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1, Report #1334118
Oct 20 2016
07:02 AM
Conservice Utilities scam Mesa arizona Logan, Utah
 I have lived in my rental house for 7 months. I'm singel, work 6 days a week, sleep the remainder of time. I eat out pretty much all the time, if not it is microwave meals. I used to run dishwasher 2 times a month. Washer and dryer one a week on Sunday nights I left my ac at 78 I have time flies house is always locked up. Pat two months my electric has been over 200.00 I've never had my electric over 150. Even in summer. In over 3 years of being on my own. Two months ago when I tried to dispute first high Bill I got no where. Since that time I turned my ac up to 81, I run dishwasher once a month. I was clothes once a month. Take the rest of my clothes to laundrymat which is not fair to me I have a new washer and dryer. As of today 10/19/2016. I received my October Bill due on November 1st. $453.!!!!!! This is crazy
2, Report #1403269
Sep 30 2017
08:39 AM
Conservice utilities I rent a home from American homes 4rent and they use conservice utilities service which includes gas,sewer,trash,water,electricity i moved here in May 2017 every month my bill keepers going higher instead of lower it's only me and my daughter living in this house I don't put the air on during the day just the ceiling fan I cook once a day and my bill this month was 400.00 last month was 364.00 I've never seen nobody come and check the meters to see my usage Utah Las Vegas nevada
 I'm renting from American homes 4rent company they use conservice utilities service for the utilities bills and water, trash,sewer,gas,electricity. In this house it's only me and my daughter I turn of the a/c in the morning all I used during the day is a ceiling fan, I cook once a day and every month my bill keeps coming higher and higher each month. Last month I paid 364.00 this month I paid 400.23 I have never seen no body coming here to check the electric meter, nor gas water etc I call the company and they tell me they get the information from Georgia Power. Don't ever rent from Americans homes for rent nor rent from a lace that use conservice utilities services these companies are both rip off Odalis Canton Georgia
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #793610
Oct 30 2011
01:18 PM
Conservice Conservice Major Rip offs Logan, Utah
I Live in Campus Crossings In Orlando florida. They are Apartments for students and they use Conservice to process their utilities. I lived in these apartments for 3 years now. The first year the staff processed them by themselves. The next year I was told that I would have to pay a $45 dollar fee because they were switching over to Conservice. So I paid it.  I switched to another apartment in the same apartments and now they are telling me that I have to pay it again. I'm so fed up with this company. I was just thinking to myself what is this fee for? This is a rip off. These companies are hired to process the bills for the apartments instead of the apartments doing the work. But Its BullShit! The apartments should be the ones footing the bill not the Renters. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. Anybody that is having a problem with them as well. I urge you all to do the same. 
Entity: Logan, Utah
4, Report #749411
Jul 05 2011
05:50 PM
Conservice Double Billing REQUIRED Logan, Utah
The apartment complex I live in uses Conservice to manage various utility services for the residents. I have lived in this complex for nearly three years without issue. Recently my husband lost his job and our utilities were transferred out of our name. We contacted the ACTUAL utility company to rectify this and were told that in order for it to be transferred back into our name we would have to pay the last amount billed as well as a deposit. No problem. We paid the amount to the company and the utility is now in our name. We even had the utility company fax the apartment complex a letter verifying this. However, Conservice wants us to pay THEM this SAME amount and refuses to accept any information whatsoever from the ACTUAL utility company saying the amount has already been paid EXCEPT for a bill which comes next cycle. Until then, they will continue to charge us late fees and in fact we are in danger of losing our apartment because of this late fee. The ACTUAL utility company is extremely obliging, and willing to do whatever it takes (fax, phone call, etc.) to rectify this, but Conservice REFUSES to work with them or us. Frankly I don't have the money to pay this bill twice. I paid the original company to whom I owed the debt, and am offended, infuriated and down right annoyed that Conservice is demanding it be paid twice.
