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Sep 08 2017
01:17 PM
DAN ANTON: BACKLINKSVAULT and BrandlinksRank NJANTONANTON MARKETING Dand Anton is a Fraud Internet
 Dan Anton is a BRAZEN criminal, avowed hacker, runs a SUSPICIOUS website, and has been banned by Wikipedia, etc., etc.,:This will be documented in this report.Dan Anton Markets Ripoff Reports Houdini http://dananton.com/ripoffreport-houdini-expert-famous/ And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_ZZSqCq8JYThe longer you wait to purchase the more expensive it will become. As a business owner and online marketer, don’t you want to know the secret to REMOVING your RipOffReport from Google? Imagine being able to do this for yourself, current clients, or sell this as a service.This is from his website as of 12/23/2014.Dan Anton KNOWS beyond ALL DOUBT that his product is a complete total scam and sham. Dan Anton is CEO of Backlinks Vault. Com.   http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/12/prweb10171013.htm  Back links Vault has four (4) Ripoff reports on Google. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=backlinks+vault.com+ripoff+reportsIf Dan Anton, was not a scammer, and crook, and his method of Ripoff Report Removal worked, four (4) Ripoff Reports would not be available on Google. Dan Anton has GOT TO KNOW that he is ripping of innocent people. The most basic search for BacklinksVault, returns a Ripoff report second from the Top on Google. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=backlinksvault.comDAN ANTON IS A BRAZEN CRIMINAL. Dan Anton states, in public, that he is a hacker.  The following are cut and pasted (not edited) fromhttp://www.warriorforum.com/showthread.php?p=9703913 where Dan Anton and his brother market this criminal product as of 12-23-2014. Re: RipOffReport Houdini - Remove Negative RipOffReportsThe method can be started for Free. It's a hack no one is exploiting within RipOff Report. In order to fully ensure the RipOffReport gets removed we recommend investing additional funds, anywhere in the range of $20-$100Re: RipOffReport Houdini - Remove Negative RipOffReportsHack is still working. Case study 100% verifiable. Order before price continues to go up. Over 50 copies sold! __________________________________________________________________________________________Dan Anton is an Amazingly Brazen Criminal.  His reports are there for the world to see yet he creates FALSE TESTIMONIALS for his potential VICTIMS to Review.  As noted above, Dan Anton’s product is a scam. Dan Anton has four (4) Ripoff reports on Google.  How do you know Dan Anton has created false testimonials? Because his product does not work.___________________________________________________________________________________________ Dan Anton has been banned from Wikipedia:Dan Anton Page Deleted from Wikipedia:Deleted on 12-10-2014 and again on 10-20-14.You will note that this page was deleted on 12-10-2014.Dan Anton subverted and disregarded Wikipedia Policy and Procedure and attempted to post again about himself.This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.•     03:50, 20 December 2014 Kww (talk | contribs) deleted page Dan Anton (A7: No explanation of significance (real person/animal/organization/web content/organized event))•     14:28, 10 December 2014 Yunshui (talk | contribs) deleted page Dan Anton (G11: Unambiguous advertising or promotion: A7: Article about a real person, which does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject)_____________________________________________________________________________________COMMENTS FROM WIKIPEDIA EDITORS: The page has been deleted. Robert (talk) 03:58, 20 December 2014 (UTC)  The page has been deleted twice in the last ten days. Not a good sign. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 05:44, 20 December 2014 (UTC)This documentation is UNEDITED and retrieved from Wikipedia on 12-23-2014____________________This Wikipedia process took place after Dan Anton tried to portray himself as An ARMY MAJOR OF THE ARMY RANGERS THAT RECEIVED TWO BRONZE STARS.  He was deleted and banned for Wikipedia for shameless sell promotion as noted by Wikipedia codes for deletion and being banned from Wikipedia.During his attempts to create a Wikipedia page about himself, he provided no truly verifiable documentation that he was ever in the Military. The Military Times Hall of Valor does not list Dan Anton as a Bronze Star Recipient. http://projects.militarytimes.com/citations-medals-awards/search.php?term=Bronze+StarDan Anton is not listed as a Bronze Star Recipient at The American War Library. http://www.amervets.com/library.htm: Dan Anton’s Facebook page contradicts his claim of receiving TWO BRONZE STARS. http://facebookadsppc.com/about-us/ 12-23-14Dan Anton states he was discharged in 2012.  If he was in fact a Ranger Major with Two Bronze stars, he has had over two years to provide  DD214s to the Military Times Hall of Valor for analysis as to authenticity of DD214s and inclusion in the Military Times hall of valor. Dan Anton has had over two years to provide his military record, if he has one, to the American War Library for analysis of legitimacy and inclusion in its data base. We are ex-military.  Dan Anton is either a fraud or very limited in his marketing and ability to effectively market himself as an ex-major with two bronze stars. There are no independent points of corroboration on the internet about Dan Anton’s Military Career. After extensive searching with a multitude of search variable, all one can find are scamming public relations articles authored by Dan Anton.  Such as this (There are more):“2014 Veterans Affairs Success Story: Dan Anton”http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1169821You will note that there is no documentation of a military career except one unidentifiable photo purported to be Dan Anton.  His marketing scam is the lead in for the “article on CNN”._____________________________________________________________________________________What is indisputable about Dan Anton:  he is a criminal ripping victims off with a bogus program he sells: he knows he is selling a “hack”: he is a hacker: he subverts and disregards procedures of business and attempts to manipulate them like he did with Wikipedia: and that he runs a suspicious website._____________________________________________________________________________________The more one researches Dan Anton, the more specious material is found about him.  For example, it is noted on website value that the backlinks vault .com website is SUSPICIOUS and contains risky content.  