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1, Report #17198
Mar 20 2002
12:00 AM
Dell Computers deceptive sales ripoff internet Internet
Dell Computers employs a fraudulent sales practice to get your business. I presented Dell with a list of 'must haves' for my home/office system. I was given a price based upon my list. My list included 'Office 2000', as necessary software. The salesman assured me that I would get everything I asked for, then gave me a very good price. I bought the system, but when I installed it, I found that Office 2000 was completely missing. I called the company immediately to complain, and have them send the disc to me, but they looked at the order written up by the salesman, and saw that he NEVER INCLUDED THE SOFTWARE I REQUESTED on the invoice. They refused to provide me with it, and refused to take the computer back and issue me a refund. Instead, they DEMANDED $300 MORE, FOR SOFTWARE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL ESTIMATE!!! It is abundantly clear that the salesman got my business by giving me a false estimate. He then wrote the order without the software I asked for, and denied any knowledge of my request, even though he had been given my list. I have since heard that this is NOT AN UNCOMMON PRACTICE for Dell. They get your business by giving very low estimates, then ship the unit without everything you asked for. They then refuse to issue a refund, since everything that was WRITTEN on the invoice by the salesman has been shipped. When you complain, they demand more money to 'solve' the problem. Stephanie Calgary, British Columbia
Entity: Internet
2, Report #138088
Apr 08 2005
01:49 PM
Dell Computers Ripoff! Internet
I bought my dell laptop top of the line in Novevember 04 I also purchased the tech support for an additional 400 dollars. every time you call them you get someone out of the country that you can barely understand. After several months of problems unable to be solved, I requested my money back. They said it could not be done since it was past 30 days. I said you guys kept telling me that the problem could be solved and unfortunately their procrastination made me unable to return it and get my money back. Not only my money but endless hours trying to fix the problem. I am unable to disconnect from the internet and unable sometimes to connect. We have unistalled and reinstalled everything I have even had to take days off work because they only send dhl which requires a signature and I live in a security building and they won't leave it for me. I keep asking for a replacement. They say that is not their protocol. I finally got a supervisor in tennesee. However, the supervisor even changed 3 times after replacing the mother board, hard drive, and modem and reinstalling all programs and drivers it still is doing the same thing and they are charging me for the parts they sent which I was told they would not. Everytime somthing is uninstalled it means hours and hours of reinstalling earthlink and norton's and endless hours of downloading since there disc's are not current. This has been such a nightmare that I am at a loss for what to do next. The person whom I last spoke to was supposed to call me back the following sat to make sure everything was working and he never did. I have called him 4 or 5 times since and now he won't call me back. I can only say that my time is very valuable and spending over $2000 should have insured a good, reliable product, but that has not been the case. I recommend anyone considering buying a dell product not to!!!!!!! They are evil Beverly Canoga Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #136640
Mar 28 2005
03:32 PM
Gateway Computers Rebate Ripoff Iowa Internet
My company purchased two laptops from Gateway in late November of '04. We contacted Gateway by phone and made all the arrangments. We were told by the salesman that these notebooks came with a $150 rebate each. I was very pro-active in making sure that we would get rebates on both. After all the bad press and massive number of complaints both here and on other websites about Gateway's horrible sales and rebate practices, I wanted to make sure they couldnt pull any tricks. Honestly I was expecting the usual can only apply for one rebate per sale. So I made extra effort to insure that this would not happen. We received our laptops in a timely fashion. There was absolutely NOTHING about any rebates in the paperwork or in the box. I called immeadiately to their rebate center. This was a trial in itself. At no point can you talk to a live person. Its all automated. I called Gateway's regular support and demanded I speak to a live person in their rebate department or else I would send both computers back immeadiately. The person responded with well, its not gateway that does the rebates...its another company (i forget what the name was). At this point I realized that I was doomed. He did put me through to a live person. And, I managed to find out that just hitting zero during the loooooong recording with bypass all of it and put you in que for a rebate tech. How convinient that they dont tell anyone that. Since then, I have found the online rebate forms, sent them in with all tags (I wasnt playing games nor was I going to let them do the same.....I cut EVERY SINGLE TAG on the boxes off, made copies, and send in ALL the originals). Keep in mind this was all done within 2 days of receiving the computers. Since the forms were sent in, I made sure to call every single week (and have not stopped) to check status. I am all too aware of the games they and other companies play when it comes to rebates. For the first month they knew nothing, played stupid and told me to wait. Finally they said they had gotten them and processed them and that it would be about 10-12 weeks to see the check (someone please explain to me that one!?). I continued to call over