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1, Report #1172509
Aug 26 2014
04:46 PM
Concierge Literary Promotions, Myriam Judith Perkins ,Keelie Chatfield,Kiki Chatfield Very unprofessional literary publicists/cyberbullies Frankfort Kentucky
I participated in a raffle event at which a gift card was being given away on July 3, 2014. The event required me to like their Facebook page, and encourage my friends to do so. I followed the terms of the contest, but was refused entry into the raffle. I suspect that other people had the same problem, and that the contest itself was fake (i.e. the gift care would be awarded to a fake person.) I voiced my grievance on Facebook and was harassed and stalked by Myriam Judith Perkins and Keelie Chatfield, the owners of this company. They even telephoned my business partner (who has young children) at 11:30pm that night. I was on the other phone line and could hear Myriam screaming on the phone.Keelie also threatened that she would contact various peers of mine and warn them to blacklist me. I have reports from several friends that she and Myriam have spread false rumors about me, even falsely claiming that I have a criminal record and that I hacked their computers. In a virtual conference with the authors she works with, Keelie ordered them to block me from social media. Her exact words were BLOCK HIS A**! and I have screenshots of this from several people. I believe she did this as a means of eliminating what she views as competition for the authors she represents.These two individuals are extremely unprofessional and have resorted to harassment, threats and cyberbullying/stalking.
Entity: Frankfort, Kentucky
2, Report #1368414
Apr 18 2017
07:01 PM
Concierge Literary Designs and Photography Judi Perkins, Concierge Literary Promotions Ridiculous and confusing contract, and the person is a cyberbully Frankfort Kentucky
This company's contract is geared toward ripping people off. The person running it is a cyberbully who is known for organizing cliques to harass anyone who doesn't agree with her.  On Facebook, she gets all of her friends to write five-star reviews for her... and, if anyone gives a critical review, she gets the same friends to complain to Facebook until the reviews are taken down. Her business contract actually contains a clause prohibiting critical reviews of her work. Rather than using custom photos, this designer seems to use stock photo sites, yet claims to have ownership over the created work (despite the fact that the author paid for it.) She REQUIRES that her logo be displayed on everything she creates.  Many people have complained about the quality of her work, but her clique of bullies (especially Cassy Roop) attack anyone who disagrees with her. Also, her contract requires any legal action to be brought in Franklin County, Kentucky... not worthwhile to pursue litigation especially for authors living in other parts of the country. So, Judi can get away with anything she wants, including blatant breach of contract if she so wishes.
Entity: Frankfort, Kentucky
3, Report #481432
Aug 17 2009
07:57 PM
PublishAmerica False advertisement and unprofessional conduct. Internet
 1.  My report as a new author is the following.  PublishAmerica describes themselves as [A traditional, royalty paying publisher.  We are strongly opposed to charging fees, ever.  There's no catch, no hidden surprises.  The author is never, ever, obligated to pull their wallet to make any purchase whatsoever.]  Yet I have multiple email transmissions from PublishAmerica, offering me to buy my own book, again, again, and again, lower costs as long as I purchase the book myself.  Then I received one asking me to bid on the prospect of placing my name in another person's book, most likely back of the book. 2.  [PublishAmerica contacts dozens of bookstores each day to set up book signings for our authors.]  Wrong!  At least for me it was.  Again, these are what they suggest they do.  After going through a process of hardships, I was told in an email, which I still have.  It is up to me to fulfill my obligation as to the contract.  They instruct me to give them names of four or five bookstores local, addresses, phone numbers, city and state, zip code etc.  They want me to do their work. 3.  I had both called, and sent emails to PublishAmerica concerning the print and spelling in the book.  That tell me that per contract, I had 48 hours to correct spelling, and I agree that this is acceptable.  Yet on the other hand?  If you are a publishing company founded on professionalism, would not you wait to ensure that proper spelling was consistent throughout the book.  Regardless of the time constraints, I would not personally if I were a publisher, send a book out that is hacked with multiple spelling errors!  True, I should have waited before sending it in as a final manuscript, however, I am a new author and knew that this book could sell!  