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1, Report #696193
Feb 16 2011
04:31 PM
Crete Carriers Corp Crete Carriers is not a good Career Choice Omaha, Nebraska
Recently, a Crete recruiter called me, offering a driving position, which I would be out 6 days, then home 2 days.    This sounded like something I was interested in... and applied for employment with Crete Carriers. After completing Orientation and truck assignment,  I left out on my first tour on Feb 1st. I was expecting to be routed home on Feb 6th, (per the 6 day agreement).   Well, that didn't happen.   No matter how many times I reminded and requested to be routed home, those messages and phone calls were ignored. I had a very important issue which I had to be home 2/15 at 9am.   I made this well known. Turned out that after 14days away from home, I was forced to resign in order to get home in time. I am a professional driver.   I expect the same in any organization.   Crete Carriers, in my own opinion is the least organized trucking firm I have ever been affiliated with, and could not honestly refer any one to this company, knowing what I have experienced from Crete.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
2, Report #1397896
Sep 05 2017
02:56 PM
Crete Carriers Hunt and Shaffer Trucking Unprofessional pigs Oink Oink Lenoir City Nationwide 
 So my fiance worked for this company for just over a month into a half. In the beginning things actually started out pretty good. Since there is a terminal that is local that can do orientation we were able to drive him there so we did not have to endure the hour-long Greyhound bus rides. But as per most trucking companies they did put him in a low-cost rather rundown Hotel. They did have what they call the typical continental breakfast you know juice Bagels muffins nothing cooked. And during the week-long orientation he was given food vouchers which he was able to go to the local restaurants and get food. He did the typical physical and paperwork and all that and was told that he would have to go to Pennsylvania from Tennessee to do a sleep study. The company was really nice rented a car for him and three other gentleman to go to Pennsylvania to do their sleep study in which of course they put them in a nother rundown hotel and odd as it may seem they actually did the sleep study there in the hotel in like a conference area you were in your own room though, just not the room that was assigned to you because these rooms are specifically set up for the sleep study so yes your belongings are separate from you in your own personal room. Upon passing the sleep study he proceeded to the terminal that was local in Pennsylvania and was assigned a driver trainer and this is where the fun begins ladies and gentlemen so buckle up and get ready for a ride. Day one went pretty good for him and I personally sitting at home thought his trainer seemed to be a decent person because if the time my fiance did not have a working cell phone his trainer did allow him only once a day to call and check up on me which was really nice given that I have brain. When I would text to see if my fiance was driving or was able to talk his trainer was very nice to me I must admit but what was happening behind the scenes was a different story. This gentleman if you want to call him that I personally like to call him this swine on the corner was all about his Ladies as he called them and gambling. You know personally what you do on your own free time with your own money is none of my business but when my husband is in the truck with you and you are supposed to be training him to do a job even though really he does not need training he has had his class A CDL since 1999 you should be doing your job which is to train him because your company has certain policies that must be adhered to. One of their weird policies that I couldn't figure out was how the drivers were required to go in and edit their electronic logbooks to adjust the time this is something that this trainer was supposed to be training my fiance on as the fact that he had never had to do this before. But he was not training him on that and if my fiance messed up which lo and behold he did because he never done it before his trainer would yell at him at the top of his lungs and treat him as if he was a two year old. Many things such as wrinkling a napkin setting your phone you're the driver console even though you're driving having a window down going over 15 on your RPMs would end up with this man yelling at the top of his lungs at my fiance for many many hours at the end of yelling he would look at my fiance and say tell me you understand me now tell me you understand me just like you would say to your two year old child. Many times when stopped he would leave my husband instead of sitting there training him on the log books or on the reefer unit or other things that he needed to be trained on he would leave my husband alone in the truck for many hours so he could go to adult entertainment clubs. Of course if you ask my fiance that was a wonderful thing because he got a break from this man but in my opinion as a professional you should be doing your job when you are a trainer when you have a trainee in your truck you should be with the truck at all times not gallivanting around with your ladies as he liked call them or out gambling. When the logs were being done he would wait 2 or 3 weeks before doing and of course are you going to remember what you did at 10 a.m. 3 weeks ago exactly probably not so just you