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1, Report #828109
Jan 24 2012
09:30 PM
Amazon Createspace Amazon Amazon RipOff Under-Report Sales Internet
Unauthorized resellers ( and market media) were selling my books at 2-3 times higher price.  I knew they  were not authorized resellers, because I did not choose Extended Distribution Channel, and only one of my books was sold.  Createspace's executive office completely ignored this unauthorized distribution channel, and kept repeating I would get royalties.  I get $2.33 (while Amazon and Createspace get $7.72) for each book sale, and I was concerned about copyright/distribution rights.   I was shocked their responses and ignorance. Createspace's executive office then said any one can go out and sell my books without my permission (TOTAL IGNORANCE). Since I complained to Amazon/Createspace, they started retaliating me.  When I upload book, they just delayed publishing with numerous stupid reasons. Then there you go.  Tim Ferriss signed contract with Amazon to publish his 4-hour chef, and the book is coming out soon.  Createspace claimed my book of slow carb violated trademarks.  Tim Ferriss applied trademark with four-hour which was refused and his trademark is 4-hour.  Further Tim Ferriss is not the one who created slow carb diet nor he has trademark for slow carb.Even if so, when you write a review of Tim Ferriss' 4-hour body book, there is no trademark by using 4-hour body.  (another sign of ignorance).They removed my book without any opportunities.  So I complained with legal basis that trademark does not apply here, and if so why didn't they remove other books with same titles?  Why discriminate?Amazon/Createspace behave they do not need to respond.  Their attitude was Amazon is Number 1, do what we say so. If not, we remove your account for life.  That's what happened.  I listed NUMEROUS ILLEGAL BOOK that are selling currently at Amazon, and asked them to remove. If not, I would file complaint.  Their response was banning my account for life. Regulators have to regulate Amazon.  Amazon/Createspace's attitude tells this is not a company with future. BTW, Amazon is being sued by Apple for trademark infringement of using App store (Apple's trademark)!!
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #422146
Feb 09 2009
05:56 PM
Ikthalion Press, an independent publisher of science fantasy adventure and nonfiction books, has withdrawn ten titles from San Jose, California Amazon company Createspace, Inc., due to irreconcilable differences in fulfillment models and nonpayment of residuals due from the sale of IP books in 2008. CreateSpace states that its policy is not to pay until a minimum of $20 of royalties were accumulated. We were contacted by Createspace in January of 2009 and assured that the funds would be deposited at January 30, says author/owner T. M. Moore. When we sent a message saying the funds were not received on February 6, Createspace tried to delay payment further by suggesting that we entered our bank number wrong. We have withdrawn the titles to prevent further sales being made through Createspace in the future, with the expectation that no sales would be realized in 2009 based on the historical record of dismal sales established in 2008, and that continued nonpayment would result. To date a message was sent about discussing the issue by phone. Since they do not deal with anyone except by email, we can only assume that this is another delaying tactic. Ikthalion Press continues to do business with Amazon, Createspace's parent company, and with its primary printer Lightning Source, Inc.; of which Amazon is a partner distributor. Two of the titles are currently in preparation to upload to LSI in the next two months. We continue to offer all our books in a variety of formats including print,pdf,Kindle and Mobipocket. Our books can be purchased directly or through Amazon and other major booksellers throughout the United States and the UK. Antellus8 Sherman Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
3, Report #697761
Feb 20 2011
11:26 AM
Amazon / Createspace Amazon & createspace are selling books without giving the authors their royalties Internet
 I authored a book through Createspace, which is owned by Amazon on June 18, 2010 ( see link for book ) I have the ability to monitor my account online but can only get minimal information, such as the date a book sold, if it was amazon who sold my book or another distribution channel and how much royalty I will receive.  It does not show any information as to who bought my book or the transaction numbers that would connect a sale to my account. Keeping this information from me in the beginning made me feel left in the dark. Since the day my book started selling I have been promoting it at most of the metaphysical book stores in the valley, restaurants and through many online channels such as forums and an interview on an Internet radio program. I even have an agent with an associate who are promoting my book who receive 15% of what shows up on my account. I also teach classes at Alpha Book Center once a month and they advertise my class and my book in their Omega Directory every month which has a printing of 10,000 and is distributed around the state and on the Internet. (see link) have personally sold over 400 books. In the beginning I watched my sales go up and then I watched them drop to less than the amount sold the first week. I continued to promote my book and had spoken to many who said they were going to buy my book, but the numbers on my account did not climb any higher each month. In the month of January I kept watching my account every day, on the 5th one book sold to a single person, then on the 12th two books sold through an expanded distribution channel. On the 13th I talked to a friend of mine who said she was going to buy the book at Borders books on Camelback Rd. in Scottsdale. She told me she was to busy that day to go to Borders and said she would buy it online instead, I said either way is fine.  