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1, Report #959755
Oct 24 2012
10:55 PM
Denise Alvarado Planet Voodoo Crossroads University, Hoodoo Almanac, Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly con woman, spiritual scammer, fake voodoo spells, unlicensed practice of psychology Internet
How can this woman be allowed to get away with what she does? I sent her lots of money for voodoo dolls and hoodoo spell products, all of it worthless. Took months for me to get this crap also. The dolls are cheap looking. Other stuff just didn`t work but I was desperate when I tried this. She claims to be a pipe carrier of a native american tribe that has no pipe carriers.  She`s a member of professional organizations that take anybody who will pay the entrance fee (e.g. one organization of native american anthropologists). Her books are full of stolen or inaccurate info. Next I`m filing a better business bureau report. I suppose in some ways I deserve what I got. What kind of idiot believes in this stuff right? I can be happy even if I have been ripped-off so long as I can help others to avoid her and those associated with her. Oh that is a madrina angelique (crossroads mamas is another con site they run).  
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1320584
Aug 03 2016
09:00 PM
Creole Moon Denise Alvarado rootwork conjuor hoodoo Internet
Denise Alvarado strikes again poor business and scammer be wary of purchasing any products from this womens online shop creole moon ordered a product 5 months ago(march2016) had three conversations with alvarado where she aplogised and said it will be sent by the end of the week and the last correspondence  was the first week of july i have tried contacting her since and even asked for a refund which of course was ignored wrote a comment on her creole moon fb page and the response i got was she would look into the matter and that was over a week ago look into the matter like it was a big surprise common now! totally disgusted so i warn anybody thinking of purchasing merch from her to think again and go to a reputable site with shop owners who have a conscience and morals hard earned money right down the drain be careful people which i had seen this site before purchasing anything from this lady.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1036636
Mar 21 2013
08:11 AM
Denise-Alvarado Riped off and getting away with it. I have not received a thing NATTA, for the monies I have paid. Not even an email or response. Internet
I have enrolled months ago into her program and much like others all excited to begin.   For my moneies paid I received nothing in return except access to a glorified chat, blog site....and this is not what I paid for.    I contracted and paid for taking classes and a subscription.  I also, paid to receive a kit and mailing which all said I have not received a thing.  Her online assoiciates are just as guilty and responsible as they enable her to ripe people off .  They do ignore any complainst and fail to follow through with what is promised. I decided to file this report in hopes to bring attention to the matter and I am really wondering why is this woman this way and how is it that she is getting away with scamming people out of money.  Behavior as of this in my view is criminal and should not be allowed to continue.  Her claims in being professional, an educator and all that is false and does a disservice to authentic people.    THIS BEHAVIOR MUST STOP and since it is on the internet it no longer is just a local or state problem it is much more... something needs to be done to put a stop to such criminal activity. After reading the reports on this site I agree it is best to avoid this company, woman, and anything that has to do with them.. as they are frauds.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1090258
Oct 07 2013
09:44 PM
Skybeam Horrible Service/LackofConcern Alvarado Texas
 The internet connection provided to us by skybeam was great at first! Then for the past year it has been unpredictable at best. At times it doesn't work at all, other times its comparable to dial-up with horrible latency, and for brief periods of one week its fine. I have made countless calls to technical support(I'd guess 30). Its always the same thing, they check my network, my radio, and confirm everything is fine on my end. When they figure out that it is, and the problem is still not fixed, they will always say well we are going to move this to a tier 2 ticket, and tier 2 tech support will look into it at which time we will call you back. 90% of the time they don't even call back. We have also had a technician come to the house on three seperate occasions. The first was indifferent, the second didn't do much, the third replaced all of our equipment and confirmed that everything on our end was working fine including our home network.So now, after countless service interruptions and horrible latency, I speak to a manager(again) and he finally tells me....Yes we are aware of an issue with the tower that feeds your tower, and have been aware for a year. blah blah getting equipment together blah blah finding time to fix it. So basically, their tech support have been completely unaware of an obvious issue on THEIR end, and the people who matter haven't done anything to fix it for over a year now.I truly believe they have no intention of fixing this problem any time soon. Aside from the fact that their tech support is completely ignorant of what is going on, their upper management is indifferent to the concerns of customers and the quality of their service.
