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1, Report #1170936
Aug 19 2014
09:32 PM Rip off-Stay Away -Worse Than Gambling Internet
This is the biggest scam ever. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY AWAY. This Ripoff company charges you for actually placing the bid $0.01-this money you lose no matter what. So they sell stupid stuff and make you pay manytimes for it by placing stupid bids and each time you lose money just plaving the bids.   STAY AWAY. someone should fiel a complaint against them with the FTC.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1113200
Jan 06 2014
08:51 AM TOTAL Rip Off!!  Internet
Cost me $60.00 to learn my lesson.  You must buy bids in order to play.  This site is ALL run by computer, so that means THEY control who wins, not you or your bid.  If you are a new user, you will win a couple small auctions, like $10.00 gift cards to Burger King, or Dunkin Doughnuts.  I promise this will be the end of your winning streak.  Customer Service is very nice to you at first, until you tell them you haven't been able to win, or even come close to winning and you have read reviews on sites like RipOffReport, YouTube, ect...  After you mention this, the company is no longer interested in answering your emails.  I hope this complaint helps to save at least one person, if so then I feel I have done my part with warning others.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1139639
Apr 17 2014
11:28 AM Rigged Ripoff Auctions Internet
After seeing numerous ads on tv about dealdash, I decided to check it out.  Once I joined, I purchased 2 of the smallest bid packages at discount prices.  I found something of interest to bid on (150 bids plus a $200. Amazon gift card) for which they had the same item at more then double the value sell for $28.00.  Rather then use the bidbuddy I pretty much sat there for nearly two days watching the item only bidding when I felt the need.  At the start there were numerous bidders but approximately 5 that seemed to be using bid buddy. The bidding continued for nearly two days with 1 player bidding from the start and about 2 others coming in and out from the start.  It was obvious they were using the bid buddy which places a bid for you every 10 seconds, which equals 6 bids per minute or 360 per hour.  At a discount price of .16/per bid that amounts to $57.60 per hour or at the regular price of .60/bid and amount of $216.00 per hour.  Now if you multiply those amounts by the number of hours you continue to bid you are looking at quite a large bit of money you are spending.  The final bid was won at around $130.00 which equals 13,000 bids and at .16/bid that comes to $2080.00 the company made on a $225.00 valued item.  Now who in their right mind would pay nearly ten times the price for something?  That alone should be proof enough that the company is using ghost bidders generated by them. Another thing I noticed on a couple of items up for bid was where there was only one person bidding every ten seconds yet they didn't win the bid whereas if someone doesn't outbid you before the 10 seconds is up you are supposed to win the bid!  This site really needs to be investigated and shut down!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1292775
Jul 21 2016
04:13 PM self new york New York
I won 3 auctions at dealdash and for some reason they claim over and over again that the post office is returning the merchandise in question. I even gave them my sister address as a second mail address and with the same results. I have noticed at the dealdash page numerous reviews of them defrauding people so this is what prompted me to report them. The have no intention of making good on their auctions with me.
Entity: new york, New York
5, Report #1357807
Feb 23 2017
06:33 AM Internet
 If i had any brains, i would not have spent $3,000 on bods and ended up with a few pieces of junk. It is addictive once you start. I cant tell you the many ways you lose and how they have the software rigged. They say they are audited, but as a retired auditor on medication, i can tell you audits do not detect scams or dishonesty. You be the judge of thst by my results. I probably will probably willnlose my house, and everything i worked for. I have worked all my life and niw i got hooked on this scam. As a Vet, and senior i never should be allowed to bet, especially when i am on medication and cant think rationally and cant afford it.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1252848
Sep 03 2015
11:15 PM Rip Off dont know Internet
I won an IPOD back in June 2015, I never received it, and you can only contact them by contacting their customer support which I have done like 8 times and have asked them for a telephone number so I can talk to someone about this problem, but they do not give one. They said that it was shipped and that it is not there fault I did not receive it and for me to put a claim,but how can I if I have none of the shipping information. Its been over 3months and I still have not received the Ipod I won. They have no way other then their customer support of contacting them........
