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1, Report #619536
Jul 02 2010
12:47 PM
Professional Credit Services Credit Sevices Eugene, Oregon
Last summer my daughter stepped on something sharp and needed stiches.  We took her to the S. Vincents ER and they took excellent care of her.  At the time of admittance we paid $200 toward our deductible.  I admit when the first hospital invoices started showing up we didn't immeditely start paying because we knew insurance had been billed, but as of yet had not paid.  Once all the insurance payments had been completed, we started paying on our tab.  The hospital sent our account to Professional Credit Svc. in November of last year.  Even though we knew this, we continued t pay St. Vincents hospital the montly payments.  The checks were cashed and according to St. Vincents, all payments were forwarded on to Professional Credit Svc.  Rick, our representative from PCS, started calling in Februay to demand payment.  We told him we were paying St. Vincents and that the payments were recorded with them and forwarded on.  He told us that wasn't good enough and that we needed to pay him direcly.  He called several times over the next month and the conversation was always the same.  We paid St. Vincents and he demanded we pay him.  On 4/7/2010 we made our last payment to St. Vincents via online.  Two weeks later Rick called and said we still owed on our account.  When we told him that the entire bill had been paid, he said that was incorrect and that we still owed.  When we asked him to phone St. Vincents and confirm all payments, HE REFUSED!!  He said it wasn't his responsibility to do that.  Doesn't he represent St. Vincents?  Isn't he working for them? At this point we called St. Vincents and confirmed that the account was complete and paid and asked the supervisor to call PCS and talk to the rep and confirm this with them.  They did and even called us back to let us know the phone call was completed.  We thought it was done.  On 6/24/10 we were served with court papers saying we still owed and now we owed for legal fees. I called St. Vincents and their accounting supervisor Kaylee called and spoke to Nikki at PCS who confirmed all payments were made but that 2 of the paymnts had not been processed properly.  By their own admission, they had messed up.  Now we owed interest of $29.13 + the legal fees.  When we argued that if they had processed the payments correctly, they would not of had to file a claim in court, because the account would have been shown as paid.  They filed the claim AFTER the full balance had been received. Not only do they harass you, but the are also just trying to extort more money from us.  Not to mention the billable hours to St. Vincents that they are charging for an account that should have been closed months ago, if they had processed thing correctly.  How many other people have had their payments mysteriously lost or processed incorrectly and ended up paying more then they should. Check out the Better Business Bureau to see the other 36 complaints brought against this company.
Entity: Eugene, Oregon
2, Report #79310
Feb 05 2004
10:13 AM
CIC Credit Monitoring Services ripoff Internet
CIC Credit Monitoring Service signed up for a free credit report (which I never receipt), the proceeded to bill me for 79.95 with no mail notice or phone call of any kind!! This is a fraud!!!!!!! Claudia Stamford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #61680
Jun 24 2003
01:19 PM
National Credit Services ripoff Montreal Quebec
I was promised a credit card with $5,000.00 limit. I would recieve information on 6/23/03, take this information to a bank listed in the packet. The bank would issue me a credit card w/5k limit within 48 hours. To activate the card I should go to an ATM, withdraw 369.00 to cover the wire withdrawl which was to take place on 7/2/03. On 6/24/03 I called the number they had given me to find out why I hadn't recieved the information, and got only voice mails. I called UPS to see if they had attempted delivery and they had not. I then checked my bank account and found that the 369.00 been overdrawn from my account. I put stop payment on the account and will close the account. Terry Norwalk, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
4, Report #64226
Jul 21 2003
09:52 AM
Dynamic Credit Services ripoff Nationwide
I forgive you Dynamic Credit Services. I learned a relatively cheap lesson. This is the only time I can remember giving out my account information over the phone. And the last time. Jon Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
5, Report #64791
Jul 28 2003
11:04 AM
Dynamic Credit Services ripoff Nationwide
