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26, Report #415636
Jan 24 2009
09:52 AM
Mor Project ,Anton Posniak Thief!! Anton Posniak Newport Beach California
Worked for Mor Project/Anton Posniak, the company was 1 week behind in paychecks.. Anton, gave me his word that he would make good on my Salary.. Months went by with no returned phone calls and no payment of any kind.. He is a Liar!! I hope he gets what he deserves!! Anonymous Southern, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newport Beach, California
27, Report #981479
Dec 13 2012
09:51 AM
Jacklyn Anton Jaqueline Anton, Jeanette Levitt, Jeanette Romsos, Jeanette Paige You're not the only victim! Davis, California
You are not the only victim. she targets very caring, compassionate, service oriented men. She will come in, destroy all of your family and friend relationships, and then finish you off. Beware! Beware!
Entity: Davis, California
28, Report #1244065
Jul 24 2015
11:38 AM
Anton Khinchuk FanZCall Anton Khinchuk. FanZCall App. Don't ever work with this person Boston massachusetts
Anton Khinchuk is a bad client that will try to cheat on you constantlly. I worked with person on developing the design of mobile application through Odesk. After fishing the contract Anton said - Great job. Send me source files. After sending source files client didn’t respond for 2 weeks and tried to initiate refund of his money. That’s obviously a cheater case because he saw the design previously and confirmed that the job was good. He’s app is called FanZCall Don’t deal with person unless you want to work for free. Or sign the contract with upfront payment but be prepared to have a lot of problems. Chat history is available upon request. His linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonpmpHis Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Antonk1?fref=ts 
Entity: Boston, Internet
29, Report #1192395
Dec 01 2014
07:52 PM
BacklinksVault Backlinks Vault Imposter Scammer Website Nationwide
backlinksvault.org is a scam IMPOSTER BacklinksVault website. The real one is http://backlinksvault.com . This is the original Backlinks Vault. In fact there were other imposter websites created in order to steal their good name, much like many other imitation brands attempt to profit from a true brand. The imposter is a website selling rented, spammy backlinks. The real one has thousands of clients and sells software and services to thousands of web design/seo reseller agencies. The real one has hundreds of super affiliates that promote BacklinksVault services, while the fake one is a faceless organization hoping to trick unsuspecting buyers.  
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #446479
Apr 25 2009
01:37 PM
Neotech by any other name is still a ripoff DoverDover Delaware
This 'organization' is garbage from start to finish, made up dras for the weak minded and just plain stupid...we are all falling on hard times, but that does not mean you have to flush your brain down the toilet along with anything that makes the hard times servivable. This 'big secret' has been pulled into the light of day by those who have been duped, (sorry guys, but THANK YOU for revealing the bs for the rest of those out there who would have been pulled in if you hadn't bought in and spoken up!!). This 'system', this 'secret', is nothing more than made up bullpuckey coupled with adapations from the works of Anton Levey, and his followers....these bits are called Satanism, they actually have nothing at all to do with Satan...it is a way of living that negates guilt, that premotes selfishness and twists the mind for the purposes of personal gain. These ways of thinking which further the lack of any moral stucture and kill off any need in the individual to have any sense of basic right and wrong. This is no big secret, it is what all humans, seeking to improve themselves in all ways that money can't buy, strive against. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN!!! This does nothing for those of ANY faith (not religion, but FAITH) but destroy that which keeps us all afloat when things get really bad, which they are now doing. Some of these people may actually feel they are doing something that will help people, all cults have avid followers. They are the ones who will truely suffer for all this in the end. Leave them to it and do what you know to be both right and correct. Report them to the apropriate authorities and leave them to their self-inflicted fate. Spread the word and prevent others from being 'taken'... Cat San Marcos, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dover, Delaware
31, Report #507468
Oct 10 2009
09:29 PM
Just Puppies, LTD Their business names are D&A Kennels and I have also seen Maize Bulldogs as well as Anton Maize. Their registered name is Just Puppies, LTD. I have purchase a English Bull Dog Rocky very sick with ringworms didn't eat for a week never gotton rocky or a new dog or my money back this man Anton gave me the run around for 2 months. Brooklyn, New York
I have purchase an English Bull Dog from Anton.  I was very excited to have him, well Rocky got very sick didn't eat for a week I call Anton that the dog is not eating he  say bring the dog back to me told me that he was not Deworm I ask why. He never gave me and answer he justs say bring the dog back to me,  that he'll take rocky to the vet Anton had Rocky for a week to call him in a week I call he gets angry call in couple day more a hangs up Rude I call in couple days come get your dog I notice some spots on Rocky and a bite on his head. I ask what happen he tells me Rough Play from other dogs so i take my dog home two day later i notice more spots and Rocky started to itch more spots all over his body I call Anton and I told him about it. he told me apply baby lotion that rocky will get better I told him i am take him to the Vet he tell me do what ever you want like if like his hand are wash. I take Rocky to the Vet specialist he tell me that Rocky has case of RingWorm doctor prescribe shampoo and spray I take Rocky back to Anton because I have a 9 month old baby and  I didn't want my baby to get EXPOSE to this. To this Day he has not given me An English Bull Dog or my MONEY back that he call DAWN but She NEVER CALLS BACk.I purchase Rocky 7/17/09 and still no call from ANY of THEM STILL on going 10/11/09 and I will call again to get an ANSWER.  Any one who wants to contact me do it at this post.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
