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1, Report #1174307
Sep 04 2014
06:27 AM
Creature Clones Puppets, Hello Creature Clones, Mike Lisa Never received item, ignored my messages Internet
I purchased an Elmo Puppet from via email from Mike Lisa on October 3, 2012. I asked Mike the estimated time of the delivery, to which he replied that there were other orders before mine. So I waited and sent him a message in November on the status of my Elmo. Mike replied that it is in the works, and should be done soon. Hearing that I was excited as I assumed that meant that within the next couple of weeks I would receive the Elmo, but I was dead wrong. Soon it was the next year and I sent Mike an email in February 2013 about my Elmo puppet. He replied that he was finishing up the dye for the fur and requested my address for delivery. I gave him my address so he can deliver the puppet, but no delivery was made. During the year of 2013, my emails were back and forth with Mike, with most of them ending with him telling me that he (Elmo) should be done by the end of the month. On February 5th, 2014, I sent an email to Mike, saying that it has been too long and to cancel my order. He replied that all transactions are final and he would be willing to cancel the order, but I wouldn't get my money back. So I messaged him why he kept lying to me about Elmo being done when in reality he hasn't even started on it. He messaged back to me that he is behind on orders and that he promised that I will receive my Elmo by the end of February. The Elmo did not come at all in February, and ever since then Mike has been ignoring my emails. It is going to be two years since I placed the order for my Elmo. I had projects and events that I was to use the puppet in, and now it seems like I will never receive my order at all. I have contacted The California Consumers Affairs, and I am waiting for them to get back to me on the issue. I also messaged PayPal about the situation, so hopefully I get some good news soon.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1233861
Jun 05 2015
07:07 PM
Creature Clones Mark Lisa Non delivery of item of of $800 Internet
I ordered a puppet from this firm over 3 years ago. Everytime they answer it's always lip service. They said they don't know how I fell through the cracks and said it will be sent out in 3 weeks. That was 4 months ago. Now they won't answer. I have seen pictures of my custom built puppet on their website. But they won't send it. I have every e-mail and pictures they've sent me to prove how much these people lie.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1232783
Jun 01 2015
04:16 PM
Mike Lisa Creature Clones Waited over 3 and a half years for an Elmo puppet to help my daughter get over the death of her mother Internet
 In December of 2011 my wife passed and I was left as sole parent for my 2 year old child. I looked for something to help her get through this emotional time in her life and decided to purchase an Elmo puppet from Creature Clones - Elmo loves hugs and I felt my daughter could share moments and thoughts with Elmo. In January 2012 I made a purchase for s full body Elmo puppet and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the puppet hoping it would be smiling my daughter could communicate with and share her feelings. Sadly 3.5 years later and after numerous emails with Mike I am still awaiting this puppet. Mike had told me numerous times that the puppet was either bring sewn or as weeks away from completion. I am quite frankly disappointed by this mans lack of compassion, my daughter is now 6 years old and she is still waiting for her  Elmo to arrive.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1248460
Aug 13 2015
10:45 PM
Mike Lisa of Creature Clones has stolen my money! He is fully paid for a puppet that he said would be shipped on April 12th, 2015. He stalls and stalls making promises of other dates of completion but we are now Aug, 14th, 2015 and still no puppet. New Jersey Internet
I paid Mike Lisa of Creature Clones $850 for a puppet that he has not delivered. Our agreement was that he would ship it out on the 12th of April, (2015), so that it would arrive for my Daughter's birhtday party on the 26th. The date came and went. He claimed to be busy but that the puppet was in the works and would be ready by the end of the week.....and then it was the end of the month and then it was the end of the next month and so on and so on. His email respones and communication have been dwindling to say the least.  I have waited and waited but he is clearly taking advatage of me at this point. I am not sure if I will ever see my puppet or my money again.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1118995
Jan 28 2014
11:15 AM
Mike Lisa Creature Clones, Oliver's Creature Shop, Vault Of Puppets I ordered an Elmo puppet almost 6 years ago, and still have't got it. I don't know if it is because I am Mexican. He changed his website two times, and i paid more than $1,000 USD Internet
