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1, Report #67105
Sep 17 2003
08:53 AM
Mci, California Correctional Facilities ripoff Castaic,California
everyday i sit by my phone waiting for my brother to call me at a set time, never has happend once. so about an hour after the set time, he call's, he says the phones where cut-off for no apparent reason. we start talking, then there is so much cumotion in the backgroung he dosen'nt understand anything i'm saying. then on top of that the phone trips itself out, thinking it herd somthing, like if i unintentonally push a button they cut us off,leaving him having to call back. what a ripp-off! Devon whittier, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Castaic, California
2, Report #137714
Apr 05 2005
09:15 PM
Correctional Billing Services ripoff Selma Internet
April 5, 2005 A representative from Correction Billing Services left a voice mail on my answering machine today stating that because I accept collect calls from a correctional facility, there would be a fee added to my phone bill for each collect call I accept. A toll free phone number was left to contact customer service, if I had questions. I called the toll free number, was placed on hold ten (10) minutes, and ultimately talked with a customer service representative that advised me each time I accept a collect call from a correctional facility, a $1.95 charge would be added to the bill. The representative stated this new policy took place a month or two ago. I told the Rep. that I had been accepting collect calls from a correctional facility for six years and had never been charged an additional $1.95 per call. I advised him that I wouldn't pay the additional charge and would inform the inmate not to call me collect anymore. The rep. said thank you and hung up. Marty Miami, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #131390
Feb 14 2005
10:17 PM
Correctional Billing Services ripoff, dishonest, doesn't let callers know there's a charge, a big one Internet
Received a auto mated phone call that said we owe the correctional billing services, $638.00 for calls made by my son that is in a Oklahoma prison. This doesn't include my phone bills that have gone over $400.00, for the collect calls. We were never informed of the charges made to us from the correctional billing services,from my son calling from a prison, collect. No one sent us anything, no one called us, no one did anything, untill we got a auto matted call. Now my son cannot call us anymore untill this bill, that we did not even know exsisded, for $638.00 is paid in full. This is a big ripoff that I'm sure many pepole don't know about, untill they get a phone call.I hope you will put this on the media, to let people know how deciving the correctional people are. Richard Ely, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #215211
Oct 11 2006
10:34 AM
Correctional Billing Services ripoff dihonest billing not refunding owed money Selma Alabama
I receive collect calls from a corrctional facility in MA. I have a pre-paid account with correctional billing services(because comcast cable is my phone comp.)and am being ripped off! I usually put $50.00 on my account at least once a week and for some reason i am always in a negative balance when i go to put more money on the phone. I have called to ask why is there a negative balance and as always their reply is it takes 24-48 hours for the calls to post!!! So i when there are calles received back to back they cant catch up as fast. I have this down pat of how much a call costs and how many i get with the money i am putting on the line!!! each call is $3.95 to accept and $.89 each minute in all a 20 min. call should be about $6.00 which is really high but ok. so then if i never go over my money why do i always have a negative balance??!! Their next reason is taxes!!! So i get taxed from them and then again from the state i live in which is Massachusetts!! How leagal is this to be charged 2x for the same thing ITS NOT!!! Evercom/Correctional Billing Services are charging people the tax and not paying the state you live in the tax!!! because enough people dont call and complain and change the fact that this company is the only one doing correctional calls is a monopoly is not fair i should be able to have a choice!!! They are overcharging me and getting away with it when you call you sit on hold for hours (literally) and then you get someone who barley speaks english and doesnt listen to what you have said only took your complaint and is now reading out of a book to tell you what the solution to your problem is!!! unbelievable!! Another issue with them is dropped calls and receiving a credit for them!!! The officers in the facility im getting calls from have a switch to shut off power to the phones and do this quit frequently to get the inmates attention. I am being charged for the connection of that call and have to pay for the whole thing even though the officer disconnected the line!!! and when you call in they tell me it it was my fault i should not have hung up the