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1, Report #1393964
Aug 19 2017
11:35 AM
copyrights clearance center Rightslink® by Copyright Clearance Center ordered article & they sent two pages from an obscure book that needed enlarging & was barely legible Danvers, Massachusetts
Wanted to read an article from 1957 regarding a new family service offered by a child psychologist.  Searching online I found the article available thru Rights Link and Copyright Connect. For a mere $4.99 they would rent me a 24 hour read, which would have been sufficient, if I only could have read it. This was on a Saturday, but I received the link and had to enlarge it to 150% and then could barely read that it was from some obscure book on something else.  I immediately emailed them demanding my money back and on Monday received an awkwordly worded email from John saying they do not refund rentals and that I would have to go the the American Medical Society. Nay, nay, says I right back.  I looked up my Visa account and it was copyright connect who got my money, so pay up. Then I get an email from Mona from copyright connect saying they will go to the AMA and request my refund. At this point I notified my credit union and got a phone call from their fraud department.  She phoned Mona and asked to be cc on all further emails.  Mona admitted to the fraud agent that from 1957 to 2000 most of the articles were difficult to impossible to read.  This was recorded by the fraud agent. She hung up on Mona and said she would put a temporary refrund on my acct.   I looked up Mona and John and they were from India, so I knew why it was such a clumsy and poor service.   Then this past week, I got a 3rd email from John saying the refund was in process and would take at least a week. Then the next day I got a 4th email from Marion saying the refund was complete. All for a measely $4.99.  What a crock and a waste of time.  My advice?  Do Not give up.  
Entity: Danvers, , Massachusetts
2, Report #699288
Feb 24 2011
07:22 AM
Atlanta Clearance Center Deceptive practices Buyer Beware Stone Mountain, Georgia
I called Don, the owner of Atlanta Clearing Center (4611 Greer Circle, Stone Mountain) last night, February 22, 2011, to look at a king size mattress in his store as advertised on Craig's list. After I arrived in the store, and after looking at several mattresses at the store, I told the lady (who was the only person in the store at the time) that I wasn't ready to purchase but was just looking. She told me to give her my visa check card to swipe, and that she would hold the transaction off until I call the next morning if I wanted to go through with it, then she will process it and set up a delivery of the mattress. But when I got home and look at my account, she had already processed it and the charge was pending on my account. After researching the company on the Internet, I realized it was fraudulent. I found lots of consumer complaints against the Royal Heritage warranty to be a fake. People were not getting what they ordered; some of them did not get their merchandise or money back. After calling the business numerous times 2-23-11 I got no answer, so I decided to go there and see what was going on. I notified the police, and the officer called. The lady told the officer that the business open by appointment only. The lady called me this afternoon @ 3:00pm, February 23, 2011, to set up a delivery. I told her I did not authorize them to take my money. And that our discussion was for the transaction to be on hold, because I found out that the company was a fake I decided I did not want to make a purchase.As of this moment I have no mattress, and my money is pending withdrawal from my account. Update: The money has been withdrawn from my account and I do not have any merchandise.