Hello I am from Mexico. Almost six years ago I placed an order with a guy named Mike Lisa on a website named, ordering an Elmo puppet. At first he told me that i would get my puppet in two months. After two months he started telling me that he was busy and only had to hands. Four months passed, and his answers where the same everytime. One year, and evything was the same, so I began thinking he was a fraud. Some months, and then the website dissapeared, and some time went by and he was back with another website, and I found him, he recognized it was him and told me to be patient. The years passed, and just when I had lost all hope, I was surfing the web and founf him again on, I sent him an e-mail, and guees what? the same answers. He told me that by the end of last week, i would have an answer. I paid more than a $1000 USD, I actually used my mothers credit card because I was underage at the time.on't know what to do, I really want my puppet, but being mexican, i feel unprotected, because it was an international order.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1230803
May 21 2015
09:52 PM
perfect clones Joshua I got ripped off. bought a watch nearly 2 months ago from joshua guangDong china
 I bought a watch from Perfect Clones from a guy named Joshua nearly 2 months ago now. Paid nearly $600 through Western Union. Until now I still haven't got the item. Tried to email him about the purchase but he stopped replying soon after the payment has been done ages ago. Up to now im not sure if I will get the item or just waiting in vain.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #372889
Sep 14 2008
08:21 PM
ALLONLINESHOP.COM.AU illegal fake clones. Queensland Australia
They sell any fake rip-off merchandise they can get their hands on and they don't offer contact details to go after them for it. Nathan SydneyAustralia
9, Report #1301418
Apr 23 2016
07:44 PM
Strain Bank Clones Eclones MITES, MITES, MITES. San Diego California
 I ordered 40 clones from these guys. They showed up with 50 of the wrong strains. Needing the crop I accepted them. Big mistake. Upon further inspection I found mites. So there's that. In flower I found a solo male. Not a hermie, a full blown male plant. They clone males. DO NOT ORDER HERE!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: San Diego, California
10, Report #1223444
Nov 17 2015
11:07 AM
Perfect clones Scammer -Skilled Thief! Joshua-Lim Woo Seong Perfect clones Scammer -Skilled Thief! Joshua-Lim Woo Seong china china
 Joshua, the person who represents 'Perfect Clones' is act ing like any other SCAMMER or simply a skilled THIEF! I'm completely convinced, if it was not for the intervention of RWG, the THIEF would likely be able to SCAM so many others on the internet. I therefore wish to expose the irregularities in my case, as I, as a simple consumer, have done nothing wrong but acted in good faith. Facts: 1. I initially paid for a watch on January 8, 2015, via Paypal to Merchant: Lim Woo Seong shipper , which is the company of straps the shipper uses to cover 'Perfect Clones'. 2. Mr Lim provides tracking numbers to the consumer which are not authentic, but instead turn out to be fake. 3. Six weeks after Mr Lim sent an email to myself, informing me that he had sent my watch I had ordered, to another gentleman in Germany and that he was is trying to retrieve it back. 4. I contacted the moderators for help and assistance in the matter.... however I received nothing but lies upon lies again from Josh representing 'Perfect Clones' via email such as: the watch was delay because of a snow storm in the USA (I don't live in USA), or that he promised to send it again (1 month later he still has not sent anything) or that I started a dispute with Paypal (according to their regulations, the customer can only start a dispute after 45 days of duration, something Josh seems well aware of as he clearly has no intention to send me my ordered watch). 5. The following attached text is what Josh promotes on his website : To enchance our service levels and minimize the possibility of problems with customs of these countries , we have set up a base station in UK to re ship from UK to these regions. ie. Package will goes from China to UK, then to you in the EU. Total delivery time should be about 15 days. Mode of delivery to UK is EMS courier, and from UK to within EU, Its via registered airmail. I gave Josh the chance to re-send my watch and I requested he used registered airmail from UK, in order for Josh to know when my watch would arrive in my hands, however Josh's response was that - that is not an option and that he will send a replacement out of his Goodwill. I immediately became defensive for the use of the word 'goodwill', what goodwill is Josh talking about? I simply wish to obtain my watch! Josh has never had any intention to send any watch as he is a simple SCAMMER and CON-ARTIST. 6. Lastly, the situation has come to the point where I need to remove myself from this situation in the sense that I need outside help, so therefore I am reporting this matter to my bank however with no guarantees to ever receive any money back for the purchase of my watch. I am convinced that Josh has set a scheme in motion to con consumers after consumers, however he needs to be stopped.