Entity: Alvarado, Texas
5, Report #743023
Jun 20 2011
12:42 PM
Karl Alvarado Karla Levin Con Artist Miami, Florida
She seems nice at first. All or most people do at first. She offered jobs doing door to door sales headed by a Colombian and an Indian. They used to go to small businesses and rip small business off with their AT&T phone bills. Now she has many different names as where ever she goes she leaves a bad mark.  She is a horrible person and acts as if she cares about you but really she does not so be care full she will mess you up as soon as you become worthless for her or in her words they have noting to offer me. watch your back
Entity: Miami, Florida
6, Report #1299356
Apr 12 2016
01:59 PM
Alvarado Construction Co Daniel Alvarado Daniel Alvarado was paid $6,100 to add a room to my home. He didn't complete the work and disappeared. Bryan Texas
My husband and I am are elderly people and were needing to modify our home due to my husband being disable. Daniel Alvarado was referred to me by my daughter, Linda Alvarado, his wife. They came to Houston on March 22,2016 to give me an estimate of the cost for  two additional rooms with a hallway. I paid him $100 cash on 3/22/2016 to obtain the building permit. He informed me on March 23,2016 that he needed $4,000 for the materials. I paid him with a personal check. He bought a few items and began working. On March 26, 2016, Daniel Alvarado requested an additional $2,000.00 for labor. I paid him with a personal check. I told him this is it, I will not give him any more money. He stated he charges $$3,250 for labor, but this will be enough to complete the job. At the end of the day, he stated he would be back on March 30, 2016. He did not call or show up. I called and spoke to him, he stated he would be at my home on tomorrow morning, March 31, 2016.  Once again, he did not call or show up. I called many times and left several messages for him to return my call. He has never responded. Daniel was paid a total of $6,100. The receipts I received from him totaled $1,401.92, leaving a balance owed of $4,698.08.  Beware of Alvarado Construction Co AKA Daniel M. Alvarado! He has scammed an elderly couple. 
Entity: Bryan, Texas
7, Report #459858
Jun 08 2009
08:54 PM
Karina Maria Alvarado Karina Maria Rios Alvarado Martin Ponzi Scam Criminals Karina Alvarado Rios and her husband Juan Asensi Martin Jr. of Andorra Guayaquil, Ecuador Andorra-Spain
I have met Karina in South Beach through a girlfriend. she was always trying to impress us and my friends. I'm not from the US but live in the US and now realize from reading al the comlaints about her and her husband that she is a criminal, she had hurt a close personal girlfriend of mine and I even gave some money to my friend as a favor only to find out more than 1 year later that it was invested in Karina's and her husbands scam. I have asked my friend where karina has been a ew times on the past few months and she never answered> I searched the internet and now see that Karina and her husband fled the country with everyones money> I remember she was trading oil and trying to get me into the business> I thank GOD that I never wasted my time with that piece of garbage Karina Maria Alvarado Rios apparently stole lot"s of money>Well she may think she is untouchable but the lord works in strange ways. I pray for all those that I know lost almost everything. All I remember is that Karina wanted to hang out with me so much to get close to me because our family is well off and she wanted to bleed us too> Thank the Lord. According to all the checks we see posted on the (((Redacted))) she was laundering the monies using a company named Esiservis Corporation in Miami. They should investigate that company and all their tax records and what the hell Regions bank allowed all those wire transfer with the Patriot Act and all> what a bunch of animals!Guayaquilecuadorkarinamariaalvaradorios pompano beach, Florida U.S.A.       CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Guayaquil, Select State/Province
8, Report #636054
Aug 31 2010
12:53 PM
Dealer Services Worthless Extended Warranty Alvarado, Texas
I purchased an extended warranty from Dealer Services which was promoted as good as the Manufacturers Warranty. Ha!!! I have made 2 claims with them and their coverage was minimal at best on the first claim. They covered $291 out of $771 in repairs. The second claim was for the computer contoler for the automatice transmission which would not allow the transmission to shift gears. They covered ZERO on this claim stating it wasn't covered. This is their Gold Protection Plan which wasn't cheap. I was told coverage would be equivalent to the manufacturers warranty. These people want to sell a warranty but fight you every inch of the way when it comes to paying a claim. If you happen to call them plan on waiting on hold for at least 30 minutes. They just love to jerk you around. Hopefully they won't benefit from other people accepting their WORTHLESS WARRANTY CONTRACTS.  
