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26, Report #1042679
Apr 12 2013
06:47 AM
Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery North American Membership Group Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Hopkins , Minnesota
I woke up this morning with a charge of $88 dollars for a $3 dollar knife from this company. The thing is, I didn't sign up for an account with them. Also, why would I pay for a knife  that costs 88 dollars anyways, seeing as I am struggling financially with two children. I called them, last night, April 11, 2013, and they were closed. So, I used the electronic option of cancelling this account. The electronic lady said I would take 8-10 weeks to get my money back. SO, I am calling back this morning, April 12th and attempt to speak with an actual person. If I cannot have that, I am going to my bank with the issue. This has happened to me once before with some magazine company I didn't sign up with and the bank got my money back extremely fast, much faster than this 8-10 weeks promise. I would like to know how these people can get away with signing me up for an account I was unaware of. Also, I noticed when I hit the Cancel Option, there was a list of options to choose from. AND, one of them was, I wasn't aware of all of the charges and the details of this membership.
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
27, Report #452025
Jul 11 2009
10:33 AM
Frost Cutlery, Cutlery Corner Warranty Woes---Again! Ooltewah Tennessee
Like Harold, I have experienced multiple occasions of Frost Cutlery not honoring their warranty. On one order several knives of the same model developed cracks in the rubber handle. A few other models had problems too. A phone call to their customer service department ended with the claim that workmanship defects will only be warranted within thirty days. The cracks occurred 2-3 months after the shipment was received! Lifetime Warranty? I think not!! On another occasion, a knife I purchased for my own use had a very fine crack in the handle. Upon receiving the knife, I noticed the crack but because it was so fine, I wasn't sure if it was actually a crack or just a scratch. Needless to say, it turned out to be a crack when a small piece of the handle at the crack flaked off. Again, a call to the customer service department proved fruitless. Once again the thirty day warranty on workmanship was cited. The real killer with this is the fact that the girl on the phone at Frost Cutlery not only was totally unconcerned with my claim, but frankly was pretty rude in her attitude towards me as a customer. I guess she gets tired of denying warranty claims all day long! The lifetime warranty that is touted by the TV hucksters working for Frost is completely false! The only prayer you have of obtaining any type of warranty from this company is finding a problem within their thirty day window, after receiving your order. To provide Frost with a little credit, I did find problems with one order. FOUR of the six knives ordered had defects! I called right away and was given a return authorization. Returned the bad knives at my expense, and received replacement knives within a month. Four of six! Not exactly a testament to quality! Additional note--Some of the knives claimed to be from Solingen Germany are actually steel made in Solingen then shipped to Pakistan for assembly/manufacture. They are stamped accordingly. I have decided that I am no longer going to tolerate this behavior by taking my business elsewhere. There are plenty of companies offering comparable products at comparable prices with REAL WARRANTIES!! I suggest you do the same. The greatest benefit you can give for poor service is to deny them your money. Then when the coffers run dry they might stop to wonder why. This will go unnoticed by Frost right now, they are riding a marketing wave and making a ton of cash. However, the wave will come crashing down with their lack of concern for their customers, outright lies about their warranties, and questionable quality of their products. Stand firm, be vigilant, and these shysters will receive their just deserts. Terry Lacey, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Ooltewah, Tennessee
28, Report #801518
Nov 24 2011
12:35 PM Cutlery And More, Cutlery And More LLC Defective Merchandise and Stolen Refunds. No more Cutlery And More for me! They are NOT honest. Internet is not the kind of place you want to do business with. I have placed 2 orders with them, and the second order was my last.The first order involved a Wusthof Classic bread slicer and the second order involved a Wusthof Classic Santoku and a Shun Santoku.The Wusthof bread slicer in the first order arrived with a chipped tooth. told me that the tooth had been chipped during shipment. I explained to Cutlery And More that the box in which the knife arrived did not have a mark on it. We were at an impasse. Since the bread slicer was a present to myself, I decided that I could live with the chipped tooth, and that the chip would eventually disappear over time as I sharpened the knife.I am not writing this review because of the bread slicer, because that was not a scam or a fraud on CutleryAndMore's part. They are simply tight fisted and reluctant to accept returns, but there's no scam in that.The next order I placed with CutleryAndMore involved the Wusthof Classic Santoku.I was reluctant to place the order with because of my first experience, but CutleryAndMore had the best deal going. So, I ordered the Santoku, fully prepared to dispute the charge with my credit card company if another defective knife or second was sent to me.The Wusthof Santoku arrived in perfect condition. This knife was going to be a gift for someone. Shortly after it arrived, I found out that the recipient wanted a Shun Santoku, which was twice as expensive as the Classic. Well, she was my