Entity: china, Internet
11, Report #1408126
Oct 23 2017
07:15 PM
Organic Green Patient Collective & Premium Clones Cerritos Organic Premium Clones and Organic Green Patient Collective & Premium Clones Westminster, CA 310- 928-5731 Thousands $$$ wasted - wrong strains, bad genetics, weak tops, root aphids, pm, spider mites, RIPPED OFF wont refund my money Westminster, CA Internet
the delivery guy was on time, that was about all you had correct on my order 4 months ago... your plants totally trashed my existing garden by adding your black diamond og strain into the mix. first they were brown rooted because the root aphids inside and around the cubes were constantly attacking the clones. all my other plants were clean, for the first 30 days, then i couldnt hold them off from my other plants. but they originated from your black diamond og. you guys need to quarantine your sh.. and start over sorry to say. at the level you claim to be at, or at least what it looks like based on your page here, wow this was a major disappointment. next was the strains, they were def wrong and i got a whole buttload extra strains i did not order. it was clearly supposed to be 100 BD og, 313 gelato, and 287 lemon cake and was maybe 15 different strains none of them were anywhere close to correct and like i said weak tops everywhere, and a total #clusterfk wow again. So having tops finishing all over the place burning out the harvest i was dreaming of, I called your boy AJ and spit at him for a min livid about this whole bit. He spit profanity back at me like something was my fault. I was so offended that I sent your samples for testing at steephill. Yes, believe it MF i got you now!  SO HERES THE REAL DEALBREAKER FOR ME - none of these products, including your snickerdoodle, are organic!!  completely a waste of money and false advertising guys. my final product will not pass testing.. I am a cancer survivor and have a massive group of friends up north dealing with this fire right now. I gotta say, i seriously disapprove. get burned bud.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1254216
Sep 11 2015
02:54 PM
DCS Advertising ltd etsy clone,getsy,scam clones,clone scripts I don't know Internet
    -        They don’t refund -        They ask you after purchase to send ID or Passport to start your script installation -        The script is full of Bugs -        They promise to fix the bugs but every day the same, they don’t fix anything -        Their website expire in 2016 when legit companies they have it for many years -        They called me from hidden number and after they send email that they were trying to get in touch with me -        They have various emails, , possible and others -        The script also has missing things like missing states and cities so to ask you after $439 to import these for you -        If you write etsyclone reviews in google search box you will find many complaints for this site -        They don’t give you cpanel, they give other kind of panel where you can not edit,delete,rename,chmod your files -        They threat me that they will bring me to the court when I said them that I will post bad reviews if I will not be refunded. -        They accused me that I want to take the software free at They fall into their trap because if the script has registration key then they can cancel the key at any time so from this I understand that they sell a script without license key  
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1325374
Aug 30 2016
06:51 AM /androidtutorial/ /redditclonescript/#.V8WJv8UpAdU software apps websites android clones Bangalore Bangalore
the are crooks i purchased a clone script from them in 2014 and had problems setting it up now it cost me almost 2000 dollars to get it working and they stole the script from me and deactivated my site cant get it working no more they put me out of buesness stay away from this company they do fraudulent activites they don't support you also now the want me to repurchase the script i dont know what to do they are crooks. it will happen to you STAY AWAY
Entity: Bangalore
14, Report #1322368
Aug 13 2016
08:43 PM
ZoPlay Zoplay Offers Crappy Service and Crappy AirBnb Clones. BEWARE before they steals your money! Internet
