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1, Report #1373921
May 18 2017
08:05 AM
Cutlery Corner Frost's Cutlery Corner, Cutlery corner network TOTAL FRAUD JUNK PEDELLER Ooltewah Tennessee
 Yesterday I contacted cutlery corner about a knife package I purchased from them. Because upon arrival my order was incomplete and upon close inspection of the product I found it to be very poor quality merchandise made in China. I spoke with the customer service manager by the name of Valerie who was extremely rude and refused to put me in contact with her supervisor. She told me that I could return the product for a refund but I would have to pay for the shipping myself. Eventhough my order was not even complete. She went on to say that she would be calling my bank to make sure I couldn't dispute the charges. After reading some of the reviews online about Cutlery Corner this morning . I realized that I'm not the only person who has been cheated by this merchant. They absolutely know 100% they are selling substandard products from China and don't care. When you complain about it they tell you that it's your fault for not asking where the product was made before buying it. I have never has to return a product I purchase from an infomercial and it did sound to good to be true but I guess I fell for it this time. But never again and I will tell everyone I know about Cutlery Corner's deceptive advertising and poor quality product. These knifes are to be used for hunting and camping but are so poorly made that I wouldn't feel safe with anyone in my family using them.
Entity: Ooltewah, Tennessee
2, Report #1262101
Oct 18 2015
04:47 PM
Frost Cutlery Cutlery Corner Some investigation is needed Nationwide
Let's take a look. Knife collecting has become a seriously large business and Jim Frost has purchased the rights to use old defunct once great knife company names. Smart business move. He's promised to continue with the quality of manufacture of some of these old greats. Has he? I'm not sure. Hence the need for investigation. I've purchased a few knives from Cutlery Corner. The first batch was a NOS (new old stock) bunch of pocket knives. These all had a shield on one scale (handle) with the words Frost Cutlery on them. They all seemed well made with jigged bone handles, brass liners and bolsters. Fit and finish was good. The blades predominately were imprinted Soligen Steel Germany, although two of the knives were marked Surgical Steel and Japan. Now you'd suppose the german steel knives would be made in Germany, but no, they were all marked Made In Pakistan. So I assume Mr. Frost was buying quality parts, then shipping them to Pakistan for assembly, final finishing and boxing. In other words Outsourcing. All of these NOS models were actually very nicely made. Decent quality control. My last purchase from Cutlery Corner was a Chipaway brand knife. I assume this is a new line put out by Mr. Frost. It was/is very disappointing. It is marked Made In Pakistan and came in a box which said Pak-Knife in large letters. The handle is polished multi colored camel bone attached to a very small tang (I'm almost positive it will break during usage). The blade is stainless steel, but there's no way to know which grade. The sheath is really disappointing. It looks nice, but upon close inspection it is sloppily sewn (some threads aren't even sewn all the way through the leather. And the reinforcement around the inside is made from a sponge rubber. The kind you expect flip-flop sandals to be made from. The leather is also so thin that the blade went right through it the second time I sheathed the knife. Now Mr. Frost has created an empire and I know wealth often brings respect. Not in my book however. I wonder how many of these new branded knives will turn out like my Chipaway. And will he truly live up to the Hen And Rooster name as he's claimed he will. Time will tell.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #773778
Sep 07 2011
06:27 AM
Cutlery Corner Frost Cutlery Hostel customer service and products not as described...don't buy from them! Internet
This is the company you see seeing knives late night for very low prices. I placed two orders with them for 12 products, which two were damaged. I also didn't like a few others, as well, after research, found that a couple others were downright illegal in my state. So I called and got a return number and shipped them back at my expense, which they said they would refund part of. All of this was fine (except that one damaged item was replace with teh same damage on the new one. I just kept it without complaining), but then I noticed that I didn't get a refund for all of the items I returned. This time, I had to call back numerus times to prove I sent back all of the items. The phone rep prety much called me a lier and after I would not go away, she agreed in a very nasty tone to refund the items in dispute. Now understand, I still spent over $300 with them, and was planning on buying more, and she was fighting over a $10 knife refund! I liked the knives I received, although disappointed that all were made overseas (All that rah rah USA stuff on their show is BS). I'm not a hunter or fisher, I just liked them because they looked cool and I could not tell the difference between a expensive knife and a cheap one. Since I did like the items, and I did finally get my money back for the returned items, I ordered another $100 worth of product. After a day i received an email saying You account has been shut down and you are not allowed to order from us anymore Not allowed are you kidding me! What kind of business is this that shuts out customers because they retuned a small part of their order? After reading the other posts on this site, I'm glad they didn't take my money and I hope everyone who reads this thinks twice about buying from them. As a business owner, I hate poor customer service...and at this company poor service would be an upgrade! If you buy from them, don;t even think about retuning anything.
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4, Report #962892
Oct 31 2012
06:56 PM
cutlery corner they say money back in 30 days but never got a dime !!! Internet, Tennessee
they told me i would get my money back and didnt see a dime back !!!
