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1, Report #1386254
Jul 17 2017
05:06 PM
Consortium Group LLC FED UP Internet
I am tired of the Consortium Group LLC being so underhanded.  They intice you an offer of paying $4.95 S&H to try their product  then they make it extremely difficult to find an email address or phone number that allows you to cancel any further orders.I have been trying to find a way to stop them without canceling my debit card but I'm ready to take that step!  An ethical company would give you a fighting chance but not these people!!!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1386234
Jul 17 2017
04:13 PM
Consortium Group. LLC Unknown address, no web site available.. Need to return samples Nationwide
I sent away for product which was trial.  Bad for my skin.  Wish to return samples in due time so that I face no further charges.  UNABLE TO FIND ADDRESS INFORMATION.
Entity: Natiionwide
3, Report #1390666
Aug 05 2017
04:16 PM
Clair Skin / Consortium Group LLC Free Trial, My Butt Internet
I responded to an Infomercial (the first time I've ever done that, and no doubt now the LAST time).  The offer was for a free trail (shipping charges only).  I expected to receive the produce and have the opportunity to test it for free.  My banking account was charged for the shipping, and 2 weeks later was charged the full amount for the product and about the same time I received the product -- I never received the FREE trial product.  Not only did I not receive the free trial, I was charged full price the first month and AGAIN a second month.  I called today to cancel future deliveries (which they claim I have done, so I expect I should not be charged nor receive any more products). However, they refused to refund me the first 2 months, even though I have not used the product.  My complaint ... poor customer service for a product that claims to be a superior product.  Very disappointed and ashamed that I fell for such a scam.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1386458
Jul 18 2017
02:34 PM
Consortium Group, LLC ClairSkinFID(?) Health Offered free trial of facial wrinkle cream & eye cream by paying postage only. Akron Ohio
I was reading the news on the internet and saw a free offer through Joanna Gaines new company.  Her company is called Beaute.  All I needed to pay for was shipping and handling.  I entered my information (including credit card) to receive the free offer.  They made another offer of eye cream but I did not choose that.  I was charged postage for that anyway.  I was billed two separate charges for shipping and handling although both products arrived in the same package.  I let that slide.  However, the product I received was not what I ordered (Beaute).  Instead of Beaute I received Clair. Today, I tried to use the credit card I charged the two postage payments on.  The card was declined.  I found out my bank had blocked the card for me because of a charge of $89.31 for these products and it appeared to be an unusual charge. I called the company & was told I had not canceled the (I guess) repeat order for these products within 14 days.  I explained that I had only received the products on July 11, 2017 (today being July 18, 2017).  The representative I spoke with told me I had 14 days from the order date.  I asked to speak with his supervisor.  He said his supervisor did not take phone calls.  I asked for a manager.  Same thing.  Managers do not take phone calls.  I asked for their address.  He said thay had no address.  I did find an address on-line and plan to send a letter of complaint to the office of the Attorney General of North Carolina as well as the BBB (although I doubt they are members). I called my bank again and asked that they remove the charge.  They are going through the normal procedures of giving the company time to answer the inquiry and then (hopefully) removing the charges from my credit card.  This whole procedure could take up to 105 days.  I think people need to be made aware of offers like this.  I myself will never take advantage of another free or trial offer.  I have learned my lesson.    
