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1, Report #182439
Mar 21 2006
12:12 PM
Yarmosky Dentist Ripoff Overcharges for services Pittsfield Massachusetts
This dentist sumbits claims late or not at all. They also have the highest price around for services to childern which the insurance company will only pay a part of their charges. Instead of adjusting the charges they try to drain you or mess-up your credit. They should charge a fare price. Tom pittsfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
2, Report #1121387
Feb 06 2014
08:17 AM
David Lee Dentist TOTALLY DISHONEST Tampa+ Florida
 This dentist is a chronic liar, bills your insurance co for more than he knows they will pay and then tells you  you need to pay the rest. Uses both Collection Agencies and reports to Credit Bureau.
Entity: Tampa+, Florida
3, Report #993174
Jan 08 2013
07:18 AM
Apple Dentist 1960 and jones Rip off, Dentist are not trained Houston, Texas
I started going to apple dentist 2011 to have some work done, Dr Ngo was my dentist, all this man cared about was my money and my insurance, they charged my insurance insane amount of money and i paid an out of pocket fee of $6500 to have 5 extractions and a valplast flexible partial, which i found out later it was not a valplast partial, but a cheap version. The process was long and delayed, the staff are all Mexican and not professional or trained, i ended up getting an infection from their so called sterilized tools, and of course my Dr was no where to be found to answer questions. I would say from my personal opinion that these people at Apple dentist only care about money and the insurance payment, i see that medicaid patients are their cash cow. Trying to get simple answers from the staff is a problem, since their comprehension is so off. I have stopped going there and warn people about going there, they are not clean and are very unprofessional.  BE WARNED PEOPLE
Entity: Houston, Texas
4, Report #1124623
Feb 18 2014
06:47 PM
Franlin Ward Orlando Dentist Worst Dentist ever orlando Florida
Franklin Ward, Orlando Dentist on Gatlin Avenue is the worst Dentist ever. He will use scare tacticts in an attempt to upsell you to products and services that you do not need. Maybe the first 10 years of his career doing Mercury fillings sent poisonous fumes to his brain. This guy is really eccentric. He tried to upsell me to a gold filling when all I needed was ceraminc because I wanted no more metal in my mouth. He got volatile when I would not go for the bait. And he said that the ceramic fillings were only guaranteed until I got to my car and was ready to leave the property. This guy is really Kooky! When I insisted on a ceramic fililng he said that he I would have to come back and have more of my tooth removed to fit the ceramic (something other dentists said was not necessary). The filling only lasted 41/2 years. Worst personality I have ever seen. He will pray on those who are eager to get the mercury out of their mouths thinking that he has a real sucker on the hook! Even though I did not get the Gold filling after all, he still charged me for it!
Entity: orlando, Florida
5, Report #1176359
Sep 12 2014
11:16 AM
1-800-DENTIST 1800DENTIST 1 800 DENTIST 1 800DENTIST ghetto dentist misleading Nationwide
I called up 1-800-dentist because I know they are a referral service. They spoke an introductions about how they have densits to refer me to that are located all over the place. I asked to be referred to a Dentist in Beverly Hills. The lady told me that they do not have any. She said that the closest ones are, Parmamount (The DEEP Black Ghetto) Another one she had was locatied on Avalon and 120th - Ghetto! Dangerous! 148 .E Compton Bl in COMPTON - NO EFFING WAY! The only referrals they had was to dentist offices that normal people that are not (we will just say - FROM THAT AREA) would not dare step foot into! It SHOULD be called 1-323-GHENTIST. Because the 323 area is where you will be sent and the only Dentist you are going to get is one in the G H E T T O! I lived in the Ghetto in these areas for 7 months at one point in my life. And I had never seen such disgusting subhuman behavior in my life. Anyone who feels any different? Go live at 103rd and Compton like I did for 7 months and then come back and let us all know how you feel.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #345864
Jun 30 2008
11:23 AM
Joseph M Pitts. PC [ DENTIST ] misdiognosed my problem Smyrna Georgia
II went to this dentist, I told him my gland on the left side of my neck was swollen and was having severe pain in my neck and my gum felt like it had a fever. I also, told him that my gum was itching and pain in the area. He took an x-ray of one of my teeth and told me that he did not see any thing wrong with any of my teeth. He said I think you have a pulled muscle in your neck. I told him I think that the problem is with one of my teeth. He said well I am not saying it could not be a tooth but I think it is a pulled muscle in your neck. The next day I called another dentist, and came to see him on Saturday. I told him the problems I was having. He took an x-ray of one of my teeth. He then told me that I had an erupted tooth and an infection in my gum. He extracted my tooth and I am fine now. Pat smyrna, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
