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1, Report #1394300
Aug 21 2017
09:11 AM
Corporation Filing Service I started a small LLC business, at the end of July 2017, and at the begining of August 2017 received this so-called Annual Minutes Statement, requesting The Names of all Shareholders, The names of all Corporate Directors, The names of all Corporate Officers, and their Titles, Contact Name, Phone, and E-mail....and most importantly ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Tallahassee Florida
WHEN you start a corporation, foundation, or any other legal entity, you will receive a number of FAKE requests, written to make you think it is related to the rules of your State's government.     I started a foundation this year, and received a few of these scams. Most recently a LLC corporation was set up for me, at the end of July, 2017. In the befining of August, 2017...I received something called an Annual Minutes Statement. It requested the names of ALL Shareholders, Corporate Directors, Corporate Officers, and the Name, Phone # and E-mail address of the Contact of Said corporation.  The most important part of this scam..(to THEM, at least), is that they boldly ask for a check or money order for ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. The funny thing is....the names of all only one person. ME.   When you receive something like this in the mail, ALWAYS look for the disclaimer there will be on EACH and EVERY one of them. The disclaimer on this one (and it is gramatically incorrect) says.... Corporation Filing Service is not a government agency and does not have or contract with any government agency to provide this service nor does it fulfill the State of Florida's Annual Report filing requirement.   The disclaimer will ALWAYS state, that the place sending you this, is NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. It will usually be cleverly hidden amongst many other many times you will need to search for it...but trust me. It is always there. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Always search the Name of the fake organization, along with it's address....and you will most likely find it right here, at Ripoff Report.  Corporation Filing Service I started a small LLC business, at the end of July 2017, and at the begining of August 2017 received this so-called Annual Minutes Statement, requesting The Names of all Shareholders, The names of all Corporate Directors, The names of all Corporate Officers, and their Titles, Contact Name, Phone, and E-mail....and most importantly ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. It is pretty hilarious considering the business that was set up, has only ONE director, officer, etc. ...and that is ME. If you receive ANYTHING in the mail like this...PLEASE look for the following disclaimer (AND DO TAKE NOTE...THIS DISCLAIMER IS GRAMATICALLY INCORRECT)...Corporate Filing Service (or whomEVER you receive a request from) NOT a government agency, and does not have or contract with any government agency to provice this service nor does it fulfill the State of Florida's Annual Report filing requirement. ALL such PHISHING SCAM LETTERS contain such disclaimers, and when you SEE it ON their assured....IT IS A SCAM. Tallahassee Florida
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
2, Report #534363
Dec 05 2009
11:46 AM
Hearts Corporation filing false Delinquint Subscriptions Red Oak, Iowa
The Hearst Corp is sending me deliquent subscription notices. I paid for all the subscriptions that I requested, and sent REFUSAL notices when I got them. I'm tired of the threatening and use of extortion by this company.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
3, Report #1013530
Feb 13 2013
10:49 AM
Corporate Records Service Scam preying on new self-employment corporation, sends demand that looks like legitimate required filing costing $125.00, sent me $2 binder Springfield , Illinois
I have a new corporation for my business and of course I want to make sure that I do everything required by the state. This Corporate Records Service wrote a letter with forms and demanded $125.00 to comply with state law regarding corporate board records. I believed that it was a legitimate state agency and sent the forms and a check for $125.00. They even sent me a follow-up notice that information was missing and I filled that out and sent it in. I got suspicious when I received a package from Corporate Records Service with what my $125.00 apparenlty bought me - a $2 plastic binder with a couple of sheets included. I am writing to demand my money back (they claim they will send me a full refund if I am not satisfied, which of course I am not) but also wanted to alert others to this scam. There is also a small print statement on one of the forms that says CRS is not a state agency, but it is buried in with a lot of legal-looking verbiage.