meant to be very difficult and heaven forbid you forgot or said I don't remember what I did because you would get yelled at for hours. My fiance was rather disgusted with all of it so this trainer looked at him and said you know once upon a time I had a gentleman didn't like the way I was doing things so I just kicked him off the truck right there at the shipper. He was also informed that company policy stated that if he did not like the trainer he was with then he could get off the truck it did not matter where he was at at a rest area at a truck stop in the middle of a backwoods Road get his stuff and find a way home they would not provide transportation. Not only would this happen he would be required to pay for the original hotel is orientation all of the food provided during his original hotel stay the rental car that even if he hadn't been there would have been needed for the other three gentlemen the second Hotel the sleep study and all his pay during the time that he was in the truck. Yes you read that correctly even though he drove that truck during training and was paid for that training he would have been required to reimburse the company for his pay during that time so basically he would have drove that truck and delivered their loads for free. So instead he waited until he went on his phone time to call his driver manager and explain what was going on the driver manager explained that that was his trainer in that was who he needed to be with. My fiance explain the conditions were highly unsafe multiple times as his trainer was driving he came close to having severe accidents. The reasons were because his phone was attached to his hands 24/7 he relied on it for GPS which many people know a phone GPS or Google is not reliable for trucks he would be on Facebook or texting while he was driving and more than once almost ran off the road one of those times while on a Mountain Road almost driving off the edge of the mountain. Again his driver manager explained that that was who he was assigned to but that they would try to find somebody else but if they couldn't he could be sitting for weeks if not a month or more while they waited to find someone. But thankfully they did find him a new trainer with him for days but thing is that my fiance decided that with the unprofessionalism of the company he did not want to stick with him and less and yes we are now going to be sued for all those thousands of dollars that they say we owe. I do realize that for some people you may not have any option but to take a job with a company such as this but I would highly advise against it with the unprofessionalism and well say the least an unsafe environment I would highly recommend that you find somewhere else to go. For any women out there that are reading this trying to help their husbands find a job might I suggest that this is not a company you would allow your husband to work for or even suggest you work for because they will corrupt your husband simple as that they will corrupt your man thankfully mine got out before that happened. Just my personal opinion but I feel that if my fiance had stayed with the company much longer it would not have been long before his driver trainer had prostitutes in the truck as well so ladies if you don't want some lot lizard nasty person grinding up and down on your husband while he is trying to do his job I would suggest you don't go with this company.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1262528
Oct 20 2015
01:05 PM
Crete Carriers Crete, Shafer, Hunt left stranded in OK City, OK. no hotel. no money. no plan Lincoln Nebraska
 I'm a current company driver for Crete, though not for much longer. Let me start by saying there are worse companies to work for and they do have a few upsides. However if you are an experienced driver this is not the place to work. If your straight out of school or other large companies you'll probably love it here. I've been with them only a month or so and am thoroughly fed up with the beurocracy, cheapness and general distrust toward the driver. Currently my truck is at an international dealer dpf isues being repaired. Diamond on the hood, big shock All went fairly well thus far. Got good communication and response from breakdown. Wrecker driver was prompt. Truck was towed to shop and driver was instructed to take me to a hotel. Cool. They had a plan. 24 hrs 10+ phone calls later I was instructed to check out of hotel and they were going to arrange for transportation to a different truck. So far so good.... Now I'm standing on a street corner with my belongings. No money (fuel cards are turned off so cash advance can't be taken during breakdown). The only person in the entire company apparently who can make travel arrangements and decide truck assignment has been at lunch for 4 hrs. At least that's what I keep being told when I call. My dispatcher's only response was. Guess maybe that's something we should have prepared you for. I'm not particularly disgruntled, it happens. But, if you are checking this sight in order to decide if you should drive for them. I would advise against it unless you enjoy being a steering wheel holder blindly following orders, how fast to drive, where to fuel, when to panhandle on a street corner for food while truck is in the shop. If you like burocracy, hive a high tolerance for be and can live on $800 a week when all goes well then you'll love it here. As for me I'll resolve the situation find a place with a bit more freedom and less of a tight grip on money.