girlfriend, so... I relented.I called and they said they would be happy to make the exchange. They suggested I purchase the Shun and return the Wusthof for a credit. I did. The problem is that CutleryAndMore never gave me a refund or credit for the Wusthof I has acknowledged in writing that I returned the Wusthof in perfect condition, brand new in box, and they acknowledged that they owe me the refund. After the credit/refund failed to show up on my credit card, I contacted CutleryAndMore. Their story was that that it takes time for them to process refunds. After several emails in which they told me that they were looking into the refund, I began calling them. Finally they told me that too much time had passed for me to dispute the charge on my credit card, and that they did not have time to investigate why I had never received a refund.That's my story. One time I received defective merchandise, and CutleryAndMore refused to take responsibility for it. On my final order, allowed me to exchange a knife for a more expensive one, promised me a refund, acknowledged owing me the refund, but kept the money for themselves.I'm hardly the first person to have been ripped off by CutleryAndMore. The lesson I learned about Cutlery And More is this: If there is anything wrong with your order, immediately dispute the charge on your credit card. Don't let them delay you into passing the dispute deadline. They are masters at delay, and will make any false promise they can to get you beyond the credit card dispute deadline. As for myself, of course, I'll never deal with them again. A crook is a crook, and I don't need to be bitten a third time.If I've made a single untrue statement about these crooks, CutleryAndMore, my email address includes my full name, and they can find me to hold me accountable. In addition, I have saved copies of's emails. I'll be happy to share them with all, so that everyone can see what a RIP OFF CutleryAndMore is.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #984688
Dec 19 2012
08:48 PM
Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Instead of one free knife, somehow company began billing my credit card for more knives Hopkins, Minnesota
In surfing the internet, I came across a page where you could answer survey questions and receive a free knife.  I answered the questions and received me free knife and was well pleased with it.  Several weeks later I received another knife and a wooden knife holder.  I marked on the outside of the box Return to Sender, Cancel my Subscription.  I did this because the packing slip said the knife and holder were a little over $80 and I cannot afford such things.  Never did I realize that the company had somehow obtained my debit card number and the money had already been taken out of my account.  Earlier this week I discovered that the company had already drafted $68.94 out of my bank account for another knife which arrived yesterday.  I do not know where or how the company obtained my banking information.  I live on a fixed retirement budget and cannot afford expensive knives like these.  I will contact the company another time and attempt to get them to cease and desist, but don't know how successful I will be.
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
30, Report #980727
Dec 11 2012
05:30 PM
I responded to an email offering a free kitchen knife for paying only the shipping charges, whixh was less that five dollars.  I received the knife and it was a good knife. In less than a month I received a package with an identical knife plus a wooden block for holding six smaller or steak size knifes, which I promptly returned.  My next MasterCard  had a charge of $88.94 paid to NMG'CK PLEASURE. I called the 800 number on the back of Customer Receipt and was told I would shortly receive an email with a return label.  I never have. About two weeks later I received ANOTHER package containing the same things as the first one with a customer receipt  showing my MasterCard had been charged (again) for $88.94! I've been defrauded of over $205.00 ($88.95x2; $10.50x2-return shipping; $3.50x2; gasoline) plus over two hours of my time. These people should not only be sued, but confined where the sun don't shine!
Entity: HOPKINS, Minnesota
31, Report #1183311
Oct 16 2014
04:14 PM
Jim Frost Frost Cutlery Big Rip Off fro a Bible Banging Con Man Chattanooga, Tennessee 37422 Nationwide
 The below letter was sent over 19 months ago and I have received NO communication from Jim Frost and his band of banditios!!!March 21, 2013 Mr. James A. FrostPresidentFrost CutleryP.O. Box 22636Chattanooga, TN   37422 Dear Mr. Frost,My name is Jon Nxxxxxx.  I am a sixty-six year old, retired publisher, and a 100% disabled ex- Marine, combat decorated Viet Nam veteran.  It is my distinct privilege to have the opportunity to correspond with you today.I am sorry to say that I am genuinely “uncomfortable” having to write this correspondence.  I sincerely wish, in comparison to those glowing letters of appreciation that you read on Cutlery Corner now and then, that I could expound upon “positive” experiences doing business with you and your company, but that’s not possible at this time.  I do hope that will change based upon your response to this letter.I have been doing business with Frost Cutlery for years.  I certainly am not your biggest customer, nor your longest customer.  I estimate my purchases have been in the thousands of dollars ever since the first time I used to watch Todd Boone on HSN.  I can remember I could not wait until his next show.  However, I did take an extended vacation from my dealings with your company when I purchased one of your large display packages. I still have a bunch of those knives lying around somewhere. Esthetically, the knives looked better than the majority of those packages you sell today, but materialistically they were loaded down with cheap Pakistani and Chinese steel.  