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1, Report #1265121
Nov 02 2015
10:37 AM
Credit Check total, Experian Ripoff CA
I don't know how they began to charge my credit card $29.95 a month.  I didn't realize it until I'd been charged for at least 12 months.  I get free credit checking with one of my credit cards (not the one that they charged) plus I have another free credit checking company so I did not need to pay for this service. I reported this to my credit card once I realized it had been charged for such a long time.  I know, I should have gone over my bill from day one.  I have a long list of monthly charges because I run my own business. They investigated it and determined that the charges were fair.  I used the service a couple of times thinking it was the one I was getting for free.  They sent me regular emails with the link.  I gave them at least  So if you plan on checking your credit find out about free solutions, first.  If you need to use a service like this...dont' use this one but make sure to cancel before you end up paying for what's rightly yours, indefinitely.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1307727
May 25 2016
04:55 PM
Credit Check Total Experian, Credit Check Total Ripoff, Scam, LIE, Nationwide
My first experience with Credit Check Total was ridiculous and I should have reported them then and filed a lawsuit. I called to cancel my free trial and I was givin a Verification code. The next week I saw a charge for $39 on my card they had on file. When I called them to give them the Verification Code and to correct the mistake they said the Verfification Code was not valid and the piece of shit liar bitch that could barely speak english just kept saying there is no record of my verification code and cannot process a refund but she will cancel my account.   That was my first experience with them that I should have learned from and never tried using their shitty scam service agan.   A credit clean up service I have been working with got another trial with credit check total for me to look at my stuff. I had planned on actually paying for a month of the service this time instead of canceling the trail but the card I had on file this time did not go through. They sent me an email saying I needed to update my payment information. Which I was going to do.... But what happened next reminded me of why I should not be dealing with this piece of shit lying company. Rather than wait for me to update my payment information they charged the previous card on file from that first experience described above and it got me an overdraft fee because I was not expecting that card to ever be used again by Credit Check Total.    They were not authorized to charge that card. If my payment method I had with them did not work they should have waited for me to update it. Not go scrounging around looking for anything to charge.      They are a bull shit company that cant sustain itself and they are using desperate scam tactics to keep them afloat.    If anyone else has had a similar experience lets get together with a good lawyer and hammer them hard.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1228353
May 11 2015
03:01 PM
credit check total CreditChec -R Total Steal your money and dont refund allen texas
These people are so hard to talk to. they speak english but i dont think they understand it at all. i was double charged on april 2 2015. i called in to find out why i was left on hold i was told all kinds of things that i didnt ask to know. i was hung up on. they refused to let me speak to supervisor. after 4 phone calls i told them i was going to report them if i didnt get to speak to a supervisor so finally i was connected. after all the chaos turns out the rep who hung up on me cancelled my account whithout letting me speak to a supervisor. the supervisor i talked to said the she would credit the account for 14.97 and that i wouldnt owe anything for the rest of this month.on the 16 and 20th of april i was trying to access my account and i was asked to enter my information to update the account and i did. and on the 20th same thing i thought maybe a glitch. then i see the bank statements. 29.94 was taken out of an account the day it closed. 14.97 was taken out on the 16th and 20th of the same month. NO Credit anywhere.I call to find out why i am paying them all this money because they need to give it back. THATS STEALING! the representative on the phone is already harrassing me by not telling me the correct payments on the card and is giving me uninformative talk i didnt ask for on my account. i ask to speak to the billing department. she says we dont have a billing department...i asked for a manager. she said manager isnt available. she asked do you want the supervisor. i said yes. after 35 minutes and 3 informational im still trying to get you a supervisor she gets on the phone and says so you want to cancell your account? i went off. i told her she better put the supervisor on the phone or im contacting the ftc and bbb. she said please hold so i can talk to my supervisore. now im really mad. her supervisor gets on the phone. i advised that i was calling about the exessive payments from me to them. she said you were refunded may 2 for 14.97. i asked where the proof of that was. i have a closing bank statement from 3-25-15 to 4-23-15 ONLY showing a 29.94 paid transaction and the account was closed on 4-2-15. No other transactions. and i was forced to pay online because thats how i access the account on the 16th and 20th. she says we only have the one for the 16th and 2nd. (Not even saying it was an