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1, Report #908544
Sep 20 2017
10:33 AM - Business Builder Enterprises Internet
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Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #891924
Sep 20 2017
10:36 AM
Business Builder Enterprises Acess Business Credit *Scam Alert* 5 Reasons why myself an Attorney was scammed *Business Builder Enterprises Scam* San Diego, California
5 Reasons I was SCAMMED outright by this Business Builder Enterprises and Extreme Business Credit Makeover Program. I own a very small firm with myself and one other attorney and didnt want to spend time building business credit for my law firm and corporation; you would think that after all of my education I would have done at least a little more due diligence. I can report to you that after wasting 9 months, several thousand dollars on products I absolutely dont need, and countless valuable hours my firms corporation had its business credit ruined by this SCAM Extreme Business Credit Makeover Program.  I would like this scam shut down permanently and will follow several other means to do so. I have done a lot of research on this and now do have good business credit after undoing this bologna and doing it myself. I would like to give you 5 reasons you should not only get your money back that these criminals have stolen from you with nonsense and lies, but additionally procure every single dime on any and all purchases you made from these vendors as I have. I paid the $399 up front and made about $1250 worth of worthless purchases only to have my firms files flagged by DNB and my Experian Business Scores ruined. All of this money you, if you have done the same, I will instruct on how to get back in addition to helping me shut this scam down. 1.       When I do some due diligence on a company I take into account mainly what others say about the company and any testimonials. There were several hundred of these with a 5 star rating and although I thought it suspicious that they were all so short and very indirect, I thought that no company could have actually faked hundreds and hundreds of them. Upon looking into it further, of course after several months of wasted money and time, I became suspicious. The ratings this company gives itself are flat out lies and fake. You can see for yourself if you read them, things like Excellent Phone Company!! I have since found out these are very easy to fake and pay for and trick the system by using companies based in India. On further investigation not one of the 895 testimonials as of this writing could I find that were real, but rather either fake or a ploy during the sign up process I presume. I would never give a company a 5 star rating if I had no idea if they deserved it. Needless to say I do a LOT more looking at testimonials now. SO thats 1, hundreds of fake testimonials, it is why and how I was conned into this. 2.       Pitney Bowes, Key Bank, Home Depot MasterCard, and all of the supposed No PG credit grantors do not exist. The Pitney Bowes part was the most frustrating part; they do not offer any credit card anymore whatsoever and have not for over 5 years. It was a TOTAL waste of time and money with this stupid machine in my office for all of those months. 3.       I found online that this site was actually a copy of another site by a marketing company that specialized in online branding and reputation. So here was the key to it all, thats how this basic e-book was able to get me to shell out $400 and waste 9 months and another $1200 for things I did not need. They were experts at taking anything and no matter how shady and making it look real. Upon further investigation I actually did find this company they copied (I in no way represent or recommend them these are just facts) and did find the proof in black and white; that yes they had indeed downloaded their site in 2008 along with their member site. This marketing scam created and actually knew nothing whatsoever about building business credit and was a marketing scam company that even stole their content. The company they stole their content from went on to tell me that the information was so hideously outdated, aforementioned cards, and just about everything else about this makeover program was now useless and has been since 2008. 4.       Business Builder Enterprises is a scam period. It does not work more than anything but a gas card. No matter how you look at it if you are reading this and you have joined this program your heart rate is up now because you know as well as I do that you have wasted a TON of money and time on this and it got and/or will get nowhere. Just pure and simple its a scam that you and I bought into.  