call! I DIDN'T!!! they dont get it!!! There are also times when ill be talking and all of a sudden the recording comes on and says Thank you for using Evercom, goodbye for no reason it disconnects the call!! they have tried to tell me it is because i am on a cordless phone but it happens when im on one and when im not!!! Getting a credit for that call is not going to happen ive been waiting for 14 credits since July of 2006 due to dropped calls and it is now October and the customer service rep. will tell you it takes approximately 4 business days to have the credit on your account but if your like me im still waiting!!! I dont know what to do this whole situation is very frustrating and very unfair!!! I do not like this company at all and if my fiance wasnt in need to call home i wouldnt use the phone at all!!!! only because i know the aggrivation i will have to endure by using their system!!!! I want justice from this company and i intend to get it!!! F.Y.I. This company is originally from Canada and because their laws are different than ours they got away with alot more but not they say they are based in Alabama (but the address if you notice is a box)!!!! THEY NEED TO BE PUNNISHED AND SENT TO JAIL AND DEAL WITH THEIR OWN COMPANY FOR PHONE SERVICE AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT!!!!! Janice taunton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Alabama
5, Report #450088
May 08 2009
05:37 PM
I paid 20 dollars through western union plus the fee in order to set up for advanced pay calls. 1st problem:line started dropping calls for no apparent reason; 2nd problem: after only a few calls the line status was blocked (even though the calls are only supposed to be 1.35); 3rd problem: after checking on-line, my account showed 28 dollars of overage When I called Correctional Billing, the heavily-accented rep told me that they could not refund the dropped calls because they were over 1 minute. Then he told me that if I added any additional money that the 28 dollars would be subtracted from the amount. I wanted to know why was I allowed to accept calls if it was past my initial 20 dollars.The rep stated that the system is on a 24 hour delay. Why do they not tell customers this ahead of time? Lastly the calls were 6.00 instead of 1.35 and he could not tell me why. Lashay Olive Branch, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
6, Report #202205
Jul 21 2006
02:43 AM
Correctional Billing ripoff cell phone users. whatever excuse! Selma Alabama
Ok, so it's said to use landline. All fine & good. However. That does not solve the problem. I have had cell phone forwarded to landline, still happen's. THERE IS NO QUESTION ON MY END WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!! True enough cell phones do drop calls. I avg. over 2,000 minutes a month on my cell. Funny how the most important calls, which are from my man are the ONLY calls ever dropped. Why can't we get past the cell phone excuse and face facts. The phones in jail are falling apart, hanging by the wires. Any & all movement causes.. custom calling features are not available. The jail dosen't want to take responsabitly for repairs, nor does Correctional Billing. I can't go in & repair. My man can't repair. We have made such effort. By taping. I pay my money to Correctional Billing. Have made report many times to both.The men inside coplain daily. I m not going to have show down with sheriff department. can't get in touch with anyone who cres @ CBS. All they're concerned about is getting more money, not service. Someone please remind them it is people like me who put that money into account that writes their pay check. Who knows, for some unexcepted reason.. they themself or love one could be in my shoes, without any kind of warning. just freak accident. wonder how they would like. or even able to keep putting money towards phone calls. And by the way.. I do not have access to landline during day time. I'm busy out making that money for them to rob with cell phone excuse! Kellie Jonesboro, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Selma, Alabama
7, Report #309835
Feb 18 2008
12:00 PM
Correctional Billing Services Exploitation of inmates and their loved ones Internet
Our son was arrested recently for the possession of Marijuana. I have no problem with his arrest, in fact I welcomed it and thanked the arresting officer for stopping our son and his friend. We are currently in the process of having our son enrolled in a rehabilitation program. What I do have problem with is the exploitation of inmates by the so-called Correctional Billing Services. Our son is a very anxious, prone to depression, young man and called us 9 times over a 3 days period after which his calls were blocked. The total calling time was 45 minutes, but we were billed $79.83, that is $5.98 for the first minute and 98 cents for every subsequent minute. That is such a blatant exploitation of people who are vulnerable and yes, have broken the law, and their family and friends. I am sure that this is not a popular subject, but we can't allow phone companies to line their pockets at the cost of these vulnerable people. Anonymous Guttenberg, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #443015