32, Report #419816
Mar 31 2009
05:19 PM
The Palms Nite Club, Carlos Anton Green This Individual Carlos Green is a professional Con-Artist, he specializes in mortgage fraud and various money scams New Bern North Carolina
Carlos Anton Green has falsely lured and decieved 4 individuals into re-financing their homes on hopes of recieving a larger appraisal and being able to profit off the value of their homes and alloting sums in excess of $40,000 or more to come to him in the form of a check at the date of closing. this money was suppose to have come to Carlos Green to do repairs on the individual homes. However at closing Carlos Green recieves the checks and dissapears and is never to be heard of again. He then changes his number and the fake addresses he provides, the people that actually lives at the addresses that Carlos Green claims are his, have never heard of him. The people are left broke and victim of Carlos Greens scam. All four victims lost their homes due to foreclusures within 5 months period due to the increase of their mortgages. Aaron Hardin, Jaine Gamble, Tenesha Jones, Mary Rutherford have all filed complaints against Carlos Green. Carlos Green has also claimed to be a General Contractor and have contracted to do 2 extensions on 2 homes. After recieving the money to do the work, he does not show up to start the work and have changed his number on both occasions, leaving the home owners in dismay. Both home owners reported Carlos Green to the city of Jacksonville only to be told that he does not have a General contractors liscence and they have never heard of him. He claims to have owned 5 homes, the truth is he has been evicted from 2 residences in the new bern area, he has 2 law suits pending in Onslow and Jones county for borrowing large sums of money and drawing up phony contracts and then breaking the agreement when it is time to pay back his debt. As the owner of the Palms Entertainment Complex in New Bern NC Carlos Green has repeaditly advertised to bring major artist to his club and have lured hundreds of people to pay $20-30 per tickets only for the artist to not show up. Truth is the artists were never contracted to come to the Palms. Carlos was partners with Kendra Lewis during the fake Soldier Boy and Lil Wayne Concert in Vanceboro that was also Phony. Carlos Anton Green also claims to be a member in the music industry, he does not have any connections or know anybody tied to the industy, his name and club have been blacklisted. Do Not agree to any business deals with Carlos Anton Green or loan him any money. You will be surely be left out to hang dry like the dozen or so hard working citizens that have trusted Carlos Green only to be defrauded Vj w Jacksonville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: New Bern, North Carolina
33, Report #1088163
Sep 29 2013
03:48 PM
On June 19 2010, we purchased an English Bulldog from Anton.  Well we just put her down this past week due to renal failure.   The veterinarians discovered Stella had one large kidney and one very small one that was non functional.  They said she had Kidney Dysplasia which is  inherited from her parents.   Stella also had a cherry eye which she developed six months after we got  her.   We didn't make a big deal about the cherry eye because we were told by the vet that this was a common occurence in bullies.  We did have it taken care of, but the vet who did the surgery advised it may very well come back. And it did.Today, 9/29/2013, I have tried to call Anton at the telephone numbers listed on the paperwork he gave us and no answer.  I read one of the complaints which stated that Anton told the buyers not to take the puppy to a vet for 14 days because he was up to date on his shots;we were also told it wasn't necessary to go to a vet for two weeks.  Stella was always a heavy water drinker and urinated a lot.  Anton said that this was normal for a bullie.  I didn't have too many health issues with Stella until the last  week or so when she would vomit her food or would not eat at all; she was listless and had trouble walking.  We took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with stage 4 renal failure, kidney dysplasia an inherited problem; heart murmur......she was in the hospital for four days on antiobiotics and intravenous until these wonderful compassionate vets told us to put her to rest.  We have not stopped crying.....I read my Lifetime Guarantee and see that there is some retribution, but cannot get Anton.   That is why I started some research and found this website with all these terrible complaints about this guy. He sounded so reputable and sincere.  Anton even gave us the names of Stella's parents:   Chubby Louie II and Chunky Monkey along with their registration numbers.  Anton even told us that one of his bullies was on Broadway.  Now while we were there purchasing our sweet Stella, he did get a call and he seemed to be a bit miffed at the woman at the other end who seemed to be complaining.Most of the complaints I have read are from 2009 2010 and 2011.  It is possible that Anton has been caught up to and put out of business.  But I will keep trying to contact him.......Our vet bill came to $4800.......but the sadness is overwhelming for the loss of our precious 3 1/2 year old Stella.  
