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1, Report #1355685
Feb 13 2017
06:22 AM
Crowdco Patrick Calderon Incompetence, fraud, false advertising Internet
The terrible tale of Crowdco, Patrick Calderan and our company. (Right off the bat, DO NOT hire him)Are you looking for a marketing agency to help you with your crowdfunding? Do you want someone reliable who will do whatever he can to make your campaign succeed? Then DO NOT hire Patrick Calderon! We paid 4700$, which is quite a lot for a company like ours, for his services and for his ‘team’ but what he did for us was terrible at best. Before we launched our campaign, Patrick told us a lot about what he is going to do and what magical plan he has for us but a few days before the campaign, we could not even contact him in any way. He finally got back to us saying he was working very hard to contact journalists and spread the word about our campaign but we didn’t see any results.Furthermore, we purchased a list of emails from him to let potential backers know about our brand-new project and out of the 5000 contacts ‘sure to be interested’ in our product, only 3 or 4% of them opened our email and the responses we got were of people complaining about us sending them an email.A few days after the launch however, after trying to reach Patrick over and over, he did send us some content he made but well I’m not even sure you can call this garbage ‘content’. It was terrible. We ended up cancelling our project to regroup and rethink our position and we complained severely who after a few days and a lot of unanswered email promised us to refund us part of our investment. Yes, part of our investment saying that he did do some work for us..So, in the end it doesn’t to be too bad right, we failed but we got our money back right? NO! After a few weeks of him telling us that he is going to refund us, we still haven’t received anything… Just for reference, we signed the contract on October the 19th and as you can probably see by the post date, this was nearly 4 months ago!In summary, the morale of the story is simply, DO NOT, in any case, hire the services of Patrick Calderon or his company Crowdco.Thank you for reading, I hope you it helps.Just to be clear, do not hire Patrick Calderan or Crowdco!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1407912
Oct 23 2017
06:31 AM
CrowdCo - Patrick Calderon Public relations scam for Kickstarter Los Angeles, CA California
Patrick Calderon, the dreamseller from,  quick to take your money but slow to deliver whats promised.I read a previous RipOff Report from 2014 of Patrick before I undertook his services, thinking hey, maybe he had a bad experience or a bad run, its been 3 years since so surely he's managed to sort himself out and build reputation. Holy hell boy was I wrong. I have been chasing this individual for over 4 months now trying to recieve an agreed refund on the services that wern't provided.I ran a Kickstarter campaign and fronted $1500NZD to Patrick to undertake PR services in America. Being from New Zealand, I wanted someone to introduce me and make connections with American outlets that would be interested in my product. I will be brief with what my product is, but lets say it had a (what I thought) pretty broad target of outlets that could be interested, for your interest sake heres a link to my Kickstarter so you can see what Patrick here was working with. say for example, it wasn't a good product at all, and it was totally unsellable, and there wasn't $12,000 worth of self generated pledges on it, then yea hey, maybe Patrick would have a leg to stand on. But the fact is, there's not. This is, and was a sellable product. I had 32 days left on my campaign and had raised 6.8k from over 200 backers, with local PR and some sponsored facebook posts.Heres what I was promised: Create a crowdfunding campaign strategy for Refil V1. Determine who the influencers are and enable a conversation/ brand mentions for Refil V1. PR: Develop press release and distribute to targeted journalists, bloggers providing them with the news angle that would be valuable for their readers. We will reach out to these contacts via personal email introducing ourselves as your marketing team with a natural hook (i.e- we read your article about the must have portable water filter and thought you might like to check out this project.) Media List: Tailored made list of the most powerful journalist/bloggers figures who would be able to broadcast Refil V1.And what was I delivered? Wow, where do I start.And Patrick, I hope you read this you piece of s**t. He delivered absolutely Zero leads, pledges, emails, nothing. He produced 1 terrible, terrible written press release which was a big copy paste of the detail and fact sheet I gave him, which A. had simple and uninspiring sentence and language structure and B. wasn't picked up by anyone. (he'll claim he gets contact from 1 website (Gearhungry? or something?) , whom will ask for an additional listing fee, so it hardly counts. I could have done that myself).His contact went from regular emails every day before payment, to maybe 1 or 2 a week if that. He sets you up an account in basecamp, in which I had requested multiple updates and recieved nothing. He will write out a plan of