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1, Report #83044
Mar 07 2004
12:19 AM
Credit Acceptance ripoff Southfield Minnesota
I finance a car from credit Acceptance in 1998,put 500.00 down the car was 6,410.46 I payed around 3,000 plus full coverage Insurance payments of 230.00 lost my job and in the night they took the car and repossed it and sold the car for 1,000 at an auction on my credit report they said I owe 3,410.00 I tryed to call them to make arrangements to start paying on that amount and was told I couldnt pay 50.00 a month being thats all I could Afford atleast I tryed to make an effort to start paying on the car and I was told that I now owe 6,410.46 because of Interest I didnt think they could add more money unless they took me to court or had an judgement put on me but this is not the case I never heard anymore from these people until I called trying to make arrangements to work on paying this bill so they would take it off of my credit record. Dana desmoines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Minnesota
2, Report #508053
Oct 12 2009
01:46 PM
Credit Acceptance What??Internet
Credit Acceptance should really have tons of law suits against them. In May of 2009, I paid $1200 on my car thinking it would get me ahead because I knew that I would be out of work due to the arrival of my child. One Thursday in July of 2009, I came out of church and noticed that my car was MISSING. Thinking that my car had been stolen because I had paid them in advance and I had full insurance coverage, I called and reported it stolen. Well the officer that had taken my call told me that my car had been repoed.  This was at 7:30 pm. I had to hitchhike a ride back home and try to get in touch with the company. When I finally called them, they were closed. So I had to miss work Friday to try to straighten the entire thing out. I called several times and was finally able to get in touch with someone Frinday evening around 6:00 PM. The recovery place that had my car closed at 5:00 PM. Now I really pissed because I had a family reunion to attend the following day and still didn't have my car. The representative that I spoke with told me that although I had paid $1200 in may I was still entitled to pay monthly and that only 372.16 of the $1200 went toward my monthly payment and the remainder of the $1200 went toward interest in the end. He told me that I needed to pay $372.16 which is one month payment. Now I'm wondering why I haven't been getting calls of late payments and why didn't someone from the company notify my of my car being in danger of being repoed. The following Monday (again I had to miss another day of work)  I went to retrieve my car. Not only did I have to pay the $372 but I had to pay a repo fee of $375 and I was charged $50 more dollars for recovery of MY OWN VEHICLE. I think Credit Acceptance should refund me my money because not only was I not notified of any late payments, I'm wondering if they have that my last payment was in May, why did they not ask for both June and July payments....
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #478137
Aug 10 2009
12:31 PM
Credit Acceptance Title Southfield, Michigan
I had my car repoed about 4 months ago due to illness. I moved to another city and I tryed to change my address on my car and I was told at the DMV that my car was sold in Rosewood, Minnesota. I took the lady outside and showed her I was in possession of my car. She varied that I had the car by the license plate #'s and the VIN numbers. She stated to me that I have to contact CA and explain to them the situation. Well, I tryed to explain to them that the car I have in my possesion was sold in Rosewood, Minnesota and I don't know where Rosewood is and I don't know anyone in Rosewood. All i needed was a car title, the lady I was speaking to wanted to know how I make my car payments, if I get paid by check or direct deposit, who in my family was ill and could I verify that illness!! I just explained to her again that I needed verification that I have this car. I told her I make payments by moneygram, i have direct deposit and could you take a few minutes to come with me to the cemetary to pay your respects to my aunt! I still haven't heard from CA about my car title and the fact that I don't live in Rosewood. Am I driving a stolen car? If I happened to get stopped for a driving violation, would the plates come back as sold in Rosewood, Minnesota? Ladyv Bemidji, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield,, Michigan
4, Report #857195
Mar 21 2012
08:17 AM
Credit Acceptance Sublending Contractor Internet
went to take a check made out from my church to me to help me with my 'payoff' amount due to credit acceptance.  employee 1 told me the payoff amount which was one payment and I had planned to 'payoff' the loan at my credit union, but when I realized it would take several days to be completed and the cost was gonna be 15 dollars I opted to go to CVS pharmacy and make a money gram payment.  I called up after the payment was made and the gal over the phone the second call to report my reference/confirmation number to employee 2 she quoted a much lower amount for my TEN DAY PAY OFF amount which was actually 385 dollars and some change off which they say will take me 30 days to receive along with my title which arrives separately in an envelope.  My question is did the girl purposely screw up {employee 1} and quote me the amount incorrectly or did she quote me another customers '''PAYOFF''' amount?!  I shake it all off hoping they will do me right because '''IF''' they don't I will be very upset.  They screwed over my son the same way.  My son paid off his loand and they took a year to get him back his money due to him.  They sold his car which was in repo status and it had been in an accident and just about a month ago he got another small check and his title back in two separate envelopes.  I feel they need to cough my son up a car, but I don't think this company gives a sh*t about anything, but taking from people and not giving them anything.  I think this company is either run by:  1) Democrats, 2) Drug Lords or 3) Mafia..........pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1192721
Dec 03 2014
08:16 AM
American Credit Acceptance Payment Application
