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1, Report #15689
Mar 03 2002
12:00 AM
Southern Telmark Credit Card ripoff Scam
I got a card in the mail saying that I had 48 hours to call to receive a credit card. I called the toll-free number and talked to a representitive stating that I was approved for a platinum credit card with a credit limit of $2,500 and another card for merchandise only that can be used at any clothing store or with a provided catolog. I was told that I would receive my credit card within 5 to 7 business days and it's been about two weeks and I haven't received anything. I got online to see if I could find a number by entering the name from my bank statement and here I am filing out a report for a credit card scam. Can you please help me. Amechia F Forest Park, Illinois
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1416702
Dec 13 2017
12:25 PM
Milestone Credit Card unethical late fee. Beaverton Oregon
I applied for and received a Milestone MasterCard in October 2017. I registered online immediately and setup auto-pay on 10/17/17 and received email confirmation. The Auto-Pay Start Date was set to 11/10/2017. The first statement due date was 11/10/17 and the payment was posted on 11/10/17. The second statement was due on 12/10/17. Just by chance I checked my account online on 12/11/17. The payment due on 12/10/17 had not been posted. I assumed that it didn't show yet since 12/10/17 landed on a Sunday. I was wrong. I received the current statement email notification on 12/12/17 and went back online to view it. Milestone has charged me a late fee because the due date landed on Sunday. The 'Transaction Date' for the payment due on 12/10/17 shows on my transaction history but the 'Post Date' for the payment shows 12/12/17. It then shows a 'Late Payment Charge' for $27.00' on 12/11/17 and of course that transaction posted on 12/11/17. I did call the company and got the late fee waived but I explained to the customer service rep that this is totally unethical and I've never had this happen before with any other credit card I've setup Auto-Pay on. This is whole reason I use 'Auto-Pay' with credit cards - to ensure I don't forget to pay on time and get a late fee. I was polite but told the customer service rep that this is just wrong. I know it's not his fault. I just want others that have this credit card to make sure you make your payment on a weekday even if you have Auto-Pay setup.
Entity: Beaverton, Oregon
3, Report #1390862
Aug 07 2017
06:16 AM
Groupon credit card hacking, credit card fraud/theft Internet
I used Groupon several times recently and twice two different credit cards that I used on this site to purchase groupons were charged fraudulent charges by a company named A Novel Idea Book a short while later. Initially, the cards were charged only $2 by this company, then later charged $500. I also have an acquainteance who had the same credit card theft happen to her after using her card on groupon's website.  I emailed Groupon's customer service multiple times about these thefts (it is very hard to call them and get ahold of a human being), gave them the credit card information, and both times they emailed back saying that they forwarded the emails to a different department or someone and that was it.  I do not sense that they are taking this seriously or I would have received more follow-up, a phone call, etc. I repeatedly asked to have a follow-up phone call to my emails but never received one.  I suspect there are many, many more people who have had this happen to them as well. It is extremely frustrating and disturbing that their secuirty is so poor -  to have such a large company as this not have more secure site for their customers is ridiculous. The clearle do not take the secuity of their site seriously.  I have looked on the internet and noticed that people have reported credit card information being lifted from the groupon web-site all the way back to 2011!  That is 6 years of lack of security on their web-site. 
