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1, Report #902190
Jun 24 2012
03:28 PM
Dan Vega / Zander Publishing BEWARE!! Internet
Please beware if you are a consumer who may be tempted to do business with Mr Vega or Zander House Publishing. Let me relate my personal experience in hopes that others may be spared the embarrassment and distress..Mr Vega moved to Pensacola with his Wife and son and reached out to befriend my family as we also have a young son and common interests. After a few times having them over and him telling us about his publishing company I became curious as my father had written a book, copywrited it, but never published it. I had a personal copy in my bookcase and asked Mr Vega if he would be interested in taking a look at it and letting me know what it would cost to publish it and it it needed any modifications. Mr Vega said he would be glad to, and since I considered him a friend, I didn't get him to sign anything.(big mistake). Well about 6 months passed, we had seen each other numerous times but he never mentioned anything else about the book. I confronted him and his wife about the book and they both apologized to me said they had forgotten about it and would look for it. Another 2 months passed and I confronted Mr Vega again. He said that he had looked all over his office and home and could not find the book i gave him anywhere and he apologized. So basically I find myself feeling like Ive been totality scammed. especially after finding out about his past business reputation and talking with other people who have been scammed by him up in Missouri. I don't know if he sold the book to another company to be published, changed the words and title and published it himself, or simply just lost it as he stated.. Since that was the only copy of the book that my father spent a large portion of his life writing,I feel like I've been damaged, and my father has been taken advantage of without him even knowing. And Ive not told my father about what has happened because I'm so embarrassed and feel like a total idiot that I placed trust in Mr Vega who I thought might be a friend when I first met him. If anybody has any Legal advise or suggestions on how to handle this or not, I would appreciate it. Just a final word of caution regarding Dan Vega and Zander House Publishing..Dont give them anything of value and get everything in writing. I hope this helps somebody_Dmar/Pensacola
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #716949
Apr 12 2011
08:57 PM
Dan Vega, Blue Star Business Insititute Smoke & Mirrors Internet
Effective April 5, 2011 I resigned my position with Blue Star Business Institute.I do not endorse Dan Vega or Blue Star Business Institute or their practices.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1094132
Oct 23 2013
02:59 PM
Dan Vega Claims to be a Jehovahs witness! Pensacola Florida
 Dan Vega is a very shady character that moved to Pensacola recently and is already scamming the members of his congregation (Jehovahs witness....LOL) The unusual thing about this situation is the congregation Elders are hiding and protecting him... They are not the meek people they claim to be....  He has spread lies about people he does'nt even know anything about...   He is very evasive about the scams he perpetrated in Missouri...   He even had a TV show spreading his scams...  This guy can't be trusted with a dime of my money!!
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
4, Report #721551
Apr 24 2011
06:24 PM
Dan Vega, Blue Star Business Insititute Vega Group International, FOREX, Business Ethics & Education Foundation BEEF and Planet EHO Deception & Fraud, Internet
In the beginning, I believed, trusted and looked for the good in a vision and business plan that Dan Vega shared in his seminars in Newport Beach, California and Springfield, MO.  As others, I was looking for hope, inspiration and opportunity during such a challenging time in our country's financial economy and history. My post on September 7, 2010 entitled FEAR was written after traveling to Springfield, MO to take his 4 day course and believing that the course material and Mr. Vega were legitimate. At that time, I thought it was a real opportunity that would help a lot of people.  Please disregard those words now, because I believed a dream.  Dan had offered me an opportunity to manage a school/franchise in Orange County, CA and I believed that we would be helping people in many areas of life and business. Six months later what was left was shattered dreams and deception. Mr. Vega and his program did not stand the test of time. Accurate information was uncovered by graduates of Mr. Vega's course who were hurt, disappointed and dissatisfied about how they were treated and the value they received from Dan and his 4-day Elite Millionaire Course. They went directly to Get Motivated Seminars, Bill Bartmann, The Trump Network and other sources that Mr. Vega claims publically to be his references, mentors, associates and credentials.  Now they are asking for refunds, disputing credit card charges and filing consumer complaints with the Attorney General in Springfield, MO. You can read the words from the Vice-President of Get Motivated Seminars as he posted this on Rip Off Report. After reviewing the facts presented to me by graduates and these organizations, who Mr. Vega claimed as references, I realized that I had been deceived and made a mistake along with many others. After working with Mr. Vega for the 6 months, I resigned all association with him and Blue Star Business Institute on April 5, 2011.   I just want to set the record straight.   From now I am following a wiser approach, Trust and verify.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #717507
Apr 14 2011
11:10 AM
Blue Star business institute Dan Vega Dan Vega is a sincere sounding lier! springfield , Missouri
When I first met Dan Vega it was at a one day seminar to introduce us to his information and sell us on his programs. i was impressed by what he had to say. He told us that he was paid 100 million to create an algorithm for the Forex which hit 29 times in a row. He then told us how he had over 400 angel investors, has written over 6,000 business plans , is mentored by Bill Bartman and was a speaker with Collin Powell on the Get Motivated stage  (and had written their busines plan). Dan also told us how he is associated with Donald Tump and is on his team as a trainer.  Dan said that he personally had spent millions on his non-profit program for Business Ethics (called B.E.E.F.) and Donald Trump is supporting the organization a major contributor. The real facts are quite the opposite. Bill Bartmann has told us directly that he is not Dan's mentor and does not endorse his programs.  In fact, it appears that Dan took a single class from Bill and borrowed the content (especially the business plan template) which he passes off as his own.  . Get Motivated has already posted their response to his claims.  He was never a speaker and was removed by security from their 2009 event in Springfield, Mo. The Trump network has denied any agreement that Dan said he had with them and ordered Dan to remove any logo relating to Trump from all his advertising material.Dan does not have 400 angel investors and lied to us about how to make money funding the business plans as it takes a securities license to accept money using the plan that Dan advocates. You will find NO testimonials from companies that he has actually helped.  He is a credible speaker, but uses his talent to mislead people.  This and more false information was given at his seminars. Stay away as far as you can from Blue star, Dan Vega or his business company Executive Business Builders, LLC and Chase Barfield.