One can imagine a variety of illegal activities in which a criminal and hacker may be involved.  (Key loggers, etc.)“Rating by The Website Valuebacklinksvault.com was registered 3 years 10 months ago. It has a alexa rank of #124,513 in the world. It is a domain having com extension. This site has a Google PageRank of 2/10. It is estimated value of $ 55,200.00 and have a daily income of around $ 92.00. backlinksvault.com is SUSPICIOUS and may contains potentially risky contents. You should be careful while visiting this website.Updated 2 months 2 weeks ago”      (UNEDITED IN ANY MANNER)http://www.thewebsitevalue.com/www/backlinksvault.com_____________________________________________________________________________________Dan Anton appears to be attempting to move away from Backlinks Vault because people have reported so many scams related to it. He is now involved with Brandlinkrank where it is impossible to verify testimonials.  From a marketing and advertising perspective, Dan Anton’s “pitch” on Brandlinks is juvenile at best. It also appears to be link farming, a form of BLACK HAT SEOing.http://brandlinkrank.com/______________________________________________________________________________________________“Backlinks relevance still really helps in terms of making sure that we return the best, most relevant, most topical set of search results.Matt Cutts, Head of Google's Webspam team”From Dan Anton’s brandlinkrank page on 12-25-2014. One must wonder why MATT CUTS OF GOOGLE would ever comment on Dan Anton’s BrandLinks web page. Or is this just more illegal activity from Dan Anton?Based upon the information presented in this report, IT IS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY._____________________________________________________________________________________________http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/BacklinksVault/internet/BacklinksVault-Backlinks-Vault-Coupon-not-as-advertisd-Georgia-Internet-1181303This Ripoff Report is noteworthy. Dan Anton cannot be bothered, or care about his customers enough, to respond to this complaint.  This complaint is indicative of BAIT AND SWITCH.  One can imagine numerous 4 sentence responses to this customer to clear the air or provide a financial compensation to the complainant. Dan Anton and Backlinks vault cannot be bothered to respond. This unscrupulous behavior on the part of Dan Anton will no doubt be evidenced at banklinkrank, his new business. This is why we doubt the veracity of Dan Anton’s claim of being an army ranger.  Dan Anton is not honorable.  It is drilled into every Special Forces personnel in their training, death is preferable to dishonor.Specifically “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR”.Army Ranger or not, Dan Anton is a crook, today, here and now. _____________________________________________________________________________________There is more material on the internet about Dan Anton. Hopefully, what is presented here is sufficient for people to steer clear of him.  Hyperlinks deactivated.  They provide evidence of statements made in this report.____________________________________________________________________________________We were getting ready to post this at Ripoff Reports. We searched “dan aton on ripoff reports”which we had not done before: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=dan+anton+ripoff+reports.We found this: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Rober-Atilan-/nationwide/Rober-Atilan-Troll-Cyberstalking-Troll-Shill-Meglomanica-California-Nationwide-1187650Apparently Dan Anton as Ceo of Backlinks and BANKLINKS has no problem with the process of slandering people.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1263068
Oct 22 2015
04:46 PM
DAN ANTON: VAULT Teacher - Back with Links Daniel Anton Dan Anton Vault Teacher Dan Anton provides the worst Pole Vaulting instructions I've come across. The links he referred me to are worth nothing Tacoma Internet
Dan Anton Has the Worst Pole Vault Series on DVD That I have Ever Used   I used to be a resident of Tacoma, WA and I saw a sign for Dan Anton's Pole Vaulting camp. I had always wanted to learn this sport and become really good at it. I didn't think it would take me very long to master this silly sport so I figured I'd see what it was all about.   Well, unfortunately I had to quickly move to the east coast and all I had written down was a website for Mr. Anton. I eventually got around to ordering his DVD series on how to Pole Vault like a Champion. The Only thing I can say about this order is it was the worst purchase I have ever made in my life....and that's saying something.   The material was not only dated but the videos were grainy and often times impossible to see what was being shown. When I confronted Dan Anton about this he didn't even take a step back. He came right at me and said that maybe I wasn't meant to Vault.  Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What kind of teacher says that sort of thing? I asked for a refund to which he refused. This man is a SCAM and a FRAUD. He is a blatant liar and should not be allowed to operate in the USA.    I'm hoping this report is seen by someone researching Dan Anton before making the foolish purchase that I made.  My hopes and dreams at being able to pole vault like an olymic athlete have been flushed down the toilet thanks to this man.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1109660
Dec 24 2013
11:39 AM
BacklinksVault - ABC3k BacklinksVault Continues to Charge Credit Card After Cancellation Internet
I have used ABC3K, an SEO product by the company BacklinksVault for about 2 years now.  I was paying $67/month during this time on my Visa debit card.I recently decided I no longer required their services and cancelled my subscription.  They do not make this easy to do as a support ticket must be submitted to do so.They did not cancel my account and continued to charge me which resulted in an overdraft of that account as I removed the money after I cancelled.I expressed my displeasure of these practices and have not received a response from a company representative in 4 days now.I hoped this was an isolated incident, but it is not.  My business partner had the same thing happen to him in the past 2 months.  We are both now forced to contact our bank and put a stop payment on this company.Before you use this company I suggest you do some research and think twice before giving someone your money that conducts themself in this manner.I will glady remove my negative report if my money is refunded, I am given an explantion of why this happend and how it won't happen to others, and this is dealt with in a professional manner.