Entity: Akron, Oklahoma
5, Report #1389528
Jul 31 2017
04:26 PM
Consortium Group, LLC Skin Care For YouFrontier Beauty Advertisement on local news webpage was deceptive. Did not indicate price or auto renewal. Paducah Internet
The company in question used a myriad of advertisements posted on our local newspaper website. The websites, and images varied from day to day. They declaired their product was on Shark Tank, and was being introduced by all four members of the show, who were excited about the new product, and enthusiastically went together to invest in the product. There were two products offered. The first was Clair Extra Firming Complex ointment. The other is ReviveEyes Ageless Eye Balm. In fact, none of those products identified were on Shark Tank. Neither were any of the investers connected to this scam product. The ingredients are ordinary, and no documented evidence was given to prove they were effective. In fact, during the trial period my wife could not determine the eye cream or the skin potion did anything. They were greasy. is another website. The webpage my wife visited was different. It did not indicate the products would be charged to our credit card, nor did they specify her orders would be on permenant, and automatic re-order. When she spoke to a spokesman to the company, through Consortium Group, they offered to cut the price in half. No refund was offered, even after we demanded one. I called back, and got another website to order more product. This was different from the one my wife viewed initially. She responded to a .net account. The others were .org or .com websites. The website my wife responded to said it was a free offer, and all she had to pay for was for the shipping. They made it seem they were sending a 14 day supply. If she liked it, she could order more. Our credit card was hit with a $92.42 charge, and a $94.26 charge on 7/28. Before this, our card was hit with a $87.47 and $89.31 charge on 6/28. We did not agree to any of these purchases. We called our credit card company, and disputed the amounts. We will continue to seek legal council, and report this to the police.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1411005
Nov 08 2017
03:31 PM
Consortium Group LLC ClairSkin Company continued to ship and bill for product that was not ordered Akron Ohio
I ordered a sample product from the Internet and was billed for shipping. A few weeks later I received the product again and was billed full price. I called customer service and Andrea said I was supposed to call and cancel my subscription if I did not want further shipments. She claimed I had checked an online box indicating I understood I was to call within two weeks or more products would be sent to me. I did NOT check any box online. In fact, I had difficulty with the website and decided to not order the product at all, but the order went through when I tried to go back to the previous website page. I was unable to pull up the website page again. I did not know my order had gone through until the product arrived.  I wanted to return the full-priced item for a full refund and was told by Andrea that it was impossible to return this type of product.  Then, my credit card was charged for yet a third full-price shipment which never arrived. I called customer service again and was told the missing product will be shipped within five days.  This is a ripoff company.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
7, Report #1390241
Aug 03 2017
03:11 PM
Consortium Group LLC I ordered a sample they were offering and they won't stop sending (Clair skin).. They only have a fulfillment center one the envelope and Consortium Group on the letter head. There is no way to get ahold of them! Akron Ohio
 I ordered a sample from this company and they won't stop sending it. I have gotten 3 bottles already. There is no way to get ahold of them to stop. Only a fulfillment center address.
Entity: Ohio
8, Report #1384394
Jul 10 2017
10:57 AM
Consortium Group LLC ClairSkin and Revive EyeMichael Miles, Agent Akron, Oh, Skylark Fitness Wavefit Diet Scam lured by internet ad for beauty products @ 4.95 and 5.99 now out hundreds $ Akron, Nationwide
I was lured in by an ad for beauty products trial one was for $4.95 and one for $5.99.  I never got the products and I never agreed to buying more .   Since then my checking account was charged $89.31 and 87.47 each for May, June & July.  This company is impossible to contact and I have filed a fraud report.
Entity: Akron, , Ohio
9, Report #1393722
Aug 18 2017
08:44 AM
Consortium Group LLC I ordered the initial samples of make up and called to cancel the monthly delivery. I have been charged for it! Akron Ohio
I ordered the samples but finally found a phone number to cancel the automatic monthly delivery charged to my card. I cancelled and was still billed  $87.47 for the products I did not receive. I want the monthly billing removed and refunded on m credit card. l
Entity: Akron, Ohio
10, Report #1389391
Jul 31 2017
08:54 AM
Consortium Group LLC I ordered some alleged slimming pills which did not work and they continue to send them every month and charge is increasing Not known VA, Virginia
 I ordered on the internet some tablets which alleged were for weight loss but they do not work. They continue to send them every month which I do not want and do not require as they do not work. I have no way to contact the company as the have attached a garage door company's phone number
11, Report #1388303
Jul 26 2017
08:38 AM
Consortium Group LLC This company publishes ads for pure life Garcinia saying they will send you the product for the price of shipping only. The company then charged my checking acct. $89.00 and refused to allow me to return the product for a refund. Akron Ohio
I ordered Pure Life Garcinia from Consortium Group LLC in July 2017.  The advertisement stated that I would pay only $4.99 for shipping and handling in order to receive my free sample.  I paid this amount, received the product and the company charged my checking acct. $89.00 without my permission.  I called and asked the company for their address so that I could ship the product back.  They told me that they do not allow returns of the product for refunds. I searched out your website for an address for the company.  I found one here and am about to ship back my product with a letter requesting that the company does not continue to charge my debit card in the future. I am going to cancel my checking account because of this incident.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
12, Report #1393399
Aug 17 2017
07:40 AM
Consortium Group LLC agreed to trial offer of skin care offer, but never agreed to continued shipments at the cost of 89.00, no information as to where to return items Akron Ohio
Agreed to free trial of skin care products with shipping charge only.  Never agreed to any continued delivery of said product. Product continues to be sent at a monthly charge of around $89.00 (bill not in front of me) There is no information, fax or phone number available to call and cancel product.  The only address is on the shipping envelope.  Need to cancel this product.   
