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1, Report #1394669
Aug 22 2017
02:05 PM
David Johnson- On Fire Films Fat Black Con Artist and Rapist Chicago Illinois
I am not even sure if David Johnson is his real name, and I was deceieved and raped by this man years ago but was too embarrassed for being as naive as I was when this happened.    I was 19 years old and this was in the summer of the year 2008. I responded to an ad for a personal assistnt through craiglist for David Jhnson, who claimed he was in the entertainment industry. At the time I was a music student lookng to get more performing gigs. This is something he said he could hep me with.  After our inital meeting (he met me at the signature lounge and showed up a full 2 hours late for our meeting) he said he was working on a film and may have a role for me. As part of the audition he had me sing and read some lines from a fake script. This mother fucker had a full ass fake script on him and in it, the character had to perform a sex scene. I didn't feel comfoirtable with this but i went through with it. Later I left and he called saying i got the part and sent over a fake contract.  I had a legitimate entertainment lawyer look over the contract and thats when the red flags started. Johnson called me furious that I had a laawyer contact him and that I didn't trust him. Even as a 19 eyar old I knew that this was starting to look like a scam, but in my naive youth i went back to meet with him a few more times.    During out last meeting, he raped me. Anally. I have no way of finding this man but I want him arrested so this never happens to anyone else   
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
2, Report #1268937
Nov 18 2015
10:22 PM
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #299942
Jan 14 2008
04:53 PM
BBR Media / BBR Films / Chris Aplin DESTROYER OF MEMORIES!!! Edmonds Washington
We paid in full back in July 2007 for my daughter's wedding video, wedding date 8/6/2007. We never received the video, have tried contacting BBR Films/ BBR Media /Chris Aplin and no response. finally in November we touched base with our photographer that he contracted with her in Houston, TX and found out he never paid him either!!! What can be done, all we want is our duaghter's video-a day that we can never re-do. Jeanne Cypress, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Edmonds, Washington
4, Report #505421
Oct 06 2009
06:22 PM
David Johnson Construction Hired him to frame the roof on my addition. Wrong pitch. out of level and out of square. Winder, Georgia
Hired David Johnson of Johnson Construction to frame the roof on my addition.  He did not follow my instructions and framed it with the wrong pitch, out of level and out of square.  His card claims that he does custom framing and that he is fully insured. Don't let this guy near any of your building projects.  He really screwed me up.  Now I have to tear off the whole roof and start all over again. He drives an older F-150 Ford Pick-up and really talks a good game, but his end product sucks!!!
Entity: Winder, Georgia
5, Report #1241157
Jul 11 2015
06:12 AM
David Johnson Kevin Johnson Sent him money and never delivered the product Sarasoto Florida
 I sent David Johnson a certified check for $2150 for an antique signal cannon..it has been 10 days now waiting for a shipping confirmation and he is not answering my messages...The house I sent the money to seems to be in the name Kevin Johnson..Does anyone know them, or the whereabouts of my antique cannon?...
6, Report #137451
Apr 04 2005
08:42 AM
David Johnson, 1st Payday Advance ripoff Dallas Texas
I applied for a $2,000.00 loan with 1st Payday Advance inc and I received an email from David Johnson saying he found me a lender and the lender approved me for $4,500.00. The lender's name was Global Finanical Services and I had to pay David Johnson a $200.00 finders fee.He even gave me the website site for Global Finanical Services. I think both websites is operated by the same scam artist. I received my loan information from FedEx and gave the FedEx rep a $200.00 money order. I sent the loan documents via US Postal Service global Gurantee service for $45.00. I got confirmation that the loan documents were received, but I haven't received my loan yet. David Johnson stopped replying to my emails after he got my money. Unlike the rest of you guys, I'm thinking about taking a little trip to Apollo drive in Dallas Texas. Michael HOUSTON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Utah
7, Report #822148
Jan 13 2012
09:29 AM
David Johnson Pathological Liar- Dead Beat...... Vienna, Virginia
We were recently alerted to the fact that there had been some negative Blog reports pertaining to our company, se we are here to clear the air & provide clarity to the claims & stand ready to file suits for defamatory practices.   We recently discovered that Mr David Johnson, a client of Sunrise Pools who has been with holding a final payment of over $1,500 not including accrued interest since May of 2011, has filed a negative blog about us. In his statement, he claims that he was lied to, provided no follow up service & other claims of which the nature is unclear to us. At any rate, I will say it here, as soon as Mr. Johnson is willing to adhere to the payment schedule he originally agreed to when he contracted with us to build his pool, & pay what he owes, we will gladly return to the site and correct any problems he claims to have. We will be forthcoming with photos of his project & also intend to include them in our advertising this year! http://www.sunrisepoolsofva.com