Entity: Lincoln, Nebraska
4, Report #1083827
Sep 11 2013
10:54 PM
crete carriers corp Crete drivers personal hygene crete Nebraska
 I have a sister that works at Penco Products in S.L.C.Utah. And she says these people are always late with deliveries and pick ups. The drivers come in and they smell like they have not bathed in a month. They stand around her desk eating out of her candy dish and make a complete nusance of them selfs. And what is most annoying is there calling her Miss Debbie all the time. There a black eye to the industry.
Entity: crete, Nebraska
5, Report #758912
Jul 31 2011
03:55 PM
Crete Carriers DECEITFUL advertisement of the PAY Deland, Florida
Crete Carrier sent me emails soliciting drivers.  The emails stated that they will pay drivers with 1 to 2 years experience 41 cents per mile.  When I called the recruiter, my recruiter told me that I would be paid 40 cent per mile.  I made it clear that I lived in Florida my recruiter told me he would send me to their Deland FL terminal.  When I drove 40 miles to the terminal, I was put up in a motel for 2 days for 2 days of pre-orientation.  On the 2nd day of pre-orientation, my fleet manager told me they would start me off with 37 cent per mile.  I reported the deceitful emails to the fleet manager's boss.  He told told me to forward my email to him and he would deal with the situation.  I forward the email to him and he ignored the email.  I called to ask him did he receive my email and he said he did.  I sent him another email asking him to respond.  He ignored that email too.  I sent a letter to the HR Dept and filed a complaint with the government.  I am waiting for the out come.  I should get my 41 cent per mile pay because I have it in writing that Crete sent me.  They sent that deceptful email to me about 4 times.  The fleet manager and the fleet manager's boss began to send me nonsense qualcomm messages which I feel was harassment.  But they will not intiminate me into silence.  I filed a complaint against the fleet manager and the fleet manager's boss with the HR Dept.  I also filed a complaint with the government.  It is one thing to lie verbally to perspective drivers but Crete put their lies in writing in emails.  Their excuse for not paying me 41 cent is because I live in FL.  But that should be in writing in the emails they send to Floridians.  I did not leave when I found out about the pay because I did not want to give them the power of had wasting my gas and time then turn around and drive another 40 miles home empty handed.  I decided to battle the deceitful emails and get them to honor their emails because it is in writing.
Entity: Deland, Florida
6, Report #1084678
Sep 15 2013
11:26 AM
Crete-Tech substandard/half a*s workmanship/liar jacksonville Florida
 we hired crete-tech to put stained concrete floors in the main living area of our home. we met with the owner several times, he even took us to see some of his other work. from the very start of our project there were problems! the project started 2 days late and there for took 2 extra days to finish causing us to  stay longer in a hotel at our expense. his employees caused major damage to our recently refinished kitchen cabinets and freshly painted walls, none of our furniture or walls were covered as we were told they would be until we complained. next problem, asked for more money up front to cover the cost of more supplies that were needed, we had already given a 50% deposit and were to pay remaining 50% after satifactory completion. next problem, we were told that he did not have enough of the 2 part epoxy sealer to finish the floors because one of his employees broke a can and the store was closed. however, he offered to give us urathane sealer instead, which is much stronger and scratch resistent according to him, its what they use in comercial spaces. after the floors were sealed and dried he sent some one to wax the floors, the problem was this person took my mop and used it to spread the wax which is not the way the wax is applied. he then ran out of wax so he did a half ass application leaving streaks across our entire house. the owner told us we could go buy more wax and apply it ourselves. after further inspection of the finished floors we found plastic, bugs, grass, and other debris that is permanently stuck in our floor. we have dropped items on the floor and the finish is now chipped down to the basecoat of concrete, so much for durability! we have scratches under our tables from the chairs being pushed in and out despite the felt pads and scratch proof plastic sliders. we have made several attempts to contact the owner regarding all these issues and either he doesn't answer his phone or he promises to come to the house and look at the problem and then never shows up! I guess you get what you pay for! DO NOT hire this contractor no matter how much he makes you think that he will be there for any issues/problems, once you pay him he is gone for good!
