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1, Report #650729
Oct 13 2010
10:48 PM
Dallas Auto Locksmiths 24/7 Dallas Locksmith Deceptive Advertising - Overbilling - Fraudulent Marketing Dallas, Texas
October 13, 2010We managed to lock our keys in our running Chevrolet Suburban.  I had my netbook with me and found at Google...24HR CAR UNLOCK247DALLASLOCKSMITH.COM  $19 FAST & LOCAL CAR UNLOCKING SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST 24 HR A DAYIt was about 10pm at the time... I dialed their local number of 972-584-0577.  The call was answered promptly and professionally.  The man said that he had a technician near by and that it would no more than 20 minutes.  He also said that the technician would phone me right away.15 min or so later, I was calling the number again.  I was told that the technician would call promptly.  And, I got a call within 5 minutes.  The guy took another 15 minutes to arrive at my location.  He was driving a decent can and seemed like a decent guy.He filled out the invoice ... $35 service call fee... $85 labor charge to open the vehicle.  $120 total.I brought his attention to the website listing and the advertisement.  He said he would deduct the service call fee of $35... but, that we would still have to pay the $85.  Otherwise, he was leaving then and there.  Given our situation... we had no real choice but to pay the extortionist the $85.  It took him less than 3 minutes to have the vehicle open.  He did it right.  He was professional about it.The problem is that we were baited into a deal at $19.  We waited for 3/4 of an hour or so before the guy got there.  And then, we were forced to pay $85.It's fraud.  It's deceptive advertising.  It's bogus.  It's wrong.Yeah, we could have said no and started searching for another locksmith dude to open the car.  We could have waited another hour for a dude to show up.  But, our car was running and it was already pretty late at that point.I think this firm should send me a check for $66.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
2, Report #1323428
Aug 19 2016
11:09 AM
I am a senior citizen who just came from taking his wife to the emergency room in Phoenix, AZ, only to find that I had locked  myself out of my car.  Called a locksmith I found online, on my phone, that advertised fees starting at $14.  That should have been my first clue of a scammer. Local locksmiths at 602 663 9222 sent a guy who would not give me a clue as to what his fee would be.  It was $268 when he got done, and did not take long to unlock.  Later, when I had recovered from the shock of taking me wife to the hospital, I called a truly local locksmith who said the standard fee for this service is $80.   A manager named Tony would only tell me that I signed for the $268 fee, and now I wanted mercy?  They have no physical address he would give me.  Claimed he had no boss I could talk to. The customer service department at 480 550 8874 does not answer the phone or return calls.  When I asked to be transfered to customer service, I get Tony the manager again. Bottom line, avoid this rip off artist.  I only wanted them to pay the difference between what my insurance company gave me and the outrageous amount they billed me for.  Got no cooperation at all.    
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1407445
Oct 20 2017
06:33 AM
United locksmiths Outrages prices which weren't consistent Corona CA
 I called this companies website and they were here within 20 minutes but the website stated that the phone call base price was 15 dollars and to simply unlock my car door would be $35 but when the guy did his calculations he was charging me $117! This isn't an uncommon or hard task plus the website listed the prices so there was no need for him to make such absurd calculations of numbers. When we showed him the prices he stated that they were wrong and the base price was $20 which he later changed to $35. He finally agreed to lower the price down to $70 but told us that it was off the record and that if the company asked about the service that we had to say we cancelled the service. Which by the way he wouldn't even accept no for an answer when we kept trying to tell him that we wanted the service cancelled he wanted to charge us the service fee of $25...where did that price even come out of? Just don't contact this service for anything. Save your time and money and go somewhere else instead.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #635961
Aug 31 2010
07:57 AM
Global Locksmiths unfair charges, rip-off, scam, unclear costs, rude, arrogant Internet, Florida
I was tol by dispatcher the cost for a locksmith is $29.99 fora service call, plus labor which is roughly $40-50 dollars, depending on how long it takes to open the lock. Theguy shows up and says he has to use an air pump, it took 4 SECONDS, and he says labor is $118! I paid $148 for a 4 second service at 3:00 in the afternoon, 8 miles away from thei shop!!! The guy was rude and arrogant and even tried giving me his OWN business card to take business away from the company. Do not use these scammers-Global-Locksmiths.
