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1, Report #1407911
Oct 23 2017
06:25 AM
Darby Murphy Thomas Darby Murphy Thomas Rent Bond Scam Sydney NSW
Darby Murphy, who goes by Thomas, has attempted to commit a rent fraud to me. On 17 October 2017, I had a property inspection at unit 605/87 Bay St. This gentlemen introduced himself as Thomas and claimed to be the owner of the place. Upon my satisfactory inspection, Mr. Murphy asked me to transfer a 4-week bond deposit to secure my interest the property.Fortunately, I postponed the transfer to do further research and found out that he is not the property owner. From this website, I also found out that he has done the exact same scam to someone else. I have filed a police report to stop him from defrauding other people. I strongly advise any other victims of Mr. Murphy to seek the Leichhardt Police for help as his identity has been registered in the system.  Although I myself have not been a victim of Mr. Murphy, the evidence that I have gathered, including text messages, emails, passport and bank account – will be helpful for any other victims of his to seek for damages and stop him from doing this again.  
Entity: Glebe, other
2, Report #1383188
Jul 05 2017
06:07 AM
Darby Murphy Purposeful theft of service Sydney, Australia New South Wales
Darby Murphy of Sydney, NSW, Australia contacted us to provide cleaning services on his apartment.We completed the services as requested to a high standard. He was so happy with the service, he has solicited us to provide services again and stated in no uncertain terms that we were the best company he had used.Despite such rave reviews, he (Darby Murphy) refuses to pay. Even going as far to say that he doesn't have time to chase up cleaning invoices. Despite our numerous attempts to get the payment finalised. We sent invoices via email, PayPal, called numerous times a week. He said he'd pay and has purposely refused to.If you work in the service industry and Darby Murphy requests to use your service, offer him credit at your own peril, he is not a good debitor and will purposely not pay and then blame you when you state that you'll need to escalate. We have now escalated this to a professional collection agency, if we receive payment from Darby Murphy, we will happily remove this report, however if we don't this is the length we must go to, to show that theft of service is not acceptable. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1417596
Dec 18 2017
03:04 PM
Darby Murphy Scammer Took my bond Sydney New South Wales
 Hi, My name is Daniel and I was renting a property on Central Park. Initially the guy (Darby Thomas Murphy) told me he was the owner of the unit, so we there wasn’t any real state involved. He didn’t ask for any prove of income or documents usually asked in this kind of procedure as according to him “just pay the rent on time and it will be fine”. OK, I did the inspection on Thursday 02/11 and after checking it I told I would like to move. So, I asked for a contract and he came with standard residential tenancy agreement and on 06/11 we both signed it and I paid him $4500 (bond + 1 week rent) through a transfer made on Commonwealth Branch (Central Park Mall)and he gave me 3 swipe cards a 3 house keys. He told me he would provide a 4th one, because my plan since the beginning was to live with 3 other people (4 total – even that on the tenancy agreement he allowed me to live with 5). Since I moved on Monday 06/11, I have been asking him for the cards, the garage key (according to him he was renting it to someone who wasn’t paying – but he didn’t have this person contact) and he was always saying that he was working on that, he had required everything and I should wait and etc. I also complained about some damages and wholes in the property and he just told me not worry about it and it didn’t worth to fix it because the new tenants would do more damage and if I was not happy about the place I could just leave. On Monday 13/11 I was supposed to pay $900 rent, but I told him I wouldn’t pay it if he didn’t provide me the cards for the new tenants, because I have been asking it for a week and he was just lying to me. During this week I visited the Building Management and they told me that I should ask the real state agent to email them to provide the keys and register the new tenants in the building system (that was the first time I acknowledge that a real state existed). On Wednesday 15/11 he came to the concierge and canceled my card (according to him, he was in the US and suddenly he showed up here) and threatened to kick me out if I didn’t pay the rent saying things like “You are in a student visa, if you don’t pay I send you back to your country” and “I’m gonna put you in the floor in two seconds” (this one when I was trying to approach him to talk and he kept stepping back). So, I paid him $1800 on that day and he reactivate my card. On Thursday 16/11 I went to Real State to explain them the situation and Darby had told them that he was charging me $750 and he was paying the rest of the rent by himself (the real state charge $890 on this apartment). And of course, during this whole time he never sent any email ordering the swipe cards, garage keys or the other flatmates registration. That was the first time I met them, and they tried to help me, but there was not much to do because their contract was with him and not me. So, they still need his approval to authorize everything. On Friday 17/11 the new tenants 3 girls moved in and since they moved, Darby hasn’t provided the swipe cards or registered them in the system. I just managed to do it because the real state helped me to do so. And still, because he is the head tenant and just 4 people can live in this unit one of the girls still unregistered (because he cannot be removed from the system). Meanwhile I have searched Darby’s name on internet and found some rip-off reports on him and also received many letters with overdue bills and even some NCAT reconciliation letter from one of his previous tenants trying to recover a bond from August/2017. On Monday 27/11, after two weeks without sending me any messagehe came to me asking for the rent (via Facebook). But when I came home there was a letter of termination form the real state because he hasn’t paid them rent for more than 14 days. In the latter says that we are supposed to vacant the premises until 09/12. I was advised by the local council not to pay him and wait until 09/12. Obviously, he didn’t pay anything and, so I was able to apply to take over the lease of the unit. However, after failing to pay the real state for fourweeks, Darby refuses to return my $3600 after everything he has done. After announcing this report on internet I got many messages from people who had similar situation with him.