Entity: Internet, Tennessee
5, Report #1002035
Jan 23 2013
01:50 PM
Cutlery Corner Network sends the wrong items twice in a row. Ooltewah, Tennessee
Cutlery Corner Networks..... is a ripoff. My first order they sent me the wrong items. I had order part number..... CCN-34111 they sent me! CCN-34112, totally wrong order. I wanted just long tactical knives and Hunting knives, they sent me 24 pocket knives, with a couple of hunting knives..... It was cheaper to keep them than send them back. 2nd order place a few days later, I order and confirmed part number CCN-34111 and told the rep what each item was. I described rather it was a black or chrome type hunter knives or tactical knives. Well they sent me all Black tactical knives, none were with a chrome blade, I went to check on there webpage, and they have the 5 chrome knives....showing as No image available, So I called and talk to a sales rep, she told me they haven't changed the webpage items. and what is there is what I ordered. Nope! I told the sales rep that I wanted the chrome blades. She insisted I was wrong, and transfered me customer service. So far. I have called them twice. and they Customer service has yet to reply.... Do not trust this company, you think your going to get what you see, chances are you won't..... I WILL NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN...... BUYER BEWARE !!!
Entity: Ooltewah, Tennessee
6, Report #657281
Nov 01 2010
11:51 AM
frost cutlery cutlery corner sold me the worst crap from china Internet
I too was sucked in buy the great deals they advertised 100 items for 100 bucks how about dollars. the crap they stick you with eagle knifes and the other great junk you can get and sell for 10 dollars each .what crap,but you want the big fancy knife in the middle of the new plywood displays come on jim couldnt you have gone for some edge trim you made enough off all us fools hope you fall out of the boat next time you go fishing and get bit in the ass like all the people youve been ripping off ,made in china not the u.s.everyone stay away no warrantee nothing hope you end up sitting in your new warehouse all alone i wont evrn get into the shipping using those none degradeable peanuts which i asked your reps not to send after the 2nd delivary its hard finding your knifes when there out of the boxes so you have to dig for them as they get all over the place and now your trying to sell garbage from 3-4 years ago Suckers beware dont buy there let THE BUYER BEWARE put him out of business selling switchblades/assisted opening I cant even sell them in N.Y. spoke to my local councilman hes looking into would love to see old fst jim frost in court
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1354930
Feb 08 2017
05:29 PM
Frost Cutlery Cutlery Corner Network Deceptive Advertising Ooltewah Tennessee
Cutlery Corner Network, dbaFrost Cutlery, Hen & Rooster, Chipaway Knives, Deceptive & False Advertisin Scams !Beware the pretty knives on their up to 8 hour long TV infomercials as you don't always get what you see on TV !I purchased over $ 7,000 worth of their dealer special knife packages over a 3 month period, containing over 5,000 total individual knives to stock my new Arizona Knife & Cutlery World location in Arizona. They claimed according to their retail selling price that the retail value of the knives was a total of $58,936.85.  Sounds like a real good high end profit margin doesn't it ?  That's an 842% markup !  Unheard of in any type of tools, knives, power tools, automotive supply, or even jewelry sales, right ? When I compared the value of the quality I got with the reality of dealing with my ther jobbers and wholesale suppliers of knives and cutlery items that I have dealt with for the over 30 years I have been in business, the actual get in the real world of reality total retail value was more like a little over $15,500 and I'm being generous and very optomistic even setting that high of an actual retail value on my over $7,000.00 investment in their products.That is only a markup profit margin of 221%, which is such a far cry from their retail value of 842% that they don't even exist in the same universe !Oh, well, that's OK, because when I get done with them in the federal court system my profit margin should end up being about 1,000,000% or better, after you include actual damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages, for so many causes of action that the heading page on the federal suit action should be about 5 pages long just taking one sentence to list each violation of federal law they have committed. PLUS, OH YES, THERE IS EVEN ANOTHER PLUS TO ALL OF THIS AT THE BITTER END.  I INTEND TO GO THROUGH THE COMPLAINT PROCESS WITH THE F.C.C. (FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION) AND ALSO NAME DIRECTV AND SPIKE NETWORK AS CO-DEFENDANT(S) BECAUSE THEY ARE PROFITING FROM AIRING THEIR COMMERCIALS DAY AND NIGHT ALSO.  YOU SEE THEY GET A CUT OR PIECE OF THE PIE FOR EVERY DOLLAR THAT CUTLERY CORNER NETWORK TAKES IN !Not to mention the other bonus that will come out of this, as I just happen to have a law degree and used to donate my time to the American Civil Liberties Union Indigent Inmate Appeals Program.  My win/loss ratio of 637 appeals filed is 591 wins and 46 losses.And just like a good infomercial the next bonus you will see along with this ladies and gentlemen is the cost Mr. Jim Frost who owns this whole outfit, will have to pay his attorney's is about $850.00 per hour, and on a federal fraud action such as this encompassing such a huge number of victims, he will have to have a team of lawyers and legal researchers with what I would estimate to be at least 8000 to 12000 billable hours estimated before it's over, hum, let's see at that level that would make his legal attorney's fees be a total of $6,800.000 to upwards of over $10,200,000.00!And now finally comes the real end bonus and that is there is so much evidence in this matter of a total pattern of deliberate deception and fraud that it will make the Barney Madoff Ponzi Scheme case pale in comparison, just by the sheer number of victims involved, the millions of fraudulent dollars they are taking in monthly, could be classified justifiably in my First Amendment protected free speech opinion to be qualified for federal criminal prosecution under the RICO statues as a continuing criminal enterprise involving more than 3 participants or conspirators.  In that realm, I think Mr. Frost, and that obnoxiously loud, hillbilly accented Mr. Boone who reminds me of the old snake oil hucksters and ripoff artists of 100 years ago, could do at least 40-80 years in a federal prision because in a RICO case the lawyers involved on both sides have dubbed the sentences a Buck Rogers Time Machine, and the feds did away with parole many years ago, so they will be standing on their heads, so to speak in the lawyering profession for every lousy, long day they get sentenced to ! Have a nice day Mr. Frost See ya in court soon, and my last comment to you sir, is see ya, and damn sure don't wanna be ya  (ya all hillbillys 
