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1, Report #1368414
Apr 18 2017
07:01 PM
Concierge Literary Designs and Photography Judi Perkins, Concierge Literary Promotions Ridiculous and confusing contract, and the person is a cyberbully Frankfort Kentucky
This company's contract is geared toward ripping people off. The person running it is a cyberbully who is known for organizing cliques to harass anyone who doesn't agree with her.  On Facebook, she gets all of her friends to write five-star reviews for her... and, if anyone gives a critical review, she gets the same friends to complain to Facebook until the reviews are taken down. Her business contract actually contains a clause prohibiting critical reviews of her work. Rather than using custom photos, this designer seems to use stock photo sites, yet claims to have ownership over the created work (despite the fact that the author paid for it.) She REQUIRES that her logo be displayed on everything she creates.  Many people have complained about the quality of her work, but her clique of bullies (especially Cassy Roop) attack anyone who disagrees with her. Also, her contract requires any legal action to be brought in Franklin County, Kentucky... not worthwhile to pursue litigation especially for authors living in other parts of the country. So, Judi can get away with anything she wants, including blatant breach of contract if she so wishes.
Entity: Frankfort, Kentucky
2, Report #1172509
Aug 26 2014
04:46 PM
Concierge Literary Promotions, Myriam Judith Perkins ,Keelie Chatfield,Kiki Chatfield Very unprofessional literary publicists/cyberbullies Frankfort Kentucky
I participated in a raffle event at which a gift card was being given away on July 3, 2014. The event required me to like their Facebook page, and encourage my friends to do so. I followed the terms of the contest, but was refused entry into the raffle. I suspect that other people had the same problem, and that the contest itself was fake (i.e. the gift care would be awarded to a fake person.) I voiced my grievance on Facebook and was harassed and stalked by Myriam Judith Perkins and Keelie Chatfield, the owners of this company. They even telephoned my business partner (who has young children) at 11:30pm that night. I was on the other phone line and could hear Myriam screaming on the phone.Keelie also threatened that she would contact various peers of mine and warn them to blacklist me. I have reports from several friends that she and Myriam have spread false rumors about me, even falsely claiming that I have a criminal record and that I hacked their computers. In a virtual conference with the authors she works with, Keelie ordered them to block me from social media. Her exact words were BLOCK HIS A**! and I have screenshots of this from several people. I believe she did this as a means of eliminating what she views as competition for the authors she represents.These two individuals are extremely unprofessional and have resorted to harassment, threats and cyberbullying/stalking.
Entity: Frankfort, Kentucky
3, Report #996869
Jan 14 2013
05:49 PM
In March someone did a phishing ACH transaction to my bank for .10, Then 3 days later I received a bank transaction removing the .10. From then forward I was billed at 9.95 a month under Credit Transaction DCIP. When I confronted my bank they advised me that it was a Chase Merchant Transaction and gave me the merchant services 800 for chase named Innovative Services and Chase gave me the 800 for this company. I then called and got a message telling me I could have Cellzum Concierge for 9.95 a month. It is impossible to contact this company CellZum. It is a scam and I have filed a bank fraud claim with my bank since this was an ACH transaction.