For the next few days I kept checking my account to see if she had bought the book, but the numbers were not changing, it still said three sold. On the 26th I called my friend and she said she has the book and is reading it, I told her my account was not showing it was sold and that I was going to call my publisher and find out what is going on. I called Createspace and explained to them I did not get credited for a book that was bought by a friend, the person on the phone said, did she buy a used one or a new one?, because if it was used I would not get credit for it, I said I believe it was a new copy but I would find out for sure. That day I received a mail from my publisher stating they were investigating the issue and that I may wish to provide the order number to the order that I have concerns with.  I thought to myself, they should have every order number concerning by book whether it was used or new since they Amazon and Createspace are the same company. I called my friend and got the order number and gave it to Createspace over the phone. On February 3rd I received a mail from Create space that said the order was filled with a book that was returned, then a few sentences down it says a copy of my book was manufactured to fulfill an order, which was then canceled. when this occurs, you receive a royalty for the book that was manufactured and the book may be placed in's inventory to be used to fulfill a future order. Was this a returned book or a canceled one, and when did this happen, I never heard about it until I made a complaint. I was a private investigator for years, and this would be considered CYA. All this information should have been available the first day I called without me getting them the order number. I believe Createspace is printing books and Amazon is selling them while randomly giving credit to the author. My book sells for less than most books and there are a lot of authors who are in my position and have been trusting Creatspace and Amazon as our publisher and sales team. Amazon can make a lot of money by just printing up books and selling them without any one of us knowing about it. When every author finds out about this, they will be devastated and will have to find a new publisher. It would take an audit to find out how many books are truly printed and sold.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #828092
Jan 24 2012
09:10 PM
Amazon Createspace, Amazon RipOff Under-Report Sales, Internet
here are MANY people claiming Amazon/Createspace are under-reporting sales, and hiding royalties to authors/publishers.  1. amazon provide book sales to third parties, and the sales numbers are Extremely Lower than actual sales (4-10 times). 2. MANY author/publisher complained Amazon/Createspace did not update sales, when author/publisher's friends/family purchased books (informed).   Amazon/Createspace do not think they have to respond to authors/publisher, and if they complain they are banned for life. Sometimes, Amazon/Createspace excused that previous buyer returned books, and they did not report new sales.  This is also underreporting sales:  Amazon/Createspace sells used/returned books via Marketplace, and authors/publishers do not get royalties from sales on Marketplace.  Therefore, Amazon/Createspace makes money either books are returned or not, while author/publisher do not get royalties. 3. I personally have evidence that when there have been sales ranking on Amazon websites, Amazon failed to report any sales.   When I complain, Amazon either report a sale, or neglect.  4. One of my books have ONE SINGLE sales per Createspace's record.  I did not select Extended Distribution Channel (EDC), but there were multiple third parties and Amazon's own Marketplace were selling this book at the same time.   Since I have copy rights,  only Createspace/Amazon can sell my book, and only one copy was sold, there should not MULTIPLE sellers on this book. Two of these sellers were selling the book 2-3 times higher than actual book price.  When I complained to Createspace and Amazon, Createspace's executives office responded I would get royalties when third parties sell.   My concern was why there were MULTIPLE sellers, whom I did not authorize, but Createspace and Amazon have refused to respond on the issue. Then Createspace's executive office ignorantly stated any one can sell my books without my permission?? This shows total ignorance of copyright/distribution laws. Since I complained to Amazon/Createspace's executives, they started retaliation. 5. Some people complained Amazon's legal department that some authors violate copy rights, but Amazon refused to remove higher ranking books (see below), while removing lower ranking books.   We have contacted AMAZON LEGAL DEPARMENT ABOUT THIS and they keep removing the book and these awful people just change the name, make up a new author and sell it again.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1348581