Entity: Logan, Utah
5, Report #916859
Jul 24 2012
05:05 PM
Conservice Utility Conservice Conservice Utility--Overcharging for utility. Seems like a huge CON to me. Internet
I have a major issue with this apparently fraudy company Conservice. This shady company charges you several dollars to simply pay your bill either online or through their phone service. The only way to avoid paying the convenience fee is to mail in an ancient hand-written check. I dealt with the inconvenient business practices of this company up until today. Here's a back-story to my issue. I moved into this apartment community towards the end of April, and was billed accordingly to my electricity usage. The next month comes around a friend advises me that he needs to wash all of his laundry in my apartment because he had moths in his closet at home, so I agree to let him do so. This shot my electricity bill up by nearly 80%, to which I was perfectly fine with. However here is where the fun starts, the apartments I am living at have decided to switch to an all-bills-paid option and Conservice decides to close the bill about 15 days prior to the end of the month. I noticed that my electricity bill had skyrocketed from a $42.00 for one month to $98 for a month and a half. What Conservice did was prorate the final bill with the month prior, which happened to be $70 for a 30-day period, however overcharging me by a hell of a lot of money. I called Conservice and was greeted and explained the issue, and never really got an answer to what can be done about justifying my bill to make it be an accurate reading of my electricity usage. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was given a nasty attitude and was not given a name, an extension, an email and was only allowed to leave a callback number. When the supervisor called me back I was treated the same way and was told there would be no solution to the issue. My recommendation... DO NOT USE CONSERVICE  and avoid all properties using this lousy company. 
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #378228
Oct 03 2008
10:54 AM
Conservice Utility Services rip off Logan Utah
currently I am renting an apartment in atlanta and conservice is responsible for billing water and sewage I pay my account through leasing office for last three months but prior to that I paid conservice directly via check or debit i went to pay rent for october and leasing office says conservice says I owe 1590.00 they are unable to find any of my payments or records that i made to them directly I live in a one bedroom apartment and I do not expect large bills for water but I have proof of some payments but not all and they are unable to recover any records of payments I dont understand why a business would not keep records unless they are scamming people Candace atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Logan, Utah
7, Report #653120
Oct 20 2010
08:19 AM
Conservice, Bundled Utility, Utility Management, Con-artists, rip-off, stealing, Internet
Conservice, as others have stated, lives up to its name.  I have had nothing but problems with them.  The amount I have owed for my bills in the last 3 months does not exceed over 100 dollars but I have had to pay them over 250.  They cheat for their money and they are not even willing to work with you.  My roommates and I split who pays the utilities.  I put cable in my name, and they put power in their names.  When they failed to put it into their name for a month Conservice charged all of us a fee for 50 dollars.  They said that it was for trying to figure out who the account belonged to.  Well considering the power company gave them address and they billed us, it wasnt that hard.  On top of that we had to pay extra for signing up to use their services which is a 45 dollar fee annually.  My experiences have been bad with them, and if you have to use them I can only say be responsible about it.  Don't let your roommates slack off because you will have to pay for it, and Conservice will be sure to stick it to you.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1392495
Aug 13 2017
08:47 PM
Conservice Con Service: Stay Away! Logan Utah
Conservice started sending statements to me several months ago. I never signed up or asked for their services. I recycled their mail. The statements claimed I owed money to pay for my utilities. Then they started sending late notices telling me I owed more money.I could smell a scam immediately. But older or less educated people may become afraid of having utilities turned off.  They may be sending checks to this highly suspect company. Stay away! 