Entity: INTERNET, Internet
4, Report #1206096
Feb 02 2015
11:48 AM
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1241383
Jul 12 2015
03:20 PM
credit concierge services Credit concierge repair credit concierge service credit concierge services rip off scam waste of money lies draper Nationwide Utah
 I decided to research after I signed up for credit repair. I gave a lady all my personal and debit card information and she hung up on me. I got a call back from a different lady who finished signing me up and said she would pull my credit. I get an email stating I'm in a 12 month contract after they promised month to month service! Then about six weeks later I get a call from a third lady saying they still need to pull my credit! I'd made two payments already at that point. I had one item removed from my credit and it was something that was already listed as paid by credit bureaus anyway. I spent over $400 for ONE item to come off my credit in almost five months. And my service associate Trisha was without a doubt the rudest person I've ever dealt with from any company in my LIFE. And I've dealt with some miserable folks. Don't give credit concierge your hard earned money. They don't have a clue how to run a business and my credit score didn't change by one single point! Rude, unprofessional, rip off scam artists
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1074214
Aug 08 2013
01:24 PM
Florist Concierge Total Ripoff Orlando Florida
 My husband ordered flowers online from to be sent to me on our Anniversary (August 6, 2013).  He was told it would be delivered to my job on that day.  He was quoted a price of $64.68 which was charged to his debit card. When 4:15 PM came around and I had not received anything he called their 800#.  He was told that they were having problems with their online messaging system and that they would deliver on 8-7-13.  He said no that is not my anniversary and told them to cancel the order. The order was cancelled HOWEVER they have not refunded our money nor will they respond to our emails.  We have contacted the fraud department of our bank and have filed a complaint with BBB.  It may not be a lot of money however by looking online it seems that this website is noted for doing this type of thing or charging for a dozen roses and only delivering 6. People be ware, do NOT deal with this company.  If anyone can tell me anywhere else to file a complaint, I am all ears.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
7, Report #1345932
Dec 27 2016
01:41 PM
Fashionairy Concierge Services Dishonest services/ took my money internet
I paid for services to recieve 5 outfits for 199.00.  After waiting for 2 months without any clothing, I contacted my assigned personal consultant. He informed me it was mailed, asked for my address again to re-send the items.  After 2 weeks, no items recived.  I contacted the admin for the website, they seemed understanding and cooperative by apologizing, informed me someone would contact me but that didnt happen. A week later, I asked for a refund, they seemed to be cooperative, informed me a refund would happen within 5-7 business days.  After 9 business days, I checked my account, no refund, I contacted admin, they informed me their systems were down and the refund would be processed when it was working.  I waited 2 days to inquire about the system, was told it was still down and upon it coming back up my money would be refunded and they would give me their services for free.  I thanked them and waited a few more days.  I attempted to contact the admin again only to find out I was blocked, they are not recieving messages from me.  I have all the emails and messages for proof of the conversations and numerous times to contact them.  As of this day I still have no refund.  I am also filing a complaint with the better business bureau.
8, Report #440684
Apr 03 2009
08:49 PM
Literary Guild Literary Guild Trial Offer is a Ripoff Internet
I accepted a free trial offer from the Literary Guild and return the first billing marked cancel per the offer instructions. I received several past due invoices which I marked as trial offer & canceled with the dates. They reported me to the credit bureas and when I disputed the reports, they refused to delete the false information. Never accept any offers from this company! Debby Conway, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #735029
May 31 2011
08:16 AM
Literary Guild Literary guild book club Poor Customer Service Internet
I am a member of the literary Guild. The offer I received obligated me to 4 books over the next 2 years. I was sent a promotion email for free shipping and picked out two more books as I had previously ordered two others not long after I started my membership.  This purchase was placed because of a promotional email I received for Free Shipping with the purchase of 2 books.  So I placed the order. I was not charged for shipping for these books according to the email I received after purchase. I have a screenshot taken of the email which clearly shows 0.00 for shipping charges. However; they have these BookSearch Plus books which are not supposedly member edition books towards your membership fulfillment. This is not clearly disclosed when you order a book or review books on their site. As a matter of fact, it shows mem edition with a price next to it. So you are led to believe these are books that would fulfill your membership obligation. No where next to any of these so called BookSearch Plus books is the word BookSearch Plus book mentioned.  According to their policy #3 ( posted below this thread) I should not have received the free shipping option as that was a promotion valid through May 30th 2011 only and would exclude the BookSearch Plus items. As per the order and email receipt that I received ,no shipping costs were added to the total and no mention of the BookSearch Plus item. If this is a BookSearch Plus item at the time of purchase, shipping costs would probably have been added to the total for that item since this order was placed in response to an email promotion and BookSearch plus items are excluded from online promotions. So by making this single book a BookSearch Plus book, they gave me the free shipping but then this book does not mean I have fulfilled my membership obligation. I wonder how often they do this to customers?   