Obviously, with a $24.00 price on a 162 page short-story, there is very little chance of this book selling too many of the books. 4.  In finishing.  I like the term as follows.  Reasonable expectation for a so called, (Finished Work).  A reasonable expectation would be in my opinion?  A 162 page book written properly!  Even under contract, they should have refused to go ahead with printing, in regards to their publishing ability as well as professionalism.  They should have given a moderate price to start off with, generally to ensure that their interest would be returned.  I hope that millions of people, hopeful authors, lawyers and attorneys read this and respond to me.  I as well challenge PublishAmerica to do only the following as soon as possible.  I only want to have the contract between PublishAmerica and myself, dissolved under a mutual agreement.  I want all rights back, they retain no ties whatsoever.  If this is agreed upon amicably?  I will agree that in the end, PublishAmerica placed integrity and professionalism over false advertisement between their web page and their contracts.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #440684
Apr 03 2009
08:49 PM
Literary Guild Literary Guild Trial Offer is a Ripoff Internet
I accepted a free trial offer from the Literary Guild and return the first billing marked cancel per the offer instructions. I received several past due invoices which I marked as trial offer & canceled with the dates. They reported me to the credit bureas and when I disputed the reports, they refused to delete the false information. Never accept any offers from this company! Debby Conway, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #735029
May 31 2011
08:16 AM
Literary Guild Literary guild book club Poor Customer Service Internet
I am a member of the literary Guild. The offer I received obligated me to 4 books over the next 2 years. I was sent a promotion email for free shipping and picked out two more books as I had previously ordered two others not long after I started my membership.  This purchase was placed because of a promotional email I received for Free Shipping with the purchase of 2 books.  So I placed the order. I was not charged for shipping for these books according to the email I received after purchase. I have a screenshot taken of the email which clearly shows 0.00 for shipping charges. However; they have these BookSearch Plus books which are not supposedly member edition books towards your membership fulfillment. This is not clearly disclosed when you order a book or review books on their site. As a matter of fact, it shows mem edition with a price next to it. So you are led to believe these are books that would fulfill your membership obligation. No where next to any of these so called BookSearch Plus books is the word BookSearch Plus book mentioned.  According to their policy #3 ( posted below this thread) I should not have received the free shipping option as that was a promotion valid through May 30th 2011 only and would exclude the BookSearch Plus items. As per the order and email receipt that I received ,no shipping costs were added to the total and no mention of the BookSearch Plus item. If this is a BookSearch Plus item at the time of purchase, shipping costs would probably have been added to the total for that item since this order was placed in response to an email promotion and BookSearch plus items are excluded from online promotions. So by making this single book a BookSearch Plus book, they gave me the free shipping but then this book does not mean I have fulfilled my membership obligation. I wonder how often they do this to customers?   At the time period I purchased the book in question I do not believe it was BookSearch Plus item based on my ability to make the purchase without having to pay shipping costs. This seems to be in accordance with their policy of  #3 where BookSearch Plus items are not included in the on-line promotion or sale. Literary Guild Policy: #3 3) If the book club is running a special promotion that you wish to take advantage of by placing an order on-line, BookSearch PLUS items will not be included in the on-line promotion or sale that the book club web site is hosting during that time period. I told them to cancel that book and they said they could not, even though it is a back ordered item. They just gave me information on how to return it.  This is a reflection of their customer service, which is very poor. Rather than keep a happy customer and simply cancel that book shipment and let me choose another, they would prefer to lose a customer. Not sure I trust them if I were to return a book if it would be properly credited to my account so I might just keep the book that I don't want. Either way, their response was not rude but they made no attempt to work with me to fix this issue. Very poor customer service and I want to let others know about this.