Entity: Vienna, Virginia
8, Report #572031
Feb 19 2010
05:00 PM
David Johnson Everycontractor.com Was Also robbed for $3100 by Everycontractor.com ,David Johnson Las Vegas, Nevada
Everycontractor.com stole $3100 from me.  I contacted the Nevada Department of Consumer affairs about this situation and the ended up ruling in my favor.  The Department of Consumer Affairs ended up closing before this matter was resolved.  I am still without my $3100 after almost 3 years.  If anyone has any information about how to get these scam artists to pay please let me know.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
9, Report #1148122
Jul 22 2014
03:07 PM
David Anthony Johnson David Anthony Johnson Absconded $650 FRAUD ALERT Chicago Internet
I had the unfortunate opportunity to work with this web developer.  We hired him to do an overhaul on our website for about $1500.  He claimed to have a working knowledge of PHP and Joomla.  After signing a contract and giving him a $750 deposit.......  you guessed it, he absconded with most of the money.  He would respond to emails but never made any progress on the site.  There was always some excuse for not moving the project forward.  After paying him on 3/31/2014 and seeing absolutely no progress for 2 months we terminated his contract.  We asked for a refund of the $750.  He claimed to have spent 8 hours on the project and ultimately refunded $110 two weeks after we fired him.In summary: David Anthony Johnson at davidanthonyjohnson.com(1) wasted two months of my time(2) took $640 and produced absolutely NO work product(3) did not possess the skills he claimed to have in joomla and/or PHPI plan to take legal action against this freelancer and hope no one else has the unfortunately opportunity to work with him!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1040394
Apr 03 2013
02:20 PM
mark johnson Paul johnson. Paul marshal. david marshal. david johnson camel jocky rip offs binghamton, New York
I went online trying to get a short term loan. I got many responces but no actual loans. Then like two days later I get a call from this guy Marshal. He said he was with American Legal Service. He tells me I have 3 fed. charges against me and that the fed. marshals will be at my door on monday. thjs is friday. I started to get worried. then he tells me he can get the co. to let me off with a warning if i pay restitution. Then he said the thing that triggered my knowing this is a scam... He tells me he ran a background check on me and found i have no criminal history at all. Well now I KNOW he is lying. I just got off probation in N.Y. for owning a gun. I moved to N.Y. and didnt ck. the gun laws. anyway he should have known this if he was a fed. pros. He then says if I send $502.00 by money pak he can get me out of thisI. I told him I had to borrow the money from my son. he tells me I inly have till 11 am to do this but keeps talking to me. I finaly got him off the ph. went to my comp. and looked up the co. he claimed to be with. they have a warning on their site about these people. well he called back and I kept him dangling for an hr. when I let go with a blast. I let him know that I was on to him then put a curse on his family and HE got scared I called him just what he is..... a lying sand nigger camel jocky. That stoped them......... for a week. The dopes teied it 3 more.times. using differant names. How dumb can they really be to not know who they are calling?? I called the F.B.I. in my. hm. town but got no help. All I got was sent from 1 dept. to another. I hope they get it in the end.
Entity: binghamton, New York
11, Report #1040420
Apr 03 2013
03:35 PM
mark johnson Paul johnson. Paul marshal. david marshal. david johnson camel jocky rip offs binghamton, New York
I went online trying to get a short term loan. I got many responces but no actual loans. Then like two days later I get a call from this guy Marshal. He said he was with American Legal Service. He tells me I have 3 fed. charges against me and that the fed. marshals will be at my door on monday. thjs is friday. I started to get worried. then he tells me he can get the co. to let me off with a warning if i pay restitution. Then he said the thing that triggered my knowing this is a scam... He tells me he ran a background check on me and found i have no criminal history at all. Well now I KNOW he is lying. I just got off probation in N.Y. for owning a gun. I moved to N.Y. and didnt ck. the gun laws. anyway he should have known this if he was a fed. pros. He then says if I send $502.00 by money pak he can get me out of thisI. I told him I had to borrow the money from my son. he tells me I inly have till 11 am to do this but keeps talking to me. I finaly got him off the ph. went to my comp. and looked up the co. he claimed to be with. they have a warning on their site about these people. well he called back and I kept him dangling for an hr. when I let go with a blast. I let him know that I was on to him then put a curse on his family and HE got scared I called him just what he is..... a lying sand nigger camel jocky. That stoped them......... for a week. The dopes teied it 3 more.times. using differant names. How dumb can they really be to not know who they are calling?? I called the F.B.I. in my. hm. town but got no help. All I got was sent from 1 dept. to another. I hope they get it in the end.
