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1, Report #226192
Dec 19 2006
06:40 AM
Computer Training Misleading dishonest ripoff Southfield Michigan
Dear Rip-Off I have enrolled in and while still taking the classes I am so far disappointed. I know that some of my fellow students do already have strong computer skills and things are working out for them. But when I came in here they told me that it was going to be hard but I could do it, if I studied hard and did all my labs. The teacher is very nice and so is everyone eles. But I cant help thinking that filling the class was all that was on their minds. There are a few of my fellow students that feel the way I do. They ( the school)did not take into account that my skills were not as strong as they wanted to believe. The class moves so fast that by the time I have a clue about one of two things in the one chapter, were already testing for the next chapter. This may be a good learning place for someone who already knows something about servers and typing from the command prompt. But I came in here without knowing any of that. We are going into our 4th set of books and I still dont know all I need to know about the 1st set of books. I am not lazy and dont want the teacher to spoon feed me. Who ever said that probley started classes knowing alot about computers. I feel that I was missled about how these classes were set up. I may be able to throw a lot of computer lingo at you but as far as appliying any of it is another thing. On behalf of me and a few of my fellow students. During class break we stand out there shaking our heads saying what the hell did I get myself into? How the hell am I going to pay for this? For someone who only has 3 bucks in her pocket, I would like to know how they are going to get 25,000. out of me. I'm already at povirety level, what are they going to do, leave me homeless, out on the streets. They should have harder entry test to show that you have STRONG COMPUTER SKILLS! Like the riado says..Missleading. Thank You Angela Southgate, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
2, Report #1198996
Jan 02 2015
03:57 PM
CCI Training inept Dallas/Arlington Texas
IT Program is without merit. You will waste your time and energy and freeze in an uncomfortable environment. You will not get a job at the end of their inept IT reading program.   If you go there through WIA or Financial Aid, CCI will keep your final Pell Grant checks.
Entity: Dallas/Arlington, Texas
3, Report #125867
Jan 05 2005
06:48 AM
BCTI Business Computer Training Institute ripoff Everett Washington
I attended BCTI and I managed to make my way through the entire phase 1 and part of phase 2. I think it is hillarious that I graduated phase 1 with less than 50% attendance and 30% assignment turn in. I watched the DI modify my record to indicate passing attendance and assignments. Now I have a very large loan to repay and I am back in the same job that I tried excaping by attending BCTI. My stupid decision to attend BCTI has resulted in vehicle reposessions and loss of my apartment. I am rapidly approaching backrupcy. Mike Lynnwood, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Everett, Washington
4, Report #983
Dec 10 1999
12:00 AM
Vocational,Tech Education, Computers.
Minor error: this school I know & like staff, wont teach enough coureses at PM hours after 6 for Over 40 adults. I need 1 course to see if I have Right Stuff for MCP SB, which alone costs 3K (thanks, Bill Gates) and my workhours ( see employers) wont allow me time for Day courses. All Voc Tech Ed, JCs must have Night courses for adults. We live in a 24/7 workday world. Upgrade people. Also only MS via MCP can certify Webdesigners thus leave out Adobe,Macromedia etc & others for same training. Can effect E Commerce, your & 1B websites too.
Entity: Glendale, California
5, Report #252073
Jun 03 2007
07:38 PM
Netguruji CAVEAT EMPTOR internet training ripoff Internet
Do not part with your money without documented references! CAVEAT EMPTOR! Badbiz Southcentral, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #124470
Jul 16 2012
09:42 PM
Business Computer Training Institue liars, liars, and more liars sorry excuse for education Tukwilla washington
yes, i attended this sorry excuse for education, the second week of april 2004. when i started, i was told a lot of things. i was told that i would become microsoft office user certified. and that i would have a good career after i graduate. everthing was going smooth at first. then it all started to crumble. a student mentioned something about a state need grant that students would get during there attendance at the school. actually i over heard it by one of the field reps. the rep was saying it was for students to pay their in school tuition. that was bullshit. cause not one of the students got theirs. i was one of the popular students there so i talked to everybody. i enjoyed the first three progress periods but when it started coming close to the end of things i started seeing a lot of funny stuff going on. like the career consultants. they were fake like artificial food coloring. lying to me talking about they are concerned about me. but, they never come to check on what you are learning. the just stay in their office checking on numbers. then one day our servers went down and the executive director forbidded us to leave the campus. i went to her office and shared some of the complaints me and the other students had about the servers and she said i had an attitude. i mean, wouldnt you have an attitude when your paying $10,000 for education that isnt even taught on a $10,000 level? after i talked to her i was told by my pro gro teacher that she pulled an award that i was to get from one of my teachers. that is f***ed up. the servers were down for at least two weeks. during the time of servers being down, they had us working on crossword puzzles.what