing Crook! Internet, Internet
I am filing this report to worn others about this crook I went into an agreement with Rex Halbeisen before he switched his companies name to Connect U Marketing, he took my money and strung me along then he disappeared He will not return a phone call and before that it was one excuse after another He renamed his business Connect U Marketing during this process I have spoken also spoken to an employee of his Kevin Dill who informed me Rex has done this to allot of people and asked me to pay him directly to finish my project They are all crooks! Do not do business with Rex Halbeisen his business now is called connect u marketing
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #832447
Feb 01 2012
02:57 PM Fan Page Likes Fraud scam fakes marketing fraud Internet does not deliver real Facebook fans as they claim. They are bots and fake accounts. Multiple people that liked my page had the same exact pictures. I paid extra for targeted fans as well and just got fake fans that Facebook insights says are not from the US. Whenever I visit their site nobody is available on support. After searching for reviews of them online (something I should have done before I bought) I noticed that this site was a well-known scam. Luckily I didn't spring for the larger order size first so I didn't lose too much money, but its still a bit of a setback and very frustrating to deal with this stuff.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #187820
Apr 21 2006
07:13 AM
E-Market Professionals - E-marketing - ripoff Internet
I sent Emarket Professionals $395.00 for their package. I payed through e-Marketing, which is also a RIP-OFF. They have kept sending me e-mails wanting me to buy other things from their services. I e-mailed them and let them know that I read on the internet that they were a fraudulent company, they quit sending me e-mails, will not respond, and I can't get into their website at all. They go by several different names also, which I found out after the fact. I was gullible enough to believe their line. When I type in e-Marketing Professionals a blank comes up. I have contacted my credit card company and they are turning it over to authorities. Janelle Bremen, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #168630
Dec 20 2005
06:27 AM
Webclubinternational web marketing fraud New York internet
The company offered to host an advertising web site that I could be the webmaster for. It cost $99.00 to start with, and included links to and four others. I received the packet of info, which was worth very little, and they opened the site for me. I could not edit the site. It was not the services they'd claimed I would receive. I both called and emailed the company, requesting my money back. The owner of the company, Michelle, called and was extremely unprofessional and rude. She said it had been too long for me to receive the full refund. I had been calling the company and emailing them, requesting assistance for over a week. The day she called back was exactly 11 days since I gave verbal consent to try the program. She said I could have 50% of the fees back or nothing. She yelled at both my spouse and me, even though we never raised our voices. Several times, when we tried to bring up a point, she would talk over us and try to manipulate the conversation and cause confusion. We weren't dissuaded. She denied us further help and dared us to report her. Ellie bostonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #227542
Dec 28 2006
09:53 AM
Thebookwiz, Smarter-E-Marketing thebookwiz, EMarketing LA California utah
I was successfully ripped off by some crooks that claim to be selling bok online. They even promised to give me a free website, support me in advertising the products (skyscraper ads). Its unfortunate for me as one man Jason Lambeth talked me into paying him 100. I was told that they are only looking for 30 representatives in the UK with lots of promises. They even have a free phone number that you can listen to their so-called seminar... 0800 191 0495 - probably the line is dead now Be careful of this suckers, they are no good and worse as the nigerian 419'er. Wisen up, quit looking for easy money, you could be an easy prey. Samuel LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: LA, Nationwide
38, Report #1181261
Oct 06 2014
01:21 PM
Sanjay Modha Sanjay Modha Internet seo marketing scammer Internet
If you are thinking of using the service of Sanjay Modha then avoid at all costs. He scam me for a lot of things and also he try to sell me false information on webinars. He will make you pay and then insult me in groups. He likes to talk down to people when they have an opinion. I was a member of several t-shirt related groups and he decided to insult me, call me names and then starts to make fun of me. He is also a big scammer online. He has many paid services which will not help you. Avoid Sanjay Modha at all costs please. You will be dissapointed if you use him because he is just after your money. Thankyou    
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1181172
Oct 06 2014
08:03 AM
Simeon Tuitt Simeon Tuitt Internet marketing scammer Internet
I am writing this report in relation to someone called Simeon Tuitt, who has been scamming peopleonline for many years. He often likes to sign up people into his funnel and then fakes his way intofalse income claims. Pleas avoid Simeon Tuitt at all costs. He is a well known Internet scammerand has been found to use several other names online also. If you come across him it would be in your best interests to report him. He does not give hiscustomers refunds and often likes to lie and give a false impression to people that he is a marketing expert. Simeon Tuitt is the biggest online scammer going right now.  
