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1, Report #8775
Dec 06 2001
12:00 AM
Warning to Senior Citizens
There are so many horror stories out there that I have read about time and time again. There are many con artists that prey on Senior citizens because of their inability to protect themselves. So many times, I read in the paper about an elderly victim or theft, rape, and even worse, murder. Many of these con artists have come to the door and announced themselves as a public utility employee, fire fighter or even a police officer. Some even have very realistic identification. You will not be acting overly paranoid if you ask the following questions through a closed door. First ask to see their I.D. Then don't be afraid to ask who their supervisor is and ask if you can have their company's telephone number. Call their place of employment. Or if there is someone that claims to be a fire fighter or police officer, ask for their name, station number or badge number. Call and ask if there is, in fact, someone that is known by that name who is employed there. Keep the numbers of your utility company, fire department and police department handy and compare them to the ones you have, so they cannot give you some fake number. Remember, many con artists do not work alone and it is so easy for you to get verification through a number they personally gave you. If something doesn't check out or if you feel they are acting suspiciously, call the police.I have a lot of elderly friends that I look in on and give them the same advice. Be safe, not sorry. Your utility company, Fire Dept. or Police Dept. will not get angry with you. If fact, they will commend you for playing it so safe. Don't become another statistic. Play it safe. Goldie Blankenship-JR Rip-Off Reporter
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #24802
Jul 17 2002
01:07 PM
I had placed my order over 3 months ago and am very pissed off because I haven't received it after contacting Josh (Customer Service Rep) on many occassions, he was feeding me white-Lies. I then told him where I work and haven't heard from anyone after many attempts contact someone because I work for the Human Rights Commission and I will do whatever it takes to take the stupid company down!!!!!!!!!UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Carmen Nashville, Tennessee
3, Report #216140
Oct 16 2006
07:34 PM
Con ARtist ripoff College Park Maryland
I bought 7 jackget for 600 bucks. Reportage Italian Style, etc. Italian guys, deep accent, black SUV. Same con: In DC for a fashion show, will be flying out the same day he saw me and cannot take back the extra jackets..bla...bla..bla.. What a dope I was. Andrew Laurel, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: College Park, Maryland
4, Report #9937
Dec 25 2001
12:00 AM
PhotoPoint Rip Off!!
I have an account at photopoint and lost my images! Unreal that they just up and closed down not giving people a chance to move there things. The Sheriff! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Photopoint
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #3024
Aug 22 2000
12:00 AM
i purchased merchandise from about 2 weeks ago...they charged my credit card immediately, and i have never recieved the merchandise. the website specifically says that for internation deliveries, the shipping was to be two-day federal express.......i remembered the website having a check the status of your order icon, so when i didn't receive my bachellorette party gift in time for the party, i logged on to aol and went right to the website hoping to track my order, and cancel it if possible, as the party was long gone.....i never could find the same prompt to check my order, but they gave an option to contact us and gave two women's names ( jessica and erica) listed as two customer service reps.....i have e-mailed each of them on several occasions, with no response from either has been two weeks, and i am trying to get my credit card refunded, as i have yet to receive ANY MERCHANDISE. let me add, that i am a first time online shopper, so this has been a pretty bad first time experience...does this happen to any others, or am i the lone idiot?! thanks nikki clark aka
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #206773
Aug 18 2006
11:51 AM ripoff
PPMOBILEMART.COM pretended to be selling motorola bluetooth headsets.I put in my credit card,they took the money since July 5th 2006,to this date,I still have not received my bluetooth wireless headset,not my refund.Now,they are not even responding to my emails. ((( ROR REDACTED E-MAIL ADDRESS AND LAST NAME FOR SECURITY PURPOSES )))) Ib pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1201952
Jan 15 2015
03:14 PM
hydroderm discusting con artists
hydroderm advertised a free trial on face book. after c ontacting them just outside there trial date for this free trial they informed me that i had to pay full price for there product that dosent work and i dont want .106.36 was taken out of my account with no notification and no warning .I called them to get my money back  twice and was given a complete run around ,firstly i was told the computers were not working and to call back,the second phone call  was just a bunch of infuriating  spin.i have never dealt with a company with such disgusting business practices .they must of stolen a lot of money from a lot of people and should be shut down asap 
8, Report #49233
Mar 14 2003
01:35 PM
Global Financial rip-off con artists Atlanta Georgia