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #174903
Feb 05 2006
10:05 PM
New York Literary Agency Fraud New York New York
I did a search in ripooffreport first and found nothing on The New York Literary Agency so I went into deeper investigations online. The New York Literary Agency doesn't supply a phone number on their website. They say you must request it before it will be sent to you. I supposedly if true was getting emails by a person named Sherry - VP of Acquisitions aka Sherry Fine I recently contacted The New York Literary Agency, then I began an immediate follow up investigation on them because their practice of work did not seem legit in how they operated through emails to me. Below is a question and statement from a website named anotherealm I found many accusations through forum URL'S off of this website of fraud by The New York Literary Agency and felt everyone should be informed of what I found that is stated below. The New York Literary Agency I am struggling to find an agent to represent my second novel. I recently received a contract for the New York Literary Agency and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them or has any information on them. They appear to be obscure. JPS New York Literary Agency? They're an utter scam. A fraud. A cheat. They'll take your money and give you nothing in return. They claim to have offices at 275 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, right? You know what's actually there? A mail-forwarding operation. New York Literary Agency is actually based in Boca Raton, Florida. Neither New York Literary Agency, nor its parent, ST Literary Agency, has ever sold a book to a legitimate publisher. Their founder, Robert Fletcher, is a convicted swindler. Stay away! Very bad news. They aren't just obscure: They're crooks. Robert Renton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
7, Report #190519
May 08 2006
04:07 PM
National Writer's Literary Agency Took Money and performed no Service Aurora Colorado
COMPLIANT AGAINST NATIONAL WRITER'S AGENCY: Failure to supply an accounting statement of services; (if any services were even performed); and the remaining postage and print money due to LayoffShield ($400) Took my money and did nothing. Chris Broomfield, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
8, Report #1092676
Oct 17 2013
02:48 PM
Instant Checkmate Checkmate A typical Vegas Crook. Very rude customer service people. Las Vegas Nevada
 I wanted to check out one person's criminal background.  When I stumbled upon this website, it looked like just what I needed.  It said that a one month use of their facilities would cost $22.86.  So I signed up for one month.  I never used them after again after the month had expired. Several months later, I discovered that they had been charging my credit card every month for the same $22.86.  I called them and talked to Jaimie.  What a rude lady!  She checked with her supervisor and they agreed to cancell the last charge of $22.86 and would not do anything further.  I was told by Jaimie that the page I used to order the thing in the first place had a notation that you had to call them and cancel if you wanted the charges to stop.  After the call, I went to their website to investigate.  That notation didn't appear in the page that I used to order a one month subscription.  After looking high and low, I found the notation in the rules of use of their site.  In other words, they couched the language in very small print on a page that they knew no one would read. Everyone should avoid doing business with these people. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
9, Report #387321
Nov 02 2008
10:23 PM
Paint Horse Stables - Chatfield Stables screwed out of paycheck due to being fired because of workers comp injury Aurora Colorado
I got a job a Paint Horse Stables thinking it would be an awesome experience and a long term horse job and excellent learning expierence about working in the horse world. Unfortunatly, it was anything but. While I was there I discovered that out of the 200 or so horses the owner, Bob had, only about 20 were trained, and none were properly cared for. The majority of the horses were in desperate need of a farrier and their hooves were over grown and cracking all the way up. There was even a small shetland pony there that appeared that it hadn't had its hooves cared for in quite a while, in fact her feet were in such bad shape that her hooves looked like they were Dutch wooden shoes, litterally coming to a point and curling all the way up. When I brought this to Bob's attention I was told that he would get around to it and that he had experience as a farrier so he refused to pay one to trim all his horses when he could do it himself. The problem was... he didn't. He also has way to many horses than he can properly care for, and not lacks staff the keep up with all of them. Bob is irresponsible and let his horses breed freely in pasture together. But when the babies are born, he can't remember how many males he needs to have gelded and always ends up missing a few. Leading to more foals to the amount of horses he already can't care for. I met a nine year old mare who had never been