what he needs to do, and there will be no check listing, no updates, absolutely f**king nothing. Patrick is lazy, doesn't fullfill contract obligations, and will make it incredibly difficult for you to contact him. I will attach screenshots for you to see the work he didn't produce. I have been back and forth in emails with him for the last 4 months chasing an agreed refund from him. I will get 1 reply every 3 weeks, saying very politely Hey, looking at getting your refund into your account next week. I was told this atleast on 3 occasions, and now I've sent him another few emails and yet am waiting to receive a reply. Ive attached screenshots of the email chain and previews (will take an eternity to screenshot actual emails, but if any of the sub headlines draw your attention, let me know and i'll be happy to provide you with a full screenshot)to conclude, I paid $1500NZD for Patrick to sit on his a*s. I had no promised PR leads, not 1. He claims 200 emails were sent out with none getting back to him. what does that say about his services? you 'personally' emailing 200 outlets and not a single one gets back to you? I had no pledges. bottom line, no pledges came from Patrick Calderons useless ass. which is essentially what I paid him to do. He couldn't sell a life Jacket on the Titanic. A gun to ISIS, or a vagina to Bruce Jenner. He couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. Patrick Calderon is quite possibly the most useless PR professional you could ever consider.DO NOT USE PATRICK CALDERON. DO NOT. I had every interest to give this man good feedback and positive reviews but this motherf**ker can't do s**t. All in all I hope no one ever uses Patrick Calderon for any services, I hope his future employers, wife, husband, mother, daughters and kids read this to see his scam artist ways. I hope he never gets to run a successful business and I hope you're having fun with my $1500 Patrick you douche bag. 
Entity: Los Angeles, CA, California
3, Report #1282675
Jan 27 2016
02:56 PM
Crowdco Patrick Calderon Great scam artist Internet
Patrick Calderon will give you a good pitch.  We started using him for our Kickstarter campaign to spread PR and help increase our campaign results.  His pitch seems to be great.  However, after paying, and setting his own expectations of deliverables to us, he went dark.  We had to hound him for several days to get an answer.  All the reports you read are true.  We experienced everything everyone has written.  Hard to get a hold of.  No press copy was sent to us for review before hounding, even after he set the timeline and expectations.  His responses are all understandable and good, however his actions are the worst type of business accumen possible.  It is human nature to give benefit of the doubt.  Take these words, and those of others as truth.  They have been our experience 100%.  We will never recommend using Patrick Calderon-Dakin or anyone that purports doing business with him.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1305281
May 12 2016
07:48 PM
Crowdco Patrick Calderon-Dakin We signed on with Patrick to do PR for a product launch and he has not delivered any of the promised services. Los Angeles California
We signed on with Patrick to do PR for a product launch for our company.  At first, he was very optimistic and positive with all of our discussions.  As soon as we signed the term sheet and submitted payment in November 2015, communication with him was terrible.  He rarely answered his phone, emails and Skype messages.  He missed multiple scheduled meetings and calls completely.    There was a complete lack of communication and promised deliverables were never received by us.  When we did hear from him, he made promises that the press release draft is almost complete, or that his team is too backed up and will have it done that day.  Not only did I not hear back from him, he completely ignored my messages.  He went weeks without a response to multiple emails and messages and now it has just been complete disregard to any communication.   He has not followed up to deliver the promised services and communication with him has now completely dropped off with him ignoring all communication.  So far, we still have not received any of his actual services based on the payments we have already paid him and the last communication he has sent us was well over a month ago.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
5, Report #1415261
Dec 05 2017
09:12 PM
Patrick E. Calderon Crowdco Patrick Calderon-Dakin collected upfront payment but don't do any work Los Angeles California
Patrick Calderon under advertises for Digital Marketing/PR jobs for kickstarter/indiegogo (crowdfunding) projects. He requests for upfront payment (>$1000) but after payment he does nothing. Not a single deliverable. He will then email back always asking for more time for various reasons. He makes it sound very personal and you want to believe him. But it's all rubbish. No refund and no work done.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #827799
Jan 24 2012
01:01 PM
RPM-CO, RPM-CO Dave Internet
David Jernigan, Shannon Jernigan owner of RPM-COM and  Don't give any money. They stole my deposit $ 2000. They claim their building trailers. Not SO. Buyer beware !