Entity: Alvarado, Texas
9, Report #1427482
Feb 05 2018
10:29 PM
ACCEL LOGISTICS rip off Alvarado Texas
Entity: Alvarado, Texas
10, Report #404866
Dec 25 2008
06:09 PM
Karina Alvarado Rios - Karina Alvarado Martin Guayaquil Ecuador Ponzi Scam Esiservis S.A. Corporation Owner Miami set a Ponzi Scam to Defraud Friends and Investors In the USA and in Europe Sunny Isles Beach Florida
Devuelvan La Plata Que Se Robaron Karina Alvarado Rios was introduced to be by another friend that lived and ran in the same network. I met her in 2006. We met every so often and had some things in common, she was from my country Ecuador so we blended. After about 1 year of knowing Karina Alvarado Rios she asked me if I would like to invest a little at a time in a clothing deal investing in designer shirts from Lima, Peru bought directly from the manufacturers then reselling them to dealers and stores directly in Ecuador. I did not know all the details of how she shipped them or crossed the border with them but I offered many times to go with her to help her place the orders and help in every possible way to see for my own eyes the business and to protect my investment. She always came up with an excuse to not bring me along. Based on this new friendly bond I met her family from Guayaquil, Ecuador and she demonstrated to show me her family background and how she was raised. She showed all the signs of success, money, nice home, cars, fancy dinners and successful associates. She always talked about her mother Mercedes Rios Sono Pulley and about her connections and her success with her company Esiservis S.A. Little did I know what a criminal scammer Karina Alvarado Rios turned out to be! I summer and through the fall of 2007 after our 1st successful deal. I invested much more money into another clothing business deal, this time she wanted it in cash. I said NO, but she kept begging me to do another deal with her since she proved to be legitimate at this point and the rate of return was high with the buyer and seller already in place. I was supposed to be paid in 1 month's time the first of December 2007, I went to go visit her at her address and she said she didn't receive the money yet but had to go to Lima Peru to make sure everything was ok with the manufacturing of the shirts. I was very angry and tried to stop her in her tracks as I was worried and things didn't seem right. I couldn't do nothing but let her go to make this deal happen and return my money. I received a phone call from Karina Alvarado Rios either from Ecuador or Peru, she was hysterical crying asking me to send her $3000.00 or $4000.00 that her pocket book was ripped off so please wire me or western union me anything possible. I was furious at this point and was suckered into believing this was true so I sent the money. January 2008 comes and I here from other friends that Karina Alvarado Rios fled the country and pulled a big ponzi scam on everyone she new. I had a heart attack! I knew the circle of friends she was around so I called and asked if they invested, some denied it, and others flat out told me they were now broke and lost there retirement, children's college funds, having to relocate, repossessing their cars, heavily loaded with credit debt. We were all in the same situation. We contacted the local and government authorities filed all the proper paperwork and to this day, her family denied any of this ever happened and blamed on some other mutual very nice friend! So we hired a top private investigator and consulted with various lawyers in Guayaquil, Ecuador and in Miami and have everything ready to prosecute her when she returns to USA. Everything is in place and we are a group of about 15 investors so far, more might surface when this all over the internet! We are now going to show all their business associates, friends and family exactly the type of criminals they are! Devuelvan La Plata Que Se Robaron Return The Monies You Stole Karina Alvarado Rios is about 38 Years Old May 30/31 1970 Karinaalvaradorioscriminalscammer Miami beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
11, Report #653442
Apr 14 2011
04:24 PM
Alvarado Contracting Tony Alvarado Shoddy work and now will not even return phone calls. Internet
They replaced a roof, (questionable quality). In doing so they took down an awning mount. They replaced the mount in the wrong place. As a result the awning frame was tilted severely. Of course it was impossible top get the awning lined up with the house.They also lost all of the fittings used to attach the awning to the mount.I called and spoke to Alvarado (Xavier aka Tony) who made an appointment to see the problem.  He never showed up, and thereafter never returned calls or e-mails.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #861575
Apr 01 2012
02:12 PM
Denise Alvarado Planet Voodoo, Voodoo Mama Voodoo Mama? NOT! Internet, Internet
Beware!  Do not purchase anything from this woman.  She will take your money and send your items only after much delay, hassle, and a lot of excuses (if she sends it at all!) Do not be taken in by the fact that she's a published author (I was.)  She is a scammer-happy to take your money but not too eager to provide the stuff you bought!
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #499794
Sep 24 2009
09:54 AM
Top Dog Leasing / Allan Alvarado Ron Hubbard, Allan D. Alvarado, Allan Alvarado - suspended real estate license working for Ron Hubbard who hase revoked real estate license-leaving key freely available at rental property. Company is unlicensed to do businss in LA Cou DROP BOX, California
Allan Alvarado is Ron Hubbard's new sidekick.  He states my phone number is 310-925-1101. Someone can open the lockbox for you once an appointment is set no problem. I work for the leasing company Let me know if today is good for you, Thanks =)   .In an inquiry about a rental property he says: Sunday would be good or any day after that for that matter. There is a lock box there (if u hav a supra key) or someone can let u in as well. Just let me know what time u had in mind. Let me know if you'd like to see it, thanks. Allan .I can pass on the email communications to any interested party.California Real Estate Dept shows a suspended license and no employing broker: License Type: SALESPERSON Name: Alvarado, Allan Mailing Address: 5635 AUCKLAND AVE #4NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91601 License ID: 01789808 Expiration Date: 01/29/11 License Status: CONDITIONAL SUSPENSION Salesperson License Issued: 01/30/07 (Unofficial -- taken from secondary records)Conditional Salesperson License was suspended 07/31/08. Education to maintain license per section 10153.4 has not been met. Requirement must be met by 01/29/11. Former Name(s): NO FORMER NAMES Employing Broker: NO CURRENT EMPLOYING BROKER Comment: NO DISCIPLINARY ACTION 07/31/08 - CONDITIONAL LICENSE SUSPENSION. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS NOT FILED.