Entity: Springfield, Illinois
4, Report #227524
Dec 28 2006
08:36 AM
Copeland Marketing Corporation Filing complaints against Copeland Marketing Ripoff Daytona Beach Florida
The Attorney General's office is conducting an investigation against Copeland Marketing. If you live outside Florida, call 850-414-3990 and they will explain how to file a complaint. Let's recoup our money and put these scammers out of business for good. Inez Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Daytona Beach, Florida
5, Report #1408119
Oct 23 2017
06:41 PM
Went online to file for a FEIN number on the site and they ask for a payment of $247.00 so it was right away the money was debit from my card. It's been almost 2weeks no numbers. So I like a refund on my money. Thx
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1432430
Mar 04 2018
07:56 PM
Application Filing Service Charged for something that is free Spokane Washington
Application Filing Service This website is a scam. They will collect your personal information and a $39 fee and then mail you a blank application form and tell you to go to the local office to complete an application. (In my case, a replacement social security card). Do not let them scam you or phish your personal information. The forms they were 'helping' you with are free, and you can only apply through an appropriate government office. This company charged me $39 for a fraudulent and useless service Internet
Entity: Spokane, Washington
7, Report #293008
Dec 19 2007
04:43 PM
First Extended Service Corporation First Extended Service Corporation First Extended Service Corporation First Extended Service corp. denying claim due to wrong spark plug Dallas Texas
First Extended Service Corporation denied my claim to fix my 2002 mercury mountaineer. There was damage to the cylinder head from a blown spark plug. They say because I used Autolight spark plugs and the thread count is shorter than the Ford Recomended Motorcraft plugs, this caused the plug to be blown out damaging the #6 coil and the cylinder head. After the inspector left the repair shop (GRAHAM AUTO MALL), A FORD certified mechanic looked at the spark plug that I had used and the one that was recomended. He informed me that the thread depth of a spark plug does not matter, the seat depth has to be the same and it was. Making this plug a compatible part. Researching further I contacted Autolight. Hear I spoke with a very kind man who informed me that Autocraft manufactures the Motorcraft OEM plug for the factory for my car. He, also has informed me thread depth means nothing as long as seat depth is the same. Being as though the head in my vehicle has only 4 or 5 threads tapped into it, the extra threads sit in open air. I had been speaking with a man from the legal department at first extended service corp. He continues to argue with me like he is a mechanic. I understand the thread depth is different. A blind man can see this. Thread depth does not matter. At this time he won't return my calls or answer my fax. He must know that I am right as well as the Ford mechanic and the Autolight engineer. I will not give up on this legitamate claim. I have Ford certified mechanics backing me, as well as the spark plug engineer. Who will the judge believe? Them or scam artists sitting behind a desk? Jessica GALION, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #1075628
Aug 13 2013
07:47 PM
EIN Filing Service Misrepresentation/ Fraud, Inadequate Customer Service,  Internet
 First of all, when I began the application I ws under the impression  thatI was on the IRS website because it is made to look that way.  I had already provided all of my husband's secure info. as he authorized me to do for his EIN # application, like SSN (which I would have NEVER given to a third party, and I am quite scared of the consequences) I pressed the button and finalized the order when I realized I had been manipulated and that this was NOT the IRS website.  Their claim of being a third party designee made them sound like an authorized contractor for the IRS so I didn't worry that much until I realized that they don't answer their phones and suspected their business was filled with con-artists. Immediately after pressing the button to finalize the online transaction with this company, I realized I mad an error, and needed to speak to someone right away so that the information could be changed before it was sent to the IRS. I received an email at 1:13pm stating that they charged my credit card.  I was frantically calling and calling and calling.....with no one ever picking up the phone, and sometimes it would automatically go to voicemail.  I left two messages, but the phone calls were not returned.  At 1:25pm, I receive another email providing me with the Federal EIN Number. I then sent several emails stating that I wanted a refund, had already spoken to my bank to stop payment on the transaction (which is documented w Bank of America)and was upset to work with their incompetent company that would not return calls, yet take my money, and not answer the phone or return my messages that stated I was dissatisfied with their service for not responding when time was of the essence. They simply completed the order so they could have an excuse to keep my money by saying that they had already provided me with the service while ignoring my requests to the contrary.  I finally received an email back at 4:28pm saying I apologize for not responding sooner. I understand you needed to make a change to your application. Unfortunately, your order was processed immediately after receiving it due to you choosing our Rush option. The EIN assigned is an active number that is effective immediately. In order to make any changes to the existing EIN, you will need to contact the IRS at 1-800-829-4933. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you, Ashlee   I would like my $247.00 back due to this incompetent company's unavailable customer service via telephone or email when time was of the essence. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #125503