At the time period I purchased the book in question I do not believe it was BookSearch Plus item based on my ability to make the purchase without having to pay shipping costs. This seems to be in accordance with their policy of  #3 where BookSearch Plus items are not included in the on-line promotion or sale. Literary Guild Policy: #3 3) If the book club is running a special promotion that you wish to take advantage of by placing an order on-line, BookSearch PLUS items will not be included in the on-line promotion or sale that the book club web site is hosting during that time period. I told them to cancel that book and they said they could not, even though it is a back ordered item. They just gave me information on how to return it.  This is a reflection of their customer service, which is very poor. Rather than keep a happy customer and simply cancel that book shipment and let me choose another, they would prefer to lose a customer. Not sure I trust them if I were to return a book if it would be properly credited to my account so I might just keep the book that I don't want. Either way, their response was not rude but they made no attempt to work with me to fix this issue. Very poor customer service and I want to let others know about this.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #174903
Feb 05 2006
10:05 PM
New York Literary Agency Fraud New York New York
I did a search in ripooffreport first and found nothing on The New York Literary Agency so I went into deeper investigations online. The New York Literary Agency doesn't supply a phone number on their website. They say you must request it before it will be sent to you. I supposedly if true was getting emails by a person named Sherry - VP of Acquisitions aka Sherry Fine I recently contacted The New York Literary Agency, then I began an immediate follow up investigation on them because their practice of work did not seem legit in how they operated through emails to me. Below is a question and statement from a website named anotherealm I found many accusations through forum URL'S off of this website of fraud by The New York Literary Agency and felt everyone should be informed of what I found that is stated below. The New York Literary Agency I am struggling to find an agent to represent my second novel. I recently received a contract for the New York Literary Agency and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them or has any information on them. They appear to be obscure. JPS New York Literary Agency? They're an utter scam. A fraud. A cheat. They'll take your money and give you nothing in return. They claim to have offices at 275 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, right? You know what's actually there? A mail-forwarding operation. New York Literary Agency is actually based in Boca Raton, Florida. Neither New York Literary Agency, nor its parent, ST Literary Agency, has ever sold a book to a legitimate publisher. Their founder, Robert Fletcher, is a convicted swindler. Stay away! Very bad news. They aren't just obscure: They're crooks. Robert Renton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
11, Report #190519
May 08 2006
04:07 PM
National Writer's Literary Agency Took Money and performed no Service Aurora Colorado
COMPLIANT AGAINST NATIONAL WRITER'S AGENCY: Failure to supply an accounting statement of services; (if any services were even performed); and the remaining postage and print money due to LayoffShield ($400) Took my money and did nothing. Chris Broomfield, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
12, Report #146365
Jun 15 2005
08:47 PM
Coldwell Banker Concierge Ripoff - BAD REFERRAL, NO ASSISTANCE IN RESOLVING PROBLEM Internet Nationwide - California
Coldwell Banker encourages you to use their Concierge Service when you buy a home from them. Concierge offers prescreened vendors such as movers, painters, interior designers, etc. According to their brochure, it's like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend and they follow up to ensure your satisfaction. They also state in online publicity that their goal is to achieve 100% customer satsifaction. In April 2003 they referred us to a custom drapery service. We believed we were hiring a high-quality, full-service company. Instead the vendor did not supervise the workmanship or installation, and the result was defective, mediocre, and incorrect drapes and shades. I contacted Concierge at the time the problems began, and I was instructed to write a letter detailing the problems, to send it to the vendor and to Concierge, and to not pay the balance until the work was properly completed. The Concierge rep was very reasurring, saying that they would back me completely and that the situation would be resolved to my satisfaction. We never heard anything from Concierge or the vendor again, much to my relief, as the vendor turned out to be a non-stop b.s.'er, with no intention of making good on the job. Two years later, I received a summons to go to Small Claims Court - the vendor was suing me! I called Concierge, certain that they would help me. Instead, I was told that there was no record of my case, it's been too long, there's nothing they can do. I contacted the woman who worked on my case, and she remembered it well, and is certain that my case still exists in their files. However, she now works at another company, and Coldwell Banker refuses to contact her to verify this information- or they just don't want to bother. I would have been better off picking a company out of the phone book, blindfolded, than using the Concierge referral. I trusted Coldwell Banker to choose an honest service provider. I followed Concierge's instruction to the letter, and now I'm being sued for the first time in my life. I've since found out that this vendor has ripped off and then sued other customers- is that what Coldwell Banker means when they say they pre-screen their service providers? Or are they just interested in collecting fees from any company that is willing to pay to be a Concierge referral? Be careful when you use any company referred by Coldwell Banker Concierge! Sharon Studio City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #516491
Oct 28 2009
06:38 PM
Cosmoplitan Concierge good service but they treat their employees like slaves!!! atlanta, Georgia
I was a resident at one of the properties they worked at on West Peachtree. They have camera's that are supposed to be for their safety but are used to spy on their concierge instead. They have to eat where they work, and have an extremely hard time asking off. The hours are horrible and the company doesn't care about their employees in fact they talk about their employee. The company has a high turn over rate they offer no insurance for full-timers. what more can I say. How do i know this the concierge there are unhappy and talk to us, maybe to see if we can help. I feel sorry for them.  