As a first time buyer at that time I should have been more “aware” of what I was buying but, as I’m sure you are aware, Todd can sure sweep you up in the heat of the moment.You can’t imagine how excited I was when you launched your own cross channel show and much of your products took a step up to German, stainless, and tool steel.  So, in view of that, I took several more tries with the following results:1.)   During a minimum of three times in dealing with your CSR’s I was treated very disrespectfully. It seemed as if those employees were irritated when I asked them to help me find a product that I did not have a product number for.  I often lay in bed watching your show and when a product comes on I want, I do not have a pen and paper at my disposal.  In all cases I felt like they just did not want to take the time to help me and were extremely irritated that I needed some of their time.  In one case your CSR was so rude I had to remind her that “excuse me, but I am the customer here”.( James A. Frost – Pg 2) As a former CEO I realize how stressful work can be for these people so I am especially aware of how I interact with them.  I also never forget how difficult it is for a boss to keep up with how these people perform on the job.  Many times if they are contract employees they have no particular interest in the company who hired them or the quality of their own performance. It is impossible for a boss to keep up with each of them. 2.) I ordered a Katana set of swords from you.  They arrived with the handles on all three swords       totally loose.  The paint was chipped, and the handle wrapping loose and frayed.  I used super glue to attach the handles and handle wrapping material.  I could do nothing about the paint. It made me wonder about your quality control. 3.) I ordered a set of stacked leather handle combat knives to give as gifts. Upon arrival, the sheath’s smelled so “musty” they were useless as gifts. I put them in a closet in my office and believe it or not, they smelled up my entire, rather large office. The sheath’s ended up in the dumpster as did the knives. I was particularly upset with these knives as they were to be gifts for close family. 4.) I ordered a USMC Officers sword from your company.  It arrived scratched and dented and was unfixable to be used as a wall mount.That was pretty much the last straw for me.  I am totally aware of your companies return policy however, when I ordered them in the first place I was somewhat set aback by what I felt was excessive shipping and handling costs.  I am pretty much aware of what those charges should be and strongly feel, rightly or wrongly, they are being used as a profit center for Frost.  Returning all those items to you would have just added to those expenses and to me, was not a viable option or good for my profit center. I don’t have a lot of income to make up for these losses.That all being said, not once have I complained dating all those many years back to my first association with Frost Cutlery.  I have just written off all that money and consternation and learned a valuable lesson.  Strangely enough, I still enjoy watching your show when Todd and Shelia are hosting but, not so much said for Tom O’Dell. Very nice man but frankly, his style of presentation drives me totally crazy. He should be hawking pot’s and pan’s at the state fair. When he comes on, the TV goes off. That brings me to the main reason for my correspondence with you today, and something of which I consider an extremely serious matter. Over time, I have begun to really wonder if all this “customer comes first” talk from you and your staff was just a marketing “tool”, or if you really live by that creed. Certainly, my experience with Frost Cutlery does not lead me to feel that I come first.Then there is this marketing initiative with “Squirrel Man Brady”.  This may sell some knives up in the mountains, or to those who believe this character is something “special” because you engrave a knife with his name on it and print up some certificates. But, to the rest of us who buy something for its quality and value, you just have to wonder what kind of flim flam Frost Cutlery is up to.  It doesn’t lend much credibility to Frost Cutlery from the serious buyer. Just how far will they go to sell a knife? To make a short story short, it doesn’t affect me, so I just sit back, shake my head, and chuckle. If that is the way you wish for your company to be viewed, and it’s profitable for you, great! It does no harm to anyone and is “cute” in its own special way.However, Frost Cutlery, the company and whose reputation you worked hard to build, the company whom bears your name, your companies association with the Keszey Brothers is definitely a much more serious matter.(James A Frost – Pg.3)These “characters” are facing animal trafficking charges by the U.S. Department of Justice.  (see article enclosed) I don’t know if the charges are pending, have been dropped, or still under investigation.  However, as a true sportsman who is concerned with all wildlife conservation, any association with people such as this goes entirely against every fiber of my being.  Where there is smoke, there usually is fire, and after reading a number of articles on the web, it seems there is a lot of smoke.  I don’t believe you really need this kind of association or negativity.I began to do a little research on these guys when I saw how they were handling the “critters” they brought to your show.  But since then, last night as a matter of fact, Shelia and Todd kept singing the praises on the Keszey’s over and over.  I had to wonder what kind of damage the show’s association with them was doing, or could be done in the future.  I wondered what a real sportsman is thinking when they see their names on your knives.Mr. Frost, I could care less about the Keszey’s, or their future, as long as if they are guilty of trafficking they go to jail.  