Entity: Internet, Florida
5, Report #943947
Sep 20 2012
07:38 AM
Local Locksmiths Quoted one price to go out, completely different price when finished with job Internet
My son locked his keys in the car, and I found Local Locksmiths online and was quoted $14.00 for a service call (as advertised), and $29.00 for Lockout Service for a vehicle. I confirmed with the man on the phone, that it would be $43.00 to unlock my son's car, and he said yes. When my son called me back after they had left, the charge was actually $130 and he was there for no more than 5 minutes and all he did was fish the keys out (as the window was cracked and was brought through this crack) and never used any equipment to open the door or unlock the car. When I called Local Locksmiths, I was told that was the price was based on what the technician decides to charge at the time (per job) otherwords it's the technician's call, and that if I had a problem with the charge to call the manager, Jake, the next day. This place is a rip-off!!! They are deceitful, and I felt they took advantage of my teen-aged son.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1038694
Mar 27 2013
11:05 PM
T&D LOCKSMITHS Bait and Switch Scam Long Beach, California
I called T&D Locksmiths to repair a broken tailgate lock on my Odyssey. The end result was me being ripped off an extra $100!I called and got a quote for a repair for my tailgate lock. The quote was $200-$250. Th first locksmith could not get the trunk to open or figure out how to remove it. He left promising to send another specialist out.I received a phone call an hour later asking if the locksmith was done and had I paid. I said no and relayed what the first guy had said to me and my husband.About 6 hours later, another locksmith came (during dinnertime) to fix the lock. I had already ordered the lock part myself and was given a quote for labor only. After finishing up, the locksmith now demanded $390.00 for the work, citing how he had to drill it out and how long it took. I was not present during this discussion. My husband haggled for abut 15 min. and then agreed to pay $340.00. I was furious when I found out he had paid that much!Based on what the Honda dealer had quoted, what I paid T&D plus the cost of the lock was nearly the same! I called the manager to complain, which was a waste of time and effort.After the episode I researched T&D. They were just some contracted service thru what i now know was a clearinghouse I called with a glossy website. They have other complaints about shoddy service and raising the final bill on consumers.I would warn anyone if you go online to find local services, make sure you know who they are sending out. You might end up with someone like T&D LOcksmiths!
Entity: Long Beach, California
7, Report #1050608
May 13 2013
02:34 PM
Locksmiths on time Charged far more than led to believe norcross Georgia
 Website and telephone call led me to believe the price would be reasonable ($50-60) .Opened door(took less than a minute) and then told it was going to be 150.00 wanted it all in cash,now i know why. called the next day to complain and was basically told tough. I will dispute the charges, but he still got way overpaid, in my estimation. STAY FAR,FAR, AWAY there are other locksmiths that are honest.
Entity: norcross, Georgia
8, Report #1126166
Feb 24 2014
03:33 PM
Austin Light Speed Locksmiths Scam. Liars. Con-men. Austin Texas
This company is a scam.  I was the most unpleasant experience I've had in Austin.I googled Locksmith Austin TX.  They were the prominent entry.Their company advertised a locksmith for 10 dollars.  I called the number and said, How much to unlock my car? The woman said, 10 dollars.I said, Are there any other fees? She said, No. I confirmed, Are you absolutely sure it's only going to cost me 10 dollars to unlock my car?Yes, she said.   Ok.   The kid showed up, and was unbelievably rude.  I asked him how much to unlock my car, and he said, We'll can talk about that later. I demanded to know the price, and he said, $130I told him I would not pay that.  And that I was quoted a much lower price.  I got him down the market rate of $40.I know for a fact that this bait and switch is how they make the majority of their money.  I bet a lot of customers won't argue with them.This explains why the kid was so rude upon meeting him...he knew that it would end up in an argument.
Entity: Austin, Select State/Province
9, Report #1244311
Jul 27 2015
08:38 AM
Rush Locksmiths Locksmith breaks theft preventive passlock system San Antonio Texas
I called this company because my key wasnt working, turned out i had the wrong key.  The locksmith broke my theft prevention system, the dealer wants $800+ to fix it.  Had auto repairs, kechanic didnt know why vehicle wouldn't start, then towed to dealer and got the truth.  The passlock is broken due to incompatible key, and it costs lots to fix.  Had repairs, rental car expense, hotel expense (i was stranded without a vehicle),  taxi expense, dealer repairs, towed it three times.  Guess what still doesnt work and when i call this company they hang up on me!so much for bonded and insured!