is that all about. later on, the exec. director award a pizza party for the class with perfect attendance for that week. that is bullshit on top of more bullshit. why not give a pizza party to the entire student body. after the first week of the server being down, the exec. director, career consultants, financial team, and the employment service team went to cancun, mexico. the dean of education left as well. let me get on the employment services. they only help out anyone that was not african american. they helped out the females, but left the males on their own. aaron the manager of eployment service, said he had leads for jobs, he only had two f***ing leads. qwest and a t and t. you couldnt even get the job unless you had a car. but somehow he made arrangements for a female to get the job when she didnt even have a car. he told me that he had a job for me, it was working at the bank. i told him before he even went out to get the job that i had thefts on my record. i was not going to get a job at a bank if i have thefts on my record. he also asked me if i had a drug problem, i also found out that he was asking all the african americans, male or female, if they had drug problems or a criminal background. what business is it of his to be asking me that or anyone else that question. that is why most of the students were going there to get a fresh start on things. then i eventually got a job without the help of their services and wanted to start the last class of the first phase over again. i had to sign some papers and that fake dean flake out on me. we made arrangements for me to came up to the school at a specific time, and he pretended like he thought i was going to come up there earlier. the graduated me early when i didnt even know that much. floyd loomis, the dean of education, at the southcenter, is a real jackass, he had all my assignments erased. i was going to make a portfolio of my work and that fool purposely erased my files. so to anyone out there that plans to go to bcti, think first, act last. you will not be working to your full potential. everybody there is fake except a few teachers. you are better off going to a community college or another institute that is teaching computer software, typing, and computer technology. the school is a waste of time and hard earned money. if you attend the school you are only making someone very rich that does not care about your success at all. think about that. im a ex students that is paying of debts i owe the school and i dont have a career yet.John Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tukwill, Washington
7, Report #674924
Dec 24 2010
08:36 AM
CTEC Academy Computer Training Scammers Marietta, Georgia
Scammed several hundred people out of $14000 each for 2 year's worth ofcomputertraining, a cheap laptop, and guaranteed job placement that never happened. If there is a class action lawsuit or other course of action to be taken against these scammers, I am highly interested.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
8, Report #294970
Dec 27 2007
05:21 PM
CTEC Academy Computer Training Scammbers Marietta Georgia
Name: CTEC Academy Phone: (770) 422-1102 Fax: (770) 422-1109 Address: 425 Franklin Rd SE Ste 525 Marietta, GA 30067-7709 Website: Original Business Start Date: May 1993 Principal: Mr. Mike Henry, Vice President Customer Contact: Mr. Mike Henry, Vice President - (770) 422-1102 Employees: 3 TOB Classification: Computers-Consulting/Training for Software/Hardware Industry, Career & Outplacement Counseling, Computers-Training, Educational Consultants, Employment Training, Training Programs BBB Accreditation: This organization is not a BBB Accredited business. Scammed several hundred people out of $14000 each for 2 year's worth of computer training, a cheap laptop, and guaranteed job placement that never happened. Check out and see how many instances of the same company have popped up. These guys have moved around to Alabama, Georgia, Las Vegas, etc. They're in bed with Sallie Mae on non-guaranteed 3rd party loans. Beware! Lumberjack White Hall, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
9, Report #1411985
Nov 15 2017
07:18 AM
Certkingdom Not honoring lifetime membership
I purchased the lifting membership. They changed the terms of service after my purchase and now claim it expires. Yet still list this as list package. They jacked the price by 4 times the amount for the lifetime and expect me to repurchase. This is a scam. I signed up for unlimited lifetime package and expect such. I want everyone to avoid this scam.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #203807
Jul 31 2006
03:56 PM
Computer Learning Center ripoff Internet
Computer Learning Center Scam artists, dishonest, read to get refund!!! For $99 the company gives you instructions on how to make money entering info for companies. You actually don't make any money. You end up having to pay a lot of money for advertising and your ads are competing against thousands of other people just like you, trying to make money typing ads from home. The good news is I went to to get a refund and I did get a reply from clickbank that I would be refunded the $99! If you purchased the product less than 60 days ago go to Then on left hand side click on customer service. Next fill out the customer service request. Make sure for part #7 you select: I would like to request a refund for this product. Part #8 in the comment field I mentioned the name of the company, Computer Learning Center, that I purchased the product from, and the fact that the company promises a 100% money back guarantee. I also said I followed the instructions from Computer Learning Center and did not earn any money. After you fill out the form click on Submit Request. I submitted the refund request on Friday and today in my inbox Clickbank emailed me and said my credit card will be refunded. I make sure to check next week to make sure it has been refunded. Elizabeth Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #506948