There is not a single REAL client I am convinced that after 6-12 months would say ANYTHING otherwise. These guys even put fake testimonials on these ROR threads. I am calling them out point blank. As a purchaser of this product or program and as an attorney my personal opinion is that without any question whatsoever Extreme Business Credit Makeover and Business Builder Enterprises has thousands of very, very angry people with a Pitney Bowes machine and no business credit cards. Thats right I challenge that not even one single Visa or MasterCard or anything more than these Uline accounts, we have all wasted hundreds of thousands on. 5.       Lastly, the second I said this was a scam to them, that there were no aforementioned NO-Personal Guarantee credit cards, that I had spoken with the company they had copied their site from, that it was outdated and irrelevant, that they were just a marketing company that sold an old e-book they IMMIEDIATLY not only offered to give me my money back I paid them BUT ALL of my vendor purchases equaling the $1200. Trust me I really do not care about that, what I do care about is that my Experian Business Credit was ruined with inquiries, and I had to pay my CPA $7500 to submit the proper financials and almost file a lawsuit with DNB to take me out of being red flagged as a frivolous credit builder because I followed the advise of this scam. The bottom line is this; if you joined Business Builder Enterprises Scam get your money back ASAP exactly as I have, how? Post here and let them know you will do it again, just like Mark did and trust me you will get every dime back, but do it now. It is my sincere goal as a class action specialist and attorney, as I have spent my entire life taking down scams and entities that hurt and kill people, that this can be done without litigation and the old fashion way. Simply get the word out... Extreme Business Credit Makeover, Business Builder Enterprises, and is a SCAM and a Rip-Off and each and every testimonial is a fraud and simply not real.  Lastly I am still completely confused as to how this scam got an A+ BBB but knowing this is a marketing company that specializes in online reputation and fake con programs like this; I suspect they did something very shady there also. Either way I will look a lot deeper than the BBB (And their fake testimonials!) next time (maybe they are not to blame, BBB that is, as they cant know of every scam that is out there. Business Builder Enterprises and The Extreme Business Makeover Program is a SCAM! They cost me Thousands and need to be shut down before they SCAM anyone else! Tell them Mark said they were a scam and if they dont like my personal opinion here and elsewhere and yours they can sue meJ I would love to get paid to shut them down after wasting my time and money. Get your money back you ASAP, I suspect there are thousands of us out there, dont feel dumb get even. You dont have a Visa/MC Credit card for your business because they dont exist so shut this SCAM DOWN with me.
Entity: San Diego, California
3, Report #587412
Sep 20 2017
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #587667
Sep 20 2017
01:07 PM
Credit Makeover Total Fraud they are nothing more than a copy of our site and she needs to be arresrted san diego, Internet
setTimeout( 'openPopWin();', 1000);function openPopWin(){'/business-consultants/creditmakeover-biz-v/creditmakeover-biz-verified-re-02A1D.htm');}Sorry but this site is the worst sacam you will ever find, money well spent they even post on themselves what a joke. How do I know it's a scam? Well it's a copy of MY site. This is not more a real business than my twelve year old. The worst part is she barely got the colrs changed after downloading our site then went to scam thousands not offering ANYTHING but FAKE warning collection lettes after she scams you out of your credit card number. It only gets worse, the advise of MINE is so old now that if you follow my OLD content you will get flagged and get no where. This is the honest to GOD truth not some fake post they put on themsleves. This is an ABSOLUTE and REAL SCAM. It is my old site she is pawning off and acting like a business. This lady knows nothing whasover about business credit and has ripped off thousands with a cheesy copy of MY website. There is nothing she can say you need to call your credit card and let them know this is a FRAUD and get them to get your money back right away. She will keep sending you forged letters from RMS that she needs to collect what you agreed to. THE truth is this woman is on borrowed time and owes me an aplogy that I will accept when every person she has every ripped off masquading behind a site I designed in 2001 to help people. It's pretend business and you have point blank been ripped off and may even have to change your credit card number if she can keep a merchant account open much longer. Let her know she is a scam and that is real. If I see enough activity and people that have been scammed I will post my direct number and help you for real for free. This is 100% the truth. Post here and I will help you and will take the FAKE scam plagurist into prison.