overcharge) did not offer to give me money back didnt even try to say they owed me money. just that they see those 2 gross payments and thats it. i said i have bank statements showing you took my money. and they tried to say the card i used paid my husbands account. im sorry but my ssn and his are completey different and we dont even have the same name. rediculous. the supervisor then says that she has cancelled my account because the representative told her i wanted to cancell. i advised thats theft and those words never came out of my mouth. i want my money back and im reporting your company. so now im reporting them to every website i can find. these people are theives. They dont care they act like ok this person is pissed time to cancell their account cant steal from them any more. No people skills at all. No customer Service skills. Just plain theives. They dont care that they arent helping you thats the plan they just want your money. dont ever use this site or call on the phone. and the email always starts with im sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have all the back statements showing these people ripping me off and i want my money back.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1405770
Oct 12 2017
07:06 AM
Credit Check Total Experian Creditcheck Total AVOID FREE TRIAL GOOD LUCK CANCELLING!!! Allen TX Texas
This is the first time I have ever taken the time to enter a review or rip-off report; however, I wanted to save you the trouble. You sign up for creditcheck total under the FREE 7 day trial for $1.  I read all of the terms and conditions and knew that I must cancel within 7 days in order to avoid the charge to my card of $29.95 (which, by the way, is more expensive than most other credit reporting services and of course way more expensive than the free ones).  I put the date on Google Calendar and was ready to cancel the service since I simply needed to know my FICO before I applied for a business loan.  I called...recording...hold time over one hour.   I thought, 'OK', maybe a busy day.  Nope.  I've called four different times with the same result.  I called this AM when they first opend at 8AM and the recording said...your approximate hold time is 3 to 5 minutes.  Three to five minutes....I can do that.  I was happy.  But just for a moment.  Thirty minutes later on hold, I hung up. I am busy, with a business to run and I don't like their game.  I now have aboutan hour and a half of hold time in the 'game', twenty minutes disputing the charge with my bank (take that creditcheck total) and about fifteen minutes setting up an account and writing this review. They make it so easy to sign up, but good luck cancelling.  It's like the Hotel California!  You can check in any time you like, you just can't ever leave.  :-)  And, oh, by the way, calling is the ONLY WAY TO CANCEL.  You can't email, you can't do it online, and you can't mail a letter.  Ridiculous.  
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1218107
Mar 25 2015
01:23 PM
Credit Check Total Credit Monitoring Company that enables Identity Theft! Absolutely atrocious! Internet
This company does not take any security measures before charging credit cards. My card was charged twice fraudulently by people whom I do not know, or have ever heard of, and they didn't even input my name when using my card. This company's reply was simply, Well, sometimes people use their friends' or relatives' cards, so we have the charges go through anyway just in case. The irony in this is that a credit reporting company does not seem to understand the concept of Authorized User on a credit card, and actually allows UNAUTHORIZED charges to go through, just in case. It's laughable! When I then pressed to find out what the names of the offenders were, they said they could not disclose that information to protect their privacy. To protect THEIR privacy! The people who just stole my identity!!!! This is absolutely atrocious business practice and I do not even want to know what other types of fraudulent business practices they are involved in, since they are clearly facilitating identity theft and then doing nothing to correct it. This business should be shut down.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1169229
Aug 12 2014
10:11 AM
Credit Check Total Experian Deceptive, Scammers, Poor & Sorry Customer Service Nationwide
 CreditCheck Total does NOT work with their customers in ANY way.  I was under the impression there was a 14 day trial and when I called I was told 2 different time frames.  The first agent told me it was 7 days and the second one told me it was 9.  I posted to my calendar to cancel on Wednesday (13th day) and saw I was charged on Monday so I called.  I let them know how I was referred and why I was using the service.  The supervisor continued to repeat her script and that is all she would say outside of Sorry about that.  I have signed up with many credit check services for free trials and while they all say that they won't refund you if you don't call to cancel before the trial ends they all do EXCEPT these fools.  Obviously they care more about collecting the $30 vs protecting their reputation.  Even after I explained that I have not logged in since I ordered the report they didn't care.  Poor Customer Service in which Customer Relations 101 was never taught to this company. Just as I was positively referred to their company and I'm posting this in hopes that someone else doesn't sign up and get ripped off.   I let the person know who referred me what happened and she was shocked, hopefully will be leary to refer anyone else. 
