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26, Report #359375
Aug 05 2008
10:04 AM Cheap PS 3 Internet
I used this website to purchase a ps3 for my sons thirteenth birthday. I went back to the website to check order status and was give a prompt the said awaiting arrival in warehouse 14. The next day when I checked order status, I could not even get on the site. No one answers any phones, or returns any messages.:( I was charged for the system. Buyer beware! I simply hate it for my son! Jm J, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #447053
Apr 28 2009
01:26 AM Small help Internet
Here's the problem I have with this scam outfit. They charge you $1.95 basically for nothing, then immediately you are charged another $38.21 US, no 24 hour wait at all. The next day they burn you for another $57.61 US. Why do they not simply add the $1.95 and the $38.21 together for a total of $40.16 right up front? Because NOBODY would buy that, now would they? I called Visa today and explained it to them. Now Visa reads their TOS to see if there is anything they can do to help. They got me through to a call center in the Phillipines, (hard time understanding the gal on the phone) who gave me the email address above to ask for a refund. I applied first thing this morning, and shortly after I got a reply offering me $40 and $25 partial refunds on the two invoices. I figured a $65 US refund was better than a kick in the derriere. I suppose there is always the possibility that had I persisted, I may have got it all back except for the $1.95. But I don't know that for sure. So, to anyone out there who has been stung, here's a chance to get at least some of your money back. Good luck. Cocobolo Cedar, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Internet
28, Report #460763
Jun 11 2009
01:19 PM False Representation Internet - Is a cheap Web host company that use false representation to lure customer from other Host. They apparently offer more for less but it's just a facade. they don't write in details ( like the fact you can just have 1 domain even on their most expensive plan ) but it's not written nowhere. On top of it, they are advertising that they Move your site for you hassle-free.. it's totally un-true as they don't even have a site-moving program and I highly doubt that anyone that works there actually have the knowledge to move any site even if it would only consist of a single index page. It took me half a day and 14 customer support ticket to learn that their cron directory was curl and not something like.. usr/bin/curl.. that's totally absurd for such a basic question to a host. they advertise that you can contact the CEO if you don't get treated the way it should.. it' also un-true.. I highly doubt he even care about his customer as I never got any reply from him. it's all a fraud.. a scam.. call it what you want.. they do have the web hosting service.. but that's all.. no support.. no knowledge.. no professionalism The chat representative even admitted it being a scam and them not helping people. Ehan beverly hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #470400
Jul 16 2009
12:21 PM Scottsdale Arizona
On June 20th I ordered a free trial from this website and only had to pay for shipping. I rec'd the merchandise about a week later. I reviewed the paperwork that was included and there was absolutely no information regarding an amount that would be charged if I didn't cancel the account. Much to my surprise on July10th $83.95 was charged to my credit card! I telephoned them and was told I would not be able get a refund because I had not called to cancel within 14 days of June 20th. I finally spoke to a supervisor and was given a credit of $44.00 (this was just today so I have not seen the credit to my account yet). I was told I would receive an email regarding my cancellation - I haven't received that yet either. This is a very deceiving practice from this company and I just want everyone out there to be aware! Jan Middletown, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
30, Report #370627
Sep 07 2008
12:33 PM RIP OFF Internet
I bought a 360 from this company a day later i recieved a confirmation and the site is no longer there. It said allow 8-10 days for delivery and that was Aug 18th I knew better but I thought if it does work I got a cheap system. also beware of and all are the same site if they are even still up and running. Chaz920 anywhere, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #365653
Aug 22 2008
12:56 AM took my money Internet
I paid $150.00 dollars for two pairs of shoes. took tke money the next day. tried to send an email, never seen my shoes or heard from jordans360 Justin **** littleton, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #433065
Mar 11 2009
11:50 AM fraud/scam Online Nationwide
I have made a game related purchase through this site and received absolutely nothing in return. I have contacted them continually and nothing was resolved. When I try their live chat, the representative never has any answers for me, except to come back in2 hours. I have done that for 24 hours, after the product purchased was promised within 2 hours of purchase. When asked to speak to a supervisor, no matter what time of day it is, there is never one available. Opened a paypal dispute and got an immediate reply to my dispute from them, stating to wait a few more hours for delivery. Ha! Of course still nothing. This is going to escalate into a paypal claim. Last time I tried to contact them via live chat, the rep. would not even answer my questions. I found them to be very rude. Sandstorm Kitchener, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #559513
Jan 25 2010
12:17 AM
Com Ed Outrageous Charges Internet, Illinois
I recently moved within Chicago and am receiving ComEd bills at approx $300 a month. It appears to be an ESTIMATED bill, though their website does not explain that in their Understanding Your Bill and I cannot understand how it could be so much when I haven't changed my lifestyle from the previous place which I paid at most $90 a month...and I have GAS heat on top of it. One significant difference I noticed in the invoices is the Distribution Facilities Charge. Apparently it means (according to ComEd)  kW (kilowatts) X MKD (Maximum Kilowatts Delivered) for the billing period. My previous bills stated the cost to be $12.95 and now they are at $58.23. Does anyone know what this may pertain to?  I have already contacted ComEd to look into it and they have found no errors.
