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1, Report #1244701
Jul 27 2015
05:42 PM
Criminal justice legal law services New york
 I received a voicemail stating there were 3 legal actions against me and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I called back and was told there were legal actions against me. I told the guy who had a thick accent ( Pakistan or similar) there were no legal actions against me he said who told you that. I told I know for a fact there are none. He then proceeded to tell me the last 4 digits of a SS # which was not mine and then asked to confirm my DOB. Which again was not correct. He asked if I work for this one company and gave the name I said no. He said he must have the wrong person. So I asked him what these legal actions were and he told me he would have me arrested and in jail by morning you dirty bitch. I told him to bring it on I told him go ahead send the cops out. He said he wasn't sending the cops out dirty bitch he was coming himself vans once I was in jail he'd do my ass. I told him he didn't have the balls. He said he had the balls and he'd show me. I said yeah whatever go ahead come and get me and I hung up. When my husband called back off of three different phone numbers he wouldn't answer the phone He said his name was kevin Williams It was a scam to confirm my DOB and SS numbers I refuse to give my number out over the phone and if you really were gonna issue a warrant for my arrest you wouldn't call me bout it first. Stupid people don't fall for it
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1332054
Oct 07 2016
08:51 AM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Scam Artist New York City Internet
Received a phone call at my job. I work for a government agency. The caller left a voicemail that his name was Kevin Williams (thick accent) and that he was calling from Criminal Justice Legal Law Services. That I had three (3) allegations against me and that I would be arrested unless I called them back. I have been getting these types of calls for years but this company is new.. at least new to calling me.I called him back and he answered with a different company name and when I asked what he said he changed the name. I told him that he was committing a crime by calling a government agency and he laughed and said I am committing a crime? No sweetheart I am not. I said do not call me sweatheart and he started getting sexual. He asked if I was a Milf and said I should be thankful that he wants to marry me. I asked I thought you were trying to collect a debt he said no I am a lawyer. He started getting nasty with me asking about bang bang.I said you left me a message stating that you were going to have me arrested and now you are talking about this stuff. Hold on a few more minutes so I can get the attorney general on the line (next floor from me) and he hung up. THIS IS A SCAM. I caught him off guard and he never even asked me about the money I supposedly owe. Yet, I have a saved voicemail on my desk phone where he was sending people to arrest me for 3 allegations. Scam!!
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1200047
Jan 07 2015
07:13 PM
Criminal Justice and legal law services Criminal justice legal law services Scam Auburn, New york
I received a phone call from the criminal justice and legal law services in Auburn New York, telling me I never paid a payday loan, and that I would be arrested the next day.  They would be coming to arrest me at my place of employment or my home and that I would most likely lose my job. They told me it was a federal offense and that I would be charged with a felony and be put in jail... My fines would total over $5,000. Or I could settle with them for the amount of $1,538.69.  The guy's name was I believe Ryan Green... The phone # was 315-370-4388 he told me I needed  to pay the fine with 30min or else he could not help me. He would not take a certified check( which could be traced) they only wanted my checking account or some green dot card...   just a warning......... It's a scam be careful putting your information out there!!! 