Jan 03 2005
11:10 AM
Whirlpool Corporation Refusal to Service Defective Merchandise RIPOFF Michigan
We bought a new Whirlpool refrigerator in May 2003. From the beginning the ice maker never worked properly. It made hollow ice instead of regularly formed cubes. The freezer compartment was constantly a mess, because the icemaker leaked water. I fixed the problem myself by buying a new ice maker, and installing it myself. It works perfectly now. I wrote to Whirlpool saying that it would be nice if they would consider paying me back for the cost of the ice maker (my labor was for free)-- they refused. True, it had a one year warranty that ran out a few months before I requested this, however, the item never worked properly in the first place. I think that a huge corporation like Whirlpool could be more gracious. We bought a new Whirlpool Dryer 2 years ago. This is the the second time that the electrical cord on it has burned. When I called Whirlpool for service, they refused. They said that the reason for refusing service was because I couldn't find the model/serial number tag on the dryer. At first the person that I was talking to didn't believe me (hey, I had my glasses on, and the electrician who eventually fixed the problem, again, couldn't find the tag either). The Whirlpool rep said that they cannot service any merchandise without the tag because it may have been stolen. The item was bought at the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange; was he suggesting that the government is selling stolen goods? Or, could it be that Whirlpool is selling the government stolen goods? My electrician and I think that when the dryer was manufactured the tag got left off (accidentally?). Makes sense to us: why doesn't it make sense to Whirlpool? I'm sure that most people's lives are too busy for them to be serious about dryer tag tampering. In conclusion, the once reputable Whirlpool Corporation has lost it's savvy. All I can say is that the next time that I decide to spend money on these types of products (and we all know that they are not cheap), it will be a MAYTAG, a KENMORE, GE; ANYTHING BUT WHIRLPOOL. Gayle Kailua, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #27539
Aug 21 2002
10:10 AM
Honda Corporation Corporate Repair Ripoff Tucson, AZ
I own a 1997 Honda Accord, it's been a decent car until yesterday. The Anti-lock brake system light went on and when I had the vehicle checked, which was another story in itself, by Beaudry Honda in Tucson, the estimated bill is $1,403 + tax. First of all, I cannot believe that this system has gone out, and secondly, the dealership acted like this is nothing more than a $10 repair. I'm thoroughly disgusted, after my car is fixed I won't return to this dealership, and probably will never own another Honda made vehicle. Sue Tucson, Arizona
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #463214
Jun 20 2009
08:59 AM
LoJack Corporation Customer Service Failure Westwood Maine
I purchased a new car and had the dealer install LoJack on it in 2007. Shortly thereafter the system started sending false reports. I initially had it set up to call our daughter's home phone, our home phone and our cell phone. I had to remove our daughter's number from the contact list because of the false alerts. I contacted LoJack and their solution was to operate one week with one fob and alternate fobs the next week. We even operated the car with no fobs in it. The results, according to their agent on the phone, were to try the fob swapping again. We have done the swapping several times. In fact, several times an alert was sent to LoJack from my car when both fobs were in the car with fresh batteries in them. From my knothole, the problem is either in the unit installed in the car or in both of the fobs (a solution I consider very unlikely). I have called the company several times to get the run-around. I wrote Mr. Paul McMahon, the Director (of) Corporate Communications in March and his indifference is evidenced by his failure to reply. All I want is for the unit to work as advertised, or take it out and give me my money back. Curt Graham, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Westwood, Maine
12, Report #573551
Feb 23 2010
04:42 AM
Eagle Warranty Corporation Unprofessional, rude, horrible customer service, Internet
Hi, I totally agree that this company is horrible! I got a warranty through a dealership.  I had over 3,000 bucks of work done on my vehicle and the repair shop wouldn't wait for a check so i had to front the money.  I was told that I would received a check in 2 wks.  well i had to constantly call them , then one of the reps accused me of calling the day before and began yelling at me, despite the fact that i actually hadn't called in over a wk.  It was horrible.  I sent emails with complaints. I was finally able to get another number for some sales guy with the company from my dealership.  He said he was meeting with the owner and would discuss the matter with him.  eventually, like two months later, i finally got a check. (the check was sent to the wrong address as well despite the several calls placed updating the address)...This was a horrible experience and even so, I was only reimbursed like $400 compared to the 3,000 spent!!!!!!--------------