and over. Just to make sure they would not say oops!! looks like you missed something here!....rebate denied!...goodbye!. Well, I got one check, yet still no second one. So my weekly calls continued. At first it was sorry....10-12 weeks over and over. When I asked why one rebate would come and not the other, when both were sent, together in the same envelope at the same time, they never had an answer. Finally after 3 weeks had gone by since the first check arrived, someone at their rebate center told me (after I had to call!) that the rebate had been denied. They got very huffy with me and said that I tried to use the same serial number twice. Now the real games begin. I told them I could send them exact copies of ALL of the tags, complete with two individual serial numbers. They didnt care. They even stated they dont accept copies. I told them that they could easily see on their own computer screens that we purchased two computers. They would say yes, we see two computers......rebate denied. I would ask for a supervisor.....they refuse. Many times they have even said that they would have a supervisor call me back. Nobody has EVERY called. I finally gave up with the rebate center, and started sending emails to gateway directly. They respond to just about every single one, with a canned automated response of course!. This has now gone on for over 2 months. I have been promised the problem was escalated. I have seen no results. I have been told the problem was fixed. The rebate center still says it was denied. I have been told to check the online page that gives rebate status info. It says its pending. The rebate center still says denied. I have been told the check is in the mail. No check has arrived. I can go on and on about all the lies that have been told to me. Not one thing they have said has come true. Not one thing that gateway's direct email support tells me matches what their rebate center tells me. Nowdays I just respond daily with When will we get the $150 owed to us, and when will you have a supervisor or higher contact us via phone as promised?. They usually respond a few times with the automated We are so sorry you feel this way...blah blah response then pass it on to a new customer agent that starts the whole pack of lies again. Its a never ending circle. In the end we still have not gotten the rebate. They still havent contacted us with an honest reply. And they still have done NOTHING they say they will. They cant even get their stories right between their departments. We will never purchase a Gateway product again. Matter of fact with the large number of conventions we goto as a business, we will be printing up flyers about them starting with So...Your thinking about buying a Gateway computer....well let us tell you what we have gone through....... Ill just leave them on the corner table in our booth. Ben Martinez, CaliforniaU.S.A.g Click here to read The *EDitorial: The Marketing Rebate Rip Off ...Manufactures invent reasons why not to pay the consumer Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Greeting Cards of America GCA
Entity: Internet
4, Report #568201
Feb 11 2010
04:20 PM
DELL Computers Credit Card Hold Issue Online, Internet
We decided to purchase a laptop from Dell on 2/9/2010. We went to the website and ordered a computer. Later on, after speaking to family members and reading tons of bad internet reviews about Dell computers, we decided to cancel the order. We canceled the order two hours after it was placed.We canceled the order by phone. The order was still in processing and never went through. I asked the customer service representative if my credit card had been charged. I was told, Don't worry about that. I told her that I was not worried, I wanted to know what was going on with my credit card. She told me that my card had not been charged. I asked if a hold had been put on my card. She said no.Today, 2/11,  I went to purchase a computer someplace else and my card was declined. I called my credit card company and was advised that Dell has a $545.00 hold on my credit card.I called Dell and was literally transferred all around the world (India and another country where I couldn't identify the accent). I finally got a supervisor (after being on hold for 20 minutes) who wanted to argue with me about the hold on my charge card! He tried to tell me that we only ordered the computer yesterday. After I would not back down he finally admitted that the hold had been on my credit card two days, but insisted that it would take another day to come off.I am in the process of filing an attorney general office and an FTC complaint regarding this issue. The credit card company does not consider a hold a charge, even though the hold has reduced my available credit balance, and will not allow me to dispute the matter.What Dell is doing is fraud. The hold on my credit card should have been released immediately when I canceled the order two days ago. It is nearly impossible to get a native English speaker on the phone. The customer service is the worst I've ever experienced anywhere. The reps can barely speak English and you can barely understand a word they say. They're also rude with poor attitudes. I've never seen a company where people are so argumentative when they are clearly in the wrong. The company itself is not a good company to do business with.I'm writing this complaint to warn others. Do NOT do business with these people. All of the reviews you are reading here are true. I'm thankful that I did not actually go through with getting the computer.My sister bought a computer from them a year ago that was not supposed to be built with non-proprietary parts. The computer is full of Dell parts. Dell is actively being sued by at least two Attorney General's offices, and possibly more.Save yourself the hassle and headache. Do not get tangled up with Dell. You will be sorry.