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1181406
Oct 07 2014
09:25 AM
criminal legal law services total scam auburn New York
beware  of a company calling themselves criminal legal laws services, with the phone number (315) 567-4622 they are a scam company they contacted me last friday oct 3rd saying they had an arrest warrant for me because i took out a payday loan for $400.00 and didn`t pay it back in 2012 so they were telling me i had to pay 5,700.00 or settle out of court for 874.00 and they would drop the charges against me, so i played along with them and said ok you got me now what, the first red flag was that i could hear a  television in the back ground and some kids playing 2nd red flag this person spoke horrible english but that`s nothing new these days he told me in order to solve this matter  i needed to go to a walmart or cvs or walgreens store and purchase a  green dot money pak card but because it was 874.00 i would need to buy 2 of them at 4.95 a piece once i put money on them i was supposed to call them with the scratch off number on the back once that was completed they would call me in one hour with an reference number and then with in 24 to 48 hours they would send me the documents showing that my case was resolved im going hmm something not right here 3rd red flag he  was telling me personel information about me name address etc then he asks for my zip code well duh don`t you have it he said no  so i gave a fake one to see if he would catch on but he didn`t i asked him the name of the company they were representing he wouldn`t tell me he said the payday loan was for 2012 and gave me a checking account number and said it was linked to the loan well surprise surprise i didn`t have that account in 2012 then he says if i don`t pay they will take me to court and sue my and my employer and i would lose my job i told him my job has nothing to do with this loan he became angry and started yelling and cursing at me i told him to watch how he talked to me that if icould reach thru the phone i would punch his lights out any way i told him i did not have the money till monday then he said see you in court then i said but you just said i could settle this then i got pissed i said im calling a friend of mine who is a lawyer he then got angry he said if you do that the offer is cancelled i told him i have to go i have things to do that i would take care of it on monday well monday the 6th came they called me 5 times do you have the money i said no im working on it they said you have till 1pm otherwise the police will be at your door and arrest you and take you to jail i said ok so idid some checking on line and found out these bastards have been doing this for a while now so i wanted to tell you my in counter with these losers i lucked out but others might not be so lucky i would love to find these assholes i have two fists with their names on them oh and his name was charles green so he says thank you michael mpls, mn
Entity: auburn, New York
5, Report #1102278
Nov 26 2013
09:12 AM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Cash Advance USA, Cashnet USA Threatening Jail time if I don't contact them Auburn New York
 First of all, they violated the FDCPA by calling me before 8 am PST.  Legally, they can call between 8 am and 9 pm local time, and they contacted me at 7:21 local timeSecondly, they threatened me stating that if I, or my legal representation didn't call them back I would be charged with a crime.  They stated that this issue was time sensitive.  They cannot state that I be charged with a crime.  If this is a financial matter about payday loans, it's civil, not criminal. I believe this company is closely associated with an outfit called ACS inc...this is speculation on my part, as I received an email along the sames lines as this call.  I tried calling the number they gave me, but got no answer. 
Entity: Auburn , New York
6, Report #1100760
Nov 19 2013
05:55 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Scam and a ripoff Auburn New York
I received a message from this company, Criminal Justice Legal Law Services.  Since I was out at the time the message was left, I received quite a bit of information to share.   I made a huge mistake trying to get a payday loan online.  However and Thank God, I was not able to.  But my name and number was out there.  I received over 40 calls that I advised callers I wasn't interested in any payday loans after all and to not contact me again.  Last Thursday, a message was left for me at my job!  From a Steve Smith (noticed the common name) with a telephone number I believe many may recall seeing (315) 370-1349 Ext. 102.  I called this number back to find out what it was about.  I was told I had three payday loans and that criminal charges were pending and that if I did not give them money, they would have the police come to my job and arrest me.  When I asked what companies were involved and what information could be shared, they cut me off and again told me the spiel, threatening me with an arrest.  So I asked would local police or the state boys be coming to visit?  I was told the local police would be at my workplace within 15 minutes.  I advised him why so long and told him I could go into the dispatch center and get a couple of my dispatcher cop buddies to haul me in if he needed them I work with Police officers every day.  He hung up on me...
Entity: Auburn, New York
7, Report #1278871
Jul 22 2016
08:13 AM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Threatening to arrest me New York New York
Received a phone call from a Kevin Williams with Criminal Justice Legal Law Services who left a VOIP message for me indicating that they were 3 charges filed against me and that they were issuing a warrant for my arrest. I have had this type of harrassment phone call in the past and each time I have called back they do not know the answers to my questions but continue to insinuate that I am in trouble. Fortunately, I work in the law business and am well aware of the fact that they cannot arrest you, they can file a suit against you but there is no debtor's prison anymore. Additionally, it is a foreign gentlemen and you can rest assure that his name is definitely not Kevin Williams, I have also had Kevin Anderson, John Smith, etc. Be aware and be sure to block the number.
Entity: NY
8, Report #1320721
Aug 14 2016
04:31 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Threatened me with arrest and prosecution for a payday loan that was not finished New York New York
I started to apply for a payday loan but never finished the application.  Later i checked out my account and found out that i was denied or was declined.  The company is Cash Advance. I have been threatened with arrest and prosecution if i did not send them money. This is the 2nd time i have been threatened  with this .  The other time someone from Los Angeles called .