Apr 12 2009
11:43 AM
Correctional Billing Evercom overcharging charges for disconnects on the part of the correctional facility Somerset Pennsylvania
I can not get any help with the company they lied and said they would send email and passcode to their site so that I could place a claim against them for overages never received email. My phone company will not take them off my bill, so I thinking to call the puc to see if they have any clout. $488.00 worth of hang up calls or interrupted calls to make the person constantly call back to get through I feel I am even charged when my voice mail picks up. If there is a class action suite on them please let me know I want in on it, there should be government regulations on home much an individual is charged my calls are not even out of state, in the same state different county I am charged as if I am in another state I we have unlimited long distance service and we receive collect calls within the same state it should not be outrageous. Naimah pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #692374
Feb 08 2011
10:24 AM
Correctional Billing Services Evercom Correctional Billing Services the modern day highway robbers and bottom feeding scumbags (imho) Dallas, Texas
As someone who works actively with chaplain's offices and serves on the Board of one non-profit organization that offers resources to inmates and their families, I am always outraged at the unethical and immoral business practices of the telecommunications companies that serve the nations correctional institutions.   In my opinion they are simply the highway robbers of old using modern technologies.  Correctional Billing Services is one of the worst and they are almost at a point where they have monopoly status in the industry.  In fact on their website they proudly point out that Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus employs approximately 800employees who serve approximately 2,400 correctional facilities in 44 states and over 850,000 inmates nationwide. They engage in what amounts to price gouging because they are the only game in town in many places, they do not have to be competitive and they seem to be accountable to no one. All this being said, not only are they scalpers and price gougers  in general, they have a dismal record regarding customer service.  They have charged me consistently for incomplete calls, dropped calls, disconnections and when you contact customer service you get nothing but the run-around and lies.  They try to blame it on the institutions and then claim they do not have to give credit or refund on those calls.  In reality they are committing fraud by charging for services they have not provide and I believe this is all part of their business practice and corporate greed. They have repeatedly charged credit and debit cards without authorization.  They put me on hold for as long as 58 minutes.  They refuse or delay refunds or credits for services they did not provide.  They add all kinds of fees that they do not make you aware of when you receive a collect call from an inmate in an institution. As a consumer, I believe it is my right to choose what company I want to do business with and should not be held captive to use whatever company any government agency, including correctional institutions tells me I have to use.  Yeah I know this is unrealistic but I have found some options that provide free market and savings to the families of inmates.  I am tired of the scamming ways of these telecom companies. I have decided to share this option to avoid doing business with such scamming telecom companies on a non-profit website providing help for inmates and their families.  If you write to me I will give that link to you so that you can have a choice.  Just write me here. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
10, Report #249265
May 18 2007
05:34 PM
Correctional Billing Services Evercom, T-netix Correctional billing Services, tnetix, evercom Ripoff Pennsylvania
This is one of the worst companies I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! They are rude & unprofessional! I received an invoice from this company that was outrageous! In my area you are billed a per call rate from this company. I have been on several calls where it would be interrupted stating that 3 way calls are not allowed & disconnect the call. Of course my calling party would call back & ask what's going on with the phone. My line is for collect calls only so there is no features on the line since I was advised when setting up the account that this is the best way to prevent call interruption. After I had those calls drop on me once we were done with our phone call (without any interruption). I then called the company & had to hold for over 30 minutes in order to get a hold of someone. Also when you are on hold they have these periods which seems like every 10 minutes the music will