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #157550
Sep 19 2005
06:16 AM
CQout CO, Ltd ripoff Nationwide
THE CQOUT.COM RIP OFF AUCTION SITE INSULT ME NOT LIVING IN THE STATE, WANT MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT FOR ANOTHER $100 AFTER CARD CHARGED FOR ANNUAL SERVICE BUT FOR ONE DAY USED AND SUSPENDED WITH NO REASON!!!!!!!! I stayed in Van Nuys CA, and if not this terrible twisted statement that can also discredit me as the way this ripping off auction nature. I provided my credit and correct address as they had in the record and charged on my bank account. They claimed for use the service of one year, but 1 day suspend with their lame opinion judgement that my product as not in the description but never seen one of my products, transaction never completed. Beware who might wanna come to this SCAM auction, think twice they will smoothly charge from your account and insult you later that your product as not in the description by their imagination. This fly by night auction still have a face to further discriminate more and more to innocents. Came back and asked me for another $100 without quarantee that how long i can use this ugly service, who know might be another minute service use and card charged they would suspend the account again. So completly untrusted site, who knows what would happen to your hard earn money in your bank account or huge bill on your credit card, they have all the number. By now i have not gotten any refund but what they did just ask me another $100 if you wanna use service again. Sorry nobody can be fooled twice!!! What i am doing here is just to give others caution before getting in to this decieve auction site. Nattanun Van Nuys, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Reading, Nationwide
8, Report #13860
Feb 12 2002
12:00 AM
Berger & Co Edinburgh - Rip Off Reports
Beware when answering the phone to this company. They will have a carefully worded script that will result in you entering into a verbal contract to receive a poor quality report and invoice you 300+ even if you return the report. They will follow up the invoice with various stages of threats to take you to court with some very official looking documentation. I have received the 5th such letter, this time from their managing director addressed to me as Chief Executive, asking me very nicely to pay the invoice as they would not like to start legal procedings against my company due to my employee entering into this contract. They promise a sworn affidavit (which they spell wrongly) from their telesales operative. I have asked for this on three occasions now, but am yet to receive it. I urge anyone else who has experienced the same (even if you have paid the invoice) to file their report on Berger & Co with this one. I'm sure we are not the only ones to feel strongly about this sharp practice from a supposedly respectable company.
Entity: Edinburgh, Scotland
9, Report #512846
Oct 21 2009
01:52 PM
Fastenal Co. Poor Management Dothan, Alabama
Working for Fastenal, I thought, would be a good company to work for, a good gateway to furthering my career.  I was so wrong.  It only took me about 2 months to figure that out. I worked for the company 2 weeks at the part-time support position, then put on full-time as the outside sales representative.  I was not given the direction I needed to fulfill my job description, nor the time to do so, either. My manager came in whenever he felt like it (we were open 7-5 Monday through Fridays), when I was supposed to be outside selling from 8-4.  He usually came in between 8 and 9 AM, I learned to shoot out the door as soon as he got there.  We did not always have a part-time employee, and when we did, they worked 8-12, and it was an unwritten rule that I was to be back so the part-timer could leave.  When I returned, my manager would usually not be back much before 3:30 or 4.  Not much time to go out selling some more. That gives a total maximum of 4 hours out of the store a day.  He went out on 2 sales calls with me, 5 1/2 months after I started working there, 5 1/2 months too late.  My District Manager showed up one afternoon, as I was working on some price quotes for customers, asking where my manager was, how many sales calls he had gone on with me, if I felt comfortable in the position, etc.  I simply told him, as I had before - I do not get enough time out of the store to feel comfortable in this position, especially since I have gotten NO help from my manager.  I could tell he was not happy, he called a meeting with my manager that evening at his hotel, the next morning I went into work and was let go.  They told me you just aren't picking up on the skills necessary and we are eliminating the outside sales position because of the lack of sales being brought into the store.  PLEASE...Not picking up on the skills?!?  How can I pick up the skills when they aren't taught to me - I was hired, knowing full-well I was not from a sales background, or even construction background.  They told me they would help. I guess it is my fault for being so gullible and trusting.  All I know is I spent $70 to get my shirts (which my DM basically told me I had to have), countless hours trying to figure out how to do my job, and 6 months stagnating when I could have been at a different company that treated me better. Think twice about this company, they are cheap, undermining, and don't care too much about anyone but themselves.