Entity: Sydney, New South Wales
4, Report #1404357
Oct 05 2017
08:48 AM
Darby Murphy Thomas RENTING SCAMMER SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Sydney, Australia Internet
Sydney, Australia, NSW. Darby Murphy a.k.a Thomas. He tricked me to pay bond for the rent in advance for his place that he advertised on Gumtree.com https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/flatshare-houseshare/luxury-study-room-for-rent-sydney-cbd/1158983109. The unit was at Central Park Apartment. So we met around there.On the day of inspection he acted as normal but still I found it dodgy that he showed me the unit through very confusing way, we went into the lift up and down and walked through parking space then get into another lift and then to the unit 412.  He told me that this unit is owned by him. He asked me to send the bond money to his bank account. and I did, it was a mistake that I did, I should have paid the bond money right at the day I move in, not the days before. Just a day after I paid him, I found out that he has some dodgy/fake social media account. I straighly thinking it is a well-planned scam, I belived on the move in date, it is not gonna happen, he gonna run away with my money.  And right! On the day he promised me to move in. It didn't happen. He didn't answer the phone and didn't send my bond money back. He looks decent, rich and has luxury stuff including his car. He is a proffesional scammer. Hope there wont be more victims from his scam. 
Entity: Sydney, Internet
5, Report #1393810
Aug 18 2017
02:21 PM
Darby Hammond unitedstatescourts.org unitedstatescourts.org new york, ny Internet
Darby Hammond who worked as a Computer System Administrator in 2004 in his home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, then somehow acquired his law license # P76401, November 2012. Darby Hammond as he calls himself on some of his monetized websites where he thinks he can fly under the radar, uses the computer skills he has learned in conjuction wth his law license to literally destroy the careers and reputations of people in the United States, while at the same time advertising his services as a Lawyer to help people with Consumer and Employment issues. This makes no sense at all. Darby Hammond is creating a serious problem by downloading people's personal and private legal decisions and private information, which he then in turn puts on to his monetized websites, like plainsite.org, CourtListener.com and even Spokeo.com. Darby Hammond is associated, runs, administrates and is the agent for these monetized websites and there are countless more. The list of abusive and ruthless monetized websites that Darby Hammond is very long. Darby Hammond does everything he can when using his most ruthless websites to try and stay anonymous, so that the public does not find out what an unethical person this is. For example, one of the modus operandi of Darby Hammond is to set up one of his monetized websites with a completely fake address, phone number and email address, so that nobody can contact him about his violations of people's civil rights. At the same time the other personality of Darby Hammond pretends to be this goody two shoe Lawyer who is out to help people with Consumer and Employment issues, after of course he is on one of the main culprits on the web that creates major problems for Americans. Darby Hammond set up website called unitedstatescourts.org in his home town of Gand Rapids, Michigan in which he used a mail forwarding company with a PO Box and has provieded completely made up contact information on ICANN and WHOIS where there is no real phone numbr, fax number or email. Basically, Darby Hammond is harming people's reputations in a serious way and responsible for slandering and defaming people all over the web. What's really grotesque about this individual is that he must be some sort of sociopath, as he appears to have two seperate personalities. One is the ruthless individual who destroys people's careers and reputations with his abusive monetized websites, the other is this pretend to be this good guy Lawyer who advertises that he is there to help people with Consumer and Employment issues. There is most definitely something not right with this individual and people should contact the authorities and file complaints if they have been affected by his abusive and destructive behaviors. Remember the websites that are mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg, as Darby Hammond currently owns and runs Vianet, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona where he dedicates his time to creating, running, administering and being the agent for many more monetized websites. When the monetized website is abusive and ruins people's careers and reputations this Darby Hammond does everthing to make up a fake identity for the website, when in fact he is the person who owns and runs these extremely abusive and ruthless websites. What makes Darby Hammondvery dangerous at this point is that now this individual is using his law license to intimidate, oppress, harass and threaten anyobody who gets in the way of him and his abusive monetized websites. Darby Hammond will ramble off the FIrst Amendment and cite legal jargon to oppress any non-Lawyer that requests any URL's remoived. Darby Hammond is a destructive individual where he thinks the world only revolves around him and does not care who's life he destroys with his ruthless websites.  