I hired ZoPlay and spoke to a Simon andthen a Smith. They sold me an AirBnb clone for $2299 and also offered to customize it for $1570. They also said they were based in the US but they are in INDIA!!! After working with them one week I realized they were not capable of getting this job done right. They refused to make certain modifications I asked for. We mutually agreed to cancel. I trusted them to refund me but they didn’t refund my money, instead they only refunded part saying that the AirBnb clone was a separate transaction. I am not a coder. I have no need for that and can’t believe that a company would take $2299 after being hired to create a custom version. Even after firing them they called over several weeks to try to get the business back while ignoring my requests for a refund. DO NOT HIRE ZOPLAY, Casperon Venture., Casperon Technologies Private Limited, or anything related to these crooks. Their products don’t work well (tried their tester and it errored, but they promised this wouldn’t be a problem for my version). ***ALSO LEARN FROM ME DO NOT AGREE TO ZOPLAY’s TERMS OF SELLING THEIR SOLUTION SEPARATE WHEN YOU NEED IT MADE CUSTOM. THIS IS PART OF THEIR SCAM TO KEEP YOUR MONEY*** Also note Paypal won't help you with them.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #996998
Mar 01 2013
09:35 AM
Zach Amiran operating / San Diego Clones : THEIF FRAUD SCAM-ARTIST LIAR ILLEGITIMATE COMPANY SCAM!!!! ZACH AMIRAN RIPPED ME OFF !! He isnt running an actual company I have Proof! SCAM! San Diego, California is a FRAUD. NOT EVEN A CALIFORNIA APPROVED MMJ COMPANY. Proof? I have broken this report down into manageable sections... First off- 420 PATIENTS BEWARE! Zach Amiran IS NOT OPERATING LEGALLY UNDER CALIFORNIA MMJ LAW!!!!! ( CA Secretary Business Listings ) 1) Search for or Emarijuanaclones  2) then search for clone queen genetics Zach, Where are the articles of incorporation for  They should be signed by the secretary of the state of california and given a docket # ?????????? #1 (ZACH Steals $$$ from CALIFORNIA PATIENTS) I am posting a really terrible, dishonest yet very smart provider of MMJ clones and teens source that EVERYONE needs to know about. i am talking about They have a real informative site for MMJ patients to decipher which strains to grow. Quite impressive. Tons of (?BS?) Positive reviews. They offer quite an extensive selection of pure S & I strains as well as Hybrids too. One can buy clones and teens of the same strains. I am a new professional & legal MMJ cultivator but not new to growing. I started doing this because I am almost 60 and my physical state is deteriorating so fast and bad that I cannot even begin to work (Carpenter/Designer/Cabinetmaker), either for myself or others. I spent almost three months changing my 660 sq. ft. shop into the separate Grow and Bloom rooms. All the bases have been covered as best as I could and afford. I sold my (love) motorcycle and 37 years worth of tools (cannot work=no use) and supplies to get the cash I needed to build my paradise. It took this long because I am operating at about 35-50% of my normal. I think many of us do not tell others due to the embarrassment of admitting to being fooled. ANYWAY... I was ready to get going and can clone with the best of them but needed 144 clones right away to get going as I need a quick harvest to get the cash I need to keep my buildings (owe R.E. taxes back 2-1/2 years; another story, another time). S-o-o-o-o, I found them after a Google search. They came up #1 or #2 so I figured they were legit. Also are on a secure server. I ordered 6 each of 8 strains (vast mixture) in clones and 1 each of the same in teens. My total order came to $836.14 which also included Sales Tax (balls) which I told them I didn't have to pay. I have a retail sales tax permit. All was OK so far. They want payment ONLY through Intuit. Watch out for Intuit also because they offer NO PROTECTION or recourse for any fraud. They are like Western Union; same BS. I should have known when their Invoice came with no address. Anyway again.. The long & short of it. Delivery was to be near my location the next day. Next day came, no calls, no delivery, nothing at all. My first e-mail got a reply that our records indicate this delivery was made and signed for. Where was the delivery? Who signed, etc. I proposed these questions and a lot more as proof of my not getting anything. Why would I go to all the time and agrivation to rip them off if I really had the merchandise. Never heard back from them until almost a month later AFTER I tried about 20 times to contact them via live chat and e-mail. Again, this time I got the exact same BS response: was delivered... (?copy & paste?). They either have rip-off delivery people or are simply doing this from the beginning. I have offered the simple return of my money or the clones & etc. I now would only accept my money. Incidentally, their toll-free number dumps into someone's cellular voice mail. My urgent necessity cost me my last money available to do my grow. Don't you fall into his trap too; that's why I write this. Now I have no more $'s, might loose my home and store/shop, etc. due to a super lean harvest to come. I, since this happened, got about 60 clones from a local dispensary but they were terriblely close to death from a nutrient folar spraying. I successfully revived about 30 of them, but again, harvest will be lean. Unfortunately, these clones were also infested with, you guessed it, mites or ??? ; plagued from the start. I don't know's location is, but they show the most locations in San Diego county, Riverside, Sacramento and Las Vegas, NV. The last person I received correspondence from simply refuses to believe anything else but that I am trying to rip them off. He keeps telling me he is going to provide (his) proof of delivery but I have seen nothing and think that the ink isn't dry yet on that he can fabricate. This guy even admits that he's had a lot of patients do this because times are tough, and people will do anything to get what they want. Yea, I guess he's right about that. I am not worried about slander, because I am stating facts. Facts that I can prove. Lies are what is slander; facts are where I am at. All he (they) have ever stated was just lies. They ran a scam on me. They took my money and gave me nothing but hardship. My last monies went to this ass-hole. I may loose all I have invested in this, my last chance to earn a reasonable living. Bet this guy drives a real nice car and lives in a nice house. Too bad he's trading intensely negative Karma for a mere $800+ bucks... I am going to make his downfall my hobby. This will be one I will prevail. I am in contact with the District Attorney (fraud division) as well as the State Board of Equalization (Sales Tax), but anyone who can ad to this will surly accelerate their actions. I will be more than happy to follow-up if there are others. Oh, also, I went to his site and linked to Intuit just to see, and my web address is blocked. Shows more sophistication in Cyber-crime. Remember, it is: that's:, again it is Thank you in advance for reading this diatribe, and any help or information anyone can provide. I have the guy's e-mail address, but no one's names or physical addresses. #2  FAKE BIO GENETICS LAB HAHAHA (You put in alot of work, for a complete LIE) LMAO THIS WEBSITE IS A COMPLETE SCAM SHAM AND HAS NO DB FILE LINKED TO THE SERVER COMPUTER ANALYSTS HAVE CHECKED YOUR SITE, ZACH, THERE ARE NO ACTUAL STORIES, PATIENTS, STRAINS, METHODS, DEVICES, PARTNERS, OR TRUTH ---AT ALL--- TO YOUR BIO GENETICS LAB.  good try bud. #3   SAN DIEGO CLONES . COM IS A COMPLETE SCAM ALSO #4   GOOGLEs List Goes On And On about SCAMS ZACH HAS HAD ON PEOPLE Marihuana Clones - Gesundheit Presse,Marihuana+Clones/ - Translate this page13. Juni 2011 05.06.2011-- ist ein San Diego, Non-Profit-Kollektiv, bestehend aus medizinischem Marihuana Patienten Spezialisiert ... /cannabis-seeds-banks/771352-high-grade-seeds-scam-rip-off.html 0.611 ...... -anyone-try-emarijuanaclones-com.html 0.5324 2012-05-10T10:38:05+00:00 ... Alternative Medicine | San Diego Veterans 10% Menu Discount at: Free Delivery Service. Free Wax ...... or sites we have linked to below the[...] Zenerx Scam says: ... Photos/Videos | Scan your bills for fraud. Phone:Phone Number Not Yet on File; Email:Email Not Yet on File; Additional Employees: No Known ... 6 - ... This is a BIG SCAM. ... agreed to this charge, it appears from looking on the internet this is a scam which they have pulled more t Vdeos Incrveis, Vdeos Musicais e Fotos de Mulheres ... - - Translate this pageneed clones? I'm a medical marijuana patient and I'm alerting other ... It's a complete scam, the plants are completely bogus. Bogus hi5 ????, ?????????? jang geun suk, ?????????? ????????, ???? - Translate this pageneed clones? Im a medical marijuana patient and Im alerting Is A Scam, Patients Beware! Subscribe for ... #5  THE PICTURES HE SUBMITTED ON HIS OWN WEBSITE ARE TERRIBLE ENOUGH! I wrote this thread because 16 of my close friends have now been lied to, ripped off, or grown HERMIES that Zach gave them.