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1117246
Jan 21 2014
06:10 PM
Frost Cutlery, Cutlery Corner, Jim Frost, Ocoee River, Whitetail Cutlery, Frost Cutlery Bait and Switch, Liars, Nonexistent Customer Service, Rude and Dismissive, Fake Warranty. Ooltewah Tennessee
My list of gripes with Frost Cutlery is going to take a while to go over, fair warning. The troubles started on one of the first two orders I placed when they took it upon themselves to substitute an item that was out of stock for another item that I did not order and hope that I was OK with it. I ordered a 14 tool Leatherman and they sent me a smaller 12 tool Leatherman, obviously a lesser value. I was given no warning or notification that they were doing this substitute and no one checked to see if that was OK with me. A seperate item, a three piece set, was missing one of the knives on a different order. On yet another order three knives came in shattered, completely broken and unusable. All in all I placed around a dozen orders and on literally half of them something has been screwed up, not a good rate of success. If you order absolutely anything from this company make sure you keep good records and double check the orders because they absolutely will try to just slip stuff past you.Shortly after, I placed another order for a Blue Damascus Steel Katana. When I received the shipment the Katana was defective so I called in to report it and order another, to make sure I got this item. I got the second shipment in and it was defective again. I called in a second time and they inform me that they are now out of stock of the Blue ones, they say they won't be getting any more in and there is nothing they can do to help me in a very rude and dismissive manner. These people just don't care about doing their job and helping the customer, they just want you out of their hair and you will see examples if you keep reading. Now, after receiving the first one they offered to swap it for a Black Damascus Katana of the same price. I refused, thinking I would receive the correct one on the second order. When the second one comes in defective I asked them if they could swap for the Black or another Copper colored one they had offered the first time, and was showing in stock on their web site. The customer service supervisor ( and I use that term very loosely with these people ) basically tells me to buzz off, she refused to substitute for any other color even though they were in stock and they had offered to do exactly that before. She took it to the next level when she told me they didn't even have any in stock, and that was why they couldn't swap it. That turned out to be a blatant lie because right after I got off the phone with her I ordered the Black AND the Copper swords from the web site and recieved them a few days later. After she initially told me they were out of stock I even specifically asked her So if I order the Copper Katana, what will I receive? to which she replies Probably a phone call saying we don't have it. So for whatever reason this lady named Lori thought it would be better to lie to me and tell me they don't have any more than to do what she offered to do for me the first time, or help me in any way, shape or form. I'm normally easy to please and if they had even pretended to care and had done anything at all without me having to hound them I wouldn't be doing this right now. And it's only because I cared as much as I do that I got SOME of the items that I wanted, since if left up to them I wouldn't have gotten ANY of them. And you would think these people would want to help me spend my money with this company, but they don't, they just want their job to be as easy as possible and to get you off the phone. Then they'll cross their fingers, knock on wood and hope for the best and hope you don't catch a mistake or don't care enough to complain. If you do they'll deal with it then in the usual dismissive way they have, refusing to cover for their mistakes and using company policy as a shield to not help you. If it's company policy to not help your customers it's going to cost them a lot of customers and cause a lot of people to be disgruntled customers like me. I'm sure you notice I'm not the only person that has taken the time to write about this company. The part that infuriates me the most is when I asked for a prepaid shipping label to be sent to me so I can send the defective swords back to them. This customer service supervisor Lori refused and refused to give me a shipping label to cover their mistake. I mean, why should I have to pay to ship items back when they screwed up? I have ordered from many other companies and it is standard practice that when the company makes a mistake, the company pays to correct it, Frost tried to tell me that it was company policy that they don't do that. Well I told them the beauty of company policy is that it can be changed and that if she can't approve that, I will wait to talk to someone that can. This lady hit the roof and started literally yelling at me. Earlier I was told I was going to recieve a credit on my account for all the items they screwed up or was missing and at this time the lady yelled at me that she was taking the credit away from me but finally agreed to send a prepaid shipping label. Her words were FINE! You want to stop ordering from us, then stop ordering from us! I will send you the label but you are NOT getting the $25 credit and you can go ahead and stop ordering from us! Although I would have liked ALL of my issues dealt with, instead of just one, I realized this was too much to ask for from this group so I settled for having the largest issue being dealt with. I ended up getting the label but they didn't give me my credit. Now the incident that has spurred me to go the distance and actually write this report here just happened today. I said earlier that I ordered the Copper and Black Damascus Katana after the customer service superliar told me they didn't have any left, more so just to prove that she was a liar than anything else. The first couple swords were on sale at $98.00, the Copper one wasn't on sale the day I purchased it but did go on sale two days later. I purchased it at $168.00 and two days later it was on sale for the same price as the others, $98.00. I called in today to have them refund me the difference, which, after the fiasco I had already been through with these swords AND their