Entity: Logan, Utah
9, Report #249245
May 19 2007
12:57 AM
Conservice Utility Management & Billing, CONservice, Putting The CON Into Service Conservice Utility Management and Billing Logan Utah
I live in a condo community where the HOA is managed by Equity Management. Utility billing is provided by a company called Conservice out of Logan Utah. In my last billing statement, Conservice added a $4.50 per month fee for HOA management: providing a bill and customer service. Apparently, Conservice needs $4.50 per resident to print up our monthly bills. After making a few calculations, and running a few estimates, here is how their profit will breakdown. My average water/sewer bill is $25 per month. CONservice will not get $4.50 per month or $54 per year. There are three units per building. Conservice will receive $162 per building per year. There are approximately 200 buildings in our community. CONservice will receive approximately $32,400 per year to print 2400 sheets of paper. Keep in mind that a case of recycled 20 lbs paper (5000 sheets) from Office Depot costs a whopping $35.99. That is a profit of $32,364 per year. I realize that they have to buy the computer, printer and ink to also print the bills, but the point remains. The problem is that CONservice has established this $4.50 fee without adequately notifying residents of the change. I have checked with several of my neighbors and they had no knowledge that this fee was being implemented. I am going to start applying pressure on our HOA to A.) force CONservice to elminiate the fee, or B.)find a new billing provider. Eric Moreno Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Logan, Utah
10, Report #637213
Sep 03 2010
07:40 AM
CONService Absolute proof they are ripping me off!! Read on... Logan, Utah
I live in a large apartment community in Southern California.  When I first moved here, we had AUM as a utility billing co.  My monthly bill was about twenty-five bucks per month, give or take.  Then, suddenly we are informed that CON-service would be doing the billing.  Keep in mind this is the only change, from one billing company to another.  No physical changes to the property, to the users nor the usage have occurred, yet my monthly bill suddenly did.  When I looked at the Conservice bill and compared it to the AUM bill, it became glaringly clear what is going on.  AUM billed for sewer, water, trash and a $3.50 admin charge.  Conservice, apparently, thinks nobody will notice an extra $13 for water based on sqaure footage IN ADDITION TO the sewer, water & trash already being billed!!  I'm paying for water twice?!  When I confronted management here at the complex about this, their response was in effect deal with it, there's nothing you can do about it.  So, they're fully aware of what's going on.  Do the math, roughly $156 times 200 apartments (a rough estimate.  it's probably higher because I'm sure the larger apartments are being fleeced for more...based on square footage remember!) is $31,000 in fees, free & clear!!   And this is legal?!  Next stop, the BBB site to file a complaint and then the PUC.
Entity: Logan, Utah
11, Report #959056
Oct 23 2012
06:32 PM
Conservice Charing $5 Fee regardless to bill you for utillity companies logan, Utah
Conservice is a con-service. Moved into an apt. Received a bill for 1st 5 days of $14.70 for utilities. Conservice add $5 processing charge regardless.  That's over 30% of this bill!  Doesnt matter if you pay online or not - they still charge you. Why can't I get the bills direct from the companies as I usually have?  Spoke to Nina who didn't seem to know anything sounding uninterested and like she's just reading the script.  This company is a rip off.
Entity: logan, Utah
12, Report #1394960
Aug 23 2017
11:51 AM
Conservice The utility company I'm being ripped off on my water and sewer bill. Logan Utah
 The utility company here at my apartment uses con service. I get charged rediculous amounts for water and sewer. I'm a single father of 3 girls and can't keep paying foolish prices. The management has this company divide up the usage with all tenants. Thats horrible. My daughters weren't here for two weeks and my bill was higher. What's going in. I need a lawyer.
Entity: Logan, Utah
13, Report #625216
Jul 20 2010
01:51 PM
Conservice Utility Management & Billing Conservice Utility Management & Billing Outrageous charges for cold water, Heated water, Hot water, Water base charge, service fee Logan , Utah
We just got bumped from the ever reasonable ISTA to the horrendous ConService. Many of the residents seem to be complaining already as their charges have increased significantly.  We just just moved in so it's hard to get a real handle on what it was previously but just taking a look at the bill makes you wonder who chose the name Con Service.Check this out:  and these are the actual fees...Hot Water                   Cold Water               Service Fee               Water Base charge        Trash          Water Heating               Sewer Each of these fees is in the $20+ range so you can see how this can become expensive.  Two people, not much heavy use here.  An apartment.Service Fee??  What is that?Bear in mind this is in addition to your gas and current electricity bills!Clearly a ripoff!