just stop playing. If you didn't know better you would think the line was disconnected(I personally believe that is reason so you would in fact hang up) & there is absolutely no sound for about an entire minute or so. When someone finally got on the phone I was advised that I would get credit for those calls since they we interrupted. I then received an invoice with no such compensation. I then had to call & hold for another 30 minutes to get absolutely no resolution to my issues. The person whom I spoke with refused to credit me for the times my calls were unjustly interrupted & then could not explain to me the reasons my calls were interrupted to start with. The insulting excuse I received was Ms. Rozier the system detected touch star service that is the reason you call was terminated. I explained to this person that I do not have any such service on the line that has this service on it & why is it that I can speak fine after being disconnected 4 time prior to the completed call. No one could assist me not even the incompetent so call Managers that they have. This company is in the business of getting over on consumers already going thru a sensitive time. I belive this is just another way that they can run up your phone bill & increase their revenue. The correctional phone companies are like facility Monopolies since certain facilities only use certain companies so you are left with no choice. Ny'tajha Lauderdale Lake, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity:, Pennsylvania
11, Report #275917
Sep 24 2007
09:15 PM
Correctional Billing Services Global Tel Link Unfair Processing Fees for Correctional Calling Salem Alabama
When Global Tel Link first took over the phones in the Monmouth County Jail in Freehold, NJ, in October 2006, there were problems right from the start. First off the communication quality was very poor. You could not hear the other party properly. He sounded like a robot. The phone would hang up on your call before time was up. Then came the day that we talked over $200. worth of calls from my home phone in a 30-day period and that's when the trouble really started. Global Tel Link then said I had to prepay through their company with a credit or debit card because I went over their $200. limit in a 30-day period. OK I will do anything to keep the communication open with my husband, now you can only prepay $25. or $50. at a time, with this comes a processing fee of $5. for every $25. and $10. for every $50. that you prepay on your phone. So not only are you paying their high prices for 15-minute phone calls at a time, now I am being charged a processing fee of 20 percent on top of that. Before Global Tel Link I had AT&T and for an hour call it would cost less that $2. This was within reason for a local call. Someone is getting rich off of me and everyone else who has family members or friends incarcerated. This company should be investigated and sued for out right ripping off the public and furthermore, whoever is running this company should be incarcerated themselves. This is a total outrage! I want all the money for the so called processing fees back since November of 2006. I am still paying these rip-offs, something needs to be done soon. I say a class action lawsuit against Global Tel Link! I'm in! Darlene Cliffwood, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Salem, Alabama
12, Report #136062
Mar 22 2005
05:34 PM
Correctional Billing Services, everham ripoff obscene predatory monolopy victimizes inmates and poor families Selma Alabama
How's this for another scam? You can't use the phone or a computer to request a refund form this predatory company. I tried to e-mail correctional billing services P.O. Box 1010, Selma AL 36702. They automatically reject ALL e-mail Kim Smith huntsville, AL 35810 908 350 790 487 59 On Sunday, March 20, 2005 My wife tried to call me from the Lawrence county Jail, Moulton AL, and a representative from your company helped me set up an account so my wife could call home. The call she tried to make; did not go thru, your service does not even work. I attempted to make telephone contact with your company today, March 21, 2005 to have my master card credited for the $25.00 you charged me. However there are no menu options in your automated answering service to speak with a representative. My wife is home now and I have no further use for your predatory service. $33.00 for a 15 minute call that would only cost me less than $1.00 is obscene. Your service prevents 80% of the inmate population from having any contact with their own families. Your monopolistic predatory business model is a contributing factor to the recitivisim rate due to the isolation these prohibitive costs inflict on the poor families who do not have the means to pay these obscene rates. Your telephone contact number provides no means of speaking with a representative when a refund is in order, nor do any of the menu choices provide a means of seeking a refund. Most of the people your service victimizes do not have computers to contact you. Your service is apparently set up to discourage the request for a refund. That fact is patently immoral and reprehensible. I demand that my mastercard account be credited for the $25.00 you charged me for a worthless service I no longer need. I promise you that thousands of people will be reading this as well. Also: further action WILL be taken to cause as much damage to the reputation of your service as I can do in a lawful manner. Kim and faye huntsville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Selma, Alabama