Entity: Dothan, Alabama
10, Report #577799
Mar 04 2010
07:12 AM
FUNTIMES Co. Do Not Trust Internet
On Feb 24 I purchase the chips through After that I visit their website again and go to the live support to ask how to get the chips. And the operator tell me to contact again in 6 hours because the table is full.Later, I visit their website again to ask about the chips, but their support is offline.The next day I contact their live support again, and the support is always asking for the order number, and every time I give my order number, the support never response again.I already contact their support many times, but they never give the chips.So I asked for refund through and this respond with We have checked on your order and according to our files you have received your chips. There has been other instances like this one in the past many times, in one instance a roommate, in another the wife of our customer has picked up the chipsI never receive any chips from them, and didn't get any refund too.Please stay away from or Maiara Ventures Ltd., or Mustafa Kamal
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1187107
Nov 05 2014
07:34 PM
DANCE CO lame Vancouver BC Nationwide
  I am really disappointed & upset by the customer service this company provided especially to a returned customer I feel that they have absolutely no appreciation, respect, loyalty or empathy towards their customers I lost $355 for withdrawing within a month because my daughter was suffering from fatique & exhaustion due to school and from being ill. She could not make it to thier classes within that month.  And they would not let me put part of that tuition fees towards my other daughter or for future use when she wants to come back.  All they could say to me was it was in our policy I definitely would NOT reccommend this dance school to any of my friends or family due to their rigid policy even towards a repeat customer.        
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1305360
May 13 2016
09:44 AM
Entity: Fairfax, Virginia
13, Report #1219183
Mar 30 2015
01:13 PM
Sub Co. Unwanted Maxim Subscription!! CA
I received an issue of Maxim in the mail and was outraged! We are a Christian family with 3 young kids. I don't need this filth coming to my home. My husband does not need to be seeing this junk either. I called Maxim directly via the phone number I found on the very last page on the right hand side. I never got out on hold. The gentleman who answered apologized and said he stop my subscription. Customer service is excellent, but their magazine is disgusting! I hope I never have to call them again. >:-( Oh and he also said that Sub Co. was the company who sent out a bunch of subscriptions. Who in the world is Sub Co. and how did they get my information??!! No privacy these days. UGH!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #513638
Oct 23 2009
06:34 AM
Sim Eluina Co Co Le Yong Sim Eluina Co , Michael Sim scam Manila , Internet
Manila Philippines Sim Eluina Co together with Michael Sim of Escolta Twin Tower Philippines are being arrested by NBI and accused of scamming homeowners. Police say Sim Eluina Co together with Michael Sim was being charged for the processing of fake water filter document and contaminated water scam. Police said Sim Eluina Co together with Michael Sim are said to be scammer who cheat Chinese community of large amount of money Sim Eluina Co together with Michael Sim are now being charged with theft by swindle and faces a fine and up to 10 years in prison. National Bureau of Investigation Crime Division police have arrested Sim Eluina Co together with Michael Sim  for having allegedly deceiving both Filipino Chinese and foreign investors to join Philippine Cultural High School Alumni and cheated them of large amount of cash .National Bureau of Investigation NBI commissioner, said Sim Eluina Co together with Michael Sim of Escolta Twin Tower Philippines were arrested while deceiving Chinese business man to join Philippine Cultural High School Alumni. Police seized fake document and Information from the seized fake document and official reciept showed that they had deceived Chinese community of over 17 million in fake application form.
Entity: Manila, Internet
15, Report #630371
Aug 10 2010
05:33 PM
Co-operators Insurance, Co-operators, The Co-operators, Rate Increases!!!!!!!! Guelph, Ontario Canada
The Co-operators are a joke. I just received my renewal documents and my one car which is 12 years old jumped from $860.00 a year to over $1683.00, my other car went from $1376.00 a year to $2300.00 and my house went from $612 to $656 all of this after being with them for 15 years claims free. How is this possible? It's a money grab and gouging. I have shopped around and have found some companies that will match and beat the previous rates that I had with Co-Operators....they should be ashamed of themselves. They are losing my business as well as that of my parents who have been with them for 40 years.
Entity: Guelph, Ontario
16, Report #692666
Feb 08 2011
06:28 PM
Co-operators Insurance Co-operators,, The Co-operators Try a Different Company Guelph, Ontario
In 2007 PC Financial's quote was $200 cheaper than Co-operators but Co-operators was able to match it. Last year, Belair Direct was $200 cheaper but Co-operators couldn't match it. This year, Belair's auto quote was about $600 less & home insurance costs about $130 more & Belair doesn't charge a service fee for monthly payments. That's a lot of dough in my world though I still like my Co-operators agent. But I'd also like to know why auto insurance premiums have such a wide differential between companies. My Agent is thinking about retiring and is always pushing me for life insurance.  When I call my Agent I sometimes get sent to a call center in Mississauga.  I only know this because it happened and I had to ask where I had called.  Belair is my choice now!