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
14, Report #575312
Feb 27 2010
03:43 PM
5Star Concierge LLC Jaime Bountres The scam artists are always with us! New York, New York
When something sounds too good to be true.... Right. Seems Career Builder should be more alert to scams.  I also applied for a PT position with this outfit, although I had misgivings.    I was also given the limousine/luxury car rental assignment.  This was followed by an assignment to track down an original mother-child statue made of mammoth tusk.  A Russian-language website was given as contact information, although the gallery wasn't named, nor was there a street/city address on the site.  The contact telephone number had a country code that was incorrect.  There is no number 7 country code.  The info@ address seemed to indicate Moscow, Russia.  Russia's country code is 8.  I tried calling the given number with both country codes and got error messages. As for the second assignment: an original piece of art work is copyrighted or protected by law.  Asking if a duplicate can be made for a client sets off alarms.  I would like to know what form this scam takes after one has passed the approbation [sic] period.  Likely, there's a request for banking information so that a payment of $1200 can be wired to the account.  Be on the lookout for scam secret shopper rip-offs, as well.   
Entity: New York, New York
15, Report #770455
Aug 29 2011
10:01 AM
doug turner, millionaire's concierge doug turner is a con artist and liar, Internet
I am writing to complain about  The owner of this company, doug turner, is completely unethical, a liar, a con artist.  We recently tried to use his services. Doug Turner, Millionaires Club/Concierge has been the most unprofessional person/company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. As a person, Doug Turner answers his emails in person and I have no idea how large his company is.  But, as I always believe, the proof is in the pudding and he has let us down (and therefore our winners and clients) very badly. To begin with, he offered us excellent seats for the cost of $3,500.00 per person which we accepted and then realised he had sent me the wrong information.  He thought he was selling us MTV Movie Awards tickets which takes place in September.  When I said this was wrong he said he could only get us an all access pass which he said would get our winners backstage and everywhere they could possibly want to be.  We were told it wasnt a seat but a lanyard the winners could wear to go backstage, etc.  or, we could have opted for seats at $4,200.00 per ticket so we went with the all access pass and had to send security information about our winners, passport details, etc.   About three weeks ago, Doug Turner said WE were wrong to purchase the all access pass because the winners had to have seats regardless and then about a week ago, he told us he could not obtain the all access pass at all.  He then said we could have balcony seats and get back $500 US Dollars as an apology but the seats ended up being two seats in the balcony, 14 seats apart from one another.   We said this was unacceptable and eventually he got two seats together (terrible, balcony seats) for the same price and so we paid an enormous amount of money for poor quality seats and had to let our winners understand the all access pass was not going to happen.   WE THEN ASKED FOR A REFUND TO OBTAIN TICKETS ELSEWHERE AND DOUG TURNER REFUSED TO REFUND US THE MONEY, SAYING HE HAD ALREADY PURCHASED THE TICKETS.  THIS WAS A LIE AS WE LEARNED HE COULD NOT OBTAIN SEATS UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT.  I need to ensure no one ever gets conned the way we have.  I intend to write to many contacts to advise them not to use Doug Turner or Millionaire Concierge because he is a liar, a con artist, took our money with very poor results and all very last minute.  It is awful to think that others will spend their money on a service which is so unprofessional and untruthful. We never got what we paid for. 