But if you take my overall experiences with Frost Cutlery, then add to that the mix the Keszey’s, and their all too obvious reputation, can you imagine what I, and perhaps others are really thinking about Frost Cutlery’s association with, and endorsement of them?I wish you and Frost Cutlery only the very best. I am not brazen enough to think I can tell you how to run your company.  You can’t argue with success.  And I’m certainly not vain enough to think that the loss of my business means anything to your bottom line. But I can hardly wonder what you are thinking about your association with these men.The one thing I can say about myself is that I am an honorable and truthful man.  I care about our environment and all the “critters” that inhabit it.  Frankly, after Viet Nam I quit deer hunting as I just couldn’t get myself to “pull the trigger” against anything living ever gain.  Yet, I still understand the conservation measures behind it.So…..I am going to watch how you respond to our business dealings from the past, and how you address the Keszey Brother issue.  I am not in any position to judge anyone.  I can only adjust my personal dealings and business recommendations to others, based upon how you handle this situation.  Frankly, I know what I would do. I wish you and the staff at Frost Cutlery the best, and thank you for taking the time to listen to my comments and concerns. Warmest regards,JonCc: file  encl.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1029104
Nov 10 2008
02:52 PM - Cutco Cutlery - Vector Marketing Vector uses deceptive website Chico California
I responded to an online job board ad, and it led to to a web site called workforstudents or I tried searching the web site's name on RipoffReport, but it didn't come up. I thought maybe everything was OK. Just an hour or so after filling out the application I got a call from their local office in Campbell, CA (they have a lot of offices in a lot of places). They said they were Vector Marketing. I went back to the application site because I suspected it may be the same people. Sure enough in small type it said Vector Marketing. More research found that they are also Cutco Cutlery. The web site says nothing about what you will be selling or how. Neither does their job board ad. After finding out their real name I searched it, and sure enough there are dozens of complaints. Apparently you have to buy cutlery from them and basically do door to door type sales, or sell to your friends & family like Amway, etc. Their office was over an hour's travel away, and they had set up an appointment. Thank God I found this. I would have wasted lots of precious job searching time. I called and canceled. Anonymous New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Chico, California
33, Report #1039398
Mar 30 2013
09:16 PM
Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Ripped off my Bank Account Hopkins, Minnesota
I recently ordered the Sankuto Knife from Cooking Pleasures. It was supposed to be free with a $3 s&h fee. I paid the fee and received the knife a few weeks later. I have recently discovered that the company has charged my bank account for $96.06 without my permission. I'm also being charged an overdraft fee from the bank.How can I get my money back from the company?
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
34, Report #1046256
Apr 25 2013
05:16 PM
Cooking Pleasures Cutlery NAMG (North American Membership Group) Fraudulent charges to my account for Items never purchased/ordered Hopkins, Minnesota
Today I came home to find a Package addressed to me from an NAMG in Kennesaw, Ga. I knew right away that something was up because i HAD NOT ordered anything that would be arriving from that location.  I opened it as soon as i could & found a brochure of cutlery along w/a large knife that i NEVER ordered or requested. The receipt said Thank You for your order (that was never placed by me). I also noticed that the address on the receipt (Hopkins, MN) was different from the 1 on the package.  I was apparently charged $3.00 for S&H and the note on the receipt promised my account would be charged the following month for $79.99 and $49.99-$89.99 each month following.  Seriously!!!! I immediately called the # on the receipt which only provided an automated voice, that opens with This is North American Membership Group not Cooking Pleasures (The Co. name listed on my receipt) my mother advised that i call my bank right away. This fraudulent Co. or Co.'s will now b making their fraudulent charges to an account that nolonger exists.   Outrageous!!!
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
35, Report #1054304
May 28 2013
08:35 AM
Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Did not honor cancellation agreement ~ disreputable ~ Very disappointing Hopkins Minnesota
I ordered the FREE 7 knife for $3 shipping. It arrived in record time and is a very good knife. As Soon As I received my knife I called and cancelled my subscription to their 'club' This morning I checked my bank account and found an $88.94 charge to my debit card. I called the 800 number and there is No option to speak to a live person so I cannot get the charges credited back to my account in a timely manner. I cannot afford the high prices for their product and this charge is going to cause hardships paying my bills this month! I am living off savings at the moment due to medical issues and this is just plain 'ole bullying and strongarm tactics preying on people.  I have worked for a company like this and I know how they are. They figure it is worth the risk to send items out anyway because only a fraction of people will fight it and even then the company usually gets away with this tactic for at least a couple months before people get forceful enough to make them honor their cancellation!
