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526, Report #743021
Jun 20 2011
12:37 PM
Dave Crockett Photography Dave Crockett will not complete his contractual obligtion / services owed to us. It has been almost two years since our wedding. He has picked up and moved from Maryland to converse, Texas
Dave Crockett Photography has not completed his contractual obligation to provide me and my wife with our completed Wedding Albums. We got married on 9/12/2009, nearly two years ago. He remains in and out of contact with us via email. It was only a few months ago I was able to get him to do any work at all on our album proofs by kindly threatening him with contacting and reporting him to the BBB as well as www.theknot.com.He did a few months ago provide electronic album proofs however we are still yet to hear from him since then. I've sent multiple emails with our requested edits for the album proofs with not response from him at all.The most dissapointing part of all of his is that we liked Dave Crockett and his photography. However his business ethics and follow-up practices leave MUCH to be desired. We spent thousands of dollars on Dave and his services, all to just feel cheated and duped by this man.
Entity: converse, Texas
527, Report #958453
Oct 22 2012
03:52 PM
BlastLogic Dave Scams customers Montreal, Quebec
Hi, I'd just like to report that BlastLogic owner Dave scammed me for a repair job that cost me 80$. When i went into his office and told him directly that I was having a disc unrecognized error and random crashes that resulted in 2 red lights he said that he would have it fixed promptly and that it would only cost me 80$ and that it was most likely an overheating issue. To avoid confusion I insisted again that it may be a combination of both overheating and disctray problems seeing as i was both crashing and getting disc unrecognized errors. 2 weeks later I did not recieve a call i started to get worried and called him back. He claimed that he called me and that I never picked up and that it is most likely a problem with my phone. Now, immediately this raised a red flag in my head because i tested my phone from many other lines and never missed a call, and if i didnt pick it up i got the call logged onto call display. upon picking up my xbox i asked him to turn it on , the xbox appeared to work fine and not rev as loudly as it did before. Dave mentioned that his technician had fixed the problem and it would no longer overheat. Trusting that he had fixed the whole problem i went home only to find that it still couldnt read my xbox discs. i called him and told him what the problem  was and he claimed that i never told him that it couldnt read discs and that I said it was overheating. I was never the one that came to that conclusion about it only being an overheating issue. I clearly mentioned over the phone and in person that my xbox would crash and then upon rebooting it the xbox would not read the disc or recognize it. I really hope that no one else gets scammed by this guy and if you have no other option but to do business with him then make sure you write everything down in person in front of him and have him sign a copy to confirm so he cannot intimidate you out of persuing it further .
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
528, Report #316899
Mar 11 2008
12:31 PM
VIP Marketing- Dave Johnson Dave Johnson convinced me to invest $8,000 in a variety of internet marketing, verbally guaranteeing I'd make $2,000-$3,000 on commissions /month. Phoenix Arizona
I was semi-distraught from marital problems and a previous bad internet business, when Dave Johnson called me. He said with such credibility that I would make $2,000-$3,000 per month on my Marketing investment, citing his many years of experience and then guaranteeing me my $7500(not including the shipping costs), if I did not at least equal my investment in a year. No profits were made, as this was advertising for the National Pharmacy Network which did not profit at all after a year. I realized how foolish I was to again trust someone's word, believing I could recoup some money and be on the verge of a profitable business venture. I am tremendously hurt by this experience, emotionally, as well as financially. I contacted the Arizona Dist. Attorney's office in May, 2007; they were filing a class action suit against VIP Marketing for Fraudulent practices. I attempted via letters and phone calls to contact a VIP Marketing rep, without success. Rosemarie Rosemarie w. Waukesha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
529, Report #223310
Dec 01 2006
08:17 PM
Dave Danata Deceiving Duo, Cydcor, Company Lemon The Baltimore Scam, The Baltimore / San Diego Scam, Dave Danata Deceiving Duo, Cydcor, Company Lemon I asked what it taked to move up. RIGHT QUESTION to ask Baltimore Maryland