Entity: Internet
6, Report #727533
May 10 2011
05:37 AM
Paul Darby Dr. Paul Darby Paul Darby is a pathetic dentist - liar and hungry for money Arizona, Arizona
I go to dentists 6 times a year for cleanings. This is so I don't end up with my teeth in a cup at night, my grandfather did this. I go to Paul Darby, Arizona.He first explained I've bad gums and teeth, have total bone reduction in 8 front teeth, and want a myriad of work. And So I call these dental professional who required films and did an entire exam 4 several weeks ago. He states which I don't have any bone loss with no gums and teeth. Dr. Paul Darby doesn't preview the process using the patient even if you call ahead of time several occasions prior to the appointment.A lot of X-Rays were performed for a fundamental teeth cleaning. I requested him to prevent the X-Raying, until I possibly could speak with the dental professional working. I requested to determine a physician. A lady who arrived on the scene in disguise from the physician was his officemanager. Incompetent, careless, hungry for insurance money, nausea-leading to mitts, disinterested dental practitioners, it should be appreciated like a business having a hidden agenda - which agenda would be to extract just as much money as you possibly can. Following the X-Sun rays (15 of these), Dr. Paul Darby explained that will not schedule cleaning on the day that. Why did they not let you know this whenever you said excitedly that you're going there today just obtain the cleaning done? Prevent them whatever it takes! Visit a local family dentistry, when i did by terminating their service after the very first day.Paul Darby (I'm embarrassed to call him up a Doctor) is really a liar and that he attempted to market me a lot of garbage. Avoid him such as the plaque.
Entity: Arizona, Arizona
7, Report #94562
Jun 11 2004
04:09 PM
Darby South Buick Pontiac GMC BAD SERVICE! Venice Florida
I purchased a 97 Grand Prix GTP with a 2 year extended warrenty at Darby Discount about a year ago. Well a few months into owning the car, i had tranny problem, i brought the car to Darby South to get it fixed. They had the car 3 days and were unable to find any problems. (the trans was slipping and banging into gears) I even let one of the techs take the car home with him for a night, but yet they still couldnt find the problem. Needless to say i went to the shop and took one of the tech's for a ride to show him first hand the problems. As soon as i pulled out of the lot bang! the trans nearly fell out of the car. So i turned back and left the car with them for another 3 days. I picked the car up and was driving home and you guessed it bang, i brought it back and they told me to drive it for a few days as the new parts need time to settle in. I headed home again and at a stop light i hit the gas and wasn't going anywhere, finaly it caught gears and i turned back again to have it fixed, 3 more days before its finally fixed. After that i should have never taken the car back but my lights would short out and i needed to get it fixed, along with a few other stupid problems so i brought the car back there. They had the car from 9am til about 4pm and i get a call saying to come pick it up. So i get there and what did they fix? NOTHING!!! They couldn't find anything wrong with the lights, couldn't find the oil leak (the back side of the motor near cylinder 2 is soaked with oil), couldn't find any problems with my a/c when it makes and awful noise, My dash lights flash on and off, and my radio is messed up. I refused to take the car till it was fixed and demanded a rental car as the car is unsafe to drive when my lights are shorting out! They told me i would have to pay out of pocket for the rental because the car was drivable. and the warrenty only covers cars that are inoperatable. I'm sorry but no tail lights, no corner lights, etc. is inoperatible! I spoke to the service manager, Clayton, who simply told me there was nothing he could do but if i wanted to bring the car back i could. I love how they value their customers safety! I hope future customers will think twice about bringing there car there! Brent Jablonski Venice, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Venice, Florida
8, Report #2677
Jul 16 2000
12:00 AM
S & S Auto in Darby, PA
I purchased a used car last yearand paid about $ 10,000 for the vehicle (it was a 1995 chevrolet). After having the vehicle several weeks, I noticed oil leaking out of a gasket. It questioned me? So when I had the vehilce looked at by a mechnic it cost about $400.00 to be repaired (it wasn't covered under the Warranty that I had purchased for $1000.00). That was no big deal. A few months after the repair I was in a car accident, the vehicle was totalled by the insurance company. The insurance company paid the bank what they said it was worth ($6000.00). I owed over $4000.00 on the car and I never recieved my Warranty money back from Gurdian Warranty Company, the dealer received the money and he never sent it to me. He is an inconsiderate man and is name is Troy!!! Don't go there!!!