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
7, Report #1166435
Jul 31 2014
12:49 PM
Crete Carrier Corporation Crete Carrier Truck Drivers Beware of the Wilmer Terminal!!!!! Wilmer Texas
To my fellow Driver Colleagues:  PlEASE TAKE NOTICE!!!  Crete is a great company but I am warning you all about the Wilmer Terminal in Texas. I am a driver for Crete Carrier Corp. for the most part this is a decent company to drive for and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever (plenty of miles, good home time, good benefits, etc.).  However, this is a WARNING to all Crete Carrier Corporation drivers who have to turn their trucks into the Wilmer, Texas terminal for any reason.  Beware!!  No matter how clean or immaculate your truck is when you turn it in to this terminal, they will accuse you of a dirty truck and charge you $125.00 (you will not know until it you get your next paycheck) for a detail that the truck did not need.  That is how sneaky this Terminal Manager is!!  They will purposely place dirty items in the truck and take pictures after you have long been assigned another truck just to get that $125.00 detail fee.  If you are in the Wilmer Terminal area and your truck breaks down, STAY WITH YOUR TRUCK, do not turn your truck into that terminal, whatsoever unless you get a Fleet Manager to physically walk through that truck with you (take pictures) and make them sign that you are not paying a $125.00 detail fee!!!!  If you are at a dealer in the Wilmer Terminal district and they want you to leave your truck at the dealer to get another one in Wilmer, DON´T DO IT!!!  DON´T LEAVE THAT TRUCK especially if they want to assign you another from that terminal!!!!  If worst case scenario that you have to leave your truck at the dealer to be fixed and get assigned to pick up another truck, take the time to contact a local auto detailer because it will be cheaper, you will have the receipt, and you won´t get ripped off by a Terminal Manager who is running a profitable detail scheme and rip the drivers off.  And don´t forget to TAKE PICTURES!!!  Please guys/gals don´t take this lightly.  It is our money and we work hard for it!  The last thing we need is the Wilmer Terminal Manager to secretely rip our hard earned money out of your paychecks!!!!! If you have to turn your truck in for any reason whatsoever, DO NOT turn it in to the Wilmer Terminal.  Go to another terminal!!!  Be Safe and Be Smart!!!    
Entity: Wilmer, Texas
8, Report #1229939
May 18 2015
11:52 AM
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
9, Report #669471
Dec 08 2010
02:26 PM
Tom at Ex-cellent Con-crete, Inc. Once he's paid does NOT finish the job , Internet
Tom from Ex-cellent Con-crete, Inc. is a crooked businessman. He puts the con in Ex-cellent Con-crete, Inc. We recently hired him to do a concrete job on our property and we made the mistake of trusting him first. We paid him for the job and half way through he stopped showing up. We called him to remind him the job was not complete and that we needed him to return to finish the job and he stopped taking our calls. We threatened to bring him to court and he basically laughed in our faces. The non-response to this serious issue regarding his professionalism and integrity is enough to make us believe he has NO intention of EVER returning to finish the work he already got paid for. We would HIGHLY recommend thinking twice before ever hiring him for a job unless you have it in your contract that he doesn't get paid any amount until the job is done. Simply show him these reports on and explain to him that because of how he has done business in the past that this is how it will work as far as getting paid. His catch phrase No job is too BIG or too SMALL obviously was fabricated to stroke his ego, just about every job is too BIG for him and his company. I'd like to remind everyone that in creating his buisnesses name he actually put the word Con right in there, and not just in the word conrete, but he specifically seperated the word to make the word Con stand out, and that's all that i'll remember of Tom from ex-cellent CON-crete, Inc., that he is a CONman.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #1359059
Mar 01 2017
08:42 AM
Bullseye General Contracting, LLC Shane Bullis BULLSEYE SCAMMERS Crete Nebraska
Bullseye General Contractors, LLC owner Shane Bullis is a dishonest scammer!  He has his staff write up the contracts and collect the money.  He takes personal checks instead if the insurance checks to avoid issues with insurance co.   Have placed deposits of over 13,000.00 for roof(s) to be replaced last year in June/July 2016.  He does not answer or return calls.  Work has not been done!   Asked for a refund and still no response. Takes advantage of elderly and single women, claiming to be an honest Christian.  Look on FB appears he takes some nice vacations!