Entity: Select State/Province
34, Report #1179513
Sep 26 2014
03:15 PM
Ace Chem-Dry Damaged fabric on sofa and chaise-also some areas on carpet Boyton Beach Florida
I am filing a complaint  against Ace Chem Dry which is owned by Joanne Anton and her company for the damage of my chaise and sofa.We have previously used this company several times and a technician named Licho who used to clean our off white carpet and chaise,and sofa.We have them cleaned about every year with Ace Chem-Dry and we have had no complaints ever when they were done with Licho with  Ace Chem-Dry.However on Aug 19th 2014 we had a new technician with Ace Chem-Dry  and the carpet and sofa and chaise usually dry within five hours. The cushion also used to be left standing up. By the morning of the 20th of Aug, I told my husband the sofa and chaise were still wet in the morning and had white bleached out areas on the inside and out side of the chaise and sofa and were still wet.  There were rust wet stains inside and out of the arms and deck of the chaise and sofa also. The sofa was discolored with white and dark large spots on the outside of the sofa and chaise and stains  on the deck. Rust water marks were in various sections all over the chaise and sofa.I called Joanne the owner on the morning of Aug 20th  and told her the sofas were still very wet and that they had all these stains and discoloration all over both pieces. I asked her to come out but she said no and she sent Andrew the technician to look at them on Aug. 21st.  I had him call her from the house to tell her what the sofa and chaise looked like and both he and I took pictures.  We both agreed they were damaged. She asked we be patient  that she was going to get a special solution to rectify the problem but  it would take a week to get the solution. Andrew agreed there were serious problems. Unlike the past use of the company, I had solution running off the back of my chair when he cleaned it and he was walking in all the wet solution around the sofa and chaise and the marble floor got stepped in and stained.I spoke to Joanne the owner on Aug 26th 2014  as she still hadn't come out to see the damage and my husband and I couldn't believe that she wouldn't want to.After waiting a week for the special solution, the technician could't even finish one sofa as he did not have enough solution.  We couldn't get a hold of Joanne for over an hour and he left my house. My husband and I saw areas that became worse from the solution. We couldn't believe after waiting a week Andrew couldn't even finish doing the sofa as he did not have enough solution. We tried for an hour to call Joanne and we could only get a recoding no matter which number we called.Joanne the owner finally came out on Friday the 29th of Aug. She agreed they were a mess and she wanted her upholster to look at the pieces and see what he could do with the ruined fabric. I said recovering them was the only thing, or call her insurance company. She said her insurance company gives her a hard time and rather not use them. She called me on Sept. 2nd 2014  and said she couldn't get her upholster. I told her it was up to her to send her insurance company out and if she wished or her upholster.However I expected this to be resolved rapidly. She said no problem.I tried helping her out to look for similar fabric. However the sofa and chaise from Interior Raft at wholesale were $2149 and $2113 and the fabric at cost was $40.00 a yard and 40 yards are needed.When I called Ace Chem-Dry on Friday Sept 5th no one answered all day and I left a message. It is her obligation to resolve this matter ASAP. Ace Chem-Dry is supposed to be a reputable company which I have used before.Now  I am at  the mercy of Ace Chem-Dry and ruined furniture and no phone calls.Last time I spoke with Joanne was Sept 2nd 2014 and she said she couldn't get a hold of her upholster. She called on Sept 10th to say she was sending someone to rectify the situation. She hesitated to give me the name but I needed it for the gate and phone number.It is Kevin Anton from Dry Innovation,  who she was sending and it turned out to be her ex husband. When I didn't hear from him I left a message and said Friday Sept 12th was good or Tuesday the 16th. He left emails saying Tues the16th would be fine and confirmed twice and Joanne even called on the 15th of Sept to see that Kevin called.Well on the 16th of Sept. he called and had an emergency and couldn't be there at 10:00 or 11:00 and the rest of the day he sent a messages he was still there butI promise....  