Entity: Stone Mountain, Georgia
3, Report #134301
Mar 09 2005
08:49 AM
Uncle Mel's Used Car Clearance Center ripoff CAR LOT TAKE YOUR DOWN PAYMENT THEN REPO THE CAR Plantation Florida
I went in to purchase a car. I gave a down payment of 2,000.00. I signed a contract stating i was financed by an outside company what my payment would be. I left with the car thinking i was financed everything was o.k. About three days ago i had a call stating the finance didn't go thru i would need more money down or they would take the car and keep my down payment. I called the finance company to see what the problem was they told me they were willing to finance me but the price the car dealership was asking for was unreasonble. The finance compancy told me that the dealer knew two weeks ago that i was never financed and they don't understand why they let me go so long without letting me know. I feel like why lead somebody to thinking that there financed when there really not. So this morning i woke up my car was gone. They dealer had towed it. I called the dealer to get my stuff out the car they have no idea why my car is and why it was towed. I don't even want to deal with them no more i just want my down payment back. They need to be closed down for fraud. Stephanie PLANTION, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Plantation, Florida
4, Report #374793
Sep 21 2008
10:06 AM
Software Clearance Center Software Scam! The UN-AMERICAN WAY! Seller a Thief in the Night! Internet Florida, California, Hawaii
I purchased, paid in full with biz Visa, what I thought was Adobe CS3 ($694.00 before shipping) for MAC. I only own a MAC so was surprised when a Windows version was sent by regular mail a few days later. I contacted the company through email several times before they responded saying I should first buy the correct version ($694.00 before shipping) and then they would refund my first purchase. I emailed back saying that I didn't want to purchase anything else just wanted an even exchange, MAC version for Windows version. I also wrote a letter and sent it to their 'contact us' info on the web-site. There has been no further response from them. The mailing envelope shows a return address as a PO Box in Panama City Beach, FL. same as the 'contact us' address on the web-site. The package was mailed from a zip code in Irwin, CA. (CA zip is on mailing envelope). I filed a complaint with the BBB in northern Florida (because of return address on mailer) My bank supplied a POS (point of sale) phone number to me required by banks from online sellers to complete online transactions. When called this number rings in to a full voice box. I 'googled' the number and it comes up as a Honolulu, HI phone listing for some one selling a boat! Fotogirl eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #843331
Feb 23 2012
10:20 AM
Furniture Discounters & Clearance Center of NC Scam Farmingdale, New York
Furniture took 3 weeks to arrive when we were told 3 days. When it did arrive 3 of the 6 pieces were smashed. When i said please just take it all back and cancel he said i cant cancel. I told him i can cancel with my credit card company and he said I will fight your credit card company He said he does it all the time and always wins.. I said fine just deliver my stuff. He said Wednesday so my wife took off. Well Wednesday came and they called to say now it might be Saturday. We saved our money for 7 months and work real hard to be able to get furniture and it really is a shame that these people are allowed to stay open.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
6, Report #180455
Mar 10 2006
01:44 PM
K & R Clearance Center attempted scam of $38,600.00 for a 10% processing of 386,000 sweepstakes winnings ripoff Toronto Ontario Canada
K&R clearance center send me a letter stating that I won a multi country and multi company raffle. A number was given to call to verify my identy and to give verbal confirmatiom of acceptance to receive a check. When the check for $49,950.00 arrived it also had a letter stating that for legality the 10% administrative and processing costs would have to be paid by me. To help in making these payments this check was sent. I was suposed to deposit this check into my account and when it cleared my bank I was to contact dan and get an acount number to wire $38,600.00 to him. Upon receiving the 38,600 He would then sned the check for the remaining sweepstakes of $338,000.00. Well thinking this was a scam where he gets his wire transfer then removes the cash before the check clears, I overnighted the check with a letter of request to open an account, to the bank that the routing number from the check belongs to In hopes of clearing the check before he gets a chance to remove the money. Two days later I called dan to tell hime I received the check and will be depositing the next day. Well it turns out the check was fraudulant. The routing number went to one bank but the account belonged to a sister bank in a different state. The money was in the account but the account was not at the bank where the account was. This person (dan) called from a different number (646 536 9090) Which is how I found this site. The same number used for a loan and insurance scam. Ron Wheeling, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
7, Report #1201502
Jan 13 2015
09:13 PM
Karl Malone Clearance Center Used Car Outlet 10736 South State Sandy, Utah84070 Sold as a diamond, ended up being sludge Sandy, Utah