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
10, Report #858837
Mar 24 2012
03:32 PM
I locked myself out of our house March 15, 2012 at 8 pm, l I used my cell phone information assistance for a locksmith. I was given 972-813-0043 and they gave me OPEN LOCKSMITH MOTO 800-880-7608 and they sent out their technician  818-259-9664 who I had a hard time understanding because of a language problem. And it took him 2-3 hours to arrive because of this problem had hard time following directions. When he finally arrived he tried for 10 minutes to pick the lock but was un successful so he drilled the key hole out. And was told he would have to order another key sleeve, and it would probably take a couple of days, and was charged $371.29.  He returned 5 days later with the key hole sleeve, and re- keyed the key hole to match my key. Took less than 20 minutes to do it. Then he charged me another  $375.00. I was never told there would be an additional  charge. Thats a total price of $746.29 for a total of less than 1 hour work. I told him his charges were ridiculous and he said I dont set the prices.  I was never told the prices up front from the start because of his pretend language problem he never gave me his name, the directions he was coming to get to my house.  I have called several locksmith and the most I been quoted is $250 to do this same job. I was never quoted any price when he came out and I continued to ask him what this would cost  and the only time I got a price quote was when he finished  I have been ripped off!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
11, Report #1433557
Mar 10 2018
10:30 AM
Safeguard Locksmiths Safeguard Safes Safeguard Group Safe Guard Locksmiths North Melbourne Locksmiths Safeguard Security Specialists Pty Ltd Wayne Drinkwater Mark Drinkwater Ripped Off by these people - Strata & Real Estate CC Scam Internet
Avoid at all possible ways from doing any business with Safeguard Locksmiths, Safeguard Safes and Vaults, Safeguard Group, Safeguard Security Specialists, and their countless copies they have made due to people catching them out on their scams.My sister in law needed their services to change a lock on a really hot day recently in an emergency. They really saw her coming and took full advantage of her. She was charged approximately 300% because a) she was female, and b) anothr 300% because it was after 5pm.I am her brother in law. When I found out I could not believe their charges. To replace a lock cost almost as much as installing that portion of the house. I strongly advise that you call around before ringing up some dodgy company like Safeguard Locksmiths. They are thieves, scammers, and drug addicts. That is not where it ends. Not only did she pay with her brand new credit card, one month later she finds out on her bill that her 'brand new card' that nobody else could possibly have known about has been used to fund Strata and Real estate materials for development equipment to the value of $20,000 overseas. She has never bought anything in the US. This is supposed to be a North Melbourne, Australian Company.When she confronted the manager Wayne Drinkwater (who really couldn't care less about customer service) he told her to GET OUT OF THE PREMISES and insinuated that my sister in law had a mental problem. At the time another man jumped in and tried to see what was going on. His name was Mark. He did nothing to help the problem, in fact the reverse. Granted she was angry and wanted answers, as any other customer would have expected, but that is no reason for Mark Drinkwater to physically attack a woman by force and throw her out on the ground. That is criminal.When I found out, I wanted to knock the puny little dweeb's face out, but we both thought we would do it properly and talk to the police. However, when we were preparing the information we looked them up and found out that they had a security license registered with the Victoria police, so obviously there was no point pursuing a complaint with the police as they were down their pants and judging by the news recently I doubt we would get to even make a statement. I wish we had taken camera footage of the incident. It would be all over YouTube now to show what heartless people these are, and that they should not be in the industry whatsoever.We now know about their business practices from reading reviews and talking to others in the area. They are known for doing more work than needed or asked. We found one guy who had 6 locks changed when there was only a need to change one. He placed negative feedback online and was threatened with a law suit and was forced to take it down. It was in relation to the settlement of his property.That's not the best of it! Never trust a company who comes out and gives a 'quote', especially when they smell like they have been smoking marijuana! My sister in law works as a drug awareness counsellor and swears 100% that the person that came out was under the influence of some sort of illicit substance. Further the guy who grabbed her when she went to complain literally went into a rage when she brought that topic up in the store.I guess it must have hit close to home. The take away from all this is that if you ever are confronted with a locksmith that gives you a bad feeling (or smell), RUN AWAY - Safeguard Group, Safeguard Locksmiths, Safeguard Safes, or whatever they want to call themselves are thieving Scum.I Do Not Recommend Anyone Go there In North Melbourne, or This Universe. Avoid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or any site that they try to scam you with by putting a suburb on and then use the 1300 764 971 and the SafeGuard or Safe Guard Security.Don't trust drug addicts, women beaters, and credit card scammers, or people who cannot be honest with quotes.