13, Report #418091
Jan 30 2009
08:26 AM
Correctional Billing Sercices Evercom Ripped off but we do not have a choice!!! Dallas Texas
I have had a son in prison in Arizona for 3 years and was able to maintain communications with him at $5.95 for a 15 minute call. Yes I have to put a minimum of $50 on the account and it is a $6.95 charge to put it via internet or phone but OMG!!! My other son in Colorado got picked up and and called from the county jail and in three calls wiped out the account I had just loaded. Looking at my account online it cost $19.95 for a 15 minute call and there was a one minute call that cost $5.95. I have been ripped off and looking at other reports so are others but we do not have a choice if we want to stay in touch with the people we love. Yes they have done wrong and are paying the price why do we have to go broke just to talk to them and it is not like we can pick another service provider. Terry Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
14, Report #604854
May 19 2010
09:58 AM
Correctional Billing Services Takes money out of my account when no calls have been made. Money is taken out for no reason. Internet
I put money on a prepaid phone account for calls coming from a correctional facility.  Three times in the last few months money is taken from my account for no reason.  I check my balance everyday so I know what the balance should be. I have contacted them by phone and by faxing a complaint form but no resolution to the problem.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #190950
May 10 2006
07:22 PM
Evercom Or Correctional Billing Or Securus Technolgies ripoff Dallas Texas
Securus parent company of Evercom and Correctional Billing Services are ripping off the love ones of inmates. I hit the wrong telephone key and turned off or blocked our #. It took 1 week to get the service turned back on. We called and reported the mistake the first night and they said it would be fixed in 24 hours.Guess what it wasn't. Then they said 48-72 hours. They put my husband on hold for 3 hours and then hug up on him. The 6th day they told my husband a work order had never been written. Early the 6th day a man told me he would see it was fixed and would call me back the 7 day to make sure. They have us over a barrel. They charge way too much, over $7.00 for a 15 minute call. It is one big rip off. No wonder they put their systems in for free. Gina Sulphur, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
16, Report #220074
Nov 10 2006
10:29 PM
Evercom Correctional Billing Services ripoff fraudlent won't take off block takes my money, no refund Merchanicsburg Pennsylvania
I made a payment and correctional billing service took the money out of my checking account but never took the block off my phone. I called and talk to a cusomer service person and they told me that they rejected the visa check card. So I called the bank and they gave me a confromation number. I called correctional billing services back and the told me that they will not unblock my line because I used my parents card. I asked for a refund and they told me that it might take 72 hours and if the money is not refunded than I have to go to the bank get a bank statement fax it to them to show proof that they took my money. I than ASKED TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR and the put me on hold for an hour and than close. I never got to talk to a supervisor. Sarah Racho Santa Margarita, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Merchanicsburg, Pennsylvania
17, Report #243902
Apr 13 2007
06:31 PM
CORRECTIONAL BILLING SERVICES GLOBAL TEL*LINK Unanswered automated calls ripped off and on hold still Ripoff SELMA Alabama
I have a daughter in a correctional facility in Tulsa ok has been in for 8 years I have had enough! I have been a faithful on time paying customer for these 8 years I can tell you it makes no difference to this company Seems as though they have there own laws It is next to impossible to try and communicate with anyone who works for them and they will leave you on hold every time you call for sometime hours When you do get someone on the phone most times you cannot ask any questions because they will abruptly interrupt you and are most likely to hang up when asked why! I have never gotten a clear answer as to anything I have to ask I continue to get my phone blocked every month beyond my severals pleas to not do so I pay ontime all the time that doesnt matter I believe they are out to punish on there own terms they have no right to deny calls when they are being