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1380739
Jun 22 2017
11:03 PM Digital Marketing Consultants Money Hungry, UnHelpful, Liars Internet
Justin Wise will lure you in with FREE Marketing reviews and then tell you that they are very busy and can only take a cetain number of clients. When you go through his review the document looks like it was auto generated by someone form Fiverr.    He said minimum ad spend was $1500 one week and then told me it was minimum $5,000 and that I was lucky to be working with him as he has much larger clients.    This guy is an entitled a hole and just because he gave a couple speeches thinks he's gods give to digital marketing.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1164441
Jul 23 2014
02:39 PM
Jodi Bennett Jodia Bennett Jodi Bennett Internet marketing scammer Internet
The biggest scammer that is going right now is Jodi Bennett. She is banned from the Warrior Forum.She was banned from the Warrior forum for scamming people out of $20,000. I was her student and never got my money back. I was in tears because that is the only money I had. I paid her $997 a month for coaching only to find myself faced with rehashed content that was taken from Frank Kerns books.Here are some scamming links of hers. She has been caught lying and stealing from people and her numerous online Ids online.  If you ever do business with her please report her to the police or the relevant authorities.   
Entity: Internet
42, Report #37247
Dec 05 2002
01:23 AM
ROMA Computer Solutions ripoff Ventura California
In August of 1999 I attended a National Grants Seminar that was followed by a ROMA Computer Solutions offer to all attendees to lease PC's and laptops along with free internet business website startup and free internet access ( - out of business). At the time I knew nothing of laptop prices, this was my first purchase. I was told that the business I could start up on the web would generate more than the sufficient dollar amount to cover the monthly lease fee of $144.95 that I had agreed to pay out for 39 months. I never got the website business off the ground but I still honored the contract out of loyalty to my own word. Since then, the monthly amount of $144.95 has steadily risen to more than $165.00, but I didn't complain because I understand the need for income increases which naturally follow increases in the cost of living. I would honor the term of the contract and then ask for the fair market value at the end of the lease's term as per the contract agreement options. According the contract, I was to contact ROMA in writing 60 days before the end of the lease agreement so that I could opt to either (1) return the laptop, (2) purchase the laptop, or (3) continue to lease the laptop on a month-to-month basis. According to Ventura, CA Information, ROMA Computer Solutions does not exist. There was no one to contact, and my bank cannot tell me who is taking the money from my checking account. However, they have offered a solution to situations like this where unauthorized debits are made to the customer's account: cancel the account and lock the perpetrator out. Technically, ROMA does have the authorization to take one more payment which I intend to allow. But once this happens, I will be closing the door on them. If they wish to pursue the matter they will have to contact me directly, but I will not be taken advantage of in the mean time. Anyone who is facing the same dillema should do likewise! Jason San Francisco, California
Entity: Ventura, California
43, Report #26652
Aug 11 2002
03:02 PM
Roma Computer Solutions ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Oxnard California
I, too, was ripped-off by Roma Computer Solutions. My wife and I atttended a siminar on National Grants also. That is where we came in contact with Roma and Lease Technologies, Inc. Like everyone else in your reports, we have had pretty much the same experience. We purchased what we thought was not only a computer but rights to e-commerce sites and software. We have been paying $137 per month for over two years with nothing to show except a computer which could have been purchased thru Gateway for less than $1,000.00. All the promises of e-commerce sites and disk to sell and make $799 profit each were lies. We were promised that we would make over $7,000 in the first three months of business, however; we never received anything promised by Roma to start a business. We tried resolving the issue with them for two years with no solutions. I reported Roma to the Ohio Attorney Generals Office and just today, I received a letter from them that Lease Technologies were relieving us from any further liabilities with them. We have not heard anything further about money we have already paid. Roma in now in receivership in Ventura County, California. Apparently they ripped-off the whole country!!!!!!!! We have had contact with several other people who attended the same seminar as we did and one of them was finally able to be released from payment and the other was not so lucky. The entire amount due was deducted from their checking account at one time. Jim Middletown, Ohio
Entity: Oxnard, California
44, Report #6602
Sep 17 2001
12:00 AM
Computer Personalities Systems, Inc. (VC Store) is a BIG RIP OFF
Submitted: 9/10/01 Modified: 9/10/01 I ordered a computer from Computer Personalities on 3-2-01. I paid by check $2,095.00. I thought if I paid in full I would receive the computer faster. Boy was that a mistake. Everytime I called I was told everything was ok and I would receive my computer in a few weeks. Computer Personalities never sent my any papers. The only contact I had was when I called. By that time I knew something was not right so, I called to tell them the send me back my money. For the first week I could not get anyone by phone then a recording was on the phone tell me Computer Personalities has filled for bankruptcy. I sent letters to Computer Personalities and The Bankruptcy Court. I did not receive any reply from either place. So at this point Computer Personalities have $2,095.00 of my money. That works out to be over (2) two months of take home pay. If Computer Personalities start selling computers again don't buy unless you have the money to give away. #6607
Entity: Pipersville, Pennsylvania
45, Report #5945
Jul 28 2001
12:00 AM
Video Computer Store Rip-off No Rebate Check
Purchased my computer from the Video Computer Store on 4-24-00 and did not recieve it untill Sept-00. Also I was supposed to get a $100.00 rebate from the VCS and did not get it to date of this letter (7-28-01). I have tried to contact someone many times but the lines were always busy or I was put on hold untill I was disconnected. I was billed on my credit account before I even got the computer and I think that this company owes me for not only my rebate but the interest that was charged on my credit account for over sixteen weeks and numerous phone charges to other help lines to fix program crashes to this sorry system. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thank You.