Entity: springfield, Missouri
6, Report #872188
Apr 27 2012
04:12 PM
Dan Vega BSBI Institute, Tuesday with Dan Preying on out of work people with business skills Internet, Internet
Dan Vega travels around the country putting on seminars and marketing directly to out of work individuals that are lied to and lured to a Business Seminar He runs an ad on Craigslist, stating that he is hiring people to give talks on business and or related topics. There is no job, just a sales pitch. He cons you into buying into a class that teaches you how to be a Public Speaker. At the tune of $6000.00 and or you can own your own BSBI (Blue Star Business Institute) and con people with him. Now he has his own television show!  http://www.tuesdayswithdan.com/index.html Do yourself a favor, stay as far away from this guy as you can. Read more: http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/dan-vega.aspx
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #121366
Dec 05 2004
04:45 PM
Ernie Vega Enlightenment RIPOFF! Internet
As someone with an open mind, I thought that it would be interesting to see how I could make things go my way more often. According to the website, the CyberShaman program is designed to release the awesome power of the mind. All it did was release the awesome power of $495 from my awesome bank account. I ordered the program in February of this year. It is now December, and not only has Mr. Ernie Vega not answered my emails, he also doesn't seem to answer his phone messages. However, he is still very active on his message boards for the Cybershaman group. Ironically, I've attempted to post complaints about the program, but I've noticed that since he's the moderator, my complaints don't get through. (Or answered, since I know he had to read my message to reject it.) In closing, I would just like to say that if you're looking for enlightenment, try to get it on a CD, and put it on your credit card so you can dispute the charge. Paypal and Cybershaman don't mix. For an enlightened person, Mr. Vega is as material as they come. RETURN MY MONEY! Sunday Jennings, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1310174
Jun 07 2016
10:42 PM
Jose vega Rio off Houston Texas
 First I called this guy to ask if we can set up an appointment to discuss about my wife's immigration status and see what all can be done and at first he painted a pretty picture saying that it was gonna be quick and easy and that I had to pay him 2000 up front for him and that it didn't matter what he had to do he would make it happen so me and my wife were confident that he was able to accomplish what we wanted...that was the first time and last time I ever seen him and everything after that was just his secretary and never got a word back from him
Entity: Houston , Texas
9, Report #719723
Apr 20 2011
12:06 AM
Darin Vega Darin Vega perpetrates yet another scam in Springfield Springfield, Missouri
First off, I would like to say that I can verify every claim that I submit in this report. I am not a disgruntled  employee, an internet troll or someone seeking personal profit by destroying the reputation of another person. These people are professional con artist, especially Mr. Darin Vega who just finished defrauding eight people with a false company called Rose Medical Supply. It started with an advertisement on the employment forums on Craigslist, offering people positions selling Air Purifiers around Springfield. Usually, I am highly skeptical of any job that involves selling things of this nature, but he did conduct interviews in person and did not require me to preform door-to-door sales or to cold call potential clients, so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and work for the company. He conducted a few training classes and seemed tohave an unusually extensive knowledge of morally ambiguous sales techniques, but being somewhat familiar myself with aggressive sales tactics I chalked it up to routine corporate practices and never gave it any more consideration...until the senior members of the sales team blew the whole fiasco wide open.Apparently, Mr. Vega has a quite a reputation here in Springfield, and while preforming their daily assigned tasks the managers had made quite a discovery: COPIED SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS AND HORDED CREDIT CARD NUMBERS.Also, the landlord of the home office had banned Mr. Vega from the property as a penalty for being two months behind on the rent! We contacted some of the people who had their personal information stolen by this man, and it turns out that they were also former employees whom Mr. Vega had also defrauded. Also, the retail price of the Filtropure Air Purifierwas around $250 USD, and Mr. Vega was charging over $2,000 for each unit. I can provide you with the name and number of the landlord if you would like to verify this claim, and I can also provide you with contact information for all seven employees who will corroborate my story.Do not listen to people who defend this man and submit rebuttals. They will use every tactic at their disposals to defend these criminals, including accusing you of not checking the facts or of being a disgruntled employee.I am presenting you with facts at this very moment, and I am prepared to back up my claims with evidence. The people that defend this man are nothing more than his shrills who have been ostensibly paid off. Also, I am sure there are somepeople who have lost or gained money while working with Dan or Darin, and they frequently blame themselves for the loss or, paradoxically, credit one of the Vegas for the gain.This is a common sales scheme perpetuated by unscrupulous stock brokers or investment bankers. If you lose money its your fault, and if you gain money its their credit. The reality of the situation is this: You will lose money most of the time, but if any money is actually gained it can usually be attributed to good timing (much like pulling the lever of a slot machine). I beg you, please do not fall for this nonsense and steer a wide course around both Dan and Darin Vega.