trained at all, a paint gelding who had just been gelded and was atleast 10 and would only let you get near his hind end, a horse who was supposedly fully broke to be ridden and wouldn't let anyone get near him, and these are just a few that stick out in my mind. Bob would always complain about not having enough money, yet when asked why he didn't sell some of the horses, he said because he had too big of a heart. Even though the horses are not living in acceptable conditions and would be living a much better life with people who have enough time to take care of and care for them. I'm guessing this is because he had 2 little girls who thought of all the horses as their pets. Now, onto why he's a crappy employer...While I was working there there was another kid working there who Bob would always put down and make fun of, even to his face! He would tell him what a crappy employee, and worthless person he was in front of customers and when any of the rest of us would make a mistake, he would tell us to stop acting like the other employee and get our heads out of our asses. He then fired the kid and refused to pay him, even asked me for reasons to tell him why he wouldn't be recieving his last paycheck. Bob came up with the idea that he was going to charge him $20 a day for each day his uniform wasn't right. Which meant he was going to charge him for his shirt coming untucked while riding, taking his felt hat off to cool down, forgetting his belt every once in a while, etc. I thought this was pretty screwed up, especially since the kid had a baby he was trying to support. Not more than a month after he had fired that employee, I was injured by getting thrown off a horse I was riding when the wind blew and rustled the leaves in the trees, spooking the horse I was riding. I reported it to him right away and when I got back to the barn, I was blamed for the whole incident because my stirups were too short although they were the lenghth that he had adjusted them to! I worked for almost three weeks after my injury, until the pain in my back, neck, and shoulder was more than I could endure. While I was working, I was constantly yelled at for not working fast enough and not being efficient, when I was in so much pain I could barely move. I finally decided to go see the workers compensation doctor. They took x-rays, and did an exam, signed me up for physical therapy and sent me back to work. When I got back to work, I was yelled at for being on the medications the doctor had perscribed me and was told I was no longer allowed to take them. After putting up wit Bob for three more weeks and working as hard as I could with my limitations put on me by my doctor, sometimes even doing things he'd ask fully knowing that I was breaking restrictions that were put on me, I was fired because I was still taking the medications as directed to my doctor, even though I had gone back to the doctor and been put on different medications that wouldn't impare my ability to work. When I came back to return my keys, I was told that I wouldn't be recieving my last paycheck (how ironic) because I owed him money for his workers comp rates going up. Later when I filed a report with department of labor about it, I discoved all of the unpaind overtime he owed me as well. I ws making 3.25 an hour on average. He actually owed me more than 3 times as much as originally thought. All in all, s***** employer, s****y buisness parctices, irresposible horse owner... Cowgirl007 Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
10, Report #1064340
Jul 03 2013
10:39 PM
Chatfield Stables This stable took $ 60 in cash that I made in good faith to reschedule a ride. I was told that I could reschedule. Littleton Colorado
  Consumer's Original Complaint : Misrepresentation of policy I scheduled a ride at this stable and unfortunately had left my wallet at home.  I only had $ 70 in cash (they do not take credit cards) and they failed to inform me that I would have to pay $ 8 to enter the park.  I gave the $ 60 in cash, in good faith, to an employee who said I could reschedule the trip.  Upon calling the very unpleasant gentleman who manages this stable, he informed me that I could not reschedule the trip and that he would not refund me the $ 60 in cash I had given them.  Now I ask you, why would I give them $ 60 in cash as an apology.  Further, he informed me that they kept the money as they had prepared the horses.  I believe that equates to $ 30 per horse to put a saddle on it.  I would never have given them the money had I known this would happen.  If they wish to institute such a policy, I believe they would be better served to take deposits on their rides using a credit and/or debit card so they can keep the deposit should one not show up.  Their practices are clearly fraudulent and I emphasize, what person in their right mind would just hand over cash money when they could have merely left.  The manager is rude and uncooperative.  I am a single unemployed mother of one and wanted to treat my 12 year old to a nice time.  I would like a full refund from this stable.  The entire circumstances surrounding this unfortunate occurrence clearly evidence their poor business practices.  