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #612131
Jun 09 2010
11:34 AM
SanDisk Corporation Sansa MP3 player stopped working no service Internet
            Two years ago, I purchased a Sansa e280r MP3 player from Best Buy.  I have really enjoyed the player.  Last week, while listening to some MP3 files, the player suddenly stopped working.  After recharging the player, I turned the unit on and the unit was frozen.  I called technical support, but they informed me that support was only offered by email only.            After a series of emails back and forth, I received the following email: I truly understand where you're coming from however, please note that SanDisk does not sell replacement parts or provide repair services for the Sansa players. Sansa Players are under a One-Year Limited Warranty. If this expires then we can no longer request for the replacement of your device. Unfortunately the device's warranty has expired a year ago.  I feel very alienated as a Sandisk customer.  I paid almost $200 for this unit 2 years ago, and now Im told you dont provide any type of repair services for the product.  This makes me very wary to ever buy another Sandisk product because now I know that once it breaks outside of the warranty, you wont even provide a means for me to get the product repaired.  Im almost sure the issue is the firmware needs to be reflashed, and I have offered to send the product in and get the work done at my expense, but the only option I have been given is, to buy another unit. 
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #838120
Feb 12 2012
07:03 PM
Zetronix Corporation Incompetent Service Boston, Massachusetts
I ordered two products from Zetronix December of 2011.  I only received one of the two products.  I e-mailed them (you cannot reach them by telephone) about my situation and they apologized for not completing the order and told me they would sent the second product.  When I received the other product in January, they only shipped the main product and not the accessories like the charger and cable or the box it was supposed to come in.  This totally ticked me off!  I e-mailed them again asking them what they are trying to pull.  They responded saying they would ship the box with the cable and charger.  I received the box with the cable, charger and instructions.  But guess what?  It was a box from a different product with different instructions.  I hope the cable and charger are right!  My product does act funny sometimes with the cable, but I dont know - I dont have the right instructions.  What a bunch of boobs!  Total incompetence!  Who operates like this!?  I will have to admit, part of it is my fault.  I did not research Zetronix before I ordered from them.  I saw on the internet that others have had problems with them.  If I had known that about the problems others were having with Zetronix, I would not have ordered from them.  I usually like to research companies before I order from them.  They are also not registered with the Better Business Bureau.  In conclusion, I do not recommend dealing with this company at all.  Their incompetence is way out in the stratosphere and you will get nothing but headaches.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
15, Report #921393
Aug 02 2012
09:39 AM
funai Corporation Emerson Horrible Customer service Torrance, Colorado
Do not purchase a TV from Funai corporation emerson the company as they call themself. There customer Service is Horrible. The way these people treat you is Horrible and there not the kind of Company to be proud to own one of there products I would give them a 0 from 10 to 0 for how kind there service is. They do not do what they say there going to do for you. I asked for a Box to fix my TV and I have never gotten it. So know you will not get one also if You TV breaks for any reason.. If you say YOU opened the TV they will block you from calling them. Horrible service and You have to buy your own parts if YOU should open you Tv UP TO SEE THAT THERE TV has a Defect is a Statement I am sure to make sure all of YOU know that it is a HORRIBLE Service you will get from this company and You will get nothing if You should call the phone number to get help for your items.. That is from this Company. its a RIP OFF Company that doesnt do its job correct.. Know that if You should buy a TV and it has a Line going through it its just the Fuse and if that is all it is its not such a HUGE problem but this company will not help you in anyway to fix it you have to buy there product once you open your TV as they will do NOTHING to fix one thing or will they ever send you a BOX to put the item in to get it fixed.. I called in JUNE and still have not gotten a Box its August at this time. So know your with the wrong Company with NO compastion for no one.. Thank You for reading this as IF I can help with anyone or anything in my post to all of you that this company is Fraud... NILL and VOID...