Entity: Springfield, Missouri
10, Report #826729
Apr 27 2012
04:13 PM
Zander House Publishing - Dan Vega Blue Star Business Institute (BSBI) Newest Potential Scam Pensacola, Florida
BEWARE - Dan Vega was forced to shut down his bogus seminar company and websites for Blue Star Business Institute (BSBI) and Vega Group International when he was exposed  last year by many of his graduates and the major companies and individuals who denied any associations with him.  Many people lost significant sums of money, time, along with other various losses and problems as a result of their trust and faith in this person.  Most people were left with empty promises and no results.  Later they discovered that the entire Blue Star seminar program was a misrepresentation and scam.  Vega left Springfield after much negative publicity and a current law suit and moved to Florida to open up shop.  Vega has operated in a number of states in the past and moves and starts new ventures whenever necessary to avoid the heat.His new venture is a book publishing company.Be careful of all financial dealings with this person and any of his companies or representatives.  There are already postings on the Internet by people who were almost duped into paying for his so called services as a publisher.Do yourself a favor and find yourself a professional in the publishing industry with a track record of successful publications.  You risk losing your money and not having a professional and successful book published properly.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
11, Report #131968
Feb 19 2005
10:37 AM
Ernest Vega, Multiaxiom Inc. Cybershaman Complaints Worldwide Orangeburg New York
Greetings! On December 20, 2004, I was promised a refund for Cybershaman. As of today, February 18, 2005, I have yet to receive that refund. Here is the e-mail in which the promise was made: From: Ernie Vega To: Subject: You do as you will Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 18:39:19 -0500 > Notice that he thinks that a request for a refund AFTER A YEAR is a threat. Somehow, he ignored the fact that he'd promised to actually refund my money. I asked for refunds beginning in March, calling his house, writing him letters, e-mailing him constantly, but to no avail. Yet when I faked sending in an order, he answered. Here's a site for those who have complaints against him and his product: http://drldcspractitioner.bizland.com/cybershamancomplaints/ This man MUST be stopped from scamming people. He makes threats, but yet is a coward when someone else threatens him. I repeat, HE MUST BE STOPPED. He'll probably think that this is a threat and run away with his tail between his legs..... Sunday Jennings, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Orangeburg, New York
12, Report #768828
Aug 23 2011
03:27 PM
James Joseph Vega J.J. User Car Sales Hayward , California
I bought a 1986 Mercedes 420 SEL 3 days ago. The car was my daughter's first car. She had worked all summer saving for her first car. WE bought the Mercedes from a J.J. Vega. He met us in front of an apartment complex in Hayward , CA ( 39530 Kay Street). The car was very clean. Low miles for a 1986 Mercedes. Although, now, I question the mileage. I asked 'J.J' at the time of the test drive if the car had passed a smog test. Yes, was his reply. I asked if he knew of anything majorily mechanically wrong with the car. He stated he had it checked out and it was in very good shape. Specifically, Brakes were good , Tires were good with the exception  of the rear passenger  tire. Accordding to J.J.,  this tire should be good for a couple months. He seemed very knowledgeable about the car. He stated all it would really need soon is an oil change. I brought the car to DMV for the title exchange. The DMV employee stated the prior owner's check had bounced for last year's registration. I was responsible for this cost if I wanted to register the car in my daughter's name. The DMV employee asked for the smog certification. I , of course, had J.J.'s word , but no certificate. The DMV employee told me the seller is responsible for the smog certificate. I went to have the car smogged. It did NOT pass. It needs a Catalytic Convertor about $ 400.00 charge before the car will pass a smog test. The mechanic informed me the sellar is responsible for the smog certificate. I have called J.J. or AKA James Joseph Vega numerous times. He has not returned my calls. I have seen prevoius RIP OFF ccomplaints about him. I will add to these complaints. I intend to take legal action. J.J. or James Joseph Vega advertises on Craig's List....SO BEWARE !!! BEWARE!!!
Entity: Hayward, California
13, Report #704034
Mar 07 2011
11:56 PM
Luis Vega VMADonline.com Is known for stealing other people's work Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I want to inform the public of a scam artistin the Philadelphia area; Luis Vega who you can get a clear picture of here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzsKkJCDy0Q. I was burned $1200 for a media contract which his company neglected to fulfill. I am in the process of seeking out legal action against Luis Vega, I would advise anyone else to steer CLEAR away from VMADONLINE.COM. As I quickly learned he has no actually experience in anything thing he talks about, he tries to offer services as the middle man to work he does not even provide. He claims to offer a variety of services in audio/video works he has no clue about! All of the work I paid for WHAT HE DID NOT PRODUCE was completed by patch-work freelancers who had no idea I was paying him for. He did not deliver his end of the contract terms we outlined, nor did he deliver the product which I paid for. I highly would DISCOURAGE anyone from doing business with this wanna-be musician/artist. I decided to post this ripoffreport after seeing other claims made against VMADONLINE.com. BE WARNED, Luis Vega I will see you in court.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
14, Report #1170071
Aug 15 2014
06:25 PM
Lady Of America Scam, Rip -Off. Vega Baja , Puerto Rico Vega Baja PR
In August 2012, I signed up to Lady Of America work out gym. I used the facility only for one week. When i signed in they never told me verbaly it was a 2 year contract. So i called and ask if if there was a way to get off the contract, and there respond was that i signed a 2 year contract and that i cant get out of the contract or less i pay the amount full, and if i cancell early it could effect my credit. Because the were deducting it straight from my bank account , so i waited until this year to call again to cancell,  which is about to end on this month 24 of August 2014.When i called Lady of America to ask for the number of customer service, this young woman told me that lady of america moved from there less then 2 years ago, and that they are the new owner of the place, and that they can give me the numeber of there collection agency , which is National fitness. So i called national fitness at 1 800 697 9055, talked to representative Alex Id 532. She took my call and helped me out on the process, i even  had to call her again, Because when i enter to there web page i couldnt enter my contract number to make the cancellation within the 30 days. She told me that after this month they arent going to charge me no more. so Have to wait until next month to see if  they cancell my membership. She was so sure that after this no ore. Hope she keeps her part. But the thing that upset me is, that the gym is 3 minutes away from my house, thats why i joined the on the fist place, that when i have a chance i can go and work out, but the funny part is that since i joined on 2012, i used the gym just a week. and then Lady of america , disappeard from the place, they never send me a noticed that they where moving, or told any of there customers and its been 2 years that they been benfiting from my money, and i dont have a Gym to go work out anymore. I didnt go every day, but there where times when i could use some excercise. Like i said the first time, a year ago i called to cancelled and they did not let me, they make a contract and we have to honor there contract, but they didnt honor me when the left with out even notifying me. I want my money back, this is a scam. I paid aproximate  $ 790 for the 2 years with out putting a foot on there facility. I just want justice , because they are a rip off.  Total scam. They should be reporte to the fraud department. Guess im not the only one being rip off.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1091553
Oct 12 2013
07:59 PM
Vega Line Moving & Storage Services Stolen my shipment Calgary Alberta