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1192402
Dec 01 2014
07:54 PM you suck major XXXXXX rip off Nationwide
You XXXXXX set up auctions next one sold for three dollars and the two Im bidding on takes hours or sold right out from my next bid you XXXXXX suck delete me from your rip off company  !!!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1364075
May 10 2017
04:58 PM, Scammed me out of $60  Internet
 DealDash. Com is running a scam operation. They know exactly how much money each bidder has in bidding coupons. They have staff members who bid against bidders at the time to exhaust all their online visible funds. Allowing a few to win after picking the pockets of thousands insures it is not a level or fair bidding process. They select who wins and the bidder has no controls. The big fouls is internal people with unfair knowledge bidding against the consumer who believes it to be a legitimate auction. It not--Scam to cheat consumers out of their money!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1397559
Sep 02 2017
07:00 PM Fraud Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 I went online and ordered delivery service from a local restaurant through the product was never delivered and my credit card was charged immediately. This is fraud.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1108493
Dec 20 2013
04:31 AM dealdash is a losers game. basically a total ripoff. dont be fooled Minneapolis MN
My experience was: * i joined and spent $21 on 60 bids* i amazingly won 4 auctions for $10 gift cards (Burger King, Dunkin Donuts etc) for less than 10 cents * i won an auction for 60 bids for $5.40* i started looking for deals on stuff I wanted, figuring what the heck, if I don't win, i'll pay full price. I identified a cordless phone set from Panasonic* I spent all 90 of my bids on that item, and did not win itso: to summarize:* I spent $21 + $5 = $26* i won $ 40 worth of gift cards* I realized it was a worthless waste of time and money and stopped before giving them another penny. NOTE 1 -- their if their full price were legit, I would use this site still. But you can *ALWAYS* find the same exact product on Amazon for 10-20% less. Their price is what I would call FULL RETAIL, which noone ever pays. So yeah, you can bid until you are blue in the face, and then pay FULL PRICE and get all of those bids back --- but you are paying WELL OVER FAIR MARKET PRICENOTE 2 - an auction for something worth $100 that sells even for $20 (great deal) takes 4 hours + to finish. (bids come in at, generally, 9 second intervals once the auction settles in). I don't know about you, but my time is move valuable that that.
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #1158614
Jun 30 2014
07:26 PM impossible to buy the items you want, drains your time and money Internet
Saw commercial on TV andd decided to give it a shot. I was thinking how bad it can be if it's on TV, someone would have stop them if it's really bad scam, but it is a scam to me for sure.$34 went down the drain with 3 hours of my time. Not a very expensive way to buy life lesson but definitely not worth it. It's impossible to buy the items you want regardless of real people or computer bidding against you. The available bidding time is strange and very specific, duration is only 10 seconds, but everytime when someone bid on it it's 10 more seconds, and the increment is by penny so it can easily last a few hours before I ran out of my bidding points. I ran out of my points in about 2 hours for bidding on a lowes gift card.It's true it said you can buy the item at full price and get the bidding point back. ( I had not verify that since I dont want to drain more money) but even it's true that you get your bidding points back, so what? They won't be enough for you to bid and win over someone anyway and it drains so much of your time. It's designed for people with nothing to do but sit in front of the computer if it is not a scam. But it is a scam because everyone has something to do with their life every day besides sitting in front of the pc.It's very clever, you can't find a phone # to call in their website, no company physical address either. That means the employees photos you see there are most likely fake, no phone # to reach them either. $34 can buy a nice dinner for yourself or go watch a couple 3D movies, don't get tricked like I do, the ultimate lesson of our life, If it's too good to be true, it is, so don't be greedy and stay away from scams.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1054132
May 27 2013
10:55 AM I bid on several computers, the last one price is over $1000 dealdash has shills bidding Internet
      I started bidding on auctions for Mac computers, 5 different auctions, each time I was out bid.       So I decided to see what was going on and started bidding on another auction, so far the bid price has gone up to $1041.45, the highest previous auction was $635.69. There is a pattern of the same bidders running up the price in each auction, evidently shill bidders from        In one auction I wrote down all the names of the avatars in the auction after the NO NEW BIDDERS banner was displayed, there were 28 bidder avatars at that time. Then 9 hours and 55 minutes after the auction started 8 new bidder avatars appeared. I e-mailed dealdash support questioning why this happened, in reply they said all the bidders had started bidding before the NO NEW BIDDERS BANNER came up.       I replied that they did not answer my question as to why the bidder avatars did not appear on the screen at the time they supposedly started bidding. Their reply was to take a screen shot if it happened again and they would send it to tech support.       I tried to download a picture of the auction but could not, so I took pictures of the screen, of the auction where the price has gone over $1,000.00 with my camera.       Who would like to start a class action lawsuit against,? I know there a lot of people out there who have been ripped off and would like to get their money back, I would like to get my money back.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1061407
Jun 23 2013
08:16 AM Scam and ripoff, they make at least 15.00 for every dollar bid Internet
These guys are total scam artists with every  item costsing you at least .15 cents per penny bid, it is stupid to ever try to buy on their website and they have automated bidding by computers to run your bid up against you. You will be paying 1500 for any 100 purchase. I suggest everyone use small claims court in different states to file against these jokers so they have 50 or 100 law suits going against them just like their internet does againt you the consumer.