Entity: Torrance, Colorado
16, Report #887060
May 23 2012
12:57 PM
local corporation Horrible Customer Service Irvine, California
I should have investigated before signing up with them.  They contacted me and promised me the world on the internet with SEO.  They set up a website, facebook and mobile site for you.  I am a photographer and the site was horrible. First off, they took images from my website, cut off my copyright and recropped all my images that looked ridicuolous.  I am selling photography and every image is my work of art so for them to crop them the way they did, nobody would ever hire a photographer with work like this. I had to call and email them the proper photos about 5 times, it took over 6 weeks for them to make the site look somewhat decent.  It still looked horrible. They do not promote your own website, they only promote the site that they set up for you.  I tried to call and cancel several times and that was not an easy task.  I spent hours of my time phoning them and emailing them with no results. The worst part is that I never received one lead from this website that they set up.  I gave them four months to try to make things right and it never happened.  I am a new small business owner with a tight advertising budget and this was a total waste of my hard earned money.  If you are considering this company, I would be very carfeul, it did nothing for me but create a huge amount of Stress!!!!!
Entity: Irvine, California
17, Report #283475
Nov 07 2007
09:34 AM
Polaroid Corporation Polaroid's Terrible Customer Service Waltham Massachusetts
In November of 2006 my father purchased a Polaroid LCD television, model TLA-04011C. On October 10, 2007 the television quit working. My father called the customer service number in your literature since the television was still under warranty. A technician was sent to his home on October 15, 2007. My father was informed that the television needed a new control box assembly and that it would have to be ordered from Polaroid, and that he would be sent back to install the part. The part, number PCE909-KS0-GF37AXAH was sent on October 16th, and arrived at my fathers home on October 17th. My father called, as he had been instructed, to inform Polaroid that the part had arrived. He was told a technician would be there to install it within 24 to 48 hours from the next business day, which was the next day, October 18, 2007. Expecting the technician to come no later than October, 19th, my father waited patiently until October 22nd before again calling the customer service number. He was told the same thing again. He waited until October 24th before calling again and receiving the same answer. Calls on October 25th, 26th, 29th, and 30th yielded the same message and result, specifically nothing. On October 31st he called again and became so frustrated with the customer service representative that he had a mild heart attack after hanging up. At this point I became involved. I called the customer service number that same day and told them what had happened. The customer service representative was very polite and promised to bring the situation to the attention of his manager. Another call on November 1st, and a demand to speak to a manager, got me nowhere; despite assurances from the manager that the situation would now have corporate attention. After one last call on November 2nd yielded no results, we returned the television to Wal-Mart, where it had been purchased. The Wal-Mart electronics manager also called Polaroid and got no results. He was informed that every time the customer called they were automatically moved tot the end of the queue for that day. We decided that either we were being lied to, or that Polaroids system was the most obtuse one that could possibly be devised. The Wal-Mart manager agreed to refund the purchase price at that time, and we bought a Sharp LCD television for only $150 dollars more. The picture is better, the remote easier to use, and it was much easier to set up. My father is thrilled with the new television. I think Polaroid's customer service is appalling, and it is abhorrent that they delayed and deferred their service to the point that it caused an old man to have a heart attack. It is unconscionable that even after being informed their inaction had caused a heart attack that Polaroid still did nothing. V Farmington, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Waltham, Massachusetts
18, Report #302543
Jan 23 2008
01:28 AM
Funai Corporation Poor Customer Service Inferior PRoducts Torrance California
I purchased the following toward the end of Jan 2007. It broke in June 2007, under warranty. They said to fax the information to them I did on 30 June. They said that a pickup notice would be sent to get the unit. Product Info: DVD Model #: W10D6 Serial #: 00001 Problem: I sent the unit back Aug 3rd. I was informed that I would be receiving a check in 3-5 weeks on October 31. IT is now Dec 26, 2007. The unit has been down since I first called you in JUNE 2007. AS of 23 Jan 2008 I have no unit, no check, no satisfaction, just calls from rude customer service employees. I want either a new until or my refund. They have 95$ of mine through Wal-Mart and I got the shaft. Roger Heavener, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