Entity: Select State/Province
4, Report #588544
Apr 01 2010
05:18 PM
Anton Anil Anton Anil will rip you off. He is a scammer not a wholesale distributor. Internet
Listed on alibaba.com, Anton Anil acts like he is a legitimate business, but he will not deliver.  He has lots of professional looking sites for you to choose merchandise.  He will email you constantly answering questions about merchandise.  Seems very legit, knowledgeable... but as soon as you send the money, he falls off the face of the earth.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1139815
Apr 17 2014
10:54 PM
Anton Mardesich (A & J Farms) Insurance Fraud and Attempted Cover Up Gridley California
Anton hit and killed a man. Drove off. Tried to cover up his crime by tampering with evidence and insurance fraud. He only turned himself in AFTER he got caught. Anton R Mardesichxx Ord Ranch RdGridley, CA 95948 Anton hit a man and left him in the road to die. Anton took his car to a repair shop and tried to cover up the crime. Anton filed a false insurance claim. Anton was later caught.  He turned himself in AFTER the repair shop became suspicious and contacted police. Anton made several attempts to cover up this crime. He was more concerned about himself than he was about the victim. News article: Anton Richard Mardesich, 71, pleaded guilty today in Butte County Superior Court to felony counts of insurance fraud and leaving the scene of an accident involving death or permanent injury.Driving north on the Midway from Durham, Mardesich allowed his sport utility vehicle to drift onto the shoulder near Roble Road and strike cyclist Rick Magee, 61. Magee suffered severe head and internal injuries and died five hours later at Enloe Medical Center in Chico.The following day, Mardesich allegedly took the 2007 Ford Edge to a Gridley auto body shop and claimed an oak limb fell on it while he was driving through an orchard for work. He allegedly made a similar claim to the insurance company.On Nov. 16, a windshield repairman reportedly saw a human hair on the windshield. A painter reportedly saw the defendant come into the shop's yard on Nov. 19 to smear mud on the vehicle's right headlight and windshield.Both accounts were reported to the shop's secretary, who later called the California Highway Patrol after seeing a television news report about a silver SUV or truck being the suspect vehicle in the incident.The vehicle was seized on Nov. 20 and searched Nov. 21.During a Nov. 27 interview at the CHP office in Chico, Mardesich reportedly admitted to striking the cyclist.He faces a maximum sentence ofsix years in state prison when he is sentenced Feb. 20. Outside of court, deputy district attorney Brent Redelsperger said the prosecution will consider its penalty recommendation after reviewing a pre-sentencing report. He acknowledged that McGee's friends and his partner are seeking the maximum penalty.The prosecutor said the incident was a tragedy. He said Mardesich has to face the repercussions for failing to stop as required.Defense attorney Philip Heithecker said his client also feels embarrassed and remorseful for the attempted cover-up. Davis    Mason    Madison    Jeff    Alley The family of a Durham man who was killed on his bicycle after a hit and run is launching a letter writing campaign.61-year-old Rick Magee died at Enloe Hospital last month when 71-year-old Anton Mardesich from Gridley drifted into the bike lane on the Midway and hit Magee from behind.California Highway Patrol reports document that Mardesich was traveling northbound on the Midway in his company's SUV. He looked down at the center console for a brief moment and when he looked up again he noticed Magee on his bicycle. Mardesich said he turned his SUV in an attempt to avoid hitting Magee, but struck him with the right front corner of his vehicle.  Mardesich then fled the scene.In an effort to give the community a voice, the family of Rick Magee is urging people to contact the court to express their views on the crime, the defendant, and a future penalty. The letters will be brought forward before sentencing on February 22nd.Friends and family of Rick Magee sent out this statement in response to the arraignment and plea of Anton Mardesich:The driver who killed Rick Magee--our friend, neighbor and loved one--had every opportunity to do the right thing.  But he passed up those opportunities and continued to make matters worse with a series of criminal acts.  He left the scene of the accident, failed to report a fatal injury, filed a fraudulent insurance claim (after learning Rick had died), and then tried to tamper with the evidence.  These are serious aggravating circumstances that we believe warrant the maximum possible penalty being imposed.   We appreciate the many kind gestures of support from the community and would urge our friends and neighbors to contact the court to express their views.  Letters can be sent to the Butte County Victim-Witness Assistance Center, Hon Judge James Reilley, 25 County Center Dr., Oroville, CA 95965.   --Friends and Family of Rick Magee    
Entity: Gridley, California
6, Report #1276201
Dec 25 2015
08:16 AM
Dawn and Anton May Fraud in buying a puppy Brooklyn New York
 Dawn and Anton May, Just Puppies sold me a Rottweiler puppy supposedly coming from the Ukraine. Puppy came under age with no medical, no passport or papers. I have been trying to get this information since June 2015 and am not even able to get these frauds on the phone. No answer in any of their published numbers. The contact I used to help me buy the puppies from the Mayes, Rosechen refuses to help me get this info . She is a fraud as well. I am at a loss as to how to locate these people. If anyone has a working number for them, can you please post. My next step if I cannot get the number is to go to their listed business address with a NYC police officer.
Entity: Brooklyn , New York
7, Report #1094755
Oct 26 2013
09:43 AM
 MATTHEW ANTON THE SCAMMER / OWNER OF THIS SHAM SITE IS RIPPING OFF PEOPLES HARD EARNED MONEY, OVER PROMISING AND NEVER DELIVERING.   THERE ARE ALL SORTS OF THREADS OVER THE NET COMPLAINING ON HOW PEOPLE GOT SCAMMED BY MATTHEW ANTON AND HIS BACKLINKS VAULT COMPANY.   HERES A FEW REVIEWS, AND IF YOU LOOK ON FLIPPA: HERES TRYING TO SELL THIS SCAM, SCAM COMPANY TO ANOTHER UNSUSPECTING POOR PERSON    Re: Dont use backlink-vault.com - scam Lol@ infiltrator It amazes me how they guys can even attempt at running a profitable business when they make half-assed troll attempts like this. Originally Posted by promosirupiah When I search google, I found that this is for sale on flippahttps://flippa.com/148232-backlink-v...st-page-google Well, this thread will ruin its reputation on google search result but its on Auto pilot This member has been permanently banned from BHW.   Dont use backlink-vault.com - scam When I search google, I found that this is for sale on flippahttps://flippa.com/148232-backlink-v...st-page-google Well, this thread will ruin its reputation on google search result
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1094760
Jun 24 2014
08:05 AM
Matthew Anton SCAM COMPANY AND FRAUD Matthew Anton Matthew Anton SCAM COMPANY AND FRAUD Matthew Anton New York City New York
 MATTHEW ANTON IS A FRUAD AND HIS COMPNAY IS A SCAM. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFFF.. YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!! MATTHEW ANTON IS A LYING FRUAD,  GIVES ALL SORTS OF EXCUSES TO TAAKE YOUR MINEY AND THEN   Their website claims 5000 backlinks guaranteed.  Once you make payment you dont get any backlinks.  ...     Dont use backlink-vault.com - scam Their website claims 5000 backlinks guaranteed.  Once you make payment you dont get any backlinks.  All you get is a list of URLS.  This is not what they advertise.  Please dont use. Re: Dont use backlink-vault.com - scam Yes they are suck... I dont recive any think Dont use backlinkSVault.com - ITs A TOTAL SCAM