Entity: Online, Internet
5, Report #143722
May 23 2005
12:54 PM
Dell Computers ripoff Internet Denver, colorado
Dell computers said we were late on payments when we were not and come to find out they had two accounts under our name and were letting someone else order from the other account and then reported us as late payments to the credit bureau. I ended up having to pay them off in full and am filing a lawsuit against them. There customer service was the worst and since I didnt know the other account number they wouldnt give me information on it but, it was under my social security. No one with Dell would help us they kept reffering us to the collections department when we actually were paid. They suck and I will do everything in my power to make sure they dont do this to anyone else. I am doing a public speaking on the local TV station here about how they ripp people off and how I had to pay for someone elses stuff which was $4678.33 before I could clear my credit. Christy Arvada, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #95245
Jun 17 2004
08:04 AM
Dell Computers ripofftookmoneynocomputernorecordoforder Dallas Internet
I called and got a quote for a computer told them to order it and got a cashiers check for it. I mailed the check the next day. I waited two weeks and no computer. I called Dell and they had no record of any order being made. I checked with my band and the check had been paid. I called Dell several times and talked to several different people. I got the run around in a big way. I am supposed to get my money back but I'm beginning to wonder now.The last person I talked to told me to call back and he'd make me a deal on the computer and he is in customer care not sales. I even talked to a supervisor and got a the run around from him. I am going to write several letters to Dell and see if I can get one to Michael Dell too. I am PO'd to the max. I thought this was a reputable company but I'm finding out differently. I was proud that this was a Texas company but not now. I am totaly embarrased that this is even associated with Texas. Connie Waller, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #526115
Nov 19 2009
08:44 PM
COMPAQ COMPUTERS CORP & HP COMPUTERS Selling Computers With Defects to Unknowing Individuals and Not Claiming Responsibility! Internet
I have bought 2 HP laptops in the last 2 years and each of them has lasted me for little over one year.  My first HP laptop had to be sent for repair twice and the second time the repair time took over 3 months and in the end they could not repair the computer and sent me a credit to buy another one.  I decided to get an HP as I do like their computers, however now this one has died within a year and a half.  I have done research on the computer which indicates that many HP laps have a defective Nvidia chipset however HP has done nothing to recall these computers.  I know that I am not alone as many HP owners are complaining of the same problem.  This is the seond time that this has happened to me, and I will NEVER buy an HP again.  If HP ever wants me to buy a computer from them then they must take responsibility and ownership for their defective computers/part, give better customer service that is empathetic and understanding, and make overall better computers with QUALITY parts.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #578338
Mar 04 2010
07:50 PM
GATEWAY COMPUTERS Company did not honor warranty and lied about coverage Internet