Entity: San Diego, California
16, Report #377792
Oct 01 2008
05:45 PM
Jenna@astro This creature is a fake and a rip off!!! Internet
Its quite interesting how when I first discovered this site today I received a new message in my inbox from you know who containing my report.I did take the time out to read my full report to see what the trick had to say.As I suspected the report was a whole bunch of nothing.She didnt really tell me anything but just give me examples of other people. She said my transit period would begin nov.1 yeah right like I really beleive that.After reading it I came to this site to read more complaints and low and behold I find one like mine.It had something like I would deal with foreign affairs and my career and finances would improve. Give me a damn break everyones future cant be the same. I wish I would of knew better before giving this ripoff my money.They were so persistant and didnt want me to miss my transist period.They claimed to care so much that they lowered their fees from $60 to $45.Thank god it was only 45 not 60!I can chalk this up to experience and warn others.I WANT MY MONEY BACK.They caught me at a low point in my life and was looking for any ounce of hope from someone.Next time I will just go with the flow of life and pray about it.JENNA GIVE US OUR MONEYBACK RIPPOFF!!!!!!! Torya bailey, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #369205
Sep 02 2008
10:35 PM
DESTINATION MOVERS - BEWARE Of This Company, Scamming Conartists!!!!!! moving scams, yair malol clones....12.5 years NORTH MIAMI BEACH Florida
The experience seemed reasonable and pleasant until the movers showed up at my door and things went sour. The company Destination Movers I later find out operating under the Destination Movers name only since December 2007 was miserable to deal with. I would not wish this scam on my worst enemy not even for Max or Ruben those scamming con artists themselves. they are rude, mean and awful to deal with. does anyone have values, or morality today? i dont know how these two can sleep at night knowing what they do to innocent people. What they have done to me is like legalized theft. The threats, treatment and hostage situations are unlawful and scary. To sum it up the comments that are posted on this and other websites are right on point. the series of events that occur are the same for everyone. Being hasseled or threatened for a tip upon pickup, being tricked into packing supplies, rushed through paperwork, prices increased by more then 100%, goods held hostage, endless threats, fees, and illegal behavior. I dont see how anyone can get away with operating a business this way. do yourself a favor and stay far away from DESTINATION MOVERS. it will save you alot of headaches. Dont let Yvonne, ana, michelle or any of the other girls talk you into anything. they are all habitual liars provoked by two gross people MAX AND RUBIN. they will get what is coming to them. karma is a B$%*#. Anonymous boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
18, Report #934943
Aug 30 2012
02:54 PM
Your Choice Meds Sold me unusable medical marijuana and spider mite ridden clones montrose, Michigan
I used to be a customer to Your Choice Meds, this is a legal medical marijuana dispensary in my state of Michigan, dispensaries are very hard to find in Michigan and are far and few between. I purchased some meds that were packed full of seeds and was unusable, and other times when they werent packed in seeds they were just garbage and no good to no one. I confronted the owner about this and he just said they all cant be winners and wouldnt refund or trade my meds out. And I also bought clones from this same guy and come to find out they were infested with spider mites and infected my other plants before I could find out. The owner was absolutely cocky and refused to help in any manner with this problem! And I am not the only one, a few of my friends have been burned by this drug house establishment in the past. I posted reviews on but they were deleted there and the one that was left on the owner used a fake profile to talk trash to me on this website. So I figured I would try this. And on another note this man brings his children into this medical marijuana dispensary which is always smoked filled and just is no place for a child, im talking newborn young! He has been ripping off patients in this town for over a year now, its about time this came to a hault!
Entity: montrose, Michigan
19, Report #1390307
Aug 03 2017
09:36 PM
Clones Clone Garden Clone Queen Infested clones, Just like clone queen, Temecula Clone Garden is a ripoff, Spider mites and powdery mildew Temecula California
This jerk off is just clone queen re branded. This guy sells me these INFESTED clone with spider mites, the other clones he gave me had mold show up in about 4 days. I call this guy 2 times first time he hangs up on me then he blocked my number. My cousing calls him, and ordered some clones to meet him he shows up sees me and pulls a gun on me. What the hell man??? It was fkn $750. Your a jerk scammer and a rip off criminal and you deserve to be in jail. This guy is a wack job and will sell you bull crap clones  
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1435564
Mar 22 2018
03:28 PM
Clone Bros Clones Bros Nursery Received Awful unhealthy Plants full of PM and Bugs, No refund. California
Recieved unhealthy horrible plants from clonesbros.comCannot get a response for refund.I reached out and asked my grower friends about their experice, all seem to be the sameDo no buy from Clones Bros!