Entity: New York City, New York
9, Report #487010
Aug 29 2009
09:33 AM
I went on to CRAIGS LIST (Toronto/Mississauga) and was looking to purchase some Computer Software. I found somene that was selling the particular software I was looking for ANTON BEST. We emailed eachother and decided when and wher to meet. He was selling me a the Adobe Suite for $60!! Sounds too good to be true, thats cause it was!! We met, I paid him, then went home to try and install it. To my surprise it didnt work!! Not only did it not work but it gave my Computer a virus!! When I called and Emailed him about this again to my surprise he didnt respond. If you see him on CraigsList please do not buy anything from him. He is a thief a crook, and his programs only contain viruses. He is about 6 ft white male, claims he lives in ThornHill (which I doubt) has glasses, and talks like a real computer geek. I learned the hard way. If you read this Anton you are a jerk!! An you cost me a lot of money. I will also reporting you to the Craig List Management Department. You are a CROOK. Jamie T
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
10, Report #1337823
Dec 05 2016
05:49 PM
Fraud - Tarbox Toyota and Anton Dushi, Ed Trabox, Anton Dushi, Dushi, Anton, Eddie Tarbox, Tarbox, Tarbox Auto Group, Known and Convicted Criminal Anton Dushi Runs Tarbox Toyota - Don't Buy Anything There! North Kingstown Rhode Island
Anton Dushi, General Sales Manager of Tarbox Toyota, is a convicted criminal!  He is convicted of personally scamming and stealing from elderly people!  Ed Tarbox and Tarbox Toyota participate in the scams!  He has been convicted of mutiple charges of bank fraud, theft, and check kiting.  He ripped me off buying a car.  He told me the interest rate was 1.9% and when I read the contract it was 9.9%.  He and Ed tarbox are liars.   Please read below from RI State Police: Rhode Island State Police say a 43-year-old North Kingstown man, Anton Dushi, is charged with stealing more than $76,000 from an elderly family friend. State police Det. Cmdr. James Demers says Anton Dushi is charged with felony counts of forgery and larceny over $500. Dushi was arrested Wednesday and released on $1,000 cash bail after his arraignment. The Providence Journal reports the victim was an 81-year-old family friend. Police say Dushi took 76 of the man's checks and wrote them out to himself and his business, forging the man's name and collecting $76,648 from his accounts. Dushi could not immediately be reached Sunday, and police said they did not know if he had an attorney.   http://courtconnect.courts.state.ri.us/pls/ri_adult/ck_public_qry_doct.cp_dktrpt_frames?backto=P&case_id=42-2011-02756&begin_date=&end_date=   42-2011-02756 - ANTON DUSHI   Court :  (DC) District Court  Location : (4D) 4th District Court   Filing Date:  Thursday , September 22nd, 2011   Type:  F - FELONY   Charges  Charge#ChargeDisposition / DateSentence / Judge 1 FORGERY & COUNTERFEITING INFORMATION SIGNED25-NOV-11   2 LARCENY >$1500/FELONY INFORMATION SIGNED25-NOV-11         
Entity: North Kingstown, Rhode Island
11, Report #1015158
Feb 15 2013
10:50 PM
YELP is CORRUPT.   Information was accurately posted on a YELP review board in complete synchronization with YELP policies and procedures and the YELP stated GOAL and Objectives.  YELP kept pulling my reviews about a predatory fiduciary licensed by the State of California. YELP Was informed that the information I was posting on the YELP Review was far more important than a YELP Review of a food outlet.  YELP Also deleted other negative reviews about this fiduciary.  Below is another negative review about the person I was posting crucial information about on YELP. YELP also deleted this review.   11/4/2011 First to Review (YELP Review) YELP Deleted the review directly below from the YELP site! Not at all happy with Mr. Statman's communication or performance in relation to his duties as the fiduciary of my recently deceased fathers estate. Lets just say that his website sounds great we just have not seen it in his work.   Joe Jr. Modesto. The foregoing is unedited in any manner. It was cut and pasted off the YELP Review while I was trying to get YELP To post information essential to the publics health and welfare. As noted, YELP Also deleted this review form the YELP Review page.  Literature on YELP is replete with instances in which it has been alleged that YELP will take down negative reviews form their YELP reviews if the YELP customers  pay YELP Money.  ( BLACKMAIL )  I have an email from an investigative reporter that also stated  such. I have not included this email about YELP because I do not have permission to do so. BELOW ARE THE COMPLETE UNEDITED, IN ANY MANNER, MY EMAIL INTERACTIONS WITH YELP. I provided YELP with unedited emails indicating the truth of what I was trying to post on YELP. As you can see I asked YELP how to make my Yelp Postings so they could be posted on The YELP review boards YELP never responded as to why they would delete factual data from the YELP review Site.  Business and people should boycott.  ----- Original Message ----- From: don lawrence To: feedback@YELP.com Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 5:47 AM Subject: Fw: Message from YELP HQ [ 906130 ] YELP already has one report on the incompetence of Alan Statman from a Joe Jr.  In the central Valley, in addition to mine. This most recent item noted below was from my brother in Porterville California.  You can see what statman has done to the Lawrence Family trust AND HOW HE OPERATED WITH JOE JR, IN THE CENTRAL VALLEY.   .  Statman is a predator of the elderly, in the central valley, or a severe incompetent dealing with the estates of elderly people.  . My posting indicated who I was in name: Donald L  and where I lived in Santa Cruz,  I want to email with your supervisors and quality assurance department. Take a look at the url contained herein.  Perhaps you can assess this objectively with out it being related to YELP.  Would you want this man having control of your mom or dad's estate.  http://www.ripoffreport.com/trust-matters-alan-s/financial-services/trust-matters-alan-statman-mi-1aa1e.htm YELP'S SELF DESCRIBED MANDATE AND MISSION IS TO LET PEOPLE POST THE TRUTH ABOUT BUSINESSES.  Not to delete the truth. Sincerely and Respectfully. Donald Lawrence, BA/MSW ----- Original Message ----- From: Robert Lawrence <quartermoon25@yahoo.com> To: <lawrencedonald@cruzio.com>;Mr. . Statman, JD <alan@trustmatters.us> Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:38 PM Subject: dads property My father was going to sell me the property. Then it had three rentals ..........Now it has none.. Now, I would have three storage sheds for possible use. Wow! One with a leaky roof. Two with broken windows because of the way some of the plywood was put on to cover the windows. F%@#*ing pathetic. (STATMAN IS RESPONSIBLE TO MAINTAIN TRUST PROPERTY) From: lawrencedonald To: feedback@YELP.com Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 6:02 PM Subject: Re: Message from YELP HQ [ 906130 ] I operated within  parameters.   You tell me what is wrong with this. I CAN BACK UP ANY STATEMENT I HAVE MADE.  TO THE T. I think that you owe me an explanation and contact with you Quality Assurance Department, and probably your legal department at this time. Here is the review I wrote you TELL ME what is wrong with it in terms of your policies.  