Entity: Logan, Utah
14, Report #1076248
Aug 15 2013
06:39 PM
Conservice Conservice Utility Management and Billing Despite two written letters from my Utility company, refuse to remove fees, fees for nothing Logan Utah
I registered to have electric turned on in my apartment on my exact move in date.  Conservice bills me a service fee of $25 and my electric bill of $7.11.  The electrical services were in my name and I paid the electric bill.  I called to have both removed.  They refunded the $7.11 because the Utility company sent their payment back to them.  They said the cannot remove the $25 service fee until they get a copy of my bill.  I provided them a copy of the bill which stated that my services were in my name on my move in date.  THey refused to remove the fee stating they now needed a written letter from my Utilities company.  I provided them the letter and they still refused to remove the fee claiming they must have verbal confirmaiton and they refuse to call the utilities company.  I have decided to take them to small claims court.  I requested service 2 weeks before my move in date, and services were in my name when I moved in. I hhave provided Conservice with 2 documents proving this but they refuse to remove the fees.  Simple theft, dishonesty, fraud, and fraudulent claims come from this company. Avoid doing business with them at all times
Entity: Logan , Utah
15, Report #440158
Apr 02 2009
11:21 AM
ConService Utility Management And Billing it's employees are LIARS and CROOKS! Do NOT trust this company! Logan Utah
I live in a Delaware apartment complex where last year signed up with ConService to bill each unit for their gas usage. From the start the billed amount was sporadic, even though I used the SAME heating routine that I've always used. For instance, In January my bill was 78 dollars, which they said was for 73 days, Okay, fine.. Then in February I didn't use my heat at all and was bill about 20 dollars for that month. Then this month I was billed 200 dollars for that month for using my heat TWICE, for 10 HOURS of heat TOTAL!! See something wrong here?! Not only that, there was a woman that came around the complex with a petition in January that was bill over 500 DOLLARS for her gas!! That she HAD to pay or it would have been tacked on to her rent.. Unbelievable! And you bet I signed that petition! I've called ConService and the guy told me that they bill per Delmarva Powers rates, which, AND I QUOTE Went up 169% for the Rate and 78% for the Gas base. I was appalled! I asked to speak to a Supervisor and he had told me that he wasn't suppose to tell me that and that if I felt I used less gas then the maintenance man from my apartment would have to check ConServices' meter.. Umm. Yah. Why should MY maintenance man check their meter!? That's NOT their job! To make a long story short, I have to pay 200 dollars for this absurd gas bill, which is for gas I DIDN'T USE, so that it's not tacked on to my rent. My landlord is stuck because they didn't pick this company and is getting calls everyday from a tenant complaining about their gas bills. Hopefully they also take action on ConService. I know I will do ALL I can to get this straightened out one way or another. If I need to get a petition, like that lady did in January and get my neighbors that have weird gas bills to join in, I will! So, ConService, Be ready for the Hurricane!! ConService and it's employees are nothing but middleman scammers that give a lot of double talk and lip service and stick their customers with ridiculous bills... Not me, I WILL fight this because they're WRONG! Dawn New Castle, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Logan, Utah
16, Report #1166110
Jul 30 2014
11:03 AM
ConService Ripoff They look for any reason to acquire extra money from you. Terrible customer service. Arbitrary late fees and due dates. Total ripoff. Logan Utah
For some reason our apartment complex switched to ConService after having local utility service for years - why? I have no idea.  From the very beginning with the first bill it looked like a bunch of extra add on charges, but I didn't pay too much attention to it at first thinking it was start up or back payments or whatever they have to do to begin service.  I received the bill on the 20th with it due the 12th of the next month.  I sent it out in the mail from Omaha, NE for Utah on the 28th.  On my next bill it showed a late fee tagged on from my last bill.  I called and asked why I had a late fee and they claimed they did not receive my payment until the 20th... 8 days after the due date.... and over 20 days since I mailed it.  I said that it still didn't make sense... it should be post marked for the 29th or 30th and therefore is not late.  