On or about June 25, 2003 I was contacted by an account manager named Cindy with Dynamic Credit Services. She explained this really GREAT offer for a credit card in order to rebuild credit and all we had to do was pay $298.00. We would then receive a credit card with a $2500.00 limit. I let her go through the spill and took down as many notes as possible. I told her that I was not interested in the card at this time and I asked her for a customer service number that I could call later, should I become interested. She gave me 1-800-513-8180. I called it later and spoke with Megan Smith on or about July 9th and told her that I was not inerested in obtaining any credit card from thier company and could she please delete ANY and ALL information they had in the system under my name. She agreed and said that all was taken care of. Lets not forget as well, that in the meantime of me being contacted by Cindy and me calling Megan that I had at least 5 calls per day everyday from them. Well, lord and behold on July 24, 2003 there was $298.00 debited from my checking account. Which not only caught my attention with the 7 NSF charges that came behind it, but also in that I NEVER gave ANY account information to this company. My husband and I are in the process of gaining as much information on them as possible and making sure that they are shut down and do not rip others off. If there is already a law suit started I would really appreciate knowing about it. Kim Moody, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #54737
Apr 28 2003
06:49 AM
Credit Monitor Services ripoff Orange CALIFORNIA
Ok, I also used this company to get a FREE credit report. I thought that was it. But it turns out a month later an almost $80.00 charge is charged to my account. But.. after reading some of these entries on this site ( which totally rocks!, by the way) I called them and got my refund and they cancelled my so called 'account'. I am not sure if it is because of all this bad publicity or not, but they didnt even hesitate to give me my money back. Thanks for this site guys!! Kristie Plainfield, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Orange, California
7, Report #38400
Dec 16 2002
05:13 PM
NACS credit services ripoff florida California
they called my house on 12/15/02 and talked to my husband they bent him everyway but sunday . they said theyed give us a credit card 1200 dollers of credit . to day is 12-16-02 the day after he told me about what he did so i investagated it on line found rip off reports i closed my account opend a new one and told the bank what was going on they now have nacs credit services posted at thier counter and are making sure that none of thier oter costomers are getting scamed by them angela pittsburg, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: pittsburg, California
8, Report #34522
Nov 07 2002
03:51 PM
Household Credit Services ripoff Salinas California
Dear President: I called Household Credit Card Services before sending my last checks to pay off the loans from the two accounts I have with Household: 5408010008791200, and 5176690002722184. I was told that the promotional rate will end on 10/12/02 and 10/16/02 respectively and as long as I pay off the loans before those two dates I won't be subject to a higher rate. I did as suggested and paid off the outstanding balance before the above due dates. I am shocked that I have been hit by a 17.99% apr and 13% apr for the two accounts one month earlier than the above dates. Someone at Household intentionally cheats on me by lying about the expiration date of the promotional rate by one month. It is so unfair. I would appreciate it very much if you would look into this matter. I also want to remind you that I will take this matter to a higher level (OCC, FEDs, Consumer Protection Bureau, etc.) if this matter is not resolved to my entire satisfaction. Sincerely, Liang Tang Watertown, Massachusetts
Entity: Salinas, California
9, Report #10712
Jan 05 2002
12:00 AM
First Choice Credit Services Scam
Visa card company who solicited credit card services for people like me who had problems getting a credit card. They said it would better my credit report by starting over with a $2500.00 limit. The scam is they ask you to pay first. I ended up paying $200.00 to them and never received any thing from there company but headaches. Unfortunately, I gave them my bank account number and they debited from my almost immediately. Ofcourse I know not to do this again...but I never get any resolution from their company when I or my husband calls. Their response is always your card is in the mail. This has been going on since July 2001. What can I do? I called Consumer Affairs. Didn't get too far with them though. Hope you guys can offer advice and/or help.