NOT FORGETTING YOU. By 5:00 I had my own emergency and emailed him that I had to leave and to please reschedule and that I was available the 18th of Sept which was Thursday and after 1:00 Friday the 19th of Sept. Neither of these people have called or rescheduled . I believe this is a game they play and eventually people give up. I have about $4500.00 which were cost pricing and I would no longer be able would to get the same quality of furniture and fabric.My sofa and chaise were soiled not damaged with rust and bleached areas all over.Three weeks later she tells me I signed every O.K. but the sofa and chaise were still very wet at the time. The damaged was evident while still wet and drying by the morning.   It took two days to dry which was abnormal when it takes 5 hours for the carpet and sofa and chaise. When the sofa and chaise started to dry I called my husband and daughter who also took pictures to show the areas of bleached out white and rust water stains. Even the solution she made me wait  a week for did not rectify the problem.  It made some areas worse.I helped her by patiently waiting for this process.This is Sept 22nd 2014 and they have not attempted to call or fix anything.Tell me what service man leaves without payment and unfortunately I paid by check $224.00  number 1612 ck. The odd thing I resent is many companies go on sites that say they are competent and reputable but when they damage or create the problem they avoid all calls.If you go on the Ripp Off site for Ace Chem-Dry Joanne Anton the same thing happened to someone and of course they denied it. Well Andrew didn't deny it nor Joann in my home. 
Entity: Boyton Beach, Florida
35, Report #566081
Feb 07 2010
09:35 PM
D&A Kennels - Maize Bulldogs - Just Puppies - Anton & Dawn, 177 W End Ave, Brooklyn, New York Unethical Breeders - My puppy had renal failure, took $6000 to save her life Brooklyn, New York
My English Bulldog, Coco, was given to me as a gift.  The best gift I have ever received...a gift from God :-)From the time I first had her at 12 weeks she often had diarrhea, but I thought it was part of being a puppy.  I had to take her to the hospital b/c she also had severe vomiting.  At 5 months she had renal failure and was in the hospital for 5 days on an IV drip. After $5000 (not including first hospital visit) her life was saved.  The vet said it was a miracle.During her hospital stay I called Dawn (who was NEVER available). I spoke to a man who was very rude and said I couldn't get my money back and there was never anything wrong with their litters. I NEVER wanted my money back...I wanted help, answers to save my precious Coco.  I was hoping to find out if any other pups in the litter has similar problems to assist my vet with saving her. He SCREAMED at me, told me it was my fault, that my Vet was experimenting on her, to take her out of the hospital, that I didn't elevate her feeding bowl high enough...on and on and on about how it was all my fault....He told me to call their vet.  I did and after the Vet realized I wasn't trying to get my money back...that all I was trying to do was save my baby...he confessed that they were not great breeders and advised me NOT to listen to Dawn, but to keep Coco where she was, with our Vet. She is now healthy, and I am writing this because I realized that she is not a pure breed English Bulldog.  She is Olde English Bulldog which has mixed breeds in the bloodline.  My friend paid $1800 for her.  To me she is priceless, but I hope they stop breeding and hurting these innocent animals.  It breaks my heart to hear the other stories of families who were not as blessed to save their pup.  PLEASE STOP THESE UNETHICAL BOTTOM FEEDERS!!!!