19, Report #980230
Dec 10 2012
01:19 PM
Amden Corporation Cybersonic Toothbrush Satisfied with product and service Internet
I have had the Cybersonic Toothbrush for about 8 years. This is not the newer model 3, just the basic one. I have had no problems with the company at all. The product works great. I get my replacement heads on schedule every three months. Anytime I either moved or changed my shipping payments to another card or whatever, I have just called and had the change made easily. I also have had to replace the main toothbrush body once, due to its getting too loud but that was after a few years of use.  I only paid about 12 bucks for shipping, and the service was great.It would be nice to be able to find the replacement heads locally, but since they send them to me on a regular basis, I really don't need to shop for them. And paying less than 5 bucks shipping to receive two heads is a lot cheaper than the replacement heads I see for other electric brushes. Others may have had problems with the company or product, but I am not one of them. I recommend this company and product to anyone who wants a great electric toothbrush.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #975308
Nov 28 2012
08:57 PM
Kia corporation lost key issue Internet
Kia To whom it may concern:   I would like to request compensation for the costs incured for when I was stranded in the United States for almost a week as my 2006 KIA would not start and KIA US could not fix it and KIA Canada gave me false information. . The story is very long so I will list the events in point form. Monday Oct 8th - Misplaced car key in Plattsburg, NY. (Bank St. Kia Ottawa only ever gave me one key). Called roadside assist they advised that I call a locksmith,as KIA Canada was closed for Thanksgiving and could not assist with codes etc. Locksmith was able to access car and cut key (approx $60). Car would not start because of immobilizer. Roadside assist advised that I would need a Canadian key in order to start the car. I caught a bus to Montreal (approx $80), then rented a car to go to Ottawa. I arrived at my home at 1am. (approx $300) Tuesday Oct 9th Went to Bank St Kia, Ottawa. They cut 2 keys for me. They insisted that all I needed was for the locksmith to program the keys and I would be on my way. They were so confident that they said I would not need a back up plan, as it would definately work. I drove back to Monteal to return rental car, then cought bus to Plattsburgh, NY (Approx $20). I was met by locksmith at about 8pm. He could not program the key. His machine would not communicate with the key. It was now late so I checked into a hotel (approx $140) Wednesday Oct 10th Called Durocher KIA in Plattsburgh. They advised me to tow the car to them (covered by policy) and they would start the car no problem. They worked on the car all day and they also could not start it. Also, the locksmith came by and we were in contact with an elite locksmith from Ottawa who also could not help start it, even using the 'limp home' technique. Advised by KIA Canada to either change all locks on vehicle (very expensive) or wait for a programing machine to be sent from California. It would take a week!! I called roadside assist about towing the vehicle to Canada. They quoted the cost at $500 ($200 to go to the border, the $300 for Canadian company to tow from the border to the dealer, as US tow trucks won't cross the borde)r. I called a company in Montreal and they were willing to cross the border and back for approx $330. I went back to hotel ($120), plus meals both nights ($80). Thursday Oct 11th Tow truck towed vehicle to Montreal. They worked on it all afternoon and finally started it at the end of the day. I stayed at my cousin's house that night and got home on Friday. Friday Oct 12th. Arrived home. My cell phone bill for roaming cell phone call to and from Kia was over 200$ on top of my bill. Now Only one key can be programmed. KIA Bank St Ottawa refuse to look at it unless I agree to foot the bill for their locksmith should he run into problems and take all day to fix it. Given the history of the car I don't want to take that risk. Although I take full responsibility for misplacing the key, I was advised by KIA that if I got another key cut in Canada that the problem would be solved, which I did. Even though you say the car was mechanically sound, it wasnt! I had a car and a key and it would not start. The transponder is an integral part of the car, just like the transmission. I was within the policy's service area (Canada and continental USA) and the mechanics could not start the car. I don't feel I was at fault at this point. I spoke to 4 KIA dealers and not one of them knew about the US/ Canada KIA incompatabiltiy problem. I also incurred a lot of costs using my cell phone internationally and missed a week of work. It was an extremely stressful week and I believe I should be compensated. I certainly will not buy nor recommend Kia should I not find some restitution. The car is still covered by five star coverage, but they take no responsibility either. Thank you for your time reviewing this claim. Reciepts can be scanned and submitted. Regards,