1st i have to start with, i have bad/fair credit.I got a car loan through American Credit Acceptance, and the intereset is really high, but i accepted, as i needed a vehicle, and with my limited credit, i knew i would be paying a high interest.Fast forward to a couple of months later, i have been making payments on a timely basis well before the payment is due. I always send in 550, when my normal payment is only 526, not much, but i figured i would try and pay it down.This last month, i sent in my usual 550.00 payment, and 528 of it was applied to Interest, and only the remainder 22 to the principal.I email them, and they said they cannot help me, i need to call in. So i call in, and i get some lady, and she states i HAVE TO CALL IN everytime i send in additional funds so they can apply it correctly. So i asked, my payment is 526, how is it that MORE than that amount was applied to interest?? She could not explain, and got a 'supervisor' on the phone. So i asked the same thing, the supervisor told me, it will all wash out next year, wait WHAT? So i asked her what will 'wash out' i need you all to apply any excess funds to the principal. They promised to correct this, and here we are, and NOTHING has been done. I was told to ONLY send in my regular payment to avoid confusion, Really? Who tells a customer to NOT PAY more money towards their loan??i have emailed them AGAIN, as i want a paper trail, and they REFUSE to communicate with me vie email !!!I hate thise place, im gonna wait for my credit to go up some more, so i can re-finance with another company.Crappy Customer Service !!!!!
6, Report #1264274
Oct 28 2015
02:40 PM
credit acceptance rip off suitland Nationwide
I thought this company was ok. This was my first time and last time i will ever deal with this finance company. I asked them for an pay off amount and then i paid the amount in full before the pay off date (CONFIRMED WITH THE COMPANY) and i thought everything was ok intell i recieved a call a month later talking about i owe them 2500. I told them the details and they said they would check into it for me. long story short i called them every 3-5 day for 1 and 1/2 month and it was never resolved. then this last call they told me that i did not pay in full. i explained everything and they said the first payment was before the pay off amount but i asked for a pay off before i made the first payment and it was western union. i really dont get this company trying to mess people over like this. i told him ok if i pay how much is it 2500 he said cause western union only allow 2500 at the most. he said you can make that in one payment i said i need it in writing before i make that last payment and he said ok let me check and he came back and said ok your total is 2503.77 if paid today. I told him this is the kind of trick i told him i didnt want when i firsted talked to him.this company is all a bunch of tricksters. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU DONT LIKE YOUR MONEY.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1386741
Jul 19 2017
03:20 PM
Acceptance Now RAC Acceptance SCAM savannah Georgia
I purchased furniture a year ago but due to some unforeseen confusion with pricing i had to put the couch on installment if i wanted to be fully furnished that day.They gave me the 90 day window to pay as cash and I meant to but more unforeseen issues prevented that. Around the 4th month I was finally prepared to but they said I'd owe some ridiculous amount so I decided to keep it for a few more months, make payments, then return it. Ended up keeping this couch for almost a year at which point I was advised I still owe $1700 on it. I wasn't upset because I essentially knew that from jump so I wasn't upset but instead of moving it I decided I just wanted them to pick it up. Someone called me to collect payment (as they always do per my request so that I don't forget - friendly and accommodating as can be) I advised them that I needed the pick up. She told me it was not a problem, she'd add me to the schedule and they'd call me back in 3 business days to confirm. This was about 30 days to move out date (which is how long of a notice i was told in May I'd have to give)... A week went by, nothing. I made some calls and left various voice messages to no avail. Finally after about two weeks I spoke to a rep at the Savannah store Deja who told me she'd send my request but couldn't provide me with a date but would have someone call me back.. She, btw, had a dude that I was upset about still not having received a date even though at this point I had about two weeks to accommodate the pick up (while still considering the fact that I have to go to work in the mean time and am transferring with my company therefore cannot jeopardize that). Anyway, so at this point, I call customer service. They're really nice. They call Deja at the Savannah location and she tells them I have to wait until Saturday to get a scheduled date - I first of all wanted to know why she couldn't just give me the same answer (but then she had the audacity to get an attitude when I had gotten upset?) Customer Service also called the area manager. On Monday at 1 I received a call from her, but because I was at work asked her what her call back number was and advised her I'd need to call her back. She said that was fine and the number was the one that had appeared on my caller ID. So I called back at 3 o'clock. Phone rang and rang. Again at 4, same thing, again at 5, same thing. So the next day I called Customer service again and they advised me the area manager was driving and would call me back within 2 hours. 3 hours later, nothing. I called the number she originally told me to call, and again nothing. So I called customer service AGAIN and they contacted her and she finally had a discussion with me that resulted in nothing but her saying she'd have to follow up with the scheduling team and let me know within 24 hours. Well 26 hours later brings us to NOW and still nothing. Customer service said they could reach out to the director (above the area manager) but would have to give them 48 hours to respond. The Area Manager did not respond when they reached out today. And when I called Deja again today she was no help what so ever, she said she gave LeAnn my info call me. I asked her why she hadn't followed up with me herself since the schedule came out Saturday (it's wednesday) and she said she doesn't work there. I asked her if she could pull the schedule to let me know and she said no, she didn't know where it was. I asked her if she could call or text Leann to ask where it was and she said, no but she could leave her a note. MIND YOU, I move out on next Wednesday, and work every day through then. I asked her what would happen if i just leave their furniture on the street since I do not have the resources to move it cross state. She said I'd default and am responsible until they pick it up. What a joke.Don't do business with them..