Entity: Guelph, Ontario
17, Report #593670
Apr 15 2010
05:18 PM
Co-operators Insurance Co-operators Insurance Company,, Co-operators, Co-op Insurance, Co-operators General Insurance Rates a Rip Off, Good Scores Pay Off Guelph, Ontario
Credit scores can hike home insurance ratesGood scores pay off, say insurersA credit score is a measure of your financial health, with 300 being the worst and 900 the best. It has traditionally been used by institutions to assess credit risk. Insurance companies argue that people who have strong credit scores will actually benefit.About 55 per cent of Canada's largest insurers now use credit scoring. And of that segment, 42 per cent did not disclose the practice to customers, according to the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators.The Co-operators said it would never deny insurance based on a credit score, and wrote that without the use of credit score, people with good credit scores the majority of Canadians who we know are less likely to have future claims, would be subsidizing those more likely to have claims.I wonder what they use as cutoffs. Is almost everyone over 680 getting the best rate, like with mortgages? Or would someone with say a 750 score get a better insurance rate than someone with 680?
Entity: Guelph, Ontario
18, Report #699578
Feb 24 2011
05:40 PM
Co-operators Insurance Co-op, The Co-operators, Co-op Insurance, Co-operators General Insurance Trying Another Company After 20 Years Guelph, Ontario
Read about the customer who was going to Bel Air insurance.  TD Insurance is also good according to a tech geek who made some good comments about Newfoundland Auto Insurance. This is what he said below. I have never hidden my dislike for banks. However, now banks have a bit of competition for companies that I truly dislike – Newfoundland Auto Insurance Companies. I’m at a loss why Newfoundland Auto Insurance rates suck. I always knew that dealing with insurances companies was not a pleasurable experience but it was a legal necessity to carry auto insurance. Yet, it is beyond me how Newfoundland auto insurance companies determine the rates they charge. After being a customer with The Cooperators for over 20 years (both auto insurance and home insurance), my wife and I had the unfortunate luck of having to make a claim. It sucks when you are determined to be at fault in an accident but that’s why you carry auto insurance in the unlikely event that you do have an accident. Imagine my surprise in receiving a letter from my insurance company indicating they would no longer honour the renewal of my auto insurance policy because we were deemed to be “high risk” clients. They did however, offer to provide me with an alternate auto insurance for “high risk” people. My Newfoundland Auto Insurance policy had been in place for well over 20 years and I assumed that this was a mistake. After speaking with my agent I was told this was not a mistake and that my Newfoundland auto insurance policy was not being renewed because of recent claims made. The alternate product they had mentioned in their letter would mean my auto insurance would more than double. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have a driver under the age of 20 (my son) insured on my policy that caused my auto insurance policy to be over $2500 a year. Now I was looking at an auto insurance policy that was going to cost me over $5000 a year! Calling other Newfoundland insurance companies did little to lessen the shock. Most companies would now treat us as “new policy holders” with accidents and our rates were going to be “high” according to the reps spoken to. After searching online for ways to lower my insurance costs I stumbled upon TD Insurance. Within a few minutes I had completed my online profile and received my insurance quotes back. To my surprise, TD Insurance rates were about the same as what I was paying with The Cooperators. How could this be? How could one insurance company relatively new to the insurance market beat the prices that I was receiving here in Newfoundland with a company that I had such a long history with? I called the toll free number (1 888 791 5346) and was connected with a representative named Laura. I was amazed at the quality of service that I had received, and with how quickly she knew answers. Not only did she assist me in saving more money but gave me more advice than any other insurance company did here in Newfoundland. The service and the price that I had received was absolutely amazing that I immediately started the process to switch my insurance company’s for both my home and auto. Right now I have more liability insurance and more things are covered than I ever did with The Cooperators. I’ve been treated better as a new customer than I have ever been before. The Newfoundland auto insurance companies could learn a thing or two about offering competitive rates and service.