I started to see through this company when the owner who is a rookie was like demanding that I START THE NEXT DAY. If not, no offer. When I got there, I asked how many people were there b/c there was like 4 people in a big EMPTY space. I was told between 12 and 15 at any time. There was a trip away on business. Then I asked one of the guys just standing there like a fool the same question. He told me that there were only 4. HMMM why Lie. Then I asked the guy, Well, what does is take for promotion? He says to me that you have to have at least 5 people on your TEAM. So how many did he have? ONE. the only person with any kind of leadership skill is the secratary!!!!!! These people are in for a treat, or should I say a TRICK. Please, GO, Interview, BUT LAUGH AND WALK AWAY! Melissa Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
530, Report #233539
Jun 22 2007
01:18 PM
Dave's Central Texas RVDave Kinney's Central Texas RV Ripoff, dishonest, liar, shoddy repair, Dave didn't even fix the a/c problem Belton Texas
I contacted Dave's Mobile RV Service on July 21, 2006 to repair my air conditioner the problem was repaired until I came back from vaction on August 8, 2006. I informed Dave the problem and let him know that I needed a new circuit board and thermostat (my original a/c man was on vacation and let me know what I needed for repairs) Dave does not have enough experience or knowledge of air conditioning systems to repair them properly. On the 2nd and 3rd trip he came, he brought a transformer, he didn't install it correctly and the part fried, the 4th trip he finally brought the needed parts and all was well until Sept 1, 2006. I called Dave to let him know I was experiencing a problem and he acted like he didn't know who I was and said, he had never been to Waco, then I reminded him that I had spent well over $500 with him then he said, he was way too busy to come out. I feel the work Dave Kinney performed at my residence was very shoddy and to this day 1-30-07 I have not heard 1 word from Dave. I have a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Most business' have a warranty on their work, Dave's repair only lasted for 2 weeks, I would hope that someone else does not have to go through the same experience when dealing with Dave's Central Texas RV Service. Carie Waco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Belton, Texas
531, Report #239186
Mar 16 2007
12:09 AM
Evolution International Aka DAVE KOSACK SCAM, DAVE KOSACK, dishonest, ripoff, in debt and stealing money, ruining peoples lives, lies, 3 years and only 15 people involved. Scottsdale Arizona Internet
DAVE KOSACK and Evolution International are destroying peoples lives by stealing there money, not providing the services they say, and charging peoples credit cards with out authorization. DAVE KOSACK manipulates people into buying fraudulent conference tickets for over $20,000...when really there is no conference and he has been POST PONING them for the last 3 years. This company as a whole is causing people to lose there homes and tearing apart families due to severe financial debt. All they claim is false reassurance and constantly lie about the company's standing when really they're spending everyone's money and not holding the events they say they will. People have paid over $20,000 in 2003...for a supposed wealth conference that year. It is now 2007! Dave Kosack has promised people they were having multiple wealth conferences per year that will assist them financially and set them up for retirement, and they haven't held 1. The following are some additional points everyone should know about this deceitful company. -3 years...4 different (changed) compensation plans. -3 years...still haven't gained more than 20 people. -3 years...officially stolen over $200,000 from customers, and that's just what's documented. -3 years...5 key people at a corporate level have come and gone due to lies and lack of success. -3 years...supposed experts are barely skilled in the areas they claim. -3 years...They say they are health, wealth, and wellness...all they have is a $20 black and white fitness guide. -3 years...and their fitness model is actually yawning on the company fitness CD. -3 years...multiple hundreds of people have been lied to, completely leveraged themselves, invested in a scam, and went completely broke believing in the idea of health and wellness but not actually having a stable company to show them success. EVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL IS A SCAM! BEWARE! J.N. Tuscon, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona, Internet
532, Report #236112
Feb 16 2007
06:34 AM
Dave Aydelotte Race Electronics - Dave Aydelotte of Dare Racing and Electronics ripoff builds racing parts for cars took $1,370 from me and never built the k-member he said he would Merrillville Indiana
Dave Aydelotte of Race Electronics advertised on his web site that he built various racing parts, one in which I contacted him about was a k-member for my car. He said it would cost $1,370 and I could pay him by check. I sent him the check and he cashed it Dec. 11th 2006 and I haven't heard from him since. I have called him numerous times but no one answers and I have left many messages on his answering machine but he won't return my calls. William Louisburg, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Merrillville, Indiana
533, Report #260027
Jul 30 2007
06:57 PM