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1274663
Dec 16 2015
04:32 PM
10, Report #1402423
Sep 26 2017
09:02 AM
I received a threatening phone call (ID from New York), identifying himself as Ken Morgants from Criminal Justice Legal Services, allegedly informing me that he has received a complaint in referenced to 3 allegations and as they result, an arrest warrent is just about to be issued, so the very second you receive this message, I need you to call me on 347-809-3469.  Be sure at hand, this is extremely time sensitive and if you don't return the call, your arrest warrant will be authorized and issued to the legal officers to take a strong legal action against you. THESE PEOPLE ARE THIRSTY FOR MONEY AND ARE SCAMMERS.  PLEASE THIS NEEDS IMMEDIATE ACTION.
Entity: New York
11, Report #1272985
Dec 09 2015
06:53 AM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services/KEVIN WILLIAMS Kevin called and left message I had warrants and I must call immediately . When I looked up his name I found lots of scams Auburn
 Rip off scam Kevin williams calls & prays on people for money. Saying he is with Criminal Legal Law and there will be a arrest if you don't pay a fee by credit card. Also report #1205425 is a women who says he called saying he's with Walmart claims. dept. & she won $350.000 but needs to pay $495. to claim it. Shame -shame Kevin Williams. There is enough Internet fraud without the likes of you .
Entity: Auburn, Utah
12, Report #1387169
Jul 21 2017
09:51 AM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Kevin They said I had 3 allegations against me and an arrest warrant South Richmond Hill New York
 They have called me three times. Each time leaving a voicemail explaining I have an arrest warrant and three allegations against me. When I called the number back and told them I was turning them over to the police the gentleman named Kevin who spoke with a heavy accent called me a whore and a slut and said other nasty things to me. Never said anything about the money I owe and would not tell me what the arrest warrant was for
Entity: South Richmond Hill, New York
13, Report #1246431
Aug 04 2015
08:27 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Kevin Miller for Advance America Cash Advance called me stating I owed money or else charges would be pressed tomorrow and a warrant for my arrest New York Nationwide
A gentleman by the name of Kevin Miller called me on 8/4/2015 stating that he was with the Criminal Justice Legal Law Services. He said I took out a loan from Advance America Cash Advance in 2014 and that the loan money was deposited into my account and I never paid back this debt. I have checked with my bank and at no time was there any deposits from them put into my account for any period of time during last year. They said if I didnt pay back a certain amount before the next day that there would be a warrant out for my arrest. Thinking this was a scheme, I called up the police to report it in. When a state officer called me back, he said that there was a legal case against me and that if I didnt get this matter resolved, they would be coming out to arrest me. So how could this be a scam? Everyone else that has been complaining about this company said that nothing ever happened to them, so why is my story different? Due to what the officer said, my hubby did send them over a money gram. Now what happens next?
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1340868
Dec 01 2016
01:28 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Kevin Williams New York, New York Nationwide
 I received a call from Kevin Williams and was unable she come to my phone at the time. When I was able to listen to the voicemail it said that I needed to call back immediately and I had three charges against me and a warrant was going to be issued for my arrest. I called back and they told me that American cash loan advance was wanting $5000 and some change and I told him I one never even heard of the place and to obviously never used it and I also told him what he said was a little bull and then I hung up in his face. So I then google the number that called me and they have done it to at least two other people and then I Google the firm and it doesn't exist. I also googled the loan company and the closest one is in California and I don't live in that state. Whoever this Kevin is doesn't speak very good English and doesn't understand English he had me repeat things to him about two- three times. It's obvious this person is a scammer so I just blocked the number.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1392624
Aug 29 2017
01:30 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law  Nationwide
I have also received same call from Kevin Williams stating 3 allegations against me and warrant for my arrest. threatening call saying they are issuing a warrant for my arrestI received call from Kevin Williams about alligations and arrest warrant unless i call them back at 347.809-3469
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1208142
Feb 10 2015
02:58 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services I keep getting phone calls threatening suit for a payday loan I never applied for, got or used. Manhattan NY
I keep getting phone calls and emails from this group telling me that they have a complaint that they are going to send to local authorities against me.  What little information I have been able to gather, they alledgely deposited money into my bank account at a time when I didn't have one.  In the emails, they state that they have all kinds of information about me - however when I reply to the email and ask for specifics, I don't hear back from them.  I was the victim of identity theft not once, but twice and on the advice of my attorney, I ask them to give all pertinent info so that I can add this to my case, but I don't hear anything back.  I've noticed other people seem to be having some of the same trouble, even though it's not to the extent that I have.