Basically the same story calling about a credit card, and paying 221.00 for the membership. First it was 18 days to receiving your card, then it was 2 or 3 weeks, now it is 4 to 6 six weeks. I ask for a refund they said you would have to receive your package first and then refund your money. Vivian TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
9, Report #308154
Feb 11 2008
10:06 PM
Italian Armani Con Artists Fake armani jacket Toronto Ontario
I was approached by 2 Italian men at an Esso gas station at Bayview and Sheppard in Toronto Ontario on Feb 08, 2008. As you may have heard in other reports, they claimed to be designers from Italy and they blew their money at the casino, and basically they needed about $300 to get back home. I ended up calling a friend of mine who spoke Italian to help me figure out if these guys were for real. They were very convincing and in the end, convinced both of us to buy 2 sets of leather Armani Collezoni jackets for a total of $660. In the end we got 6 fake Armani and even fake leather jackets for an inflated price, all in the name of helping someone we didn't know... It's easy to spot these fakes once you know what to look for: - Leather grain is too uniform to be real leather - Label says A collezioni instead of Armani Collezioni - Leather smell is too strong One sure way to tell real leather is to see if a lit cigarette leaves a mark. Test the jacket on an incospicous spot... if it leaves a burn mark it's FAKE!!! The men were driving a dark blue Jeep with license plate AWVA 132 (Ontario plate) The first name on the passport was Alessandro, last name Mateo. Beware of these slick bastards... Altaiir toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
10, Report #54419
Apr 26 2003
11:17 AM
Voicevox ripoff rip off scam con artists Agoura Hills California statment voicevox had removed 14.95 from bank. call them to find out what i had bought. they said a voice mail box. told them to stop & return the money & they said they would. instead they removed another 14.95 & created a 20.00 overdraft Mary newkirk, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Agoura Hills, California
11, Report #62649
Jul 03 2003
07:13 AM
TravelValues ripoff artists fraud Internet
TravelValuesPlus ripoff, charged my checking account $7.00 of unauthorized charges. Their Phones are not working today. Kay san antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #15549
Mar 01 2002
12:00 AM aka SCAM artists....
Here's the BOTTOM line about Don't use them if your life depends on it! A friend of mine recommended to me, and I'd thought that I would give it a try. What the heck? I could get a hotel room for any price that I wanted. So I bid for a Hotel Room in New Orleans for $89. 30 minutes later I checked back to see if the offer was refused or accepted. My offer was REFUSED. I made two more offers (one @ $99 per night and another at $119 per night) which in turn, were both refused. Sad that my offers didn't get accepted, I went to (EXPEDIA is an excellent travel web site) and book a room there with no hassles. At the end of the month, I get my credit card bill from MasterCard and find a charge of $400.56 for my hotel rooms from PRICELINE. This puzzled me, so I went online and checked any e-mails that I may have received since I booked these rooms. No e-mails from Priceline. This perplexed me further because how was I to know which hotel that they had booked me for? No confirmation numbers, no hotel names, no nothing. All I had were expired pages from Priceline that said Your offer has been rejected. I put in my Priceline Hotel Confirmation Number that I had recevied from one the pages I printed out earlier that month that were still sitting at my computer. They had a Priceline Reference Number, so I typed it in into their web site ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT MY OFFER(S) HAD BEEN REJECTED. So I thought, no big deal. I will contact their customer service department and they will fix all my problems. WRONG! Their customer service people are computerized machines who send automated messages to you and supposedly help you. They have not helped me at all. I have sent 5 e-mails back and forth back and forth. They have not credited my MasterCard. Instead, they insist that I am legally bound to their stupid, legal, mumbo-jumbo terms of service. THIS WAS A MISTAKE ON THEIR COMPUTER SYSTEM! IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! They insist that their computers don't make mistakes, but as I am very knowledgeable about computers (a little common sense doesn't hurt either) I knew that their was no computer capable of being perfect. I'm sorry, only God's perfect. ARGH! Hitting the phone lines with any 800 numbers that I could dig out, all I got were automated menus. NO REAL PERSON ON THE PHONE! Finally I get through to a real person thanks to this person who posted a thread on a message board at this link:
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
13, Report #177099
Feb 19 2006
10:05 PM
Reportage Con Job Costa Mesa Italy
On 02/07/06 My father was leaving his bank in Costa Mesa when he was approached by a 28 year old man named Matteo Strativi, here from Italy for a trade show. His company Reportage sells leather jackets. He explains to my father that he has fallen from his walk with God while here and spent all his money drinking and gambling at a Casino. He seems repentive and asks if my father can lend him money to cover his rental car bill, $400. He shows him the bill, his return flight ticket to Italy, gives him his business card, his email, and shows him his ID, and two men's leather jackets and one woman's leather jacket as collateral. My father a professor, retired principal, and college coach is not naive, this guy must be good. My father gave hime the $400.00 and he promised to western Union the money upon arrival in Italy. He sealed the deal Italian style, a hug and a kiss. Upon arriving home my father researched the company and found this link. Realilzing he was dooped he is humiliated. Tamara Tustin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