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
36, Report #347800
Jul 05 2008
06:01 PM
D & A Kennels - Anton Antonio Dawn Lena Sold sick Bulldog. promised to pay medical bills or refund. Liar Scam Artist. Brooklyn New York
We got an English Bulldog from Anton last year that has had several serious health issues that were supposedly covered by the health warranty, but Anton just lied the whole time pretending to care and saying he will pay for the bills or give us a new puppy. He is a liar and a scam artist. Right after we got married last year we searched for an english bulldog breeder for a while and found Anton in Brooklyn online. I called to ask if he had any puppies and he told me he had an entire litter for me to choose from the upcoming weekend. I told my husband I found a place and let's go check them out. When we got there it turned out that there was just one english bulldog puppy and he claimed that he always kept the pick of the litter separate from the rest so as not to make the other puppies less desirable. Of course, we fell in love with the little guy immediately and we had done some research on bullies to know to look for certain things and he looked really healthy. Anton seemed very caring and even acted very selective about who he sold his puppies to. He showed us pictures of the puppy's parents and bs'd a good amount about the breed in general. He told us over and over to call him if there are any concerns before going to the vet. Long Long Long story short and several thousands of dollars later, our little guy has birth defects affecting his spine, hips, and tail, also has entropion eyelids, serious skin and food alergies. After initial check ups with a vet in our area who is a bulldog specialist, we were extremely skeptical to bring our baby back to Anton who kept saying we should bring him back so his vets could take a look at him. Once I explained that we had already brought the puppy to several vets who were expert MRI specialists, etc he told us to fax all the bills and vet reports and doctors letters to his daughter Lena because she handled all such concerns. Up until that point he was still kind of pretending to be a legitimate professional. Afterwards, however, we got nothing but the run around (he asked us to resend all the paperwork several times, never responded, etc). We are currently looking into a small claims case against Anton and his wife Dawn for $5,000. Ilovemybully Peekskill, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
37, Report #1404263
Oct 04 2017
05:56 PM
Anton Hoyer Tony Well it did not say anything about a fee of 79.99 other than the 5.97 for a 30 day supply with fee shipping. Then it said 10.94 total . Just afraid of being ripped off. New Holstein Wisconsin
 Just ordered the CBD pure oil. Was told a 30 day sup was 5.97. Nothing g about what it will be after that per month. Then at checkout it said 10.94 total. Just read other people's reports and don't want to get ripped off. I am a senior citizen and wanted to try the product. Being on Social Security I can't afford to be taken.
Entity: New Holstein, Wisconsin
38, Report #744320
Jun 23 2011
06:55 AM
Bedford Cheese Shop - Anton Nocito bedfordcheeseshop.com Bedford Cheese Shop and P&H Soda Co Complaints Sells Out of Date - Stale Soda Syrup Brooklyn, New York
Bedford Cheese Shop and P&H Soda Co   --  Sells Out of Date - Stale Soda Syrup Bedford Cheese Shop and P&H Soda Co   Last week I purchased 4 bottles of pnhsodaandsyrupinc.com from Bedford Cheese Shop for $58.00 My wife wanted a soda treat, but the trick was on her. The syrup was stale, rancid, and disgusting. Bedford Cheese Shop refused a refund and said to call the manufacture pnh soda and syrup. Spoke to the owner Anton Nocito a condescending wise ass, said he didn't sell us the soda and we should take it up with Bedford Cheese Shop. This new company, who has no listed office nor food plant sells defective syrup products load with high sugar concentration and intestinal bacteria. read this review from a doctor that lab tested the pnh soda and syrup; http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/Stocks_%28A_to_Z%29/Stocks_T/threadview?m=tm&bn=10352&tid=141091&mid=141091&tof=1&frt=2 I'm surprise Martha Steweart lent her name to this product. But what do you expect from an ex con. I lost my money, and my wife and I suffered 3 days of the runs! Be safe and smart; stay away from pnhsodaandsyrupinc.com until they are FDA approved and inspected. Thank you, Anthony Tizzi
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
39, Report #446312
Aug 02 2009
10:54 PM
D&A Kennels, Anton And Dawn Selling Sick French Bulldog Puppies Brooklyn New York