Entity: Akron, Ohio
13, Report #1391375
Aug 08 2017
05:20 PM
Consortium Group LLC For the price of shipping only I was to get Free bottle of a weight loss.. they charged my credit card for over $90.00 and today I got another bottle from a fullfillment in Ohio.. I didn't take the first bottle & sure do t want a second one but no way to cancel or contact this co Akron Internet
 I ordered online a free bottle of a weight loss and I was to pay shipping only. They charged my credit card $89.00 the first time & over $90.00 the second time Today I got another bottle & I don't want it & certainly didn't order it There is no address to return, no telephone number, no anything.. I am a senior citizen and I am being ripped off.. will dispute all charges with my credit card company. I am furious
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1398555
Sep 07 2017
05:10 PM
Consortium Group LLC Ordered a make-up tester that is suppose to be free of charge. You just pay for shipping. But they continue to charge you credit card without permission and when you try to communicate with them or ask for their supervisor, they will hang up!!! Over $344. 00 worth of charges!! I ask for a refund and they hang up! You can't speak with anyone that has any authority!!! Akron, OH Ohio, Nationwide
 Ordered a sample beauty lotion and lift for skin. The first is a tester and you are only suppose to be charged for the shipping. Then they keep charging on your credit card without any communication or notification! I called to speak with supervisor and ask for a refund and they hang up on you!! Over 350.00 dollars or more. I haven't gotten the exact total yet , but working on it!! Poor poor customer service!!! I am livid!!!
Entity: Akron,, Ohio
15, Report #1391756
Aug 10 2017
09:52 AM
Consortium Group LLC I responded to a free offering of Clair Skin with only the need to pay the shipping. At no time did they say that they would keep sending this product to me without me asking to continue receiving it. However, they are now sending me a container of Clair Skin through USPS and charging my credit card $94.26 every month. I cannot find any way to get this stopped. Clearwater Ohio
I answered an ad for Clair Skin. I was to receive the product for free by paying for the shipping only. At no time did they indicate that by doing this, they would continue to send me the product and then charge me $94.26 for each tube that they sent me. I cannot find a way to get them to stop sending the product and stop them from charging my credit card.    
Entity: Clearwater, Ohio
16, Report #1386655
Jul 19 2017
10:32 AM
Clair Skin, Consortium Group LLC, Skin Revive 4 false advertising, wrong contact information on site, misrepresented cancellation date and price Unknown Internet
Saw product on late night TV, decided to try because the internet said 30 day free trial period. Ordered the Clair Skin and the Revive Eye. After Receiving product and trying out suffered immediate reaction-inflamed eyes, still trouble with right eye, and horrible itching rash. Went back to website from email I received confirming my purchase and sent e-mail to cancel subscription. At first support response person was helpful but denied I had correct billing information. Sent correct biolling information along with copy of PON and then no response other than for the support person to send my email back to me claiming that they show the order was from the UK not the US. Tried calling number from website was told wrong number. On a whim looked at packing slip and SKU# looked like phone number as the 1st 3 numbers were a toll free prefix. Called and spoke to a rep there who immediately started telling me that the 14 day grace period was over and I would have to pay for the 1st auto ship and that I should have received an email 3 days after receiving product explaining this. I did not. Also claimed I could not have been corresponding with customer support because they do not have an email customer support? She finally agreed to stop auto ship and gave me the same order numbers on my packing slip as cancellation order numbers. I printed all info and sent to my credit card company. Definitely a rip off.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #90156
May 04 2004
01:17 PM
CheckBank, Aka Financial Consortium, Intl, LLC FRAUD, ripoff, conterfiet, SCAM, SCAM, SCAN, FRAUD Albany New York