Entity: Rolling Meadow, Illinois
10, Report #7935
Nov 19 2001
12:00 AM
Preferred Customer Credit Services
On 9-10-01 I was contacted by the above company The person on the phone Said that Her name was April Moore and asked me if I would be intrested in a visa or mastercard credit card with a 6.9 rate and 3500 limit I could also transfer any existing credit cards to this account have to the 6.9 rate. So stupidly said yes. I was put on hold and another person was put on the line claiming to be the manager took my banking information gave me a verification # and I asked for their phone number#1-866-431-8800 On 9/15/01 that company deducted 395.00 from my checking acc and I have not heard or recieved anything since.I called that day and they verifyed my information and told me that it was on the way, since I have tried many times to contact them All I get is Please leave your name and verification # and your Phone # and we will get back to you asap.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #215369
Oct 12 2006
08:01 AM
Fidelity Credit Services ripoff Florida
I received a call about getting credit repaired or established. They promised they reported to all the major credit bureaus. They said I will receive the card within 21 business days. I just did the research and see they are obviously a scam. When I call them they are VERY rude, so I am going to my bank to see what I can do about the 129 they took. there are seveeral numbers I have for them and the name Ben of whom I talked to. I have been got before by a similar scam. I am going to file something because this should not be able to be done. Sheikinah Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
12, Report #385787
Oct 28 2008
06:34 PM
Credit Services Credit Card SCAM Orlando Florida
I received a telephone call on my cell phone, the automated system stated this was my last warning and that after today I would not have ths opportunity to lower my interest rat on my Credit Card. I pressed1 and the phone rang and the phone was answered by Douglas from Credit Services and he went into his speach about how he was going to lower my Credit Card interest rates to almost 0%. He asked if I had more than $2000 in credit Card Debt. I stated yes and asked him how he obtained my name, he stated from the credit card company and asked me how much I had in Credit Card Debt, I asked him which Credit Card, he stated all of them. I asked which one spoecifically and he listed all of the Credit Card companies, AMEX, VISA MAster Card, Discovery, etc... I asked him his company name and where he waslocated, he stated Florida I stated Florida is a large state and then he stated the Orlando area. I asked for his specific address and he immediately hung up. Bradm Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Orlando, Florida
13, Report #443336
Apr 13 2009
07:40 PM
Credit Services SCAM!!! Credit Services & Automobile Warranty Pensacola Florida
Call invites me to reduce my credit card interest rate. They ask me to verify my personal information. When I ask what information is on record, they repeat that they are not able to give out that information. They want me to give them all of my information as though they have it on record. They have none of my information, and are trying to steal other information to open accounts with. PEOPLE. PEASE READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE POSTING!!! YOU MAY THINK THAT SOMEONE FROM VIRGINIA IS CALLING YOU. THEY DID NOT. SOME VICTIM'S PHONE NUMBER WAS SPOOFED ON A CALLER ID FOR A SCAM COMPANY. Important message to all those that have received a call from this number: The company making this call with an auto dialer is a known scam outfit. They spoofed phone numbers of victims all the time. Sometimes, they spoof non-working phone numbers. The phone number 571-261-0103 is just another victim of these scumbags. I've done a lot of research of this company. Actually, there are several affiliated companies, owned by the same people that try to scam innocent victims. One scam is about auto warranties. The other is about credit card debt relief. They even have scams about dish television, home alarms, and more. Their MO is the same. The use an auto dialer, and call thousands of random numbers. They have no regard to the do not call lists. Your demands or complaints to them are worthless. They will continue to call you. They will not remove you from their call lists. Why? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT MAINTAIN ANY. THEY ARE CROOKS. THEY HAVE NO REGARD TO THE MANY LAWS THEY BREAK. If they call about a car warranty, the message says something as This is the second notice on your extended vehicle warranty. Press one now to speak to a representative... The message about credit debt mentions This is Account Services. We are calling to lower your credit card debt. Press one now to speak to a representative... Here are the details of these do***ebags: VP Marketing 1820 Water Place Pkwy Ste 255 Atlanta GA 30339 678-741-3188 678-741-3189 They also were previously known under a different corporate name, with a different address: Versadebt Corp. 4501 Circle 75 Parkway Suite #A-1225 Atlanta GA 30339 678-238-1300 678-238-1349 678-238-1351 Both companies are listed with the Georgia Department of State. Here is how you can lookup their information: Versadebt was voluntarily dissolved in August, 2008. You will find that the Registered Agent for VP