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
11, Report #144966
Jun 03 2005
12:24 PM
Literary Guild ripoff, charged for Free books. outrageous shipping & handling charges. late fees. Camp Hill Pennsylvania
I joined Literary Guild, was supposed to get 5 free books, and i ordered 1 at half price. I got my books along with a bill for $ 23.25. I contacted them, an asked why I was being charged for free books. They said they charged .20 apiece for the 5 books, and my half price book was $ 5.99 plus $ 14.94 in shipping & handling charges. Well as you can imagine I disputed the charges, in the meantime they sent me a new bill with a $ 4.oo late charge. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, would you be interested in starting a class action suit against them? Pamela altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
12, Report #145036
Jun 04 2005
06:02 AM
The Literary Guild dishonest, unresponsive Ripoff Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
After becoming a member of The LIterary Guild, I cancelled all monthly book selections but continued to receive books and was charged for them. The process of returning unwanted books is extremely cumbersome and must be paid for by the customer. The Literary Guild does not allow customers to speak to a live person in their customer service department, and they have not responded to e-mail requests for an explanation. Joshua Hoboken, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
13, Report #107190
Sep 06 2004
08:08 PM
Literary Guild ripoff cheating people to sign up for the bookclub membership Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
Had got an email saying that this company is offering 10 free books and I pick up 3 from them. However, received a bill later on with the book charging for billing and handling, plus commitment for buying at least 3 books from them. Even more disgusting, these bunch of jerks have a monthly selection, if you didn't order anything, they will automatically send you 3 books and a bill for you. This is one of the worst sales scam I have seen. I simply do not pay them! Even if they report to the credit bureau, I think I would be able to dispute. Liang Des Plaines, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
14, Report #813504
Dec 24 2011
12:29 PM
Literary Guild Took money from my bank account even though I declined the selection Rantoul, Illinois
Literary Guild sent my featured selection email. I declined the featured selection. They sent confirmation email, declining featured selection. Long story short, they then charged my account for two shipments of books I did not order, blamed me for not contacting them, and is now going to charge me for the shipping. Oh, and the overdraft fees they caused? Yeah, funny. They don't even address THAT. It has taken multiple emails to even get THIS far. Copies of emails can be had upon request.
Entity: Rantoul, Illinois
15, Report #953503
Oct 10 2012
02:56 PM
Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency Scam operation charging a 'processing fee'. Internet
Beware of the Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency in Los Angeles!!!! After making a submission for my book, ( and I have learned many people have suffered this same rip-off through investigation on the Internet), the agency asked for a 'processing fee' of $35.00. This is highly unprofessional and a red flag that it is a scam.But I submited it and the fee, and within two days of mailing my manuscript it came back with a note saying that they weren't interested. I purposely put a light adhesive on the first several pages so they would stick together slightly to see if they had been read, which they weren't. This is a scam of the greatest proportion and should be investigated as fraud.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #217805
Oct 26 2006
01:58 PM
Trident Media Inc Aka Capital Literary Agents WARNING! dishonest literary agents, liars Alexander Virginia
Just as Peter stated on this Rip-off Reprot and just like Susan reported on this Rip-off Report They claim on their website that they successfully published books as a literary agency however the books they all successfully published, are books they published with their own vanity press, the Washington House, why they solicit for additional business. You'll get names like Sandy Johnson Matthew when you contact them. Here is a partial listing of our successes: -A view From Beyond the Path-The Case Against Religion -Diamonds-The Dealership-Mt. Semele-Pinzon -Bojador Is not what they imply successful placement at another royalty paying publisher, but this literary agency convinced the authors to publish with their vanity press for a fee. I filed complaints with the FTC and Virginia Attorney General's Office and the BBB, which has a lot of complaints under their older name American literary agents. Please file a complaint with the Alexandria branch of the Virginai Attorney General's Office and the FTC (for false advertising). Bottom line: you give them money, and that's it. Then you get a letter stating they were unsuccessful. that's it. No evidence of submission or rejection. Nothing. John Saint Lewis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Alexander, Virginia
17, Report #174939
Feb 06 2006
08:53 AM
The New York Literary Agency, Fraud ripoff New York New York