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
36, Report #353372
Feb 09 2012
07:30 AM
We have agonized many days before we finally decided to report the questionable business practices of Frost Cutlery Co., some which are nothing short of a rip-off, while others are caused by employee incompetence or indifference. It is our sincere desire that this exposure will help others from becoming victims, while at the same time putting Frost Cutlery on notice that listing them here affords them the opportunity to take corrective action, as compared to facing legal action from the Feds, were they to address some of these complaints. The Frost Cutlery Co. proclaims to be one of the largest distributors of cutlery, including high end collector items such as Hen & Rooster and German Bull. The principal means of advertising their knives is their weekly three hour TV sales show: Cutlery Corner Network. The hosts, in a good ole boys and down home mannerism display weekly individual knives or lots of knives. Individual collectors or dealers, like our company, call in and place orders with their phone operators. Their show is styled similar to ShopNBC and QVC, to mention just two. The first rip-off is a matter of misrepresentation or lack of representation. The show hosts make sure that the TV cameras never show the origin of their knives (which is clearly imprinted or stamped on every blade). The blades are skillfully shown from only the side or angle which does not show the imprint: China or Pakistan. The show hosts will never mention these countries of origin, while emphasizing Germany as country of origin, whenever it calls for. If the country of origin, like made in Solingen, Germany is such a big deal (which it is), why not be honest and disclose the country of origin for all the other knives. Therefore, Buyer Beware, while the knives may be sold under such Native American names as Chipaway Cutlery, the knives are actually made in Pakistan and imprinted accordingly. Rip-off #2 occurs when you wish to order more than 10 item numbers per day. While the show hosts never make any mention of this restriction, the operators taking your telephone order will. This rip-off may appear minor to the uninformed or uninvolved. In fact it is a major issue to dealers like us. The show hosts advertise during the program a certain number of items, many of which are only available that night and only in very limited quantities. As a dealer, we now have to make a choice of which 10 item numbers we wish to purchase, or establish a 2nd dummy account in someone elses name and different address. We do not care to operate in this fashion. Again, why not disclose this buying restriction? It certainly has nothing to do with fairness, as you are permitted to buy as many units per item number as you can afford. Rip-off #3. This rip-off occurs due to incompetence or indifference by Frost Cutlery Co. employees. Never, ever ask Frost Cutlery to drop ship an order directly to one of your customers. If requested, they will drop ship your order to your customer, but they will also include the order invoice (!) with the shipment. Even though Frost employees will assure you that they will not include the order invoice with the shipment to your customer. This way your customer will see exactly the amount you paid for the item(s) he purchased from you. You can rest assured you will never again get another order from this potentially former customer of yours. If this is not bad enough, Frost Cutlery will also permanently change your mailing address (in their computers) to that of the drop shipment. This means that all of your future Frost Cutlery orders will get shipped to the address of your customer. This happened to us. When we received shipping notifications for future orders from Frost Cutlery, showing the wrong shipping address we called the Frost Cutlery Customer Service Department again and again. They finally changed the shipping address back to our companys address, but not before 1 order had been incorrectly sent to our customers address. The customer claimed he never received the incorrectly mailed order and Frost Cutlery, to this date, has not replaced the order, or given us credit for the lost order. Rip-off #4. The Frost Cutlery Warranty. During each of their programs Frost Cutlery advertises over and over again, all Frost Cutlery items are warranted for life. The show hosts never explain that their warranty offer is virtually useless. If you purchased an item from any of the 5000 weekly customers/dealers of Frost Cutlery and it is damaged, you may as well throw away the item. Please note where and how most Frost Cutlery items are being resold. Unlike our company which has a fixed retail business location, most dealers of collector knives attend gun shows, flea markets, bazaars, re-enactment festivals etc. Receipts are rarely given and the warranty information is usually a copy of the warranty info provided by Frost with each shipment. Many knives are also purchased as gifts. In order to make use of the Frost Cutlery Warranty you must first contact Frost Cutlery and secure a Return Authorization Number. This however only possible if you have the invoice number, item number and lot name under which Frost Cutlery had sold the item to its customer/dealer (me). No dealer will give a customer a copy of his invoice from Frost Cutlery. However, without this information Frost Cutlery will not issue a Return Authorization, thus making the lifetime warranty useless. Even we dealers have an extremely difficult time securing a Return Authorization. We have written on the average 4 letters per item requiring repair or replacement under the Frost Warranty. We have received so far 2 Return Authorizations and have mailed the damaged items back to Frost. The postage was to our account. We tracked the shipments with UPS. Frost Cutlery had received the items. We contacted Frost Cutlery about the repair or the replacement of the items we had returned. After countless calls we were finally advised: Frost Cutlery has no record of ever receiving the return shipments. Possible Rip-off #5. Several weeks ago we had placed an order with Frost Cutlery. Our bank account was debited, but to date we have never received the order. We contacted Frost Cutlery in writing, asking them as to the arrival date of our order. Every weekend we fax to Frost again and again our multiple letters of inquiry. To date our inquiries have all been ignored. We also called Frost Cutlery and were directed to voice mail. We left multiple messages, but never received a return call from Frost. In defense of Frost Cutlery, they did replace 1 damaged item this year. It took only 8 letters of inquiry and multiple calls to their Customer Service Dept. While we are only a small dealership, we had to assign an employee to do nothing more but follow up on warranty items and monitor the receipt of orders from Frost. Before someone suggests to us to seek out another cutlery company to do business with, keep in mind, Frost Cutlery is for many smaller cutlery labels the exclusive representative. You therefore have no choice but to deal with Frost Cutlery. Besides, Frost Cutlery claims to be one of the largest companies in the USA, with approx. 5,000 weekly customers, why should Frost not be forced to operate their business ethically and professionally? I am certain, the company owner, Jim Frost, who according to the show hosts is usually gone fishing has no clue how pathetic his company is being operated in his alleged absence. Buyer Beware! Harold BUFFALO, New YorkU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: OOLTEWAH, Tennessee
37, Report #1106772
Dec 13 2013
12:37 PM
frost cutlery frost cutlery the knives i recieved worent a plug nickel, some were like the fixed knives but the plastic ones broke within one or to uses brilliant Ohio
I had ordered a few hundred of knives off of frost cutlery and 90% of them were junk i would like some of my money back or i would like the knives replaced with fixed knives that dont break and made from plastic. Kevin Belon Brilliant Ohio 43913, i am pissed that i used hard earned money on junk....  