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1400806
Sep 18 2017
12:54 PM
Credit Check Total Rip-Off. Horrible Customer Service. Disrespectful Management. COMPLETE SCAM! Allen TX
Complete rip-off! Scam alert! One of my clients cancelled her account within 5 days of creating her 7-day trial account for $1.00. However, she cancelled the account within 5 days of being created. Two days after deactivating her account she was charged the $29.95 for the membership subscription and they did not pick up the phone for her to make a claim because of the breach in one of the credit bureaus was giving them a high-volume of calls. She waited for almost 2 hours and no response. She continuously called and nobody answered. On September, she was charged another $29.95 subscription fee. Finally, she was able to contact them, after waiting for a half-hour and their response was the next: We are sorry, but we can only refund you the month of September and deactivate your account now. She explained the situation over four times and requested to speak to higher power, but they just laughed at her and told her that there was nothing else they could do. It was protocol to only return one-month fee, regardless of the situation. In addition, the manager placed her on speaker and it was audible that there were more people listening and laughing. If you value your money, stay away. There are better credit monitoring websites with better customer service and respect for people's money and concerns.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1402727
Sep 27 2017
01:32 PM
Credit Check Total, Impossible to cancel membership!!!!!!!!!!!!! Internet
Sign up for your 7 day trial for only $1 to get access to your credit report.  If you do not cancel within 7 days you are automatically charged $29.99 per month from then on until you cancel.  In order to cancel you must call the phone number provided.  When I called I was put on a 45 minute wait!!!   Any company that does not allow you to cancel online or by phone with a reasonable wait time is running a scam product.  If you have to trick and frustrate your customers into remaining customers you are running a scam operation.  As a customer I should easily be able to cancel my account and not be obligated to continue paying for a service that I do not want. I am warning everyone to just go direct to any of the credit agencies or just pay for the credit report if you need it one time.  
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1317672
Jul 19 2016
10:05 AM
I purchased the credit check total's montoring service and all worked well until a got my credit report staightened out and canceled the service. I called the number and spoke with a representative from the cancelation department.  I informed her that I had hired a company who had staightened my credit report out and that I wanted to cancel the montoring service because my report was cleared up.  I was informed that the plan was officially canceled.  This was in November of 2015.  In July of 2016 as I was going over my credit card charges I noticed a charge from Experian and call the number to see why I was being charged $14.95. They told me that my charges never stopped.  I explained that I had canceled the plan that I had viewed 6 to 8 times a month when the company that I hired to correct my report was working on it.  I again told them that after I no longer needed to review my report that I call customer service and canceled service and never assess the website again. So in all I was charged $14.95 a month for the months of Dec 2015, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, and July of 2016. After they checked and found that I had not accessed the website since Nov. 2015.  The supervisor told me the they were sorry and that they would refund 1 month's payment of $14.95.  This is criminal, Credit Check Total by Experian completely ignored the cancelation of my plan so that they could continue to charge my account without my premission for as long as they could. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1424797
Jan 23 2018
03:26 PM
Credit Check Total Experian Impossible to cancel. Spoke to 2 people on different occasions after 1.5 hour hold and they still didn't cancel. DO NOT GET THEIR SERVICE! Internet
I signed up for CCT (Credit Check Total) which is a credit monitoring owned by Experian. After a few months I no longer needed credit monitoring and tried to cancel. They claim you can cancel any time, but they make it practically impossible to do so. You HAVE to do it by call, they give you no other option to do so. When you call and press the automated system to get to the membership cancellation, they put you on hold for over an hour.I waited about 70 minutes finally someone picked up and I asked them to cancel, and they said they will. I get billed again for the service. I called back and this time waited about hour and 45 minutes before reaching a customer service rep. They said noone had cancelled my membership. I told them not to cancel and still got billed again. WTF!!Credit Check Total and Experian are theives. Third time I called and pressed options to sign up as a new member (less hold time btw), about five minutes. Then told them I am trying to reach the cancellation after speaking to a manager, they wanted to transfer me, I asked the manager where do I send law suit info for damages (lol). They were able to cancel finally.Redicilous. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #344615
Jun 26 2008
01:06 PM - Credit Check Total Free Trial Scam called to cancel in trial period (more detail in report) says will charge me $29.95! Irvine California