Entity: binghamton, New York
12, Report #745534
Jun 26 2011
07:12 AM
David Johnson Don't know. Infact I don't even know if the above name is his. I didn't follow through but everything that had happen was identical to what is described on the rip off report at the following URL: http://www.simplysoldstore.com/wordpress/index.php/2009/04/19/the- Spokane, Washington
The gentalman told me that he had some sort of illiness and thats why he was selling his jeep for so cheap. Then he said he wanted to use E-Bay because he wanted both parties to feel secure. He also said that the Jeep would be sent to me from Roxbury,MA at his own expense and I could test drive it for 5 days and if I didn't like it I could send it back get a full refund and he would pay for the shipping expenses. Any who, I got suspsious and look it up online and found the URL posted below which basically describes what was happening to me. I just didn't get the E-Mail from ebay because I told the perpetrator that I knew he was trying to scam me and he stopped E-Mailing me. URL: http://www.simplysoldstore.com/wordpress/index.php/2009/04/19/the-craigslist-ebay-car-scam/comment-page-8/
Entity: Spokane, Washington
13, Report #1134032
Apr 25 2014
06:12 PM
Impact photography David Johnson David Johnson, David Cram Lousy photography, liar, and a cheater myrtle beach South Carolina
So David Johnson was hired to shoot some photos, and turned them in looking like a 5 year old had taken them with a throw away camera that had fallen in a sandbox. I complained to him, and he said he would fix it, and never did. Still after 2 years it still isn't fixed, he just keeps saying I'll get around to it.  There is so much more that I could say, but I will do a follow up as soon as I can!
Entity: myrtle beach, South Carolina
14, Report #563290
Feb 01 2010
08:06 PM
David Johnson Everycontractor.com we have jobs in your area right now! las vegas, Nevada
Beware of EVERYCONTRACTOR.COM!!! These people are complete crooks and con artists. They promise the world,and deliver nothing. If you are a contractor/handyman and are looking for more work, spend your money elsewhere because you will get more satisfaction giving your hard earned dollars to a charity/church than giving it to these cons. Every rip off report is exactly right. They did the same B.S. scam to me. I received no legitimate leads because they don't qualify anyone. They promise the customer a free gift for participation, and these people no more want there home improved than the homeless! I even have received several calls from there marketing monkeys trying to get me to sign up saying they have several jobs right now in my area. So i played along and then finally asked if i could have some of those jobs because i was already a member. They have hung up on me twice now. Just goes to show how stupid these people are, and how inefficient there system is. Don't get fooled by the couple of posts that praise these cons because they are paid to post them. Listen to the miriad of hard working people trying to make a living that have been ripped off by these a-holes. Lets fight back an put these shmucks out of business, and the group of mindless idiots they employ. They do not care about everycontractor, in fact they don't care about any contractors. All they want is to sign up as many non-informed hard working Americans as they can. Since being ripped off by these people i haven't tried any other lead companies because i am pissed off that i was taken. The least you other fellow contractors could do is help put and end to these con artists. I have even been contacted by other contractors who have called to see if i had been given any work or legitimate leads, and thank God i have saved them some money.Put your money in direct mail or some other form of advertising. Don't donate your money to these rip-off artists.Or how about this, ask them if they will accept the payment for leads after you have been given a legitimate lead and actually received a job, and see what the cons will say about that!! You'll be quite amazed at the pressure that will be put on you because they have jobs to fill in your area and they need contractors now! HA-HA! Laugh in their face and run as fast as you can because it's been over a year and i haven't received the first quality lead yet. As a matter of fact, if you are drawn into their B-S and do sign up, you will recieve leads where nobody will answer the phone or they simply don't want anything done right now. There is no verification of leads at all! They spend the majority of their time canvassing for more money, i mean contractors. Together, let's crush these pigs!!