paid They punish not only the prisoner but also the ones paying the high cost of there calls at 18.00 per 15 minutes Who are these people that say when my daughter can call and how many times! I should be able to decide when i want to talk I pay the high dollar rate At the holidays every year they block the calls for sometimes a couple months at a time during xmas and Thanksgiving this year very few got to make calls Ihad talked to several case managers in the prisons and many people were highly upset over this matter who are these people to decide who gets punished and where is justice when it comes to dealing with this compsny I challenge anyone to get involved here and win this battle Debbie ARGYLE, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: SELMA, Alabama
18, Report #300844
Jan 17 2008
08:28 AM
Correctional Billing Services Incorrect information and charging practices. No system to allow a correction to bill. Nationwide
I first used this service in Mid December with a required account deposit of $50. I checked the Internet following each call and the cost for a 10 min call was listed at $1 and 60 something cents..I told my husband he could call each day because the rate was reasonable. I called the center to confirm what I was seeing on the Internet site and the call center rep reported the same rate that was listed. I checked the site frequently to reconfirm the rates. My husband and I spoke each day (on my $50 deposit) until Jan 7th, when I did not hear from him on Jan 9th I looked at the account, the phone was blocked, and noted I owed $3. and some cents. I called the center charged another $50 to my credit card and the line was cleared. We spoke on Jan 10. I did not hear from him on Jan 11 so I looked at the online account and it noted I now needed to pay $220. plus $50 to clear the account. The online account suddenly listed calls at $11hr and I was being charged retroactively for calls made from DEC 28. These were calls that were always listed at $1.60 for a 10 minute call and now had a charge of $11.48 for a 10 minute call. I called the center on Jan 12, 13, 14, 15 and each time I asked to speak to a supervisor. On Jan 12 and 13 the supervisor put me on hold to investigate...I was on hold for 50 minutes when I needed to hang up the phone. On Jan 15 a supervisor would not speak to me but I was put on a callback list with a promise a supervisor would call within 24 hours. I never received a callback. I sent an E-mail to the provided address and all I received was an automated response with direction to resolve my complaint with the call center number. The call center refused to give me any physical address or information regarding management of the company. This company has the advantage of dealing with people who have no other choice but to use their service. They do not seem concerned that they have used unfair business practice. They will not address the issue that they gave false information on the web site and it was changed within one day and charges were then placed retroactively. The call center is of no value in helping resolve an issue and there is no where else to go to resolve the issue. This company should be investigated for fraud. Angela Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #431908
Mar 07 2009
10:52 PM
CORRECTIONAL BILLINGS SERVICES EVERCON T-NETIX EVERCOM CORRECTIONAL BILLINGS ON BEHALF OF EVERCOM SYSTEMS over charging me and phones been cut off soon as a love one calls and i accepted it. Newellton Louisiana
i have a problem, every time i puts money on my account so my love can call home, they even taking money off, phone cutting off, or over charging me. the way the economy is as of today it's hard to get a job now and we all are running out of money. can you imagine being a single parents with kids and they can't talk to their dad because of over charge, phone calls cut, and taking money off. it's bad enough that our love ones are in jail because some did it and some didn't do it. peoples makes misstakes in life and we all will be punished for our wrong doing, but who can you judge no one but GOD, so please don't take the calls from the ones that trying to change, especially when they have something to live for and that is GOD, self and family if they have one. SO I THINK THEY OWES ME MORE TIME ON MY PHONE, AND IF THEY DON'T BELEIVES THAT SOME CALLS WHERE CUT OFF BEFORE I COULD ANSWER, MONEY TAKING AWAY FROM ME, OVER CHARGING ME, AND LAST PHONES BEING ERUPTED BY THE OPERATOR. I HAVE PROOF ON MY PHONE HOW MANY MINUTES I STAYED ON EACH PHONE CALLS. HAVE A BLESS NIGHT NICOLE monroe, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
20, Report #835045
Feb 06 2012
10:44 PM
Amazon took money from my account, even though I had not ordered anything.  When I complained, they put it back. But then they took out more money, around $15 , saying that was a charge for returning my money. They say that is their policy, and my money will not be returned.  To me, that is not good business, and I feel other customers, should be warned!                 