Was promised a great deal on a great car. A no down deal could be made with reasonable payments. Was encouraged to choose between only two options in my price range. Was promised a deal could be made within my parameters. Was talked into a deal that was not previously discussed which included significant down payment and higher monthly payment in spite of the car being 2000 model. I was told there was a clean carfax. RESULT Paid $750 down for The finest car on the lot and in the $5,000 price range Was told the car was in such good shape that it needed nothing at trade in but tires.   I needed a reliable car for my niece. I explained who it was for when I went there. They then proceeded to explain they could not do a deal without $750 down instead of a hundred dollar payment, I would have to make a one hundred and fifty dollar payment. For an older car in such great shape, I felt it was worth it and signed the papers. Within days, mechanical issues were apparent and the dealer was contacted. THey agreed to look at the car and replace the hoses to the radiator which left me without a car for a week. I thought that was the end but I was still losing radiator fluid. I could not believe this because I thought the problem was fixed.  At this point I was well into Christmas and my was overheating. I took it to my own mechanic and they stated the problem was not with the hoses as the dealer mechanic assumed but it was with the radiator itself and it was not repairable.  I felt like the dealer tried to limp my car along and not have to pay for a significant repair.  When I told the dealership this I checked the Kelly Blue Book and dealership trade in value was around or less than $2,000. Yet my loan was well above five thousand plus the down payment, plus work I paid for at a shop and sales tax etc. I paid $1300 to drive this car for two months and it had pre-existing mechanical issues that retail would cost me $750 to fix and other issues that were due at the mileage including timine belt and tune up. The dealership appeared to want to help me and offered to fix the problem at my expense with a labor discount making it $550 to fix. OR The dealership would allow me to meet with a salesman again and purchase a much higher priced car, go through the whole car buying process again and pay $3,000 over blue book on that car but would take my car in trade for a grossly overpriced newer car.  The dealerships made me think they were helping by giving me the $5300 I still owe on the old car. (I also lost the downpayment and other expenses and payments already made in that two months.) Then a new car they presented (I only had two choices again) that retailed at $5,600 would be sold to me for $9,998. Double ripoff! I took my original purchase and ran out the door. It only takes one bad deal to smell another one coming down the line....
8, Report #211775
Sep 19 2006
01:21 PM
Uncle Mel's Used Car Clearance Center - Uncle Mel's Of Plantation - Global Auto Sales Ripoff Bait and Switch Spent over $4000 in repairs Plantation Florida
On 12/17/2005, I purchased a 2001 Huyndai Elantra from Uncle Mel's Used Car Clearance Center, with an $1100 down payment. I then purchased new front and rear brakes, headlights and two new tires for said car, which cost me over $1000. At the time of purchase, I signed paperwork for two separate finance companies, as the salesperson was not sure which one of them would approve me. On 12/28/2005, I received a call from said dealer, telling me that I needed to come in for more paperwork. When I arrived at the dealer, I was told that the financing on my car fell through, neither bank would finance me, and I either needed to come up with more money for a down payment so that they could finance me in house, or get a different car. As I had no further money to put down on the car, because I had spent it on putting the other car in good driving condition, I was forced into a 2000 Dodge Stratus, or they told me they would keep the down payment. They refused to provide me with letters of denial of credit, thus violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. They also refused to provide me with the names, addresses and phone numbers of the banks involved, and did not provide me with copies of the paperwork I signed for each of the banks, because the credit was denied. I immediately took the car to my mechanic for inspection, and was told that it needed 4 new tires, a new tie rod, a complete rear brake job, a new coolant overflow jug, and that it had a motor in it from a junk yard. I took the car back the next day (because my contract said I had 24 hours to cancel the deal), and was told that I could buy the parts and they would do the labor for free, or I could leave it at the dealer as a voluntary repossession, and they would again get to keep my down payment. They made no mention of reimbursing me for the work I paid for on the Huyndai, which the dealer has since sold. I told the sales manager that as long as the car was reliable, and I didn't break down on the side of the road, that would be fine. The sales manager told me that I would not break down because the car was in great condition. 