I booked my shipment on September 14, 2013. A day I booked it, I sent them my Calgary address where they were supposed to deliver it. When they picked it, they said that it will take around 7-10 days to deliver at Calgary address. After a week when I contacted Alex (contact person), he said he will check with their despatching company and let me know. I waited for a week when I didn't get a call then I mailed him again. Then he said that they didn't had my Calgary address so they haven't despatched it yet. I reminded him that I already sent him address a day before they picked from Mississauga. I gave him again the address and explained him my situation as I have my family here and we need our stuff. then he said that for sure I will get by next Saturday. I started to wait for Saturday. When I didn't get anything on this Saturday, I called him again. He said he will check it and let me know the status in next few mins. 2 days passed and he didn't call or mailed. Then I called him again to Tuesday. He said, they didn't ship it yet. I asked who? Then he said he will call me by 3 pm and tell me exactly when I will get it. Again he didn't call me. Next day when I called him he said there was some confusion and the shipment company by mistake delivered it to the wrong address as the other person name was similar to my name. He promised me that he will call me and see what the issue is. Next day I called him again and then he gave me a number and asked to call them. When I asked on that number I found its another moving company and they started to blame me that I didn't give them my details and its because of that reason, its late. They also asked me that I have to pay around $2100 for this which was way more than I was quoted initially (around $1500). They took my address and contact number and said they will ship it on Saturday i.e. October 12.  I called Alex and explained him all the situation and also asked why he didn't gave them my address and other details. I also asked me how rudely they behaved with me. I explained him that we have suffered a lot because of this dealy. I told him that I am dealing with you and I will pay only you. Also He has to deal with them directly. I also asked him to make sure that I get my things this Saturday. He said he will help me on this and I can pay him. Other company told me that they will confirm the time on Friday when they are coming. When I didn't get any call till Friday evening, I called them again and by then their office was closed. Then I sent a mail to Alex again stating the situation and told him that if I dont get my things by Saturday afternoon, I will take necessary steps. Now I waited whole day here at my home and waiting for them but I didn't get any call or nobody arrived here. I think this is a part of scam. So far these guys are not able to tell me what the actual problem is. Everytime I call them they make some excuse and promise to call but they never do anything. I am now so frustated. I have 3 small children and I need all my belongings. Its been a month now and I have to buy lots of stuff which is unncessary. I am so worried and can't concentrate on my work. I am now planning to file a police complaint againt this company.
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
16, Report #1266280
Nov 06 2015
05:21 PM
benderegg66@gmail vega pet scam on a s**t tzu puppy Internet
 My dog died on 10-26-15, and a week later this lady named benderegg66@gmail vega, sent me a message saying she has a shit tzu puppy that's needs a good home she lives over sea and she said she would pay for everything, all I would have to pay was transferred paper of ownership witch was 155 dollars, so I did western union yesterday, and today I got a text from the shipping company saying I had to pay insurance for the travel witch was 875 dollars, I told the shipping people I didn't know anything about that, then I texted benadett back and told her what they said, and I said if this is a joke I sure don't appreciate it, and didn't hear back from her , so she got my 155 dollars and wanted to pay 875 dollars more, so she is a scam artists and needs to stop doing this to people, who just lost there dog, still don't know how she got my name, just thought God was looking out for all my pain I was going thru with my dog that just died, but no these people need to be published
Entity: Internet
17, Report #872085
Apr 22 2012
10:41 AM
Ivan Vega Vega Landscape Lied repeatedly, ripped off over $400, including landscaping supplies from home and NEVER DID THE WORK he promised to do! Yucaipa, California
In early Feb. 2011, I met Ivan at an assisted living facility where my father had been living in Banning, CA. Ivan was doing landscaping work on assignment through a very reputable landscaping company located in Redlands, CA. I had just fired the current landscaper at my father's home in Banning the previous month for not doing the work he was contracted to do. I asked Ivan if he did work on the side, and he said, yes, he did. (By the way, Ivan knew my father had just died on 1/31, and he STILL took advantage of me.)Anyway, he was very pleasant, had excellent communication skills, and so he agreed to come and meet me at my father's home that same day, at 4:30 pm on 2/2/12, after he got off work. He finally showed up around 7pm, when it was dark. He never called to tell me he would be late. He pulled a few weeds and quoted me $320 to replace the current mess in my dad's back yard with high grade sod. The $300 was for the sod, the $20 was the monthly rate to cut the grass, trim weeds, etc. I was paying for the sod and 1 month of service. He asked me if I would pay him in advance so he could buy the sod. BIG MISTAKE. Boy, did he cash that check fast!!! He was supposed to get the sod and deliver and install it Saturday, Feb. 4th. Not possible to leave him a message, since his voice mailbox was ALWAYS full. How convenient. He was supposed to show up at 8am on Sat, but he never showed. He finally called around 5pm that day to say that the laborers who were supposed to get the sod on his truck for him were taking the weekend off because of some Superbowl party. Is that a lame excuse, or what?!!This type of lying and promising that work was going to be done was duplicated at LEAST ten times. I have documentation of phone calls, saved text messages, etc. telling me he was going to come but, he never did. He also had asked me to purchase a timer, some irrigation wire, and another landscape part from Home Depot, totaling about $85, so he could repair my back yard sprinklers. Since i had to fly back home to the Midwest, i asked if the neighbors would let him in when he came again, to install the timer, etc. He finally came one weekend, when it was raining, took the timer, wiring and sprinkler head with him, and never installed them at the house, nor did he install any sod. I can only assume he used these for another customer or for his own benefit. The sod never came.I tried calling him numerous times, and whenever I did actually reach him, he always he gave me excuses. He was called into a meeting, he had to work, his FATHER DIED, nothing but lies and more excuses. I warned him that i would call his employer, and he told me that his employer had nothing to do with his side jobs. I told him i disagreed, that if his employer knew he ripped clients off, they wouldn't be happy and wouldn't want someone like that working for them. He still obviously didn't care, and he never did the work he said he would do. I did call the employer and they were extremely nice and said they would talk to his superintendent. He lied to his employer, telling them the work had been done for me, when it hadn't. The final straw, was when he told me he had the sod in his truck, and he was actually a block away from the house, when his tires blew. Seriously?!!! Never called, never took a photo of the sod on the truck or the blown tires so he could send me a text, proving this happened. LIES LIES LIES!Long story short, don't ever use this guy to do anything at your house. Don't hire him, even with a contract. I wouldn't trust him at ALL. I can't report him to the State of California, since the work was under $500, but he isn't licensed, so that's another issue.  I am taking him to small claims court. His motto, which you will hear on his cell phone voice mail, says, Vega Landscape, Best Low Prices in Town. Don't believe it. He will RIP YOU OFF. One last thing...i finally did hire a great landscaper who immediately knew what was wrong with the back sprinklers and fixed them for $18, no extra parts necessary.Don't use VEGA LANDSCAPE.