a couple of years ago I purchased one of Gateway's top-of-the-line laptop computers. The total cost was over $2000. In addition I purchased their extended warranty which covered accidental breakage and the battery. Just recently the battery has failed. The computer is still under warranty and so I called Gateway and explain the situation and the service that took my personal information, my credit card number and my address to send me a replacement battery. A week later I called Gateway to determine the status of the replacement battery. I was informed that the order had been canceled. They told me the battery was out of stock. But not to worry because I could speak to their second line support. Frustrated, I called her second line of support. This time I found out that not only did the person lying to me about the battery being out of stock they didn't call me that the warranty didn't cover the battery. Because I have moved since purchasing the computer I am not able to locate the original warranty.  Therefore, Gateway computers is going to be able to lie to me about the replacement and get away with not replacing the battery. I will never buy another Gateway computer under any condition no matter what the price no matter what the product no matter if they're the only computer manufacturer in the United States. By the way, the computer is mediocre at best.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #540047
Dec 15 2009
06:21 PM
DELL Computers Dell will not stand behine product Internet
I order a computer from Dell. To avoid comlications I ask for only Word, Excel and Outlook. Word and Excel are worthless. They shut down, one day I when I use its English, the next day its Czec does have a thesaurus. ONe day Word and Excel will retain Recent Documents, then for no reason I have no recall of Recent Documents. They will not support. Dell claims I must pay to get tech support - soft ware is not under warranty. Buying a Computer? Stay away from Dell - no support.Jim
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #617237
Jun 24 2010
04:17 PM
Toshiba Computers Damages due to repair center Internet
Beware! Don't ecpect to send your PC in for reapir without it coming back damaged! My 6 week old PC had to have the hard drive replaced and when it came back it had several deep scratches on the outside cover. Contacted Toshiba directly and they said that the PC arrived that way and refushed to do anything about it! I can send it back at $179.00 to repair! RIGHT!  
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #953698
Oct 10 2012
08:33 PM
this site is a scam. They will ask you to send a money order, collect the funds then deny they recieved it.
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #64076
Jul 18 2003
04:47 PM
Dell Computers rip off misleading financing offers false promises Internet
I purchased a Dell Computer online a few months ago. All went well the computer shipped within one week and i got my rebate in one month. The rip off is that their website offered 0% interest for 6 months but began charging me interest on my second statement. The people at dell said it is not for them to decide who gets 0% but up to CIT Financial. I know that I have excellent credit Based on the report for the car I just bought and I get 0% offers in the mail almost on a daily basis. (I promptly transfered the balance to one). So if they offer you special financing terms, don't beleive it! Wayne Laingsburg, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #69943
Oct 23 2003
02:37 PM
DELL Computers failed to provide a rebate. Ripoff! Internet
Purchased a computer for my lady and had it sent to her. Sent in receipts and form to DELL for rebate. Rebate check sent to my lady and not received due to incorrect address. I purchased the computer, so why the attempted mailing to her? Numerous messages online and e-mails submitted the same info at least 8 times resulted in 1 response a week each directing me back to the same people that have been engaging in major obfuscation in solving the problem. I have alredy spoken and e-mailed all of my military friends and included attachments of the messages sent and the one received. David colorado springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #63308
Jul 10 2003
03:29 PM
Dell Computers rebate ripoff swindlers Internet
We bought a computer in Dec 2002 and had a $200 rebate coming. I sent in all the paper work then for the past 2-3 months inquired thru email, always got the runaround. Now they say I'll get it in 6-8 weeks. I think 7 months is long enough. The customer service is horrendous, terrible, very bad... Alice ocean shores, WashingtonU.S.A.