Oct 09 2009
01:37 PM
Leading Training - SAP Training BW BO Training. Company charged for BI/BO training $1800 and provided no training that relavent to the subject i signed up for. Internet
I am a SAP BW consultant, was looking to enhance my skills in BW and Business Object area In July/2009. leading training was popped upin the search and called them for advertised training on SAP BW and Business object. they promised the quality of service and materials that they provide. I signedup for the service on july 18th and they brought in a instructor on 18th of july and he could not even speak. We were 5 people in the class. one person spoke against the quality of the training and they asked him to leave immediately. realizing their scam is not working they fired the teacher and brought in another teacher after 2 weeks. she only knew part of text book business objects. not usefull that we signedup for Business object and SAP integaration. Teacher sometimes would showup late, but finish at 4pm EST on the dot. would not do any hands on in the class. All the classes are suppose to be on just 4 week-ends starting July 20th. but ended up dragging the class till end of September. All of us who signedup wanted to learn SAP and BO integration which the teacher did not know. They made us wait till end of september for the class and postpone one more day after the final schedule day. Leading training communication was horrible and would not respond to email and phone calls. We never received materials that is relavent to the training. After repeated emails and phone calls sent us some materials already available on the internet for anyone. We had plenty of issues with software being on valuation period and not having valid licence and network connection issues. Since day one training was a sham. Everyone who is looking for SAP training has been warned !
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #990714
Jan 03 2013
01:33 PM
UNKNOWN Education consultant Nonstop calls, internet scam. unknown, Internet
No idea how they got my number. I reported the number to the no call list in which the calls continued. I tried ignoring the calls and telling them not to call. First call I got the said it was an education consultant and after finding I dropped out they hung up. The calls continued twice a day nonstop even after being on the no call list over a month.
Entity: unknown, Internet
13, Report #329852
May 01 2008
09:47 AM
Computer Career Institute Training is a Scam Not Available not available
Everything said in other reports about Computer Career Institute (CCI) is true! It all seems so plausible while you are going through the 32 lessons. I even took copious notes and retyped them to make sure I had it right. Inserting links from eBay into a blog does not work! When I contacted CCI via e-mail, they told me to skip that part and just try to connect through Amazon. They DON'T answer their phone or return phone calls. They DON'T return e-mail with any helpful information or answers to your questions. This whole thing was a total rip-off. I'm going to pursue getting my money back through my bank! Itzkitz Cool, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #402630
Dec 18 2008
06:31 AM
Sapdrill Training Solutions - Unfair business practice Woodbridge Canada
I made an online transaction with Sapdrill Training Solutions on June 6, 2008 and the order number was 480. In this transaction I purchased a laptop server for the amount of 2,399.99 USD, and an additional 80.00 USD was required for expedited shipping. A total payment of 2,479.99 USD was transferred from my Bank of America checking account using Paypal (Unique Transaction ID #73C83902LN897081B) to The product that was shipped to me more than a month later was not the same as advertised on Sapdrill website. I received a Dell 1525 Inspiron instead of a ASUS laptop and no explanation was given for the change. I was willing to go along with this laptop hoping that it will work and will serve the purpose I purchased it for. The laptop that I received did not work and I made several phone and email contacts with Sapdrill Training Solutions store manager, Benny John, in an attempt to resolve the issue. I was advised to ship the laptop back to Sapdrill Training Solutions for repairs or replacement. . I did ship the package containing the laptop to SAPDRILL, INC. 115 Woodstream Ave # 204, Woodbridge ON L4L8KS, Canada on July 14, 2008 using THE UPS STORE # 1690, Douglasville, GA 30134 USA. (Tracking # 1Z30E2256814392289). The package was received on July 21, 2008 at 2:37:00PM. As of today December 18, 2008, no replacement package has ever been shipped back to me. I have made numerous attempts by phone as well as by email to resolve this problem, but all my attempts have been in vain. Lately, I made an email request for a full refund in an effort to put this problem to an end, but SAPDRILL, INC has not responded to any of my request. Vitalis Douglasville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodbridge, Internet
15, Report #47239
Feb 27 2003
02:30 PM
Training & Aftercare rip-off Salt Lake City Utah
i needed a job and am a stay at home mom with kids still home. my husband was hurt on his job and i thought i would help out getting a envelope stuffing job. well i sent in my 25.00 reg. fee garaunteed returened. well when i got a letter wanting more money i went to investigating. too little too late. i found this web sight and typed in the name john craig. bingo up came an artcle from a woman in alabama who wrote a rip off article on john craig and a hancock guy. well he has droped hancock apparently and is in utah on his own. he is now using the name training and aftercare. when i called for more info. phone number had been disconnected and web sight no longer. i did find a nother add from same peoplebut no web sight and different phone number so im on that at this time will let you know what i find! Lori tooele, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