D&A Kennels are selling Bulldog puppies that are not vaccinated . They give you a 4 year health gaurantee on any puppy you purchase. Our daughter purchased a beautiful 20 week old puppy and he became ill in 24 hours. He was immediately brought to our family vet. The little guy put up a valient fight and died exactly one week after he was purchased on 3/29/09 of Parvo. Our daughter and family are completely heartbtoken. At first Anton was very involved. He called for updates every 2 days. When the puppy died and after we faxed the records from the vet it became a different story. First it took 3 attempts and 3 different fax numbers to get the papers sent. Then the vet was away and then it was passover. It is one month later and we still do not have a refund. These people need to be shut down. We are prepared with Lawyers, Tappy Philips at ABC News and Help Me Howard to expose these crooks. I plan on contacting the State Attorney General;s Office, Better Business and NY State ASPCA. I would like to hear from others who suffered.We need to protect other puppies from these people!! Kathleen k Mt Sinai, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
40, Report #1242367
Jul 16 2015
05:24 PM
41, Report #363010
Dec 29 2008
11:21 AM
Luke Brabin Luke Brabin Luke Brabin FRAUDSTER Gold Coast crook Luke Brabin Southport Gold Coast Other
I knew this bloke in Wagga. Cheap crook is asking for money from the public to further fund his own excesses. ASIC very interested. This moron sees himself as a professional gambler. Never done a day's work in his life and couldn't pick his nose, certainly not a winner. And if he could, then why does he want your money? Because he's run out of his own money, due to his own incompetence. Stay away from his latest scam. Just another Gold Coast scam by one of the worst scamsters. Anton Wagga WaggaAustralia
Entity: Southport Gold Coast, Other
42, Report #349103
Nov 10 2008
09:40 PM
43, Report #298754
Jan 29 2008
08:03 AM
Ace Chem-Dry Joann Anton, Owner Kevin Anton, Operator Were supposed to clean my sofa, instead they totally destroyed it. Liars and will not stand behind thier work. Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Broward County Florida
Nov, 2007 I hired Ace Chem-Dry, owned by a realtor Joann Anton, to clean my sofa. It was wet when the worker left at about 8 p.m. The following morning when I woke and saw it dry I was stunned as they had totally derstroyed it. It is obviously beyond repair. I contacted Kevin Anton, who runs the company, and told him of the damage and he told me that is why they have insurance and promised to have someone come out that day to take a look at it. Nobody showed up, instead I was told that they would have somebody come out the next day to take a look at it. They even called and confirmed that appointment. Later that day I got a call telling me that they could not come to my home. This same routine went on for a few more days. Finally I called Kevin and told him that it appeared that Ace Chem-Dry was trying to distance themselves from me and the problem they had created and told him if they did not come that day, which they had already made an appointment for that I would pursue this via another venue, meaning court. His response was that if that is what I wanted then sue them! They never showed up. I sent them a certified letter to them which I have the signed receipt for and also sent this to the Better Business Bureau. Joann Anton finally replied to the BBB, not me, on January 7, 2008 and lied in her response. It was clear to me that they never had any intention of doing anything to correct the problem which gives credence to my original thinking when they would not come to my home to look at the damage. I can prove everything that I have stated and also have pictures before and after the damge they created. In my letter I told them that if this was not settled in an amicable and timely fashion that I would post my experience with them in various forums on the internet. I will also sue them and the facts are on my side. As a matter of fact Joann Anton, owner, gave me even more evidence proving that she lied in her reply to the BBB. Ace Chem-Dry, Joann Anton, Kevin Anton operates out of three (3) locations - Boca Raton (561)479-3130, Boynton Beach (561) 738-5020 and Broward County (954) 575-1360 -- All in Florida. The Antons business address is 10109 Cobblestone Creek Dr., Boynton Beach, FL. 33437 Perhaps my many postings will catch the eyes of potential customers and they will save themselves what I am going thru now. A promise to the Antons -- I will never give up. I will use the legal system, will continue all legal avenues, including reporting to every appropriate Federal, State and local agency that might be involved in any of thier business practices and will post my experience in as many on-line forums as I can find. Notgoingtotakeit Boca Raton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Boynton Beach,, Florida
44, Report #1110074
Dec 26 2013
12:15 PM
Entity: Rehobeth beach, Delaware
45, Report #418240
Jan 30 2009
02:01 PM
Anton Bends wii bundle with all accessories - 1 year warranty & 30 day full refund inspection period Covington Kentucky