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #567636
Feb 10 2010
06:48 PM
5 Star Concierge Services LLC Ask Sunday LLC Scammer for Job Offer Internet
This is what I received from CareerBuilder.comThis a a SCAM!! Stay away from 5 Star Concierge Services LLC:JOB OVERVIEWCompany:     5Star Concierge Services, LLCLocation:     Your area, No relocation requiredBase Pay:     $31,200/YearOther Pay:      Employee Type:     Part-Time, FlexibleIndustry:     BusinessMediaHospitalityAccounting - FinanceManages Others:     NoJob Type:     Admin - ClericalHospitality - HotelRestaurant - Food ServiceReq'd Education:     4 Year DegreeReq'd Experience:     Not SpecifiedReq'd Travel:     NegligibleRelocation Covered:     Not SpecifiedReference ID:     RVP- Contact:     Jamie BountresPhone:     347 394-2727 /please contact us 9AM - 2PM Mon-Fri EST/Email:     Send Email NowFax:     661-554-1524    COMPANY OVERVIEWYes, this position is still open . Let me briefly restate the main points that the following position does entail at 5Star Concierge , LLC - licensed, bonded and insured lifestyle management agency specializing in the management of personal & business affairs and concierge services for VIPs, celebrities, athletes, entertainers and corporate executives . 5Star Concierge , LLC offers access to a team of virtual personal assistants accessible by email, phone, and the web to handle small tasks and more complicated assignments. We also offer VIP Dedicated Assistance plans to help with all sort of on-going needs.You have previously applied for a part time job - Virtual Assistant position.P.A. Requirements:Ability to anticipate needs of client.Able to think quickly and adapt to changePossess fluent knowledge of your local area.Strong minded with great communication skillsAge 21-60 years male/femaleGo-getter and non quitter . very sharp and a quick, Internet, EmailKnowledge of MS Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or alternative software.Knowledge of the amenities, restaurants, clubs and tourism industries to provide to our guests.Good written and communication skills EnglishThis position is available national wide 80% work from home.5Star Concierge is looking for talented, career-oriented assistants .You will be a key player in every stage of the process-from collecting information and making pre-arrangements to assisting with personal requests during customers stay.The responsibilities of the position include :- Shopping and Acquisitions- Make all pre-arrangements for our customers and provide assistance with any request during stay- Errand Running- Organizing and research when no clients visiting your area- Family needs- Social events, Entertainment , Planning Events,MeetingsBenefits- 401k with company match - Employee Purchase Plan- Automatic pay increases every six months-$31,200.00 Annual Salary $600.00 every week + Bonuses from customers- Medical, dental, disability, and life insurance with dependent option after 60 days- Five-day workweek, no Sundays required5 Star Concierge Services, LLC a Personal Assistant Dedicated to You .CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, disclosure, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please promptly notify the sender by reply email and destroy the original message . This email transmission and/or the attachments accompanying it may contain legally privileged and confidential information, and is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above.VIP Concierge / Personal Assistant
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #170705
Jan 06 2006
11:27 AM
Concierge Services Ripoff illegally charging my bank account also a branch of gsi grant services nationwide
This company appears to be a branch off or part of GSI GRANT SERVICES another company reported on this site. This company has illegally charging my bank account as an electronic check that they are saying was authorized over the phone. The bank is not very coopertive in filing forms inaccordance with Fedral regulation E. You must be very persistent in doing this. Christopher CAFB, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #233712
Jan 31 2007
08:43 AM
North Star Concierge Unprofessional, rip-off, dishonest, avoid at all costs! Gilbert Arizona
After having had given this company a few chances to rectify some bad situations, they delivered way below satisfactory level. Their lack of professionalism leaves little to be desired and they cornered us into a sham of a client contract. We feel that they are a contract bully. Upon starting business relations with them, they came off as helpful, concerned and willing to bend over backwards for us. We feel that we were fooled. Their customer service quickly turned ugly once they thought they had us. They took our business for granted and we had experienced nothing but one drama after another with them. What a mistake that our family made by inviting them to take care of your home. We're very unhappy with this company. If you do decide to use them for your home service needs, my husband and I suggest using caution. Private Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
19, Report #1199994
Jan 07 2015
02:25 PM
Prep 101 (Personal Style Concierge) Non Delivery of Items Internet
This company advertises Personal Style services through their Facebook page (Prep 101 - Personal Style Concierge). The prices vary depending on the service level purchased. I elected the Overhaul service which was on special for 75% off. My cost was $199.00 and my purchase was made on 11/28/2014. After a few weeks went by, I reached out via email to: to Cedric who was supposed to be my personal style consultant. I questioned the status of shipments as the Overhaul service provides 3 outfits per month including shoes/accessories for a total of 12 months. I was instructed there was an issue with the files exceeding the limit but it was being resolved as of 12/17 which was the day of my response. I agreed to allow more time but as another week went by, I began requesting a refund. Again, I was asked to be patient and told my items would be shipped on 12/30 via DHL and I would receive a tracking#. All of this was in an attempt for me to not file a claim through Paypal or my bank. Again, I allowed the benefit of the doubt but when I asked for the tracking# the next day, no one could give it to me. I have all communications between myself and the seller that was done through email and Facebook Mesenger. As of today, I have filed a claim with Paypal, Better Business Bureau and my personal bank as I now believe this to be fraudulent.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1156291
Jun 20 2014
12:11 PM
Florist Concierge Jason Williams, Jeremy Thankudine Crooks Robbers Scam Thieves Con-Artists Orlando, Florida Internet
 This company is ripping florists off all over the place.  They got us too, a florist in Tampa, Florida.  Telephoned and Heather made promises to pay, before that Christine, before that ... well, you get the idea ... these people are not honest.  We opened a house account for them in good faith with a credit card guarantee (of course, the credit card was no good) and never received a dime in payment.  WARNING TO FLORISTS:  THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM AND WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1154422
Jun 12 2014
07:17 PM
Concierge Contracting Rip off sub contractor insurance claims commerce township, mi Nationwide
Concierge Contracting located in Michigan and Arizonia are cheats and a rip off.  They do not pay their contractors or subcontractors even when they admit they owe money.  Do not use them!!!  A hard working contractor will do your work and will not be paid and you may end up in a lawsuit.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1137714
Apr 10 2014
06:40 AM
Florst Concierge Floral Adventures Scam Business defrauding local florists Orlando Florida
 Floral Concierge, formerly florist adventures, is a scam business.  They are located in Orlando, FL.  They are taking flower orders/payments from accross the country, and sending them to florists around the delivery area of the order and not sending payment for the orders.  They have repeatedly given the run around when trying to collect payments.  There are countless florists that they owe money to.  Do not use this so call business.  They will take your money, not send you what you ordered when you want it, not reimburse local florists that filled the orders. 