5 days after I signed the contract on that car, it overheated and broke down in the middle of traffic. I had it towed by AAA to my mechanic, who told me the water pump was leaking. The dealer towed it to their shop and had it for a week before it was fixed, I got it back on 01/09/2006. They paid for the tow to their shop, and replaced the water pump and timing belt. I did not have to pay for that repair. On 01/13/2006, The car again overheated on me and stalled in the middle lane of rush hour traffic on Cypress Creek Rd. The Fort Lauderdale police came and helped me move the car off the road and waited again until AAA arrived to tow the car. While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, I called the dealer several times, and was transferred to their service manager's cell phone, which he did not answer and could not receive messages on. Since I could not reach the dealer, I had the car towed to my personal mechanic again, and he fixed it the next day, replacing the radiator cap, thermostat and flushing the cooling system. I then got the car back on 1/16/2006, and paid $94.96 for that repair. On 01/20/2006, the car overheated again and broke down. I had it towed a third time to my personal mechanic, who diagnosed the car as having a blown head gasket. I called the dealer on 01/21/2006, who said they would have the car towed to their shop, and they would work on getting me into another car. The car was towed to the dealer's shop, by their tow truck contractor, on 01/23/2006, and their shop agreed with my mechanic that it had a blown head gasket. They claimed that they were going to repair the car, but had no estimate as to when it would be fixed. While all these repairs were being made on the Stratus, I was making weekly payments to the dealer, to the total of $412. That, plus the $1100 down, plus the $94.96 in repairs on the car now at their shop, and over $300 in repair on the car that they resold, would have purchased me a decent used car in cash. After all of that, they still REFUSED to give me my money back, and forced me into a 1999 Volkswagen Passat, for which they made me give them an additional $500 down, still did not reimburse me for any repairs on the other cars, and made me feel like they were doing me a favor, and said that I should have to wait for the repairs on the Stratus to be finished. The Passat broke down on 01/26/2006, TWO DAYS after I purchased it. They towed it to their shop, told me it had an electrical problem, then put a rebuilt engine into it, after having it for two months. I also mentioned that the airbag light was on, and was told not to worry about it. I got it back in April 2006, and shortly after that, it broke down again, needing a new neutral safety switch (which they claimed to have replaced), a new turbo and two new tires, which I had to have my mechanic repair, because they refused to. Furthermore, I paid the manager of the dealer $150 for tires which were never put on the car, and $300 for the replacement of a switch. I paid over $3000 for the repairs from my mechanic. My mechanic also mentioned that the airbag system is faulty, and that should I have an accident in the car, the airbags will not deploy. Total cost for that repair is going to be over $3000. Furthermore, the dealer and I signed an affidavit authorizing them to transfer my tag from a previous car to this one, and it was to be delivered to me within 30 days. They never did so, and I have been unable to find out what to do, since they had a NEW registration issued for the car and never delivered the tag to me. I received a ticket on 09/05/06 for the expired tag (which expired 08/28/06), and I called everyone I could think of to complain. Once I reached the owner of my finance company, who is friends with the manager for this car dealer, I actually received a response. I picked up the now expired registration on 09/08/06, and renewed it the next day online. I did not have to pay for the new registration, as the manager took the $150 I paid him for tires that I never received to pay for the registration, which was done without my consent or authorization. Upon further research, I discovered that the dealer is in violation of the FTC used car rule, because they DO NOT post buyer's guides in any of the cars that they have for sale on the lot, nor do they properly disclose the warranty that they offer on their paperwork (they omit how the price of repair will be determined). They do give buyers a copy of the Buyer's Guide at the time of purchase (when the paperwork is signed). They refused to respond to a Better Business Bureau complaint, so I am filing complaints with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and the Broward County Consumer Protection division of government. I tried to resolve this amicably at the suggestion of the DMV complaint agent, but so far, the only other option I am being given is to get another car, again with no mention of refunding me the over $4000 I have had to spend on repairs. If I had over $4000 just laying around, I would have taken it to a NEW car dealer and bought a NEW car with that as a downpayment. Just because I have bad credit doesn't mean people should take advantage of me! Kristal Davie, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Plantation, Florida
9, Report #374790
Sep 21 2008
09:59 AM
Software Clearance Center Software scam! Shifty seller! Totally the UN-AMERICAN way! Like a thief in the night, seller can't be found! Panama City Beach Nationwide Florida, Hawaii, California