I responded to an ad on CraigsList for a wii bundle for $240 including S&H. I sent $240 via Western Union on January 18th and was told to expect a tracking number within 24 hours. I received the following response: Thank you for your order! We have received your payment. Please allow 24h for processing, shipment and e-mail of tracking. Thanks, mypalmliq.com On the 23rd, I requested a tracking number again. On the 26th I tried going to www.mypalmliq.com and filling out a request for username/password and submitting above information via the comments section of the form. I also tried calling 888-229-8259, but that number turned out to be to a number to a rental property. Here is the full test of the original E-mail he sent me: Comes with all accessories, ready to plug and play. A one year warranty and a 30 day full refund inspection period will be included with purchase. All product is new. Here are payment instructions: To purchase a unit, payment can be sent securely using your Visa/MC via http://www.westernunion.com/ (Send Online Transfer, Money in Minutes). Send payment in the amount of $240 per bundle(ground shipping included free, overnight shipping for $20): Anton Bends (Receiver Name) Covington, KY 41072 (City, State) You may also visit a Western Union Agent Location if you would like to purchase using cash. After payment has been completed, be sure to send us via e-mail your: Full Name Shipping Address MTCN Reference Number, (Western Union will provide this upon completion of payment). Feel free to e-mail us or call us toll-free at 1-888-229-8259 anytime if you have any further questions. Once completed, we will process, ship out, and provide tracking numbers within 24 hours. You will receive your package in 2-4 days. Receipt will be included with package. Thanks, Anton Bends Special Sales Mypalmliq.com Derrickh San Marcos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Covington, Kentucky
46, Report #1323119
Aug 17 2016
08:16 PM
Anton Montoya - Vagabond Creative Did not complete or even start website that I paid him for TX Internet
On May 15, 2013 I hired Anton Montoya at Vagabond Creative to design a website for me. I paid him $482 through his website. The invoice from Vagabond Creative I received said the project would be completed within 2-3 weeks. I sent all the information and files he needed right away. He rarely responded to my emails and voice mails. He kept giving me excuse after excuse why it was not getting done. Finally he just stopped answering my calls and emails. I needed my website completed so I hired someone else to do it. I repeatedly sent emails and left voice mails asking Vagabond Creative for a full refund. On March 22, 2014, he actually answered the phone. He gave me yet another excuse and promised to refund my money within a week. A week later I did not receive my refund so I called and left a voice mail. I have been calling once a week and he will not answer the phone or return my voice mails. I filed a complaint with the BBB and he did not respond so they couldn't do anything to help me. On December 2, 2014, I contacted a collection agency. They had trouble contacting him, and when the finally did weeks later, he told them that he had given me a refund. They called me, and I told them that I couldn't believe they believed him because they knew the whole story. Since then, I still have not received a refund and the collection agency has not been able to contact him.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #801078
Nov 22 2011
11:35 PM
D&A kennels/maize bulldogs/just puppies dawn and anton Another bulldog from them with problems brooklyn, New York
We purchased our english bulldog in march of 09. she was born 12-26-08. if someone out there has her brothers sisters please let me know, when we took her the guy didnt know she was a girl told us she was a guy we were so excited we didnt even look either, the next day she got sick turns out she had parvo spent a few nights in the vet and got better they paid half of the bill. a year later she got cherry eye. almost 3 years later she has constant eye problems needs ointment in it, and she has a aggresive personality that i know came from the breeding of her .. if anyone has the same problems or anything please get back to me
Entity: brooklyn, New York
48, Report #1083491
Sep 10 2013
08:48 PM
West Asset Managemnt Dawn Proctor, Joli Anton, and all the other evil females there! Hired for my looks, sexually harassed, stolen from, moved to a corner away from everyone, then laid off! Endicott New York
 When I was hired, they told me that they were only hiring for one position. I believed it was because of my work experience, but saw that it was my looks that got me the job. The other applicants were not very attractive but I knew them from another company and that they were definately better qualified for the position. After I started, they moved me around all over the place. Each time they put me near other attractive females or managers. There was constant sexual comments all over the call center floor every day. The men that worked there, very few of them, got it the worst. I felt sorry for them. After they saw that I was not into going to bars and hanging out with any of my coworkers (Or sleeping with them) I was treated terribly. They all ignored me and they moved me into a corner of the call center. I liked it there actually because I didn't have to listen to the constant gossip and sex stories from all the other females there. They had empty seats all over the place but never hired any one.  