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
15, Report #650595
Oct 13 2010
03:52 PM
David Johnson Thomas and Laura Twine jet ski sales Umatilla, OR; Lexington, KY, Internet
Advertised 2 jet skis cheap on Craigslist.  He sent this e-mail.  Hello my name is Johnson , Thank you for your interest in purchasing my Two 2007 Yamaha Jet Ski Wave runners FX Series w Trailer. The skis are in perfect condition - like new! If you decide to buy them , you'll receive all the papers, owner manuals, keys, a buy-sell contract already signed by me and the clear titles. For this transaction I want to use eBay because I want to provide you a fast and very secure way. They will handle the transaction for me. You will make the payment to eBay and they will hold the money until you receive and inspect the skis ONLY AFTER you receive the skis. and you inspect (you have 5 days for inspection) eBay will release the payment to me. The inspection time period will begin as soon as you receive the skis at your address. Meanwhile eBay will hold the money into a trust account. So, this is not a blind transaction, you can see the skis before you decide to buy. This way we are both protected : i will know that i have a serious buyer who has the money to pay me and you will be able to see and inspect the skis before buying. The skis priced to sell quickly and the final price that I'm asking for them is $4,400 including shipping and handling costs. My wife died in Iraq 3 months ago and I along with my daughter decided to sell the skis and move to my brother. I can't afford to take days off my work for this sale so i'm trying to sell online. If you are really interested in purchasing the skis please send me your full name, shipping address and your phone number. eBay will give you all the details regarding the shipping and payment. I will appreciate an answer as soon as possible. Regards! P.S.: Below you will find the pictures i have taken for this sale. Please take a closer look before you decide. the skis are 3 seaters and they have apx 21 hours on them. http://picasaweb.google.com/115446117689169392449/JetSki#
Entity: Umatilla, OR; Lexington, KY, Internet
16, Report #1044971
Apr 21 2013
06:09 AM
DAVID JOHNSON US GRANTS Approved for 8400$ grant NEW YORK, New York
I recieved a call from a lady saying i was selected for a 8400$ grant on April 17, 2013. She then gave me a reference or confirmation number and also provided me with another telephone number to call to confirm of the grant. She then told me i had to pay 205$ in order to proceed and so i did thru money gram, stupid me. It all sounded so legit, they had my info and what school i was attending as well. Icalled and spoke with a David Johnson. He then told me that i qualified for the grant because 15,000 people get selected each year for this grant due to having a clean record and all this other bullshit he said. Again, this cocksucker sounded so legit having all my info and said i had up until a designated time to pay or tjat the money was going to go to someone else. He then said he needed a security deposit of 499$ to secure tje money transfer. I was dumb enough to pay this as well. He had also said that i could stay on the phone to make sure the money was transferred into my account and to be confident that the money would be in there. So much for that, the call was disconnected and he never answered. The next day he called in the morning, i assume he had heard my nasty voicemails and said, You never got your money? Acting stupid. He then said well that transaction didnt go thruand that he needed and additional 1000$ to redue the transaction. I responded with a FUCK YOU and some more nice remarks on what i thought of him. He hung up and now his phone goea to voicemail. Please do not fall for this dickhead, all though they may sound legit and have your info, clarify with the school or whatever the case may be before falling for this sand nigger sounding piece of shit! I know im pretty much screwed out of that money but i hope others follow up on researching these so called grants before falling for them.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
17, Report #1420943
Jan 03 2018
10:58 PM
David Borshell Stole Our Films and Sold Them Behind Our Back California
UPDATE ON DAVID BORSHELL: So the crook David Borshell and his Inception Media Group filed bankruptcy in June 2017 after being sued by over 6 filmmakers and owing tons of vendors money. David Borshell stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the artists by selling their movies and never paying them. He blatantly lied about Redbox passing on our film, then sold to Redbox and pocketed the money all to himself.  Here's the kicker: He sold his home for $895,000, then declared bankruptcy. He's refusing to talk to the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee about where all the money is. Borshell is as dishonest as Bernie Madoff. He's a horrific con-artist who doesn't care that filmmakers gave them their blood, sweat, and tears. He has no moral conscience and he's the craftiest crook we've ever dealt with in 22 years in the film business. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.