14, Report #237730
Mar 02 2007
02:04 AM
RGA armani con job Brisbane Australia
Was filling up my car at the bp just after chermside shopping centre and this dude rolled up next to me asking for directions to the airport so i helped him out. He then asked if he could show me something for 1 min and i was like ok..... he was claiming he was a designer from armani and was here for a convention and was flying back to italy tonight and he had 3 jackets and did not want to pay the tax on them. He said all i would have to pay for is the material of the jackets i was half sure if was a con then but was interested in his story... he said $800 for the 3 jackers 1 leather and 2 suede ones. I was like thats too much so he kept persisting he showed me his catalogues which were all very professional looking and showed me his italian passport, business card and was well dressed and had the very bad english so i thought maybe he was half legit so i bought 1 leather jacket for $200 buks but looks very good and feels good, This is a con around the world so beware He claimed his name was Giuseppe and was driving a rental toyota silver colour. Yianni brisbaneAustralia
Entity: Brisbane, Australia
15, Report #95488
Jun 18 2004
04:51 PM
Care Credit Capital Con Cc ripoff con artist Louisville Kentucky
I am letting everyone know about the con artist aka known as GE Cons capital group for care credit accounts. I used thier company for a Lasix surgurey I had done. After the surgurey they attempted to tell me that I owed more then 1500 that was agreed upon then, when I tried to make a large payment because from speaking to them they seemed very shady I wanted to get rid of them fast they did not want to take my money over the phone they said I would have to mail it . I did ,it took forever for the payment to be posted to my account all of the reps when you call them are very rude. Managers are worst then the rep ..when my first payment finally got posted I decided I better payoff this accout so this nightmare does not continue, I called to advise them that I would like to make a payment over the phone and that I do know they provide this service and that I am recording this conversation for quality purposes and my records and also I need a manager to process the payment so I could make sure it is completed . The manager I spoke to his name is Stacey. Stacey said that he did not want to be recorded and that he is going to disconnect the call I told him well your company records customer calls so therefore I have right to do the same also . He told me no they could record me but I could not record them. He then connected me over to phone rep who told me there are no other managers available and that someone would have to call me back this company never called me back I had to keep calling them and they contiued to give me the run around. I am in the process now of looking into a class action law suit along with others against this company it seems that several of you have been con also . I know a very good lawyer who would love to take this company on as a pet project I SAY ALL OF YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME. Pascale Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: LOUISVILLE, Kentucky
16, Report #235102
Feb 08 2007
12:43 PM
Italian Con-man RGA Reportage con Ripoff Oxted Surrey England
*** ITALIAN REPORTAGE CON-MAN -STILL AT IT! *** As per the stories above, I was conned by a very smart Italian man yesterday. Same old story - had been to a fashion show, had some samples left over and couldn't take them with him on his flight back to Milan - would I like to take them off his hands. He shows me 2 very nice leather and 2 suede mens jackets - brand new RGA Reportage brand (I've never heard of them - he says they are Armani). I'm not interested - but he's very persuasive - has 4 shirts, ties and belts he also can't take. Wants 300 for everything - I say no - he says well how much could I afford to give him then? I agree to give him 180 - he's not happy but reluctantly agrees. Anyway - it wasn't until I searched the web & found this post that I realised it was a scam. I've paid 180 for 4 jackets and some shirts I didn't really want. Nevertheless - they are all good quality and brand new - so they seem to be a bargain - and luckily are mostly my size. Unfortunately you probably won't be reading this until it's too late. I wonder if there are more than one of these guys going around selling this stuff? Anyeway - WATCH OUT - if a bargain SEEMS too good to be true - then it probably IS to good too be true! John OxtedUnited Kingdom
Entity: Oxted, Surrey
17, Report #279781
Oct 19 2007
11:04 AM
Con Artist Reportage Jacket Con Artist in Ireland! Kildare Ireland