12, Report #1198125
Dec 29 2014
08:35 AM
Lorain Automotive Locksmiths Lorain Commercial LocksmithsLorain Residential LocksmithsLorain Locksmith Securityand many others Lock-out Locksmith Mobile Auto Residential Commercial Lorain & Nationwide Internet
This company goes by many names, some I have listed but the phone is always the same *440-536-3725*.I called them for a quote on lockout service, I spoke to a female that either mumbled or had a heavy spanish accent and heard $19 service call and what I thought was $59 for the lockout service. I agreed because it was less than the $99 quote I got from a competitor. She said a tech would call when on his way and he did from *440-346-2736* and prompyly stated that the service call would now be $29 because it was a large truck. I tried to explain it is the same lock as cars use and then he mumbled something about the lock-out service and said he'd be about 20 minutes. He arrived spent less than 4 minutes to unlock the door and then said the total was $218.00, telling me I had agreed to that. I vehemently disagreed with that quote, but signed the crdit card charge slip not having time for the police to straighten the matter out. I called the first number (a dispatch service I imagine) and was told there was no suopervisor for me to speak to. Afterwards I contacted my Credit card company and learned I had no recourse because of signing the charge slip. The company listed on the Visa account is KD Garage & Locksmith out of Georgia. I am in Ohio.I know wish that I would have called the police that day, as they (the locksmiths) would have likely dropped there blackmail scheme and charged what was quoted.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #759592
Aug 02 2011
06:33 AM
Run Local Locksmiths Came 3 hrs late - Shady - said they would have to break the window Internet, Internet
! was locked out of my car, they show up 3 hours later than they had advised. The guy was dirty and could barely speak english. He said he may have to break the window. They advertise 15$ fee - but the guy demanded 30$ and left .
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #1178850
Sep 23 2014
07:37 PM
Local Locksmiths a/k/a Gilbert Locksmiths Locksmith Tempe Arizona
We had a client locked out of their new house. We called a local locksmith based on a Google search for Locksmiths in Gilbert.  The Owner/Locksmith quoted a $14 trip charge because they have techs in the area. And then $29.99 minimum depending on the lock's level of security. We expected around $100.00 or less.  The technician was was there for three minutes at the very most.  He picked the lock on the garage door handle.  This is one of the simplest locks to pick.  They charged $220 for the pick fee when their max advertised fee is $289.  Certainly not the $29.00 minimum they stated on the phone.  
Entity: Tempe , Arizona
15, Report #224552
Dec 09 2006
07:59 PM
I was told it would take 30 minutes for this mobile business to come out to wherever I was located and make a new ignition key out for me on the spot. I had to wait out in the cold rain for 4 hours. When they show up, their eating fresh KFC food at wheel and explaining that they were stuck in traffic. The job took longer than 30 minute, it took 3 hours. When they were done, I was told they were finished while one of the men wrote me up a reciept. When I handed him the $100 he handed me a flathead screwdriver. I told him this is not what I paid for. He told me, I will come back the day after tomorrow to finish. I did not hear from him for several days. When I did, I was called a b*tch and hung up on. They eventually made an attempt to finish the job, decided they had other jobs to do and left 20 minutes after coming. During their last attempt, not only did they not finish the job but they disconnected my horn, my blinker switch and brake lights. I already called the police and could not be helped. It's been a month now and I am still waiting for them to put my vehicle back together and finish the job. That car was in perfect condition. Mmandu Marysville, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Woodenville,Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, Washington
16, Report #1048433
May 04 2013
12:17 PM
24/7 Atlanta locksmiths Ripped off by making me sign a blank invoice, then telling me what they were going to charge my card. internet Georgia
 Don't use 24/7 locksmiths or any of their associated names they go under.  They pretend it is cheap, offer coupons, and a 15 minute arrival time. Well, they get you to sign a blank invoice and fill in  over $200 to bill to the credit card that they had you give over the phone, with a much smaller estimate of cost given. What to do?  Call your local mechanic or evn break out a window, which only costs you $60 for a used one, and the web can tell you how to install it.