customer service supervisor of all people straight up lying to me I figured they shouldn't have a problem doing that but I was wrong.You could have counted the Black and Copper as the exchange for the two defective swords I purchased for $98.00 but because they refuse to cooperate in any way I had to send those two back and get refunded, only to have to turn around and purchase the Black and Copper seperately. They don't care that they screwed up half my orders, or that they lied to me and got caught. Actually they're continuing the lying, now they're telling me that the sword that is on sale is a different one than the one I got, which is a total lie. I know these swords well enough to spot them, not to mention that it has been displayed over and over on their internet show you can link to from their web site. It's from the same manufacturer and they only offer one type and style of these colored swords, which is the ones I've been ordering from them. Not to mention that I am still within my 30 day return period, I could easily send this one back and then purchase the same sword for the cheaper price...BUT since its their Company Policy not to send prepaid shipping labels, they're hoping that I am just threatening them and won't pay for the shipping to send it back to them. How stupid do they think I am? Apparently they think I'm stupid and/or not determined enough to tell people and spread the word about what hucksters they are. Unfortunately for them they're wrong and now not only am I sending it back and getting the cheaper one purely on principle I'm also here trashing them and will continue to trash them any chance I'm given.For the sake of being complete these are not all the issues I have had with their customer service people, just the largest examples with their so called supervisor. After seeing her attitude I completely understand why these other customer service and sales representatives have the kind of attitude they have too. One day I called multiple times and got multiple responses with multiple people before both parties eventually just gave up, read on. After watching their most recent broadcast I placed an order and wanted to add an item to that order, which I did during that same week with a different online retailer and needless to say had two completely different experiences.With the other retailer I called in and told them what I wanted and they said they can't add an item to an existing order BUT they can waive the shipping on this item so I can have it within the same time period as the order. I didn't even have to ask, they offered to do this for me. That's quality customer service where the employee wants to help the customer spend more money with the company.With Frost/Cutlery Corner I called in the morning and spoke with a guy who said there is no way to add an item to an order that's already placed, thanks and goodbye, very quickly. He didn't give a chance for a follow up even, just answered the question, ushered me off and hung up.When I called back I spoke with a woman who said the only way that can be done is if the order is on hold, thanks and goodbye. Basically the same as the first guy she answered my question, didn't give me time to answer any more and basically hung up on me.So I called back the third time and was heated by this point but I got who must be their only employee who cares at all because she did verify what the other two people said but demonstrated less laziness because she actually looked up my order and lo and behold, it was on hold the whole time but the previous two employees were too lazy to even check if it was or not. They spouted the company policy and hid behind it in order to be lazy, assuming that my order wasn't on hold without even checking. So the third woman allowed me to add the item to the invoice that was on hold saying to me that she could leave it on hold in case I decided to add anything else and whenever I was ready to release the invoice to have it shipped all I had to do was call back in and let them know.So later that day when I called in 4:45 to have them release the order this new lady gave me a hard time right from the bat. She couldn't find my invoice when she was looking it up so she was talking to me as if it didn't exist and I was crazy. When she finally realized the order was placed online, only the one item was added over the phone, she remembered that the internet orders are filed away differently and were in a completely different place from where she was looking-in the phone order invoices. She did at least realize she was giving me a hard time because she apologized profusely for it saying I know I was a little rough and gave you a hard time, but I'm sorry I just wasn't thinking it could be an online invoice. Now once she found the invoice it went right back to fiasco because she just literally gave up. She found the invoice but all she said to me was that she couldn't figure out what had been done, didn't know what she was looking at, and that there was nothing that she could do so I would have to call back tomorrow. I literally howled with laughter at this point. It was then that I realized this has to be one of the most unorganized and haphazard businesses in the country, and that by the time this was over I'd need anxiety medication. When I called the next day they said my invoice wasn't on hold, didn't look like it ever was but at least it was correct and on it's way, or so I hoped. On one of the sets where a knife was missing I gave them the chance to send me the knife and the set they sent was a completely different set altogether. The set I ordered had a flashlight, a skinner and a small caper knife. The one they sent had a flashlight a skinner and a large filet knife. Obvious enough difference. When I call in to tell them that they sent me the wrong set they argue with me telling me that not only was it handled but I was speaking directly to the particular employee who handled it and she said to me I sent you the correct item, the numbers match up and everything. To which I would ask why would you even have item numbers if the numbers don't stay on the same product. I told her the problem and the difference in the knife but she insisted that she sent the right one and when I asked if there was any way she can find the correct small caper knife that was pictured on the web page she replied the exact same sentence I sent you the correct item, the numbers match up and everything. So I'm not sure where I can get the item number for the knife you're talking about. I'm not sure that's the case but at this point I don't know what to contribute it to, laziness, complacency, dismissiveness or stupidity. I just gave up and ate it, realizing that even if there miraculously was a single