Mini Mansions - Dave Snyder - Querry Ridge - Granite Lakes Violated the sales contract and raised price of sale at the close of escrow. ripoff Rocklin California
Do not buy a home from Dave Snyder of Snyder Development Inc. Dave Snyder violated the sales contract of our home in the Mini-Mansion development. He breached our contract and increased the total sale price of our home at the close of escrow. We informed him the increase was in breach of the contract and he could not just increase the sale price of our home a week before we moved in. Snyder said he did not care and if we did not pay him the extra money he would sell our house to someone else. So we paid him and then took him to court. After two years a judge agreed with us and entered a judgment in our favor and ordered Snyder to repay us all the money that he illegally charged us. Then Snyder appealed the decision and we had to go back to court. In front of a different Judge we won our case again. Snyder was again given a court order to repay us. However, in keeping with typical Snyder business practice he has refused to comply with the court order and pay us. I would encourage everyone who reads this to never do business with Snyder. The court file is public record and I encourage anyone who doesn't believe this to contact the Placer County Superior Court and request the decision. We are just one of many home buyers in this development that Snyder ripped-off and/or violated the contract. Greg Rocklin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rocklin, California
534, Report #268884
Aug 20 2007
02:44 PM
I received a letter in the mail stating a was of winner of $56,000.00. it also stated that i won the awarded on July 24th 2007. The says my name was selected through a computerized ballot drawen from Reader's Digest Publisher Clearing House. A check was enclosed for the amount of $2950.00 that was to be deposited into my account.I call the number of the letter and a man name David Law answer and told me to deposited the check into my account and i will received $44,000.00 was the check has clear I call Mr. Law back after i took the check to my bank and told him the my bank put a hold on the check, he seem very upset and ask me why the bank did not just give me the money. Right there i know this was a scam. I report him to the BBB and ask them to investigate him and the company. DEWARE OF THIS MAN. Keith BALTIMORE, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: VICTORIA, British Columbia
535, Report #249272
May 18 2007
05:59 PM
Evolutioninternational & Dave Kosak & Kevin Whitemore& Brian ReinhartEvolutioninternational & Dave Kosak & Brian Reinhart Scam, Highly unethical People the whole leadership of the company, Do not trust anything these People Say or Promise Scottsdale Arizona
These are the most unethical People in the World. ADVISE TO PEOPLE LOOKING AT THIS COMPNAY STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYBODY AFFILIATE WITH THEM HAS TO SAY The Company has been around for 3 years and has never produced any results worth mentioning except taking peoples money. There have been so many changes both in products and Prices it's like riding a roller costar. The company management boasted of people making six figure in- come's and advertised the success in many different publications for homebased business. No body has made even close to that, furthermore they lied about events they were supposed to put on for a price of $ 15,000 that never happend. Many Families have lost $ 20,000 30,000 and never seen a return except for empty promised and lies. Evolution's national marketing director was caught steeling money from people in the company which was supposed to be used for advertising. After big turmoil and people enraged he was forced to leave the company. The company never filed suit against him or reimburse money to the people that had been effected by this mans scams. These are highly manipulative people that reference the movie the Secret and promise people the world. However, that is not the case, and now they are at it again with a new site and program.. Robert W Huston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
536, Report #1067924
Jul 17 2013
08:11 PM
Dave Davies Kelly's of Naples, Kelly's Steakhouse of Las Vegas, Silveroaks Investments, Silveroaks Asset Managem Dave Davies is like Bernie Maddoff on a smaller scale. A complete con man. Seal Beach California
Davies uses real estate and business deals to lure investors into believing the deal can't lose by over inflated projected returns.  Then, once he gets the money in the door he moves it to one if his loser companies.  So, an investment that originally had a good chance of making money, is stripped of all capital and collapses.  Davies does not comply with Federal and state investment disclosure requirements, he fails to pay employees and vendors and when he issues checks, they bounce. His kids go to private school, he lives in a gated community, he drives an S550 Benz, his wife drives a $60,000 SUV, he drinks wine like its water, he flys first class like a big shot and his investors pay the price. I encourage the press or a prosecutor to look closely at this guy.  He is a con man through and through.