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1381181
Jun 25 2017
12:22 PM
LKQ Corporation Horrible customer service Tampa Florida
A few days ago I researched online what local junkyard might have the year and model car I needed to find a part on. I saw online that LKQ in Tampa had two.   The part I needed was the front driver side, inner seat belt receptacle. The LKQ site lists a seat belt harness for $9.11. When I got there most of the vehicles had already been thoroughly picked over. I found a seat belt receptacle that wasn't exactly what I needed, but thought maybe I could make it work.   When I checked out they charged me the $9.11 for the full harness. I thought since I took just the receptacle they would charge half the $9.11, but no. I went on home and found that the part was not going to work for me. I checked the receipt and it said I could return it as long as I had the receipt.   Since it is a 10 mile drive I even called ahead and asked if I could indeed return the part. The woman on the line said yes since I just got it this morning and have the receipt it should be no problem. So I jumped in the car and made the drive, but when I arrived I was asked where was the yellow mark on the part. I asked what yellow mark?   I never saw any yellow mark. They said yes it can only be returned if it has a yellow mark. I said I knew nothing of a yellow mark. The woman said they would have to let the manager handle it.   The manager was not friendly at all and didn't even look at me. He took the part and my receipt from his employee and went into his office. A few minutes later he came out saying his employee did mark it at check out, but now the part doesn't have the yellow mark so he cannot refund it. I was frustrated none the least and replied that I do not recall any yellow mark being on the part and nothing was said to me at check out about the necessity of a yellow mark and the receipt said nothing about a yellow mark.   I explained that I even called ahead to make sure I could return it and was told yes. The manager snootily replied if I don't follow the rules he can't refund the part and he walked away. I threw the part in their junk bucket and said here keep it anyway. I don't need this *** and left.   When I got home I searched their website and buried on one page it briefly says the part must be marked along with the receipt. If this is their policy they really ought to say this on the receipt and remind customers this at check out or have a notice by checkout which says the yellow mark is critical for refunding. This was my first and absolutely last time I will ever go back to this place. They say one thing and do another.   Just a bunch of low life scammers. Guess I ought to thank them for turning me on to other more reputable scrap yards in the area.   I'd bet my left arm the positive reviews listed along with mine were written by the staff there.To anyone reading this, I highly advise you to try other scrapyards and leave LKQ as a last resport and only if you're desperate.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
22, Report #1384186
Jul 09 2017
10:12 AM
We rented a car from HERTZ in Spain to drive to Rome over a 2 week period. we paid for the two week rental, with the understanding that we would be charged an additional $1320 to return the car to Spain. The rental was an Italian car, and remained in Italy. We did HERTZ  a favor! Yet they insisted wen pay to return a car they did not what world does one get paid for a service not rendered?
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1410053
Nov 02 2017
12:11 PM
Samsung Corporation Customer Service non existance for help
I bought a 55 Plasma TV in Jan 2011. IN Aug 2011 it would not turn on. Service replaced the capacitor. Now, 5 years later, with little use on TV, it happens again. I understand it has been 5 years however, this has apparently been a problem from new. This TV is in a home with 1 occupant and gets little use. $1000 for a TV should last longer than that. I contacted Samsung customer service. I went back and forth with them several times sayng this has been an issue since new and Samsung should stand behind their product. I got no help repeatedly. I asked that a manager contact me. They did, but delivered the same message: sorry, you're out of luck. I will not purchase any more Samsung products and will register my complaint in other agencies. They apparently care less about their customers. Tis fix sould be on them. I submitted the original service request as well as invoice. They refuse to take responsibility for a faulty product.