Entity: Guelph, Ontario
19, Report #1373644
May 16 2017
08:54 PM
Crowdco Patrick Calderon Crowdfunding Scam Artist Internet
Patrick Calderon promotes services on upwork and to promote crowdfunding campaigns. He will give you a really good pitch on the phone but then won't deliver anything useful. We made an upfront payment of 2'250$ via credit card to start working with him. At first it seemed promising. He setup a project on basecamp with tasks and deadlines for both us the client and himself. When he missed several deadlines and was hard to reach I looked up his name on google and found a bunch of ripoffreports. I called him out on it and asked him to refund the money right away which he did. He then tried to convince me that all the reports including forum discussions were bogus and that it was his competitors that were trying to sabotage him. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I told him that I am willing to do the payment in instalments if he delivers on his milestones. Day and weeks passed and he kept missing deadlines. Luckily I didnt make any payments but we were losing precious time since we counted on his help for the campaign. What I believe is that happened is that he figured out that we wouldnt be an easy vicitm and therefore he stopped trying to scam us. You can believe everything that is written on the internet. We experienced exactly the same behavior. Its just sad that people like him exist.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #346104
Jun 30 2008
07:34 PM
J.L. Wilson Co, DBA Suntan Supply Co Deceptive trade practices, Breach of contract Avon Ohio
I filed a lawsuit against Jl wilson dba Suntan Supply. It was filed for Deceptive trade and breach of contract. Suntan supply took my money and never followed through with the original invoice. What I paid for and what I received were two different things. I was forced to close my business because I was unable to keep brand new beds working properly. I WAS AWARDED $57,000.00 FOR DECEPTIVE TRADE & & 14,000.00 FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT JANUARY 18TH 2008 My attorney was awarded $8750.00 for his resonable and necessary attorney fees. THEY HAVE NOT PAID A DIME TO ME. STAY AWAY FROM ANY PRACTICES UNDER THE NAMES I HAVE LISTED. Trina Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Avon, Ohio
21, Report #446919
Apr 27 2009
03:03 PM
Global Resource And Finance Co. / Global Resource Co. Inc fraudulent check Medina Minnesota
I also recieved a letter from Global Resource and Finance Co. stating I won a portion of the DE-LOTTO North American Sweepstakes Lottery held on Friday, Feb 13th (how appropriate) 2009 in the 2nd category. The check inclosed was from Glogal Resource Co. Inc 4365 Willow Drive Medina, MN 55340 and drawn on M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank at 505 France Av S Edina, MN 55401 (nice try Medina and Edina lol). There is no watermark on the check and so I contacted the bank 1-888-464-5463 and yes, its a fraudulent check (as I figured) and the bank is aware of the problem. Do not try to cash or use any of the funds of this check, even thinking you will get it back once you get your big winnings... you are totaly responsible for the monies you spend if you do. And your bank will send the check out for collection for you but will also charge you to do so... usually about $25.00 to $45.00.... don't bother, you will only lose your money if you do so. The check I recieved was for $4875.00, which seems to be the norm going out and asking for $2875.00 to be sent to a tax agent to cover your taxes on the total amount of your $125,000.00 winnings. I hope this information added to the other reports here will be of help to others so they are not ripped off in any way by this. Dorene Kennewick, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Medina, Minnesota
22, Report #614426
Jun 15 2010
05:40 PM
Co-operators Insurance The Co-operators, Co-operators, Co-op Insurance, Daughter's Claim Not Going Well, Asked Us For Credit Information, Something Wrong? Guelph, Ontario Canada
My Daughter and her husband have been clients of Co-operators Insurance for over 10 years and they recommended we give them a try again. We had been clients with Co-op many years ago with an agent but something happened to the agency and we ended up moving to a broker. Our broker has been very good to us but our Daughter thought we should shop around last fall so we called a Co-operators agent close to our home. The agent was not in but we talked to his secretary and she asked quite a few questions.   One of the questions was whether we would consent to having our credit checked?  We said no and she told us our quote might be higher as a result but we took our chances and she called us back the following day with a quote. The quote was almost twice what we pay now through our broker? It concerned us that they asked about our credit and we did not understand why? When our Daughter asked us if we had become Co-op customers again, we told her the story and she was unaware that they used credit to set premiums.  She said they were going to shop for insurance elsewhere later this year to see if they could get better rates with a broker. Since then, they have now had a claim. My Daughter and her husband had property that was damaged in a recent storm in the area and the claim is being partly denied.  They were told that certain things are not covered if they have not been maintained? Our family does not understand this company and the way they serve customers?