Entity: DARBY, Pennsylvania
9, Report #386486
Oct 30 2008
05:07 PM
Haband- PrivacyGuard- TLG AUTOVNTGE Haband sents out checks Darby , MtDarby Montana
Haband sends out checks and if you cash them, after 30 days if you do not call the number on the check then they turn you over to Pg or TLG. People do not read the fine print just like me. they keep sending checks after the first one, after 30 days you have agreeed for them to bill you for PG or TLG. People call them, even if they say they can not help you at this time, Keep calling and they will answer, and you can get your money back. Read the fine print before you cash a check. Charles Charles Darby, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Darby, Montana
10, Report #501388
Sep 28 2009
03:35 PM
Michael E. Darby Scumbag, friend-abuser, useless, worthless Somewhere in, Texas
SPC Michael (Mike) Darby and I had been friends for almost six years, almost the entire time that I had been assigned to Ft. Stewart, GA.  I had helped him out with several situations, as friends are wont to do.  I had given him a place to live, a place to crash when he HAD his own place to live, money when he didn't have any and food for him to eat.  I should have suspected something when any time we were not deployed, he moved around a lot.  But I never asked questions, I just helped him move his stuff.  That's just the way Army friends are.  We deployed in the same unit when the war first broke out...he even gave me one of his cigars for when we first crossed the boarder into Iraq.  Buddies, you know?  I never asked a dime in return or anything else for that matter.  Just respect me and my possessions.  That's not too hard, is it? After a few years he got sent to a different unit but we still saw each other, and I still gave him a place to stay, money in his pocket, and food when he needed it.  He ended up dating one of my soldiers, until she got knocked up by another guy.  I listened to his drunken rants and vows of revenge.  When it came around for the third deployment, he had left sooner that I did, so he was going to get back to Ft. Stewart before I did.  During this deployment, I had kept my rental home, as I wanted somewhere to live when I returned.  A very nice three bedroom-two bath home with a large backyard, fireplace, the whole load.  Nice...a home, you know?  He was going to be sent to another assignment before I returned home, so I let him stay in my house until he had to leave, as it was just sitting there.  I had turned the power off by the breaker box and was paying all the bills online, so I wouldn't have any trouble when I got home...just flip a switch and I have power, cable, internet, everything.  While it wasn't left in showroom-like cleanliness, I did make sure things were neat and tidy, and had even made arrangement for an exterminator for the whole time I was gone to come each month and spray.  So he stays there for 2 1/2 to 3 months, and then goes to his next assignment.  I get home about a month after he left and..OH MY GOD!!!! There were spit-bottles all over the house.  Garbage left everywhere.  Food left to rot in the fridge (he turned the power back off when he left).  Half-full cups of God knows what left on every available flat surface.  Used condoms left on the floor near my bed.  Porn DVD's left in the DVD player.  Bugs and other vermin nesting in the garbage he left.  Boxes of some of his stuff, mail and other crap in boxes in almost every room of the house.  I could hardly get past the stench of the fridge and nudging the rats out of the way to open a window.  It looked like my house had been used for a frat party.  I can't even describe it.  I had a pretty good realtor and she had been checking on the property while I had been deployed, and she know that I had given permission for Mike to stay in the house.  I just could not figure out what the hell had happened. So I'm looking through all this crap for my truck keys so I can drive myself to get some cleaning stuff.  No where to be found.  I have my buddy drive me to get a rental car, as we had formations to attend and I needed transportation.  After a few days of cleaning, I did finally get it somewhat manageable.  After one of my classes I call Mike on the phone to see what had happened and to see where he had left my keys.  I was already a little pissed that he had taken my truck to Texas when he first got back and didn't tell me until later, but I wasn't going to blow a gasket over that.  I was more pissed about the condition he had left my house in.  I told him I needed my keys and he nonchalantly told me they had been packed up in his stuff and that he would send them to me when he found them.  I told him I NEEDED my keys, as the cost of the rental was a bit high for what I wanted to spend (about $350.00 per week).  He said he'd get them, and asked, Is this your new number?  I told him it was, and to please Fed-Ex those keys to me.  He said OK, then we hung up.  Well, you can guess the rest.... A few days go by...no keys.  I'm perplexed, but not pissed.  Hell, we're busy with reintergration.  A week goes by.  Now I'm getting upset.  I try to call him, and the SOB has blocked my number!!!  I mean, it's not like I've called him every 15 minutes or something.  ANOTHER week goes by, and still no keys.  I'm calling him about every 3 days and I'm still blocked.  So I figure, just eat it and call a locksmith to re-key the truck.  Another $150.00 I shouldn't have had to spend.  I keep calling for about another week, but just finally give up.  What can you do? Well, all his stuff he left, I went through.  I found the paperwork for his new car that he bought.  I found lots of papers with his SSN on them.  I found stuff that I'm not going to mention in this post, some papers that paint a very unflattering light on my friend.  So what do I do with it?  I gather (almost) everything up, and trash it.  Everything into the dumpster at the Liberty County dump.  I did not make any effort to secure his personal information; as a matter of fact, I made SURE a lot of those papers made it to the side of the road on my trip throughout town.  His 32 TV did make a somewhat satisfying crash when it hit the bottom.  And I assembled a little packet of papers and other things together. So, MICHAEL E. DARBY, if you are reading this...I think it would behoove you to get in contact with me very soon.  I still have the same email address I have always had.  I figure that you owe me about $1,000.00 for the wreck of my house, rental car fees, and the re-keying of my truck.  I have things in my possession that can make you a very sorry man in the near future (not that you aren't a sorry-ass man anyway).  I will trade what I have for the money you owe me.  It is not unreasonable, considering all I did for you over those 6 years. And if there's anyone who knows Mike or is involved with him....now you know the truth, and you can make your own decisions.  I wish I had had the information before I ever became his friend.   