Entity: savannah, Georgia
8, Report #213097
Sep 27 2006
07:29 PM
Credit Acceptance ripoff REPO Southfield Michigan
I also have had bad dealings with Credit Acceptance. I obviously have bad credit thats why I had to use them but I bought a car through them because I was trying to rebuild my credit. I got behind on my payment but contacted the company and made arrangements to catch it up, they made an agreement with me to pull an additional amount of money out of my account by direct withdrawal until my arrears were caught up. Well before they ever made their first withdrawal from my account they came and repossessed my car. When I contacted them and tried to get my car back they told me I would need to pay the entire amount that I was in arrears. I could not afford that at the time so I refused. Soon after, I got a letter from them telling me that for a limited time I could get my car back for an amount smaller than what I owed, and all I had to do was call this number. Well I tried for days to call the number without ever getting a live person so I was left with no choice but to leave a voice mail, in the voice mail I pretty much read the letter word for word and let them know that I definately wanted my car back so would someone please call me. Surprise, surprise, I have never heard a word from them and this was back in late June and early July. I have tried calling the company and asking for managers or names of people higher up but I never get any help, I followed almost every link on their website trying to get to someone higher, I think all I came across was some Board of some sort so I even posted a complaint there but I have heard nothing from them either. The company doesn't care. I just feel really bad because I had every intention of making a new start for myself, I called and made arrangements like i should have and I never got the chance to make good because they just took my car. I don't understand how they could make those payment arrangements and agree to them with me then take the car anyway. If anyone knows of anything I can do I would appreciate it, although by now they have probably sold my car and tacked an enormous amount on my credit that I still owe. Diane Trenton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
9, Report #216063
Oct 16 2006
12:44 PM
Credit Acceptance Corp Repo and Redeption Runaround Ripoff Southfield Michigan
After reading most of the reports already posted on this website, I thought that I would throw in my story. Credit Acceptance is supposed to be a company that helps people get back on their feet after they have had credit problems but they do not care about you. Has anyone ever had to call them? I called them to ask them why paperwork hadn't been faxed and I get.... Q: Can you verify your place of employment? Q: How many miles on your vehicle? Q: Is the car running OK? I asked why and got this response... Because until you pay off the car it is our property, so we have the right to ask. That is really nice. I have never been treated in such a disrespectful way before and I am current on my account. I can't wait until I can refinance my loan and get away from this sham of a company. I'd love to get a list of every dealership that they deal with and convince them not to do business with them anymore. Any lawyers planning a class action suit? I'm in! Nicole Lansdale, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
10, Report #392847
Nov 19 2008
11:57 AM
Credit Acceptance Wrongfully towed my car Southfield Michigan
On 11/19/08 Credit Acceptance, wrongfully towed my car. I only had the car for 42 days, and it was towed. According to the repo department at Credit Acceptance, my payment was due on the 7th, however I received a phone call from one of their representatives for the first time, on 10/29/08, asking me on what date I would like my payments to be due on my account, I explained that I get paid twice monthly, on the 15th and 30th of every month and that the 15th would be ideal, the representative went on to tell me that in addtition i would be able to pay the bill late up to ten days after my due date, sort of a grace period. I was under the impression that my payments would be due on the 15th, with an additional time of ten days, keep in mind this is my first payment to Credit Acceptance. Now to get my car out of impound, I have to pay the first month care note to Credit Acceptance, which is fine, plus an additional payment of $360.00 to have my car released. Because of the error on behalf of their representative, not being clear on the purpose of the call, the car was repoe'd to Miami, approximately 45 minutes from where I live, I had to find my way there on my own, since I live here in Hollywood Florida by myself, and the only efficient means of commute, is by car. This puts me in a financial strain, me having to ask my employer for a pay advance to get my car, and find a way to where the car was taken to. When I called and spoke to a rep at the repo department about this, their explanation was that since the car had a locator put in it, their system automatically generates an order for a car to be repossessed, if a payment is not posted. No one did anything to help the situation, and I was being told is that Credit Acceptance, is not going to eat the expense of having the car towed. This to me is grand theft. Nestor Hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
11, Report #451905
May 14 2009
01:52 PM
Credit Acceptance what a joke Southfield Michigan
I have had nothing but problems with this company. I have tried to get things straightend out but no luck they refuse to listen ! First off I did not even get my payment book and they strated to harass me about the first payment. once I got it I started to make each payment but even though it was on time they would call and say it was late or they had not recieved it. I would contact my bank and they had already cashed my check. I then strated to send the payments through quick collect they would still state they had not recived payments ect. when I ran a check of the payments through quick collect again they had cashed the payments. I ahve sent them proof of payments made but they refuse to listen!!!! I have tried to contact the BBB, Attorney General, ect but can not seem to get anywhere. I would defiently be intrested in a classaction suit! Clhughe40 nixa, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