Entity: Guelph, Ontario
23, Report #771937
Sep 01 2011
01:11 PM
The Co-operators Insurance Co-operators Insurance, Co-operators, Cooperators, Co-op BULLYING CLIENTS FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS Guelph, Ontario Canada
Sign up with these folks if you like to be treated like they're doing you a deep favour taking your money on a monthly basis for more than 15 years. Over the last 3 years I have been bullied into changing a perfectly fine heating oil tank (I opted for a 7500 dollar conversion to gas boiler  - they wouldn't even agree to allow me to waive any oil leak protection instead), bullied into changing my payment method, bullied into dropping a 150 dollar comprehensive claim on a stolen satellite radio because of a 45 dollar windshield chip claim the year before that, all through threats to cancel coverage or jack up my rates.  They failed to bully me into a second needless (and always predatory) home inspection in three years - today I switched companies, and I wish I'd done it three years ago. Like most, I've paid thousands more than I've ever claimed over the years and I did nothing to deserve the treatment I've received.  Call around, and steer clear of the utterly egregious arrogance of this company.
Entity: Guelph, Ontario
24, Report #705058
Mar 10 2011
05:28 PM
Co-operators Insurance Co-op Insurance, Co-operators General Insurance, The Co-operators Insurance Isn't Interested In Servicing Clients Guelph, Ontario
Our insurance is through Bel Air Direct. We’ve had good service over the years, though we’ve never made a house claim. We have made a few minor car claims though and had no problems. I noticed a couple of other posts about Bel Air here and wanted to share a comment about The Co-operators Insurance that had been sent to me by a friend when I thought of changing to them recently. Horrifying experience. I’m pretty cranky about my home insurance provider, The Cooperators Insurance. I’ve been through 14 months of trying to straighten out a simple error (not mine, theirs) and it’s only going to end if our relationship ends. Here’s the short strokes: In August of 2009, I bought out my ex-boyfriend of our formerly jointly owned home. There were lawyers, lots of money, banks, etc. Among the things that I did was call the insurance provider on the home, advise them of the change in title, and advise them that the bills would continue to come, but to me only, not to both of us. I was sent a copy of an internal memo from my insurance agent advising his colleagues to remove the other guy from my file. In addition, my lawyer (not the cheapest date in town) sent a letter to the Cooperators Insurance advising them of this, with all the legal-beagle language you could want. I paid for that letter. I was given every assurance that everything was done. My ex-boyfriend, obviously, moved elsewhere. I moved nowhere, nor did I change my phone number. In the last 14 months, I have received forwarded statements from my ex-boyfriend that The Cooperators Insurance sent to the two apartments he’s resided in over the last 14 months. In addition, I get emails from him that advise me that The Cooperators have left a voice mail on HIS answering machine letting me know my renewal date was coming up. What? Why call a number I never gave to them? Why send my mail to an address I never resided at? Oh, and trust me, I don’t like to get emails or forwarded mail from this guy. Our relationship is over. Done. Over the last 14 months, I’ve called the Cooperators repeatedly. They tell me there is no “note in my file” from a lawyer, nor is there a “note in my file” from their colleague. In addition, they advise me of the steps I could take to change my address. ARRRRGGGHHH, I never changed, nor do I wish to change my address – it’s The Cooperators who continues to change my address while I stay firmly planted in one spot. In addition, in one exchange of emails The Cooperators asked me to verify my ex-boyfriends coordinates. What? Are you kidding me? How would you like me verifying coordinates for somebody I’m not associated with? What an unbeleivable breech of privacy. By October 21, I got to the end of my rope with these guys. I assembled a FAX, with all these details, and attached the internal memo copy (since they apparently didn’t have it) and a copy of my lawyer’s letter (ditto on the not having it), as well as the exchange of emails when one of their agents asks me to confirm information for somebody I’m not associated with. Yesterday, since I heard nothing from them, I had to call them again. Apparently issuing a formal complaint isn’t a big issue for The Cooperators. It just sits on a desk somewhere until somebody calls. Apparently that’s what happened to that internal memo and lawyer’s note too. Two and a half weeks is ample time for a formal, serious complaint to mill about in an office with nobody reading it at The Cooperators. Imagine what would happen if you had an actual claim? Frightening. Since I left a voice mail yesterday, my agent actually called me back. He’s empathatic, says “that’s awful” and “oh, I’m so sorry” and all that nice stuff. I then ask for a reimbursement of my payment of $500 some dollars for this last period, and they can continue to insure my home. In other words, I’m asking for $500 for the umpteen phone calls, emails, faxes and failed requests that I’ve made over the last 14 months, and for them to acknowledge that they’re in deep security doo doo, as far as my personal details are concerned. They send my mail and call another number with my home insurance information. When I ask a second time for compensation, I get “oh, our system won’t allow us to do that. Trust me, the number of years I’ve worked here and that’s not going to be approved.