Entity: Somewhere in, Texas
11, Report #589599
Apr 04 2010
11:38 PM
Paul Darby, Unimax Services Slap the Guru, Internet
I registered with slaptheguru.com and paid $7 through paypal and shortly after I was told by email that paypal shut them down and they moved over to alertpay so I should go and pay $7 to alertpay and he, paul darby, stated he would make sure we are all reimbursed.  Then I got an email stating to use this link to make sure I kept the same referrer and if it did not work to let him know and if I was too confused to let him know and he would fix it.  I wrote several times saying my referrer had changed and my website was not working.  Paul Darby then make an announcement in an email hat he wanted to hear from us so I wrote to him 2 times asking for help and still no reply so after about 8 emails to Paul and to support I finally was fed up and said I was quitting and closing my account.  Then Paul writes to me claiming it was the first time I ever contacted and just went on a tirade and called me a quitter, loser, I would never make it in business because I could not be bothered asking for help.  So I wrote back and told him about all of the times I wrote to him and to support and he should have read his emails and would have seen how many times I wrote to him and to support.  He then writes an email to support stating this guy is done, he no longer has a website and you should ban all of his emails for he bad behavior.    If anyone needs it I have all communications to this business.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1324095
Aug 23 2016
11:04 AM
Jonnas Darby Promising puppies,Taking Our Money, and Breaking Our Empty Hearts Baltimore Maryland
 This man Jonnas Darby, from Maryland, devestated our family by selling us 2 standard poodle puppies, and promising to deliver them to us on the West Coast. He even found us a coupon on free dog shiping. So all we had to pay for was the puppies. Obvioysly we were thrilled. I was getting one of the dogs for my completely disabled daughter, which was to be trained as a service dog for my her. She has 2 children, and really needs the help. Jonnas Darby continued to ask for money for different unforseen reasons. He and his transportation company, (who's name I will protect for now, as I am unsure of their role in this scam). They did have one man who we dealt with in particular who seemed to be involved with Darby, but again, I am not positive. Clearly, we have not received the puppies, yet are continuing contact with Darby at this point. As of now, we are simply left heart broken first, but then also out of money, and left with all of the humilating feelings that go along with being duped. We are unsure of how to proceed.  Our other biggest concern, is keeping othe people from being dragged into this unbelievable process. 
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
13, Report #1305746
May 16 2016
06:49 AM
Paul Darby Unimax Services Corporation The Definition of Scum Dallas Texas
These are two consecutive emails from Paul Darby - Unimaxservices - You Get Paid Fast. Decide what type of person he is. from: Paul Darby Sat, May 14, 2016 Hey.. I`ve been monitoring You Get Paid Fast .com for a bit and do not see activity of members logging in, or advertising their links.. meaning driving traffic to their site. This means I do not see any members actually getting use out of the You Get Paid Fast System much any more.Because of this I am going to close that site down and reopen it with a new system. I invite any comments before I do this. I have operated You Get Paid Fast for a number of years and for a long time, some time ago I admit... for a long time a LOT of members made income.. but the server logs are showing dust from lack of use. At one time that system was so far ahead of anything that had been done, I remember gooftards claiming it was a mailfraud or it was cash gifting.. While neither claim made They would do posts while the rest of us made a wonderful income with it... even when it went to credit cards those same three guys would shout, scam MAIL FRAUD and would post government docs about mail fraud, it was fun! Anyway... I have met people at seminars and internet events that were in it a few years ago and loved it and eventually just dropped out, I think that has happened to most members and that is why I think it`s time to call it a day and put up something new and fresh... So if you are a member and have something to say about this, please do...It will be fun to have a new program and I think some of you.. most of you will want to join the new thing and like being in that much more than being in one that you are not doing anything with. Ok if you feel one way or the other, let me know. All my best, Paul Darby  I got stung for $60.00 - big deal. I let him know I wasn't surprised - the reply? from: Paul Darby Sat, May 14, 2016 I am not sure who you are, probably a social justice warrior who simply insults anyone that does not give them what ever they want.   Instead of emailing me like a gentleman or a courteous businessman, I won't even try for Godly as your rude, abusive behavior is not even indicative of any man who works on his character or is attempting to offer  something of value to others.   Just a mean, abusive, ignorant bit of bullying.. to some one you will not be bullying, nor am I someone you would care to say to my face what you feel  comfortable saying from your computer.   What a shame for you.   Instead of finding a friend and someone who wanted to be a blessing to you and to help you, you decide to be a social justice warrior and scream instults.   It is why your life is what it is.    