I purchased Adobe Software from an on-line seller. I only own a MAC and so would have been very careful to only check MAC versions of purchases. The item was paid in full (694.00 before shipping) with my business Visa. It arrived a few days later but was the Windows version. I went back to their site and discovered the phone # for the co. was missing. I e-mailed them requesting an even exchange (MAC for Windows) and they didn't respond. The 'contact us' page on their web-site only shows the PO Box in Florida. I did try also to write them a letter an sent it regular mail. I have not received a reply. After several e-mails they emailed me saying I should first buy the correct version (another $694.00 before shipping) and then they would refund my first purchase. The return address on the mailing envelope lists a PO Box in Panama City Beach, FL. but the item was mailed from a zip code for Irwin, CA (found on mailing envelope). I emailed back that I simply wanted an exchange and they have not answered any other emails. I registered a complaint with BBB in northern Florida (because of the return address on mailing envelope). I contacted my bank who supplied the POS (point of sale) phone number required from online sellers by banks to complete online transactions. The POS number rings in to a full voice message box. When I 'googled' the phone number it is in Honolulu, HI and brings up someone trying to sell a boat! Fotogirl eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #427305
Feb 22 2009
10:25 PM
Colorado Bath, Bathroom Clearance Center, Upscale Bath, Toimarket, T Market Bathroom Fixtures, buy at your own risk. commerce City Colorado
purchased tub and they sent me the wrong tub. poor cummincation. they sell on the internet and when they mess up, they will not reply. they have no sense of accountability. if there are problems use paypal dispute immediatley. a dispute will freeze ALL pay pal transactions not just yours. don't let them use extorsion eg:close paypal dispute then we will resolve it, or we will send a collection agency to you. do not fall for these threats. the tub i bought on ebay is still being sold. the seller is toimarket, company name T Market Bathroom Fixtures the writing, pics and description is the same as colorado bath when i bought from them plus the items are shipped from colorado, also in the description CO residents have to add sales tax. warning to all, buy at your own risk. Ken saskaton, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: Commerce City, Colorado
11, Report #691178
Feb 05 2011
09:46 AM
Furniture Discounters & Clearance Center of Nc Furniture Discounters -Direct from North Carolina STILL THE SAME THIEF'S - JUST A NEW NAME Farmingdale, New York
This furniture store has just changed it's name to cover up all of the people they have ripped off. Look up Discount furniture from North Carolina on this web site as well as on Google. They will take your deposit for furniture and then tell you it should arrive in 4-6 weeks. Four to six months you might get a piece or two of a set but nothing but excuses and it's always the manufacturer who"s to blame. I ordered a dining room set, Living room set and bedroom set. I had to cancel the order and fight to get my money back after 5 months and only a table and chairs arrived. No other sets and no China or server either to go with the dining set. I ordered the exact brand and styleonline from a furniture site and had it delivered in 3 weeks.....come to find out it's all available for other stores unless you don't pay your suppliers for the furniture. STAY AWAY FROM MIKE AND HIS COUSIN who own and run the sales floor. The worst part was having all of my calls ignored and no one was ever in...until I went in person and confronted the 2 weasels. I wound up protesting all of the charges on my credit card since they wouldn't credit back the money for what they didn't deliver. They even had the nerve to lie and tell the CC company we wouldn't take delivery and they had all of the furniture.......This should have been a nice experience to buy new furniture for a new house and it turned out to be a nightmare.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
12, Report #1185292
Oct 27 2014
08:36 PM
Raymour & Flanigan JV 050 Fairfield NJ Clearance Center Rip Off Center - Fairfield Clearance Center located 531 US Highway 46 Fairfield NJ Fairfield NJ
The Raymour & Flanigan Fairfield NJ Clearance Center should change name to Rip Off Center or Fraud Center. I brought a sofa and love seat from this store last year. The salesman Scott helped me found a lether sofa and a lether love seat I liked. I checked quality and took pictures. They told me their delivery company would drop it off to my house if I make a payment first. On the day of delivery, the delivery people were not only 3 hours late, they also asked me pay cash before moving the furniture in. I told them I will pay them after moving the furniture in. Then, they put the sofa and love seat in the middle of my living room and asked me for cash. I asked them moving my old sofa to the side and replace it with the new sofa. They asked me to pay cash befor do anything. They asked me to pay $50 more for moving the old Sofa to the side and $100 more for moving it to outside of the house. After they set up the sofa and love seat, I told them just wait a munites so I could check if any damages. I found out the love seat was damaged and it was not the one I saw in the store. I went out trying to tell them for the wrong love seat, they was gone. I sent a email to the sale person Scott right way. Scott told me they only have one left in the store with 2 big holes on the lether. I requested to have a diffrent delevery company to pickup the love seat or swap with a same quality I saw in the store, they just ignored me. I pointed out their fraud action and disbuted with American Express card. The American Express dispute department is supporting the fraud action. Based on the conversation between me and American Express customer service, American Express did favor of Fairfield Certer because Paymour & Flanigan has merchant account with American Express. I am only a end user of American Express. It is not fair. 