Entity: Sherman Oaks, , California
18, Report #1389923
Aug 02 2017
11:18 AM
Dean David Johnson PayneoaklandPayneoakland ProjektPayneoakland Corporation LtdSLOANE TECHNOLOGIES LTD investor investment dean johnson david spain brussels poland football hotels industry comodities Brussels Internet
Mr Johnson is well educated persona and he explain to you that he is investor and make the people work in projects with the promise of I´m nearly to close a deal and the founds will be on place this week but the weeks are passing and nothing happends until he dicided that this investment is not worth it for him.  All what he can show you is a letter of a bank who says that Mr. Johnson has the founds in the bank ready to make and investment (tru o not?) what I can tell you is that hus team in Brussels has no paid a penny since they start a project with him.  So be carefull to make any progress with him on future and do not believe a word what´s going from his mouth.    Do not work for free cos you are not gonna see a penny.     
Entity: Internet
19, Report #159653
Oct 05 2005
05:22 PM
I originally made (2) orders for mlm educational material. One I paid $46.50 & the other $275.20 back on 08/04/2005. I made several attempts both by telephone & email to get a response about not receiving my order. The first reply I got was a 25 Aug 05 apology & a promise to forward the situation to author/supplier of the materials for an immediate status call to myself. After waiting several days with no call/email from either I finally got the $275.20 order after the 30day period. I then emailed Tim Johnson again to advise him of the 2nd order still not being filled. His reply was stern advising he done all that he could & it was in Doug Firebaugh's hand. I wrote him several time with no reply. I then got an email to join his training call he host. At the end of the call I asked for his assistance in this matter to which he proceeded to chastise me saying this is not the forum for this, quickly mumbled a email address & went to the next person. That happened on 9-15-05 calling into 1-602-294-3000 passcode 1321 @ 10 p.m. My bank will not do anything for 45-90 days to give this company time to ship the product which is already in violation of the law regarding time limit to ship a product. My bank didn't seem to care. I am at the end of my patience & would like a refund & apology immediately or my product & an apology. I have all original emails upon request available. David Waterbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #453881
Oct 07 2009
02:54 PM
Gold Coast Productions, On Fire Entertainment, Universal Records - David Johnson, Hannah Schwartz Hired as Personal Assistant for production company and did not pay for hours worked Chicago Illinois
In response to a Craig's List post, I applied to work as a personal assistant. The position was listed as part-time, 20-25 hours/week starting at $15/hr. for the first month and then $20/hr. after that for a production company that supposedly produced films, commercials and music. I was scheduled to interview with the company manager the day before they wanted me to start working if they hired me. Conveniently, my interview was canceled at the last minute, supposedly because the president/CEO of the company had a last minute production meeting. I was asked to arrive the following day to begin work anyway monitoring an audition for vocal talent. For 3 hours that day I sat behind a table with another girl whom he'd hired. We even filled out tax forms with our social security number on it. Vocal talent did show up that day and audition for him as a result of a separate Craig's List post. He handed out fliers to talent he liked inviting them to a welcome party. I fear to think what happened to those who attended this party - I only noticed a few young female talent receiving these fliers. This criminal had said they were associated with Universal Records and On Fire Entertainment. These are good names to look out for. I understand Universal Records is real, but not when associated with the other bogus names. I was never given a phone number, and they didn't have a website. $45 I'm owed but never got. This was over a month ago. The other girl with whom I worked never received compensation either nor any contact back. This is no gray area case - 100% scam scam scam. Nicole Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
21, Report #262964
Jul 24 2007
05:16 PM
David Withrow deadbeat dad Ozark Alabama