7, Report #413166
Jan 17 2009
03:22 AM
Deborah Boudraux ,dentist Fraudalent Insurance Claims and Theft San Angelo Texas
I took my wife to Dr Boudreaux for an extraction on an upper tooth. The dentist let us know that my wife needed a bridge and a crown to fill in the gap (after the extraction). She (the dentist) told me that she would have to max my insurance plus I had to pay 1400.00 dollars out-of-pocket. I used my credit card to charge the 1400.00 dollars. Then, the dentist performed another oral inspection on my wife (???!!!) and let me know that she needed another 1300.00 dollars from me before she could start the work because (according to her) my wife needed another crown on the matching bottom tooth. I told her that I was not going to give her more money until I got a second opinion. A week later, I took my wife to another dentist and he told me that my wife DID NOT need that much work and that he could do the necessary work for much less than what Boudreaux was charging me. I proceeded in calling Boudreaux to set up an appointment to get my money back, but I was unsuccessful. Then, I got a letter from my insurance stating that she claimed 1300.00 dollars of work that was never performed on my wife. I called Boudraux again and I found out that she had split town. Apparently, she closed down in a week without letting anybody know while ripping off a lot of people. She put a small ad on the paper stating that she had gone out of business to take her of her mother. I did send her 2 letters demanding a refund while letting her know that I had turned her in to the MetLife Fraud Hotline and the Texas Board of Practitioners Enforcement Division, but she never contacted me. Salvador san angelo, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Angelo, Texas
8, Report #832423
Feb 01 2012
02:04 PM
Dr. Leonard Tau-Dentist Ripoff of Crown & Abutement Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I contracted to get a crown (tooth) and abutement (plateform for tooth) on August.30.2011 for anImplant and  was clandestinely charged in full 2050.00 via Visa over the phone with no signiture. Dr. Tau made a big deal of his scanner which sends a picture of your tooth to the lab instantaneously. Dr. Tau sat on my money until early October. I had already put my bill in dispute with Tru-Mark Financial on September,25.2011 which issues no provisional credit and just tells you to work it out with the Doctor.Some 30 days later, so I was at Dr.Tau's mercy. Incidently I have never lost a dispute, before services were recieved, with PNC Bank and get provisional credit. But I saved 3% with TruMark Credit Union what a mistake!I received a tooth 45% the size of the tooth I had removed and an abutement that canted forward instead of staight up, that was supposed to be custom. Dr.Tau claimed I needed a gold abutement in order to be custom which his lab did not offer, as he gave me zirconia. Upon follow up with a Prosthodontist I was informed that custom abutements, which I had contracted for, come in gold,zirconia, and titanium. I was completely ripped off by Dr. Leonard Tau and will have to have a new crown and abutement made as soon as I am paid off with my Visa. There is no ripp off artist quite like Dr. Tau as he charges in full by deception unlike any other Dentist in the United States. There is no Dentist that charges in full before the services are rendered except Dr.Tau via phone inquiry. He will not fix his work and will not try to please you as evidenced by his surrepticious pay in full policy,before services are rendered. Dr. Tau is very congenial,affable,and friendly but don't be fooled by his supposed candor as he is not so nice for nothing, he will ripp you off.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9, Report #1034074
Nov 11 2008
12:08 AM
Sonora Dentist Charged $150 for a missed appointment that was never scheduled Phoenix Arizona
I had overpaid on dental work in 12/2006 and could not get a refund for almost 2 years. Kept getting the run around on calling corporate which apparently does not exist. When I finally wass told to get my $800 refund in the office, I was given only $402, they claiming a missed appointment and not covered dental work. Never before were these charges mentioned in the over 10 times I contacted them for my refund. Linda Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
10, Report #1074283
Aug 08 2013
09:25 PM
DR.Valerie Foster dentist. Valerie false diagnostic for money. lying. overcharge aloha Oregon