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #448869
May 05 2009
08:13 AM
Conns Clearance Lawn Mower Rip Off Baytown Texas
I bought a Toro lawn mower from Conns Clearence Center in Baytown. It had all the paper work and manuals hanging from the handle of the mower like it was brand new. It looked brand new. Took it home and it made a loud grinding noise when the self propelled was engaged. I took the mower back to Conns and they told me they had to send it to their service center. It took 5 weeks and a few calls to the service center to finally get the mower back. I started the mower and it did exactly the same loud grinding noise. By this time I am getting really frustrated. I took it back to Conns. They had to send it back to the service center. I got the mower back after 4 weeks of calling and getting the run around from the people at the service center. They rarely even answer the phone. Their service at the center is the wurst customer service I have ever delt with. I finally got the mower home and it did work a lot better, but still made the grinding noise and it got worse. I had to take it back to Conns and have it sent back to the service center. After calling and calling and getting put off by the phone answerer, I finally got to talk to a tech. He tried to tell me that their were parts missing from the mower like I have been taking it apart. I told him that they were the only ones who has had their hands on the mower. I also told him that a Toro mower is a good mower and I shouldn't have these kind of problems. Well now it has been 5 weeks and they are saying that the parts have just now come it to their shop. Seems like it would be cheaper just to send it to the Toro dealer where a Toro tech can fix it the first time. I have been having to pay the lawn guys to get my yard cut. It would have been a lot cheaper to just go to Walmart and buy a new one. I asked the manager at Conns what we are going to do if if doesn't work this time and she said that there are NO refunds and that I could pick something else in house that I might want. She said this was Conns policy. I don;t want anything else from Conns. Looks like small claims court is in my future. Disgruntal consumer Baytown, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Baytown, Texas
14, Report #1106825
Dec 13 2013
03:07 PM
Clearance co. Rip Out Berverly Hills California
I purchase an item from Clearance co. on Oct.25,2013. As of December 12,2013, I haven't recieved the item yet. I contacted the company through their system by submitting tickets. I submitted tickets on: QDT 28417 on Nov.27,13,XMG 78715 on Dec.6,13,again on Dec.9-VOW 61427,again on Dec.10-RCQ 73012, and RMZ 60871 on Dec2,13. I also tried to call the help line number given by the company ,always to listened to a recording. I was asked to leave my land line number.which i did ,never receiving a call back form the company. the company did take the payment for the item from my checking account on Oct.28,2013.  the only way I got a response from the company was when I complainted on the company's web site. Still I haven't recieved the item or a refund. When asked by the company(email) what method I would perfer I said I wanted the item. I did find out that this company has recieved an F rating by the BBB.
Entity: Berverly Hills, California
15, Report #619286
Jul 01 2010
06:53 PM
Sams Clearance Sams-clearance Sams-Clearcance was confirmed NOT to be affiliated with Sam's Club Warehouse Internet
Responed to a posting on Craigslist, and the business responded that they were out of the playset, but that the clearance dept. at Sam's Club may still have a few left [] Following the link I found the Rainbow Playset that I wanted for my child, for about $200 less than at Costco.  The fake site uses the actual layout, logos, etc. that Sam's Club uses--then defaults to their own payment system.  Because of the deep discount they want to be paid with a GreenDot money card to avoid the credit card fees.  A Western Union request would have immediately sounded an alarm, but I wasn't sure what Greendot was.  However, since it was sold at Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, etc., I WRONGLY assumed that there was SOME consumer protection.  There is NONE.  Help with your GreenDot card comes from Southeast Asia and is of little value.  I was told to call my local police when I asked to be helped with a fraudelent online transaction involving their product!