employee who wanted to help me there that that place is too far out of control and too much a fiasco for that person to do so, and I'm sure that adds to their frustration and contributes to their nasty attitudes as well.I have sent them 6-8 different messages on their web site to address some of these issues and have never gotten a response to any of them, not a single one. At this point I'm convinced that's just an outlet for angry customers to feel like they're being heard and the messages sent in just go to a sort of limbo where they are quicky disregarded, forgotten and deleted. After I proved that their customer service stupidvisor was lying to me I called in and got what I was told was the e-mail to the owners assistant, because after being talked to and yelled at the way I was I wanted to report her to her superior for it. I sent an e-mail there and never got any response, so I'm not sure if what he gave me is even a real e-mail or for all I know he gave me his own, or even the supervisor's herself.  All in all after doing a couple thousand dollars of business with a company in a matter of months I expected to be treated much more like a valued customer and much less like an inconvenience than I was. I would warn anyone purchasing from Cutlery Corner/Frost Cutlery to keep good records, ALWAYS know exactly what you ordered and double check it. I must be a pain because every item I order I leave open in it's own tab online until it gets delivered so I can check them off as they come in. They will try to squeak things past you if they can. Getting them to honor any warrantee or offer any sort of post-sale service, forget it. All you are going to get is a return authorization number and yet another shipping charge. I'm normally easy to please, hard to anger and I have never written a bad review about any other product, business, service, movie or anything for that matter ever before in my life but Frost Cutlery and Cutlery Corner truly offended me with how they treated me. I have vowed only to use them as an advertising outlet and if I see something on there I will try to buy it elsewhere if possible. or only buying those big dealer packages that they can't possibly be making money on. and continue to check off each item as they come in. If you decide to order anything from there beware and good luck. No, really...good luck.
Entity: Ooltewah, Tennessee
9, Report #874292
Apr 26 2012
01:04 PM
cutlery corner todd,tom,sheila. not new knives,i can tell wax papper wrapping been wraped,unwraped sveral times.damaged merchandise Internet
i bought a hen & rooster salt water mother of pearl barlow for $50 from cutlery corner,when i recieved it the box it came in was in mint condition,however the wax papper wrapping that the knife was wrapped in was very worn,you can tell it was unwrapped and wrapped numerous times.the knife itself had two large crack's in the pearl handle.with the box being mint,it told me that the knife was shipped in that bad condition.there's no way the handle could recieve two large cracks in the handle and the box not even having a crease or bend in it.needless to say i wasn't happy.i payed $16 shipping when i bought it,so the total was $66.i sent it back and waited 8 week's and heard nothing,i called and they said they never received the knife,so i just stopped buying and let it go.i also bought several knifes without knowing they were made in china & afghanistan.todd said it was german stainless which it was,he failed to say the steel,frame and final assembly was done in china.also many knives had scrathces on of my blue bone steel warrior trappers had a big splinter type crack in the handle.a red,white,blue bone knife i bought had a spacer that was loose in the box,many knives didn't have new or proper packaging ect.i think alot of stuff they sell is from a display showing,not new.a few of the blades also had grinding gouges on did they get through carefull with the country type names the give their knifes,most are made in china,here's a list of some of the chinese pocket knives.steel warrior,lucky seven,beaver creek,double warrior,uncle lucky,bear&bull,ckerokee,duck brand.all the rapid oppening knives.if you don't see them on the hen & rooster or case turn table,very good chance their chinese.don't be fooled because the show is from tenneesse with some good ole people hosting it,ala todd,tom,sheila travis.try or bought some knives from were kissing cranes in exellant condition,no scrathces with new original paper wrapping on them.also the chipaway brand is chinese.  
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10, Report #874293
Apr 26 2012
01:02 PM
cutlery corner todd,tom,sheila. not new knives,i can tell wax papper wrapping been wraped,unwraped sveral times.damaged merchandise Internet
i bought a hen & rooster salt water mother of pearl barlow for $50 from cutlery corner,when i recieved it the box it came in was in mint condition,however the wax papper wrapping that the knife was wrapped in was very worn,you can tell it was unwrapped and wrapped numerous times.the knife itself had two large crack's in the pearl handle.with the box being mint,it told me that the knife was shipped in that bad condition.there's no way the handle could recieve two large cracks in the handle and the box not even having a crease or bend in it.needless to say i wasn't happy.i payed $16 shipping when i bought it,so the total was $66.i sent it back and waited 8 week's and heard nothing,i called and they said they never received the knife,so i just stopped buying and let it go.i also bought several knifes without knowing they were made in china & afghanistan.todd said it was german stainless which it was,he failed to say the steel,frame and final assembly was done in china.also many knives had scrathces on of my blue bone steel warrior trappers had a big splinter type crack in the handle.a red,white,blue bone knife i bought had a spacer that was loose in the box,many knives didn't have new or proper packaging ect.i think alot of stuff they sell is from a display showing,not new.a few of the blades also had grinding gouges on did they get through carefull with the country type names the give their knifes,most are made in china,here's a list of some of the chinese pocket knives.steel warrior,lucky seven,beaver creek,double warrior,uncle lucky,bear&bull,ckerokee,duck brand.all the rapid oppening knives.if you don't see them on the hen & rooster or case turn table,very good chance their chinese.don't be fooled because the show is from tenneesse with some good ole people hosting it,ala todd,tom,sheila travis.try or bought some knives from were kissing cranes in exellant condition,no scrathces with new original paper wrapping on them.also the chipaway brand is chinese.  