Entity: DROP BOX, California
14, Report #1307712
Jun 18 2016
02:39 PM
Denise Layman Gray Denise Gray formerly Denise Aulds Denise Gray non efficient Corporate Manager Suwanee Georgia
 This woman runs a non efficient sleep center called fusion sleep in Suwanee Ga and their is no accountability in the clinics practice what so ever. So called doctors are rude and give inaccurate sleep study results and personal at this facility are rude as well.
Entity: Suwanee, Georgia
15, Report #87008
Apr 07 2004
07:38 PM
Denise Cruz ripoff Van Nuys California
Multi listed on ebay. I bought a pair of shoes off of her and sent her a us money order - the only payment that she would accept. Never recieved the shoes. She ended her membership under that ID within 2 weeks. Two months later she posted them under a new name blissfulfunkyclothes but shell bids- I have reported her to ebay but still have not heard anything. Kelly Mertztown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
16, Report #30404
Sep 18 2002
01:37 PM
Denise Herheim ripoff slime ball Gouverneur New York
Denise is a slime ball to the N-th degree. She is a useless troll who broke up my marraige because of her false accusations about her now Ex- boyfriend and I having an affair. He could do so much better than a fowl mouth paranoid schitzo who bursts into my place of work and slings accusations towards me. I am not alone, she has done this to others. Steer clear of this gutter mouthed accuser and your life will be better! Erin Gouverneur, New York
Entity: Gouverneur, New York
17, Report #612848
Jun 10 2010
08:04 PM
Denise Ubaldino PsychoSybil Slandering my name Grafton, Massachusetts
Hello, Sadly I came across this article with my name mentioned and I honestly cannot believe 5 years after she was fired, Denise Ulbaldino would write such a pathetic lie, that would disgrace her former employees and management. I started with Sovereign Bank in 2003 and within a year was promoted to a supervisor and then to a Manager. Unfortunatly Denise became very violent and verbel with how she felt about my promotion. She felt as though she was there longer and had a degree, thus she deserved the promotion instead. There was never any illegal actions on my part at the Bank, they promoted me based on the fact that I was a good employee, I was a hard worker and I was reliable. When I first became her supervisor she would sit on the phone and talk bad about me so I could hear her which was fine if it made her feel better, she is very unstable and therefore given the name PsychoSybil. I am not here to bad mouth anyone, I loved working for Sovereign Bank it is a professional Bank and the employees are hard working and dedicated. What Denise failed to mention why she was fired and escorted out of the compnay was that she starting sending poems via email about me, she never mentioned that. She likes to go on and voice her anger and frustration, well other employees showed me these emails and I think I will share this. Well I went to my immediate supervisor and being the professional person Fred Pratt is, this was quickly escalated to HR. That day she was removed from the premises and I was sent home, they advised me for my own protection . I never have seen or heard from her again, but its actually quite sad that she would make up lies about everyone around her, that actually cared and tried to help her. I worked there 4 years and it was one of the best organizaions I ever had the pleasure to be a part of.  This was the poem she e-mailed to the other employees that got her terminated, this was the only reason. Having a degree is great, but if you don't have common sense, dignity and respect, its basically a piece of paper.   Whore. That is what you are. To you I shall write and speak these words sourful! Utterly nothing less and never more. Ignorance permeates your ever being. You think yourself and your reasons utmost powerful! You so must be dreaming. Whore. Nauseating sloth of a being you are. Giving no thought to others' feelings for you is undeniable! You claim you care. You are a Liar. Polished and pure bread will never be your pedigree. Shackled to self-falsities to deny & disguise what is truthful! Self denial your downfall will be. Whore. That is what you seemingly are. Pissed off to no end; My anger you find quite favorable! Everything you touch becomes marred. A concoction of irk and disgrace. You offend my very eyes; So insanely pitiful and painful! You are scum and a total waste. Whore. This is what all knows you are. You think your existence to claim the Prize to be fateful! I have hindered your quest thus far. Consuming all living things you see. You think you are right in every way and never wrongful! Giving death to all with efficacy. Whore. Such as you ever will be and are. You claim no right to learning. your desires are illogical! You seek only destruction and power. If be, I will drag you to 7 Hells with me. Die! You think you will live and rule, that is very doubtful! Peace will return to the Sengoku Jidai. Whore. A fact that I know you ARE. These words shall ever be etched into your cursed soul! Utterly nothing less and never more.