Entity: Pipersville, Pa.
46, Report #5743
Jul 14 2001
12:00 AM
vidieo computer store/computer personalities 8 Months to receive all of it
i order a computer package from Videio Store. Advertised on TV. My system was suppose to cost only $1254. dollars. After all rebates. I recieved the system in pieces. The monitor first. Not much I could do with that. 2 weeks later speakers arrived. Then scanner came about 1 month later. I called several times was assured things should be to me withing a week. Finally the tower came. Was still waiting for printer and camera.another month went by no printer or camera. So emailed. Reply was printer advertised not longer available would be recieving one compatiable to what was offered. Another 3 weeks later finally recieved printer was a cannon that was ok. Still no camera emailed again!!!!! Was told one would be sent right away. Meanwhile during all this I was recieving bills. I emailed and refused to pay until I had recieved entire package. Late fees were charge to my account. NOT HAPPY. I have had trouble with computer off and on. I need a restore disk and cant get ahold of anyone to get one for me. I was able to mail in some of the rebates. Some which had expired by the time I recieved the products. The computer that was suppose to cost me only $1254. Has ended up costing me$1892.dollars When I tried to transfer account to a low interest account they told me I couldnt do it because it was being concidered a personal loan. I finally was able to transfer it to another account after talking to about 5 different people. But in the meantime Im out about $638 dollars.
Entity: Pipersville, Pennsylvania
47, Report #133257
Mar 01 2005
05:49 AM
Consumerincentivepromotions ripoff Delray Beach Florida
I too have had problems with, I have about 2 more weeks for my final offer to show as completed but now I am more skeptical than ever. I too have emailed them numerous times as to the payment for this final offer as showing not completed, sent the invoice, etc. and they have not answered my I wait until the time frame which is 4-6 weeks for them to report my purchase is up, I have about two more weeks to go. If longevity does not report that I have completed the offer and I cannot complete my status with consumerincentivepromotions I will be writting again. Thank God for this site, if nothing else it allows us all to help one another in the avenues to take action. I am out around $200.00 and so far this experience has not been a good one, the only thing that would make it better is to recieve a new laptop and an appologie. And even then I am not sure I would do this again, as it is time consuming and stressful. I was skeptical from the start but talked myself into doing this just the same, I figured if it worked out I would be more inclined to do future offers but now I'm not so inclined!!!! lol. Will let all know my results as soon as I know and will report here in the meantime with any responses I get. Cheryl Springfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
48, Report #137845
Apr 06 2005
11:43 PM
Prosavvy ripoff Englewood Colorado
Misrepresented the types and qualification of leads they supposedly generate and refer. Absolutely no qualified leads after 2 months, stopped paying for the service and asked for my money back. So far paid $1700+ for nothing, and they are demanding another $1700 from D&B and their attorney, which I refuse to pay. Filed a complaint with the Denver BBB - the BBB was no help whatsoever, because Prosavvy is a member! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY - YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF AS WELL. Jay Orlando, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
49, Report #156806
Sep 12 2005
01:44 PM
Yourgiftcard ripoff Internet
I also went through and my sponsor was to get a 50.00 gift card and I never received anything and it's been over a year and it's only suppose to take up to 8 to 10 weeks and I contacted them by email and mail and I never go a response. Shonica lemoore, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #129927
Feb 02 2005
09:57 PM ripoff SCAM INTERNET
Plain and simple, i got on Ares to download music, they said it was $1 a month yadda yadda, they got my card info and started charging me absurd amounts to my card. I then started to get charged $79.00 for some Lifelong Insurance crap, that i never asked for or approved for them to charge to my account. Due to them, i have been fighting with my bank: WAYPOINT(DON'T USE THEM) trying to tell them that i'm being ripped off. I'm now almost $300.00 over drawn with that bank, and have had to pay them so much money due to this charging me BOGUS ACCOUNTS, SO WHATEVER! I hope you see this and stay far away from so you don't get screwed like I did. Lisa Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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