12, Report #495818
Sep 16 2009
12:30 PM
Credit Acceptance, CAC Can't get title, Internet
WE had a vehicle loan through Credit Acceptance Corporation, we never missed a payment and was never late on them. If one did get there the exact day due believe me they had already called several times on the day due forget about any grace periods. Now that the vehicle is paid off, seems when we call to find out where the title is and oh yes, the overpayment we are told that it will be mailed this week. Well it's now been 6 weeks and no title. I am also filing a complaint with our attorney Generals offfice. If I have no title by the end of the month I am also going to seek an attorney. They sure want their payments there but they sit on their rumps when its time to give you the title correctly and timely.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #369627
Sep 04 2008
07:39 AM
Credit Acceptance Completely unethical charges Southfield Michigan
When I made my first payment to Credit Acceptance I made an error in writing the check, I inadvertently wrote it for an amount $0.10 less than it should have been. I immediately received a call from a young lady expressing displeasure to the fact that I had not lived up to my agreement and she was demanding that I pay the 10 cents that was in arrears and in addition she demanded that I also pay a late penalty of $15.05. I was appalled, I honestly couldn't believe that any company would stoop that low for just 10 cents. I expressed that to the caller and she then told me that she would put in the paperwork to have them dismiss their claim for the 10 cents and the late penalty. I didn't hear a thing from them for about 8 months then I began receiving collection calls from India demanding that I pay late charges. I had no idea what they were talking about since I had set up my payments so that Credit Acceptance deducted the payment from my account automatically every month, which they did. I explained this to the callers every time they called, none of them could explain just what the late charges were for. None of them would even listen or try to understand what I was saying. They just kept demanding that I pay the late fees. Finally I demanded that they have someone from the company call me, someone right here in Michigan. Of course they refused to do that. They hounded me all day long, every day, every holiday, every Sunday and most of the days there were more than 5 calls, on some of the days there would be 10+ calls. Eventually someone from the Southfield office called me and I went over this evolution with her (a gal named Susan). She researched what was going on then told me that I was in arrears $225+ late fees stemming from the 10 cent error that I had made on that first payment 2 years ago. Again, I can't believe what I'm hearing. Now Credit Acceptance is expecting me to pay them $225+ for a mistake of 10 cents. I instantly told her NFW. My car is completely paid for yet Credit Acceptance refuses to release their lien on the title until I pay them the $225 and to this day I still receive several calls from India every day demanding that I pay those late fees. Those calls start coming in at around 8:30 every morning then continue on all day long. I know of no business or individual that would stoop that low over 10 cents. Credit Acceptance is truly a company that should be put out of business, and put out of business FAST. I am completely dumbfounded that they would even consider doing something like this. If there is any attorney that would consider pursuing charges against Credit Acceptance I would like to hear from them Lug nut Portage, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
14, Report #615513
Jun 20 2010
01:40 PM
Credit Acceptance shady cars and warranty , Internet
i bought a car through credit acceptance and what a bad decision it was. i had my car a year and i have already had a new transmission put in and thats was just after having the cartr for a month. i have had my starter replaced three time. my engine has been leaking oil in three different spots and my fuel pump is gone out.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #648052
Oct 06 2010
08:07 AM
Credit Acceptance Corporation CAC Unlawful repossession, Unsubstantiated charges Internet
Summary: I took out a loan with CAC back in September of 2009 in an effort to improve my credit rating. My husband and I owned a net multi-million dollar corporation for over 10 years and experienced an employee embezzlement from which we could not recover. The business ended up filling bankruptcy and since we had guaranteed several of the lines of credit our personal credit suffered as well. Since September of 2009 I have not been late on this loan payment. On July 16, 2010 my position was eliminated and I decided to relocate my family to AL for new opportunities. We purchased a home and settled in mid-August. I secured a new position with a local company and started work on 9/13/10 receiving my 1st paycheck on 9/30/10 and returning to our normal income level which we have become accustom to. Timeline: 9/3/10 I called CAC at 8:03 am and advised to turn off my direct debit for the month of September and that I would pay the September payment on 9/15/10 as I was expecting an investment to come through. 9/13/10 I called CAC at 9:22am to ask that I take care of the payment on 9/30/10 when I receive my 1st paycheck from new position as investment income still hasnt come through. I was advised that would be fine but to make sure I did it before 4pm on the 30th. 9/29/10 9 pm I logged onto CAC website and set up a payment effective 9/29 per our agreement. 