“ Wow, so you have had this situation happen before and you’ve made this request? I ask for a higher level manager to call. I’m given the name and number of the District Manager. I did call and left a voice mail. Funny, she hasn’t called back yet. Her voice mail said she’d be in the office in the afternoon. Crickets from The Cooperators. Again, apparently not serious enough to warrant their attention. Although the agent called back and confirmed a “no go” on the request for compensation – apparently he got to speak to the District Manager. I wasn’t provided with the same courtesy. I’m not done with these guys yet. They promote their values as “Champions of prosperity and peace of mind“. Sorry, didn’t get any of that. Nor am I seeing the transparency they’re boasting about on their website so I can write to the head of their cooperative Board of Directors. They may care about some people’s well being, perhaps the shareholders. They’re not caring about mine. I’m on the hunt for new home insurance. I’ve been assured that my personal information is correct by the agent I spoke with. Sorry, heard that one about a half dozen times before. You’ll pardon me if I believe that when I see it. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, I get a call from another Cooperators agent. “Is this Tracy?” she asks. I confirm she has the right person. “I’m unable to fax your insurance request to Volkswagen Canada”. I tell her I have no idea why she’s calling and I have no business with Volkswagen Canada. She said “didn’t we speak this morning about Volkswagen Canada?” “No, no we did not. I don’t own a Volkswagen, nor am I pondering owning one” Sigh. Whoever called The Cooperators today with a request for car insurance is in for a surprise eventually. They can’t fax your request. They’ll have no idea who you are, but when you call back to check in on the status, maybe they’ll figure it out in less than 14 months. They still can’t keep my information straight after a period of hours. Can you tell I’m ticked? What would you do?
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Mar 22 2011
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Co-operators Insurance Co-op Insurance, The Co-op, Co-operators General Insurance Big Company Behaves Badly Guelph, Ontario Canada
Have you heard similar stories of policyholders getting canceled because of a home inspection being done, without any explanation or notice that a negative assessment could mean refusal of their renewal? I know that Co-Operators will definitely not renew us. Its not right that they deceived me that way, leaving me feeling helpless. People should be aware of the companys true intention when it comes to inspect homes. Always ask for a written request for home inspection and the purpose. 21 years and we have not made a single claim on our home insurance. Last month, an employee from Co-Operators local office advised me over the phone that an inspector will come to our home to inspect. I was surprised because in 21 years nobody ever came to our home to inspect. When I asked what for, I was told that it is to check that we are paying the right premiums and to make sure we have enough coverage. So, the inspection was done on Oct. 28. With no claims filed in 21 years, I was confident there would be no problems renewing our policy. Right after the inspection, I received a notice to renew and I noticed that the premium had gone up. I called to inquire but my agent was not in. On Sunday, Nov. 8, I read our local agents two emails, dated Oct. 29 and Nov. 4, informing me that Co-Operators will not renew. I was shocked! It was not at all explained to me that this home inspection can result to our policy being declined. I say its very deceptive because I was not notified that the main purpose of the home inspection is for risk assessment. Never was it disclosed that a negative assessment can result in our policy being refused for renewal. I never got a written notification on why this home inspection was needed and there was no indication that we can in fact lose our policy based on this.   Then I was told that I have up to Nov. 13 to look for another provider, only 4 days from the day I actually read the agents email. Whatever happened to a consumers right to know what could happen? His reason for refusal was upkeep and using a new credit rating. Three things are definitely wrong with this business practice: 1) Its deceptive. I allowed the agent to come to our home, believing the reason for it was to find that we were paying the right premiums. I deserve to know ahead of time that a negative assessment could cause us to lose our policy. 2) There should be a written notice at least 60 days before renewal date, explaining the reason for home inspection, the benefits and risks (one being that the policy may not get renewed). Give details on how the company measures risk. If we dont know, how can we fix those problems? 3) There is nothing in the policy that states a home inspection has to be done, and based on the result, policy may be refused. I was so stressed over this, I let the agent into my home not knowing exactly what he was doing. I felt scammed, tricked, deceived! Our home may not be perfect, may need a repair here or there, but was it ever explained to me that our policy may not be renewed because of this? That is not right. The consumer has a right to know.   He mentioned in his email that the company uses a new credit rating. My question is, did underwriting look into our credit history, right after the home inspection? If they did, they did so without my consent. Is my credit score a factor in the companys decision to refuse me?
Entity: Guelph, Ontario

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