Entity: brilliant, Ohio
38, Report #1399166
Sep 11 2017
06:00 AM
Hessler Worldwide Dishonest Cutlery Scam St. Louis Missouri
I am a former employee of Hessler Worldwide, that was recruited into the company with grossly deceptive and dishonest hiring practices. The promise was for a fun job demonstrating Hessler knives in Sam's Club locations nationwide. The income opportunity was promised to be a very easy six figures, and the product was described as amazing. There was also an offer of rapid advancement and company paid travel. Everything about the hiring process was horribly misleading. In reality, the job does not even pay minimum wage for most employees. Most travel expenses are not reimbursed by the company, which in many instances means that you can actually be working for the company for ZERO compensation. Some managers require you to work 12 days straight without a day off when on the road, and then you spend a day getting to your job location by car and another day of driving to return home. Work days are a minimum of 9 hours. Pay is straight commission. The average sales person sells  6 or 7 boxes of knives per day with a commission of just over $6. per box.  The acutual product is a very cheaply made set of Chinese made cutlery. The knives are advertised to be dishwasher safe, and to never need sharpening. Both claims are totally false. The product is known to rust, quickly dull, the tips of the blades will break off, etc. They also claim that they are made of surgical grade stainless steel, which is another false claim. They may have some surgical stainless steel in them, but true surgical grade stainless steel will not rust. Turnover in this company is virtually 100%. It is a total churn and burn scam. Paychecks are usually short, and often late. They always have an excuse, such as computer problems or something similar. Most employees quit within their first 90 days of employment. By then, your personal vehicle will be destroyed from being used as a supply van, mileage, etc. There is a steady stream of customers returning knives, because they are defective. Employee complaints and problems are nonstop, and create constant drama. Management and training are a total joke. It is obvious that the knives are so cheaply made and sold for $50. per box and higher, so nobody cares. They just want you to keep selling. You can buy better knives for less money. This scam needs to end. Many lives are being ruined with false promises of huge paychecks, when reality is that most do not even make minimum wage. If it is too good to be true, beware, This is a horrible, cold hearted company. Stay away!!!         
Entity: St. Louis , Missouri
39, Report #131972
Feb 19 2005
11:18 AM
Ronco Six Star Plus Cutlery Been dealing with Company since June '04. Still can't get my credit even though I have been fighting with them. Couldn't even speak with a supervisor. Chino California
I returned a large wooden block in June '04 and still haven't received my credit. Even though I called numerous times even became irate. I faxed, at their request my receipts of the post office delivery and the signed receipt of delivery 4 times. I in the meantime my knives became rusty and the handles were very loose (very danderous) I called and explained this to them I was told to send them back and I would be charged the S&H for new ones, well that would be over $30.00 because almost all of them were loose. I was told at the begining that there was a bad batch. I asked for a supervisor was told she wouldn't come to the phone. I told the CSR to forget this its not worth the stress. She said OK and hung up. She should have put her supervisor on the line. I sent back the knives 01/05 and probably won't receive my credit. This was a very expensive lesson and a Rip Off!!! Debbie San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
40, Report #163477
Nov 05 2005
02:14 PM
Cookeville Knives And Cutlery - Cumberland Knives ripoff dishonest, never recieved product, will not refund money, don't buy from them! Cookeville Tennessee
I ordered 2 knives from this place, I recieved 1 and the the other was shown to be back ordered on the packing slip. I Have already paid for the knife and now I guess I'm never going to get it or my $80.00 back. I have sent numerous e-mails, phone calls, and faxes... they will not answer me. I just want to warn others not to buy from this place... they are a total rip off! I have dealt with many companies on the internet and this is the first time this has happened. Karrie Aurora, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Cookeville, Tennessee
41, Report #101042
Jul 28 2004
04:16 PM
Car Corner ripoff Woodstock Georgia
I went to this dealership to buy a 2nd car, I happen to see the dearship a lot saw a car that was pretty nice looking. I brought my wife in to see the Kia Sportage that I saw, it was nice looking drove well. Well after about a week of back and forth we came to an aggreement, did the paper work and closed the deal, so far so good. Well with in 3 days the engine seized up and I called them they were like Oh well that's your problem, well I felt it wasnt because I loked over the care it looked great but I felt so screwed over. The cost was over $750, Car Corner didnt do anything about it at all but they did call the finance company (Arcadia Financial) and tell them that I refused to make payements both of them decided to try to repo the car after month and half of back and forth arguing, fighting over getting the car fixed. I made the payments then a few months later car was in was in an accident, my insurance adjuster told me that the car was water rotted from being in seawater, ok I live in Atlanta, the nearest ocean is 4 hours away no where near me. Bottom line Car Corner and Arcadia Financial both bullied me with threats and also the took my downpayment added it to my car loan as if I never made the downpayment, I tried to contact them they refused to speak to me. I got tired of spending any more money on the car, so I called Arcadia to come get the car, it took them almost a month before they even decided and about a year or so later Arcadia send me a letter stating they sold the car for a third of the balance and said they wanted the whole note plus the auction costs. I notice that Car Corner sells cars to people who may have credit issues or not enough of a down payment, ist like they love to pray on people like that. They suck!! Jason Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodstock, Georgia