Entity: California
21, Report #1405735
Oct 11 2017
09:31 PM
Mike Cragin The Clone Guild Rip off Ex Employee StrainBank New Offshoot Michael Cragin Bakersfield Crestline Ridgecrest sacramento fresno malibu chino los angeles clones Mike Cragin The Clone Guild stole my money and gave me root aphids and broad mites on clones fraud scam Crestline, CA Internet
Mike Cragin called me one day after I inquired about his clones.  He told me that the special that he sent to my phone (illegally) was not the correct price and that I needed to order 300 plants for him to be able to service my area, and that I would need to meet up with him at a gas station in the mountains near his house and pay him in advance.  He agreed to meet me and when I saw he had a sample of clones I left him with my money and he left me with the clones.  Well about 2 hours lapses and I'm wondering when he will return, and so I call him and he tells me he got wrapped up in another delivery and would need to call me back the following day.... AFTER I handed him $2000... Well this was when I was ready to call the cops but I have prepaid for plants from other vendors and gotten my plants so I decided to give Michael the benefit of the doubt.  Well this definitely turned into a weeklong dramatic adventure and when I finally got my clones delivered, he told me to pick them up from within a storage unit at Public Storage in highland,ca which was hands down the sketchiest thing I have ever done.  When I pulled out he called me within two minutes to ask if I had gotten the plants... Like he was watching me the whole time.  The whole thing was super creeeepy and the worst part hasn't even occurred yet.  When I got the plants home, oh my God, it was a total disaster.  Everything that could possibly go wrong with a grow op was sitting there in the bag I stared at blankly, wishing I could somehow get my money back, but knowing I was TOTALLY SCREWED!!! He answered the phone one time after that, and put me on hold after rudely telling me that I should have checked the clones quality at the storage.  Wow what a terrible excuse for a clone pickup service.  I wasn't able to pick up my clones at all and if I had I would have definitely asked for my money back sooner, not that it would have mattered.  Avoid this guy like the black plague!  It is now 2 weeks later, and 90% the $2000 worth of clones are dead.  I want to just sell the remainder to a friend but then I think he might come back and get revenge on me. I cannot believe this could not get any worse.  I will never be back.  Most places I have been to respect their clients and this was 100% disrespectful abuse of a grey market commoditiy.  Your days in this clone serving business are numbered, and I will be the first to tell anyone that asks what you did to me!
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1172110
Aug 25 2014
09:30 AM
Perfect Clones replica watches scammer Guangzhou CHINA Internet
WARNING FOR SCAMMER JOSHUA OR JOSH FROM PERFECT is his email adressHi,I bought watches from (also called Perfect Clones), today the website has changed name to They are changing name frequently. The owner calls himself Josh or Joshua. This person is a big time scammer, a real a**hole. Over the last 5 years I have done business over the internet, this is the lowest creep I have ever encountered.WARNING... DO NOT BUY ANY WATCHES FROM THIS SCAMMER. After you pay for high end ETA Swiss movement for like +400 dollars, Joshua will send you cheap chinese crap worth 70 to 100 dollars. His business is to scam people who knows about watches and better movements such as Sellita, ETA, SeaGull and so on. You pay for high quality, and he send you crap, I mean litterally broken crap that in mnay cases don't even work (I had in one shipping 3 broken watches out of 4, and the working watch was not as described either).When you complain about quality, his english suddenly become very poor. If anyone here want all email correspondece and the evidence of the scam, please feel free to contact me on email will hunt this a**hole Joshua till his last day as a watch dealer. Anyone have any information about this scammer, then we will pay money for all info leading to his true identity and whereabouts.SincerelyBarbara
Entity: Internet
23, Report #366136
Aug 23 2008
01:02 PM
EA Store Did not deliver download for spore creature creator even after we paid for it. Then would not help at all. Internet