Entity: internet, Georgia
17, Report #358969
Aug 04 2008
11:22 AM
USA Locksmiths Overcharged, provided unnecessary services Plano Illinois
We were moving from Germantown, MD to Plano, IL when I got locked out of our new house. I grabbed the rental car key and not all of my keys to move my car into the garage. As my husband was not flying in until the next day, I needed a locksmith to get into the new house. Since I was desparate and did not know the area, I had sprint mobile pick the first locksmith they could find which was usalocksmiths. What a mistake that was. First, their dispatch could not find our house and was asking for roads around it of which I had no clue since we were just moving to a new state. Second, they stated that they assigned me a technician which would be there in about 45minutes which was about 45 minutes after I had first called. When that 45 minutes was up, they called stated that the technician claimed to not have received the job order and they were sending out a technician that was much closer but the lockout fee was $255.00 when they originally quoted that it was going to be $55 plus labor. Soon after getting off the phone with them that time, that technician called stating that he was at least 60 minutes away and had no clue where the house was as they just stated a route number the house was off of rather than a street address. I agreed to the later time since I really had no choice. When the locksmith showed up, he looked at the lock and stated that it was a high security lock and therefore he had to drill the lock out. This was a lock leading from the garage to the house and doubted it was a high security lock. However being female, alone and in a strange town, I agreed. After he drilled out the lock, he told me just drilling out the lock was $255 so that was the only thing he was planning on doing in any case. He installed a new door lock which cost $189.00. He rekeyed the lock so it matched the front door. All in all, it cost over $600 dollars to get back in the house which is exorbiant. I am originally from the DC area so I know when I am getting screwed. Unfortunately, USA Locksmith does not realize that I have worked in law for the past 10 years and will vigorously pursue this. I have already launched my first tirade at sprint for having the listing in their service for such fraudulent services. I urge you never to use their services. Kathy Plano, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Illinois
18, Report #453185
May 18 2009
10:31 PM
Seattle Locksmith Seattle Locksmith, Seattle Locksmiths, Bellevue Locksmith Http:// Internet
24/7 Seattle Locksmith, are all scams! They say they have seattle offices, but if you actually drive by any of the locations there is absolutely nothing. These guys are based in New York or Florida or something and hire out unqualified and rude individuals in Seattle. First they lure you in with their domain (, then they have a great price, and great schpeal. Then when the guy showed up, they asked for another $200. Apparently the fee I paid was JUST FOR HIM TO SHOW UP! I told him to get lost and called ANOTHER COMPANY! 24/7 Seattle Locksmith, and the same thing. A pretty low fee, and I asked...So no hidden fees, right? Of course, they said no. They show up, charge my card, and same thing. Some ridiculous $250+ charge, plus they said he couldn't spare my lock, so I had to get a whole new set. I finally called someone who was local, an ACTUAL SEATTLE LOCKSMITH (with an actual address) and they got it done, beautifully for under $100, no up-selling, nothing. A pain in the ass, and I hope I can prevent anyone else from having to deal with this. I have checked around and here are some ACTUAL LOCAL SEATTLE LOCKSMITHS. Bascially any company that has an 877 or 866 number is a fraud. (((ROR redacted))) sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name Seattle_consumer Edmonds, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Http://, Internet
19, Report #926757
Aug 13 2012
05:46 PM
run local locksmith Fraudulent locksmiths , Internet
When i lost the keys for my Nissan Maxima 2000 in a fire accident i browsed on the internet and found interesting and called them @888-686-3088. They are kind of mobile locksmiths and were at my residence on 3rd August 2012 Evening. As i already got the non-programmed key from Nissan showroom their job was easy to tune my key to the car system and they did it in 10 minutes and they started my car successfully and charged me $165 in cash payment. I tried starting my car after 10 days as the car tire was flatten and i got it fixed on the 10th day from the service. For my surprise i'm unable to start my car and i called the locksmith immediately and then came to know that the warranty of the car keys is 3days, which was never mentioned before neither in the receipt i got it nor verbally. I already lost my home in the fire accident with out having the rental insurance on top of that i had to face this kind of service from these guys. I'm planning to file a police complaint tomorrow against these guys. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #822110
Jan 13 2012
07:45 AM
Local Locksmiths Inflated Bill Internet
Local Locksmiths told me there would be a $14 fee for coming out, and the actual work starts at $29. I was then charged $49 for them to come out (so the $14 was a flat out lie) and $139 for the work. Since they start at $29, technically that wasn't a flat out lie, but I have a hard time believing that unlocking my car just coincidentally was 479% more difficult than average; they really could have done better giving a realistic quote.They also added sales tax, despite the fact that services are not taxed in Arizona.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1130350
Mar 12 2014
10:17 PM
TD Locksmiths T&D Locksmiths Overcharge Bait and Switch Con Artists Fullerton California
I lost the key to a 2014 Mustang rental car.  I called the local Ford dealer who said that they would be able to replace the key and remote for $315.  I decided to call a locksmith to see if it could be done cheaper and they said it would be $115.  I thought great!   I didn't  realize it but it was a referral service and the guy shows up and says that it is going to be $387.  I felt trapped since it was going to cost me $65 for the trip charge.  So I said to go ahead and make the key.  It turns out that he created just a key and no transponder.  I was livid, this guy is a complete ripoff artist.  The state of California should make the referral services to identify themselves as such and to say that the cost could be 300% more than quoted.   TD Locksmiths are crooks, plain and simple.