Entity: Dallas, Texas
14, Report #662360
Nov 15 2010
09:47 PM
Entity: Norwood, Massachusetts
15, Report #659483
Nov 08 2010
07:25 AM
IRWIN TECHNOLOGY - Elizabeth Ann Darby Irwin Technologies Translation scam - Elizabeth Ann Darby - Irwin Technology Norwood , Massachusetts
Esta persona contacta a freelancers, traductores independientes y despus de encargar trabajos desaparece y nunca los paga. Su nombre, el de la compaa, los nmeros de telfono y correo electrnicos parecen ser falsos.  This person looks for freelance translators; she would ask them to do translations jobs and once you submit the work she disappears and will not paid for the job. Her name as well as the company name, phone numbers and e-mails seem to be fake.
Entity: Norwood, Massachusetts
16, Report #176058
Feb 13 2006
12:49 PM
Apex Marketing ripoff Upper Darby Pennsylvania
I got out before it was too late, and I'm so greatful. I knew something was up the first time I asked my team leader a question and her response was, You don't need to know the answer to that right now. I was traveling almost 2 hours a day to this great job, getting home in enough time to shower and go to bed. What got me the most was everytime I wanted to sit down and talk about where this was all going, I could only talk in atmosphere (aka the room with the party music and high-fives). I could also, only picth everything I had to say to someone. Unfortunalty, I went on a road trip to VA and let my team leader drive my car. I wasn't allowed to drive while on this entire road trip. As I ventured in the rain, with no money or umbrella, I walked in and out of businesses and sat for a minute just to dry off. There was no JUICE by that!! Quickly after or team's return, I quit. I couldn't take the avoidance of questions (I had so many) or the feeling that this wasn't going anywhere. These people are money hunger, weak-minded, and, very convincing. The only good thing that came out of this experience is that I was able to warn friends to stay far away from these companies and their scam. T Upper Darby, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
17, Report #961123
Oct 28 2012
08:32 AM
Herbalife Another MLM scam, stay away! Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
I got sucked into Herbalife several years ago while seeking to escape a dead-end job.  It started when I answered an ad in my local paper that offered an opportunity for me to be my own boss, or something to that effect.  I called and was immediately directed to the person who would become my mentor, whom I'll call Marie.  To her credit, she was supportive of me from the start, and as a previous poster mentioned, she put me on a three-way call with her own mentor. They told me to stop looking for a business opportunity because this was it, that I would prosper because I was getting in on the ground level of their organization.  This is a caveat: be wary of anyone who urges you to sign onto an opportunity because you can get into the ground level and thereby secure a good spot for yourself.  What this ground-level claptrap really means is that their organization is unstable and loses a lot of members.  Anyway, I jumped into the deep end right away and purchased what they called my registration kit, which contained all my start-up materials, including some of the products.  I immediately put money into promoting my business with ads and flyers, exactly the way Marie told me to do it.  She said she was making a nice buck from Herbalife and that she had built her business using the same methods. I believed her.  I also began using the products and was thrilled at the weight I lost.  When I look back on pictures of myself from that era of my life, I love how good I looked.  Sadly, that was the only benefit I received from my involvement with Herbalife. The months passed and my success was marginal, even though I was doing all the things Marie told me to do to build my business.  But I continued to struggle, and after six months, I threw in the towel.  Hardly anybody wanted to buy Herbalife; I lived in a working-class area, and most people would have rather spent their money on beer and football pools than on nutritional supplements and weight-loss aids.  Those who were interested in weight loss chose Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers because these companies were more visual than Herbalife, plus Herbalife required self discipline, since it was up to the consumer to take the products as directed.  There were no weekly meetings or weight-loss counselors to keep people on track.  There was also the multi-level-marketing aspect of the business, as ideally my customers were to take off on their own successful Herbalife distributorships.  But none of the customers in my pitifully-small customer base was interested in the least of doing that.  So I was forced to come to the conclusion that Herbalife was not going to be a money maker for me, let alone a career. When I left Herbalife, Marie said it was 100% my fault that I failed, that I didn't work hard enough at growing my business.  Needless to say, I was furious and never spoke to her again after that.  I exhausted the remainder of my Herbalife products and have never bought any more.  The products were actually great.  The bad taste in my mouth comes from my two-faced mentor and the fact that  Herbalife, as well as most MLM opportunities, was not a stable source of income. 