Entity: Internet
4, Report #27738
Aug 22 2002
09:20 PM
AWBCO credit card fraud Gilbert Arizona
A mysterious charge was made to my Credit/Debit card on 8/13, and I immediately reported it to my bank. Before the first credit has gone through, yet another charge from the same company appeared. Upon looking at this site, I believe that my credit card information was stolen from a local business, and later charged through this company as a front. The charge came through as AWBCO.1-6666-633-7492 XXX, with no phone number able to be made out. The charge was for 6.95 both times, both charges spaced a week apart from each other. Kevin Tucson, Arizona
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
5, Report #6672
Sep 19 2001
12:00 AM
Credit Card Fraud by
iPowerBiz is a multi-level website sales company that lures people with easy high income potentials. My credit card was charged the Premier Plus price of $595. After about six months of not getting a return on my investment and no support I became frustrated so in February of 2001 I called the iPowerBiz office and asked to cancel my $49.95 monthly hosting fee and they advised me I would have to fax a letter to them. I did and my credit card was charged for three months until on May 30, 2001 I had to cancel my credit card to stop the fraud that iPowerBiz was committing. I mailed a version of this complaint letter certified to the President of iPowerBiz Jerry Ballah on August 1st, 2001 and never receive a reply. Please investigate this company and help protect others. Sincerely, Todd Alexander
Entity: Irvine, California
6, Report #446533
Apr 25 2009
04:21 PM
Savingstogo credit card fraud plano, texas
This company billed my Master card $14.95 for two months without my approval. when called them they agreed to remove the infornation was given as to why it was there in the first place. Berio surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: plano, Texas
7, Report #394725
Nov 24 2008
07:49 PM
Betamax credit card fraud Cologne germany
credit card has been charged many times, with the same voip credit thing. over and over Hope conway, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #770713
Aug 29 2011
08:36 PM Credit card fraud Internet
How this Internet business practice advertizes for a product on the Internet as being FREE, whereby the individual only pays postage and handling with their credit card.  In small print, they give the consumer a short time frame to cancel.  When the cardholder cancels, they claim not to have received notification, and because they have the credit card number(s), they continue to send their products and subsequently bill for the merchandise.Unfortunately, it becomes the card members burden of proof to show a cancellation which is often impossible since the business was conducted on-line.The business practice is nothing short of deceptive.  This company preys on the consumers inability to rectify the dispute; it is a clever business model of wearing down the consumer.  I say this, because I have been on the telephone with both and Bank of America dispute department for an inordinate number of times addressing this issue---- thinking it has been resolved, all the while they continue to re-bill and make false claims to the contrary.   My time is worth money and the amount of time I have spent fighting this dispute is inexcusable.  No consumer or credit card member should be subjected to this malaise of intimidation and coercion. My company consults with major corporations as an Industrial and behavioral consultant to deal with organizational issues.  In my 30 years in the field as a psychologist, I can say unequivocally that I have NEVER encountered such misleading or corrupt business practices as what displays in the community.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #930231
Aug 21 2012
06:44 AM
KNIPATT.COM Credit Card Fraud Internet
On august 20, i noticed a charge of 4.95 charged to my checking account and I immediately called the 800 number listed but got a recording that all attendants were busy and to refer to their website.  I went to the site and found it to be some sort of site that sale knitted hats etc.  I knew then this was fraud because I don't wear knitted hats and had not ordered anything from this site neither did my anyone else use my card! I will be contacting my bank today
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #177221
Feb 20 2006
05:50 PM ripoff credit card fraud Internet is a fraudulent internet web page company. They masquerade as a freeware web site and asked for a $1.00 monthly donation to help them with their freeware services. I signed up for the $1.00 donation to use their freeware services and shortly after I had signed up, my credit card was billed for $59.95 on 2/2/06 and again on 2/9/06 for $99.95. I did not know of the charges being billed to my credit card account nor had I previously approved of the charges. used another fraudulent company,, to do the billing to my account. I notified my credit card company immediately once I discovered the fraudulent charges to my account. Both web pages are fraudulent scams and rip-offs. Please be aware of the credit card rip-offs. Thanks. John Delta, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #177242
Feb 20 2006
07:37 PM ripoff credit card fraud Internet