Marketing is Kelly Lonas, 224 Ripple Creek Drive, Marietta GA 30060. The listed Member/Manager is James A. Schoenholz at the 4501 Circle 75 Parkway address. Versadebt's Registered Agent is the same James A. Schoenholz at the 4501 Circle 75 Parkway address. There is one additional name listed for Versadebt. The listed CEO, CFO, and Secretary is named Marvin Cox, Jr. at the same address. In fact, Marvin Cox may be the owner of all of these related companies. Here are some links to prove my research: Job listings for VP Marketing: ... p_marketing_at Notice the job listings for Appointment Setter, Qualification Representative, Auto Warranty Specialist, and Financial Representatives. Those are the idiots you get on the phone when you press 1 to speak to a representative after receiving their ILLEGAL recorded phone calls. Also, you can see many other job listings with similar titles. Interestingly, if you view these help wanted ads, you will notice that their address and phone number are different from what is listed with the Georgia Department of State. They now list 678-741-3188 and 678-741-3189 as the phone number of Human Resources. IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL TO CALL THEM AS THEY LISTED THEIR NUMBER IN A PUBLIC FORUM. Call them to find out more information about this company. You will need this in your complaints to the FCC, FTC, and your state Attorney General. You can call them to see if they offer Car Warranties or tell them you are interested in a lower interest rate. It is quite humorous to listen to their answers! Here are some details from RipOff Report. Pay particular attention to these as ex employees detail how they operate and how their scam works: You can learn much more about these do***ebags by performing a web search for versadebt, and vp marketing, or heather from account services. NOW, WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT THIS? You have two solutions: 1) Speak to one of their customer service representatives. Pretend to be interested in either lowering your credit card interest rate or a car warranty. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY REAL INFORMATION. Give them a fake credit card number, a fake name, and a fake SS#. Tell them you own a Ferrari, or a 1937 Dodge (however, if you really own one of those two, tell them you own a Buick). Give a made up VIN number. If they ask for your name and phone number, give them the info for the person you hate the most. Your goal is simple. Keep them on the phone for as long as possible. Be friendly. Your goal is twofold. You want to learn as much as possible about them. They will refuse to give you a website, phone number, or maybe even a real company name. They will attempt to give you a generic name such as Account Services, Financial Services, or Dealer Services. This is done for a reason, to throw you and the government off their tracks. Do not accept this. Keep pressing for info. You will need this (see below). EVEN BETTER IS IF YOU CAN RECORD THE CALL. Also, the time you take from them means them have less time to steal from someone who is unknowledgeable about their scams. They get paid to rip people off. Take away their time, and they make no money! I have kept them on the phone for up to 20 minutes! I realize that many of you do not have the time. But do you appreciate being taken advantage of? Ever hear of Scambaiting? That is what you are doing!!! There are many entertaining web sites on this topic. For example, see: 2) YOU MUST REPORT THEM TO THE AUTHORITIES: FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION! Here is the link to file a complaint: FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION: You must also file a report with the Attorney General of your state. See the last link below to see how effective this can be. I file complaints against Versadebt and VP Marketing every time I receive a call. If everyone that received a call from these low-life scumbags does the same, then the combined action of thousands of us can stop these crooks from scamming innocent people out of money. You may also try to write your congress person. Additional information: This is what can happen if everyone were to complain! ... all_violations/ See the following press releases to see how effective your complaints can be: ... filed_by_Nixon/ Bill hudson Bear, DelawareU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Credit Services CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. *Rip-off Report Investigation provides valuable information.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
14, Report #64794
Jul 28 2003
11:27 AM
Dynamic Credit Services ripoff Nationwide
O.K. I have seen so many of you putting out rip off reports and wanting to take legal action on these IDIOTS, however there are no email address or any other information for getting in touch with any of you. I understand it says not to, however, I am going out on a limb and going to put my email address on here (ONLY because if I start getting crap it can easily be changed). So if any of you that are, have or are wanting to take legal action against any of the following please email me soon, as I too am contacting an attorney: Source One Credit Services Credit Education Group C E G First Choice Dynamic Credit Services Shipper I M S Dynamic Pinnacle Tele Credit Enhancement And this, I am sure, is just a portion of the names they are doing business as. But they have met their match this time, THERE WILL BE REVENGE! Please let me know anything that any of you have on them. Through the rebuttal key Thanks Kim Moody, AlabamaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Credit Education Group CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #3325