Hi, Id just like to tell everyone out there that the Itallian Con Artist selling fake Leather jackets has arrived in Ireland. A guy i know was conned like 2 hours ago in a carpark in Clane, Kildare with an almost exact story as a guy in Manchester on this site, An 'italian' looking man caught my attention. He was sat in a car with a much older colleague. His apparent story (which I now realise he uses all over the states also), was that he and his colleague have been representing a company at an exhibition at the Trafford Centre selling armani clothing. He kept mentioning his English being poor, however it was not. He even showed me a full catalogue of the clothing which included the items he had in his car. They were on their way back to the airport and had some clothes over from the exhibition that they did not want the hassle of carrying back to Italy, and having to pay taxes, etc. In return for the 3 jackets (1 Black leather bomber, 1 Black leather 3/4, and 1 brown he wanted to cover the rental cost of the car for two weeks. As he saw me pondering he handed me his 'business card', as well as showing me his flight tickets and rental car invoice, He wanted 340 for the favour Since it was so recent, im trying get this out there quick and stop him from conning anyone else, Thanks, John AnonymousIreland
Entity: Kildare, Ireland
18, Report #147342
Jun 24 2005
05:24 AM
Italian Con Men Sold me fake R.G.A. suede jacket. Italian con artists have moved east Bethesda Maryland
It appears that the Italian con artists have moved east. About three weeks ago, my friends Jamin A. and Sam K. told me a story about this italian man who approached them and sold them three leather R.G.A. jackets for $300. He told me that the man was going back to italy and had to get rid of them for tax purposes. I thought that they had been really lucky and I wished that would have happened to me. Last monday, I was filling up my tank at the Shell on Wisconsin Ave. and a young friendly looking italian man approached me in this rental car. He told me he was leaving for italy that night, he showed me his ticket and passport, and he wanted me to help him find a nice italian restaurant. After I told him where to go, he told me if I wanted to buy some R.G.A jackets, I only had $100 so i couldn't buy much, but i got him to bring down a suede jacket down to $60. He wanted more but I told him I did not have any more money. I got my jacket and was really happy and called up my buddies to tell them that I saw the italian man. Now from reading the reports here in Rip-off reports. I have came to realize that I have been CONNED. Joshua Bethesda, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Bethesda, Maryland
19, Report #240070
Mar 21 2007
11:42 AM
RGA Reportage Italian Con Man Rip off Dublin Other
Italian Conman hits Dublin! Same story the as seen the world over. I was stopped while working as a window cleaner in ashbourne, county meath(15miles from dublin)Guy span me the usual tale of having to go to the airport,and couldn't take the samples he had with him due to excess luggage charges.Offered me 3 jackets just pay 210 euro for the third and get 2 free.I told him didn't need 3 jackets so i took 1, He wanted 50 euro, i said i only had 30 on me.I was very doubtful of his story but though 30 euro was reasonable for a good imitation.Alert everyone in the country this guy is about and could con someone out of serious cash. Driving blue peugeot206 rental car 01reg medium build dark hair 50's...also doing a line of german cutlery worth 1000euro to some unsuspecting dub! Chris DublinIreland
Entity: Dublin, Other
20, Report #392813
Nov 19 2008
10:48 AM
Nat'l Benefit Advisory Rip Off/Con Artists A prize to behold, never Internet Internet
Someone claiming to be Leslie called my brother last week from the 800 number above, and claimed he had won $2000 prize for something he had signed up for on, he hadn't received the checks all week and called back to find out when they were supposed to be sent and was told today these exact words...APRIL FOOLS DAY!! and was told it was a joke and was hung up on. Katrina Parkersburg, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #331609
May 09 2008
10:01 AM
Alessandro Mateo And Eduardo (Italian Con Artists) Fake Armani Leather jackets Edmonton Alberta
I was signaled during a traffic stop for directions by two Italian men. I couldn't understand their accent so we used sign language and eventually agreed to pull over next to a shopping center at South Common in Edmonton, Alberta. These guys had thick Italian accents. The wanted directions to go to Calgary airport for a flight back to Italy. They were in an enterprise rental (Red Ford Escape SUV). After giving them directions, they engaged me in a conversation about Italy and why there were in Edmonton. They told me they were here for a fashion show and after the show the attended the casino with some business clients and had run out of money at the casino. They told me they needed money to pay off the rental car and showed me a rental bill of $633.They also showed me some samples of Armani leather Jackets, which were surplus samples from their fashion debut and even discussed opening an Armani store in Edmonton. They even showed me an Italian passport and their return tickets. They offered to give me the samples which they described as being worth about $2000 a piece if I could help them pay off their rental bill. These guys were sharply dressed in Armani clothing and they looked really believable but I still had a few doubts so I called a friend over who had a bit of knowledge in Italian clothing. He was also engaged in the same conversation by these guys and we agreed to buy the clothes for $633 and help them pay off their rental. The first Italians name was Alessandro Mateo and the second Italians name was Eduardo. We all drove over to a Money Mart and I processed a money order for $633 with Eduardo's full name. I can't recall his last name but it's on record with money mart because I took his name down from his passport and wrote it on the money order. We later found out the items were fake Armani Leather jackets. Their Label says A collezioni instead of Armani Collezioni. I did one smart thing during all this drama but processing the payment through a money order and I managed to have both guys come with me to the store so their images are also on camera with the merchandise. The also cashed the money order I gave them right away from that same store so am sure there will be some record of these guys. I will be contacting police very soon and hopefully they get apprehended. Inspector Edmonton, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