I signed up with a freeware web posting and they requested a $1.00 monthly donation for using their freeware services. I agreed to their $1.00 monthly donation and signed up for the monthly $1.00 donation with my credit card. Shortly after signing up for the $1.00 monthly donation, my credit card was charged $59.95 on 2/2/06 and another $99.95 on 2/9/06. I did not give prior approval to those charges nor was I notified of the charges. I only found out about the charges when I reviewed my credit card account after receiving my monthly e-mail notice for my credit card billing statement. It was then that I found the fraudulent charges on my credit card account from the web page internet company: The fraudulent internet web page company, was doing the billing for the equally fraudulent company, I notified my credit card company immediately of the fraudulent charges. Please be aware of these credit card rip-off web pages. Thanks. John Delta, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #317445
Mar 12 2008
10:28 PM
Mcatemplate credit card fraud Arizona
noticed a bogus credit card charge of $11.89. See there is others with same problem. John Scranton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Arizona
13, Report #332741
May 15 2008
03:11 PM Credit/ Debit Card Fraud Internet
Priceline billed me twice for the same room. When I called them they tried to blame it on the hotel. I have a total of 6 phonecalls ( a total of 3.5 hours) to their call center that must be in India because none of the people I spoke to spoke legible english. I was put on hold 27 times and hung up on twice. I finally spoke to a person today and she informed me that unfortunately their system was down for scheduled maintenance and she could not access my records. In addition I have 6 e-mail transactions each to no avail. So the bottom line is that they double billed my debit card which overdrew my bank account. My bank has been very cooperative but priceline has basically given me the bums rush Donald Holland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #231690
Jan 20 2007
03:45 PM Credit Card Fraud Henderson Nevada
On 1-5-07 charged my account for $74.95 On 1-13-07 charged my account for $69.95 is held as a private registration by there address is 15111 N Hayden Rd Suite 160 PMB 353 Scottsdale AZ 85260 Phone is 408-624-2599 FAX 480-624-2599 On my credit card statement it shows a phone number of 800-304-8447 Henderson NV. The phone tells you to e-mail them at I am going to file a local police report . .. Bill Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
15, Report #1054584
May 29 2013
06:31 AM
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1186017
Oct 31 2014
07:56 AM Credit Card Fraud Scam Internet is a shell game between multiple .com identities featuring jail photo shots. Essentially this is extortion of damaging reputation for a fee. Shouldwehire attempts to collect a $600 fee to remove damaging photos from its site. Once the customer is identifed and paid, Shouldwehire contacts its sister companies including and updates its database with the confirmed buyer's photo. There are 4 known companies, but the cycle could be much larger. The alternative to fix this problem is merely to create simple multiple web pages with your first and last name. This will push the seedy fraud artists like Shouldwehire further an further back in search pages. Google and Yahoo are working on dropping the relevancy of these sites, making them insignificant. Eventually they will be unable to support their web costs and drop from existance.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1336092
Nov 01 2016
04:12 PM
Efax Credit Card Fraud Internet
We had subscibed to for many years for faxing service and never had a problem. We have had no reason to use their services for the last few months but had been happy to continue our subscription for the times we might want to use it. We just noticed a charge for $17 on our creditcard statement from a merchant named I went onto the web page listed and called the contact numer there and never was able to speak to an actual person, just the runaround from one menu to another. I googled them only to find lots of complaints about unauthorized use of credit cards. I noticed that my staement did not have the usual $10 charge to Maxemail so I went onto their site only to find it was no longer there but instead was a direct link to Out of curiosity I followed the link and tried logging in with my maxemail name/pw but was unsuccessful as info unrecognized. I contacted American Express to file a dispute and they referred me to their fraud dept where I filed a complaint. Maxemail have obviously sold out or gone out of business but had no right to give my credit card info to other companies and Efax comitted fraud when the charged the card as at no time had I ever registered with them or subcribed. Even if their service was the same price, never mind 70% more, they still had no authority to charge without authorization. Most of the complaints seem to be about them charging creditcards long after the person cancelled, so I think I am the first person who has never even registered with them to complain, but I can't believe that there are no other maxemail customers who have not been ripped off similarly. This is probably only happened within the last week.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1371080
May 03 2017
11:36 AM
Rejuvaderm ZANU ANTIAGING credit card fraud.