The New York Literary Agency, New York Literary Agency, There is a lot of dirt on these people. I found the dirt at on them at the website of absolutewrite in their forums room. Other known websites of theirs are. Stylus Literary Agency (formerly ST Literary Agency) The Children's Literary Agency The Christian Literary Agency The New York Literary Agency Poets Literary Agency The Screenplay Agency I did a search in ripooffreport first and found nothing on The New York Literary Agency so I went into deeper investigations online. The New York Literary Agency doesn't supply a phone number on their website. They say you must request it before it will be sent to you. I supposedly if true was getting emails by a person named Sherry - VP of Acquisitions aka Sherry Fine I recently contacted The New York Literary Agency, then I began an immediate follow up investigation on them because their practice of work did not seem legit in how they operated through emails to me. Below is a question and statement from a website named anotherealm I found many accusations through forum URL'S off of this website of fraud by The New York Literary Agency and felt everyone should be informed of what I found that is stated below. The New York Literary Agency I am struggling to find an agent to represent my second novel. I recently received a contract for the New York Literary Agency and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them or has any information on them. They appear to be obscure. JPS New York Literary Agency? They're an utter scam. A fraud. A cheat. They'll take your money and give you nothing in return. They claim to have offices at 275 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, right? You know what's actually there? A mail-forwarding operation. New York Literary Agency is actually based in Boca Raton, Florida. Neither New York Literary Agency, nor its parent, ST Literary Agency, has ever sold a book to a legitimate publisher. Their founder, Robert Fletcher, is a convicted swindler. Stay away! Very bad news. They aren't just obscure: They're crooks. More information I found in a forum about This agency below. The New York Literary Agency The New York Literary Agency is one of several new agencies under the umbrella of The Literary Agency Group Inc. The Literary Agency Group Inc. appears to be a spinoff of the infamous Stylus Literary Agency (until recently known as the ST Literary Agency), owned and operated by Robert Fletcher. Writer Beware has received scores of complaints about Stylus Literary/ST Literary, which charges fees, promotes its own paid editing services, and submits in a haphazard fashion to inappropriate publishers (when it submits at all). It uses a boiler room-style operation, with clients receiving substantially identical e-mails and responses. Right now, the Literary Agency Group Inc. umbrella appears to embrace the following: Stylus Literary Agency (formerly ST Literary Agency) The Children's Literary Agency The Christian Literary Agency The New York Literary Agency Poets Literary Agency The Screenplay Agency More, no doubt, to come. Writer Beware has documented that these agencies all operate in much the same way, using the same boiler-room-style approach as the original Stylus, with nearly identical intake materials and contracts. Right now, the main focus of the operation appears to be persuading writers to buy paid critique services (at a cost of between $50 and around $90) and editing services (anywhere from $99 to over $2,000) from a service that's described as a sister company but in fact appears to be under common ownership with the agencies (this is a conflict of interest: if an agency can make money by recommending critiques or editing, how can the writer trust that the recommendation is in his/her best interest?). There may also be other paid adjunct services, and it's possible that there are vanity publishers somewhere in the mix. Neither Stylus Literary Agency/ST Literary Agency nor any of its spinoffs have any commercial book or script sales, as far as we're aware, despite their claims to the contrary. Robert Renton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
18, Report #319218
Jul 16 2012
12:23 AM
The Writers Literary Agency Do not be taken in by these scammers USA New York
This company built my hopes up that I was going to be a published writer, after researching them on the internet, i found out they are a pile of scammers, and i paid my critique fee of $89, so I have opened a dispute with Paypal over this, I hope they get their account closed. Internet is good for some things but things like this you need trust, and I never thought that it was a scam when they asked for money, but since then I have looked into it and seems I have. Remember Robert if you read this, what you put out into the universe comes back to you tenfold, so you're f***ed, you rip off scum bastardOut4justice Greater ManchesterUnited Kingdom
Entity: USA, Nationwide
19, Report #343886
Jun 24 2008
07:44 PM
Literary Guild Select literary guild billing me for buying a few books and a tote - i never purchased Indianapolis Indiana
literary guild select billing me for a few books and a tote that i didnt purchase i dont even like to read!!!! and now they have got north shore agency, inc. sending me things about i owe them $84.24 for it and that i made a commitment about the books John milledgeville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