Entity: Yucaipa, California
18, Report #180770
Mar 12 2006
06:59 PM
UrbanBungalow Aka s****.
I am still waiting for the owner of Urban Bungalow.net/ Shoebungalow/ alot of other company names and websites she go by to pay me back my money... She finally replies back to my email a few months ago or so and states that she will pay me back and never did... I did let the Bureau know about this again and will keep fighting the issue until i get my money back from Elsie Vega... The Bureau says that she has so many complaints it doesnt make any sense and she still hasnt even solved any of her complaints with any of her so-called customers yet... If Elsie Vega is reading this now I would like for her to email me back about sending me my check... Hart Balt, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Weston, Florida
19, Report #1190472
Nov 21 2014
10:01 AM
Darin Vega; Darren Vega Refuses to pay for services rendered on automotive repair Marimar Beach Fl, Mobile Al Florida, Ala.
So Darren Vega, which is how he was spelling his name, called Kevin Paulsen to have repairs done to his 2000 Mercedes S430. Kevin already repaired his Limo that I have seen multiple reports on this site about. A little background is that Kevin does auto work on the side for extra money for our family from time to time. He does not have a business, but does call it Kevin's Discount Auto Repair on his craigslist ad. Kevin sets money back from every job to pay his taxes on money earned and Kevin is probably the most honest, hard working man I know. He genuily cares about people and is a helping man whenever he can be so. There are many occasions where he does work for elderly and single mothers for nothing or next to nothing. He has multiple people who can refernce to his honest, exceptional, very reasonable work. He has a full time job, at a company he has been at for 9 years, where he is a field supervisor. Therfore he actually does travel out of town frequently. He is a wonderful husband, he is a fabulous, dedicated, amazing father, he is member of a local motorcycycle club that is very involved in the community and charities, he is a great friend who will do anything for anyone. Now to the issue Darin Vega attepted to drive his vehicle to Kevin's home to have some repairs done to solve an electrical issue, Mr. Vega broke down at Verizon Wireless and Kevin had to go pick the car up. Mr. Vega attempted to jump the car himself and in the process did a lot of damage to the vehicle, including busting the air bag suspension so it was not driveable. After a week of being told what parts were needed, Mr. Vega finally ordered the parts. Kevin's wife picke up a $100 deposit that took a few days toget from Mr. Vega's wife. Kevin then picked the parts up from a residence in Mobile Al when they came in and when Kevin came in from out of town. He immediately put the parts on and fixed those issues, after hours and hours of searching wires and trying to find the problem to the new issues it was determined that the only way was a special tool for Mercedes. Well, as I said before, this is just side work so it was decided he did not want to purchase the expensive tool. On Nov 12 2014 Darin was told there was nothing more that ould be done and the remaining balance could be paid for the work done and he could pick the car up. After weeks of run around, in meetings, out of town, ect. Kevin informed Darin he would be taking legal action by filing a lien and that he would owe storage fees as well, plus cost for filing a lien. Now he is threatneing Kevin Paulsen with reporting his car stolen, which our local police are looking forawrd to that false filing of a report, we have already given the texts to the local police. We have contacted an attorney who has explained in detail our rights and steps to take, which we have and are continuing. Darin Vega is threatening Kevin with blasting him and his business on this site, which he is all over so he is very familiar with, threatening to have Kevin on news station in Florida, where he actually lives, but we do not live. I was somewhat shocked to see Darin and his brother Dan Vega posted all over this site as scam artist but I was more shoked they are still able to do this to people. I guess you will all see Kevin Paulsen on here soon because Kevin is not backing down, he's calling his bluff and exposing his scam ways. I am Kevin's wife Wendy, we do not take threats lightly and will be exhausting every legal right we have.