To the Mother of David Withrow-- I know your son, I met him when he was living at pastor wesleys house in clayhatchee Al. As I recall, pastor Wesley was working and supporting him then, and got David several jobs, but David just would not work. He would work a day or two and quit. He was messing around with a little mentally retarded girl at the time. Her name was Jeannie, and she had a child she didnt know how to take care of, and Diana took custody of this child. He was later adopted by a loving family in Geneva Alabama. Mr. Wesley finally had to kick David out, because he was tired of him laying around the house, eating,riding roads, and not working. I also remember when David lived with Becky in Dothan Alabama. She wasnt very bright either, but she worked and supported your son. It was also reported that he abused her child. a little girl. I remember when he had to go before DHR. From that he hooked up with Mr. Wesley again, but still didnt work. He moved in an apartment complex, because he was supposed to keep their grounds, and do maintenance, and he was kicked out again, because he wouldnt work. He lived in a motel in exchange for work, he was also kicked out of there because he wouldnt work. He hooked up with Diana for a couple of months, and she supported him. You kept them fully supplied with nerve pills to get high on. Diana got hooked on those, and had to be detoxed. JUST how well do you know your son??? Hard working? I dont think so. As to where he is the father of Dianas son or not, only God knows, but lets not paint such a pretty picture for such a low life. She would stand a much better chance of collecting child support from just anyone who held a job for more than two weeks, than she would your son, so she cerntainly cant be accusing him because of his ability to work and pay anything. I remember Diana having a few men in her life, as do most young women do. I also know that you have been happily married a whole bunch of times. Care to tell us how many? Hows the migraine? Take a pill. Ellie enterprise, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Ozark, Alabama
22, Report #107193
Sep 06 2004
08:28 PM
David Bailey - Edward Johnson Attempted Internet Scam with Excess Funds by International Money Order Ripoff Kent England Other
Subject(s) responded by email to Ad on Internet for Automobile for sale. Sent Travelers Express MoneyGram far in excess of purchase price for Shipping Charges. Immediatley started requesting Shipping Charges overage amount be wired by Western Union to address in England. Money Order mailed from US Gulfport State in violation of 18USC Section 1341&1342. Constant email pressure to prepare Vehicle for shipment and Wire the Overage. The Money order was ultimately rejected as stolen or Payment stopped. Fraud/Scam was suspected. Nothing Lost. Mel Palm Springs, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Kent England, Other
23, Report #799556
Nov 18 2011
01:10 PM
America's Driving Force - David Johnson ABUSE, WASTE, FRAUD OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY Conley, Georgia
Office of Inspector General United States Department of Labor200 Constitution Avenue, NWRoom S-5506Washington, DC 20210Greetings:Here is a summary of the facts concerning America's Driving Force ABUSIVE/WASTEFUL/FRADULENT use of WIA funds. It begins with the unethical and disrespectful acts of ADF and ends with what I consider to be safety violations committed by ADF (that I've reported to the Department of Driver Services and will report to the National Safety Council). ANY of these claims can be very easily verified by a Department of Labor/Department of Driver Services/National Council of Safety representative posing as a prospective student at any time, right now, today.  I have already submitted my complaint to my WIA counselor   of the DeKalb Workforce Development in Decatur, Georgia ...  I will send them a copy of this complaint as well.  Additionally, the Department of Driver Services Compliance Department in Macon, Georiga, has received a complaint.  Lastly, I intend to submit my final complaint to the National Council of Safety for Georgia.                                                                                ****I started my training at ADF on 11/7/11.  It ended shortly after noon on 11/16/11 when the arrogant, condescending, disrespectful, unethical, and unscrupulous director dismissed me after I went to him with my concerns about ADF on 11/14/11.As for witnesses, ANY STUDENT enrolled at ADF during the week of 11/7/11 can verify my claims mentioned below. Whether they will is another story.  I do not have the contact information for any of these people. I barely knew many of their names.   Also, for the record, I am Black. So my remarks about the two TRIFLING, Black, so-called instructors is not race based.  They are fact based. PLEASE let me know if there is any other information I can try to secure which would contribute to my claim being taken seriously and acted on immediately.  This includes me returning to ADF (and waiting off their property) to try and meet with some of the students to get their names and contact information, which I certainly wish not to do but will do if I must. My summary: 1. I had a DOT card issued in October 2011 and ADF required that I get another one from their provider, Concentra, if I wanted to enroll with them. I only took the physical part of the exam over again, not the drug test. So my card from October was sufficient for the latter but not the former????  Interestingly, if ADF really needed for me to take the ENTIRE exam over again why didn't I? This wouldn't seem as odd had I retested for drugs versus taking the physical over.....  And now they want WIA to pay them for this WASTEFUL expense.  