Entity: Crete, Nebraska
11, Report #1034968
Mar 15 2013
07:08 AM cheatersrus slander Internet
My husband was listed on a cheaters website and the company will not return my numerous emails or remove the post after being asked numerous times. It is
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1125780
Feb 22 2014
06:17 PM shipping customer service internet
 I ordered a bed set from this website on February 11th. It said it would take a few days to process then it would ship. I also paid for expedited shipping. By the 18th it had not even processed I sent several emails, and made several phone call all with no answer. I finally for an email back on the 19th saying it would ship the next day and they would personally send me an email with my tracking number. And still nothing. I can't even cancel my order because it is a made to order company and I can't get a refund untill I have my order. Which I am now convenced will never come. They won't answer my emails and I have no idea how to dispute the order because again no one will answer the phone or emails.
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #591527
Apr 09 2010
07:47 PM
Millionhitsclub they promised visitors to my site, frau, scam, ripoff, they are suppose to give traffic, no traffic upon payment Crete, Internet
I paid this company $5.00. They were suppose to give me 10,000 targeted visitors to my website for this price.  This is a scam.  I go not traffic and many days have passed by and still no traffic.  They even put the stats on their page with me showing no traffic.  They do not give you the visitors they advertised to do.  This is false advertising. They can't expect me to wait 5 years to get my 10,000 visitors at 1 hit a day do they? This site at is scamming many people out of their money and they need to be investigated and someone needs to make them give people their traffic/visitors.  They have ads all over google and doogle adwords. This is fraud.  They are not giving traffic.
Entity: Crete, Internet
14, Report #141267
May 02 2005
02:51 PM
Pentagroup Financial Ripoff Verbally Abusive, Thieves Houston Texas
I was having Pentagroup Financial take $100 a month out of my checking account each month. This last month they took money out twice the same day. When I tried to talk to them to have them return the money they said they couldn't because we authorized them to take it out. I asked them to send me proof and they gave me the run around. When I was saying what my wife told me to say the MANAGER insulted me by saying You're married? I said Yes, for 4 years Then she said Well it must have been a long 4 years for your wife. I can only take that as a personal insult. I am Outraged that these people get away with this. They interrupt you every time you try to talk and they yell if you try to interrupt them. I have told them if they can't prove my authorization they are not getting a single cent from me again and I will be contacting my lawyer to have them close the account and have it taken off my credit permanently. Timothy Crete, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
15, Report #433844
Mar 13 2009
10:47 AM
Waterhouse Securities Alleged Sweepstake Scam Ont. Nationwide
Received a sweepstakes letter claiming to have won $250,000.00. Called as letter described to do, was told to deposit the check in the amount of $4980.00. Then call back after deposit was made for further instructions on where to send the Western Union or Moneygram in the amount of $2995.00 in U.S dollars to. This was to be for TAXES due on winnings. I checked with Ripoff Report and found many similair scams but under a different company name. Just wanted to add this company as another out there trying to take our hard earned money for their benefit. Is this something we need to report to our local police station??? Flippo Crete, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Ont., Nationwide
16, Report #707434
Mar 17 2011
05:22 PM
success advocates my funding resources fraudelent service/scam , Internet
If you have dealt with this co. you have lost money for something yoy can do on your own. they provide help finding grants, something you can do on your own on the internet. My husband paid 6,000 dollars because he does not have a computer and is a long haull car hauler. He was told that would not be a problem. There were a lot of promises. They stay in business by changing their name. They target the elderly. If you get a call from this co. you probably purchased the Kevin Trudeu books then your info gets sent to this scam co. If you go on line tothe Utahs States Attorneys Office they are not even on their fraudelent business list.This leads me to believe Sandy,Utah is just their mailing address. When I called to let them know Iwas going to complain to the FTC, I was laughed at. The F.B.I.gave me some good info.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #230099