Entity: Marimar Beach, Florida
20, Report #123674
Dec 20 2004
10:27 AM
Nationwide Cs ripoff Las Vega Nevada
This is a work at home SCAM!! Im here to let you know who the owner of this company is John Atkin Albert Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vega, Nevada
21, Report #661694
Jul 18 2012
03:21 PM
So you some how you have been one of the unfortunate ones to meet one of the vegas dan or even darin or even one of there wifes or yes there poor old lil mom. She im sure knows of the manipulating children that unfortunately are not in lock up yet. But you met them and im sure they seem like great people and make you feel great when there around you atleast thats what they want you to feel. Why you ask. Easy because they need you there already trying to figure out some way to get into you pockets. Were should we start lets start with darin most likely the worst of the two and the one that is always chasing his brothers coat tails, but lets start with him. He prides himself on being a down to earth bussness man that is a loving father and a what he calls is a very strong in what he calls the the truth aka being a jehovah witness. Now despite both darin and dan both claim to be a jehovah witness please dont think that all witness are like these two and how these two are not been what he calls disfellowshiped yet blows are minds, but were are sure they will both get theres. I was with darin for along time was there at first just to help with his every day duties, at this time he had a vacume company he tried to call the over powered vacum a home health care system theis system sells around the world for only 250 dollars. But Darin was passing it off as a health system and wanted a customer to pay 2000 for them, he ran ads in the papers with his brothers saying that they could make up to 2000  in two weeks. they were to show up at his office at the plaza towers and show up in nice cloths and he would interview you. He wanted all to show up at 9am but the funny thing was he didnt get there to about 1pm so he would either make them sit there and wait or keep make them coming back over and over never really interviewing them if you keep tring you would be what he called a sale consaltent that way he didnt have to hire you or pay or show any money on you. after about a month of training in a cramped lil room for hours at a time. So you did it you finaly did it you sold a home health system guess what now hes not gonna pay you and he would avoid you at all cost would say hes in meetings tell you give up, u tell him your going to the police guess what you have nothing because you dont have any way to show you work for him. I also seen many people invest in his limo company towers limo. he even had a invester out of Co. that invested a limo of his own you might have seen it cause it was the one darin was most proud of the black one with the dents all down it. Either way the deal with the invester was he pay half back to the invester the invester is still waiting for the money and daring to live up to his word on that one to. So weve covered the lier part and the theft and shown how well he holds his value of his religon now we got the that late nights out. The reason he used his investers black limo was to go out on late night outings he told his wife he was going out on meetings with futur clients but what you was really doing is taking out some of the younger girls that he had selling his health system take them to clubs and to places that he knew the owners not a big  deal really you say ya your right not big deal if you were a single man if you were taking out girls of age but this is a married man taking out girls as young as 19 to places were he would give them drinks and then not sure what he would do but on the drives back he would make me roll the window up between the front seat and the back the limo ask me to keep driving around when i would clean out the limo the next day we would find bras and panties in the car so ill let you make the call on what happen in there Now dan vega this man at one time had a office in the hammons towers had a awsome 200000 dollar car but yea screwing people will catch up to you at some point and it has dan had his car took back told every one he had it given to home from a person he was working with on the forex but the truth was it was a lease and the lease was up and dan could cut the cost, he lost his house and his high rise towers office now you find dan under a investation on ky3 for lieing to another lot of people why to get into there pockets  ya im sure one of them will read this and do a rebutal but you both know dan and darin i drove you both to and from for a long time i told you that this is not what god wants representing his people and at a time were everyone is needind help for you two to be taking money by way of lies like you do  i horiable thing. But i should have known the day you told me dan that you and darin were cofounders in the big scandle in willard that you two were part of greenleaf and people lossing there houses. But hey guys glad you two are still hanging around well not dan he ran to now screw people in joplin what you expect from two vacume salesmen
Entity: SPRINGFIELD, Missouri
22, Report #723462
Apr 28 2011
11:31 PM
Dan Vega Blue Star Business Institute, Vega Group International, Planet EHO, Business Guru, Business Ethics and Education Foundation The 7 Lies Dan Vega Doesn't Want You To Know About Blue Star Business Institute, BSBI, BSB Institute, Vega Group International, Business Ethics and Education Foundation, BEEF, Business Guru, Planet EH Springfield, Missouri
If you are reading this post, you have probably at some point either been invited to learn from or work with Dan Vega, BlueStar Business Institute, Planet EHO, or The Business Ethics & Education Foundation (BEEF).This post serves as a warning for you and anyone you know considering further opportunities with Dan Vega or any of these organizations, as it has been demonstrated that the factual accuracy of Dan Vega's claims are unsubstantiated, and in fact, outright false.Recently there have been numerous consumer complaints against Dan Vega to the Missouri Attorney General. He is currently involved in a lawsuit alleging fraud, misrepresentation, and other charges. Other federal agencies are now aware of his activities. His brother Darin Vega is currently under investigation by the Springfield, MO Attorney General for FOREXTrading Fraud.If you have been offered an opportunity to work with Dan Vega, we HIGHLY suggest you read through this email completely, and forward this information to everyone you think may be at risk of losing a substantial amount of time, energy, and money to ANY business dealings with Dan Vega.The purpose of this email is to bring to light the FACTS of Dan Vega's unethical business practices, as well as the damagingmisrepresentations about his background, alliances, and opportunities.Dan Vega is currently launching two projects, Planet EHO and The Business Ethics & Education Foundation (BEEF), which willseparate a lot of innocent people from their time, energy, and money, delivering nothing in return but empty promises. Dan is working on a project with business men in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa where he is seeking to raise a proposed $1 to $3 million in return for the false promise of providing a 15% return to go to hospitals, schools, and churches.Here are the facts that Dan Vega would rather not have you know: 1.) Dan Vega claims to have been mentored by Bill Bartmann, and implies that they are close acquaintances. The truth is, Dan took one of Bill's business courses, and is now using the content of that course without permission as content for his own 1 and 4 day seminars.  Bill Bartmann is not his mentor and does not endorse him. Dan has directly plagiarized Mr. Bartmann's information. Mr. Bartmann is aware of this, and we have email correspondence directly from Mr.  Bartmann specifically stating not to work with Dan Vega, and that Dan does not have permission to use any of his content. 