I opened an account on June 18, 2008 to sign up for the one week free trial that Credit Check Total offer on their website. I called on Monday, June 23, to cancel because I only wanted to see my credit score out of curiosity once. I did not use any of their other fancy services. The girl I spoke to said that I have until the 26th to use the credit check and I will still not be charged. I decided that there would probably be no risk in this so I kept my account open for a couple of days. I tried calling again yesterday, June 25, three times and each time I got a message saying that the number I was trying to reach is busy and that I should try calling again later. I called again today, June 26, which is the day that I was told was still valid for my free trial. I explained to them about my call on monday and the problem trying unsuccessfully to get through the automated message, yet I was told that I would still be charged $29.95. Customer service says that they never received any of my calls. They didn't even mention that they would charge me the thirty dollars until I asked them if I would be charged anything. Don't do business with Credit Check Total. I will try through my bank to get refunded from them as the charge they are making is NOT legitimate. Knguyen San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
12, Report #1412399
Nov 17 2017
12:24 PM
CREDIT CHECK TOTAL They somehow got all my info and have been charging me for three months and refuse to refund me, saying they already did, for one month! But never did!!! Las Vegas Nevada
They somehow got all my info, name, address, bank card, ETC. and have been charging me for three months and refuse to refund me, saying they already did, for one month! But I never did get a refund at all!!! And this was after I was repeatedly told I didn't have an account with them, And that they never charged me! (I have BANK statements to prove they have And did charge me!) And all three months, they caused me to go into overdraft, causing other companies, that I did need to pay, to overdraft me as well, costing me over $250 in overdraft charges for the last three months!! I'm on SSD, and have a limited income, I've had to literally starve myself, no money for food because of them, for three months now! I can't even get a fax number for them!!!! And no refunds!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #749294
Jul 06 2011
08:25 AM
credit one total decptive practicese Internet
I contacted this company regarding a unsecured loan and was charged $498.00 to processI hav not recieved any info on funding in 3 monthsthis is a total scam, please be careful
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #259332
Jul 07 2007
02:09 PM
Trans Credit Financial Wrote letter to inform me of my total winnings of $82.000 along with a company check $2890 Quesnel British Columbia
I received a letter with an enclosed check that congratulated me on my recent winnings in Las Vegas of $82,000. The separate check was for administrative fees for whatever that's worth. The check amount was $2890. I contacted the name given, and after many numerous attempts, was finally able to get through. I was instructed to deposit or cash the check and let them know when the amount was available. Then they would arrange when to deliver the total amount of $82,000 to my house, either televised or untelevised. After almost falling for it, we did some investigations, and have found this to be among other numerous fraudulant reports. I think that a lawyer ought to make these people pay the promised amount of $82,000 to teach them a lesson. Their scams need to backfire and they need to pay! Charity Coalinga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Quesnel, British Columbia
15, Report #1228848
May 13 2015
09:50 AM
credit check total I canceled service the day I was charged after the trial. They said they would not refund me TX Internet
I started a trial and forgot to cancel the trial. I seen there was a charge for the service and called right away the day the charge was made to cancel service. They stated the servcie was non refundable and would not refund me even though I only used it for $9 days and they charged me for the full 30 days
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1420860
Jan 03 2018
02:29 PM
Credit Check Total otherwise known as (Experian)... I signed up for a 7 day trial for my credit report with scores. I now try to cancel and I'm on hold for more than an hour. This is obviously done to persuade customers to hang up and be charged for the service since there is no other way to cancel besides sitting on hold all day. This is pretty ridiculous . Allen Texas
Credit Check Total otherwise known as (Experian)... I signed up for a 7 day trial for my credit report with scores. I now try to cancel and I'm on hold for more than an hour. This is obviously done to persuade customers to hang up and be charged for the service since there is no other way to cancel besides sitting on hold all day. This is pretty ridiculous and I will tell everyone that I know not to sign up with this service not even for a trial. This is horrible because they are scamming to get the consumers money and they have constructed no better way than to possibly have as few customer service people as possible to handle the calls pertaining to customers looking to cancel. Buyer beware of this service it's garbage... On hold for more than 1 hour in order to cancel the service and not be charge a monthly fee of 29.95 that I do not want
Entity: Allen, Texas
17, Report #75541
Dec 21 2003
11:17 PM
Total Velocity ripoff...fraudulent credit card charges Internet