Entity: Grafton, Massachusetts
18, Report #1108948
Dec 21 2013
07:42 PM
Diane Denise Programmer Fraud Los Angeles California
To anyone interested in having a website developed, please be wary of Diane Denise Frierson (or Diane Denise)!  She appears to be very nice at first so, although quite inarticulate due to her lack of education (evident also by her poor reading comprehension and complete lack of ability to write a coherent sentence), you might find yourself wanting to give her a chance because you simply want to help people who seem to want to help themselves.  We were very wrong about Diane Denise Frierson!  At first she moved quite quickly and efficiently... (SO WE THOUGHT) giving us nightly progress reports and actually showing us (WHAT SEEMED TO BE PROGRESS), however, we discovered that this was only to fool us into paying her on time.  Her accepted bid for this project was $2500.00 broken into 3 payments of $750.00, with each payment due upon completiion of each work week and the final payment of $250.00 due upon transfer of site from her server to ours and final approval by us of her work and completion of the project.Each week we paid her, as she was able to do just enough work to show us progress.  As it turned out, that work was simply comprised of very easy-to-install WordPress plugins that we could have done ourselves!  The real trouble came when we needed her to complete the ecommerce portion of our website.  This is the part that requires actual programming skills.  This is where we realized that Diane Denise Frierson was and is a FRAUD.  Not only does she not have any real programming skills, the attempts she made at coding were full of mistakes and misspellings and simply did not function.  She actually damaged our site with her lack of ability, leaving us with less than what we had when she was hired... while adding an extra 3-4 months delay to our launch date!  Diane Denise has cost us THOUSANDS of dollars with her incompetence and fraudulent behavior!Diane Denise Frierson's bid was to take aproximately 3 weeks with 100% sastisfaction.  She was exactly 5 weeks past her own deadline when we fired her, and not one page of our website looks or is functioning properly. Now, we didn't fire her for not being able to do the work.  In fact, we were EXTREMELY patient with her because she kept telling us lies that she was getting someone to help her get the work done and we had already invested so much time in her.  No, we fired her (trying to cut our losses) because we discovered that she was attempting to extort more money out of us with her lies of help.  She actually told us that she knew 2 people that would be able to help her finish the project, but that they would need more money and that we would not be able to meet with them, nor would they sign our NDA.  REALLY?!!!  They also didn't have names and the bids for the additional money they wanted from us started at $10,000 (to simply install and configure a WordPress plugin), dropping to a mere $150 when we refused.  Not only was she the most immature and unprofessional adult we've ever worked with (and that's no exaggeration), but we found the manner in which she handeled the entire situation to be extreemly suspect and down right criminal.  When we realized that she simply could not do the work, we begged her to just complete the little things that she was cappable of handling and we would find someone else to finish the complicated ecommerce portion.  This is where she completley stopped taking our calls and refused to answer any of our emails or turn over the rest of our property as she was legaly required to do. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and DO NOT hire Diane Denise Frierson.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
19, Report #404891
Dec 25 2008
09:27 PM
Karina Alvarado Rios Esiservis Corporation Miami, Fl Ponzi Scam Defrauded Friends and Investors! Sunny Isles Beach Florida
I too was defrauded by Karina Alvarado Rios from Miami, I invested six figures directly with her. We really thought that she was legitimate,. When I met her she told me about the business deals that her and her mother and her brotehr were involved in. She explained that she gets great percentages and commissions since she is the daughter of the owner of Esiservis S.A corporation and that she would pass most of the high returns to her close investors or investors that were referred to her through close friends. The same goes for the business she claimed to have with ehr brother Ricardo Alvarado Rios with the Ecuadorian Lottery. I met her in South Florida area. We will all suckers to believe all that time that Karina Alvarado Rios and her company Esiservis S.A Corporation was the real deal, she pulled a huge Ponzi scam on some many really hurting those that cared for her and her children. We reported her to a few state attorney generals and have the legal side ready in case she returns to the USA since we know she used her fake business deals to get her USA Visa and get her and her family residency. We learned about this widening scandal late 2007 early 2008 when friends called us to say that her and her husband Juan Asensi Martin from Spain fled the country to avoid prosecution for many charges, she bounced about $600,000 in checks then fled with everyone's monies. She is believed to be protected and supported and sharing the money with her mother Mercedes Rios Sono and believe that she is holding or hiding our stolen money. We know a few people that lost over 1 million dollars in the scam, Karina