Entity: Fullerton, California
22, Report #3821
Nov 10 2000
12:00 AM
Dallas Auto Credit Dallas Texas sneaky unethical business tactics
I like many American's do not have the best Credit. While looking for a reliable car I came accross a add in the paper where you can be fianced for $500.00 down. After going thru the paperwork and getting a approval, how excited I was to be picking up my new car, I won't have to catch the bus anymore I thought. After finishing up the signing of the papers which takes at least an hour and a half. I thought something was funny about all this when the lady filling out the paperwork she made snide comments about keeping all the paperwork even the recipt of the down payment in the car at all times, again I was so excited about getting transportation I didnt realize she was setting me up. Well about a week in a half later I go to get into my car and it was gone, I could not believe it, My first payment wasnt due or anything, I had insurance for the car... Well normally I thought if you get a car, that financing was already in place or you test drive the car with the understand of returning the car if finacing could not be found, but to blantenly still your money, and the car. I fell that I am entitled to at least half of the money if not all of it. I am very unhappy about this situation, and I hope that something could be done about this..
Entity: Dallas, texas
23, Report #1178759
Sep 23 2014
01:56 PM
Master Locksmith Roseville MN Master Locksmith Cheap Prices Master Locksmiths are NOT locksmiths. lie directly to any challenge, Charge based on DESPERATION They meta-tagged every city in Minnesota-no physical add. Internet
Liars, Scammers, the are screwing both sides! The customers who are misled into believing this company is One honest hard working man trying to care for his family And smaller locksmith companies trying to utilize a BBB accredited listing service Needing a locksmith on priority status reduces some ability to understand what is occuring but they are simply preying on people in a weak moment. Beware!!!!!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1359352
Mar 02 2017
01:31 PM
Karz Auto Sales Repo Scam Dallas Texas
 I purchased a car from Karz on Garland Rd on 2/21/2017 by 2/24/207 It was smoking. Called to let them know and layer that night while shopping with my Mother they towed the car. Now that leaves my 65 year old Mother in the cold. When I called they kept saying you breeched your contract. But the account is locked and no one can tell me why They picked up my car. I have to come personally. So I finally make it don't be lot and they're giving me all the these lies until finally they say they repoed it because I said it was smoking. Now I still don't have my car because they're saying I have to pay for repairs and towing. Like hell. I'm currently getting a lawyer to fight in small claims court. I have filed with BBB and anything one else.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
25, Report #143574
May 21 2005
02:08 PM
Superb Solutions Locksmiths ripoff Pasadena California
We had purchased a brand new door knob/lock which my husband tried to install himself. He was unsuccessful, so I found Superb Solutions Locksmiths in Google. They were listed as Locksmith AAA Emergency Lock Out. No one on the phone quoted me a price but said a technician would be calling me shortly. The technician arrived (1/2 hour late) and looked at the door knob and pronounced it broken, then went out to his car to get some new knobs to try and sell me. I told him the knob on the door was brand new and I certainly was not going to buy a cheap knob from him. He then pronounced the knob broken again and charged me $140. He worked on the door a maximum of 10 minutes and was probably at my house for 20. The explanation was that they charged $65 for the house call and $75 for labor. I called the office and complained. The technician then lied to the person on the phone and told him he had quoted me $65 for the house call and $150/her labor. I should never been charged the additional $75 Virginia Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California

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