2.) Dan claims that he had personal conversations with Donald Trump, and that Mr. Trump & Scott Stanwood gave him special permission to use the Trump Network logo for Dan's own school, Blue Star Business Institute. Dan claims that he was hired by Mr. Trump as a trainer for his network marketing company, the Trump Network.  Dan uses the Trump Network logo on his own business cards, websites, posters, flyers, seminar tickets and marketing materials without authorization.Dan claims that one of the first investors into his Business Ethics and Education Foundation (BEEF) is going to be Mr. Trumphimself.The truth is that Dan was a distributor in the Trump Network program. He does NOT have permission to use the Trump seal,and in fact has received a cease and desist letter directly from the Trump Network to stop using it in any fashion whatsoever. Dan is not a sales trainer for the Trump Network, as they have explicitly stated that they do not hire outside sales trainers.We have email correspondence directly from The Trump Network stating this to be the case. 3.) Dan Vega claims to have written the business plan for Peter and Tamara Lowe/Get Motivated Seminars. Dan Vega also claims to have spoken on stage as a speaker for the successful motivational speaking program Get Motivated, along with Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Colin Powell, Steve Forbes and Zig Zigler.The truth is that the only connection Dan has to Get Motivated is that he was ejected by security during the Springfield, MOevent in 2009. We have email correspondence that comes directly from the Vice President of Get Motivated stating that they have never had any interaction with Dan Vega other than the incident with security.Dan Vega has received a cease and desist letter from Get Motivated as well, whereby he is required to never mention anddenounce that he has ever worked with Get Motivated, or else there will be legal action taken against him.4.) Dan Vega claims to having been the victim of a lawsuit in which a scamming seminar attendee asked him for advice only to sue Dan for giving poor advice. Dan paints this picture to be that he just wanted to help somebody in a tough place, but the person turned out to be an extortionist who has filed law suits against 17 other innocent speakers.Dan is being sued, but the truth is a much different story. Dan is being sued by a graduate of his 4 day Elite MillionaireCourse because it was a fraud, for his involvement of a FOREX program with his brother Darin Vega & John Krause, along with other improprieties related to an unethical business venture that he sold.In his 4 day seminars, Dan states he created a FOREX software that never fails and received a $100 million fee. He directspeople to Darin if they are interested in becoming millionaires trading on the FOREX. However, Darin and Dan were simply selling someone else's FOREX software, and they are not licensed to trade FOREX. This is the real basis of the lawsuit. They misrepresented the truth of their FOREX knowledge, expertise, and income. That is fraud.5.) Dan Vega claims to have written over 6000 business plans and has an angel network of over 400 angel investors. He claims that he has consulted for some of the top Forbes 500 companies, and that he was the secret weapon that elite business people would use to have build their business plans.He claims to have a nearly unexplainable mathematical ability to be able to look at a group of numbers and come up with amathematical formula to make a business successful every time.There are no references from any companies for whom he has done business plans. There are no endorsements from Fortune 500 Companies. Not one of Dan's students has had an introduction to an angel investor.  The truth is that Dan's business plan format that he gives away in his 4 day seminar is the same one he plagiarized from BillBartmann without permission.When pressed for more information, Dan is unable to name a single company who has benefitted from his business plan.  His only consulting project of record is his disastrous time with the Subway Slimdown Challenge, which was covered by the news in Missouri for the consumer complaints it generated.Several graduates have written business plans and submitted them to Dan's funding organization, known as Executive Business Builders LLC. Not a single one of them has been funded even when all the proper steps and guidelines have been followed. Instead, those who complete the work are given the run around for months. In fact, one student learned that accepting money for funding business plans as Dan suggests is a direct violation of SEC regulations and can land well-meaning people in jail for following Dan's suggested business model. 6.) Many people come to Dan Vega's one day course because they are told that he is hiring speakers. He informs them that he is opening new franchises and will offer it to qualified people, but they must attend his 4-day workshop for $5970, in order to be eligible for a franchise.  He has been promoting this program since early 2010, yet to date he has not paid any speakers.Although Dan claims to be a wealthy man, there is no evidence that he has created a support system capable of running afranchise operation.  There is not even a franchise manual or proper guidance for people to follow.7.) On his facebook site at www.facebook.com/danvega3, Dan has many pictures with famous and successful people and ties these pictures into his misrepresentations and stories of business relationships and associations that are not true.  He portrays imself as facebook friends with many successful entrepreneurs and famous people and leads you to believe that he has relationships with them, such as Donald Trump and Phil Town. You can see these images if you go to www.vegagroupinternational.com, and you will also see Dan is standing in front of a magnificent home and Maserati, which he does not own.   THE BOTTOM LINE:Dan Vega is a very good storyteller, a master manipulator and a man whose only proven successful business acumen is that of a vacuum cleaner salesperson. He sounds sincere and delivers a great story about his unusual mathematical and business plan abilities.He has an amazing ability to convince even some of the most business-savvy people that all of his experience is legitimate,and that he can deliver the world as a man who always hits his marks. The harsh reality of Dan Vega's results, pendinglawsuits, and intentions are a far cry from the persona he has spent so much time crafting. Again, if you are considering doing business with Dan Vega, simply protect yourself as you would with any other potentialbusiness partner. Ask him to verify WHO he has worked for. Ask for references other than Chase Barfield, Margo Bush, AdamTillinghast, Rebecca Tillinghast, or John Krause. They work closely with him and cannot be trusted to give an objectiveopinion on Dan's abilities, background, or experience.Ask for true business references, which companies he has achieved results for, which business plans he wrote and hasfunded, and verify his claims.He may provide a very convincing story as why he can't divulge that information. Consider that a red flag as you would withanybody else, and refuse to take your business relationship with him any further unless his claims can be verified. Successleaves trails, and all successful people have verifiable references and backgrounds.  Every testimonial on any of DanVega's sites is for his speaking events.  