9/29/10 10pm my doorbell rings and a gentlemen states he is here to pick up the vehicle. I advised him that I had already made the payment per our agreement and actually a day early. He stated it was just a formality that he would confirm the payment with CAC in the morning and he would personally deliver the vehicle back to me but that he had to take possession so he could change the transponder. I agreed and advised my husband would be home all day on the 30th so he could return it. He did not identify himself so I was not sure who he was exactly. 9/30/10 My husband waited around all day for the vehicle to be delivered when I returned home from work I was concerned because we did not take our personal items out since he stated it was a misunderstanding and he would deliver it right back to us the next morning. There are personal and private business documents and keys to our home, storage facility, and my husbands wallet in the vehicle. So I called CAC and spoke to gentleman who advised me that even though my loan in current and was when it was repossessed that I had to pay a $250 fee to get it back and if I didnt do it quickly it would be shipped to Dothan, AL which is over a 4 hour drive each way. He also stated to me that my verbal payment arrangement with CAC was worthless and they would not honor it. I was also told that the payment would have needed to come in by 4pm in order to stop the repossession even though he could see that it posted 9/29. 10/1/10 7:40am I called CAC after doing some research and speaking with VA Office of Consumer Affairs and asked for a Manager. Was told I had to speak to a supervisor first so I agreed and was sent to a voicemail box which was not working. 7:45 am I called CAC back and demanded a supervisor again and was told no one was available and was sent to Leslies VM. I left a message asking that I receive a return call ASAP to discuss my case and that I wished to speak with her before I send in another $250. 3pm called back to CAC because I never received the return call and left another VM for Leslie. 10/2/10 Still no return call from Leslie so I decide I need my car and go to Wal-Mart to make the $250 payment. 10am Call CAC to report the payment and am given the phone number of the person who has the vehicle. The number traces back American Lenders of Huntsville a franchise. I called and left a detailed VM stating I need to pick up the vehicle and that there is a document in there I need for a Monday am meeting. I went by the office address which looked closed down and the vehicle was not there so I went to owners home address and left a note on the door asking for a call back ASAP. At this point I am very concerned because this whole ordeal seems rather shady and without accountability. 10/3/10 Never heard back so I called and left another VM. @ 9am 5pm I tried the number again and get the owner this time. I explained who I was and asked why he hadnt delivered my vehicle back on Thursday as promised. He stated he did not say that and that I was a low-life that needed to pay my bills and then he asked that he speak to my husband whom he continued to slander and advise the vehicle was picked up on Thursday by CAC and then threatened my husband with bodily injury and hung up the phone. 10/4/10 7am I called CAC and was told that the vehicle was probably in their storage lot but that they would open in an hour and call back 8am called back and was told that the storage facility actually didnt open until 9am cst so to call back 9:10 am Called back to CAC and now the storage facility phone is busy try calling back in 15 minutes or so. Still do not know the whereabouts of my vehicle and Leslie has yet to return my call. I am assuming there will be additional storage charges but havent been advised as of yet. 12pm - Finally get someone at CAC to give me the information on the whereabouts of my vehicle and then finally I was advised where the vehicle was located and given a number to call and make an appointment to pick it up. 3pm - Get in touch with Leah at the auto auction and she advises they just received the vehicle that morning at 11am confirming the repo man still and it on Sunday when i spoke with him and asked for its release and he stated he did not have it that it was picked up the prior Thursday. She also confirmed that they only charge a $50 fee not $250 and she was not sure where that fee came from. Made an appointment for the following day at 3:30 to pick up my vehicle. At this point I have lost about 8 hours of my time dealing with this and now have to take 1/2 off work to drive 2 hours each way and pick up this vehicle. 10/5/10 - Go pick up the vehicle and when we get there the vehicle has been stripped. No tags, no insurance papers, no registration, no items and remember my husbands wallet was in there among many other things. Called the repo man who now admits he has all my items and wants $50 from me in order to pick them up. He explained that yes he lied to me on Sunday but he had to because the bank hadn't released the vehicle which is B.S. because they released it Saturday am when they gave me his contact information to arrange pickup. I finally have the vehicle back not that I care to keep it after all this hassle and I still haven't received any of my personal property so we will see how that goes but I am tempted to have a police escort because this gentleman is difficult at best. I have never been involved in a transaction such as this and cannot believe this is the business model for which these companies operate under. It makes me want to become an advocate for the less fortunate. This was a nightmare! Do not do business with CAC because as they told me their word is meaningless and they do not honor it. Never be fooled into making a payment arrangement with them because it will not matter in the end so if you have a loan with them and are having a bad month or ran into a difficult time don't bother asking them for a small extension. I have never been late on this as a matter of fact it is set up on auto-draft but your history with them is irrelevant if you are 10 days behind.