Jan 12 2007
06:37 AM dishonest purposely short ships and keeps all your money Dallas texas
Do not order from their online store - I ordered all available items from their on-line store. Everything was in stock.... BUT... It took them over one month to put one of my two items in an envelope and mail it. My CREDIT CARD was charged immediately! I received part of my order with a manual notation on packing list telling me I ordered an item that stated on the website do not order or temporarily out of stock. This is a lie. The items were not marked as such. They gave me an option to order something else within 60 days or THEY WOULD KEEP MY MONEY. And full shipping charges would be applied AGAIN. Shipping charges of $6.50 were applied for my $3.99 item. Actual postage was only $1.06. Their catalogue weighed more than my item. MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED $13.19 FOR A $3.99 ITEM! All of my emails to customer service were ignored. I left my phone number and never got a call. I located a phone number 308-338-8144 and left numerous messages, again, never a response. I strongly suggest you shop somewhere else because Access to accessories charges $13 for every advertised $3.99 item! Roxanne Crete, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1039716
Apr 01 2013
11:25 AM Credit card charged long ago, no movie shipped Internet
Despite an initial email from the company saying my shipmentwould be late and offering to refund the money charged to my credit card, scooter has now totally falled out of contact. No merch, no money, no nothing. Like other reports about this place I've read right here!
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #1379044
Jun 14 2017
10:22 AM
Lyle Teel I ordered a front bumper for a 2011 Ram 1500, delivery date around the 6th of June, I paid $ 151.24 for this part and it is the 14th of June and still no part. Crete Nebraska
I ordered a front bumper for my 2011 Ram 1500 for $ 151.24. Order for had standard shipping (free) est. delivery June 6 here it is the 14th of June and I have not received the part yet. I would like to know the status fo the bumper, or my money, because I do not want to pay that much money for nothing. Thanks Lyle Teel
Entity: Crete, Nebraska
20, Report #203434
Jul 28 2006
04:55 PM
Kindom Carriers, USBackhaulers, Patriot Carriers Drivers, Owner Operators, Christian Truckers Beware Cape Girardeau Missouri
Finally someone like S. Humboldt of Tenn found the guts to write about Chris Wallace. He is a scam operation. I was employed by him in Dec 2004 and didn't receive any compensation until the end of Jan 2005. He filed Bogus tax info for 2004 and the IRS audited us. We investigated the checks from USBackhaulers deposited in our checking accout and he filed for nearly 3000.00 more than we received. He did the same business dealings with me as he did with Mr. S. Of Tenn. The Breyers, the Chicken deals and the meetings at the Rhodes Truck Stop. He calls himself a Christian and uses that to lure you into a faithful employment. He said he paid fees and licenses and he did not until I was sent letters that I was in State violations. We had to pay our own. His detention is a farse. He keeps his pockets lined and uses different tax ID numbers to do business. He use to have a good dispatcher and lost him because of frauduent dealings that he wasn't going to be a part of. His office changed employees about twice a month. I wonder why??? He would send you to pick up a trailer in the middle of Dallas at midnight that belonged to CR England without any paperwork or anything. He said he would pay weekly and that too was a lie. How does he stay in business? He carries a Christian Logo on his webpage and he says Love is what makes the world go round. BE WARE OF CHRIS WALLACE. Chris also keeps your escrow of 1000.00. There is an exemployee who was doing a lease purchase on a tractcor from Chris. He then leased it back to Kingdom Carriers. Mike kept complaining that his settlement was coming in late, so Chris got tired of Mike complaining, and when Mike came in on Friday to