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15, Report #355803
Jul 25 2008
11:16 PM
Dell Computers inspirons are lemons Internet
This is the second time dell has sold me a lemon. First it was a home computer and the graphics card wouldnt work with the monitor I bought combined with Windows Vista. No biggie, I thought, Ill return this and get a laptop. After I got the laptop, I immediately began having problems with it. Software was defective (it shipped with a buggy version of Outlook that needed to be reinstalled). There was a problem with the device manager such that if I disabled a device, the option to enable it disappeared. It took an hour on the phone with some guy in Inida to fix that one. Dell waived the fee so I stuck with them. Bad move. Next I started having problems with my internet card. It wouldn't work properly with certain wireless routers. Maybe it was the router? I thought. Think again. My hard drive began filling up with bad sectors. I'd get these warnings on my windows task bar that said corrupt file xxx, run diskcheck utility. I woudl try to do just thta, but the disk check utility would give me an error message and abort itself. The backup restore function wont run either. Then the fans stopped running. Then my microsoft and adobe software began to freeze up on me daily. The amount of time I was spending rebooting and reinstalling was adding up to an average of 30 minutes to an hour PER DAY! But Im locked in now because Ive had the thing for months and I cant afford to eb without it for two weeks while they fix all these problems. Ill just live with it, I thought. No, nobody should ever have to live with a Dell. Now my AIRcard doesnt work. It randomly shuts off and the operating system no longer recognizes the USB port it was plugged into, necessitating -- you guessed it -- another reboot. I literally reboot this Inspiron E1505 every few hours. Dell wont let me out of my contract. Im losing time and money because they make horribly defective computers. I will never buy anything from Dell again, and I cant wait to meet my nemesis because the first thing Im going to do is buy them a Dell and ruin their life. Dude, you're screwed, you're gettin a Dell! Ipcoyle Washington DC, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #472301
Jul 22 2009
01:40 PM
Gateway Computers Faulty equipment not acknowledged by the manufacturer Internet
Bought a Gateway Laptop for $600. Good deal at that time. Box was refurbished, but it came with a 90 day warranty. After the warranty expired the computer just stopped working. The small clamp insite the laptop loose (this is common for the M series laptops) and it hit the motherboard. Anyone with some common sense knows what happened next. motherboard fried. I still have the Tried to go online and file a claim. Their websote does not recognize the serial number on the box, because its refurb. Called Customer Service, they said I am out of Warranty, didnt even listen to what I had to say. Looked online for replacement motherboard, it goes for $400. What an awful way of making money, poorly designed product causes itself to malfunction, and manufacturer denies responsibility. I am glad they ar enot making cars or any life depending devices. My last Gateway purchase. Customer Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #587034
Mar 29 2010
05:33 PM
Impact Computers Refused to honor warranty Internet
I ordered two graphics cards from impact computers. Installed them and one failed within three days. I contacted the company for a return authorization and mailed the defective part to Impact Computers.I got an email about a week later claiming that I had either damaged the video card or over clocked it or removed the warranty tags. It was a vague form type email alleging 3 different causes.  Return denied. I emailed them back and said I bought two cards, one is working fine the other failed. It can't be an installation problem, I don't even know how to overclock something and I didn't remove a warranty tag. Needless to say there was no response.They refused to honor the warranty. I thought that I could dispute the charge with my credit card company. This is where they scammed me again.  Their return email said returned denied and if you don't send them money to ship the broken back then they will dispose of it.  My thought at the time was I'm not going to pay them to send me a defective part.  However, if you dispute the charge the merchant answers with the same generic email. The credit card company's only recourse is a second opinion from another company.  Impact Computers knows that and guess what you didn't pay to send it back therefore there is no evidence.  Too bad for you.Don't buy anything from them, they are crooks.  BTW go to their web site and look at the reviews.  All excellent.  Guess what? You can't to enter one yourself, because they are all fake.  BryanNampa, ID                 
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18, Report #575814
Feb 28 2010
09:06 PM
HP notebook computers Quality and workmanship problems pavilion tx 2000 Internet
HP touchscreen pavilion tx2000 is full of quality issues and HP customer service does not do anything to help resolve it. I bought 2 computers...fancy ones i thought. One has semi circular screen crack, wireless lan quit working, overheats and goes in blue screen thermal shutdown in a couple of hours. Second one has similar problems and inaddition to them, keys get stuck. Both are unpredictable. All these issues started cropping up 14 months in to ownership and I wish I had bought extended warranty. We take such care of them and they are in office environment or home office desk. I can not use touch screen pen consistently so we have not used this feature since early ownership. HP customer service is polite but useless. Please think before yo buy HP....hardly professional units.