Entity:, Internet
14, Report #968358
Nov 12 2012
11:08 PM DealDash's constant freeze-ups and bid buddy system are a convenient way to scam customers, Internet
DealDash certainly IS too good to be true. I bid repeatedly and watched the clock go down to zero multiple times while I had the high bid, only to restart and keep the auction going. Sometimes it would be at zero for as much as 10 seconds, making it obvious that I had won, and it would still restart with another bid. I also saw it happen to other bidders I was bidding against. The coincidental thing is that on both of the auctions I wasted bids on, as soon as I stopped adding bids to the automatic bid buddy, the auction immediately ended. Convenient how their system knew it wouldn't get any more bids and finally let the auction end. I can't say how much I regret wasting time and money on what is obviously a too good to be true scam. I saved a screenshot of one of one of the times that the next bid was 11 seconds after mine when there's a 10-second time limit. If anyone would like to see it I'll figure out how to save it as a picture and post it here.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1076198
Aug 15 2013
04:11 PM bidding site Totl cam artists new york
 I went to the web site, followed directions and purchased $34.00 for bids.  I bid one three items, which of co urse I did not win.  I read on their site that if you did not win, your MONEY would be given back to you.   What a joke!!! I connected the web site and asked for my money and was told that I would get it.  Yea right, gave me the bids, not the money.     Total misrepersantion!!!! 
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1101647
Nov 23 2013
07:51 AM I spent close to 286.00 dollars, and still did not win the BID. After an e-mail to they only gave my Credit of 36.00. Not the tot. price that was debited to my card as the Ad. shown on T.V. USA
I would not do any deals with! They do not refund your monies as the add on T.V. states! I spent approx. 286.00. After e-mail complaint to the company. They only refunded my credit card 36.00! Do Not Deal with Deal Dash hidden Rip-Off! False Ad on T.V.     
Entity: Select State/Province
17, Report #977557
Dec 03 2012
I signed up with Dealdash from an advertisment on my Facebook Page. I checked it out online and found nothing but praise. This was in October. I spent a fair amount of money to purchase bids. The first bid pack was $36.00 (bids were 60 cent each initially) I lost those bids pretty quickly not knowing what I was doing. I read a bunch of stuff and figured out a little better how to do it. So purchased more bids. No problem so far. I lost a bunch of bids still being new, but that was okay, I read the info and was fully aware of how this works. I learned to use buy it now on gift cards at places I shop anyway, and got my bids back that way. Bought lots and lots of gift cards. My first feeling of something not being 100% okay was when the date came and went that the cards were suppose to arrive, but no card in my mailbox. Initially I would write to customer support and they answered, semi slow, like after days of emailing them and complaining and even opening a paypal dispute to get an answer. I finally got an envelope in the mail with some of the gift cards but not all. I felt a little better after that. So I spent more money and won more auctions. Now much larger items. The same thing happened, the items were not here by the date they had posted they should be and so I started emailing. I tried calling the number that is posted when you file a paypal dispute, but the voice message says if you have  problem just email them. That's odd, can't reach anyone at all, just an instruction to email. So that I did, over and over and over. I got one response saying the items I was looking for would be shipped. NOTHING...I filed a paypal dispute again, they respond by saying they are trying to get tracking info to give me through customer service, but they never did find that info and send it to me and apparently they lost my email address because they would not even respond again, even tho I continued to request info on the Cannon Camera and Acer Iconia tablet. Nothing....I sent another email, stating I had till the 5th to escalate the dispute to a claim or lose any hope of getting anything out of them in the way of a refund. Even tho I am sure I will not get my bid money back that I spent to win the stupid items, I will likely get the 29.00 and the 96.00 I spent on the actual items. Now today they send me an email saying the Acer Iconia is out of stock and I have two choices...accept 2600 useless bids at a value of $1500.00 WHATEVER...SEND ME THE $1500 IF THEY ARE WORTH THAT!!! lol....or I can have an item that is listed on their site for $329.00...but wait..the item I won was