20, Report #1159869
Jul 06 2014
11:00 AM
MS Film PR Literary/Miranda Spigener Sapon ARTISTS BEWARE OF THIS FRAUD!!!! Los Angeles California
In September of 2013, Mrs. Miranda Spigener Sapon invited me to join her team of writers for a television crime drama series called Cayman Heat. She advised in an email (which I still have), that the program was already green-lit and picked up by Lifetime T.V. I met with Miranda for lunch and signed the Deal Memo on September 23rd, 2013, and immediately thereafter began to work with the other writers on writing the pilot episode. The Deal Memo stipulated a writers salary of $17,900 per episode provided final approval of the network (Lifetime TV). On October 22, 2013 I along with the other writers and staff hired by Miranda to work on this project, recieved an email from her advising that the network (Lifetime TV) approved the pilot. Thereafter, in several emails (which I also have), when asked when payment would be released for my services, Miranda continued to advise payment was coming. Each month she continued to give a different date as to when Lifetime TV would be releasing payment. Fastforward to May 2014, no one, including myself had yet to be paid for our services for working on the Cayman Heat pilot. Because I had quit my job to work on this so called green-lit Lifetime TV project, I began seeking out Agents to help me land profitable writing gigs. Up some of the Agents reviewing my resume, I was told that Lifetime TV had no knowlege of Miranda Spigener nor did they ever green-light a project called Cayman Heat. Needless to say when I found this out, I contacted everyone involved and advised them.  I then proceeded to make Miranda aware, and forwarded to her an invoice for my having co-written the pilot for $17,900. When Miranda recieved the invoice, she was very upset and said that she owed me nothing, and to leave her alone (I also have this in writing). The Deal Memo which I signed in Sept. of 2013 was inforced not by Lifetime TV, but through her company MS Film PR Literary, so how then does she figure not to owe me for services stipulated in the contract is beyond me. Approximately one week after I sent the invoice for $17,900 to Miranda, Lifetime TV advised her to remove thier name from her project as they never gave approval nor had they ever green-lit such a show.  Bottom line, Mrs. Miranda lied about Liftime TV greenlighting her project to make herself look good, and to entice others to come aboard and work on her bogus project. What she failed to realize is, had she told me the truth, which seems to be, that she had an idea for a show which she planed to pitch to the network, and could not yet pay me for my services, but liked my writing, and wanted my help, I would have probably said, sure, I'll help you out. Instead, she did the opposite, which led me to quit my job based on a bogus Deal Memo, which promised to pay me a sum of $17,900 for the approved pilot episiod, and $17,900 for each additional future episodes, 6 in total. Artists beware of Miranda Spigener Sapon and her establishment, as she may put you to work by falsly and over advertising what is real. Her game in all smoke and mirrors, and I have mounds and mounds of emails and texts records to prove it. There are 3 other people working with her on this project who are aware that she forged the truth, and have reservations about her character (I also have them stipulating this via email and texts), but because they want to be a part of Hollywood so badly, they have decided to keep their mouths shut. God bless them all. ~T.E. Kendall/Screenwriter    
Entity: Los Angeles, California
21, Report #179257
Mar 04 2006
07:45 AM
Anita Shari Peterson - PCG Literary Marketing, The Literary Cafe, GA ripoff, misrepresentation of quality and capability of services Marietta Georgia
Anita Shari Peterson, owner of PCG Literary Marketing/The Literary Cafe is shady and a rip-off artist. She speaks her contract to the letter until after you've paid. Then nothing that she has agreed to do gets done. She represents herself as a growing business but in fact, she knows from the onset that she has no intention of fullfilling the contract. I was had and it doesn't feel good. It's unfortunate that people make a business out of fraud and misrepresentation and Anita has the game mastered. After she realized that I was on to her, she stopped taking my calls and has ignored all mail correspondence. As a publicists I warn anyone who has been contacted by Anita Shari Peterson to beware. She will only send you ten million emails with a to-do list for you but nothing ever materializes. She name drops but in actuality the people that she claims to know don't even take her calls. Her aggression is to the point of annoyance and I have learned that those who have had dealings with her classify her as Bad News I wish that I'd known her reputation before I signed on with her but I must say that I didn't check her out thoroughly before attempting to do business with her. I realized in June of 2005 that I'd made a mistake when she hyped up the presence we'd have at the Harlem Book Fair, to later learn that she had no relationship with the people who run the Harlem Book Fair and that she had not secured a place for us. The was the first of many lies that she told. I am floored by her business practices and am at the point of legal action at this juncture just on principle if nothing else. Stay away from Anita Shari Peterson - PCG Literary Marketing/The Literary Cafe is you don't want to lose your money with no services in return! The same result would have occurred if I'd thrown my money out onto the Garden State Parkway. I would think that this would not only hold up in court but also as Internet fraud. Beware, she'll take your money and run. She's unethical and has stealty business practices. Shelly Dayton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