THis company has caused us untold frustration because I tried to order software for my 12 year old son- Spore Creature Creator. Unfortunately, after taking our money, the company delivered defective download which would not work no matter what we did. We tried to get them to help but they never responded to our numerous requests for help. I have never dealt with a more unresponsive company in my life. Literally nothing from them, and no ability to get any assistance at all. The one thing they did very well without hesitation, though, was take our money. That one thing they do know how to do. EAStore- do not ever order anything from them if you do not want your child to be very disappointed and yourself to become totally frustrated after wasting HOURS trying to get something to work This web store is totally ANTI- child. Lynn Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #781282
Sep 26 2011
06:23 AM
Comclone groupone.comclone, groupon-fiverr-yipit clones,Groupon Clone Script - Groupon Clone Software - Groupon Clone Download - Groupon Clone Templates, Comclone - DONOT do business with them, thieves, scammers, they should be in jail!!! Internet
I paid them $400 for their script. i was promised that my site would be live within 2 days. One week later, they finally sent me a link to see what they have come up with. A totally wrong, nonworking script. I asked to get my money back and never heard from them again! DONOT do business with this company!!!!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1406436
Oct 15 2017
07:18 PM
StrainBank Genetics JP Jason Ramirez Biogeneticslab AKA Keeyana Castellani Marijuana clones cannabis plants teens AKA StrainBank AKA StrainBank Ripped me Off Hermaphrodite plants, then Gave me Broad mites on replacement Strain Bank Scammed me San Diego Internet
I attempted to call this business and even attempted a walkin to the Biogenetics Lab advertised on eMarijuanaClones Marijuana Clones Los Angeles Marijuana Plants Online and Biogenetics Lab Inc  This is not a real cannabis Biogenetics lab, and I actually work in a tissue culturing genobreeding cannabis facility, and hold IP related to proprietary tissue culturing and genobreeding.  The StrainBank/BioGenetics lab is a #Scam from JP Ramirez, who is the current Whois owner for both domains!  Noone answers, this is not a real biz.  Also the owner of StrainBank is also same individual, and he ripped me off on my cannabis plants and my whole garden needs to be tossed now.  This place is an ultimate joke.  Call them if you want.  Ask for Keeyana Castellani or John R Ramirez... They were extremely helpful at confusing me, and their deception is ultimately much worse than the plants they sent me. JP Ramirez I called your personal cell phone number (which I have the courtesy to not release to the public), and you have totally scammed me and other members of my local circle of growers.  your reputation on facebook is similar to a street hoodlum slumlord who demands rent from mommy and daddy, and demoralizes members of the community. JP Ramirez and John R Ramirez (Riverside,CA): you both have deceived, abused, and dismembered humans with rights and as District Attorney, I feel like you put so many people behind bars that were in our industry, that you should be 100% banned from the industry.  Your law firm does not represent marijuana clients and your son advertises to people that you do! I called you several times to try to work this out. Neglecting your clients who spend hard earned cash with you is the most illogical thing I can imagine. I tried to work this out with you but keep getting the run around so I just called another marijuana clone company who told me to get word out on this situation, so now I'm resorting to making this conversation public.The first time I ordered your Gorilla Glue 4 strain, I called several months after finishing the flower and asked if I could get something different than what I got last time plus the REAL actual Gorilla Glue 4 strain that you have advertised on your website.  As politely as possible, I explained that the Gorilla Glue 4 you sent was totally a sativa with racing thoughts and paranoia and my experience with Gorilla Glue 4 was more of a haze-like fog of good mellow thoughts and also the smell was very different, and buds looked nothing like any Gorilla Glue 4 I have ever seen.  I have ordered the real Gorilla Glue 4 from some of your competitors, but that is not what this conversation is all about.The point being on my most recent order that I specifically asked you to give me something different than what I got from you last time, because it was terrible and spindly airy and weightless, and I asked most importantly to receive the real Gorilla Glue 4 , the one advertised on your website Marijuana Plants Online, and what do I get instead?You guessed it. The same strain you sent me last time, and something different that was not Gorilla Glue 4 again.  I'm not really interested in sativas and it seems to me that is all that you have here.  That and hokus pokus hot air.Clones could have looked better too - 1. Almost no roots, second order2. Small and puny, both times3. Some unidentified bug is making webs on my plants   Chris Riverside, CA
Entity: Internet

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