valued at $399.00 on their site??? Accept more bids, to bid on more out of stock items or accept an offer of an item valued less than the one I won...hmm what to do? Nice...the other item, the Cannon camera, now shows voided since I filed a paypal dispute I am sure. Nothing like a little retaliation for trying to get what is due me. I also won a $50.00 IHOP gift card that they sent me a message about, saying that was out of stock too! I bet they could get one at IHOP! To be fair I will say some stuff has arrived, some I didn't have to complain about. Most I have had to throw a grown up temper tantrum and blast their email servers, and file complaints through paypal. But the rest of the stuff about 15 gift cards, a Cannon Camera, an Acer Iconia and a set of Dr Dre Beats, as well as a couple Nintendo 3ds games have yet to arrive. I can file complaints for every one of the items. I paid a total of probably $500.00 for the items...but spent about $3000.00 on the bids. How do you get those back? I filed 2 disputes for 2 bid packs to see if I will get a refund on them. They are a portion of the bids used to win a gift card or two that I haven't received. My thought is, I didnt just spend$$ for the final win price to get the items, I also spent $$ in bids to get the items. They certainly wouldn't just ship me cards for 1.50 or 2.00 I would also have to use bids to get the when refunding what I spent they should refund the bid monies as well....but considering dealdash answered paypal on that dispute with one of their bogus tracking numbers showing I received the item (the bid packs) I don't think paypal will look at it any further and will simply close the dispute. I am pretty sure if I want to do anything more I will have to contact the Attorney General's office in New York. I contacted the BBB and described my situation over the weekend, and now I am waiting to see what happens from that. If nothing, next stop Attorney General. I have read some one on here defending dealdash's non shipping issue, by saying they have growing pains. Well yeah they have growing pains, when you escalate the number of auctions from 400 in a day to 6000 in a day (which is what they claim on their web site) and begin selling bids for 12-15-17 or 18 cents to entice new people to the site, you are going to grow pretty rapidly, and you are going to also gain financially exponentially, while we get refunds of two or three dollars for items we spent hundreds to win. That's only painful for the losers that bid,  not the company taking the profits. I was hoping this would really be a great site to have some fun, win some stuff and I didn't even mind spending lots of money, when I thought I would get what I won in return. But since you can't get you won/purchased items, or a response to an email, I would say at this point, this is a bad deal at dealdash and better stay away..unfortunately I already told people about it that I wish I hadn't said a thing to! My friends, my family and coworkers also spent money because of my recommendation. Hopefully, this report will ward off enough unsuspecting people that it will make up for it in some way....DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY YOU NEED FOR XMAS GIFTS HERE GUYS....I read that someone did that, and is so upset they have no Xmas funds now..that really stinks...People on the site now even have notes in their description that shows every time they bid, things like won items haven't received them, and they want me to take something of lesser that's some ticked off folks, spending their already purchased, non refundable bids to advertise on dealdash's own site, their unhappiness with dealdash's customer service model.  I'm not able to post my email address here, but if you google my user id dlindsay2000 you should be able to find it easy enough. If anyone has any collective ideas feel free to email me.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #1174890
Sep 06 2014
08:52 AM When I registerted they took 64 dollars from my debit card and told me I would have 400 bids that I do not want. Minneapolis Internet
On September 4 of this year I went to the website DeaLDASH.COM and registered. They took 64 dollars off my debit card and have refused to refund it. No phone number has been found. I have requested a number for contact and a refund and they refuse to communicate with me. I did not want them to use my debit card.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1113222
Jan 06 2014
09:07 AM
Entity: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
20, Report #1098378
Nov 10 2013
07:47 PM
dealdash scam don't buy bids internet
this company is a scam.theres a computer that bids against you.its impossible to win anything worth your money.dont buy customer service dont respond send like 5 messages.never got a respond.