We ordered 2 softwares; trace blaster and memory blaster by credit card over internet. Our credit ard was deducted for a software club membreship and monthly software delivery. We immediately contacted Total Velocity disputing the software club membreship and folowed their protocal for reimbursement and removal of our name. They never removed our name nor reimbursed us our monies. We complained to the credit card company and recieved a contestment letter back saying that Total Velocity maintaned we signed up for the software club. We did no such thing. I also have saved copies of all transactions with this company and have proof that we did not join the software club. This company won't act reasonably and appears to be a RIPOFF. David Fort Bragg, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #789643
Oct 17 2011
08:25 AM
credit one total This company is either a scam or has terrible business practices Florida
I was contacted by unsecured loan source who told me I was prequalified for a $25,000 unsecured personal loan and the lady I spoke with said that she was going to contact lenders and see if anyone would bite and she would call me back within an hour. Sure enough she called me back, but she called my work number which I had not previously given her. She said that she had recieved 2 offers. One was for 14,000 and one was for 9,0000. She said, this is great news, you can take both loans and be right at $25,000, but of course there was a catch. She said that the lenders made a condition that I reparied my credit some before they actually funded the loans. The lady said I had a couple of options for this. She said I could file bankruptcy but that took a long time, She said I could work on it and dispute the items on my credit report on my own, or, I could use this program through credit one total and they had a credit repair program that gave results in 30 days max. She said that it could be as little as 2 weeks or up to 30 days but that they could remove items from your credit report including negative items, foreclosures, bankruptcies, inquiries, etc that other places cannot do. Then she told me how she did the program before she started working there and it raised her credit score over 100 points in just 30 days. She said that normally the program costs $1900 but that they would do it for me for $492. I told the lady that I could not do it. I didn't have $492 to spend on something like that and thanked her. Well then she said that they could refund the $492 after I was approved for the loans. I again told her I could not do it but thank you. Then within about an hour I recieved an email and it said to sign the documents and fax them back. I read through the documents and it was an agreement with credit one total to do the credit repair program. I then looked at my bank account information and the $492 had been withdrawn from my account. I filed a disputed charge with my bank and they are currently still investigating the problem and I also tried calling unsecured loan source and credit one total. I got someone on the phone and they said that they would pass my information on to their supervisor to process my refund and that was on 10/12. It is not 10/17. Since then, when I did not hear back from them, I have been emailing them daily asking for the progress or if the money was going to be refunded. They have not responded and I have even tried calling them and now they are not answering my calls. I leave messages but never get a return call back. I think this is very bad business practice especially if they are a legitimate business. It makes me very upset that they have done this to me and now they will not give me any answers or even contact me. Please be aware of this company and do not use them!! I feel like they are a scam!!
Entity: , Florida
19, Report #1076831
Aug 18 2013
10:50 AM
Total Credit Intervention Tony Placek Non Responsive , north port Florida
Tony Placek claims to help you dispute credit card debt by giving you unique and powerful letters to send that all but guarantees to have creditors shaking in their boots, never to contact you again. He does provide the initial letters of disput which can be found for free all over the web and he sends them via return receipt mail. The process will indeed stop collection agencies from contacting you by law. All you have to do is write a letter saying you dispute the debt, ask for them to provide proof of debt and you're done. Tony charges $800.00 for this. Okay, maybe you welcome someone doing this for you and don't mind paying...fine. After the first set of letters you get some via email and have to send them yourself and pay the retun receipt postage...he's basically out of the picture after his first $10.00 worth of work. Keep in mind, he gets your name from court records when you're already being sued. If you're being sued you're Sh** out of luck and his mighty letters won't help you. Funny, aye? His responses so far have been Sorry for not calling you back, both of my employees were in a car accident! Very busy or my favorite so far when asked what to do about a creditor's response That's not proof of debt according to the Fair Credit Act He doesn't take 5 seconds to explain or provide any more letters or answers. He is done and totally unable to provide anything more than those first $10.00 letters for you. Buyer beware!! I can't wait to see what creative response is to this I'm a removal service, creditor looking to stop his powerful letters, a lawyer who has been beaten by him or maybe a competitor. Nope, just some poor slob who believed him when I was at my lowest. Takes a special kind of evil to preyt on people like this guy does. Karma!!!