16, Report #41529
Jan 15 2003
06:39 AM
ISCS Corporation False hiring/training scam Chicago Illinois
Sadly,I was ripped off by ISCS Corporation as were others. The approach this rip-off artist takes is to contact you about a potential job opening. They have you go through a preliminary interview with a group of other people in which they describe a company that anyone would like to work for and tell you that if you are qualified, you will be contacted for a one-on-one interview. You are contacted, asked to pay $450 for training, and then get a notebook with a CD that links you to a company called ID Training, Inc. After you complete all of the steps they ask you to do, you reach a step where you can go no further because they refuse to follow up with their promise of completion and an interview with their Vice President in which you will supposedly be given a position, salary scale and a job. Of course, this never happens because there is no way you can complete their last step of the training if they wont send you the tool required. They never answer your calls or emails. Their general number was rerouted to a number in the Boston MA area which is just an answering machine. BE CAREFUL!!!! Don't let these people get your money like they got mine and that of many others who have fallen for the dcam. Robert Montgomery, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
17, Report #225023
Dec 12 2006
04:45 PM
Superselectivecomputertraining poor QuickBooks training Las Angeles California
This company trains all across the country. This is the first and only time we have/will use this company. The class I am complaining about was on QuickBooks and took place in Denver, CO. I would not recommend this class to anyone. The class was $220. You will learn more by taking a QuickBooks class at a community college for around $160. Several people in the class requested review forms. However, the instructor did not have and was unaware of how people could review an instructor. This alone states it all... I contacted the company to complain about the class and they commented on how the instructor is one of their best instructors and they couldn't believe there would be a problem. The company representative was very defensive and said I could file a complaint but, wouldn't get my money back. I asked the representative to define what they expected a trainee to receive from taking the class. The representative expected the person taking the class to be able to know more about QuickBooks when the class was over than they did when the class started. You might be able to spell QuickBooks but, don't expect to actually be able to use QuickBooks. Echo Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Las Angeles, California
18, Report #1399687
Sep 13 2017
06:15 AM
Peng Joon Internet Intensive Course Training scam Malaysia Nationwide
 I sign up this course after attending a Robert Kyosaki event organised by Success Resources. I was sold with the idea that Peng Joon internet intensive course 3 days which is catered to those who do not have any idea about how to create online business to have a product to sell and make a sale before the end 3rd of the class. I wasn't expecting a sale to be honest but would settle for a website with my own product. I sign up and paid 3999 to success Resouces , and We were given home work to prepare some slides and get our hosting and .com registered prior to the intensive class, which I paid. When I turned up for the first day, it was at Palace of Golden Horses Hotel, the room was so packed with people, with very little space and with poor internet connection and in most cases no internet. Peng joon started the class by talking about his story again and his pre-sales he did at the earlier Robert Kyosaki event. He then went on to give us lots of text book ideas and notes and we spend very little in website and even then me and my mates could use our laptop because of very poor or no internet connections. An internet intensive course with no internet connection which was not funny a all. This continued for the next 2 days and very little time spend on actually creating website but a lot of theory from text book. at the end of the day 3 I was left feeling like cheated, not only I didn't have a website, he had the cheek to upsell his courses worth hundreds of thousand for a private course in Bali only for selected few according to him, very well knowing that only few could sign up for that price. He said he is going to give us a bonus worth thousand of dollars for free and presented us a thumb drive with templates. And asked us to take ownership of our lives and act on it and do it just like he did. I feel he has over promised and under delivered massively, this course was actually another 3 day brain washing to get you sign up for the more expensive course that would have cost me 50 thousand and more for the more premium one, an upsell and he used the sales funnel on us!! What a scammer. Stay bloody away from this courses, if you have the money go and sign up for a internet course from an institute or hire a web designer and you will save $$$$$ and time. Very disappointed
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #387218
Nov 02 2008
01:04 PM Internet Fraud Boulder Internet