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19, Report #608259
May 28 2010
06:56 PM
DELL Computers Technical support is a joke! Internet
I purchased my computer mid-summer last year from Dell. They had a deal going where you could customize a computer to your liking with Windows XP and the ability to upgrade to Vista when you were feeling ready. The computer I had prior to this I had had for several years and only felt the need to get a new computer because it was a bit too slow for my liking.  I customized a computer that would be significantly faster with a speedy processor and a generous amount of memory.  I paid quite a bit of money for this but was satisfied that the customization would suit my needs.  I haven't used the computer very much as I have a Macbook that I use more often due to its convenience but on occasion I use the desktop for graphics editing and other projects since I find it easier to work with due to familiarity.  A few days ago out of nowhere the computer froze within ten minutes of use and emitted one loud ongoing beep.  I was forced to turn the computer off.  I turned it back on, the same problem happened and I also noticed a sweet plastic smell emitting from the machine.  I powered the machine down again and accepted the facts: something was wrong with my computer.  By then it was late and I didn't feel like dealing with technical support so I put it off until the next day.  Upon waking I called technical support.  First they had me run a diagnostics test on both the hard drive and the memory.  Each passed after a nearly two hour test process.  This is after the technician told me that by the way the test was taking so long it was more than likely a hard drive problem.  The technician had me boot back into Windows and poke around for a bit.  I did light stuff such as checking email, browsing the internet and letting a virus scan run.  After fifteen minutes or so the technician suggested it was a software problem and transferred me to software.  As I was on hold with software, the computer froze once again and blared out its siren call.  I turned the computer off.  By now I had been on the phone with the support for three hours and I was beginning to lose patience.  Software once again bounced me back to technical support.  The new technician I spoke to had me boot up in Safe Mode and see what would happen.  I did was I had been doing prior to this issue to see what would happen.  For about fifteen minutes or so I played around in a graphics program with the tech on the phone.  Eventually he told me that since it was working in safe mode it had to be a software problem and again was going to transfer me.  That was the final grain of my patience slipping through the proverbial hourglass.  I asked to speak to somebody else because I was unhappy with the treatment I was receiving.  He put me on hold and transferred me to a floor manager.  As I sat on hold, the computer froze yet again.  The floor manager finally picked up and I proceeded to tell him how I was pissed off with their terrible service and how none of their jackass technicians could solve my problem.  He apologized and told me he would dispatch somebody to come look at the computer and replace parts inside.  He told me it would take two to three days.  I was not pleased with this as I was sure that by now, I could have taken the computer to a local repair shop and had it fixed but because it was under warranty, I wanted Dell to make it right.  But there was nothing more I could do.  Prior to calling Dell I had done some searching of the problem for myself and had run into two common occurrences for this problem.  It was either the power supply or the computer was overheating.  Since Dell had not been able to pinpoint the issue and help me, and was basically throwing new parts at me to shut me up I decided to run a test on it myself.  I took the side off of the computer and aimed a fan at it on high power.  I used the computer for a bit and sure enough, same problem.  This, to me, seemed to confirm it was not overheating but was possibly the power supply, though the light on the power supply is green.  I decided that since it was later in the day and there may have been a shift change in technicians, I should call and try again.  This time there was not a lot to be done, but the technician offered to dispatch a power supply for me as well and explained that normally they would do a system swap but because I had not had the chance to back up my files they would do their best to replace the parts.  However, they intended to replace my hard drive as well and said that I could not keep my old hard drive.  Now how they expected me to back up my files when the computer was freezing after ten minutes or so, and I could not keep the old drive is completely beyond me.  I asked to speak to a manager once more.  The manager informed me that I could keep my drive for ten days to back up my files, which pleased me.    The next day, surprisingly, a technician came to my house to replace the motherboard and parts inside.  I spoke to him briefly about the hard drive and he told me that I could keep the drive, but it wasn't recommended.  Then he asked me how I intended to back the files up anyway.  I asked if it were possible to hook the drive up inside as a secondary so that I could access the files on it.  