Entity: other, other
24, Report #114667
Oct 26 2004
10:18 AM
First Extended Service Corporation ripoff Dallas Texas
I bought a warraty on 1999 with a 1997 Ford 150 truck and I took truck 1997 to repair in 10/25/ 2004. Extended warranty Claim dept. is refusing to paid because, it expire, I explain to then that I bought it for 72 month and 100,000 miles. She said that the warranty is in effect from In service Date that for her was the first time the truck came out from the dealer 1997. I am the second owner, I explaing to her that the In service Date in my contract stated 02/20/99, written by the dealer itself. She still refusing. Bonifacio Bridgeport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
25, Report #38191
Dec 13 2002
06:41 PM
First Extended Service Corporation Rip-off poor customer service Dallas Texas
I am currently dealing with this company which has been a complete nightmare!!!! When I purchased my vehicle from the dealer in 1999 I was lead to believe I was buying a Chyrsler warranty. Yes, I asked the necessary questions to discern if this was an aftermarket warranty and the end answer was no. Boy was I completely wrong! This is a middle man company that will do anything in its power to take their sweet time to OK a claim or deny a claim. There customer service reps. are incompetent and unable to answer any questions. My car has virtually been held hostage at a dealer which is 41 miles outside of the orginal dealer (if the originating dealer is within 40 miles you must take it there..humph). It needs a water pump, radiator, and thermostat. The total cost of the repairs 864.01, which is 64.01 over the amount that causes an authorization to be required. Don't even get me started with trying to get an authorization. I have been trying for over 48 hours to achieve that. I was told that once a claim has been open more than 24 hours a rush is placed on the claim. Mine has 3 so that shows you what their translation of rush is. Then again this company is in Texas, so they do operate at a much different speed, slow as hell, than the rest of the world. There standard on when asking what is going on is like having a script read that the claim is pending and they are taken in the order received. My statement to them on the phone is then I can't be the only irrate pissed off person calling you wanting to know when you are going to take your thumb out of where the sun doesn't shine and start working on my claim. I feel like my paper is sitting in a 4 foot high stack while some person making minimum wage with no education is staring at it figuring he/she will take care of it after their coffee break. Needless to say I now have to wait over the weekend for this precious authorization department to come back to work while I have no car. One may ask what about a rental? Well I can get one after the claim has been approved and then it is only for one day. IF this dept. is so important why do they not work on Saturdays like the cust. serv. dept.? Because this company does not know what it means to have customer service skill. They know they have the consumer by the balls and they love the power. They also requested several maintenance records to show that I have been taking my car in for regular service. I have been faithful to the services that need to be performed. However, much to my annoyance and that of the dealer they want proof that I had certain services done that ARE NOT REQUIRED by the manufacturer. So how can they say the consumer must have certain services performed when the manufacturer of the car doesn't even say they have to. It is simply their way of not having to authorize the claim. IF that is the case Mr. CEO of this piece of crap company will find themself in court and I will invite all those who have been screwed to join in the law suit. By the way, if you want to reach this company use the phone number provided in this entry it will connect you to the operator at the corp. offic, not the one provided by another individual earlier in the year. Her number is for customer service which will not provide you the number to the corp. office. Not to mention that the idiots working the cust. serv. dept. do not even know the name of the President of the company. Their excuse well it is a corporation. I have worked for a corporation before and I damn well knew who the President was as well as the name of other executive staff. The name of the Executive Assistant to the President of the company is Mary, I encourage everyone to flood her office with phone calls and voice mails to show that their consumer/customer is no longer going to bend over and take it up the rear, but we are going to fight back and bring them to their knees. In the end, IF the claim is approved I will be without a car until Wednesday or Thursday of the following week. Translation, they have held my car hostage over 1 week. That is if they get off their fat Texas' asses and do some work. Jennifer Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on First Extended Service Corporation
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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