It is first person experience and FACTUAL.   I can back up all statements with court documents, emails and return receipt registered letter.  And if this is not within your parameters, tell me how to make it that way.  Do you really think that any person looking for a trustee should not be aware of this man's incompetence.  They should be aware.  You know it and I know it.  Trusts and estates are important and bear many consequences for the actions of an incompetent than do bad food in a restaurant.  Consider that.  Please put me in touch with you Quality Assurance department and your legal department.  THIS THE INITIAL YELP review which YELP kept deleting from the YELP site  I had to finalize a reverse mortgage today with significant closing costs that I must pay.  This is because Mr. Statman refused to respond to me across several months and to one return receipt letter. _______________________________________________________________ Mr. Statman has not responded to important fiscal questions about which he is a court appointed fiduciary and trustee for an estate. He has held up a sale of a property since April, 2012.  The original trustor died in January, 2011.  One year  8 months ago.  He admitted in COURT DOCUMENTS that the people he hired to rent the property were incompetent and could not provide accurate records.  He continued to use them.  He rented property below market price.  He used people for appraisals not living in the town where he ordered appraisals.   He could not find renters for a  BEAUTIFUL property. I received numerous responses from potential renters in one month using Craig's List.  He had stated for YEARS that the property could not be rented.  Five potential renters worked at state, city, county or health institutions in the locale of property to be rented.  He could not figure our how to get the property rented so the trust could pay its taxes.  He the held up a sale of the property for no good reason.  Mr. Statman sold an estate/trust property that HAD NO MORTGAGE, PAID OFF, without consultation to me.  This property had MINIMAL property Taxes as it was in RURAL Wyoming and was valuable to me for fiscal and emotional reasons. Review the following:  emails of recipients deleted re:confident _________________________________________________________ August 09, 2012 5:36 PM----- Original Message ----- From: don lawrence To: wenika ; Robert ; 'Leslie ' ; 'Dorothy ' ; alan@trustmatters.c... Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2012 5:36 PM Subject: Fw: Sale of property Mr. Statman. I am concerned.  There has been no response to my initial email of 6 days ago, seven days if we consider the working day of tomorrow August 10, 2012.  I do receive prompt responses from other financial institutions with which I am interacting and Elyssa  with whom I am interacting through to Robert  to help him rent his properties by using Craigslist on his behalf. I need to know the answers to the question noted in these documents.As noted a simple yes or no will suffice for me.   You are in charge of a significant portion of my finances. I need to make financial decisions based upon the answer to the question presented here.  Your prompt reply is essential for me. Sincerely, Donald L ___________________________________________________________ ----- Original Message ----- From: don lawrence To: wenika ; Robert  ; 'Leslie ' ; 'Dorothy  ; alan@trustmatters.c... Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 7:20 PM Subject: Fw: Sale of property August 07 _____________________________________________________________ ----- Original Message ----- From: don lawrence To: wenika ; Robert  ; 'Leslie  ; 'Dorothy  ; alan@trustmatters.c... Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 5:42 PM Subject: Sale of property August 03 Mr. Statman. Yes or no will suffice for me. Do you intend to list the property in Porterville for sale by the end of September? Thank you________________________________________ June 12, 2012 5:26 PM ----- Original Message ----- From: don lawrence To: wenika ; Robert  ; Mr. Alan J. Statman, JD ; 'Leslie ' ; 'Dorothy ' Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 5:26 PM Subject: Sale of Property  (edited for precision of point making. Mr. Statman NEVER responded to this communication) Mr. Statman: The Wyoming mineral rights have no bearing on the sale of the property.  NONE whatsoever.  It is not logical to hold up action on the Porterville property to wait for something in Wyoming.  They are different entities and have no bearing on each other.  I was told for years that the big house could not be rented.  Letsinger realty immediately asked me why the big house was not rented.  Same as Home Realty.I ran adds for renting the property and got over 20 responses in one month.  It is rented below market price as per  two real estate agencies and the responses I got from people willing to begin a financial discussion about renting.  Dorothy told me three days ago that her house in east Porterville, further from Porterville than Lester's big house, will rent for $1400.00.  Lester's' big house has more square footage, more rooms, more fireplaces and more bathrooms, etc and room for kids to run. If Dorothy's house will rent for $1400.00, then why is Lester's big house rented for $1100.00. ----- Original Message ----- From: 'Summer @ YELP HQ' To: no-reply@YELP.com Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 5:18 PM Subject: Message from YELP HQ [ 906130 ] Please note that we do not provide  details on account closures. Regards, Summer YELP User Support San Francisco, California YELP Official Blog | http://officialblog.YELP.com YELP Frequently Asked Questions | http://www.YELP.com/faq YELP for Business Owners | https://biz.YELP.com For your reference this is Case #: 906130 [[c96155ff934dd1fecbcbe0c854d933e1373964ba-57822097]]  
Entity: NEW YORK, Internet
12, Report #1324549
Aug 25 2016
09:57 AM
Anton Philipp, WB FINANCIAL ADVISORS LLC., Weichsberger Financial Advisors, Inc Lack of Professionalism and Business Integrity Miami Beach Florida
I am writing this report in the hopes that no one else has the unfortunate situation of trying to do business with Anton Philipp or his corporation, WB Financial. Anton has some of the worst business integrity of anyone I have come accross over the last several years.  He represented himself as someone who could provide financial services for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and after recieving a full package to begin a very large business transaction, has since ignored emails looking for accountability on his end and has refused to respond to phone calls, voice mail messages, texts or emails concerning our business dealings. Rather than communicating that he is unable to perform or explain what is taking place, he refused to communicate in any way shape or form and has decided that ignoring the situation and the transaction was the best solution.  He promised feedback and communication which has not taken place and repeatedely the only way he will take a call is if it appears from a number he does not recognize, in which case he refuses to talk and hangs up the phone abruptly.  As an Executive and a Professional, I have been absolutely disgusted in the way Anton handles himself and represents his organization.  If you are considering working with him, do not!  He is not someone that acts in a professional manner and not someone that you can trust with your business.  He is not someone that you can rely on to represent your financial interests or provide common respect and courtesy from one human being to another.  Do not expect integrity from him in your business dealings.