Entity: Seal Beach, California
537, Report #1169422
Aug 12 2014
08:59 PM
dave mcdonald vending value vending dave mcdonald plan and simple is a liar and cheat lyons Illinois
Dave Mcdonald aka value vending is a nothing but a scammer.He borrowed $600.00 dollars from me in October of 2013 . to help save his business what a mistake. Has done nothing by give one excuse after another why he can not pay back. I have a check that is no good bank says account is closed. also have prommissary note .when I ask for repayment he threatens me with he lawyer he maid twwo small payments.that shows good faith I need to leave him alone . Ten months later tells me to get lost I bother him to much . The way I was raised if you borrow money you pay it back
Entity: lyons , Illinois
538, Report #1086122
Sep 20 2013
04:05 PM
Mayor Dave Mayer Best4gt BEST4GT AKA Mayor Mayer of Gloucester Township Mayor Dave Mayer BEST4GT dirty vulgar postings by the Mayor Laurel Springs New Jersey
Mayor David Mayer aka Best4gt and his Dirty Filfthy Postings a complete Abomination to this Township and the entire state What an Embarassment - This is disturbing that the Mayor hides under the alias BEST4GT and post Nasty Defamation on the Internet. Shame on you Mayor David Mayer aks BEST4GT   What is wrong with these dirty politicians that feel they can hide behind these annoymous names and purchase websites to post nasty negative comments online without being exposed.  Well guess who just got exposed, Mayor David Mayer in an attempt to post negative online comments along with his former tax employee who worked in the tax office; Francis aka Frank Mellace aka YMBDFA.  The two of them purchased a forum site and went crazy posting highly defamatory, negative nasty filfth online.  Lies and slanderous postings.  Mayor Mayer should be ashamed of himself and as an elected official and a lobbiest for comcast, he should be FIRED and bought up on criminal charges, and that may just happen.  He is a total embarassment to the State of New Jersey and to the entire corporation for Comcast.  Wait till they read what he posted.  Nasty.  How can you smile in peoples face and shake their hand and kiss their babies after the DIRTY, NASTY, DISGUSTING STUFF YOU WROTE ON THE INTERNET MAYOR MAYER.  BEST4GT has an entire list of nasty posts YOU WROTE AND POSTED ON YOUR DIRTY LITTLE PURCHASED SITE.  You should be ashamed of yourself Mayor Mayer or should we say BEST4GT.  You had a lot of defamatory things to say and alot of negative outlandish trash currently displayed on your Posts.   Your parents raised a little baby Satan when you were born.  How could you.  The IP came up with your name attached to it and YMBDFA came up under Frank Mellace.  This is a complete embarassment for the Local Democratic Party in Gloucester Township.  It was also stated that several THOUSAND dollars, almost half a Million went into Patch.com in exchange for stories designed by you Mayor Mayer to be printed and written about those you were seeking vengeance on.  Well, it appears Mr. Best4gt AKA Mayor David Mayer decided to take those stories he wrote and handed off to his paid off editor from patch to copyright and post on his online purchased GTRMC.COM SITE, WHERE HE GOES UNDER THE ALIAS BEST4GT. Jobs, promotions and kickbacks went to some of the reporters who are no longer with the social media sight Patch.com.  Hmm, we wonder why???  Could it be because they did what they had to do for Mayor Mayer and Norcross.  It appears Norcross and Mayor Mayer invested quite a bit of money into the AOL Stock and PATCH advertising to have these one sided stories written and concocted to intentionally defame and discredit people who the Mayor of Gloucester Township seek to devour for not going along with the history of corruption in the township.  Apparantely Mayor Mayer is upset because some whistle blowers told the Justice Department about his dirty dealings in the township and he decided to take measures in his own hand and use the Gloucester Township/Camden County PAID OFF Courts and Local Police department to violate the color of law.  Mayor Mayer also used his influence and placed secret phone calls to the state to arrange some unethical, fabricated complaints that turned out to be bogus.  This is criminal Mischief and could result in serious charges against him for doing so.  Mayor Mayer should have thought before he posted.  Those postings are criminal activity.  I recall several years ago a man who went to court with his ex wife about his teen age daughter at the time, used her cell phone to go under an alias name Sexy and Sweet  The father was enraged about this.  The Judge told the father that children watch the parent and they immulate what they see.  In this case the teen age girl would watch her father posting nasty negative things online late at night and she started doing what her daddy did.  He was the adult right?  The father lost the daughter to the ex wife because the judge felt the father was bipolar and unfit.  I can't remember where I read the story, but because he went by alias names and posted errotic, negative, defamatory things online like Mayor Mayer aka BEST4GT, he lost his teen age daughter to the ex wife. Hopefully he hasn't remarried and does not have any young children currently. I'd hate to think what child services could do if this nut was still posting online like Mayor Mayer aka Best4gt.  Hopefully men like Mayor Mayer aka best4gt should be aware of hiding under alias names to post defamatory filfth.  Look at that guy from New York Weiner.        
Entity: Laurel Springs, New Jersey
539, Report #1029655
Aug 01 2000
12:00 AM
CITGO President Dave Tippiconic Unresponsive To Customer Complaints!