Jan 09 2017
10:22 AM
Lighthouse Publishing/Andy Overett CreateSpace Self-Publisher in Disguise Took Me for 400 Bucks Georgia and/or Minnesota
I was desperate to publish my book.  As my book had a lot of Christian themes, I thought to pitch it to some Christian publishers/agents.  One of those was Lighthouse Christian Publishing, found online.  I sent them an email with my pitch and a manuscript in doc form. After twenty years of mostly rejections for my work, I was cheered to see that Lighthouse wanted to publish my work!  Some things bothered me about the contract, but I wanted to believe in the deal, and tried to have faith--so after saving money for six months, I finally paid Lighthouse/Andy Overett $399 via paypal to get the publishing started. Soon I found out that Andy was unwilling to let me in on process of being paid/how many books were selling, etc.  So I looked further into his publishing process to find he was just a self-publisher with's  With them, anyone can self-publish and sell books FOR FREE. When I learned this, and told Andy via email that I wanted to get out of contract to pursue free self-publishing with CreateSpace on my own, he refused to part with any of the $399 I had sent to him.  I told him via email (no phone number for him given--another red flag) that he could keep $200 for the work he had done on the book, and for illuminating me in some ways--about a great free self-publishing/selling service called He refused to give me ANY money back, taking the full $399 I saved over a six month period.  He never posted the book on his website, so only half the contract was followed--in which he promised to sell the book on
Entity: Internet
6, Report #704715
Mar 09 2011
10:55 PM
createspace - amazon they taxed me for my book wout knowledge Internet
I wrote a book & published it under createspace, i didnt earn much but was proud of the amount i was earning, bc i was on limited income i was being careful so i thought until i was being taxed, $21.00 each book= 7.26 royalties so y was i being taxed for ssi   
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1278195
Jan 19 2016
09:34 PM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing ,Andy Overett, Lighthouse Publishing Breach of contract Buford Georgia
My book Ain't Nobody's Business is not on the publisher's website. He has not reponded to my questions. Andy Overett the president setup my book on createspace this is not on our contract. I learned from another author of his no royalties will be paid out if if his is sold via Createspace. Royalties and credits are only paid out through their website. Lastly, Shotty editing.
Entity: Buford, Georgia
8, Report #400767
Dec 12 2008
04:49 PM
CreateSpace - Amazon Failed to pay timely or report sales in a clear manner. Scotts Valley California
In August I set up and listed my titles with CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon, for sale on the Amazon marketplace. After 15 proofs and hundreds of dollars later, I sold only 3 books through them in August and September. According to CS's payment policy, I was to be paid for sales within 30 days after the end of the month in which the sale was made. I waited until November before I contacted them, when they informed me that they would only pay out after $20 was accumulated. I have not sold another book since, not even a book I know sells well through Amazon or other sites. Further, all my attempts to get my money has met with deaf ears. I know that the books sold through Amazon, but since Amazon has never been responsive to anything anyone has asked it to do, I have no way to track the date they were sold, or for how much. I am already contemplating removing my books from CreateSpace and sticking with the only professional printer in the publishing business so far, LSI. As it was, I had already moved to CreateSpace from Lulu, which proved to be another money-wasting proposition. I am removing my Amazon links and any connection to that market, and if I sell anything through Amazon it will be through LSI. Further, I call for a boycott of any self-publishing house which offers promises it can't keep. From what I hear of Amazon, there is no profit to be had when a company keeps all the money and shuts out the seller or producer of the product. That is not only a bait and switch tactic, it is out and out fraud. It's time to consider what's good for the overall online economy and shut them down. Antellus8 Sherman Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Scotts Valley, California
9, Report #1280062
Jan 14 2016
01:11 PM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing Andy Overett Scammer, Breach of contract Buford Georgia
After our first email exchange of breach of contract Andy Overett refuse to refund my one time set up fee of $399. I terminated our contract on 1/9/2016. He received however, my book is still available via Createspace which is self publishing site. Contract says 30 days however, my book is not on his website. Createspace is not part of the deal and not on the contract. He emailed me and told me he is trying to get his money's worth.