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #767435
Aug 19 2011
11:38 PM
On March 27th, 2010 I purchased a deluxe plush classic mattress and a classic collection foundation from Arizona Clearance at 4028 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 603 Phoenix, AZ 85040 for $758.01. This Mattress was delivered to my home, 50 miles away, by pick up truck. This was the first indicator to me that I was not dealing with a legitimate business. I had wondered how there could not be damage done to the mattress slumped over and nearly folded in half inside of a pick up truck. Regardless, I accepted the bed and set it up myself because it was merely dropped off at my door step... and I paid $50 for this delivery! The first night on the bed we knew something was wrong. We could hear and feel loud popping noises coming from the springs. The bed has never stopping making these noises and not only is it completely malformed, but the springs are sticking up out of the foundation into the mattress. Since the purchase I have called several times only to be cut off immediately. The people here don't care what your issue with the bed is, they give you their address and tell you to send a letter with photocopies of the receipt and the tags on the product to their warranty department and in 2 weeks time an IBC rep will come to your house to inspect the bed. What really happens is you send these letters in repeatedly only to be ignored completely. Nobody ever contacts you and nobody ever comes out to inspect the bed. My husband and I have been sleeping on our sofa and loveseat for almost a year now because this bed has springs popping out of it everywhere, the box springs also have springs popped out and sticking into the bottom of the mattress itself, the shape of the bed has changed completely, instead of being square the sides are bowed out and it is more uncomfortable than the bed we had for 7 years prior to this was! I would never purchase a mattress from here ever again and I plan on going to every place on the internet this place advertises on and telling all!!!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #286191
Nov 22 2007
11:41 PM
$1 ClearanceAustwide Clearance Auctions Or $1 Clearance RIPPED OFF by $1 clearance(EBay) *5 buyers have come forward to be compensated. Pls don't let this happen to you Springvale E Bay Victoria Australia
This seller on E Bay is a total RIP OFF ! He sells pallet load of mystery items($3000 value) for $279.99 + .. I got mine after a month and it is total rubbish. The seller would not and still wont communicate. E Bay trust & safety team looking into it but very slow.. BUYERS BEWARE .. your money and you should be respected a bit more considering we earned it and not ripped others for it.... Beware Seller Like God,Karma is everywhere ! bambi richmondAustralia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ebay
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #681081
Jan 10 2011
04:08 PM
Clearance Store They took $400.00 out of my MoneyPak , Internet
I ordered a trampoline for my children's Christmas off of Craig's list from the Clearance Store. They instructed me to go to e-bay and down load a coupon. They told me to go buy a MoneyPak for $400.00 and using eBay. I was to put my MoneyPak number in. Who ever has access to this number takes the money. It is good as cash. So they took the money and I haven't heard from them since. My children lost out but these people are $400.00 richer. They are still on Craig's list. I hope other people haven't fallen for this theft. Here is their last e-mail to me: If you buy your MoneyPak tomorrow you will still benefit of the free shipping coupon. Then you go back to your invoice, click the pay now button. You will be directed on the eBay site where you fill the shipping and other details. You will use the coupon there. Last field is the payment and after you complete the transaction you will receive a confirmation email.We don't allow pickup during this campaign since we provide free shipping.Thank you, Clearance Store
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #298310
Jan 09 2008
12:47 AM
$1 Clearance On Ebay RIP OFF COMPANY Melbourne Victoria Australia
I purchased from this company and never received the items. I've since spoken to a person who knew someone that worked in this guys wharehouse in Melbourne. He said that the owner did not care if people were not happy with their goods, he would tell them to return them for a refund, then he wouldn't refund their money. He charges 99 cents for the items he sells, but charges them exoribitant postage charges, for instance and item that costs him $5.50 to post, he will charge the buyer $29 or more for postage. Thats how he makes his profit. He would tell buyers that the postage cost covered receipted delivery and insurance when in fact he had a special deal with the post office to get cheap postage anyway. This person that worked in his wharehouse also said that the guy had already been investigated for selling counterfeit items on ebay. He pays ebay lots in fee's so thats probably why they haven't de-registered him I should have looked at the feedback before I stupidly purchased from him last year. If anyone reads his feedback they'd know to stay well clear of him. I was lucky I only lost $30. Some poor people have lost like $400 when they bought those pallet loads off him for 99cents and then got charged $398 for postage! Arthouse MelbourneAustralia