Overnight Genius charged my credit card with unauthorized charges. I found these charges to my credit card 7 days after the last charges to my card when I got online to make a payment. I then did a search for them and found this spot and was somewhat happy to find out I was not the only one. I am glad that I did and after reading the information reported about Overnight Genius I imediately shut down my dial up connection and called my credit card company to have them cancel my card and issue me another one. I should receive another card in about 7-10 days in the mail. I'm out around $80 to $90 and feel very stupid that I got nailed but, at 70 I sometimes do not think too good. God Bless Ripoff Report's website and I will be checking here in the future before I make anymore purchases online... most definitely! I'm planning to write the Colorado Attorney General's office to report, what I feel, is Internet fraudulant practices in their state. I think because it is interstate it may be federal. I will check that out later but Colorado will be done first. Don't just get mad... get even. Thank You again for this website. Scottdog Riverside, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #603071
May 13 2010
04:59 PM
PrepLogic Wire Fraud, Theft Tampa, Florida
On May 7th, a charge was made to my debit card from Preplogic in the amount of $499.00 for an upgraded to their unlimited training program that I did not authorize. I filed a complaint with my bank to investigate the charge after the bank informed me that the transaction could not be reversed.  After numerous phone calls I was told by Michelle B. (Preplogic Accounting Department) that they(Preplogic) would refund my money back to my account if I filled out and returned additional paperwork. The paperwork they requested for me to fill out was a credit form consisting of an area where they required an imprint of my credit card and security code along with my drivers license and my signature; all of which I declined to complete as it would give them complete control of my checking account. I obtained legal counsel of which an email was sent demanding prompt refund of the $499.00 that they had illegally taken from my account. On May 12th, Preplogic refunded the $499.00 back to my account however, they immediately charged my account another $191.34 which they had already taken out on the 8th of May.   I have enlisted the services of the FBI for a wire fraud and theft investigation into this company.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
21, Report #748535
Jul 02 2011
09:28 PM
Certifyme Rip Off Merchants! Internet
I purchased a certification/training package from them, they promised; Comprehensive questions with complete details Questions accompanied by exhibits Verified Answers Researched by Industry Experts Drag and Drop questions as experienced in the Actual Exams Questions updated on regular basis These questions and answers are backed by our GUARANTEE. Like actual certification exams our product is in multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Two features to our 70-663 Testing Engine is Practice and Virtual modes: Practice mode allows you to take the exam with answers at the ready. Virtual mode keeps score and times your performance - as if you were at a PROMETRIC or VUE testing center. Up until this point I cannot download my exams with practice and virtual modes, I have been sent a PDF of questions that are mostly NOT related to the latest exam. Answers DO NOT have comprehensive details, the results a not verified by industry experts, because an expert would know these questions are out of date! They are ignoring me emails. They have not communicated a reason for non-refund, not have they even communicated to me their intentions since the one PDF email. I WANT A REFUND! I have not got what I was promised in the purchase.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #861037
Mar 29 2012
01:25 PM Scott Simon approaching stalker status Internet
This guy, Scott Simon, has for several years solicited me to find people to help him fill jobs. I kept telling the guy I NEED A JOB, not to find someone else for you.  Well, Scott Simon never let up and his Spam kept coming and coming - until he finally admitted he cannot control the Spam program he bought.  I cannot be removed. Online I file a report on and a recruiter review website.  Since then this guy has become sort of a stalker, threatening me with a lawyer, Carl O'Neal, who has not been admitted to the bar. One of Simon's last messages was:  'I'm done send anything you want they go to delete. [bad grammar is Scott Simon's] Not. I received another Spam on this date pleading with me to help him to find someone to fill a job. When I replied, reminding him we were professional enemies, he seemed all too willing to begin another thread. This is getting creepy...The best I can do is immortalize his behavior here.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #203231
Jul 27 2006
03:10 PM ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
They are scamers dont even bother calling them I want to suie please contact me if you would like to do the same Vincent philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
24, Report #236980
Feb 26 2007
11:02 AM no response to questions asked Internet
I have tried on four different occassions to get a response from this company about the products they sell. They are solely on the internet and do not provide a telephone number nor a physical street address. They advertise a product for $29, but when you click to buy, it sends you to a page where you have to buy 3 programs that you don't want. You cannot buy a single product on this site. Once again, I have tried emailing them on four different occassions over the past two months. No response. Nicholas Lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #99887
Jul 21 2004
08:42 AM
BCRI is a computer tech school which i attended for about 6 months and i recently left that school on the account i learned that the books they teach out of is not current information which i needed to pass the certification tests.I filed complaint after complaint and they managed to lie there out of it. Corey caldwell, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho

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