In January 1997 I obtained a Citgo credit card (#654400886), used it once for a $3.53 purchase on 1/27/97 and paid the bill 2/25/97 with a check from Nations Bank for $3.54. The card was not used again. In May 2000 my credit report reflected an entry from ADS/CITGO: $10 written off in 3/2000 - Charge Off. I phoned their customer service number (800 756-2484) and spoke with a representative who looked up the closed account and I was told that they saw the entry but did not know what it represented or what it was for and she added that even if I paid the $10 they would not remove the entry from the credit report! Since I had not heard from Citgo for over 3 years, did not owe them $10 and resented the snotty nose in the air reply when I asked why they thought I owed them anything I wrote to: President, CITGO, 5665 Fox Ridge Dr, Mission, KS 66202 via Certified Mail (Z219910628) sent on June 12, 2000. When I had no reply from Citgo by June 29, 2000 I obtained the name/fax number of their President and wrote as follows: Mr. Dave Tippiconic President, Citgo Fax (918) 495-5569 RE: Lack of Response to Certified Letter of Complaint Dear Sir: I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the lack of reply to my certified letter to you of June 11th. My dealings with your firm have been entirely unsatisfactory and you have my assurance that Hell will Freeze Over before I am ever again inone of your stations. I am faxing you a copy of my complaint. I expect that this will receive the same attention that it got when sent certified but if I don't have a reply to it with your assurances that my credit reports are amended to delete the unfavorable information I'm going to tell you what I will do: 1) I will list you on every consumer web site I can find, and presently I know of 9 of them (including BadBusinessBureau.com) so that the general public will know what a shoddy operation your running. 2) I will complain to the FTC, 3) I will complain to the Georgia, Office of the Governor for Consumer Affairs, 4) I will complain to the BBB and ask that my complaint be kept on their files for 2 years, and I'm sure I will think of a few more things to do to make people aware of how your company operates. Sincerely yours, Charles Harris Consumerreport@aol.com At this writing I have still had no reply from the Citgo President. Presumably he is too busy seeing that our gas prices continue to go up this summer (ie: to busy screwing other consumers!). If you have a Citgo credit card you better watch them closely or you may find yourself with some fee added onto your card that they can't or won't explain. If you have had a bad experience with CITGO you might drop an Email, if there are enough replies it might be worth starting a web site titled CITGO SUCKS! - these gas operations are clearly getting too big for their boots and need to be taken down a few notches.
Entity: Mission, Kansas
540, Report #986335
Dec 23 2012
04:01 PM
offer hub, dave flynn, lindsey pinapfel david, dave, flynn, russell pike, billy pike, hillary pike, lindsey pinapfel , dana pinapfel They stoled my money in ibg, tried with offer hub, i called the federal agents las vegas, Nevada
I invested into ibg two years ago, ive been lied to , conned, and now i hear pikes in prison, flynn is running another internet scam name OFFER- HUB, they are raising investments on this too. Somebody is ever going to stop these people, LINDSEY THE HOME WRECKER PINAPFEL , DAVID FLYNN, DANA PINAPFEL TODD TOBWIN, they are missing their leader, shouldnt be long before they are with him , WHERE THEY ALL BELONG  PRISON , FLYNN MOVED OUT OF DALLAS, COULD'NT TAKE THE HEAT
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
541, Report #987972
Dec 28 2012
05:56 AM
dave wenzy amanda simons dave sent me a check for $2,990 to me to keep $300 for my self $50 to shop at walmat and send the rest of the $2,640 to amanda simons Internet
dave sent me a check for $2,990 december 24 2012  told me to keep $300 for my self $50 to shop at walmart and send the rest of the $2,640 to amanda simons the same day. it's like 3 different addresses  the lable on the envelope came from forsyth fabrics in atlanta ga and the delivery confirm i track the envelope was sent was austin tx 78710 and the address he told me to send the money to for amanda simons in nashville tn 37209 it just didn't add up to me
Entity: , Internet
542, Report #1301217
Apr 22 2016
10:26 AM
Motor Works West, Wyckoff, NJ (Dave) Dave Rude, Unprofessional and unethical to their long time customers. Broke my car, after paying thousands. Wyckoff New Jersey
 Not a good customer experience. Very rude and unprofessional. (You can check other reviews on this site, on Google review and on Bimmershop.com website. It's not only myself, others have experienced similar rudeness and unethical service from him, when i read) I have been long time customer with them (have all my bills with them from the first time, I have been to their shop). Last time, I turned the car in, my car's cup holder was perfectly working fine, except the outside flap fell off. Dave said, he will try to glue it. When I got my car back, the flap was not glued in and on top of it, the cup holder was not closing in (earlier it was closing perfectly fine). When asked the next day immediately, he said, he tried to fix it and spring came out. He also told I should come later and he will put it back. of all, there was no need to open the holder when they needed just to glue outside flap. After couple of weeks, when asked to put back the spring, he kept saying that, as I'm quoting his words - I won't put it back, it's end of the conversation. And, hung up on the phone to me - to one of their long time customers. I have my all bills copy with me. When i have spent thousands of dollars in servicing with them over past few years, I wouldn't ever try to unethically fight just for $150 new cup holder! I wouldn't even bother if Dave told me that yes, they broke and can't be fixed. I understand, it can happen sometime. But, Dave's total denial that he didn't break it and , the way, I was being treated with his rudeness and that too, with the horrible service (broken car), I needed to spend time to write this review. Never recommend to anyone. Go to this shop at your risk.