Entity: Orlando, Florida
23, Report #1297651
Jul 16 2016
12:48 PM
FCS fashion concierge service Pop Shop No devices for monies paid Internet
 Total RipOff Paid money for clothing to be delivered to me home. No Clothes Sent No Response No Communication.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1161570
Jul 12 2014
03:03 PM
  Order # 733357  $65.94 (on phone)  charged Friday, June 27, for delivery on SAT., June 28 in Cummings, Georgia Flowers never delivered! CALLED MONDAY, JUNE 29 – NO EXPLANATION, SAID CREDIT WOULD BE GIVEN: 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS           bank statement: ANOTHER PH. NO.! 800.650.5058 recording, no answer: Mon., 9:13 9:30          bad no. CALLED THURSDAY, JULY 3. MANAGER SAID STAFF DIDN’T NOTIFY MANAGER…SHOULD BE CREDITED MON. OR TUE. CALLED THURSDAY, JULY 10.    No credit    HOLD TIME…2 MIN.,  2 MIN.,  4 MIN.,   5 MIN…6 MIN   7 MIN..8,9,10    CALLED BACK 3 times – SAME THING…    LATER IN DAY:    Left 2 messages at Concierge website,  with my phone and email: Message sent Thursday - I've NEVER had such horrible service. And I'm 60! Order # 733357  $65.94 charged on June 27. Flowers never delivered! CALLED MONDAY, JUNE 29 – NO EXPLANATION, SAID CREDIT WOULD BE GIVEN: 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS      CALLED THURSDAY, JULY 3. MANAGER SAID STAFF DIDN’T NOTIFY MANAGER…SHOULD BE CREDITED MON. OR TUE. CALLED TODAY, THURSDAY, JULY 10.    HOLD TIME INCREASES! …2 MIN.,  2 MIN.,  4 MIN.,   5 MIN…6 MIN   7 MIN..8,9,10    CALLED BACK 3 times – SAME THING…    Now, on hold - again -  with another number while I email this message I'm growing suspicious this company is strictly a SCAM.    No response Friday, Saturday, Sunday. CALLED MONDAY, JULY 14    9:50:  On hold 10 min., no timing or # people on hold, etc.    Tried 800.718.0455  call disconnected.  I THINK MY NUMBER MIGHT BE BLOCKED. APPEARS TO BE A TOTAL SCAM!   REPORTED  TO BBB, BROWARD COUNTY:  7/14. MESSAGE TO WEBSITE, 7/14: I HAVE FILED A BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU COMPLAINT FOR REPEATED NEGLECT OF MY CALLS AND MESSAGES, FAILING TO GET $65.94 REFUND FOR FLOWERS NEVER DELIVERED. Order # 733357 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1362380
Apr 14 2017
02:41 PM
Concierge air conditioning Daphne Earnest No business license winter haven Florida
 Please do not use this company.They are operating a business without a license.They say they have one but they dont.There workman ship is very poor.Bad companies and Bad people like that should never be aloud to own or operate a buisness.They will take your money and run.PEOPLE PLEASE GOOGLE THEM THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST DO NOT BE FRIENDS WITH THESE PEOPLE.TBEY WILL BLEED YOU DRY.SHE WILL SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU.
Entity: winter haven, Florida

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