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16, Report #733864
May 27 2011
06:14 AM
Credit Acceptance A Bad Company Who Doesn't Care Internet
I decided to buy a car and signed all the paperwork to have it set up as auto-pay so I would have no problems with the payments. The first month they decided to turn off my car because they said somebody called them and took off the auto pay. I know for a fact I didn't call them and they didn't call me. I work m-f and leave at 4am. I got into my car this morning and once again my car won't start. I can't call because of there business hours don't open until 8am. So I am screwed because I can't get to work. Not to mention my payment is not even due today. Apperently they do not care what they do to people. How am I suppost to get to work with my car if they keep doing this...?
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #803089
Nov 29 2011
09:39 PM
Credit Acceptance -Dirty, Scamming, Repo-Happy, Harrasing, Theives, - Internet, Michigan
Do not deal with this company!! They sell you on the fact that they are there to help you by offering you a car loan to rebuild your credit. If there's one thing about this company it's, do not be fooled by their intent. All they want is their money and they don't care how they go about getting it.I bought a vehicle from there with $2,500 down on the 17th of December. The vehicle was originally $9,995. I have the vehicle for about a week and I can hear that something in the front end is going out. I'm 8 months pregnant so I immediately take it back to the dealership because the vehicle had a warranty (which was $900 extra!!) and I am told that they cannot hear anything wrong with it. There was snow out so they said with the snow they could not see under the vehicle so drive it back when the snow clears. Week later the vehicle DEFINATELY has something wrong with it. It's clanking and doing all kinds of crazy things. I live 30 miles from the dealership and I'm over 8 months pregnant and they say I have to pay to have it towed to them. So, I drive it because I'm not paying. Turns out it has a broken front axel. It's a mirical that I made it. Aside from that there's 10% tread on the tires and the master drive belt is bad. Which I have to pay for out of pocket. The warranty covered the broken axel but, I had a $100 dedecutible aside from the replacement of the belt. Bad omens from the beginning!!Next, My payment was supposed to come do on the 20th of each month. Less than a month into having the vehicle I get a call at work on the 17th of January saying my vehicle payment is behind. What?? Turns out that I was lied to about the due date and it was due on the 17th not the 20th (when I get paid). I specifically was told that the payment was due on the 20th becuase that's what day I recieve direct deposit and I wanted the payment taken directly from my debit card on the 20th of each month. I showed the card before purchase and was told there would be no problems making monthly payments with my Master Card Debit Card. SOOOO... after a lenthly conversation with Credit Acceptance, I explain the situation and they say that's fine, blah, blah, blah. On the 20th I go to make my payment online as promised and it's declined. So, I try it again thinking I had typed in something wrong. Declined again. So, I call Credit Acceptance and they say that they cannot accept my Master Card Debit Card. I have 2 options. I can Western Union the payment or drive to Michigan to make the payment. Yeah, really. Wester Union is like 30 miles away and the weather was horrible not to mention the payment was $12 to make my payment. I'm sorry but, I'm not paying to pay a payment especially when I was told before I even signed the purchase aggrement that, my card would be fine!! So, I decide to just mail a check but, it's a few days before I can get to town. 6 days past due and (I'm now 1 week from my due date) 2 repo men show up knocking on my door.I walk out behind the vehicle to tell the men that they are trespassing on private property and that they have to leave, my husband gets in the vehicle and drives off. Unhappy with my husband leaving, one of the repo men shoves me, at 9 months pregnant!! At that point I just call the cops. The police show up an hour later (because we live in the middle of the country) and tell the reposession men that they were trespassing and that they are not allowed to step foot on our property again. The repo men then tries to lie and say my husband tried to run him over. Funny thing is my husband would have had to run me over! At that point I, informed the cop that I was shoved and he was actually really angry about that. I decided not to press charges (I should have though in retrospect!!). Next day, I called Credit Acceptance and their payment was recieved.Next month, I get a call on the 17th and have to re-explain why the payment is going to be late. It's like they make no notes on your account, every time you talk to someone there you have to re-explain the entire situation. ugh!!! Payment made through a friend's account. But, really this is ridiculous that I have to use someone else's account or pay $12 to make a payment!Next month, I have to explain being late again. 3 days later a repo man is knocking at my door. He is told to leave and I haven't paid since. I would have made good on every single payment and even tried to set it up on auto payment. But, this company is rude, and harassing. Sending reposession agents out at less than a week late after THEY REFUSED a payment and shoving a woman who is 9 months pregant. We'll see where this leads. I would never do business with another company like this one. NO scruples!! They are trying to sue me for $11,800 on a vehicle I paid $5,000 on and the original cost was less that 10k!!