Entity: Wyckoff, New Jersey
543, Report #1239823
Jul 05 2015
01:13 PM
CREGrow / Dave Lewand DAVE LEWAND Marketing Services3DCRE Received Pre-Payment / Work not Performed / Took deposit as Account Receivable Winfield Illinois
Deposited $500 for a brochure/ marketing packet.  We never designated a project, and the deposit sat as a credit with Lewand for a year or so.  Discontinued our marketing arrangement.  (He had made a good website for me, a fine arrangement for 1-2 years.)  I asked for the $500 back. He basically said he didn't owe it to me.  Found it convenient to just keep it.  Likeable guy, competent.  When things got a little soupy, he tends to get combative, emotional.  It's not pretty.  Or honorable.  I asked for an explanation, and never got one.   The kind of guy who is good when everything is good, but intergrity goes out the door when a discontinued relationship and selfishness kicks in.  Also has a brother or relative who is a lawyer, will attempt to threaten or silence through this relationship. Pretty weak.  I would advise against doing business with this guy.  
Entity: Winfield, Illinois
544, Report #1355268
Feb 10 2017
10:42 AM
Dave Lewis 702-236-9873 dtlewis06@gmail.com postyourads@facebook.com facebook.com/postyourads www.facebook.com/postyourads Promote Your Business To 5000 Cities! I Will Put Your Product Or Service On 5000 Web Pages And Submit Every Page To Google, Yahoo An This guy, Dave Lewis, scammed me. Las Vegas Nevada
This guy scammed me out of $110, and I have it all documented in a Facebook conversation, and have it backed up on my computer, and another backup copy on Google Drive.  Don't believe any of his rebuttals. He told me that if I didn't get any results from his submission of 5,000 webpages, that he would be happy to refund my $110. After almost 2 months (he said it would only take 1-2 weeks for the search engines to index my pages), and no results, I decided to request the refund that this Dave Lewis promised he would give me.  As soon as I mentioned the refund, he blocked me on Facebook so I can't message him, nor get to his profile on Facebook.  I tried calling him, but of course, he won't answer his phone. I presume email would produce the same result.   I believe he was scamming me from the beginning, and I'm embarrassed that I fell for it and didn't research him first. Here is his phone number, so the search engines can index him that way as well, to hopefully help prevent others from being scammed by Dave Lewis as well: Dave Lewis 702-236-9873
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
545, Report #652681
Nov 09 2014
09:00 PM
Dane Musk aka Dave Musk; David Musk Empty Promises for Private lending from a Private Equity Group and full of excuses Omaha, Nebraska
First off if you ask Dave Dane about this report he will say oh it's a crazy disgruntled employee or a woman scored but listen to your instinct and let his actions speak for themselves.  His 1st action is to promise you a chance to make millions your ship has come in.  He recruits people to find deals for him with people that are willing to pay $25,000 due diligence fees.  He will not sign anything for you as to that agreement.  You bring him deals and he tells that person seeking funds that he is summa cum laude. Yet ask him to see a copy of it, he will say yes and never deliver.  He will give you a fast closing date for your deal but when the time comes he will be missing in action and if you push him on it he will say that you do not push people making the million dollar deals and it makes you look like an amateur when the truth is there is no deal.  He takes the cash and can turn it down for ANY reason with no refund.   Keep in mind. He has not signed a thing for you. Buyer beware. Dave Musk is hiding his identity and calling himself Dane Musk now.  Since reading Ripoff I discovered that the name change was about the same time that he was/is criminally charged by the FBI according to the Ripoff Report.  Plus if you google Dane Musk this stuff does not show but it does under Dave Musk.  This is why I feel the need to get it out under Dane Musk too.Originally, He contacted me claiming to be a fellow Beneficial Finance employee. He asked me to work with him stating that he is legitimate and claimed that he has been written up in magazines to prove it.  I was not able to obtain proof of the existing magazines only articles that he faxed to me.  After doing research on him I found many red flags.  Yes, he did have a brooker license at one time but it is expired over 2 years ago.  His website has also been shut down.  I was able to look up his address on the county website but when he cammed me the inside of his home it was bare, like he was squatting.  He place may be empty because he is on the run from the FBI. I do not know. He is now collecting $25k due diligence fees in behalf of a company called Trilateral http://www.trilatcd.com/index.html  He sent me a list of the investors.  I was only able to verify the name of one person and they are only a contractor.  I was not able to find a single deal that they did and when I research the business I discovered that the website is new.  I asked him for references and he made the excuse that their deals were private.  Legitimate companies show example deals. And there are magazine write ups.  