Entity: Melbourne, Nationwide
20, Report #1230954
May 22 2015
01:59 PM
Freedom Clearance Organisation That I owe a debt Internet
I received this email.Scary part is that they had my SSN. Dear: Myrta Garza S.S.N: xxx-xx-xxxx Address: (((redacted))) City: Brownsville State: TX Zip: 78526  Case file #: NS08/247650 You are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of day. Your S.S.N is put on hold by us Federal Government.                                                                            I have all the proofs with all of your personal details in the affidavit with me. So before it gets downloaded inside the court house with the legal procedures in your name and on your social security number with hampering your credit ratings Just reply me back whether you want to put a hold on this case file and settle it outside the courthouse with the settlement amount and close it or else you want to take this matter inside the court house with the penalty fees and judge fees and court house fees and you may end up in a legal mess. We are informing you that this is your final reminder Email and opportunity to make payment. Unless we have your check for the amount $1290.00 within the next 48 hours, or an acceptable proposal for payments is obtained forthwith, we shall immediately commence legal actions against you. If the matter goes that far, you will also be liable for all attorney fees and court costs .such and actions will also adversely affect your credit ratings. Send Your Payment as Soon as Possible. Because your file is inside the court house our records clearly indicate that this amount due for services rendered and that we are entitled to commence collection procedures should it be necessary. Will additionally assess you legal fees and costs of such legal proceedings Send your Payment immediately or contact me at once.If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter, please call us or   Email the undersigned immediately. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1230298
May 19 2015
07:08 PM
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1228498
May 12 2015
07:49 AM
FREEDOM CLEARANCE ORGANIZATION sent me emails stating i owe them money hayward ca
I have recieved several emails from this company Freedom Clearance Organization stating i have to pay them 1125.00 within a certain amount  of time or will be taken to court. i have not gotten any loans, etc but they have my social security number.  i know it is a scam but these companys need to be brought down.They sent me with an attachment looking like a bill, with a claim number there are 2 addresses on itHead Office:  22320 foothill blvd #400 Hayward, CA 94531Account Office: 1527 6th avenue Seattle, WA 98101my emails are the same as the other person filing a rip off report
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1235014
Jun 11 2015
01:48 PM
Freedom Debt Clearance Organization FINAL WARNING-LEGAL Action Internet
 Received several email's from this company Freedom Debt Clearance Organization as have others here I see.  It's definitely a scam because the amount is the same for all of us, $1290.  They do have my banking information, address and it would appear my SSN.  Not sure how they received this informaiton-I've never taken a loan out.  They are claiming I took a loan out with Advance Cash Services and are threatening to file a 1099-A with the IRS unless I pay.  Odd thing is there is no phone number, address, etc in order to contact them.  They will only respond to email.  Something should be done about this.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #616547
Jun 23 2010
09:40 AM
Website; SamsClub Clearance Craigslist rip off - Sends you to a fake website to steal your identity Internet
Responding to a Craigslist add for a wooden playst, I was directed by email link to a fake Sams Club website, after you add the item to the shopping cart, they ask you to fill out a form with personal info .  Then they send you an email receipt and you are supposed to send them payment through the email.  I called Sams Club and they said this website is a fraud. The wesite name is sams-clearance.comm
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1188017
Nov 11 2014
08:45 AM
Clearance Discount Sale ClearanceDiscountSale Betty Gibson Clearance Discount Sale is a Fraud Bismark North Dakota lists adds on Craigslist offering items such as Concept2 Rowers and Yamaha outboard engines for 30%+ less than anyone else. The Craigslist post hides their identity and prompts you to email.  They then respond and point you to The website offers another 5-10% voucher for registering.  Go through the checkout process and they will not let you pay with credit card, only with cash or wire transfer. Look for any evidence of a legitimate business named Clearance Discount Sale LLC and you won't find it.  Don't trust them with cash or wire transfer unless you never want to see your money again. Its a fraud.
Entity: Bismark, North Dakota

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