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida
13, Report #1242555
Jul 17 2015
03:23 PM
Ace Chem-Dry/President, Joann Anton KJO, Inc., Ocean Cities Chem-Dry Don't Expect Good Work, A Refund or Honored Promises at Ace Chem-Dry and President Joann Anton Boynton Beach Florida
Well, here's a second ripoff report for ACE CHEM-DRY, LOCATED IN BOYNTON BEACH, WHOSE PRESIDENT IS JOANN ANTON.Our ordeal started on 6/15/2015 when unfortunately my mother contracted with them to have her carpets cleaned. I thought it would be a good idea to bring over my 8'x6' area rug and small, mat-sized rug to be cleaned for an additional $50. I usually clean it myself, but thought I'd save some time.After work, I stopped by mom's to take a look at the cleaned rug and mat. Mom's carpet looked better, so I was looking forward to seeing my things which had been cleaned in another room. I was immediately disappointed. The mat still looked dull and I grew tired counting the little dirt spots still on the rug. I immediately called Ace Chem-Dry and spoke to the company's franchise president, Joann Anton.Things happen, so I'm usually pretty calm when discussing issues. But Joann quickly upset me when almost the first words out of her mouth was that the spots are stains which are SET IN before she even let me finish describing what I saw. I would later come to see this is apparently their catch all ready excuse for their bad cleaning. I told her my mother felt that her carpet cleaner, Andrew, was cleaning too fast. Joanne's immediate reply was, 'That's what lots of people say about him, but it ok to be fast if you still clean well.' I agreed with her, but added the fact that I am here complaining would argue against the fact that he cleaned well! (If 'lots of other people' think Andrew is too fast as well... maybe he needs to slow down!)After a protracted conversation with Joanne, I agreed to a re-cleaning attempt. As a company trying to right a wrong, I was surprised she didn't have her technician return in a few days. Instead, I had to wait over a week to get a appointment. After an appointment was set, I received a call from Joanne stating an emergency job had arisen asking if I could re-schedule; the truth was, irrespective her request she had already cancelled our appointment. So, I reluctantly accepted an appointment for 3 days later. I left work, came home and waited for her tech... and waited... and waited. After about 2 hours past appointment time, I call their office. Apparently, her tech did additional work at another job and forgot to call. Joann requested yet another appointment!I told her, enough! I can't seem to get a firm appointment. Meanwhile, while waiting for her tech to show up, as a test, I cleaned one of the dirt spots with a little Resolve - that's right... Resolve Carpet Cleaner out of a can! Took me all of 15 seconds and not much effort to remove the spot. Meanwhile, Joanne was still decrying SET IN STAIN... and Andrew will do what he can. So, after giving me the option, I told her, I don't want to keep adjusting my schedule and I'm still not being very assured Andrew will even be able to remove these easily-removable dirt spots, so I'll take a $50 refund for the cleaning of my two items and clean the things myself. Joanne agreed, and said my mom would be receiving it i a couple of days.That was 21 days ago. When my mom informed me last week she had not received the refund, I immediately called Joanne. Got a big serving of 'no real answers'. Thought I'd drive to the Boynton Beach address on their invoice - only to find this is a residential area and she no longer lives there! With no address to reach this business I returned to phone calls and leaving messages via their website (they have no stated email address... now, I know why).Most times she didn't answer or return my calls. I knew what the deal was, so I called from another number, and lo and behold... the elusive Joanne answered! I insisted she honor her word and cut my mom's refund check for me to pick up. This time - FOR THE FIRST TIME - I hear a story that she thought I said her tech didn't clean the rugs at all and that's why she offered a refund, adding she spoke with him after she spoke with me. I pressed her to tell me WHEN she spoke with Andrew and she replied a week ago. So, if I am to believe her, she promised a refund on 6/26 and got this story from her tech on or about 7/10. So what happened between 6/27 and 7/9, Joanne? I'll tell you what happened. She had NO INTENTION to issue a refund.I demanded she keep her word and issue my mother a refund. I reminded her that just because she's not at the Boynton Beach address on their invoice, she got to be somewhere and I will get my mom's refund. He quick reply was, 'Well, if you're going to speak like that then I won't be issuing any refund at all! You can contact your attorney.' Then she hung up. This did not suprise me. She was looking for any excuse to get out of paying this $50, and I'm guessing she will try to say this was a threat. What I was saying, in actuality, is not being at that physical address will not stop me from getting this refund; she had to be somewhere! Futhermore, I had already informed her on 7/10 via her website, and I quote, On principle, I am prepared to publicly air my grievances as well as take the necessary legal steps to get restitution for my mom. My only threat was legal recourse. But, as I said, I expected this from someone who had already shown her word lacked credibility. Altogether, this has lasted more than a month. My next steps... I will inform the company owner of what transpired, but he has the same last name, so I'm not expecting much. But he deserves to know and might want his business to have more credibility than this. Then I will lodge a complaint with the BBB. This company already has an F rating with the BBB (bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/carpet-and-rug-cleaners/ace-chem-dry-in-boca-raton-fl-1246) due to other complaints, so I'll just add mine. After that I will initiate some communication with a couple of individuals at the Chem-Dry company - Bill Knight, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Bill Zinke, Vice President of Marketing. I can't believe they will be happy with this type of franchise, and I think they deserve to know as well. Then I will initiate legal proceedings; it's about principle. If you know of another platform for grievance, please let me know. In the meantime, you the consumer... STAY AWAY FROM ACE CHEM-DRY, LOCATED IN BOYNTON BEACH, WHOSE PRESIDENT IS JOANN ANTON!! In my opinion, their quality is inconsistant, but more importantly, the customer service is deplorable. A business is judged by how they respond to a problem. Remember that this president talks really big on the phone, while she knows you have not physical address to talk to her face-to-face!! RUN... AND RUN FAST!!  