Alvarado Rios told us that her mother managed her money and had bank accounts in British Virgin Islands, Panama and in other countries to avoid paying taxes. Our sources that told us that Karina confessed to running a bogus investment scheme in Miami, FL. in which new investors were secretly fleeced to pay returns to earlier investors . We are deeply saddened and distressed that we, along with others, have been the victims of her pyramid ponzi scam. It appears that at least $1.5 million of wealth, much of which was concentrated in Southern Florida in is her possession, most likely more believed to be hidden with the mother of Karina Alvarado Rios's mother Mercedes Rios Sono of Esiservis S.A. Corporation in Miami Florida, we believe that the monies were wired to the parent corporation in South America and personal accounts and through close family members. We spoke with Regions Bank managers and security officials where they did most of their banking and Regions Banks Florida and don't understand why her personal or business accounts were never red flagged especially the amount of checks and wires sent to Ecuador under the Patriot Act. We also reported them to the IRS and the Consulate of Ecuador, Immigration and naturalization amongst a handful of agencies. All just one big lie and basically, a giant Ponzi scheme. In her Ponzi scheme, a Karina Alvarado and her company Esiservis Corporation uses money from new investors, who are lured with the promise of high or consistent returns, to pay off earlier investors. She showed many documents of products to be sold to Petro commercial and Petro Ecuador Petroleum, for the buying tubes or tuberia & valves valvulas in Spanish to be bought and resold through Esiservis and we were going to get paid every first of the month once Karina was paid from her mother personally or from Esiservis S.A Ecuador. At least a couple of investors overseas were also reeling from the alleged fraud. Another part of her fraud was to say that her brother Ricardo Alvarado Rios in Guayaquil Ecuador a top employee to Lotteria De Ecuador Ecuadorian Lottery was the decision maker when it came to purchase the prizes to be given away to the Ecuadorian Lottery winners for scratch off tickets etc. She showed several of us his and gave us a copy of Ricardo Alvarado Rios passport and said that we won the bid to be the sole vendor or seller to supply them with 500,000 t-shirts with the lotto logo on it, or chocolate coins, or pens and pencils with the Ecuador Lottery logo on ir, umbrellas, i-pods, mp3's radios, televisions. She had several of the investors put up big money and got suckered by believing her when she amended her life policy insurance to make investors the beneficiary for the amount he or she invested in case she died during or before the business deal was paid out. We will fight to get through this unfortunate set of events and see that others are aware of this family and Esiservis Corporation so it never happens again to anyone ever again! Karinaalvardoriosreturnourmoney Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
20, Report #404610
Dec 24 2008
09:29 AM
Esiservis S A Corporation - Karina Alvarado Rios Ecuador Ponzi Scam Oil Equipment Scam Clothing Business Scam Sunny Isles Beach Florida
I invested $45,000.00 and so did others we know, with Karina Alvarado Rios she lived in Miami, Florida at the time and is from and is now living in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She approached me many times to invest in to buy and sell clothing from Peru to sell into Ecuador. She also had me invest with in petroleum equipment, oil refinery equipment, oil pipes, oil rigs and tubing and other products. Using her and her mothers company name as reference Esiservis S.A Corporation which is a legitimate business and we met the family many times. Karina Alvarado Rios stated that she was doing these deals with her mother and through her brother Ricardo Alvarado Rios that works for the Ecuadorian Lottery, she said she won a bid to the exclusive vendor to sell, t-shirts, chocolate coins, umbrellas, transistor radios, mini ipod nano's etc. anything that the lottery would give as a scratch off prize, I invested over time $45000.00 into this Ponzi Scam, we were to be paid every 1st. of the month our profit and at the end of the contract get our original investment back. When I was due to receive my investment and returns Karina Alvarado Rios fled the country to Guayaquil Ecuador. We then found out that others we know some friends, an accountant, her insurance agent her brother in law, other business men and friends that new her invested as well equaling over 1 million dollars, we all went to the local police agency in Miami to report check fraud since she bounced high dollar checks and then we went to the Miami FBI to file a formal complaint, still under investigation and waiting to see if they can charge her and extradite her from Ecuador and prosecute Karina Alvarado Rios of this Ponzi Scam. Resolution Sought: Refund All our money invested in the Ponzi Scam that they pulled pretending they were doing business deals when they were just taking in new money from other investors and paying others off and trying to recruit others into this scam, using the mothers and brothers names that they are powerful and important business people in Guayaquil Ecuador. We want all our monies back at the least, and the world to know so they can avoid doing business with this company or individuals. We have all the copies of wires and checks. We found this out after