Sep 13 2000
12:00 AM
Ameridebt Credit Counseling Services - Credit destruction services
Ameridebt advertise as a Credit Counseling Services. Due to overwhelming amount of bills,I contacted them to obtain help. I was informed that services are free except for a voluntary contribution which I can make when possible. My monthly payment was established for over $700.00 per month. Weeks after I mailed my first payment I was contacted by creditors asking for money. They apparently did not get any payments. When I contacted Ameridebt, I was informed that my accounts are being set and proposals to creditors are forwarded. Waited longer. Creditors still did not received any payments. I Confronted Ameridebt and after long and frustrating procedure ( many phone calls, on hold , being transferred from one person to other person) I learned that my whole first payment was taken by Ameridebt as a VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION!!!!. I asked to close my account and refund my money,but they told me CONTRIBUTION IS NOT REFUNDABLE. I forgot to mention that my second payment was missing and it took weeks of tracing cashiers check, and many stressful conversations with their representative and supervisors to recover payment. Of course my credit is ruined...thanks to Credit Counselling Agency...
Entity: Maryland
16, Report #106049
Aug 30 2004
05:35 AM
CIC Credit Monitoring Services unauthorized credit billing, stole credit card number USA Internet
Recently I checked my online credit card services and viewed my account activity. I was about to make a payment when I noticed my balance exceeded my credit limit. Being a little upset about the fee's associated with charging over your limit, I investigated the unkown charge. Within a few moments my internet search led me here to view the facts. CIC credit services is stealing our money right out in plain view. How is it that this company is allowed to stay in business? Don't people that steal go to jail in this great country? Last I knew, people weren't allowed to steal and would face the consequences if they did. How can we stop these thieves? Kasey Dexter, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1120760
Feb 04 2014
10:17 AM
Union credit workers credit services RIP OFF # limitless dallas Texas
You Know, we are all in the same boat!, struggling to make ends meet and feed our family. People that do this kind of stuff are just disgusting. Its like the sick joes in africa enslaving their own people and killing to dig up diamonds. Just as bad, stealing from the struggling. I truly hope people are more aware now adays and refrence check everything before taking any action. like sending some money to joe shmoe to supposably get your money. Really sad what our world is coming too. i am soo afraid for my children. Nothing like it used to be. NO INTREGRITY, NO SINCERETY now adays.
Entity: dallas, Texas
18, Report #384718
Oct 25 2008
09:18 AM
Union Workers Credit Services Union Workers Credit Services Ripoff PARKLAND Florida
Entity: PARKLAND, Florida
19, Report #613534
Jun 12 2010
03:37 PM
Premium Credit Services Credit Repair Services, They stole my money miami, Florida
09/15/2008 I paid $695.00 for a credit reconstruction and nothing hapened. I haven't received any paper from any credit bureau or Premium credit about it. 07/15/2009 I paid $5500 for a new corporation with a good credit file (To receive within the next 30 days) 08/15/2009 I was supposed to receive these papers (Corporation ID and all relative about it), but i am still waiting for that or a refund.So, DONT USE THIS COMPANY
Entity: miami, Florida
20, Report #180021
Mar 08 2006
12:00 PM
Union Workers Credit Services union workers credit services Birmingham,AL Dallas Texas
I recived a letter from union workers credit services offering me a membership 37.00 fee with a 10,000.00 Credit Limit... I called them to see what this was about as i havent requested anything for credit nor have I ever requested credit... I was told by the Customer Service person that that was owed and i had better pay it or they would take it from my paycheck. I then tryed to explain that i didnt want there service nor did I ask for it... when I was cut off with Pay it or we will send it to collections... just happened that I used a search to find there number and found this site at the top of the search.... Needless to say I am contacting my lawer as what they have done is harrasment of commuaction over the phone and through the mail... but I was worndering why a scam company can stay in business so long.... If I did half of what these ppl do i wouldnt have my company anymore... Thats whats suppost to happen when you do what they do.... Donald Hueytown, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
21, Report #1129584
Mar 10 2014
11:25 AM
union workers credit services credit card services dallas Texas
by there information they give you it makes it sound like a credit card, but it isn't . Its like a service that you buy merchandise out of their catalog. No card. for the low price of 37.oo dollars , in which I paid thinking I would be getting a card.