Entity: Internet, Michigan
18, Report #943066
Sep 18 2012
01:40 PM
Credit Acceptance warranty problems Southfield, Michigan
Back in March I bought a car and used the Credit Acceptance program to help me finance the car since I have bad credit. Credit Acceptance had me pay an extra fee for an extended 2 year warranty through Wynn. I thought to myself great! now if something goes wrong, I'm totally covered! Oh, how wrong I was.... My check engine light came on several months after I bought the car and it turned out to be the catalytic converter. I looked on my warranty and it said the entire exhaust manifold is covered (which is where my cats are). So, I took my car to the dealer I bought it from and left it to be repaired. Towards the end of the day, I got a call saying the cat wasn't going to be covered because it's the only part that's not covered on the hundred or so warranties Wynn issues out. Ok, first of all, nowhere on my warranty does it say it's NOT covered, and second of all if the ENTIRE exhaust manifold is covered, then why isn't a part that's INSIDE the manifold covered?! Personally I think if it's not stated anywhere on the warranty that something isn't covered then it should be covered! Thankfully no work was done on my car, so I'm not stuck paying for anything except the diagnosis. But now I get to drive around with a bad cat, and can't pass emissions, because I don't have the $1,000+ to pay for it out of pocket. Way to go, Credit Acceptance. Way. To. Go.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
19, Report #199529
Jul 05 2006
11:03 AM
Credit Acceptance ripoff cheats Southfield Michigan
Ok I bought a 1998 mustang from a local dealer back in 2002 and financed with Credit Acceptance Corp. The dealer ship a JD on telegraph rd in Taylor Michigan was great and the car was in great condition. I'm an ASE certified tech and checked the vehicle out and got a good deal. Unfortunately, that the end of the good news. Credit Acceptance Corp was a complete pain in the um butt. I had the payments electronically withdrawal from my account but they would still call and harass me for late payments when it was there own dumb fault for not taking the money from my account. When I got layed off from my job I called them and made and agreement that for the next 3 months I could make half payments and the other half would be tacked onto the loan. After 2 months I had gotten a new job, called one of their reps and told them I would be sending them a double payment and the following month I would be able to make the normal payment. A week after that call I wake up to a repo truck hooking up to my car. I called Credit Acceptance Corp and they told me I had to pay the remainder of the 2 previous month's payment plus the next 2 months payments plus the $500 repo charge. I was able beg and borrow enough to get my car out. Then a year later the car was totaled when an F-150 flew around a corner and hit it when it was parked the insurance company totaled it but would only pay six grand for it, and I still owed almost nine on it, the so called gap coverage they offer would not cover that much of a difference. I've never paid them the balance and don't ever plan on doing so. I've threatened there collectors enough that they don't call me anymore Ron Dearborn, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
20, Report #203748
Jul 31 2006
10:08 AM
Credit Acceptance ripoff Southfield Michigan
I purchased my car in June of 2003 and in November of @003, they repossed my car and said that all of my payments had been applied to another account number. I had to end up paying $1300.00 to get my car back.Then they finally fixed my payment stuff and added like an extra $2,000.00 worth of fees onto my balance. I still didnt understand. Well, I continued to make payments and they wanted me to make an extra $300.00 to cover the fees ontop of a 484.00 car note. Ridiculous. Then in July, they repossed my car again because the fees weren't getting paid, just the monthly payments, now the balance is $4,017.00 and they said I need $2600.00 to get it back. Well, all they are going to do is keep adding fees and the car is only financed for 3 years and I will never pay it off. I have decided to just file Chapter 13 and get it back and be through with them because of everything they put me through and I can't afford to keep losing money with them. This way, I will not have to deal with them anymore. I am so upset that a finance company will take you through all these illegal changes to get your money. PLEASE DO NOT FINANCE A CAR WITH THEM!!!!!!Every story that I have read in these reports are true, they are not a good finance company and will find ways to take your money and get your car. I hope they go bankrupt! Upset Customer Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
21, Report #193994
May 30 2006
10:40 PM
Credit Acceptance Corporation ripoff Southfield Michigan
I purchased a car from them a 2001Bonneville, after three weeks I had electrical problems and the car started cutting off while driving it. I took it to the dealership i perchased it from they told me to take the car to autozone because the warranty company does not open on Saturdays(Mechanical protection) So that monday the car cut off and on the the same day it was inpounded I went to pick it up credit acceptance put a hold on the car for reposession. I called them and was told due to nonpayments they had to reposess my car and said i can get it back if i pay $1,900 i told them only my first note is due how is that, then they broke it down to $808 I was told to pay the first note $353 plus $255 for the car sitting in the pound plus $200 for redemption fees. My first note had to be mailed off that friday they reposessed it that monday before, after two weeks the car was back at an aution to sum it all up the car didn't have a clear title at the time. These people are ripoffs and need to be dealt with., Dedrick centerpoint, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