about 1 and 1/2 years because Karina Alvarado Rios started to get very strange and begged to add more money to invest and asked for cash near the end because she said that the deal didn't pay yet or on time so she just needed more money to float until we got paid for our investment. Many others are suffering from a disaster financial loss and emotional battle, we lost our car, our home and, precious time. Our private investigators found out that Karina Alvarado Rios has done this before to a successful business man in Ecuador and was forced to pay back millions about 6 years ago in her country, then she came to Miami and did it all over again to friends and associates. Amount in Dispute: $45000.00 not counting any profits or interest or any of the collateral damaged caused! Esiservis Inc. Mercedes Rios Sono Pulley Karina Alvarado Rios 303 Poinciana Island Drive Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 786-623-4075 786-269-0939 ESISERVIS S.A CORP MERCEDES RIOS SONO Avda. Quito No. 806 y 9 de Octubre Piso No. 11 - Oficina 1102 Tlfs: 2282016/2290809 011-593-422-82016 1-786-623-4075 & 1-786-269-0939 Guayaquil - Ecuador Karinaalvaradoriosponziscam Queens, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
21, Report #234936
Feb 07 2007
04:07 PM
Alvarado Group ripoff Nationwide Signing Agency Does not pay their notaries public dishonest business practices, misrepresentation of facts Riverside California
I am Notary Public, Loan Signing Agent. I am commissioned by my state and registered with several Signing Agencys, Title Companies and Mortgage Lenders throughout the United States. The nature of my business requires that I bid Loan Signings, complete the work and by faith wait to be paid by the hiring agency. I have spent 3 years building a reputation of honest, reliable loan signings. I am particular about my packages and the confidentiality in which those packages must be executed. In return, I expect to be paid on a timely basis, net/30. I accepted a signing with Alvarado Group. When a signing is accepted, the Signing Service is to email a confirmation notice with the agreed upon terms of the signing. When the package was emailed to me, a vital document was incomplete. I called Alvarado and informed them of the problem. I was told to continue to the meeting and the problem would be addressed the following day. The borrower met me at the door with issues regarding the loan before she had even seen the package. after going over the package for more then 2 hours she refused to sign. She filled out a form I have if a borrower refuses to sign, stating their reasons and I fax that form along with my invoice to the hiring agency. My terms of service are stated on all of my invoices. Quote My fees are not contingent upon loan funding. As an impartial witness, I am to be fully compensated regardless of the outcome of the loan, or the decision of a borrower to exercise their right of recisssion. I called Alvarado Group when I got out to my truck. I was told that the problem would be addressed tomorrow and I would be called. I told Alvarado Group that if I was called to go out again, that I would not charge FULL FEE for this trip. I amended the invoice and faxed the paperwork to Alvarado. I was indeed called again, sent a second confirmation for the SECOND signing and I went out and at that time, the borrower signed the loan package. 4 days later I was called yet a third time to take out some documents to be signed. I was sent a THIRD confirmation. When it came time for payment, I was paid for the SECOND and THIRD confirmations but not the First. Subsequent calls to Alvarado were received and each time a promise that the check was in the mail each time I called. This went on for 2 months. Finally after an overdue date of 60 days, I sent a certified letter containing complete history of the signing to Alvarado Group and to the Title Company. The TC called me and said they were sorry this had happened and they would call Alvarado and check into it for me. Later on that day, I received an email from Alvarado telling me NOT to contact the TC. I responded to the email and asked for payment. I waited another 2 weeks and called the TC back. I was told that Alvarado Group claimed to have paid me, had supplied them with a copy of the cancelled check and that any other issues I had would have to be taken up with them. Further emails, phone calls and priority/return receipt mailings have been fruitless. Tannis Petersburg, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
22, Report #239966
Mar 20 2007
08:22 PM
Y-Fusean Enterprises - Sean Alvarado - Elizabeth Pacheco Ripped off Babysitter Maspeth New York
SEAN AND ELIZABETH ARE CROOKS!!!!! Elizabeth hired me to work for her watch her kids on New Years Eve going into New Years. Her so called husband paided me that night when he came in. But the sad sorry continues. The girls I was watching was so cute. They fell in love with me and the parents was glad they found a sitter the girls liked, so they hired me to come back to babysit whenever I was available. Until my job became full time for them. My second week into workin for them an ex babysitter by the name of Dawn showed up at the door saying Elizabeth (Sean and Elizabeth was not home) had wrote her a bounced check and I must be careful. I didnt pay it any mine because i didnt have an ID to cash checks. I never told Sean and Elizabeth and that Dawn had showed up. My next day at work before Sean and Elizabeth head out to whatever they had to do he told me if any ex babysitter showed