ConService claims they strictly go by when they receive the payment - they are not responsible for delays in the postal service (but apparently the customer IS!)  I have NEVER dealt with a company that does not abide by post marked dates to determine if a bill is late or not.  EVER.  Why a letter took 22 some days to get from Nebraksa to Utah is BEYOND me.  I told them Well, that's nice to know now that I'm a new customer but I was not aware of this rule because I am a new customer and I do not think I should have to pay the $7 late fee yet they refused to waive the fee.  No matter what I said the woman continued to repeat the same thing over and over and over again.  So then the next bill I receive on the 20th and just realized that it is due on the 1st with a late fee this time of $10 instead of $7 if I do not get this one in on time.  So according to my math, they didn't even give me time to mail a payment in.  Now I must pay online which they require a $3 charge when you pay online.  I have had issues with companies in the past but NEVER like this.  Due dates change, late fees change, takes anywhere from 7-22 days for payment to get to them, and the customer service reps are the rudest I've met so far.  Definitely not in the business of keeping a customer happy.  But of course they KNOW they can't lose you because you are bound to them through your apartment complex.  This switch heavily weighs on my decision on whether or not to renew our lease here.  Why in the world you would use a third party for utilities is beyond me when there are 2 local ones that have been suppling us happily for years.  What A Scam.
Entity: Logan, Utah
17, Report #450109
Dec 20 2010
07:24 AM
Conservice Billing Of Logan Ut. Targets low income familys with Fee's from $3 to $10.00 each month starting on the 1st.of each month when we don't get paid till the 3rd or 5th of the month Logan Utah
Greed its everywhere But Conservice as taken it to a new level charging late fee's starting on the 1st of the month When most of the low income family's don't get paid till the 3rd or 5th of the month SSA,SSI,disabled and retired. The only time I was paid on the 1st was in the USAF. If you have! the income to pay their fee's $7 late fee $3 for payments, times 100,000 or 1,000,000 . Plus!! being paid by the Apartment managment companys for utility billing. THIS IS the worst case of corporate greed ,Unfair business practice and direct targeting ( Yes Discrimination) based on income that i've come across I pay my bills through my banks bill payer on line and I'm told that Conservice use a third Party for payment processing. so I'm charged a late fee based on conservice's inablity to process payments in a timely manner Stanley Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Logan, Utah
18, Report #840541
Feb 16 2012
10:15 PM
conservice Robbers logan, Utah
I moved into this apartment that used conservice as there third party billing for w/s/g when I signed my lease I was told that I would only have to pay $15 a month for my bill when I moved in and received my first bill it was almost $50 so when I called them to ask why it was so high because I live alone they said that sence our apartments are set up in an 8 plex style they divide the amount the meter says buy all 8 places and then times it by how many people are on the lease. I am disabled and low income and I have tryed to keep up with this for a year but paying what I can which is $40 a month my bill is still over $200 and I got evicted from my apartments due to my bill so not it is hard for me to find another apartment due to this.
Entity: logan, Utah
19, Report #573387
Feb 22 2010
06:40 PM
ConService Utility Management And Billing Has been overcharging me for 1 year 3 months and will not fix equipment nor rebate me overcharges Logan, Utah
Conservice has been estimating my water usage for over a year and after coming to my apartment 3 times has not only NOT fixed the problem but has refused to reimbursement for overages.  They have claimed to have reported my defected meter reader to Greenhill Parish Crossing Apartments but the management claims they have never received any notifications. Some one is not being truthful. I am not the only user with this issue and with each apartment that is leased here, by bill goes up as they are 'guestimating' my usage based on the entire complex. They have been unresponsive to my calls and the calls by the complex.  They have even claimed to have fixed the problem once before and teh head office in Utah still cannot get a reading.  This vendor should never be used.  They are not customer oriented and have even given two different stories, depending on who they are speaking to at the time.  My current water bill is 3 times that of my previous apartment and I am here less often due to travel.