17, Report #1340460
Nov 29 2016
02:07 PM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services/ Kevin Williams I received a voicemail from a red dot India sounding man informing me that I had 3 allegations against me and that arrest warrants would be issued if I didn't return his call immediately! NY, USA NY
 Well I called this Kevin back and told him I just checked with my buddy at the NC Highway Patrols office and he said that there was no such thing on my file! I didn't even finish saying that and the phone went dead. I tried for an hour to get back in touch with this bastard to tell him I would drive to NY and meet him in person , but they now have blocked my number from being able to contact him . Send these idiots back to there own damn countries and let them rot in there own sorry ass prisons. We shouldn't have to pay for these kinds of people to come her and try to bilk the American public of our hard earned money. How whoeven reads this will stand up against this type of behavior that is being aloud to happen and distort our country. I won't put up with it. Why does every Cust. Ser. Rep. Sound like he or she in in India or Pakistan. I just makes me sick . Hope u catch them before I do. Thanks
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1238352
Jun 27 2015
10:43 AM
Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Cris, supposed supervisor left message repeating my exact social security number. was told i needed to get an attorney and call him back. and that they intended New York
left message on my cellphone tuesday june 23, 2015  at 10:58am. from Criminal Justice Legal Law Services. Phone number 315-675-4325. said his name ws Cris, a supervisor of the company, had an accent. said i neede3d to get an attorney and call back.stated my EXACT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER(!) and that they were going to freeze any social seruity that i received!omg. i am a senior citizen and certainly need this money. from what i red, a lot of people who had received paydy loans in the past had suffered from these people. i believe year before last i got a payday loan. but not since. I can't afford an attorney but am very upset that someone has my social security number.  Monday morning i will go to the Social Security Office and report this fraud.  This is Identity Theft and they had invaded my priacy.  I am terribly upset. 
Entity: New York
19, Report #1408144
Oct 23 2017
10:59 PM
Criminal & Justice Legal Law Services: Assistant Attorney Steve Mathew & Attorney At Law, Mark Rothman If I dd not immediately provide pay a total of $7,484.39 by October 23, 2017, I would be subject to 90 days jail time Albany New York
I was told if I didn't paid the full amount by Oct. 23, 2017 they would turn over my file to be arrested for violation of banking regulations, worthless Checks, Grand Theaft or Money Laundering.  I am being accused of taking a loan frm AACA-Advance America Cash Advance and when the EFT was made it was returnned to the Creditor constituting a worthless electronic Check.  Which does't make sense to me because I have overdraft protection so if by chance I didn't have enough funds to cover the EFT, it still would have been paid.
Entity: Albany, New York
20, Report #1119431
Jan 30 2014
04:41 PM
Criminal Legal Justice for Advance America Cashnet Eddie Brown You need to have your attorney to call me ASAP! Aubun New York
This number kept calling my phone leaving threatening messages saying I need to call or have my Attorney to call. So I finallAy called today. This dude that didn't speak english was talking and said what he had to say I needed to listen and don't say anything until he was finished. SO I listened then I finally asked where are you calling from . He said we already discussed that I said no we didn't. So he then went on to say I owed $1,889.23 if I didn't pay he would have the police at my house and they would arrest me on the spot and my bail would be $5,000.00. At first this guy had me I was really thinking then he said I needed to have the money today but if I could come up with have today and the rest tomorrow. The only way I could send them the money was to get a green dot money pak card. Which I never heard of, but I still wasn't understanding if it really was leggit why I couldn't pay with my visa card. After taking down all his information and what to get to send the money I looked on line and found where other people was being scammed by the same company! I then became really pissed off! Because I thinking I really owed somebody some money. My nerves was all tore up I was shaking!!!! I then blocked him on my cellphone!