I must call them. I started to laugh. They made DAWN seem SO crazy they said they did not write her a bounced check. The bank that she was with she did not have any money in her bank account. That's why she couldn't cash the check. So thatn same week they wrote me a check for that weeks work. I gave my boyfriend that check to cash. as you should know that cashed bounced. And it returned in the mail saying NO SUCH ACCOUNT FOUND!!!!!! In police eyes that is FRAUD. Elizabeth called me the next day or so saying don't cash the check as yet (but I told her I had already cashed the check and she said that was fine), when I come in she will give the cash, YEAH RIGHT!!!! I returned to week the next day and Sean said he was heading out to the bank to get me the cash, but I told him I cashed it already. And he also said okay. Why didn't they tell me that there was a possibality that the check might bounce? Okay that was said and gone my boyfriend got the return check in the mail but didn't open the mail and until long after. I went back to work for Sean nad Elizabeth for week three. i worked 3 days that week and the forth week I didn't work at all. So week 5 rolled in. End out week 5 they wrote me a check for 620. I gave that check to my boyfriends cousin to cash. Couple days later she called me when I was sleeping and tolded me that the check bounced and they charged a $20 for the bounced check so they must give me 640 in cash. I told her okay and i was gonna call elizabeth. I called Elizabeth cell phone and got Sean. I told him the check that Elizabeth wrote me for 620 bounced and they charged A $20 FEE. He said okay. He was going to call Elizabeth and call me back, I said okay.He called me back less than 5 minutes, and told me Elizabeth had an idenity thief and she froze her account and they never told her she can not write checks for that account. Before I found out that check bounced, I went into work the next day, and Elizabeth asked me if it was okay for them to start paying me every 2 weeks. I said okay being to me working so many hours and that they was paying $12/hr and that they just cutted me a big check. I worked my last 2 weeks for them and never got paid, that's when Elizabeth start callin me off work when she found out all the checks she was giving me was bouncing. (LAUGHING!!!) People we have to give it to them they are good crooks and conartists. Why couldn't Sean have told me that Elizabeth had an idenity theif instead of calling her when I called him the first time. Such fools. So all that said I said okay. They was gonna get the money to me when I come into work the next day. Later that night Elizabeth called me off work. I didnt say anything 2 her about my money. So I called her the next day i didn't get her i left her a message, and this been going on for the month I've worked for her going into 2 months. I have all these message on my voicemail day after day saying she gonna give me my money and I have not seen any off it just as yet. When i went to her house she moved out her house competely and moved to Manhanttan. So that night I got home I called the poilce. They told me I needed to going down to smalls claims court and file a report cause what she did, is not consider a bounced check that is fraud. So I did all what the police told me to do the next day, and they told me I needed her current address to mail her the summoms. Up this day I'm still callin Elizabeth and Sean and leaving message and they have not returned none of them. So this is my only option is to file a report, it is so sad because im not the only sitter or person they ever done this to. Thank You!!! Julia Queens, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Maspeth, New York
23, Report #547692
Dec 30 2009
04:49 PM
Denise Wardwell Farmers Denise Wardwell Has Unethical Practices: WARNING!!! houston, Texas
Entity: houston, Texas
24, Report #941815
Sep 15 2012
08:48 PM
Melanie Denise Popper Esq. Melanie Denise Popper Credit Card Scammer San Diego, California
Watch out for this attorney!   Has offices listed in San Diego on Ca. State Bar site, but is actually located in Bahamas. Tries to get peoples credit card number for monthly withdrawals, but advertises for single projects on cl.   Doesn't accept phone calls either.
Entity: San Diego, California
25, Report #1387615
Jul 23 2017
07:02 PM
Denise Dayson Denise internet scam and tryng to sell a fake business Liverpool Internet
I was going on the Dalton's website and a couple of others looking for businesses they came across an advert which I applied for which on balance seem like a legitimate offer as the way it was written and turnover it was promising was always too good to be true and of course like the old saying thst when something seems too good to be true then it probably is... this was exactly the case with this, as upon further inspection there was actually no business for sale despite the advert offering a turnover and the promise of making thousands and thousands of pounds each month selling things online, I found there was absolutely zero substance and what I was being sold and the suppliers details couldn't be substantiated in any way shape or form so they will probably be non-existent also. I did a quick company check on the details that I was provided and found very quickly that the company is not to be trusted so therefore neither is she, neither is her employer James Taylor and I quite literally dodged what could have been a very big financial bullet.
Entity: Internet

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