Entity: Internet, Illinois
34, Report #668883
Dec 07 2010
09:10 AM
xbid .com scam artist Internet
they stole 75$ from my checking acct. now they will not return my bank gave me a number to call ,it just refers you back to coustomer help....ripoff .scam will pay
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #829658
Jan 27 2012
11:27 AM
savemore com savemore scam Tooele, Utah
I bought gift 2 cards for Barnes & Noble and one for Cabela's that I have never received but the savemore website says they've been redeemed. I also bought $50 worth of dining dollars that came with a $25 Walmart gift card but the codes for these don't work. I have tried to call the 800 number for savemore but after waiting forever on hold I was sent to voicemail and asked to leave my contact info so they could return my call. I never heard from them. I have spent $75 at savemore,com and got absolutely nothing. I want my money back and savemore needs to be shut down before they rip anyone else off!
Entity: Tooele, Utah
36, Report #684514
Jan 19 2011
06:44 PM
pandorabracketdiscount,com pandora charms Internet
i order a pandora charms n bracket from this company but now they are fadeing i keep emailing them but they are not answering me. i brought item around christmas. but my credit card pay to the item as.gz yinyuswarg liping shenzhen this is the bill that came on my visa can u help me
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #705017
Mar 10 2011
03:40 PM money fraud Internet
i was playing games thinking i would get my cash from wincash247 and i did not. i won 60 dollars and did recieve it and i bought credit to play wit my credit card. i would like to get help to get my money back from this.
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #802055
Nov 27 2011
11:21 AM Rip-off Internet
I suddenly noticed on my auto pay for my AT&T landline that an unusual fee appeared in April of 2011 ($15.95) and then became a monthly fee of $12.95 since then to the present November 2011. It is supposedly for emergency 911 calling service, which my landline presently provides me with.....why would I sign up for such a service? I never did! These people are complete rip-off artists. They do not have representatives for their service number. Call AT&T directly and refuse any further charges to your bill. Total scam.
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #746746
Jun 28 2011
11:17 PM
Amazon,com Telephone lexington, Kentucky
The year of 2008 of Christmas  i have order a Cell telephone and did not work! I they said can not give me my money back! I lost my money and the did not work! And i also have take to AT and T they said the was no good and out date.Amazon said no money back! That did not feel good at all.!
Entity: lexington, Kentucky
40, Report #570215
Feb 16 2010
10:28 AM Adult material site Internet
I visited recently and signed up for a free trial subscription which was only $2.98. My account was charged once for $3.00 and another time for $44.59, but on my statement there were two different website and contact phone numbers. Even after I canceled my trial membership, the $44 charge was not removed. I have not been able to contact this in any way. The phone number provided is missing the last digit and the website is invalid.  Be ware!!!
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #945606
Mar 08 2016
09:12 AM Denver Colorado
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Entity: Denver, Colorado
42, Report #894227
Jun 07 2012
10:50 AM
resumemycareer,com Resume writing rip off Internet
Several months ago, I contacted this company to re-write a resume for me.  Justin, who I believe is the only person that works there, was friendly at first.  He described to me what the company can do for my resume and that they will re-write the resume until I am satisfied with the results. I knew I was in trouble after the first incident.  The site says a 24 hour turn around, it took over 2 weeks to get the first draft and when I was not happy with it Justin took on an attitude and started yelling at me.  This would be the first of several incidents.  He has a very explosive personality and will run you into the ground if you don't like his work.  And that's exactly what happened to me. I'm older and re-entering the work force after losing my business and obtaining a new degree in a different field.  I was very green on how to format a resume in today's standard and that's why I sought out a professional.  To help me.  What I got was a resume that had nothing to do with my field at all.  However, I didn't know this until I applied to over 1200 jobs and spoke with several recruiters.  I was told my resume needed updating. For about 45 days I tried to reach Justin via email and phone, which I was unsuccessful.  When I finally did get through to him, today and explained the issue.  He again started screaming at me, talking over me and wouldn't listen.  Told me it was my fault the resume was wrong.  I finally had enough of his yelling and told him to F off and hung up. This was a complete waste of money.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #912549
Feb 29 2016
11:00 AM Denver Colorado
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:
Entity: Denver, Colorado
44, Report #908077
Jul 07 2012
11:04 AM
XDating .com Scam Internet
Created free membership with XDating .com I received many messages, I like you hits and viewed you hits. I kept this free status for 4 weeks.After upgrading to premium account which I paid $29.95 for one month membership all activity from other members can to a complete stop. The only way to message other members was to have a premium account. I created other free membership accounts during the same time period, all the free membership accounts had lots of activity. The paid membership account had none. I'm also concerned where they're getting all the pictures of the members from.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #179116
Mar 03 2006
11:14 AM ripoff Internet