I too was taken by Checkbank for 3,200 plus their registation fee. The bank (BankOne)the check was drawn off will not do anything; they say it is probably counterfiet (whow-rel brains over there). They say since I deposited it I have to cover it, even though my bank (Bank of America) waited the 5 bus days before i could get / wire the money. They will not give me any info (none at all) regarding the account. I filed with the local police department. they went to the bank and called and said that I am be reported as the victum. he said it would be sent to the FBI. luckily i had copies of the check, web site print ups, their instructions and so forth. Notify the credit bureaus to put a fraud alert on your accounts. With your license they can open accounts in your name. Conatact Equfax: 888-202-4025 and press option #1 (personal accounts). They will notify Experian and Trans Union for you. Mike South, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York
18, Report #91727
May 17 2004
06:45 AM Aka Xian Energy Sot Llc Aka Aka Financial Consortium International Llc ripoff fraudulent check cashing business SCAM Valley Village California
This company advertises on for at home finacial service representatives. When I checked out their web-site, it was identical to another fraudulent check cashing website, The only differences are the listed owner and the physical address. Everything else is word for word. About a month ago, I received a check from and then received wiring instructions to send the funds minus my commission to an account in Russia. And you guessed it...the check came back on my bank as a fraudulent instrument. So this company has already stolen $4200 from me. Michael Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Valley Village, California
19, Report #1382436
Jun 30 2017
08:05 PM
Fulfillment center, SKIN BEAUTY FOX, Consortium LLC, Clearwater Possibly: DermaFi, Clearwater Giant Ripoff; They need Priority Seating on Judgement Day Akron Ohio
 I read the story about a member of the Royal Family who was told by the Queen (?) that she needed to get her the lines of her eyes fixed. At the end of the article, was this link. I thought they were connected but I can't visualize a Royal Family Member wanting to make money off people. I thought it was a free trial size, not a subscription. The intentions were not clear. What did the Royal Family Members Testamoney have to do with this product? Was it strategically placed so people would connect the product with her eye wrinkles? On my Bank Statement, 2 silultaneous charges for (1)SkinBeautyFox 844-9660156 OH and (2) Clearwater 844-9656236 OH showed up at the same time at the end of May & June, 2017. Their charges are approx. the same price, unknown companies to me and in Ohio.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
20, Report #1390484
Aug 04 2017
03:37 PM
Consortium Group I continue to receive Clair Skin lotion that I did NOT order. The phone number is no longer in service. There is no website. Akron Ohio
 The product I am reporting is called Clair Skin.  supposedly made in Akron, Ohio.   The first shipment made me think I ordered this accidentally, then, two more came, each a month apoart.  I have been traveling for work & been very busy, so time got away from me.  Then, I try call them today, August 4, 2017.  The only company I could find was the Consortium Group LLC located in Las Vegas.  These poor gusy are so sick & tired of people calling them, they almost hang up on me.  I explain why I am calling and he tells me his phone rings all day with people yelling at them.I really don't blame them....they have to deal with people that call them & yell!  I never ordered this product to begin with.  I have NO idea how they got my creidit card. I am in the middle of cancelling my card, but have lost just over $300 so far.I do hope you can help this situation.  Please contact me as soon as you can.Thank you! 
Entity: Akron , Ohio
21, Report #1377771
Jun 07 2017
07:42 PM
Skin Clair for You AKA Frontier Beauty and AKA Consortium Group LLC  Akron Ohio
They tricked me into getting a sample for only the postage.Which was $4.95.  Then they charged my bank account $94.26, two months in a row.  I live solely on disability, and cannot afford this every month. My account was overdrafted both months because of this. That was another $31.00 each month! I've only gotten the sample bottle and one other bottle.  I don't know what the other $94.26 was for last month, and they willprobably hit my account again this month too!!