When Halloween came, they used me to decorate the whole spine for my team that all hated me. I tried hard to make them like me but they just didn't. I spent hours at home painting on an old holed up blanket donated by another coworker named Michelle. I used my own brushes and artistic talent to create a beautiful tapistry that I was told I could keep after Halloween. Of course they lied to me. They told me that the tapistry I made belonged to West Asset Management. I was really upset and in tears. I even went to Dawn Proctor about it. Her, Joli, and this mean grumpy woman named Michelle all told me that all my hours of work painting was considered a donation and that no one promised I could keep it even though both Michelle and Joli told me that I could have the tapistry prior to seeing the finished product.  When November rolled around it was clear that there would be lay offs. I knew they had it in for me after I told them that I would sendd them a bill for my hours of work, as an artist I charge $25.00 per hour for tapistries and wall murals. Sure enough myself, the older coworkers, the others that weren't liked by the managers like Joli, and even the ones that were there for years for whatever reason. In my opinion, West Asset Management is a terrible place to work unless you are an attractive female/male that sleeps with everyone you work with, love to gossip and stab others in the back, and like to spend after work hours at the local bars with the same morons you spent the entire work day with... I was happy to get laid off. So were a few other people. The truth is that West Asset Management in Endicott, NY is full of drug addicts and alcoholics that come to work drunk and high everyday. They throw eachother under the bus so that they have something to talk about later.     K. Smith, Binghamton, NY
Entity: Endicott, New York
49, Report #1350962
Jan 20 2017
01:47 PM
USA Discount Warehouse My title? Peter Anton, Ripped-Off Consumer - I bought a 512Gb Micro Flash Drive which shows every indication of being a Reprogrammed 30Gb chip made to l ook like a 512Gb chip. It will only save 30 Gb and then says that The file or folder is corrupted. Futthermore, it takes a l ong time to get to this point because it was made to imitate a larger storage capacity. Cape Coral Florida
I thought I did this earlier in the report! Reprogrammed 30Gb Micro SC Flash Drive being sold as 512Gb capacity. Made to look and act like a larger drive, but won't do more than 3oGb, takes longer to imitate larger drive, and can't delete files that have been copied. See this article about the same problem on eBay:ebay.com/gds/All-About-Fake-Flash-Drives-2013-/10000000177553258/g.html?rmvSB=true
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
50, Report #1128142
Mar 04 2014
09:23 AM
House Doctors of West County llc. Steve Boriss Fraudulent Contractors tried to rip us off! Saint Louis Missouri
This company sued us in court and lost the initial small claim court case on Febuary 11th, 2014 27th Division of 22nd Judicial Court. House Doctors of West County came ill prepared to court both times. The first hearing he showed with no corporate lawyer, but was granted a retrial even though your supposed to be prepared in small claims court. So I had to battle a Corporate Lawyer, I represented us and beat him senseless. Owner Steve Boriss reported to the City of Saint Louis our deck only cost $1080. Really we were charged roughly $3300. I guess he only had to pay permit fees based on what he presented to the city. Steve is everything but what he describes himself and his company. He was not professional, trustworthy, ethical, nor timely. His workmanship by his techs was very sloppy! Trash and debris were never hauled or removed. Most materials were defected second hand clearance items. He invoiced me for $3100 when the job was only 75 percent completed not counting several worker errors that needed rework. He explained that he would come back when the weather permitted to finish. He never pulled an inspection on my deck until he was cited by the city for working with no inspection. He told my wife no inspection was needed. He never attempted to winterize our back door that we requested, as we have had the coldest winter in history this year. He flat out lied to the Judge in court. Steve does no work himself and appears that contracting is not his area of specialty. He was a professor involved in a franchise now. He stalled us from October to December on a deck that he promised would be finished in a couple weeks. The deck is still not finished and the Judge ruled in our favor! He was looked down upon in court as an outsider contractor trying to take advantage of Saint Louis Homeowners and Saint Louis City Hall! Do not do business with this company! I have court rulings, city documents, pics, invoices, a 911 report (where we had to call on him because he harassed my wife and autistic non verbal 14 year old boy at our home on December 20th.) Just emai (((email redacted))) for docs and rulings.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri

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