Entity: Aubun, New York
21, Report #1332659
Oct 11 2016
02:52 PM
Kevin williams Criminal Justice Legal Law Service  Tried to tell us there were warrants our for our arrest New York New York
Received at call at 6 am pacific time, but was 9 am eastern time. Call came from New York. Kevin Williams Criminal Justice Legal Law Service stating we had 3 counts againts us, and a warrant was being issued for our arrest. I was scared. Called back, got name of service and looked it up. Now I am here writing a report. Thank you.
Entity: New York, New York
22, Report #1230985
May 22 2015
02:57 PM
Justin Smith from Ciminal and Justice Legal Services Left a message while I was at work said they had a compliant against me and my social security number. Albany New York
This company called Justice and Legal Services left a message while I was at work. they told me it had been reported a complaint against me and my social security number. Did not call me by name or elaborated anything else.Only said I needed a lawyer and to have a blessed day. Really.
23, Report #855016
Mar 16 2012
03:54 PM
child protective services cps legal kidnapping of our inocent Aberdeen, Washington
 if you ever want to have the chance to stop this child stealing business and that is what it is they get big bucks to take your child(ren) from you don't sign anything they offer it is a contract and it only benefits them it takes your chances to get your babies back. If they want you to sign a service plan or anything ask cps what the contract well do in your favor and keep them out of your life. Remember this is the only true power cps has is if you give them the power and how do you do that? By you thinking the cps is there to help and if you trust them and do what they say they well give your child(ren) back to you. Wrong they well lie to you and make you suffer they can take your babies away for 18 months to two years and eventually beat you down and than take away your parental rights. CPS is a business and your babies are what pays there bills and gives them federal grants and a nice paycheck.  learn your  amendments get blacks law dictionary 5th edition thats the law dictionary the courts use and start studying the law your going to have to become almost an attorney to stop this business. Your fourth amendment is one also court appointed attorneys are paid by the county and they well only guide you through the court system and really don't care if you get your babies back and well encourage you to sign the contracts. If you want your court appointed attorney to work for you put it in writing how you want him to handle your case keep copies of everything documented dated and time get papers noterized by a notary anything from dshs have them stamp it and get a receipt from them. Ask for your cps file including all phone calls and e-mails. online has loads of information and some not good make sure anything you lookup online you double check rcw codes  do UA's alcohol and drug evaluations counseling what ever it well take even if some of this doesn't pertain to you cover your tracks and I well write some more later. good luck to all that can use this never give up hope or faith and ask questions no matter how dumb you think they are they aren't don't forget your fighting for your babies do what ever it takes remember I've had to deal with this for thirteen years also don't believe or trust cps even if they threaten you they have to prove everything they have against you
Entity: Aberdeen, Washington
24, Report #1108387
Dec 19 2013
03:11 PM
Criminal Justice Law Services Check Advance Lawsuit Scam New York New York
Thia company constsntly called me. When I finally got them to tl me why they stated it was because of three check advances I had received and according to them, lawsuits were being filed against me the followung morning. I have not receivef any check, cash ir payday loan advances. The men who call sound Asian and try to use scare tactics and intimidation to get you to send them money. This is not a law firm. I will be reporting this company to the proper authorities. Please beware of this company.
Entity: New York, New York
25, Report #1119677
Jan 30 2014
04:11 PM
criminal justice legal law service george williams fraudulent collection agency albany New York
i had a man  call saying he was from criminal justice legal law service in albany ny stating that his name was george wiliams..he sounded as though he was asian, very hard to understand.he stated that i owed a large amount for a payday loan that i had from onliner advance i did not recognize this i tried to get information as to what it was. he had my bank account number, my home address and the last four of my social security  number.. he said the sheriff would be at my house in the morning to arrest me and i would get 11 months in jail!!!!i called the advance america company and gave them my social security number and they say there is no such number on any account with them. the man i talked to told me it was a collection scam!!!i then called the gorge williams guy back and he hung up on me three times!!!!   So everyone beware if they cal saying you owe money and are going to jai!!!!!sdrpittsfield ma
Entity: albany, New York

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