Entity: Akron, Ohio
22, Report #1389883
Aug 02 2017
09:44 AM
Consortium group LLC Pure life green coffee I was online when a ad popped up about this pure life green tea coffee pills that is supposed to help with weight management and that is was only for $1.00 exact for only a certain amount of time as if it was a once in a lifetime  Akron,OH 44312 OH , Ohio Idk
 I was told I was purchasing a dietary weight loss pill for a limited time only for $1.00 it was an ad on a website I visit frequently and the reviews stood by them saying it works but I never subscribed to a monthly charge yet they kept sending me pills I never asked for with a receipt saying it was for $1.00 I noticed there was no charges on my bank statement for $1.00 which is what it said on the receipt saying it was from a company called consortium group LLC with no ways in reguard of contacting them for customer service whatsoever Another thing I noticed my account was being charged by a complete different company name of Camelot beauty with the charge of $92.42 I was appalled knowing I ordered nothing for that amount and I googled Camelot beauty only to find out it was a spa I never visited I just want my money back I had to call my bank to make a complaint and receive another card so my case is still in process it's just sad that you cannot trust anything or anyone online I usually never subject myself to these situations by making sure they are a legit company but boy was I wrong sometimes you cannot spot a sheep in wolves clothing Consortium group LLC Pure life green coffee I was online when a ad popped up about this pure life green tea coffee pills that is supposed to help with weight management and that is was only for $1.00 exact for only a certain amount of time as if it was a once in a lifetime thing and the reviews swore by it that it works so I gave it a try I was never told or would agree to a continuous monthly subscription but then I noticed another package again saying it was from the company consortium group LLC for the amount of $1.00 again I also noticed on my bank statements that there was nothing purchased for a dollar but I did notice another totally different company called Camelot beauty that was charging me $92.42 twice I was in rage but not knowing who was Camelot beauty I googled it and a spa site popped up I knew something was wrong there I could not find anything on the receipt they send out with these pills I'm glad I never took them everything about this company is skeptical I had to order a new card& a file a complaint which is now still in progress Akron,OH 44312 OH , Ohio Idk
Entity: Internet
23, Report #801802
Nov 25 2011
11:57 PM
Charles Petty Midas Investments Consortium LLC Professional Scam & Con Artists | Atlanta, Georgia
A strong warning to everyone!  DO NOT even think about getting involved with Charles Petty, or either of his partners Kim Petty or William Jackson.  They are professional scam artists and are being investigated by the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  This is not their first crime or con.  I just happen to be another one of MANY unlucky victims that these low-life, pathetic, scum-of-the-earth con-artists have victimized.   I have two other friends that went down with me on their most recent scam.  This would be a great time for Darwinian theory to apply to these jack-a**es!I could make this a long report, but I'll save you the time.  Run as fast and as far as you can!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #1384097
Jul 08 2017
06:40 PM
Clair Skin Consortium Group Unauthorized charges Little River, South Carolina Internet
While I was using Pinterest on my phone I received a pop-up. As seen on Shark Tank The most veiwed episode in history....... Well if this was endorsed by Shark Tank it has to be good..  I took a look and it was Clair Skin care anti-aging cream and and I could receive a Free Sample all I had to do was pay $4.95 shipping. Sounded too good to be true so I looked for some caveat explaining the fine details and couldn't find any. So I deided to give it a try. I looked closely at my receipt and monitored my bank statement and found I was indeed charged only $4.95 for shipping. Well about two weeks later I received a call from the Fraud department of my bank asking questions. This company had charged me $89.31!! long story short the bank said that since I accepted the product as a Free Trail that I would likely get stuck with the bill. I called the company to see if I could get a refund and they said I could have a 35% credit. I doubt I will even get that amount credited after all this is a scam company with no integrity.   So there you have it, I paid big $$$$ for a bottle of Cream that looks like it was made in someones garage and had no noticable effect.  By the way it was never on Shark Tank and I now see where this scam has been marketed under several other false advertising stratagies. 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #89255
May 17 2004
02:46 PM, Aka Financial Consortium International ripoff, Fraudulent Check Scam, Bogus Company, Don't trust the web-site, it looks legit Albany New York
The check cashing company advertises on and their website really looked legit. I received my first check from them on April 20th. The plan was to deposit the check into my bank account and then receive wiring instructions. They supposedly connect Americans that are working overseas with their bank accounts that are in the US. I followed the instructions and the day after my deposit, I wired the funds minus transfer fee and 5% commission to a company called spectrtravel in Moscow, Russia. In the meantime. I saw a report regarding Checkbank on I e-mailed the company and they actually responded by saying it was from their competitors at trying to hurt their business. On April 26th I went to to see if the next check was on its way yet, and I was denied access. Since I work at a bank, I decided to check my account and saw that their initial check was being returned. This put me at a huge negative in my checking account. I have contacted the better business bureau in Buffalo, NY and I am considering a lawsuit. So if anyone else out there that are victims of this scam please let me know if you want to join in on a lawsuit against these thieves. Michael Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York

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