I ordered a pair of knockoff Coach sunglasses from this place. They sent me a cheap pair of like, $5 glasses, but I paid almost $60 for them. They told me I could return my item and they would refund my money. Over TWO MONTHS has gone by, and STILL no refund. Plus, their website is down, and there is no number to call or anything. The website is one big scam. But karma always comes back, so they will get theirs. Catherine Addison, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #204528
Aug 04 2006
11:06 AM
True .com ripoff Blank Internet
I tried a trial offer of I used it for 2 days I had an emergencey out of state and return to see charged my account 50.00 . I cancelled at that moment and demanded a refund then I emailed 2 times still no refund. I looked throughly for a phone number to contact the site none found or that I could see. In the mean time the emails kept coming from That's when I noticed in very small print a phone number I called they refused to refund my money said I agreed to the terms I explained what happen to me and that I only agreed to the trial terms not as a full member refusses to refund my money On a product I havn't used!! I asked them why they made it so hard to cancel the person I talked to said it was in the terms I agreed to that I could only cancel If I called the number that I was unable to locate. I asked then why do you have a cancelation process set up on your site? I thought I cancelled a month ago through there only to find out with in two days was going to bill my card another 50.00 dollars in which I am sure they would have refussed to refund as well. Robert mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #302815
Jan 23 2008
07:32 PM
Same as all the rest of the reports i've read!!!! BBB has nothing on them. Mark ANCHORAGE, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #1058563
Jun 12 2013
10:19 AM Plagerism Internet
I do not understand why these people have not been arrested and tortured every day. I spent much time and money to research and write my books that are published on Amazon Kindle, Nook etc. And they have the audacity to offer it for free if one  gives them all kinds of personal information. As they said in France and by the Queen of Hearts in Alice's story, Off with their heads.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1195487
Dec 15 2014
10:24 AM Loan Scam Internet
This company gave me a $750 loan and after 3 consecutive on time payments of $250, informed me that I still owe $850. They continue to debit your account every 2 weeks and apply $20 to principle.  The remaining is your 1000% interest rate!  That's no typo or exaggeration!
Entity: Internet
50, Report #1200506
Jan 09 2015
01:00 PM Damaged property Internet
First off, I locked my keys in my car at a local store. I happened to select the company I'm reporting because it was at the top of the search results, but I didn't realize it was a Google ad. They seemed professional enough and had the lowest prices listed online, so I scheduled a locksmith to my location. He was fast at arriving, but to do something as simple as unlock my classic car, he quoted me $150. I should have known from that quote that it was not going to go well. I refused his service until he dropped his price to $80 which I later learned was still insanely expensive, but I agreed and told him to proceed with the unlock. He used a couple of air bags to wege my driver side window open and proceded to use a locksmith fishing pole to try to unlock the door with the handle and the mechanical lock itself. In this process with all the angeling, twisting, and yanking he chipped a lot of paint off the body of my car near the back of the driver window with the pole. I didn't notice immediately. He couldn't get the door open still so he decided to try to fish the keys out of the ignition. He hooked the keys and got his pole stuck through the keyring, and unable to get them out. After much more twisting, yanking, and bending he got the pole unhooked, BUT he again chipped tons of paint around the top of the driver window on my car's roof. At this point is when I realized that he had damaged my car and addressed it with him. He tried to claim that it already was like that in the exact two places he happened to be working with the pole. My car has had a full paint job restoration and I keep it very clean. I know the scratches and chips of the car. The car was still locked after about 30 minutes of him being on-site, and he asked if I wanted him to try the other side. I told him, No, you should just leave before you damage anything else. I was just ready to have him gone and get in my car. He then proceeded to say that I still owed him for the drive to my location which was $20. I told him that he had damaged my car and I wasn't going to pay him anything. He became very rude and very insisting in a rather intimidating manner. I told him I'd go into the store and pull the cash from the ATM where I proceeded to call the company again and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was hung up on initially, but when I called back the supervisor picked up. He said I must pay no matter what because I agreed to on the initial call. I believe with the extenuating circumstances with the damage to MY vehicle I shouldn't have had to pay anything. After all I had dealt with I lost it on the manager. He didn't budge and refused to make things right. I should have contacted the authorities at the time, but my state of mind was not clear with what I had been through. The locksmith outside the store was basically harassing me phone calls as I was talking to the company on the phone. I decided to pay his $20 so he'd leave, and I could get home after being stuck there for hours, but not before I let him know what exactly I thought of him and the company. I called another company who came out and charged me only $50, and had the car open in less than 10 minutes. After I was back in the vehicle, I found out the initial guy bent my ignition key when he was trying to get it out. This key is a $25 key because it has the GM magnetic security chip in it. So, when all was said and done, I was forced to pay that first locksmith to come out, chip lots of paint (which I have photos of), bend my ignition key, and not even get my car open in the end. I would be filing a lawsuit if I had the money to pursue that coarse.  
Entity: Internet

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