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11, Report #1204185
Jan 25 2015
07:39 AM
Cutlery Corner Racist? I ordered from group of their choice. Received southern civil war gun. Piece of garbage and an insult to a liberal knife collector. Tennessee Nationwide
I ordered a our pick of exotic knives.  Received an item that was not shown on tv. It turned out to be a knife with a picture of a southern civil war hero. I was so angry and insulted when I opened the package.  The knife is racist and an insult to someone like me southern civil war hero.  The shopping back coat meore than the knife.   A lot of their knives are crap and have broken with little or no use.  Racist?
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1392524
Aug 13 2017
09:33 PM
Cutlery Corner Network Sold me to knives that were dinosaur bones turned out it was not fake dinosaur bone man-made material Ooltewah Tennessee
 They tell people the handles are made from dinosaur bone and also turquoise in other High dollar Stone Light Jasper turquoise which looks identical to the dinosaur bone in pattern they do make a composite dinosaur bone which is not real Michael Prater knives there is no certificate stating it is authentic bone and turquoise also Jasper someone needs to do something about it they are a ripoff!! So watch what you buy from them. I purchase them from Cutlery Corner network.
Entity: Ooltewah, Tennessee
13, Report #700479
Feb 27 2011
09:32 AM
Frost Cutlery cutlery corner I worked for this company and can verify evry bad thing thay people say about this company ooltewah, Tennessee
First off I want to say that I am not just saying the things I am about to say simply because I am an angry ex-employee. Dont get me wrong, I am an angry ex-employee. I have had alot of jobs in my life and i can honestly say it is the worst place i have ever worked for. First off as an employee they do not train their employees on the products/ warranties and they lie to us about the products as well. rarely we would see actual products made by this company and when we did; they were absolute junk. they just played it off as they were just display models. what a joke. one customer said that frost claims to have there knives made in germany. this is partly true and this is why they get away with it. they can have a single peice of s!@t knife thats parts are made in 4 different countries and then all these parts are shipped in bulk to china or pakistan to be assembled. I can only assume by children. the logistics is almost brilliant but im not supporting them. this is how they can sell a knife for $1. you can forget about any lifetime warranties. they say lifetime and they mean 30 days. if the knife turns up defective they blame the customer for misuse or damaging the product. these knives are dollar store knives. they love collectors because a collector will buy hundeds of expensive knives and just store them. never seeing the flaws. brilliant there is so much I dont know where to start or add. they have employees who they put in charge of other employees. these employees that are in charge are not superiors but the same contracted same pay employees. when these superiors gain this position of power they treat the phone operators like dogs. yelling at them. they are verbally abusive and threaten the employees job at every turn. they team up together to plot against employees so that the operator will get setup for trouble or even being fired. Telling them they cant have a call last longer than 4 mins even if a customer needs help and even encuraged us to hang up on customers once we got there order if they were asking questions for too long.  Then when the customer calls back to complain; they threaten the employess job for not helping the customer. this didnt just happen to me. it happened to almost every one. lots of emotional head games. Its like that psychology experiment that went wrong with those students they had pretend to be prisoners and gaurds. the guards actually started abusing the prisoners even though it was just pretend. i want to say that everything that these other reports have complained about is absolutly true. this company makes about half a million dollars a day by lieing to the customers and telling them that they are only so many of a certain item and that it is only available for a day or what ever. granted inventory does run out on certain items; it is not the inventory that they are talking about on the show. also I wont name the site but it is a very popular site that frost sells on that is even cheaper than the late night tv show. they reel you in by showing you can get 300 knives for 300 dollars which includes a sword or 2 to sweeten the package and show you that they are razor sharp and can cut single pages of paper over and over again. when the customer recieves the knives they are dull or as we said in the business factory sharp. every single peice that they sell is crap. granted they bought the company hen and rooster which gives them the ability to toss the name around and associate their knives with that companies quality. it is a joke. I know i am all over the place but let me try to put it to you this way. it has been several years since i worked for this place and the hatred i have for it is as fresh as yesterday. dont buy from them or work for them. you will be glad you didnt. they hire employees through a contracting company so that they dont have to pay employees a compeditive wage or insurance.  they also charge every customer a $3 handling fee for each order they place. EVERY PERSONS CREDIT CARD INFO IS AVAILABLE TO ANY EMPLOYEE AT ANY TIME. thats right, if you order from them there is a good possibility that your info could be stolen. I know for a fact that it happens. this company makes millions of dollars every week and they cant put in a system that will protect the customers info or a system that can accuratly relay the needs of a particular order like drop shipping and leaving out invoice for the drop shipped order. the higher ups treat the night time employees like dirt. litterally the owner jim frost acts like he doesnt even want you talking to him and if someone gets near him he acts like he doesnt want to catch what they have. the manager sleeps in an office nearby so when we would go to lunch we couldnt talk too loudly or we might wake him up and suffer the verbal abuse. dont you dare let the lunch room door slam or even the entrance door. you might wake up the beast. the employees that were put in charge of the other employees would sit around and braid hair paint finger nails and such. if some of the lower employees were so much as talking to each other they would get yelled at. I am an educated person and i know this report is poorly written. that doesnt change the facts of what I am saying. This company just wants your money and does not care if you are satisfied with the products or not. they only need you to order from them once. I am leaving alot out cause there is just so much negative stuff to say. I think you get the picture. I cant wait to open a knife company and sell them on tv. Im going to be rich.