Entity: san diego, Internet
5, Report #588153
Sep 20 2017
10:34 AM
Business Builder Enterprise  -  SCAM WARNING!!! This FAKE site stole my credit card number and wont stop charging it!!  Internet
BE warned I have dound out that this website is a cut and paste site of another service. They scammed me out of hundreds of dollars and offered NOTHING!! Thye sent our some forged letters thretening to ruin my business credi and would nt stop charging my credit, whatever you do DON'T GIVE THEM YOU CREDIT CARD NUMBER. It is a total rip-off and a cut and paste of another company.I called my credit card company and told them how I was scammed and FINALLY got all my money back and they tried to charge me AGAIN!! Now I have to change my card number from theis scam. They are just out stealing credit card numbers and not even a real business. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! Total SCAMDon't let them scam you into paying for nothing I called Dun and Bradstreet and they confirmed this was a HIGH RISK SCAM themsleves and the letters they sent me were fake. They are not just an e-book that copied but they copied the whole site of a real company.TOTAL CREDIT CARD PHISING SCAM!!!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #588322
Sep 20 2017
10:37 AM
Business Credit Extreme Makeover , This comapny is a complete rip-off San Diego, California
setTimeout( 'openPopWin();', 1000);function openPopWin(){'/business-consultants/creditmakeover-biz-v/creditmakeover-biz-verified-re-02A1D.htm');}This company is a complete and total rip-off.  They didn't do anything for my business except take my money and then send me threatening emails if I didn't keep paying them their monthly fee.  I cancelled the debit card I had used to pay for their worthless program and when they couldn't charge it anymore that's when I started getting the emails.  I was never able to get a hold of this so called credit coach they said would work with me.  Do not waste your hard earned money with this complete rip-off of a company
Entity: San Diego, California
7, Report #588281
Sep 20 2017
10:31 AM
Business Builder Enterprise - Business Builder Enterprises CreditMakover.Biz does not provide ANY service, only threats to RUIN my business credit!!! Internet
I signed up with this company with great optimism that they would be able to help me build a credit file for my company. Since then, the only thing I have received from them are threats of how they will report negatively on my business if I try to cancel my membership and don't continue to allow them to deduct money from my credit card.  Never have I EVER gotten anyone on the phone to help me in any way, and the information on the site has not been of ANY use to me whatsoever. I am a single mom and all I have in the world is my business and cannot afford to have this company sabotage my credit.  I would just like my money back and not have them continue to charge me for their useless information and to have peace of mind that they will not cause me any more grief. Is there any way to stop them? PLEASE HELP!! 
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #588422
Sep 20 2017
10:30 AM
Business Credit Makeover AKA Business Builder Enterprises really is a CREDIT CARD PHISHING SCAM Took my CREDIT CARD AND SCAMMED ME!! Internet
I saw this post when trying to get this company to stop charging my credit card and spent the whole day trying to get through to this scam. As a web developer I never thought in a million years that I could be scammed but I was! Upon some more research and looking at the code on their website, they are in fact a plagiarized copy of another company. They didnt even take off some of the other companys information from their code. This really is a website that was cut and pasted and I now believe based on how they conveniently told me that I could pay later to access their fantastic program by simply inputting my credit card. Well thats when the trouble started, first the login information must have also been a copy because there was nothing I didnt already know and couldnt believe anyone would pay $10 much less le them keep charging for $600. Well after 2 charges and going to my bank to get them to stop they charged a different amount so my bank could not stop it I guess. I could never get through to anyone. SO I finally had to get a new debit card. I hope that my bank believes me that this was a phishing fraud because Im not sure they understand how many really good scams are out there now. Its only two payments of $60 but I have never been scammed online before and I really hope others dont also. If I were the original company that this scam copied to steal my information I would be pretty upset to and would get them shut down. Please dont make the mistake I did, I dont even know if business credit is real but all I know is so far I was totally scammed for nothing. All this site said to do was buy from places Reliable office supplies and they declined me what a joke. If there are any others out there that have really built business credit and know of a real company please let me know. I know what site these scammers copied but now I am a little hesitant to join any service. This wasted SO much of my time and Im not a little old lady Im a real web engineer and fell for a fraudulent scam to get my credit card. It just goes to show that criminals get smarter all the time.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #420431
Sep 20 2017
10:31 AM
Business Builder Enterprises - Business Builder Enterprises I have attempted reaching this Company by phone no response is this company bogus a scam. Are they just another to good to be true situation! San Diego California
I have attempted to reach this company by telephone with no response.They seem to have a strange address.I would like to do business with this company however my initial contacts so far have been suspicious.They are the typical to good to be true situation! I would appreciate any reponse or reply you have or anyone who has any dealings with this company. Thank YouJohn Hempstead, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California

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