22, Report #1152431
Jun 05 2014
06:16 PM
Credit Acceptance They are ripoffs Southfield Michigan
 Creit Acceptance and The Car Store in Laurel,Del work together and they are both RIP OFFS!So don,t go thru any of them and why is because The dealership told me my truck needed alot of repairs and did not have but one repair they may have done and I got wriitten proof only one repair and they only gave me $3800.00 for it and when I bought it back 10 days later they charged me $8596,oo which I did,nt reLIZE AT THE TIME DO TO HEAD INJURIES i RECIEVED 5 YEARS BEFORE THAT AND AFTER i SIGNED THE PAPERS AND READ OVER THE AGGREEMENT the next few days I came to me I was ripped off because the Sales manager told me over the phone I would get it back for $5675.00 which what he said was the book value when its on there lot.And credit Acceptance took full advantage along with th dealership to take advantage of me on the buy back and I gave the dealership my info and Credit Acceptance was the ones that approved a loan and my credit was good and with theirinterest added my total loan was $12,297.58.and now 2.5 years later I still owe $7200.00 and my payments were $268.00 per month so I told our atty. to tell them to come and get it because they were taking court action and did on 6/3/14. The atty said you will never own that truck thru Credit Acceptance.Credit Acceptance and the car Store work together so any consumer beware and don,t do Bussiness with eith that dealer or Credit Acceptane.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1156855
Jun 23 2014
12:53 PM
Flagship Credit Acceptance Unethical company Dallas Internet
I had a TERRIBLE experience with this finance company! They approved my car loan and I drove my new vehicle home only to have this company back out of agreement!! Simply over a misunderstanding on their part. My bad experience began when I received a welcome call from this finance company two days after securing loan and when asked who would be primary driver I answered my daughter who lives with me and is also on the auto insurance plan. They immediately showed concern over this even though I explained that I don't like to drive being that I am 66 years of age and have Rheumatoid arthritis. I explained that I am taking ownership of car but she is the one who always drives me to appointments and errands. I clearly stated that she lived with me and was on auto insurance policy but they accused me of making a straw purchase which I didn't have a clue was until I googled it later that day. Basically, they accused me of financing a car for my daughter which was untrue. Because of this, they backed out of loan agreement and tarnished my credit score too! Thank goodness for the car dealership for coming to the rescue to find another lender. Avoid this lender because they will go out of their way to find anything to deny you on...even unfactual claims!! Flagship Credit Acceptance is a very unethical finance company!! 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1276181
Dec 24 2015
06:42 PM
Credit Acceptance Corporations $18,000 in interest?!?!?!!?! Nationwide
 Credit Acceptance Corporation had approved me for an auto loan in 2005. Unfortunately the car had started to have lots of mechanical problems that were going to be very expensive and I couldn't afford to make s car payment,insurance and pay for repairs. So I defaulted on the loan. So at some point they went to court and got s judgement against me for the remaining amount due on the loan and garnishments started. But that just happened this year. Yes I owe it. But $18,000 in interest? That is ridiculous! So now I can barely make it with what's left. I feel like I have no choice.
25, Report #1264266
May 31 2016
03:18 PM
Credit Acceptance Corporation Illegal Check Garnishment Southfield Michcigan
This company sold me a 1990 Ford escort lemon and they repoed it a year later.  I filled bankruptcy and once my bankruptcy was satified and dismissed.  Credit Acceptance went to 36 District Court to have my check garnished, I did not recieve paperwork before the court date.  Credit Acceptance started to Garnish my paycheck every check not monthly for amounts of $93.33 to $200 and I had two children and this was my minimum wage Federal work study money.  They collected a total of $1,117.86 for 2005 my balance remaining owed before the bankruptcy was $800 and this company came out of bankruptcy and filed a seperate judgemnt against me to continue to collect.  Every year they file a new judgement which shows up as apublic record on my background check which was preventing me from finding getting hired in my career field.Now, I found a job and Credit Acceptance was removed from my credit report two years ago, yet, they were able to garnish from my new paychecks.  This company is a fraud they will not return my phone calls and I can't even locate the Judge for that keeps approving the garnishment.  
Entity: Nationwide

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