Entity: ooltewah, Tennessee
14, Report #1245631
Jul 31 2015
11:29 PM
frost cutlery cutlery corner said knives are made in us but when you receive them they are made in china also send wrong mergendice tennasee Internet
frost cutlery continualy say knives made in america, and when you get it their is china ingraved on the blade, or packastan.i was also told by the oparater takeing my order that the set i was buying was real abalony handels, when i reseved it it was fake. i sent it back at cost to me and was sent same thing back. they also misleed you on the tv show by the person selling the items the wrong info about the knives, he makes up his own names and dates when made witch is very important in the world of collecting!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #889007
May 27 2012
11:45 AM
cutlery corner jim frost-owner ordered one thing,but received another, never got what i payed for, late packages,some swords handle were damaged,on the show they say that you have 30 days to return item,but when you call, they say ooltewah, Tennessee
Cutlery Corner, messed up, atleast four orders. everytime they mess up an order, they want me to send my order back, first i was told I had 30 days, when i call them they tell me i have 2 weeks to send back and pay for postage. I spent my money on these knives and now i don't have the money to send them back, because they want you to pay shipping and handling before i can get my refund, and i'm nor sure i'll get my refund back. I ordered some knives and some pieces were missing, i called them them and they said they would replace them and they never did.
Entity: ooltewah, Tennessee
16, Report #1316089
Jul 10 2016
08:01 PM cutlery corner network Fake merchandise no free shipping Mountain View Rd. Ooltewah, TN 37363 Nationwide
  I purchased the knife because I saw them in the TV and they look good on the TV plus the guy that was talking he was very convincing when I got the items they were so fake I attend to return them they ask me to pay for the return shipping I spend the $60 to return it they didn't want to pay for the return I did all that just to get my money back at the end three weeks later somebody used my credit card on Purchasing something on the Internet They took $500 I am definitely sure I got it with my credit card one time Since 2015 now we are in 2016 that make it One year Since the last time I used it bottom line this company is fake fake customer service it's a fraud everything bad about this company I encourage you not to buy anything from them and don't give them any information about you
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1325037
Aug 28 2016
09:05 AM
Frost Culinary Cultary Frost, cutlery corner Crap products company will not cancel order before it's processed Tennesee Internet
 I placed an order over the phone for 298.00 and then I called back before the order has even been processed to cancel my order and they tell me after placing my order on Saturday that I can't cancel my order until Monday because my order has been sent to customer service which is not even open yet and they will not request to cancel my order I have to call Monday to cancel my order. You would think it would be easy to shoot over an email to cancel an order I placed while not sleeping in the middle of the night.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #172642
Jan 21 2006
07:32 AM
Knives And More, Cumberland Knives & Cutlery, Cookeville Knives & Cutlery ripoff Cookeville Tennessee
Mary and John Hopson sold more than $40,000.00 worth of scopes they did not have. see feedback /Auction/SellerAuctions.asp?User=616744 They have not mailed scopes and have not provided refunds. There are several people impacted by this. The Cookeville Police Department have not arrested them and we have found out that Mary Hopson was a former employee for the Cookeville Police Department. If you ever see any mention of a Business in Cookeville Tn or PUTNAM County TN you would be better off to avoid. They also sell Knives and Cutlery as mention in the first complait, they seem to make a living ripping people off. James Cedartown, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cooleville, Nationwide
19, Report #1129805
Mar 11 2014
08:06 AM
Frost Cutlery Defective Products Chattanooga Tennessee
Two 11.5 huting knives purchased as gifts for sons from local SC retailer. Supposedly 440 stainless steel - tempered. First use of knives were trimming small limbs from a sapling on a camping trip. Blades bent during this normal use of this sort of tool. Obviously not tempered at all or tempered  improperly.Contacted Frost Cutlery. Lifetime warranty. Sent photos. Was told that the knives were mis-used. Have collected and used knives my entire life (61 yrs.old). The only knives that I have had this happen with is cheep junk form Pakistan. If it was for display only, it should have said that on the packaging. 
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
20, Report #1319840
Jul 31 2016
08:49 AM
Frost Cutlery Flex Pay BFE Tennessee
 How can they deliver so many knives for pennies ? They do not and that's how. They offer packages. If you act now we will also add another package. Then, they send only one package. Of course they still want paid for all the packages. If you do not pay - they send you to collections. This seems to be a new American business monel. I called numerous occasion s, trying to locate my entire order. None of the employees has seen one of the commercials. Nobody knew what I ordered, they can tell you what they sent. You are thinking this will not happen to me. You have been warned.