 Ordered a free sample, pay for shipping only. 30 days later, 2 charges appear on my credit card $89.95 & $79.95. My credit card company would not reverse this fraud. I had no choice but to close the acct. I've lost confidence in my credit card company.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #393926
Nov 22 2008
08:46 AM
Aspire Credit Card Closed credit card Atlanta Georgia
I, too, got a nice letter from Aspire informing me that they are regretfully are discontinuing my Aspire Visa program. After reading it, I called Aspire's phone number listed on the letter. The first person I spoke to asked me to verify the credit card number & last 4 numbers of my social sec #, which I did. I asked for the balance & was told it was $170.00. At that point I requested they apply the secured amount ($500.00 I used to open the account) against the balance. She said she couldn't do that & transferred me to customer service, where I patiently held the line for 10 minutes. Funny that no one was available to assist me. I then called the phone # on the back of the Aspire card 1-866-705-3607. When I got a person on the line, I told them I had called a few minutes prior & would not hold for longer than a minute. They quickly put someone on the line that spoke very poor English. Again, I asked about the secured amount & where that was & why it was not mentioned in the letter. The rep hemmed & hawed (New England verbage) & played dumb with me. I told her that I would be in contact with the Attorney General in my state. I hung up on her. I am going to contact the attorney general. A couple of my friends have, unfortunately, dealt with less than honest/fair companies. Contacting the attorney general was helpful for both of them. Companies like Aspire think that the average consumer is going to accept the situation as they present it. We don't have to. Aspire is going to hit us with over the limit fees until the balance on the cards is paid. I was granted a new line of $100.00 (wow) until the card was closed, which will be Dec. 2nd. I can easily pay off the balance, but where is the secured amount of $500.00? I think that most of us would not have signed up for this credit card if we had other options. For people like myself, I had to secure the card in order to get it. I have made all my payments on time. Never have been late. I may not get my money back, but I'm sure going to try. I wish everyone luck in dealing with Aspire. Irish girl Manchester, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
20, Report #701937
Mar 02 2011
07:54 PM
Imagine credit card Imagine credit card companies are a scam!! Delaware
I had a imagine credit card 5 or 6 years ago. I had one with a $250 credit limit and after they added all there fees I only had $60 available. So I closed out the account and tried to get a payoff amount which they never provided. So now apparently they have been charging me interest and now my bill is over a $1000!!!!!!! I am getting calls from some office that just yells and talks over you when your asking questions. They will not provide any paperwork, they just want to take a payment over the phone. They threaten you to take you to court and that you will have to pay 3 to 4 thousand dollars. This company is a scam and unprofessional. I hope there is enough people to file a lawsuit against them because I am sick of them trying to harass me!!!!!
Entity: , Delaware
21, Report #1209669
Feb 17 2015
08:31 AM
ccs credit card 1 first national card credit card fraud las vegas Nevada
SAme thing happened to me years ago. They managed to get $600 from me in a couple months of having the card. When I called them to dispute they said they wouldn't refund my money. My bank said the same thing it was already taken out. This credit card company was a big scam. 
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
22, Report #18059
Apr 02 2002
12:00 AM
BABC credit card fraud ripoff Florida
BABC is A SCAM COMPANY They charged me $ 210, without my authorisation, they lied to me! Fortunatly my bank is going to cancel the transaction. We should all create an association and take then to Court! jmmolinier miami, Florida
Entity: Florida
23, Report #68444
Oct 07 2003
12:30 PM
USA CLASSIC Credit Card FRAUD Las Vegas Nevada
Last Christmas (2002), when I was looking forward to having a beter Christmas for my family than we've had in the past, USA Classic took us for apporx. $249.99. Unfortuntely they had a better Christmas than any of our children did. Greg & Patricia Kingman, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
24, Report #23831
Jul 01 2002
09:24 PM
FRAUD: First Capital Credit Card - BEWARE OF $199 SCAM! Ottawa Ontario
This company seems to thrive on individuals that have recently received GREEN CARDS, or have just become citizens of the US. They have been extremely aggressive via phone, and when asked to give up checking account information, they were overly suggestive of the delay it would cause in getting the credit. They are now promoting a new Credit Repair program from MasterCard providing a MasterCard with a $2000 credit limit with NO annual fees, NO hidden fees, and a reasonable APR for the card. I allowed it to happen under the pretense that my checking account would NOT be billed til I had the card and had an opportunity to check out the program. Well, today I find my checking account overdrawn because they had processed the fee. My Bank can't do anything about it at this point, because it is still in process. So, it seems that $199 is gone as in another filing on this site. I guess it is true... if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Consumer, beware. Jon Columbus, Ohio
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
25, Report #7167
Oct 16 2001
12:00 AM
First National Credit Card Fraud Thank You very much!
Thank you for having this site.I got a card from First National Card for $6,500. So I went to check it out before I call then I found your site about the rip-off reports. Thank You very much! Brenda Knoxville, TN
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada

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