Entity: Logan, Utah
20, Report #1324379
Sep 05 2016
04:48 PM
Conservice utility management & billing I pay for trash &water/sewer under the rent.Each month the charges change ! Always going up !!! Is there ANYTHING I can do ??? I am 83 yrs old and on fixed income. I need help ! PLEASE RESPOND !!!! THANK YOU ! Lois Closson Logan, Utah
Trash $15.00 & water/sewer $29.00. Now , Conserve is charging me for sewer  $34.12 , trash $18.29, water $1.94) in addition! As well as common area electricity $6.26, common area gas , $0.51, service fee $3.99, acc. Setup $10.00 ! Which totals $75.11 added to my rent.  I pay my trash, water, & sewer thru my rent. 3 mths ago a company called Conservice utility management came in to take over utilities. They collect my water, sewer, trash+ they also charge for common area electricity, common area gas and a service fee !!! Can they do that? I think its a ripoff! Can we start a class action suit!? Please respond! Thank you. Lois
Entity: Logan,, Utah
21, Report #1415865
Dec 08 2017
05:36 PM
Conservice (and Avalon Newcastle Commons/ AvalonBay Communities) Each apartment has a meter which I was told was electronically read by the billing company Logan Utah
When I moved in, I was told my sewer bill will be 2X the water, that each unit had meters that were read and charged according to their actual water usage, per apartment. I just found out from the billing company, Conservice, that the propety management requested the flat rate charge for the sewer service which they in turn charge the tenant/myself.  This rate went from a flat rate of $58.52 for the first two months I have lived here to $71.07 per billing period/month for the past and current four months. I was told by the onsite sales manager as well as the maintenance manager there were meters on the pipes that had numbers on them and that's how the water was measured that was coming into each unit, and they were read electronically by Conservice, the billing company they hired. When I asked the onsite sales manager, he told me that Conservice increased the rate to a flat $70/month and they did not know why, but were looking into it because it was nothing they agreed to.  I called AvalonBay billing, 1-877-282-6246 and they said they did not know why the sewer bill increased to a flat rate of &70/month and I would have to ask the onsite management.  I called the utility company, Coal Creek Utility District 425-235-9200 and they told me they had nothing to do with what the property charged for the water and sewer to the individual tenants, that they charged the entire property and the property charged the tenants individually. I called and spoke to a representative at Conservice and was told differently.  They said the Coal Creek Utility District read the meters and inturn that information was sent to Conservice, and the property then charged the tenants the flat rate for the sewer and whatever they charged for the water.  Conservice charges each tenant a service charge as well of $3.28 per month for doing the billing for the property.  They contacted the property management responsible for billing the tenants and was told, they were looking into it, but that the rates for the service to the property went up and that's why the increase in rates to the tenants.  None of this was communicated to myself as a tenant, in advance of the increase nor since the increase. The property I live at is Avalon Newcastle Commons, 13398 Newcastle Commons Dr, Newcastle, WA 98059; 425-0970-3946.  I live in an affordable rent apartment, and in order for the rent to fall within the parameters of affordable rent - the ARCH program, I was given what Avalon Newcastle Commons call an utilty allowance; as well rather than calling it an administratie fee, they charge what they call an amenities fee, which is non-refundable. All of this makes rent to be not affordable at all! Tenants are not allowed to make any notes on the lease contract except for their signature, because I was told it was a legal contract, however they can make any changes they choose, with out it being indicated in the contract.  