park his truck at Rhodes truck stop, he thought everything was fine/ And when he came back on Monday morning, he went to get his truck and it was gone. He assumed it had been stolen. He called Chris and he was told that Chris had terminated the lease purchase agreement and Mike's working lease with Kingdom and Chris took possession of the truck and put another driver in it and sent it off on a load. And the truck had all of Mike's personal electronic equipment. He kept Mike's escrow of 1,000 as well as the 8,000 he owed him. Mike lost everything he had. I knew Mike and he was an honest driver. Since that time another driver contacted me and he was also ripped off for 1400.00. He goes through trailer brokers and uses those trailers to make money on the side while he is transporting the trailer for companies like CREngland. He had me haul 14 loads on CR Englands trailer and left it empty of diesel. A lot of unnecessary use on tires and the reefers. CR England needs to check the driver's logs. D. TEXASl P. A Town, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
21, Report #534513
Dec 05 2009
07:15 PM
quality carriers trickery jacksonville, Florida
while employed with this company was an attempt to run load from canada back to us to wilmington nc. Ms border patrol asked was i goin to make it on time , i told her i was to swap butt, the company refused they hoping i would be fool enough an try to deliver so i was fired because it was so obiviously impossible. so nc inspectors had no other choice but to leave the truck alone, no citations or out of service issued
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
22, Report #407478
Jan 03 2009
05:56 AM
QQ Carriers lease program rip-off Shakopee Minnesota
q c ariiers lease program is not for the driver. the only one that makes money is the pres of the company. when you are brought up to minn you are not told of all the deductions that will be coming out each wk. such as down payment, sec loan, base plates. they dont have enough freight to give you the miles to make your payments. and when you do get the miles they demand you drive over your hrs to make the del. they will lease you what ever truck they have avail, which is not much. you are not given a choice.i spent 7k in 4 mths on repairs. fleet mgrs are a big joke. this guy has all his little toys on his desk which i guess he plays with all day long because he can go 2 days without answering your msg. oper mgr runs orienation. i guess he has a twin because every thing he tells you is a lie. you will run legal, i will shut you down if you run over 11 hrs. but he is the same one that calls you and says what do you mean you cant make it. he gives you a route so you can avoid all scales. my short 4 mths there they lost well over 40 drivers. they only have 100 drivers so what does that tell you. the only dept that really cares about what is going on is safety. she will tell you dont move that truck in bad weather, then of course oper mgr writes you make sure you make tha del. what ever you do dont go with q cariers. i leftthe company after only taking home 900 in the month of dec. probably one of the worse small trucking companies out there. Paul athens, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Shakopee, Minnesota
23, Report #562191
Jan 30 2010
07:59 AM
NATIONAL CARRIERS - Ed Ketner Rippoff Truck Lease Liberal, Kansas
National Carriers has a truck lease program that is unattainable do to the fact that it takes about 2200 miles before you can make a profit and they will only run you about 2200 miles so that you just break even every week or end up in the negative. It is a total scam. They also charge for equipment that they require you have without you having a choice wether you want it or not such as qualcom etc. There settlement shhets are so diffulcult to read so that you can not figure out where they are ripping you off. I have had several CPA's try to ready these settlements and it is impossible. Also they keep all the money in your escrow and maintenance accounts if you decide to leave. They lease trucks that have not been maintained or up to DOT standards and ending up sticking you with the repairs needed. Total scam all the way around. This use to be a great Company and then a man by the name of Ed Ketner took over and now its a total scam. He talks down to you and will belittle you and treats drivers really bad and everyone at National knows this is just says that is the way he is. Stay far away from this company.