Entity: Select State/Province
21, Report #968374
Nov 13 2012
04:05 AM charged me twice and is a scam, Internet
I was on recently. I went ahead and bout 240 bids for $36. After buying the bids I went to the main page and it said it was down for maintenance. Then when it was finally up I saw that I had zero bids,so I went to paypal and saw that they charged me twice. After I finally saw that I got my bids,only 240of them, I started to bid.I started to notice the same people bidding and in the same order.I know about ten times the counter went all the way down to 00:00:00, which means I won. Many times I won. But it always said checking... When the counter reached zero,then went back to bidding r. So I wasted 240 bids and got charged double for them. I tried contacting their support team as well as PayPal. I just want my $72 back.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1114850
Jan 11 2014
06:02 PM promissed to give back my money if i didnt win any bids.i also bought some bid and was told if i canceled i would get my money back.they took my money and i got nothing iwant my money back!. internet 
 promissed if i canceled my account with in 30 days i,d get my money back,i got nothing back they took the money and i,ve heard nothing sence.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #986974
Dec 26 2012
01:31 PM dealdash DEALDASH UNETHICAL will not ship items, out of stock, no response from customer service Internet is a penny auction site I joined in October 2012. At first I thought the website was great and seemed to be very fair, they set win limits, you could buy the item at retail and get your bid back. Things were going well, I won a few small items and got them within a week. Then in November things changed, shipping was taking longer and I suddenly found it much harder to win. So I started really paying attention to the bidding, there were instances when the timer would say 20 seconds and a I would think I won since I was the last bidder down to 0, only to have another bid come in 5 seconds later, which wasn't just due to my internet connection (the times are logged). Also their 'no jumper' policy is dishonest, they say no one can enter after $5 or $3, and I watched how many bidders there were up to that point (ex. 50) only to come back to the auction later to find 75 bidders. I actually have screen shots of this. I stopped bidding after I used up all my bids and figured I'd cut my loses, however, I still hadn't received some of my items and noticed the shipping estimate dates kept changing, and a few became out of stock. They offered replacement options, both less value then actual item won. I opted for the giftcard options. I still have yet to receive them along with a couple items they have as being shipped. I have now emailed (which is the only way to communicate with them) 5 times and have not gotten any responses, I won these items in the last week of October or first week of November, some were suppose to be Christmas gifts. Shame on them for doing this, especially during this time of year. Stay away from this site unless you want to throw your money away.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #997018
Jan 15 2013
04:53 AM
DealDash DealDash steals peoples money, had shill bidders/bots, does not have ethical practices, Internet
Half a year ago I would have said DealDash was a great auction site to try.  However, now that they have grown, it is clear that they are doing nothing but scamming people out of  money. First off, if you have any sort of problem, they do not answer their customer service number, it merely gives you an automated response to email their support email, which they rarely answer. If you do get an answer from them, it is a canned and generic response blaming their servers, or their distributors.  It is a group of  young guys, who have no idea of business ethic or how to run a legitmate business.  They use stall tactics to not refund money to people who never received products. They don't have time to respond to customer emails, but they certainly have time to monitor their facebook account, other's facebook accounts, this site, and others.  After 2 months of attempting to contact them, I finally heard back when I mentioned involving my lawyer, explining and showing them I had proof of shill bidders/bots.  They arranged a phone call with me, whereas they admitted that those auctions did indeed have cheaters in them, but since it wasn't them cheating, they were liable.  (Are we really to believe this?)  The products from those auctions totalled over $50,000.00  I sincerely doubt they would do nothing if they were getting scammed from other people.  Obviously these must be bots or accounts set up by DealDash employees, or someone they know. I ask for a refund on my bids places in those auctions, and they refused to give it to me, even though they admitted that the auctions were won using software/cheating. Yes, people are now getting the products they were suppossed to, only because DealDash has been cornered with lawsuits, and are now trying to cover their butts. Do yourself and AVOID this site. Also, all those people on their facebook page are being compensated by DealDash.  Who knows if they have even won the items. If they did, it is probably due to DealDash giving them thousands of bids for advertising for them.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1113051
Jan 05 2014
09:15 AM
deal dash computer is bidding against us with a clear predictable pattern New York
I purchased many bidding packages and tried to place bids. After loosing too many bids i started to think that it really does not make sense to waste all of this money on such items. So i decided to see what's going on. I noticed that the company is using fake bidders names to bid against us with almost a repeated computer pattern that it is easy to know who is next. They try to steal more bids from us. I contacted them and they claimed that it is the bid buddy,  however i noticed this pattern is more aggressive when i tried to use this bid buddy. I am sure they are bidding against us and ripping us off. I made a note with some of the bidders fake names they use.One other thing is that their fake bidders are bidding on tens of auctions at the same time only to jack bids up. Evidence is that they have a limit on no of auctions you can win a week and yet those bidders are bidding on tens oflistings knowing that they will retract at a certain point or their win counter will not reset. Please investigate.
Entity: New York

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