Entity: dallas, Texas
22, Report #49039
Mar 13 2003
09:02 AM
Credit Source, American Credit Source, Credit Enhancement Services ripoff victimized many consumers Nationwide
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #63829
Jul 16 2003
10:36 AM
Dynamic Credit Services ripoff Henderson Nevada
On June 27, 2003 I received a call from a credit card company They said I was guranteed $2500.00 credit line they wanted $296.00. I was told that my card would arrive in 7-10 business days they said between July 8, 2003 and July 11, 2003 I was told to go to an ATM and withdraw $296.00 and deposit it in my bank account. I never received the card and on July 14,2003 I called my bank and they told me that Dynamic Credit services had withdrawn that amount and they gave me their phone number 1-800-513-8180 I called that number and they said they did not take the money out of my account but I might be able to get a credit card yet in 2 months. Then they gave me another number of theirs 1-800-704-9552 and I keep leaving messages and no reply. Kimberly Urbana, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
24, Report #7570
Nov 06 2001
12:00 AM
credit enhancement RIPOFF!!!!!
In March 2001 i called and talked to a sales rep. for this supposed comapny and made arrangements to have $219.99 deducted from my personal checking account in an effort to re-establish my credit. In the days following, my fiance was skeptical and cohersed me to cancel, that he didn't feel comfortable with the arrangements I had made. So i began this never ending quest to stop the rolling ball, so to speak. Around the end of March i had been calling this toll free number (877) 527-4653. Some days were better than others. On one occasion I spoke to a woman who was very hostile and unwilling to give me the information i was requesting, saying she had no access to my account. I then asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, or who ever she answers to. I was told that they were in a meeting and this was at 7 pm eastern standard time. Hardly believeable. I was told to call back around 10 am the following day which i did and still got nowhere. At the begining of May, i finally got someone on the phone and they ever so rudely explained to me that i have the wrong department and instructed me to call another number, i have since pitched, due to the fact that it never rang, it was never busy, i would dial and nothing would happen. From my work phone and home phone. On May 27th, $219.99 was deducted from my checking account. There was no number on my bank rec. to call the company. So i again tried the customer service #. At this time i was told that this company gives no refunds under any circumstances. Irrate, i inquired when i was to recieve this so called package. The operator proceeded to tell me that the shipping department had a recent computer problem and it has delayed delivery from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks. Today is November 6th and i have yet to recieve my package.I have since taken a 4 week vacation to Miami Beach, FL, recieved a promotion, and had 6 massages. My message to you is to be VERY SKEPTICAL of everyone offering something, and when you see it in print, you think it is too good to be true, because 9 times out of 10 it really is too good to be true. In this day and age we really have to guard our personal assets with such detail to the very penny. Unfortunately, the world no longer works on the honor system. Watch out for yourselves. You deserve much better that this. Sicerely, Kelly Manis Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Enhancement Services /Credit Enhancement Services CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #912
Nov 09 1999
12:00 AM
Credit Card Balance Transfer Ripoffs
Attention all Fleet Bank credit card holders. If you receive Balance Transfer checks in the mail with a no fee and a 4.9% rate for the 1st 6 months, do not deposit them in your checking account and pay your bills. If you do, you will be assesses a 4% transaction fee and charged 19.9% until the balance is payed off. They mislead you on their offer and then when you send in your payoff money to stop the madness they will take up to three weeks to post it to your account so that, you guessed it, they can continue to strtch out that 19.9% interest rate for as long as possible. Da Bums !!
Entity: Nationwide

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