Entity: Boynton Beach, Florida
14, Report #816527
Jul 20 2012
07:05 PM
Aaron Hungerford CPA fraud - cocaine addict Internet
Aaron Hungerford CPA is a fraud.  He has no morals and no ethics.  
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #468061
Jul 09 2009
06:41 PM
Anton Just Ripped Me Off sold me a sick bulldog Brooklyn New York
On 7/5/09 I purchased an english bulldog from Anton. When I got home I noticed the dog's right foot was shaved but thought it might be from getting shots. This is the first dog I have ever owned so I did not know any better. The dog seemed lathargic when I got him but I thought he just had to get used to his new surroundings. Two days later, the dog did not want to eat. I gave him some water which he could not stop drinking, felt a little better and ate. Yesterday, (7/8/09), I came home and saw that the dogs right arm was swollen. We immediately took him to the vet, got an xray to make sure nothing was broken and had to keep him in emergency care overnight for testing. He was running 103 fever. 7/9/09, we received notice from the doctor that Dukie had an absess which had to be drained and needed to be on antibiotics. He is still in the hospital and we are in a whole for $2,700 so far including the expense of the dog. I was a little uneasy initially listening to this guy talk. He told us not to bring him to the vet for 14 days because he had all his shots. How convenient since the lemon law gives you a 14 day guarantee. He also said if the doctor asks for a stool sample, tell him it's not necessary. He also told us these dogs are prone to cherry eye and not to bring him to the vet, just bring him to me and my vet will take care of it for $100 Saland vivian franklin square, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
16, Report #272231
Sep 04 2007
10:08 AM
Butterflydownnet.com Another ripped off customer ANTON GLUSHKOV Internet
After seeing the Butterflydownnet ad at movieforumz.com I thought I'd visit the website after seeing the 5 star rating. After reviewing the ad and the 30 day money back gurantee I bought a subscription. Within minutes after membership was purchased I tried to wind my way through the website to download software to be able to download movies. I am pretty good with a computer but found that you needed to download different software to get onto different shareware. I noticed my Norton anti-virus software kicking in warning me of known adware.I tried different shareware on this site and came up with the same results. It also added a search engine to my top screen that I didn't need. I quickly(litarly within minutes) requeted a refund siting difficuty i website useage. I got back a computered generated response on the 8 step download procedure. I thanked the response and replied that I wanted to get a refund as stated in there ad and website,as of Tuesday September 04 2007 no response I have sent a total of 3 emails and want others to know do not fall for the smooth website and the 5 star rating.The site is nothing more than a collection of shareware sites. You can do better looking on your own. Peter Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: ANTON GLUSHKOV, Nationwide
17, Report #817086
Jan 07 2012
04:12 PM
Anton Dan I applied to JUSTUNSWER, they did nt solve my problem and I was charged twice. Haifa, Other
I applied to JUSTUNSWER on October 23 2011 with a printer problem.They did not manage to solve my problem, but they charged me twice with the sum of NIS 119.41 and NIS 118.82.I complained to customer support, but they did not answer.
Entity: Haifa, Select State/Province
18, Report #1318703
May 18 2017
08:30 PM
RH Investments Ali Hassan, Anton Danilovich, Diablo Valley Group, LLC Deceptive Practices, Failure to Pay, Mechanic's Liens Walnut Creek California
Ali Hassan of RH Investments is working with Anton Danilovich of Diablo Valley Group LLC and other entities such as venturesire.net (A Sotheby's realtor) to lure in investors to purchase property. Hopefully that goes well with the investores. Unfortunately, it does not go well with those under contract with Ali Hassan. Ali Hassan has signed contracts with two entities to perform work on these properties and does not pay. Mechanic's liens or legal action is the only recourse. Buyer and contractors beware.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1184618
Oct 23 2014
06:24 PM
Matthew Anton Matt Anton Matthew Anton Complaint Review Plumber Peoria Arizona
Matthew Anton performs low-grade plumber work. The odd thing about Matt Anton is that he use to have a family owned business with his father and Uncle but told me he wanted to venture into his own company; I'm realizing now that we should have went with his fathers company instead because our hot water heater is still not working properly and he's been to our house two different times, both with nothing but excuses and claiming the water is hot enough, and gets hot enough in a regular amount of time. I'm sorry but my wife doesn't want to wait 15 minutes running the shower before it's bareable. The ironic thing is I was willing to pay extra just to have it done right, but his attitude was he is always in the right and basically refused to come out a 3rd time; it's a borderline scam as the hot water heater should be new, but feel this one is certainly refurbished. This complaint review of Matthew Anton is so others don't fall victim. Time to shell out another hundred bucks just to get someone to the house to look over his botched job.