22, Report #360823
Aug 08 2008
01:15 PM
RJM Acquisitions - Literary Guild Never opened an account/fradulent account on my credit report Syosset New York
I too have an incorrect posting on my credit report stating that I have not paid $161 in fees/charges from an account that was opened in 2002 with the Literary Guild. I have never been a member of a book club and never received any books from this company. I posted a CDV on each of my credit reports and am now receiving harrassing notices in the mail from RJM EVERY single day almost! Are you kidding me? $161 is not a lot of money but to me it's the principle of it all. I did NOT open these accounts. What can be done with companies like this? It seems I am not the only consumer who has been affected by this. Kim B Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Syosset, New York
23, Report #1199678
Jan 06 2015
09:59 AM
Literary Guild Charged for books that were returned unopened in original package - This company is DIRTY! Harlan Iowa
 Over a year ago I received some books in the mail from Literary Guild that I did not order. I did not open the package and marked them Return to Sender and sent them back. A few months passed, then I received a bill for the books. I sent an email saying that I returned these books unopened in their original package, and therefore should not be billed for them. I did not receive a reply, but I also never received another bill, so I assumed the matter was closed. Then, a few months later, I received another bill in the mail for the same books, to which I sent yet another email. I never received a reply to that one either. Per the advice of my attorney, I sent this company a certified letter in November 2014 advising them of the situation. I used online tracking through the USPS to verify that they did receive it. I did not receive a reply, but a few weeks later, I received yet ANOTHER bill. I called their customer service number (it's a stretch even referring to them as providing ANY type of customer service at all), I first spoke to Michelle and then asked to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to Kaylee, who right from the start was rude and informed me that this balance was over a year old, their warehouse had no confirmation that the books were received back, and the charges WOULD NOT be removed from my account. When I explained to her about the certified letter, she informed me that they did not respond to written correspondence (good business practice there, eh?). I informed her that I had also sent multiple emails to which I also did not receive a reply, and her only reply was I apologize for that. So, per the advice of my attorney, I paid the balance of $33.48 which I did not owe, just to protect my credit and get these people off my back.   I've worked customer service for many years of my career, and these people are some of the worse I've ever dealt with. They are rude, completely unwilling to hear anything but their side, and incompetent. I won't ever give them another penny of my money or my business. Beware this company....they are as DIRTY as they come!    
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
24, Report #516476
Oct 28 2009
06:13 PM
discount lettering,timberland, wholesale lettering They send junk broken letters- no phone - many aliases Chatfield, Minnesota
I ordered outdoor letters for a sign. It took 3 weeks and what I received for  $95 included a broken in half letter and flimsy work that seemed like particle board. They wanted to bait and switch $250 letters  about 18 letters 9 inches tall wood. They gave a half refund saying We are in business to make a profit They have many aliases and give no phone number. Although its always a matter of opinion if something is junk -wooden letters of this size breaking during shipping tells you something-  looking at them made me sick.
Entity: Chatfield, Minnesota
25, Report #1087590
Sep 26 2013
02:51 PM
Painted Stable Bob Do not give Painted Stables your business in any way chatfield Reservoir Colorado
 Please do not give Bob at Painted Stables your business in any way!  There is something very sick about this individual.  Every little girl that I have met at a barn that has interfaced with him thinks that he is a nut and deranged.  Every adult has something bad to say about him.  Why doesn't the Humane Society go over and confisicate the horses that I have seen that have feet that are over grown and the horse can barely walk?  I have interfaced with him as I was taking my horse over to his stable when it was on Parker Road.  He started yelling abusively at me when I was talking to him about cleaning out the tack room that was filled with rat feces.  He is a horse hoarder and needs to be shut down.
Entity: chatfield Reservoir, Colorado

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