Not only could I Not find any write ups. I could not even find a local newspaper write up on Dave.  If he is the go-getter that he claims there would be articles.... even advice columns or blogs... he has nothing. He claimed to be able to turn funds around for investments in a matter of days but when I sent him a deal he kept stalling.  I was in contact by other people that have also sent him deals and he was not able to show a single closing. He wanted me to visit him and said that he would pay for a visa but when the time came he was missing in action.  Again he offered me some funding to start my business but again after I shared sensitive information with him he said oh no, I would never do a website deal.  He knew that it was a website deal before I shared my information.  He came up short time and time again.  He also refuses to sign NDNC agreements and his phone, fax number and e-mail addresses are often changing. He claims that he is in Madeira Portugal for several months out of the year but would not show me his view from his window and he is in none of the photographs that he claims of places that he has visited in the UK.  His UK time is still the same as his USA time.  Hmmmmm? He has sent me forwarded e-mails of funds that he claims that he has received but when I examined the header of the e-mails they were not forwarded.  He has several different cell phone numbers and is always in fear that people will find him, claiming that when he is not able to fund someone they get mad. That people are out to get him. (Well, no wonder). On a side note. He claims to have an IQ of 164 but his vocabulary is very crude, even offensive at times. There are many more lies but they are in more of a personal nature.  Speaking of which, I have promises of his in e-mails or IMs that he has sent. If you are an attorney please contact me.  He offered me $100k on one thing and $250k on another project.  Again, empty promises and it is your fault, not his. Look deeper David Dane Musk is a fake.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
546, Report #7580
Nov 22 2004
04:30 PM
Texas Music Emporium ripoff lies *REBUTTALS
Please note that I bought a ($550 for $425) music keyboard @ Texas Music Emporium 132 FM 1960, Houston TX. They told me I had a 90 day guarantee. The keyboard was broken when I bought it. I took it back and they just laughed at me and told me, I'm sorry, you cannot return it!! This was only a month later when I bought it. They not only did that, but also I heard the worker tell the owner, this must be the one that CRASHED. So, they lied about it being a new keyboard, lied about their warrantee, and now doing this as well to others! This upset me royally and even the owner sits there and LAUGHS about the whole situation. Glad to see this made it to Bad Business Bureau. Thanks, Terri A. White
Entity: Houston, Texas
547, Report #593897
Apr 16 2010
12:51 PM
Weather Information Systems, Dave Heider, weatherview32.com Dave Heider I had sent clear instructions to Dave Heider the recipient of the gift card. He sent me a small sample of the work and said if you wanted all of the work I had to pay him first with the $200 gift card Amity, Oregon
I asked him to get a list of States, Counties, Cities and weather stations for the USA. he said he could and we agreed on a $200 Amazon.com gift certificate for payment. He sent a sample that was perfect and said if you want the work then send the gift card and I'll send you all of the work. I paid him and he sent the work over but it was far less than 10% of what was agreed upon. He said he was willing to settle but then said I will talk with you no further about a settlement and proceeded to cash in part of the gift card. Amazon cannot help me once a person has spent even 1 cent on the gift card. 
Entity: Amity, Oregon
548, Report #827542
Jan 24 2012
07:01 AM
City of Reno Councilmember Dave Aiazzi City of Reno employees and Councilmembers ripping off the public with their pay raises, decreased public services, increased public fees. Internet
City of Reno employees and Councilmembers ripping off the public with their pay raises, decreased public services, increased public fees.  Clearly these Reno employees are gving themselves several unwarranted privledges in their pay raises these last five years during The Great Recession which is a City of Reno Code ethics violation.  About www.transparentnevada.com, these unwarranted pay raises, many double digit pay raises, every year these last five years to City of Reno employees are also privledges non-City of Reno employees do not have hence are also City of Reno and State of Nevada ethics violations.    Reno already has a bad reputation in the national media, a talk with home insurers confirms people and businesses are fleeing Reno.  These shocking behaviors by City of Reno public employees give a further black-eye to Reno which is increasingly becoming and known as a blighted ghost-town.  City of Reno Councilmembers aka Fat Cats Robert Cashell, Pierre Hascheff, Dan Gustin, Sharon Zadra, Dwight Dortch, and David Aiazzi along with hundreds of City of Reno employees like Fat Cats Alan Roney, Heather Ramsey, Joseph Wilson, Julee Conway, Peggy Aguilar-Nelson, John Kadlic, Steve Pitts, are and have been ripping off the public these last five years.