Entity: Liberal, Kansas
24, Report #617018
Jun 24 2010
08:27 AM
quality carriers Quality Distribution Volunteer Plan? Internet
I got hired April 26th 2010 after their recruiter made several requests for me to return his calls. I finally agreed to take the job. I drove to NC for 4 days of training then back to the house. I was told by Harry in Safety that I had to work with another driver for 7-10 more days of on the job training. I came home on Friday April 30th and waited til May 11th for my first training day had another on the 12th then again on the 14th and the 20th and that was the end of my training. When I called to ask whats going on everyday and begged to be put to work I was told they were having a hard time finding local runs for me to train. Then was given a dry bulk run. Next I was given a liquid load that could not be delivered with a dry tractor so the run could not be completed and I went home waiting for them to get it right. I called in daily I was told by Mark Bryan that the owner Randy Schmucker has authorized payroll to give me reimbersement for fuel for training days since I had to drive an hour and a half away and 100 per day for sitting on my ass because they didnt want me to look for another job... so again I waited. I called Harry again and was told there would be new ownership of the franchise office on June 12th and to just hang in there and call the new owner Mickey Howe tell your story and he will get you working. But until he takes over you will have to ride it out with Schmucker.... which I did for the last week.. I sat because they wouldnt work me. Then after working the first week for Howe I never got a final paycheck. They didnt pay for my sitting and they didnt pay for the 2 runs I had done. After I threatend to call US Dept of wage and labor Schmucker called and said he would indeed pay me but it would be a week late and they were shorting me 200 with no just cause nor reason. I called Howe he said when he took over he would work my ass off. I have now been out for 13 days Ive had 3 restarts in less than 2 weeks and only 2 runs! Now they want me and some other driver to run as a team. I did not sign up to run teams I am a solo driver period. So I have had no pay in 2 weeks, only 2 runs in 13 days and now some jackass in my truck that called whining to the boss because I smoke and he doesnt and its my damn truck! Not to mention he never said anything to me while he was in my damn truck for 10 hours. And now Wade my ever so intelligent dispatcher wants me to pick this guy up and team to missouri and back! Did I mention we only have 1 damn bunk?????!!!!! and since they have left me in parking lots for 34+ hours I am having a real problem with the idea of sharing my truck! And the best part is the guy Im picking up just finished his 4 days in NC and had his first on the job training day with.... ME, the guy that only had a 4 days of otj training myself! Dont work for these people as they wont pay you, wont run you and they will have you sit for days on end while they try to figure out who they havent screwed over enough yet so they can get the truck washed because they owe everyone and their brother money and then another day or so to get you a load. They tell you, you will work, but what they mean is you will volunteer and wait indefinately!
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May 20 2013
12:57 PM
jbs carriers electronic log fixing Internet 
Went to work with jbs carriers that day by getting board to get two air flights to go from greely,co to greenbay,wi after orientation and stayed there till the morning hours to get truck and uipon assignments to go out and do what I do I have accomplihed the task but all well but one thing......the e-log device they had in the truck i was in, never worked fairly,....nor did they do anything about it in a timely way though i had to resort to paper lgs as i informed them and nothing was said in response, i get a load to go to cuhady,wi for a delivery,...Note i have told them I have a thing with being on time pick and delivery),   this was told to them ,...also told to them was when i leave the truck for a break the e-log machince does otherwise and clocks me down thus lose hours to drive,..  thus cannot be there on time,.....i had not knowledge of the way the device was calibreted by time i got to my destination i was two hours out of driving time (in conjunction using my paper logs for reason being)  and I was threated by cellphone (jbs) and totally direspected as I explained the problem and was not heard,...then told not to move the truck until called back,....well I was there till the next day and was not called back,....but suddenly called to come back to greenbay,wi terminal there where I was released for log falsification, only worked a week and was still reading their company rules and regulations,...........jbs was a bad deal from the start and they did nothing but cover-up thus finding out later they was on the bad list with fault for coming there.
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