Entity: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
18, Report #391806
Nov 16 2008
03:38 PM
Dan Murphy Forgery, and fradulant Salisbury Massachusetts
My girlfriend and I were passed a car on 11/13/08 that was for sale on the side of the road. We pulled over and called the number on the window. A male named Dan answered the phone and told me the car was for sale for $2300. I asked him how long the car was sitting there and he said just a couple of days. My Gf and I had him bring the car down to my grandfathers shop to have it looked at. After test driving the car Me and my grandfather both agreed that the car was in ok order. Dan stated that he was selling the car for his friend Mr. Nathanial ******* who was an older gentleman, so he was doing him a favor. Dan stated that Mr. Nathanial ******* wanted the $2300 for the car however the car was only listed on KBB for $2000. He made a phone call to Mr. Nathanial ******* , and told me that $2000 was fine. My Gf paid $2000 cash for the car and received the title and Bill of sale with the signature of a Mr. Nathanial *******.I did the research to see that Mr. Nathanial ******* was in fact 60 years of age, and did own the car. I went to the bathroom and my Gf signed the title and Bill of sale. The next day we went to get the car insured but the title said 9/3/08. At this time I felt very uneasy and such. If we were to register the car with the title of that date the Lemon Law would not apply. So I contacted Dan and told him I needed a notarized letter stating that the date was written incorrectly. After about 30 min of arguing that I was making a big deal out of the matter he agreed to get the letter. He told me that he needed the title to do so. I refused. He told me that he knew a person named Beverly, at the RMV that could push it through with the date of 11/13/08 on the title. All I had to do was give him my title and the proof of insurance. I checked with my insurance agent who knows everyone at the RMV and he said that there was no person by that name who ever worked there. Once again I refused to give him the title. Feeling very uneasy after such a runaround I did some research and found a number for Mr. Nathanial *******. I spoke with him only to find out that he sold the car MONTHS ago to a dealer for $150 who was suppose to junk it. He never signed the title when he handed it over. The dealer sold it to another person who sold it to DAN. Dan forged both signatures on the title as well as the Bill of sale. I filed a police report and demanded my money back. After trying to reach him all day I finally got a hold of him. After 30 min of swearing at me and acting like he was 5 yo, he told me he is going to meet me tomorrow at my grandfathers shop and we will exchange again, but I don't think this will happen. THE GUYS NAME IS DAN MURPHY. NOT ONLY DID HE LIE HE COMMITED A FELONY BY FORGING LEGAL DOCUMENTS. HE LIVES IN THE NEWBURYPORT, MA AREA. HIS PHONE NUMBER IS 978 270 6464. John Amesbury, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, Massachusetts
19, Report #686665
Jan 25 2011
02:08 PM
Murphy USA Contaminated Gasoline Destin, Florida
BAD GAS FROM MURPHY AT WALMART IN DESTIN. I filled up at Murphy at Walmart last month and my car would barely run after a few days. The dealer pulled the gas filter and found that my gas looked like coffee. The sediment clogged the filter and resulted in a $750 repair. Murphy just sent me a letter in which they denied they had a problem. They did pay the claim, but I am sure their attorneys prohibit them from accepting blame. I got a form letter describing their quality control, but clearly their QA system does not provide full protection. When this first happened my wife was pulling out to cross a 4 lane highway when the problem first manifested and the car almost stalled. Had she been hit by a car the problem could have been a lot more serious. Don't let this happen to you. Bottom line: If you buy Murphy USA gasoline be sure to keep your receipt and be prepared to go through a lot of hassle, paperwork and lost work time.   Murphy should acknowledge their problem so they can take steps internally to have a QA system that stops these occurrences 100% before somebody gets hurt. They paid for my repair which was significant, but I will never recoup my lost time and there was a high potential for serious injury because of the problem.
Entity: Destin, Florida
20, Report #251683
Jun 01 2007
11:48 AM
Colleen Murphy Amazon.com thief. in my opinion Santee California
On Janruary 27, 2007 I sold through Amazon.com a book to Ms. Colleen Murphy. She recieved the text book then asked about my refund policy. I told her I would gladly refund the book, if she would just send the book back. She sent back a DIFFERENT book, a novel, in the same bag. I told her I would not refund her money because she had a different book. She initiated a Amazon seller guarantee. I was supposed to recieve an email from Amazon on March 10, 2007, but I did not recieve it. I only found out about the seller guarantee action yesterday, when they gave Ms. Colleen Murphy a full refund. I sent Amazon photos of the evidence, and copies of the e-mails (where she contradicts herself), but Amazon says it is too late since the case is already closed. In my opinion Ms. Colleen Murphy is a thief and a crook. Do not deal with her on Amazon.com ebay, etc. A Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Santee, California
21, Report #1313568
Jun 25 2016
10:02 PM
Shelley Murphy Milton freewater Oregon
Total scam. They flooded my inbox with leads using up deposit the first few days. None of the people were interested in buying insurance. I could only get sales credit, no refund. Sales credit produced more worthless leads. They wouldn't give me credits automatically unless is signed up for autoibilling. Otherwise I had to call in and they didn't pick up the phone, it just rang and rang, This was even for my so-called personal account manager. Never heard from the again once they got my money except for them to be rude. .. I normally get 1-2 leafs a day from my lead service for our small population. Contactable was sending 5-10 and they were junk.