42, Report #172653
Jan 21 2006
09:58 PM
Cookeville Knives and Cutlery - Cumberland Knives and Cutlery ripoff Cookeville Tennessee
Mary and John Hopson sold more than $40,000.00 worth of Leupold rifle scopes they did not have. They have not mailed scopes and have not provided refunds. This scam started back in Aug 2005 There are several people impacted by this. The Cookeville Police Department have not arrested them and we have found out that Mary Hopson was a former employee for the Cookeville Police Department. If you ever see any mention of a Business in Cookeville Tn or PUTNAM County TN you would be better off to avoid. They also sell Knives and Cutlery as mention in the first complait, they seem to make a living ripping people off. James Cedartown, GeorgiaU.S.A. font color=red> CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cookeville, Tennessee
43, Report #1018647
Feb 22 2013
12:01 PM
Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery North American Membership Group The same as the other complainant I ordered a $3 knife. I recieved the knife with nothing but an address label. then about 4 weeks later I noticed that $88.94 was taken out of my account. Todays date Hopkins, Minnesota
I ordered a $3 knife on the internet around the 4th 0f Nov. I received the knife and then about 4 weeks later I noticed an $88.94 deduction from my bank account forCooking Pleasures that I had not authorized. I imediatly called the number on my bank statement. This was on 12-26 12. I cancelled the account they had set up for me without my permission. I did receive another knife and a supposedly free gift of a cheap wooden knife drawer holder thing. But I did not order a $79.00 knife, the other $9.94 was shipping. I don't know of any Knife that is worth $79.00. I have called them 7 times for a refund. They received the knife back on 12-26-12 today is 2-22-13. They claim it takes 8 weeks to return the money. Well I think it has been more than 8 weeks and I want my money. So i blew up on them again. I told them I was going to get ahold of everyone I could get ahold of. And turn them into everyone I could turn them into. She finally said she would talk to her supervisor. When she gets back on the phone. she said the money has been returned as of today. It should be back in my account within 5 days. I'm tired of their lies. They need to be stopped.
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
44, Report #955718
Oct 16 2012
08:47 AM
Cooking Pleasures Cooking Pleasures Deluxe forged Cutlery Scam Hopkins, Minnesota
To whom this may concern, I purchased some vitamins and I was offered a free knife for $5.00 shipping and handling.  I received my vitamins as purchased.  Approximately two weeks later, I received the knife in the mail.  Less than a month later, I received another knife in the mail; and less than a month later, I received another knife in the mail.  I have looked for the email and phone number to Cooking Pleasures to cancel this process, program, order, or scam and there is not one.  They don't have a phone number listed on the invoice or an email address.  All  you can do is return the merchandise and hope to be refunded and that your credit card will not be charged again.  Please help stop this scam from this company. Thank You!
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
45, Report #1129587
Mar 10 2014
12:03 PM
Cooking Pleasure Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Is company a scam? Kennesaw Georgia
I signed up through the internet with Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery program hoping to add quality knives for my home use.  The first box arrived in the mail with a fist sized hole punched on the bottom of the original package.  The box inside the original package contained a black foam form that should have held the Ultimate Santoku Knife.  The knife was not inside.  I called the phone number listed on the enclosed invoice/document and explained that there was no knife inside.  The customer service employee told me another knife would be sent to replace the missing Ultimate Santoku Knife.  I waited for, at least two weeks and called the customer service number again, explained to the customer service person what had happened with the original knife and was assured the knife was sent out again.  I was happy with the customer phone service.  The mail arrived at my house on 3/6/14 and there was the Cooking Pleasures package I was waiting for.  I opened the package and was surprised when the Customer Receipt showed Item Number C1602A - Santoku Knife when I actually received Item Number C1961A which is a sharpening steel.  I called the number, immediately after I discovered this mistake explaining what I received in the mail.  The very nice lady I spoke with on the phone told me that she was going to escalate a message to Corporate and that I would be hearing from corporate headquarters within 24 to 48 hours and she proceeded to verify my home phone number, cellphone number, as well as my email address and this company has all the correct information on file.  To date, I have not heard from any personnel regarding this knife situation.  I am writing to find out if anybody has had issues with the company.  I am concerned.  If this problem is resolved by Cooking Pleasures, what about future shipments?  I don't want to deal with this, if so. 