He does not have a single testimonial for his business ventures.Also, if you have heard Dan mention or suggest using FOREX as a way to make money, and that you should talk to his brother Darin about it, please file a consumer complaint with the Missouri Attorney General. The process only takes 5 minutes, and can prevent any more people from being removed from $1000s of dollars in false promises.The link to submit a complaint is here:http://www.consumer.ago.mo.gov/    (click on consumer complaints)This email comes from a group of professionals who have been been harmed in some capacity by the unethical business practices that Dan Vega employs. We aim to bring light to the situation to prevent you and those you know from getting hurt.This information is being spread across the internet to stop Dan Vega from hurting anybody else. Please do your part toassist in this process from harming any more individuals, especially those in Africa who can't afford to be hurt by falsepromises and fraud.This email address will be checked irregularly, but feel free to reply with any questions you may have.For additional information about the other fraudulent and misleading business practices Dan Vega has been involved in,feel free to browse the following links that Dan would rather you not see.This includes 12 individual entries posted across 5 reports on RipoffReport.com, one of which includes the Vice President ofGet Motivated explaining Dan Vega's lies about his connection with the program, a lengthy thread on ComplaintsBoard.com, and news coverage about consumer complaints for Dan Vega's involvement with the Slimdown Challenge.Read Ripoff Reports here:http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/dan-vega.aspx Report with Get Motivated's Vice President's comments at the bottom:http://www.ripoffreport.com/questionable-activities/dan-vega-vgi-interna/dan-vega-vgi-international-bsb-9ac64.htm More compaints on ComplaintsBoard.com:http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/forex5000-c290799/page/1.html#c870999 Slimdown Challenge Consumer Complaint News Article:http://articles.ky3.com/2010-10-14/prize_24135888 Slimdown Challenge Consumer Complaint Video Coverage:http://www.ky3.com/videobeta/ca689300-4f33-4a8c-acee-0dd537141071/News/slim-down-challenge
Entity: Springfield, Missouri
23, Report #1036439
Mar 24 2013
11:45 PM
Homes Panama, Vega y Alvarez Abogados Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira, The Plaza Obarrio, The Plaza San Francisco, The Consortium and The Plaza Coste del Este,Paulo Vega Batista, Angel Alvarez, Juan Vega Batista scam, real estate, attorney, abogados Internet
This letter is from the Homes 'in house lawyer, Lic. Paolo Vega Batista and he blatantly lies in order to avoid returning the deposits. He asserts that every investor was notified of the delay in construction and thus missed their opportunity to recover their deposit and that the delay was on the advice of the builder who was unable to break ground in the 'dry season'. What Mr Vega could not do was provide evidence of this 'notification' and what he failed to mention was that the project did not even have initial planning permission and had been marketed illegally. Bear in mind that lawyers in Panama have little to fear from censure and some effortlessly lie in writing as a matter of routine. HOMES Real Estate, Investment & Services, Inc Calle 53, Obarrio Trump Plaza Ground Floor TEL. (507) 215 1878 Fax. (507) 215 3489 E Mail: pvega@panamarealestates.com.pa Tailor Made Servers: Dedicated Servers Done Right. For You. Panam, 14 Noviembre de 2007 Licdo. XXXXXX Real Estate Lawyer (Abogados) Panam Ciudad de Panam E.S.D. Estimada XXXXX Por este medio, me comunico con usted en relacin a la nota enviada a nuestras oficinas el da 6 de Noviembre de 2007. En su nota expresa la intencin de cancelar el contrato de promesa de compra y venta de la unidad 28 A del proyecto The Plaza Obarrio. En el caso de la devolucin lamentamos informarle que de realizarse la devolucin la solicitud de la misma se debi haber realizado 10 das despus de la ultima posposicin es decir mes de Agosto, con esto no indicamos que el proyecto no se vaya a realizar el inicio de construccin se estima pertinente para la poca seca segn la recomendacin de nuestros constructores. Por otro lado le comunicamos que la posposicin de la misma fue notificada debidamente a su email, adicionalmente al enviar notificacin de devolucin se tomo como indica la clausula decimo tercera aceptada de su parte. Gracias, se despide, en espera de sus comentarios, ____________________________ Lic. Paulo Vega Batista Abogado/Attorney in Law Legal Departament Homes Real Estates Invesment & Services Inc.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #367327
Aug 27 2008
06:54 AM
Amigo Energy - PUCT Lic #10081 Vega Resources Extorting Variable Rate Customers July 2008 Bill Rip Off Houston Texas
Amigo got the best of my in July 2008 when I stunned to see a drastic 50%+ increase in my bill. I had been averaging about .11 cents a kW and in June it had increased up to about .14 cents. Then the shocker, I opened my July bill and I was in total shock to see my rate went from .14 cent to over .24 cents a kW the HIGHEST in Texas. So in one month my RATE MORE THAN DOUBLED. That is just insane! Please see following electricity fact label off their web site: Over Inflated Rates Why the increase? Could it be the high gas costs, high oil price or just the fact that they can extort money from people by increasing the rate at will. They blame the increase on high oil/gas costs but I don't know of one single power plant that runs on crude oil so we know that isn't the case. Hadn't heard coal or natural gas prices in the news lately so it's not that. I would imagine it is just pure greed and knowing that they can change your rate at the at the end of the last billing cycle and you can't do anything about for 30 days. That's just wrong. Your at their mercy. You have no idea what your going to be paying per kW till it is too late. Then it takes a month to get your power moved. They tried to persuade their variable rate customers into signing up for their higher rate fixed billing on the June bill but I figured that if my rate increased it would only be a couple cents and since I wasn't really bound to a contract I could get out if it was unreasonable. I guess they retaliated against those who didn't switch to fixed because now(August) their rates are back down to the standard industry rates. They did not notify their customers to this ridiculous rate increase prior. I thought EXTORTION was illegal, I guess that isn't the case with Amigo Energy. Be warned, stay away from them. They obviously do not care about keeping customers. Thanks, Barkster Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #797683
Nov 13 2011
09:00 PM
Jose vega law firm Stole money, lied, sold a dream with a nightmare ending, not a good all around practice Houston, Texas
First of all this guy is a real piece of work. We spoke to his secretery and set up a meeting, within a few days we are at the meeting very fast and ready for the next. We told him the problems we where having with immigration and he was like don't worry. He, said that the same situation had also happened to him, he was very convincing. He said he could win without a doubt. So I handed him all my paper work and 5000 in cash he gave me a receipt And said i will start working on your case asap, i will call u in a week, So he said,and that was that. So here is where the con begins, a week goes by no call, two weeks go by no call. So I'm like damn 3weeks no call let me see whats going on. I called and the secretary said he was in a meeting he would get back to me before he closed, bullshit. So I tried for 4 months to reach him and there was always a excuse why he could not talk to me. So now I'm a lil pissed of now. I tell the secretary I need to have a meeting with him, I ended up trying to have a meeting with him for over a year and something always came up. I would go wait at his office for over 3 hrs for the secretary to come out and tell me he would not be able to see me today, and finally one day I needed some paper work he had of mine, when I went to the back with the secretary he walked right passed me and kept on going did not say a word. He is the worst lawyer ever and I regret the day I met mr vega. A total waste of skin.So don't ever do biz with this vega. I have met over 100 unsatisfied customers of this guy just appaulling.
Entity: Houston, Texas

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