2. I had my AP issued in October 2011 and ADF required that I do the knowledge or classroom week for an AP I already had if I wanted to enroll with them. Of course I didn't have to retest because, again, I already had my AP. So, truthfully, ADF DID NOT PREPARE ME TO TAKE THE AP TEST (for I already had my AP). Nonetheless, they want WIA to pay them for this WASTEFUL expense.  (Interestingly, the school that I am now trying to allocate my WIA funds towards--Atlanta Trucking School--DOES NOT require me to do a knowledge week, as ADF should not have required this as well.  ADF told me that because they are audited by the state I needed to do the knowledge week as a part of their 180 hour training agreement with the state....)3. ADF DOES NOT PROVIDE 180 HOURS WORTH OF TRAINING.  This lie amounts to WASTE, ABUSE and FRAUD of WIA funds.In the 7 1/2 days that I was at the school, as I missed an entire day of classroom instruction, on any given 10-hour day we (students) must have sat/stood/moved idly by for 1 1/2 hours or more of those 10 hours, not including lunch, on the days that Norman and Will were instructing.  WASTE of WIA funds.  They both ALWAYS returned 10 minutes or more late from lunch, as was the case on 11/16/11 when I went to speak to the director. Our breaks from class, with these two individuals, was always 15 minutes, at least four times a day. And during the actual classroom instruction Norman did more talking about his personal life than truck driving teaching. WASTE and ABUSE of WIA funds. (For example, on 11/14/11 he was supposed to have conducted a pre-trip with us.  But there was no truck available!!!  He sat us down and was supposed to talk through the pre-trip inspection, which would of been nice.  Instead, he spent 80% of that time recounting stories of when he used to be on the road.  He spent about 60% or more of classroom time on 11/11/11 doing the same thing--recounting stories, playing around and pathetically trying to relive his long gone youthful days with the guys, and/or talking on his cell phone right in front of the class without the decency of excusing himself.  Again, WASTE and ABUSE of WIA funds.)4. Unlike the white instructors, Mr. Randy (whom I appreciated) and Mr. Jack (whom I adored), the Black instructors--Norman and Will--repeatedly interrupted class during the knowledge week to accept personal calls.  WASTE and ABUSE of WIA funds.  Will at least had the decency of excusing himself from the class. Norman would stand or pace right in front of us and have his conversation, loudly. He spent approximately 30 minutes on a personal call, standing right in front of the class, on 11/11/11. WASTE and ABUSE of WIA funds.5. WASTE and ABUSE and FRAUD.   I literally had ONLY 2 1/2 days worth of SUBSTANDARD, UNSAFE, INFERIOR, DISRESPECTFUL TRAINING on the yard (under the so-called instruction of Norman and Will) before attempting to speak with the director on 11/16/11 for the following reasons: a.There was 1 instructor watching/instructing 2-3 trucks (usually 2 trucks depending on the maneuvers) used by more than 10 students (5 or more students per truck) at one time. How could this be? How could they safely watch both trucks and provide adequate attention/instruction to two or three different students behind the wheel AT ONE TIME? Moreover, according to the director's email to me BEFORE I chose ADF there would ONLY be 3-4 students assigned to a truck/trainer at one time.  FRAUD.  I assumed this meant one instructor watching one student at one time as 3-4 students alternated in using the truck, not the previously stated.  THE DIRECTOR'S EMAIL STATING THIS LIE IS THE REASON WHY I CHOSE ADF. I emphasized to the ADF staff--to the director and the administrator--in person the importance of the student/trainer/truck ratio; then I received a written statement from the director of what they both verbally stated to me two times before I left their office.  I was lied to.  Moreover, the one instructor (specifically NORMAN and Will) assigned to the yard didn't necessarily remain on the yard at all times watching STUDENTS SAFELY practice in these rigs.  WASTE. ABUSE. FRAUD.  This FACT can be confirmed right now by any DOL representative showing up at the school as a prospective student.Norman actually disappeared from the yard on 11/14/11. WASTE. ABUSE.  (Coincidentally it was as soon as I got in the truck.  It wasn't enough that he'd disrespected me, the only female, in the classroom all day on 11/11/11, with his profane, vulgar, uncouth, and ignorant speech.  He had to continue the disrespect the following Monday.)  For nearly 30 minutes on 11/14/11 he was no where to be seen or heard.  ABUSE. WASTE. FRAUD.  He'd taken another student (Ty) into his office leaving ALL THE OTHER STUDENTS UNATTENDED ON THE YARD PRACTICING MANEUVERS.  UNSAFE. STUPID. I had to call out to another student who had been helping me to help me again with my maneuver.  b. THE TRUCKS ARE UNSAFE TO DRIVE. ADF KNOWS THIS, yet they enroll students; yet they expect payment from WIA for the few days I spent in this so-called school.  