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
46, Report #1390224
Aug 03 2017
02:11 PM
Case W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Did not honor their warranty Bradford Pennsylvania
I sent Case a knife they manufactured.  The knife no longer closes completely. The narrow thin blade sticks out when closed enough so poke you when carried in your pocket.  They stated it was warranteed for life against defects.  I sent the knife in to them and they sent it back with no repairs. The first paragraph of their letter stated that they were unable to repair the knife because the tooling has changed and our new parts will not fit in your knife. They refused to replace the knife. No knife will stay open under normal wear.  It was a material defect and they should have replaced it.
Entity: Bradford, Pennsylvania
47, Report #600377
May 06 2010
06:28 AM
Harry Corner Threatened To Have Me Arrested Cadillac , Michigan
Somebody by the name of Harry Corner, phone number 231-577-4894, has been constantly calling my home phone and cell phone as well as my fiance's cell phone. This individual threatens to send a warrant out for my arrest and continually called me at work as well. When I'd hang up, he would call back and then each time, he would try to finish his spiel. My fiance threatened him back and tried getting information as to who, why, what nor where and this guy would not answer. He was very suspicious sounding and seemed worried when my fiance said my lawyers would be calling him. Harry then changed his tune and said okay, no problem.
Entity: Cadillac, Michigan
48, Report #584566
Mar 23 2010
01:37 PM
french corner soho clothing store, Internet
I placed an order online never received my item. I've made numerous attempts at contacting them but no response.  I've tried email and telephone multiple times and they never respond.  Stay away from this b.s site.  This site looks real but its not.  
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #793942
Oct 31 2011
05:12 PM
Quilters' Corner, Inc. Quilt Shop Internet
This is a quilt shop that I ordered a $7.95 pattern from.  The owner wanted to charge me $3.50 for shipping, as she wanted to enclose a thank you card and a note pad as a gift.  I refused to pay that much for shipping, and she just cancelled my order.  Has recently contacted me to argue her side, but only after I gave her a bad review on Yelp. I have since found the pattern at another shop, and was charged $2.00 for shipping, which sounded a lot more resonable, and is what I was expecting to pay for a 8 1/2x 11 card stock pattern along with a minlaa envelope.  Most quilt shops charge aound $2.00, sometimes less, and sometimes they even ship for free. Last time I ever try to buy anything from this shop.
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #1215208
Mar 12 2015
09:28 AM
Eichenluft/Pooh Corner Molly Graf Fraud, Liars, Sick Dogs
Molly Graf and I over 2 years ago came to an agreement of 2 breedings to my merle LC chihuahua for a brindle chihuahua pup she had.  I got no health records or PA Puppy Lemon Law at the time of purchase which is a requirement in this state.  I later took a dog and showed it for her.  Had the dog for over a month to show it.  Then she wanted me to breed a bitch that she herself has lost puppies to.  I bred the dog to my merle.  I had her for 4 weeks to breed her.  When I took her back she asked me to take a pup she had to work with.  A half brother to the one I got.  I had him for 4 months.  When the female whelped the pups died.  I do not know whether they were born dead or died after.  Molly then wanted a pup merle out of my male merle (a litter I had).  I sold her (at a discount) a female pup.  I rebred the bitch to my merle as my last breeding litter as we had a lot going on here.  Molly still had the brother to the brindle I had gotten from her.  He was in an outdoor kennel with 4 other males.  I found a buyer for him because I felt bad for him.  I went and picked him up, drove 75 miles out of my way to deliver him. Told Molly I had her money.  Then I decided to sell the pregnant female I had.  Molly wanted her.  I told her to finish our contract I would discount the pregnant bitch severly and our contract was done.  She asked if she could use the money from the male I sold for her towards it.  I said yes.  After delivering the female to Molly, picking up the money, seeing the other pup I had sold her and saying hello, a little while passed.  I then found out the puppy merle had died from parvo she had gotten from Molly's farm.  Molly's words not mine.  I have the FB messages to prove it.  Then she wanted another breeding to my merle male.  When I said no our contract was done and I didn't want any dogs that had come close to parvo near my home she started insulting my male.  Then came back and asked if I would breed 1 more time to him for her.  Now.......2 years later......she is still posting crap and lies.....trying to get something.  She has been sued so often for sick dogs, property issues, dog issues.  All of this can be checked on her local legal sites.  She has lost a lot of law suits and owes a lot of people.  So this is the situation.  She also has many alias' on FB so she can scam and spy on people.  She is definately a buyer beware person.  I breed once in a great great while.  I own no females.  I mostly show.  

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