Entity: , Internet
549, Report #1296688
Mar 29 2016
08:18 PM
Dave Yobs Berkshire Hathway Berkshire Hathway home services DAVE YOBS REAL ESTATE AGENT DISHONEST MANIPULATIVE CON ARTIST Calabasas California
I owned a very valuable property on ocean front walk in venice california. Mr.Yobs approached me to purchase my home. Mr. Yobs and his wife Barbara Yobs formed an LLC called Byds LLCI was told by Mr. Yobs that they wanted to build their dream home and retire. Mr. Yobs is very charming and talks like Dr.Phil One feels after time that this is a warm honest trustworthy individual. None of that is true. Mr. Yobs is completely the opposite. I am an experienced business man but after a few months I had confided a great deal of my personal financial information over serveral lunches with Mr. Yobs and felt I could trust him. NO. Mr.Yobs used my personal financial information to completely manipulate the escrow we went into to sell my home. Mr. Yobs started to demand a lower sales price. when I attempted to cancel the escrow Mr. Yobs filed a specific performance law suit against me .Mr.Yobs seemed to all of a sudden have unlimited sums of money . Mr. Yobs purchased my second mtg and put me into foreclosure . Mr YObs contacted then my first mtg wells fargo and a loan modification which I was awaiting final paperwork in case i did not sell , was all of a sudden cancelled. agreements that were initially done with a hand shake and then he would deny even though associates of mine witnessed the act. were cancelled. Then written agreements were even ignored and cancelled. I have never experienced such stress in my life. but no, the final knife in the back from this criminal came when two weeks after the escrow was closed. I found out that Dave Yobs was simply a front for a much larger more evil person MIKE TARGON my neighbor on OceanFront Walk who had tried for years with low ball offers to buy my home and antagonized me and my family with agressive tactics. MIKE TARGON who insists people in venice call him the MAYOR OF VENICE there is even a youtube video, or the sheriff.... was the front all along and it was confirmed when my building was transferred to MIKE TARGON. these people are crooks, i woulld never trust anything they would communicate to you their entire life is a facade and is full of  corruption.
Entity: Calabasas, California
550, Report #123419
Feb 07 2011
01:17 PM
David Mitchell - Cover2 ripoff David Mitchell Advance Fee Scam, Mortgage Brokerage Scam Con Has Felony Prison Record Wooster Ohio
Advance Fee Scam Con David Mitchell currently in Wooster, Ohio Has Felony Prison Record In Ohio, 6-years served for operating as a non-licensed mortgage broker and numerous civil suits all documented in Hamilton County Ohio. Company names utilized in scams: Cover2, Inc. Claims to be a high dollar mortgage broker but does not have a brokerage license. He scams his clients by not disclosing all material facts about his loan products, charges hidden fees, trys to collect advance fees, operates illegally as a mortgage broker, and he will scam you in any way possible. Do NOT believe a word he says because its all a bunch of lies and he will say anything to gain your trust. If you are currently working with this con, then its important that you cut your losses short when you have the chance. This con has two social security numbers and is piss poor broke in between his scams. Ex-wife is lives in Tampa Florida (age 41 b. 1963) along with his two kids, she most likely left him because he is a bum and con, I bet that he didn't even tell her he was in prison taking it as a punk. He lays low in between jobs, often ends up leaving bills behind such as unpaid rent, etc. Always has a problem of some sort, is unorganized and frequents nude clubs preying on girls 18 years younger whom are to dumb to know better. He doesn't keep any relationships with these women that we seen for more than a few weeks. Likes to play big shot, dresses like a pimp and smells like a crack head. He talks pity all of the time but really has lied so much that even he believes his own lies. Here is the prison record: Name David Mitchell M Date of Birth Sep 3 1952 Race WHITE Gender Male ID A16106900 Admit Date Jan 12 1981 Release Date Dec 1 1987 Activity Paroled Institution DEPARTMENT RECORD WAREHOUSE Offenses Offense Code 2913.11 2 Offense PASS BAD CHECKS County HAMI Gun Years 00 Definite Sentence 000.00 Minimum Sentence 002.00 Maximum Sentence 005.00 Life/Death none found unowho Dallas, Texas U.S.A. Tim Wooster, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wooster, Ohio

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