Entity: Tennessee
21, Report #471881
Jul 21 2009
02:00 PM
Entity: OOLTEWAH, Tennessee
22, Report #725489
May 04 2011
09:16 AM
Frost Cutlery The Customer is not always right..... Chatanooga, Tennessee
 I recently ordered 8 Frost Cutlery pocket knives that were supposed to be inscribed.  I found that one of the knives had blank blades, with no inscription.  I called Smokey Mountain Knife Works to see what could be done.  They gave me the number to Frost Cutlery and told me to ask for Lori.  I did this and told Lori of my predicament.  She said that they could only send me a replacement knife if I first sent the knife back to them, at my expense.  The knife would never get to me in time for the presentation.  I asked that she Overnight one to me with a return label to ship it back, since it was their mistake and not mine.  She was very arrogant and even tried to say that I should have sent it back to Smokey Mountain Knife Works, since they have a warranty period.  It was not SMKW's mistake, it was Frost's mistake.  Needless to say they were uncaring and unbending, so I won't be able to present 8 men with the same pocket knife May 7th.  They had my money and didn't care about any future purchases by, they will get none.
Entity: Chatanooga, Tennessee
23, Report #944542
Sep 21 2012
07:47 AM
Excalibur cutlery gifts Not informing me of the total cost of delivery. Internet
I bought on line from Excalibur Cutlery & Gifts a Global Mino Sharp Ceramic Water Sharpener SKU: GLB029 for $63.95 shipped free to my door in Florida.  I liked it so much I ordered a second one from my Canadian home.  After I ordered it I found out that there was to be a shipping charge of $18.95 because it was outside of the USA, I agreed to that charge which brought the total to $82.90.  This price is really too high but I agreed to it anyway.  Now the shocker.  When the sharpener showed up at my door I found out there was an additional charge of $34.38 COD for Brokerage Fees.  That brought the total to $117.28 definitely not worth it.  When I brought it to the attention of Excalibur Cutlery they said it was out of their hands.  I suggest you don't deal with these people and defiantly do not order from them if you are not in the USA.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1089190
Oct 04 2013
09:23 AM
Tactical Cutlery Andrew Kunz Scam; takes payment--never ships; Fraud tampa Florida
Andre Kunz is at it again.  This time under the name Tactical Cutlery.  Takes orders, cashes checks, and never ships the item.  After some research, it appears he has done this before under the name Great Knives, Great Prices.  Why is this guy not in jail?
Entity: tampa, Florida
25, Report #1020906
Feb 27 2013
09:05 AM
Frost Cutlery Company LLC Cutlery Corner Network Sells Made in China Seconds as made in USA NEW and Refuses to Honor Warranty Claims Ooletwah, Tennessee
I purchased four orders of specialty and Ltd. Edition knives from Frost Cutlery Corner as seen on the Satellite network shopping stations branded as Cutlery Corner Network for over $300.00. Upon receipt I performed a 10% inspection as is industry standard for quality control and the order seemed fine. I noticed that although they advertise their products as made in the USA most of mine were clearly stamped China. Also, the description line on some items said seconds but as I saw no defects I didn't think anything of it. A few months later while wrapping some for gifts, I noticed that some of the knives had hairline cracks in the handles which emanated from the rivet post indicating that they were cracked during manufacturing. I called the 1-800 customer service number to obtain an RGA#. On the first call , after specifying the reason for the call, I was told that no one was available, call back in a half hour, Second Call: No one is available, call back tomorrow, Third Call: Put on hold until disconnected, Fourth Call: No one get the drift...Believing that i had ample time under the lifetime warranty, I put off calling for a few days, assuming they were very busy due to the impending holiday. In the meantime, I became terminally ill and was put into the hospital and was unavailable to do much of anything for the next 6 months. When I was able to return home, I returned again to Frost and the return issue as the warranty states that you have up to one year from date of purchase to return defective products. I called and was given the same runaround but I persevered and finally got through to a customer service representative or at least someone who claimed to be a CSR but from her abrupt rudeness and ignorance you'd be hard pressed to believe anyone would hire such a person to represent their company. When I gave her my invoice numbers, she acted incredulous and claimed the invoice numbers were wrong (I was reading them from the invoice itself). I provided her with my customer number and after a long silence she came back with What product? I gave her the product numbers and when I stated the problem, she quickly snarled That's NOT covered under warranty, you had 30 days. Silence. When I attempted to explain that they were brand new, unused , still in the packaging, I was abruptly cut off with the same snarled statement I told you, its not covered!. So much for the customer is always right. The exact warranty does specify 30 days for Handle Materials, but also stated that all products are guaranteed free from defects in workmanship for the LIFE of the Item. Bottom line is that these scam artist ripoffs operate on the theory that a sucker is watching TV every  minute of every day and we can take them all at least once. I operate a small flea market and internet discount sales shop and was going to offer most of these to my customers assuming that they would be protected by the lifetime warranty. The others were for gifts. I am now stuck with $300.00 worth of knives that I will certainly not give to anyone nor offer to my customers as I care about the quality of my products and the satisfaction of my customers. I guess I spent $300.00 on a lifetime supply of cheap letter openers. Please , don't be fooled by their corny, cornpone. I'm just a hardworking, honest, good ol'e southern boy sales pitches, cause what they really are is just lying hucksters  telling lies with a southern drawl.
Entity: Ooletwah, Tennessee

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