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #341309
Jun 17 2008
05:57 PM
Securus RIPPED ME OFF Nationwide
I set up an account with Securus to accept collect calls from a correctional facility in the county where I live July of 07. At the time of the account set up the representative told me the accounts are installed at the lowest of $50.00 with an $8.95 set up fee one time only. I was told that if my account were to get as low as $10.00 I would be contacted by the company to get permission to charge my credit card to bring the account back to $50.00 standing. I was informed the account would remain active until I called to cancel it and any monies left would be refunded to me. I received a total of 1 phone call when my son was released from the jail. Knowing my son I left the account active knowing that he would be using this account again. On June 2, 08 my son was arrested and again tried to call me collect from the same facility where he was before. When he called me collect from the jail it was a one time courtesy from the jail then the recording asked me to stay on the line to install an account to receive more collect calls from that facility. I remained on the line only because I wanted to know what happened to the account I set up the year before. Only to find out this was a different company that took over the facility 10/24/07. At this point I contacted Securus to find out what happened to my money since I only received 1 phone call where is the rest of the money they took from my account. At this point I was told that I had 180 days to request my money back from the time my account was installed. When I informed the supervisor that is not the information that was provided at the time the account was set up. He then proceeded to tell me that I forfeited the rest of the money. I in turn asked, Since I was your customer why wasn't I informed that your company lost the contract and given the opportunity to request my money back since it was within the 180 days since the account was installed? Of course he told me that they are not required to notify the customers. At this point I asked for contact information to the head office. He told me that I could go to and get the information there or fax to 5197506080. Upset and frustrated I took a couple of days and wrote a letter, only when I went to fax to the number he provided it was disconnected. When going to the website he provided it only gives names of other companies that you can set up an account to receive calls from a correctional faucility nothing to do with Securus and how to dispute a refund. Angela Longmont, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Na, Nationwide
22, Report #1111250
Dec 28 2013
10:11 AM
Conscallhome Millicorp Content use this company Internet
Whatever u do don't use cons call home they r a bunch of crooks my son moved to a different jail they gave me the option of 6 months at one price so I paid up front they said they couldn't fine a number for me in that area to just give them time so I would call after a few weeks and they kept putting me off so finally I asked for my money back and they wouldn't give it back they said it had been 3 months and they don't give refunds after three months but come to find out my son had to use the phone cards from the jail they was just putting me off till the three months was up just crooks .
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1301567
Apr 24 2016
08:27 PM
 TruthFinders is an on-line company that supposedly provides background information about backgrounds. They have me listed with numerous criminal activite that is totaly incorrect.  To make it worse they ahve this activity with wrong address and names, but all is listed under my report. I have one true criminal report, they however don't mention that my case was not adjuticated. Which means it shouldn't show up on a report. Never the less they have me down ofr Assuals, drug possion. lude behavior and on. That information is totaly false. I am going to cancel subscription and see if they let me. Thank you for any help available
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1375034
May 24 2017
06:08 AM
Calling2home RoB my d**n money Internet
 This place took me by surprise, cuz its really under inmates calling an I'm thinking that they will be more safer..but they got me for $39.99 for there service.. An they sent me a number an some pin number when I trued it it never worked an I called the number they have an it says the same thing over an over the emails come back with the same thing over an over but I'm so mad this s*** need to be shut the f**** down
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Feb 17 2009
03:48 PM
Correctional Billing Services - Tnetix Correctional billing didn't blocked other prison call as promise, call rates has changed from $.85 to $ 2.80 the first min and $.30 per min all in the state of Maryland $11.87 for 30 min. Internet
Please help The company known a Tnetix ( correctional billing services) is ripping me off. I didn't mind paying $.85 for 30 minute for calls in my state. But it's totally blows me away to pay $11.87 for 30 minutes. Not to mention $2.80 for the first min and $.30 per min afterwards. Then there's the drop calls you can get credit for 1 min but anything after you must fill out a refund form that takes 30 days to get a respond of your money. And only cover up to 8 of those dropped calls. If you breathe to hard the calls cuts off. Also when it rains the phones cuts off in the prisons because they are not up-graded. When you complain to Correctional Billing Services they will state to you to call the prison. I've been sick and tired of this company taking money from dropped calls, allowing other prisons calls to come through when they promise to block them out. And the higher rates that are being charged within the same state. Why should any parent or love one have to choose between sending money for personal use over a high phone call? We are talkiing about staying intouch with the people that we love regardless of their crime. They need that extra frame of mind away from living in a box. Stop frauding the millions of people who are making these companies rich on no choices. Find a company who will live up to the demand for inmates love ones plan and simple. Cindy glen burnie, MarylandU.S.A.
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