Entity: Peoria, Select State/Province
20, Report #400584
Dec 12 2008
06:30 AM
Anton Hoffman, Owner, Villagio Apartments Breach of lease contract by adding additional water charges San Marcos Texas
On move-in day for my daughter's college fall lease period, she was forced, under duress, before she was given a key to the apartment, to which I signed a lease in Spring, to agree to pay a variable water fee monthly. This was not in the original contract, which I signed as Guarantor. She is under 21 years of age. I refused to sign and asked to speak with the owner. I was told by the Leasing Manager that he could not provide me with the owner's name or contact information. This is 'Student Housing', which is a misnomer, as the students have no recourse through the University. I was never contacted, as promised, by the owner. My daughter began to be hassled about the water bill that was not metered. The reason given by the Leasing Manager, was that there had been a drought in San Marcos. I asked whether, when the drought cleared, that the water charge would be dropped. I was told 'no'. I spoke with a city attorney in San Marcos and he indicated that the Texas PUC rules, specified that 'submetering' had to be evidenced to support such a charge. The local water supply told me that the water rate had not changed for over a year. Therefore, the report of a drought was without basis for necessitating a separate water charge. My daughter's two roomates were not required to sign such a paper for this during the same lease period as they moved in prior to the required move-in date, one actually moved in the day before and didn't have to sign such a paper. The other had resided in the apartment for the Summer prior to the Fall lease period. I informed the apartment by fax and email on November 15, that we would not be paying the charge. I told them that this was an issue the owner needed to discuss directly with me. My daughter continues to get harrased and now they have threatened to charge a late fee, and posted this on her apartment door. This is outrageous, but apparently not unique in 'Student Housing' arrangements. Something has to be done about this to protect the students and parents. This amounts to nothing less than blackmail, by waiting until the day of move-in to spring a charge on the tenant that was not in the original lease contract before a key is provided. In particular, the fact that this lease was signed by me in the Spring, for a Fall lease. I was never contacted about this or given an opportunity prior to move-in to locate another apartment for my daughter. These 'Student Housing' arrangements also require that the entire year is committed without a 'break-lease' option. Therefore, all amount is due whether you decide to move out, without the ability to amend the lease contract, so how can the apartment complex do this with no recourse? Help! Justice Red Oak, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Marcos, Texas
21, Report #364894
Jul 21 2012
07:41 PM
Amy E. West, Attorney At Law Dishonest lawyer, Amy West committed perjury, Amy West criminal San DegoSan Deigo California
Amy E. West from Rhoads & West in San Diego, California is a dishonest and unethical lawyer. She has lied in declarations that she has filed with the Superior Court. She has committed several criminal acts of conspiracy and perjury. She is representing a total scumbag in a frivilous lawsuit. Anton e Rancho Santa Fe, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Deigo, California
22, Report #373755
Aug 22 2011
09:56 AM
Irezumi Restaurant, Owner: Anton Pozniak Withholding Employee Paychecks Costa Mesa California
I am a concerned Parent and I understand Mr. Pozniak (owner of Irezumi Sushi Lounge, Costa Mesa) has not paid his employees -- for some, they are behind two paychecks. These are young kids, some recent college grads that need this money to pay rent, car payments, utilities, gas and food. I don't believe young people should be taken advantage of and being young, they do not really know how to stand up for themselves. They are not going to make a big deal about this because they need the job - especially in this economy and times - but they should not have to be working for someone and not being paid, they should not have to worry that they will not make rent, get bad credit points for not paying bills and not having anything to eat. This situation is against the law and Mr. Pozniak should be ashamed of himself. The buck stops with him, not with his store managers and staff. I wanted to register this complaint because I understand that Irezumi has been closed recently (Sept2008) and attention has been put on a second restaurant in Costa Mesa..it may have been or still is: Blancas. I also understand that he has brought most of his staff from Irezumi to Blancas AND he is hiring more. I understand that business is not good and they are not getting anyone into the restaurant. Still, the employees are not getting paid and being told by management that some of the managers have not been paid for months! I am trying to get company info to directly contact Mr. Pozniak. Lucky for him it is not one of my children working for his company. I will be contacting the California State Labor Dept, the local OC media and any other avenue available to get the word out on this situation and see that it gets investigated and resolved. In the meantime, I will be making sure that at least the young employees I am acquainted with have food for the month (Sept2008) and help them with rent. I'm sure that Mr. Pozniak and his family are being well provided with money for mortgage payments, car payments, food, gas and utilities. If anyone has contact info on Mr. Pozniak or the MOR Project....I would appreciate receiving any and all info. You do not want to work for anyone or any company that can not make its payroll. Thank You. Concerned parent Milpitas, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
23, Report #1256637
Sep 22 2015
09:40 PM
INSTUTRADE Anton Kreil stole $2,500.00 from me and cancelled my access to his training content. England Internet
I signed up for Instutrade's unlimited access training program on March 16th of this year (2015) and Mr Anton Kreil and his institute have ignored my complaints about lagging downloads on his website, videos freezing, crashing and ongoing errors for over 3 months because they knew that after 180 days I could not dispute the charge with paypal. Instead of treating me as an unsatisfied customer and fix the issues or explain how they deliver their content, or promise to adjust settings to improve my experience or something like that, Mr. Anton decided to attack me personally. Calling me names, saying I am mentally ill and that I should have taken adderall. In the same email Mr Anton Kreil informed me that he has blocked my access to the study material as of September 22nd 2015, which essentially means Mr Anton Kreil has stolen my money and told me to go pound sand. Mr. Anton has falsely accused me of illegally distributing his content because I have several devices I logged into as I tried to front load the website content with devices that have different memory sizes. I also have a VPN service and it dynamically selects different IP addresses. A 12 year knows this and the only person who does not grasp this is Mr. Anton. I guess his technology expertise is not commensurate to his trading expertise. Because I am based in the US, I am now left with no recourse as far as recovering the money. I have paid for unlimited access to the course and trying to do this with an evasive and surly crowd at Instutrade who kept stonewalling me as they have done since the very beginning, became impossible. The Instutrade gang have decided to show how they really care about the people who trust them by paying them in advance for access to a material they can revoke the minute a customer decides to ask for some customer service. I will also be launching an incessant campaign to reach to every venue Mr Anton has presented in and the ones he plan to hold seminars at, to advise them of how he handles his paying customers.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1179671
Sep 27 2014
03:04 PM
Matthew Anton Matt Anton Proctologist SCAM Terrible bedside manner, rude nurses New York City New York
DR. Matt Anton and I use that term loosely, said he prefers Matt or Matthew Anton (said he wants to be on the same level as his patients), but when it came time to diagnose me with a colonoscopy, the bed side manner was aggressive and cold. Having to get my prostate and rectum checked for polyps isn't a pleasant experience, and the lack of professionalism was shocking. Granted, the procedure did help put my mind at ease that nothing was serious, but the next big shocker came, when the bill showed up! $197 was additonially charged even after they assured me insurance would cover it completely. Now I'm in a fight with the insurance company on the phone everyday and it's stressing me out something terrible. Happy the work was performed but his lack of caring and sneaky billing put him on my avoid list.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #414667
Jan 21 2009
08:06 PM
Anton Bends wii, wholesale sales Covington, Kentucky Internet
I responded to an add about a wii game system. the person/company contacted me back by email and told me to send a money order through western union to Anton Bends of Covington KY. and said i would recieve a tracking # within 24 hrs. western union said that the money was recieved. I never recieved a tracking number or recieved the wii. I emailed and called multiple times and got no response. Timt23 el cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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