He said no, it was not possible because he didn't have the right cables for that and that I would have to buy the cables separately.  I got frazzled, but assumed maybe I could hook it up inside of my old computer to try to back it up - but this is not possible as they are different connectors.  So there was no way to back my files up.  The technician said I could keep my drive and he wouldn't replace it.  He then proceeded to replace the inside motherboard, fans and memory.  When he had finished he put it all back together, hooked it up to the power and turned it on.  The light on the computer flashed amber.  It didn't work.  After some tinkering around, he told me it was not the hard drive fortunately, but that the replacement motherboard was dead.  So they sent a technician to fix my computer with a dead part!  I was enraged.  The technician called in to dispatch another motherboard.  It was then that they told him that I had also had a power supply dispatched.  He did not sound pleased talking to whomever he was.  Still, he did his best and when he disconnected he informed me that the power supply should have been in to be replaced today and that if I was not called by noon I should phone Dell to see what was going on.  By one today no one had called so I called in to technical support and asked what was happening.  The technician told me that it usually takes two to three business days as I had already been informed.  I angrily explained that the technician that had been here yesterday said that a power supply was being dispatched and should have been here today.  He attempted to make it the technician's fault by apologizing that he had told me it would take one day and that he was making a note of it.  He completely missed what I was saying, so I explained yet again.  Then I told him I was pissed that it was another day and it was more than likely my computer would not be fixed until next week, as tomorrow is Saturday and Monday is a holiday.  I am really f*cking angry that it will be over a week before my computer gets fixed though I realize there is very little the company can do about this.  Perhaps if it were possible to take the computer while under warranty to an authorized Dell seller to get it repaired, I would not be in this predicament. While it may not be intentional, every technician I spoke to sounded as though they were smug and talking down to me.  This is because they are all like robots.  Their first language is not English and so, when they read from their scripts they sound so unsympathetic and patronizing.  It drove me insane.  The technician who came to my house was a local guy so he had a bit more emotion and sympathy to him, but he did seem to speak to me in a patronizing tone as well when I was talking about my hard drive.  Still, I let it slide.  He also made a joking remark that I had a Mac too close to a Dell.  Considering I have had the MacBook for nearly four years, I couldn't believe that bullshit.  I proceeded to tell him that I had had my computer prior to this Dell for seven years as well.  I am not someone who cannot use a computer responsibly.  I know enough about them to take care of them, as well as other products I own and make them last so that I get my money's worth out of them.  This computer however has not been so lucky.  I am utterly pissed to know that with the money I dropped on this computer, I could have purchased another Sony Vaio or an iMac.  In sum, Dell is a poor company with the shittiest customer support I have ever had to deal with. 
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20, Report #804157
Dec 02 2011
12:05 PM
DELL COMPUTERS Warranty L702X Notebook 17 high performance Internet
I'm very disappointed..My dream was get a notebook of 17. After a criterious research I decided buy on August/2011 the better configuration of XPS 17 plus Dell support in Home 1 year.. After a big expectation when the box arrived in my home, to my surprise the machine came with several horizontal lines on FHD 1020 Led I told myself - No problem, there is no a big deal, Dell Hardware support will solve this issue quick ...but, after remote assist, Dell hardware team diagnosed that the LCD would need to be replaced..and believe me friends, until now 02/12/11' after about 10 times contacting Dell Technical Support, 7 Services Requests opened to the same issue, a lot pain, nobody solve my problem yet, anyone at least try got phone contact with me..I don't know what else can I do, I'm realy sad on this days..even my friends laugh of me.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #730170
May 17 2011
08:39 AM
Jenesis Computers Unfair employment practices and horrible service Internet
Horrible work environment, unorganized business practices, uncertified technications,and scam artists. They have been not allowed in a public school were they did business for another company. Employee's stole from customers on job sites and were never background checked. Do not let this company into your home or place of work you will regret it. He didn't pay his employee's and he scammed customers to benefit the owner's pocket. If you are thinking they are a good reputable company you are wrong. They have moved to location to location because of being evicted. The company is under investigation with the labor board and insurance fraud. Be aware!!!!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #529404
Nov 27 2009
11:16 AM
DELL Computers dell xps m2010 lemon Internet