Entity: , north port, Florida
20, Report #1201002
Jan 12 2015
05:59 AM
instant check mate total rip off
Instant check mate is a total joke they just wanr your money they offer a 5 day trial for $1.00 the info they show is only part truthful. Just to see how they work I decided to try this so I have looked up a few people I know and know their history and most of their criminal background . But when this service pulled up info they told very little about this people and even give old addresses as current the info shown you could google search and get as much. Anyway I'm calling tomorrow and cancel my account. !st they said they did not give free trials, but when I was going to log out they came back with the $1 offer and lead me to think I could get access to all info but after info is pull up then they tell your basic then to see more they want you to pay more.  they lie about offers then just try to get more money  
21, Report #437212
Mar 24 2009
02:33 PM
Cleanseshop/Total Cleanse Credit card charges Online Internet
I received charges on my credit card with no knowledge of what the charges were for and no phone number or address to contact them. Anonymous Bozeman, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #753323
Jul 15 2011
08:52 AM
creditone total deceptive business practices lighthousepoint, Florida
I paid $d no loan is forthcomming498.00 for aloan origination fee and no loan is forthcomming
Entity: lighthousepoint, Florida
23, Report #1081152
Sep 02 2013
08:47 PM
total defense charged credit card without aproval internet
 I had unauthorized charge on my credit card just appeared on my account.  when you call number they give you the run-around to get a refund.
Entity: Select State/Province
24, Report #1284868
Feb 03 2016
07:49 PM
Total Merchant Services Scam Woodland Nationwide
It all started with a large amount taken out of my account and text messages to activate my equipment, I NEVER received equipment and they verfied I did not my bank returned their ripoff charges back to me. Well looked and charges ranging from 2.20 up to 77 all totaling 800.00 called and asked them why knowing that I never received equipment that I would be continually charged? To which they said some bulls* about the contract, which they can't produce contract and NO equipment should have been a clue not to charge. Avoid them they are horrible taking it to a lawyer.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #308611
Feb 13 2008
12:21 PM
USA Credit TOTAL RIPOFF Pennsylvania
I have had several charges to my checking account every month. Finally, I decided to find out what they were. The first was from PDLOANSCS.COM, as per a live chat from them, this was a membership that I joined, but they could not identify which one, nor could I get my money back. Granted it was only $6.78, but, each time it was done, my checking account bounced, $30 out the window. Then there is IDTHECS.COM, this is for idenity theft, how ironic.... Anyway, this month this service cost me $40.65. Then the best one of all, USA CREDIT, for which I can find no website. I however, did find a phone number on the RIP-OFF website of 1-800-685-9354. When I called to speak with them, Teri answered the phone and told me that when I applied for a Pay-day-loan, it was a 3-in-one deal that included a $12,500.00 line of credit and a roadside service. The line of credit first cost $149.95, but there was not enough in my checking accunt to clear that, another $30 gone. So they decided to give me a more cost effective line of credit for $2500.00 that would cost $49.95, a one time fee. With the roadside service, Elite, it was charging $19.95, which caused my account to bounce twice, $60 gone. When I demanced that the $49.95 be returned and all of the bounce fees, I was informed that this could not be done since I agreed to the $49.95. I don't recall any of this information. My funds as rule are always limited, so why in the world would I agree to something that was going to cost me this much money each month. These people are a rip off to say the least and there customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!! I did get a cancellation number for the Elite, but since the $49.95 is a one time NONrefundable fee, they did not was to cancel this since this is my best interest to keep. I told them to burn it because they are all crooks....... People, please be very careful when dealing with payday loan sites, read everything and take nothing for granted. Bjk Middletown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pennsylvania

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