Entity: Milton freewater, Oregon
22, Report #1353508
Feb 02 2017
08:44 AM
Chris Murphy Ripoff Security Salesman Pensacola FL
  Chris Murphy called me and told me that he was the person who installed my original alarm system in my home. He asked if I would be willing to leave the security company that I was currently being monitored by and allow him to sign me with the new security company that he was working for, Guardian. He said that he was a local guy and he wanted to continue to service his local customers. He quoted me at a rate that was only slightly higher than what I was currently paying. There would be no install fee for the upgraded security system and I would receive two key fobs for the system. The property that was being monitored is a rental property and I do not live in the city where it is. All the paperwork was sent to me electronically for me to sign. The first set of papers that were emailed to me had a different rate than what Chris quoted me. The person from Guardian contacted me and I explain to her what the issue was with the rate. She then contacted Chris. Chris explained that I needed to sign the paperwork but that since he was local he could make adjustments with the rate. Once the system was installed the tenant informed me that she was not given any key fobs. I contacted Chris and told him they were no key fobes, he said that he would make sure the key fobes were mailed out right away. They never arrived. My monthly rate also turned out to be twice the amount I was paying with my previous company. The quoted rate that I received from Chris Murphy was never valid. I have not been able to contact Chris Murphy and Guardian security says that he no longer works for the company. Total con artist.
Entity: Florida
23, Report #1377688
Jun 07 2017
02:11 PM
Becca Murphy David Cooper unknown text
 David cooper claimed to be a federal law enforcement officer who texted me saying This is Officer David Cooper from the United State Department of Justice .The reason we are trying to reach you because We have received a federal complaint against your name and the Case is going to be filled against your name. So, Kindly give us a call back on the number :- +1-(518)-772-2917 and notify your self before something goes wrong with you. Your Sincerely, David Cooper Us.DoJ First of all I dont have any issues he just flat out texted me, I dont know of any loans I have out right now, but I would like to oress charges for harassment!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #951635
Oct 06 2012
08:36 AM
Kim Murphy Designz23 Kim murphy scammed be off $2250 and no refund, no website, Internet
I met with Kim Murphy to help build a website that requires programming expertise, he assured me that he was knowledgeable and will get it done in 3 months. The quote was $4500 and I had to pay him 50% up front. over the course of the 3 months all he had was the front page designed and kept showing it to me in different colors. he always sent it as a file and was never on a server. I decided to consult other website companies and they told me all he has done is 4 to 5 hours of work after 3 months. no programming whatsoever, so i asked him for 50% back since he has only done less than 5% of the work required to finish the project after 3 months. he was unreacheable for weeks and when he responded he told me that our contract states no refund, and he walked away with my $2250. People like Kim Murphy are evil and scammers. he makes false promises and steals from you. I have no website and I am out of $2250, this guys should be arrested.
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #1287143
Jul 24 2016
09:42 PM
Kevin Murphy Ryder Kevin Murphy, Kevin Ott Refinance Solar Scam Arvada Colorado
Kevin Murphy Ryder aka Kevin Ott (new name as of 2/1/2016) is running a scam using Solar as his entry to customers.  He establishes a new solar company (his first was InnerSol Global, his second was Guaranteed Solar and his newest is Rize Power or Rize Solar) he then begins a marketing campaign to get residential solar installations.    Once he hooks a customer, he will begin the scam.  He will explain to the customer he has a matrix of finance options that include refinancing all of the customers debt and getting the solar installed.  He will demonstrate incredible returns on the investment along with taking the customers mortgage payoff from 20 years to 11 or better.   The customer is so dazzled by the idea of getting their mortgage and other debts (car loans, credit cards, student loans etc) paid of so much quicker that they sign up for his Gold Package which requires the customer to pre-pay the full amount of the solar installation.  He will then get the customer qualified for a refi or personal line of credit with a local bank (he has used Key Bank and Starkey Mortgage) and have the customer release the full funds to the new solar company.  The customer has no idea that they will never see the installation of any solar panels.   Kevin will have a solar design completed for the customer to sign off on and then he will have his customer service people give the customer updates on installation of the system.   The money the customer has just given Kevin is used to fund more marketing and customer acquistions, not for the solar system.  Kevin spends this money on his salary and his marketing people to keep the deals coming in.   After about 6 to 8 months of this routine, Kevin will then form a new solar company, blame the lack of money problems on employees and partners who stole money which is what the customer hears and or he will just ignore the customer altogether.   Kevin does not put his name on bank accounts and gets one of his employees to.  This way he is clean from any wrong doing.  Kevin pulls in family members (his mother Gloria Ryder - lives in Colorado Springs) and gives them small percentages of ownership for capital to start up the new solar companies.   Kevin has a girlfriend - Dianne Durbin aka Dianne Brady who is working this scam with him and has been implicated in several other scams Kevin did in Tulsa Oklahoma (use Google and type in Kevin Ryder Murphy Tulsa Oklahoma and several rippoff reports will come up along with a website with the State of Oklahoma that has at least 12 lawsuits Kevin and Dianne were involved in and several judgements against Kevin in excess of $400,000).   Kevin and Dianne left Tulsa because of the lawsuits and judgements and came to Colorado where he began the same mortgage scams again.
Entity: Arvada, Colorado

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