22, Report #57238
May 16 2003
03:27 PM
UNIQUE FURNITURE HOME ripoff artists fraud LAGOS
After placing an order for 1000 carpets we received this ( by the way he did not even choose a design or colour 1000 carpets No colour No design!!) How do you do. my appointment with my bank management[WEMA BANK NIG.] went fine earlier on today, after much deliberation, they agreed to grant me the loan as long as I can meet there condition, although its the new procedure here in Nigeria. It is such that for one to qualify to be granted a loan in foreign exchange from the banks, to go into business of buying and importation of goods from over sea, one would be required to have at least a minimum sum of $5000usd in ones account at present, with the bank, without which the bank will not grant one a loan. I am seeking for this loan, because I recently exhausted my money on some goods I bought in Italy [high quality executive Italian leather chairs] that are due to arrive the country any moment. Aside from that, my clients for the rugs would not pay me up front unless the goods arrive in the country, hence am left to source for fund. So, if I have to run arround to a few friends and business associates for assistance, to be able to raise $5000usd, I can, but it will take me quite some time to reach them and meet up. But I dont have that much time to wait. I said before, I believe in doing business based on total trust, as long as I can trust you, I really don't see the need for me to come to Malta to inspect the goods before sealing up a deal and going ahead with the payment. I believe if I can trust you enough to do that you should equally give me you trust in return. So, I solicit for your assistance to help me out, by raising and sending me the sum of $5000usd, so I can quickly pay it, into my account as soon as possible, for me to be granted the intended loan, after two days of payment and confirmation by the bank. When the bank issue is settled we shall add your money to the total payment I shall be making for the goods, then you can now withdraw your money alright. We offered him to open an LC but no reply aftre that? Edward ibragMalta
Entity: LAGOS,, Other
23, Report #159387
Oct 04 2005
08:02 AM
Integretel & American Premium Warehouse Ripoff Scam Artists Internet California
I recently recieved my SBC telephone bill and discovered a $16.52 charge for American Premium Warehouse 1X Vociemail Setup Fee. I have no need for voicemail, nor did I initiate this request for one! When I called Integretel, they referred me to American Premium Warehouse, after speaking with a customer service rep, Justin agreed to reverse the charges (times 2 since they had already sent out another charge). I naturally sent an email to SBC and recieved a confusing response by them. After calling them this morning, I tried to place a block against these compaies from submitting charges to my phone bill but was told if I did that, I would not be able to accept charges from my long distance carrier, AT & T. SBC did say that they would dispute the amount, after I told them I was NOT going to pay this amount. If within 90 days Integretel has not reversed the charges, they will send the company a letter saying that I refuse to pay the charge. Even though I have reported to SBC that this scam is going on, they can't do anything about it, becasue it is the law that they must accept telecommunication charges. I inted to write a presidential letter to SBC, but when I asked Chastity the name of SBC's President, she thoughtfully responded that she didn't know. How sad that their employee doesn't know the name of the person running their company! I tried to locate American Premium Warehouse on the Internet and was not successful. However, using Google, I stumbled upon the Rip-Off Report website and was amazed at how many other people have been ripped off, and for much larger amounts. I was equally amazed that I had not heard about this scam! Even though I knew that this all was a scam, thank goodness that I found Ripoff Report! I now will be sending a letter to the State of Illinois Attorney Genereral, Better Business Bureau. SBC is also sending me a pamphlet which will contain suggestions on who I should contact... and I will. Ronald Chicago Heights, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #31293
Sep 27 2002
01:09 PM & ripoff scam con artists ripoff artists fraud on the internet
I tried this site for the simple fact it said free. I have been trying to get my subsription canceled but have had no luck. lee summerville, South Carolina
25, Report #328108
Apr 22 2008
03:41 PM
XLPharmacy Buyers beware XLPharmacy! These are true ripoff artists! Supposedly Canada Internet
This is an online drug company. They accepted payment 3-17-08, and have not sent the product. I have contacted them by email and online chat, and they keep telling me the package was sent yesterday every time I contact them. I cannot get through on the 800 number. Today is 4-22-08, and they still have not sent the product. I demanded a refund, and they ignored me. Cindy Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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