Entity: Logan, Utah
22, Report #914660
Jul 31 2012
09:41 AM
Conservice Poor equipment, inaccurate billing Logan, Utah
Below is a recent email from Conservice to my apt complex in San Diego, Ca admitting they have faulty equipment leading to incorrect billing. They actually replaced our meter two months ago, and it's still out of whack. Our bills have fluctuated every month for the past 3 months: $45, then $81, then $48. What's more they don't bother returning the calls from residents, they just sent this email to our management expecting them to do it. Pure laziness.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good Morning:In collaboration with your Corporate Ancillary Department, we wanted to make you aware of a trend that we are seeing with the water sub meters in your apartment units and the potential resident questions that may follow.As you may be aware, there are remote readers attached to the water sub meters in your residents units. As required by law, these remote readers are in place because your watersub meters may be positioned higher than what is easy for the resident toread. The reader provides a duplicate digital display of the actual meter dial, which allows the resident to know what their meter is reading at any given time.These readers are beginning to fail over time. In the months prior to the failure the remote reader begins to slow down and the readings are actually lower than the resident is actually using. Eventually, the readers fail completely and register zero usage. When this occurs, the water sub meter read will no longer report into Conservice and then we know itis time to replace it. We have been replacing these remote readers during our quarterly maintenance visits.The resulting effect of this process is that your resident was likely receiving a lower than actual usage read on their bill in the few months prior to the replacement. Once were place the reader, the following months read will be actual usage and may be higher than what the resident is used to. In addition, we are moving into the summer months, which is typically a time when the resident is using more water due to the summer season. Your residents may question the accuracy of the reading since is it higher than their recent readings due to the failing remote readers. You can assure them that it is indeed correct! They actually gota break over the past few months, and are now paying for the water they are actually using.We would encourage you to utilize our Customer Service Group by phone at 1-866-947-7379 or by email to to answer these questions for your residents. We have all the data at our finger tips and can answer their questions in detail. In addition, in most cases, we can provide the resident with a day by day usage report of their meter, so they can see that it is indeed operating correctly.Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding this or any other concerns.-- Xxxx Conservice Xxx Team Lead/ UAG Team Lead
Entity: Logan, Utah
23, Report #1333175
Oct 14 2016
12:11 PM
PPL Electric Utilities PPL PPL Overcharging Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Hello, I have now had PPL for over 2 years. I've noticed that every month it keeps increasing usage. I find this odd as we are using the same amount of electricity.   It started at about $100. Now it is almost at $400. I have a one bedroom apartment!   We don't have cable, we have the lights off during the day, we have a gas stove. What is the deal??    We need to eat too! This is just plain greed....$400 is like half of what our rent costs.    Please someone help with any options. I find it unbelievable that in this state of PA you have no other options.    Even if you get a supplier half the time they end up charging you more. It's sickening that they are the only option that we have.     
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #440018
Apr 01 2009
07:44 PM
North American Utilities Winner of the North American Utilities Omaha Nebraska
Got a letter stating I was a winner of 4,926.00 at a time when I am in so much debt I could really use. But I went on the internet and found them on your site. And thank you for being there, because I have got suck into things like this before and lost big money. I'm old and living off SS so paying bills are hard. When thing like this come in the mail I hope and then the other side says look it up. I did call and they were not avalable. Thank God! Thank you too. Pepperment Palmer, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
25, Report #693464
Feb 10 2011
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City of LaGrange Georgia utilities Utilities rip customers off! Internet
I have had problems with the City of LaGrange Ga. utilities forever! They came in several years ago and put in new meters. Untill then my bills were resonable. Now my electric fluctuates from $150.00 to $400.00 and my water/sewage fluctuates from $40.00 to $100.00. There is no difference in our usage. I have had the city to check the meters and they said their meters are correct. I have done every upgrade known to man on my house over the years; new doors and windows, total reinsulation of my house, new heat pump and duct work, new toliets, all appliances are energy star, replaced sewage lines twice, replaced all plumbing. There are no water leaks in my house as we check for this on a regular basis due to the water bill fluctuating so drastically. I had problems with seweage backing up for 2 years, that is why the sewage lines have been replace twice. The city would come and check and as always said it was my lines. I don't even know how much I paid in plumbing bills to have it checked multiple times! When the county buisness across the street started having the same problem the city came in and put some kind of line at the street and I haven't had a problem since! Also I had a water pipe that burst under the sidewalk and even though the city owns the sidewalk they said I was reponsible for replacing the pipe! I have spent thousands of dollars and I am still being ripped off on a regular basis. Dont you think changing the meters did something. Also don't you think the sewer problem was the citys fault and they lied to me?
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