Entity: Buford, Georgia
10, Report #661787
Nov 01 2012
10:50 AM Fraud Internet
Create is a subsidary of  They present themselves as a publisher of books, music and other media.  You are led to believe that will publish your book.  In the process of converting your manuscript to a printed book, you are contacted by a Create Space agent who identifyies herself as your publishing consultant. You later learn that Create Space is a publish on demand company.  That means that you pay them to publish your book.  When your book is finally published, it is void of any publisher's name.  They claim they are a printng company only, not a publisher.  That is fraud in any language.  Without a publisher's name in the book, the book looks unprofessional and at first glance unworthy of purchase.  Anyone viewing a copy will have no clue as to where they would purchse their own copy.  I strongly recommend that if you are an author of a manuscript that you want published, do not go with Create
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1071502
Jun 12 2014
04:57 PM
Publish America They said they are going to publish my book without my permission. Internet
  I sent publishamerica my book on july 21st,  i never heard from them, so on 7/30 i told them i was going to publish it myself.   They told me that i have a contract and that they would publish my book without me.    I never signed a contract.   Please Help   
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #1289014
Apr 11 2016
07:29 PM
Convertport Shola Abidoye Shola Abidoye and Convertport scammed me for $5,000 Internet
I hired Shola Abidoye, founder of Converport to help me create, publish, and market a bestselling book for $5,000. Unfortunately, after delaying everything six months past the due date, she decided to cut off all contact with me without delivering what I paid. I have yet to receive even a partial refund for what I paid, and Ms. Abidoye publically denies that I hired her to do these things. You can read the full details of my experience getting ripped off and scammed by Convertport here:
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1052945
Mar 27 2014
05:13 PM
Tekeme Studios: George Weis & Ashley Silouan-Weis Fraud, Discrimination, Censorship Lancaster Pennsylvania
So you're a prospective author who wants to submit your work into the burgeoning ebook market? You have your manuscript written and edited, but you need help designing a cover and converting your work to the proper formatting for uploading. Do. Not. Use. Tekeme. Studios. Tekeme brands itself as an any-size, any-budget, any-project web design firm, but it really caters to religious-themed projects. It's run by a pair of fanatical anti-porn crusaders -- husband George Weis is a recovering morbid porn addict, wife Ashley Silouan is a professional victim/scold -- who like to work with authors and bloggers who share that worldview and will disseminate their Porn Is Evil! message. If you're vision doesn't fall into that limited category, then beware: 1. Tekeme provides no refunds, even if they abandon your project, so be very careful putting any money in their hands. 2. Tekeme reserves the right to change your contract with them at will and after weeks of making promises. 3. Tekeme determines what content is acceptable for publication; if your book doesn't feature dewy-fresh virgins, Lands End-style cover models, and crosses glimmering in the sunlight, then go elsewhere. Tekeme's design policy is not content-neutral; it will discriminate against you based on the themes and content of your work, and will actively try to discourage and censor you. I paid $400 for an ebook package including a book cover and formatted text. I only received the cover, and was told that my book would not be formatted because the designers had a moral problem with it. Tekeme dragged this process out for over a month and did not deliver the promised results. $400 for an ebook cover is ridiculous. I had to hire a new designer who did it for a mere $75, and then he even did the conversion process for a mere $125. This was the exact same deal I had with Tekeme for twice as much. You deserve to be treated with respect and honesty. I did not receive that from this agency. Your hard work deserves better than the condescending, sanctimonious likes of Tekeme Studios.