I puchased a Dell xps m2010 about 2 years ago.  I  had  spent most of the time since then trouble shooting and repairing this thing since then. After 5 visits from their techs and about 200 hours on the phone.  They eventually replaced the old one with a new one.  Now that the warranty has run out.  The thing continues to break down.  On my own, I have replaced the graphics card once already.  It worked for about 3-4 months and now it has gone out once again.  Now I'm left with a useless laptop.  I know that many other owners of this lemon are having the same problem.  Is there a fix for this or a recall for this computer.  I have never had the thing running long enough to use it as a reliable productive tool.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #556298
Jan 18 2010
03:12 PM
DELL Computers didn't repair my computer, under warranty, Internet
My wife sent her Dell laptop in over a month ago, the hinge was broken and the laptop was getting very hot, then powering off randomly.  We received the laptop on 1-18-10, the hinge is still broken and the laptop still powers off randomly.  We even paid for the better warranty and support.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #924092
Aug 08 2012
08:30 AM
Intrex Computers broke hard drive while replacing fan Internet
Since the main issue seems to have been the district manager, I thought I would publish my story widely. Here it is: I bring in a 3 year old laptop that runs hot and has a noisy fan, wanting to change the heatsink and fan. I get a call a day later and am told the hard drive is failed. I never had issues with the hard drive (or any other component beside the fan), so I tell them not to change the hard drive, but to proceed with the fan. I'm thinking that I need a second opinion about the hard drive. After all, it has never failed me before and I don't know those guys. I go get the laptop the next day and it doesn't boot into Windows, not even in safe mode. The thing is dead. Ensues a 30 mins animated discussion with three of the staff, during which the manager tries to lock me inside the store (which, another staff said was illegal, so he unlocked the door) and even threatens to call the police! (ok, I hadn't paid yet, so they got worried... at the same time, I never said that I wouldn't pay, I just wanted to discuss the case). End result: I pay 130$ for changing the heatsink + fan (not including the parts, which I brought in), I'm leaving stressed out with a computer that will need a lot of attention (reloading all my stuff on a new hard drive), and I write this review... They called the event a coincidence (although the manager wouldn't even admit to that!). Sadly, I will never know if they did something wrong, and perhaps they didn't, coincidence do happen. But the least I  can say is that this is the worst customer service I've had in my  lifetime (granted, I'm only 31, but still). The biggest mistake would be that a technician truely handled the computer wrong and broke the hard  drive - they were asking me to trust them this didn't happen, which I  find hard to do. So my advice: if you know someone who knows how to fix  computers, just buy him/her a pack of beer and have him/her do the work! What got the district manager the angriest was when I told him I would be writing reviews of his place online. I just said that I'd be telling my story online, but that drove him crazy. He called it badmouthing, and he actually raised his first towards me. The guy was about to get physically violent! He kicked me out of the store and screamed you are banned from this store! get out of here!. As if I would have thought to go back there for repairs!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #177969
Feb 24 2006
07:03 PM
Dell Computers ripoff Round Rock Texas Internet
I purchesed a dell computer, from day 1 the thing did not work. when calling customer service in new deil India, I was put on hold for 1 hour and then hung up on,this went on for the next 7 hours... I call and tell the indian person(who just barly spoke english) the problem,I get put on hold and hung up on again. 9 times and two different phones going...When I finaly talk with someone they tell me to call back when there open because they just shut down!!! no kidding after 23 days of a non working computer and 26 hours on hold with customer service (i'll show you the cell phone bill)I am stuck with a p.o.s now they tell me its been over 21 days and I can not return the item, unless I pay a restocking fee and the return shipping..., I lost blue prints and job specs when I had to reformat, twice. and because the dvd/cd recorder didn't work I couldn't back up anything(when I asked for the proper disc, twice I was sent the incorrect ones)... now I am already out the $2100 for the system,$4000 +++ gone from jost jobs lost specs from there system and they want me to pay more!!! when I tried to contact Dell in the U.S.A... every number got me to India or minila but never the US. TWO weeks later I am still waiting for a manager to call me back for a service call the service tech could not fix! Every where I turned all dell would say was sorry, is there anything else we can help you with today!!! so now I am out over $6000 and dell is laughing all the way to new deli bank!!! Michael Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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