WASTE. ABUSE. FRAUD. (I am specifically referring to the old automatic trucks used on the yard, as I never entered the new(er), manual trucks used on the road.)  Of the trucks on the yard the problems that existed were: a flat tire; a sloping seat; a missing fender mirror, and a loose door handle (which we're supposed to use at all times when entering/exiting the truck as part of the 3 points of contact SAFETY rule.) We weren't even notified ahead of time that the door handle on this truck was loose.  So at ANY given moment in time a new student could have pulled on or, in the future, may pull on this handle not knowing it's NOT SECURELY MOUNTED and injure themselves. (And, no, inspecting the trucks or even being brought near the trucks as a visiting, prospective student was not a part of my tour. There was no way for me to know the condition of the trucks.  There was no way for me to know that only 1 instructor is on the yard watching several trucks at a time.  I just assumed the trucks were SAFE to enter/exit/practice in when I enrolled.  And I certainly didn't think that these people would be so unsafe as to have 1 person watching several trucks of students at a time. But once all of this was clear to me I immediately reported to the director.)    I intended to mention ALL of the above to this so-called director on 11/16/11 when I went to his office shortly after noon.  At just my mentioning of his email stating that there would be no more than 3-4 students per truck/trainer he began condescending me, loud talking me, disrespecting me, and yelling about how he wanted his payment which he hadn't received.  When I corrected him on his inappropriate, unnecessary, unprofessional, and UNACCEPTABLE way of addressing me he literally dismissed me ... FROM THE SCHOOL!!!!  FRAUD. WASTE. ABUSE.  The dismissal was fine, as I had no intentions of remaining there and he knew it.  However, when I tried to question him about billing WIA for my incomplete, unsafe, substandard training he tartly told me that's between Kim and I.  (Kim Thomas is my WIA counselor).  NOW he's billing WIA for services I did not receive--FRAUD/ABUSE; for unsafe/inferior training I was subjected to--ABUSE; a DOT card I did not need (as I already had a card from October 2011)--WASTE/ABUSE; a week of classroom training that I did not need, as I already had my AP from October 2011--WASTE/ABUSE In other words, he's trying to impede my efforts to move on to another school, a real school, because he's demanding full payment from WIA for the 7 1/2 days, really 2 1/2 days not including classroom time, that I spent at his school NOT BEING TRAINED!!!!!  Not only should WIA NOT REMIT ONE CENT TO ADF, the school needs to be indefinitely removed from the WIA list of providers.  Otherwise, ADF will continue ABUSING/WASTING WIA funds and DEFRAUDING the Department of Labor via doing the former to future WIA recipients who attend their so-called school!Side Note: A female who recently graduated from Atlanta Truck Driving School has HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this school for me. They train one-on-one....  This was actually my first school of choice until I found out that they only accept stick-shift drivers.  Nonetheless, I contacted them yesterday; the instructor, Roberto, said he would accept me into the school and train me a few days on stick-shift in his personal vehicle before placing me in the truck; I faxed them all of my paperwork; they sent the acceptance letter to WIA for me to begin on this Monday; but because the unscrupulous director at ADF billed WIA yesterday for full payment ... everything is up in the air as of right now--12:15 am, 11/18/11.  So ADF failed to safely train and prepare me ... now they're impeding my efforts to receive safe training elsewhere by demanding full payment for incomplete, shoddy ... training...  Hopefully the final decision maker at the DeKalb Workforce Development will PAY ADF NO MIND and allow me to use the FULL grant at the Atlanta Truck Driving School. Thank you for your time.
Entity: Conley, Georgia
24, Report #1269491
Nov 21 2015
01:56 PM
David Johnson Subject called me and identified himself as an Omnitech representative and my computer was compromised. Fresno, California
David called me and identified himself as a representative of Omnitech and said that my computer was under attack 3 times in the last 5 minutes by someone who was trying to access my password.  He offered to assist me, and started to provide me with personal information about my account with you to prove that he was authentic. This included payments and dates as well as data regarding my terms of service with you.  He wanted access to my computer , when I denied him due to the fact that I know I must contact you before any change of service can be initiated.  I requested his full name and phone number as well as e-mail address to verify him ,which I have sent to you in this report.  This is only the latest in several incursion attempts to gain access by different subjects.
25, Report #144637
Jun 01 2005
02:19 AM
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