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
14, Report #466519
Aug 15 2012
08:42 AM is a scam dont waste your time and money Internet is the bigiest ripoff you will ever finde in the self publishing industry. they jack up book prices to assure that you will never sell a single book . they ignore emails and never return phone calls. i published a 132 page book with them and not only does it look like crap the 2 author copies that they sent me were damaged and childlike quality! when i told them about it they returned my email after 2 months and told me that they cant control the damage caused during delivery lol what a joke they also listed my book at a price of $30 for a 132 page book when I asked them to lower the price they told me they cant and that was the standard price for a book of that page count so i asked them if my book had 350 pages what it would coast and they told me it would be listed at $99.99 lol who the heack is going to buy that and lets face it most books are between 200 and 300 pages . this site is a scam and a ripoff stay clear.. choose any other selfpublisher but please dont waste your time with these loosers also there ridiculas customer service is the worst i have ever delt with one non english speaking person after the next.. XLIBRIS.COM IS A SCAM AND A RIPOFF ONCE THEY GET YOUR MONEY THEY DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU AT ALL! STAY CLEAR OF XLIBRIS.COM Ronnie staten island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #862044
Dec 25 2012
08:21 PM
Denise Alvarado, Published author? Educated? Maybe but still a Con Artist Internet
Stole money from customers who`d purchased a 1 yr. subscription to her magazine 'hoodoo & conjure quarterly. Subscriptions were $120 for 4 issues within 1 year. 2 issues published in 18 months, then asked everyone to buy issue by issue at $30 a pop. Sorry, no refunds on prior subscriptions & no credit either. Customers wait anywhere from 4-8 months to have orders for magic spell products & other items delivered, if they ever get them at all. Loads of attitude is what you`ll get if you dare to ask where your order is, or God forbid ask for a refund.PayPal & card co.`s know her schemes well.Gets people to feel comfortable, trust her because she has a psychology degree of some sort & has had a book published (the hoodoo voodoo spellbook, garbage plagiarized from numerous other authors).Let`s not even get into her psychic readings & spellwork.Stay away if you know what`s good for you.Spiritus Arcanum,The Vodou Store & Sacred Vescha Conjure have better products, also Hoodoo Crossroads.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1040855
Aug 15 2014
01:10 PM
Melissa Bryan Medium, Outlaw Life Enterprises LLC, Senora C Christmas Character Paranormal show used to vent spleen about things best left unsaid. Arroyo Seco, New Mexico
 listen to Liveparanormal- from time to time. I enjoy some of the good paranormal chat and advice I get from the wonderful mediums and paranormal folks there. On Friday, the 29th of March  I happened upon Melissa Bryan who claims to be a medium and spiritualist from New Mexico. I expected a nice relaxing show. What I got instead was very disturbed sounding woman screeching into a microphone for 45 minutes. I didnt get what she was yelling about. First she claimed people are harassing her, and then she started spewing the vilest obscenities. Then she started threatening people. The she asked people to go put them through whatever shes gone through. In other words, she was soliciting people to harass for her.  Then she started say in no more over and over again. Then she mentioned someone in Canada and began screeching come get me you little f*&8n moron!. The she said youre going to be dead you SOB. Presumably she was talking about this person from Canada.   This went on for the entire 45 minute program. She was literally foaming at the mouth and banging her fists on a table. She also said that since she was angry, everybody would feel her anger and she would never apologize. Well I for one think she should apologize for the false pretences of her show. This was supposed to be a paranormal chat show, not 45 minutes of a mentally disturbed person screaming into a microphone and spewing obscenities.   My advice to this woman is to stop making a shrieking spectacle of yourself. Go find a good counselor or friend or minister that you trust and listen to them. But if you plan to do an entire segment based on how much you hate somebody, you should do that elsewhere, preferably in private and not submit strangers to this gratuitous indulgence to your baser nature. Nobody really cares if you are angry or not, most people want you to be happy but if you cant be happy, screaming how you hate the world wont make you happy. Its going to attract the kind of people claim are already bothering you. If you want people to leave the past in the past as you kept saying, it has to start with you leaving the past behind, not bringing it up again like you did on your program. 
Entity: Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

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