           My Husband and I moved back to aloha area looking for a new family dentist and were referred by my mom to go with DR.Valeris Foster. They started going after she became a client of my step da servicesds , he built her websight and took video. My first exsperience was that DR. Foster was very nice her satff was a little incompitent the dental assisstant was very rough taking xrays and during a procedure with the hose she squirted me all over my hair. My mom later told me that had also happened to her. My next visit was for a cleaning I was 10 min late I'm not making excuses but I did call them on the way and told them I was sorry I'll be right there. I had just had my daughter by c section a month and half before and was waiting for childcare. I live a few blocks down. I was repermanded by Deena(?) in front of everyone it felt like the princible and was very enbaressing. I was told that my insurance covered the cleaning by the girl doing the procedure. She did tell me it was going to be a deep cleaning because I hadn't seen anyone when I was pregnant but they did tell me the insurance would pay for it. They did it in 4 segments for 30min each 4 apointments. They also scheduled me for root therapy and treatment which I thouht I'd get a second opionion I'm a advid brusher and everything they wan ted me to get didn't make since. She said I had 3rd stage gengivitis and offered treatment. They talked abot my gap which is cosmetic and was trying to scedule me 4 to 5 times out of the month. It seeme like the office just needed money and seats to fill probably why she asked for my dads websight services. I felt uncomfortable they would try to book appointments I didn't have time for and I noticed the same thing with other members. They would also break privacy agreementd discussing appointments with my mom or step dad to make appointments. I'm married 25 husband 40 and we have two daughters. I felt uncompfortable and changed dentist (tender care). I exsplained to my new Dentist and hygenist what happend and they couldn't believe she wanted to do root therapy. The said I was young and healthy and so were my teeth and gums no sign or gigivitis. They wondered why they did a deep cleaning there were no signs of me needing that. They didn't make a sales pitch or try to pressure me for appointments and I had a filling that was $200 I knew before hand and paid it out. I got my file from Dr.Foster and they sent me a bill for $400 my insurance covere hlf so it was a $800 dollar cleaning. Wow So not free, wasn't exspecting that and thats a huge chunk of change when your buying diapers for two babies specially not being able to plan for it. I was told that my step dad would take care of it. I called and told them how ridiculouse this was. It seemed like more of a vendetta because I changed offices but I still told them I would look into this. I didn't sign anything but I know becuse of the cleaning done it sections even though they didn't tell me which was wrong I was still going to have to pay evn though they didn't tell me and I didn't sign anything. She told my family about my bill which was annoying and again felt like it was going against hippa without my permision. I hoped to My family told me about DR. Fosters office after my husband and I moved back to Aloha. My step dad does her websights and websight video's for her office. My first experience with Dr. Foster was that she was nice the office was techy with the flat screen tv's on the ceinling while you hae your procedure done. The hygenist squirted me with water on my face and hair and I after found out my mom had the same unpleasent exsperience with the same girl. Also I live very close to Dr.Fosters office and I was 5 minutes late which isn't punctional But I just had my daughter a month before. I had to leave her with my mother and everything she needed. I called and let them know I was on my way and would be a few minutes late . Deena a associate was very rude about me being late even 5 minutes and said Dr.Foster Doesn't appreciate and said next time they would charge me 30 to 100 dollars. She did this in front of customers which made me feel degraded and embaressed. DR.Foster and the hygenist told me I needed a deep cleaning which I never herd of and I routinely have been going fo a cleaning every six months since I was a child. They sheduled me for 4 half hour segments. for the month. Dr.Foster also told me I had Gengivitis stage 4 and sent me home with information and told me about treatment and also root therapy which I have always took very good care of my teeth she discussed using my 1500 on my insurance before next year which was soon. We talked about my gap and possible choices. I asked if the insurance coveered the deep cleaning and was told it did. I told them I was concered because My husband and I just moved back and we had a t the time one newborn daughter. They eased me and said it was. I did the four painful deep cleaning's with in two weeks. They than wanted to procede with root therapy which I herd was painful and also hot and cold treament. I declined because I had a lot on and the cleaning took a lot of time. I was a new mother of a new born not quie healed form my c section and was breast feeding also It was winter. They started calling me my husband my mom and steap dad trying to schedule me for appointments I didn't want to do at the time. She discussed information with my step dad about my file which was weird considerring I was a cna and you can't discus things with out clients consent even with family. I'm 25 married live with husbands 40 with two daughters. I decided that I would try a new dentist it felt like my dad working for her was conflicting. I also didn't agreee with her diagnosis. I started going to tender care where I told them my story. My dentist couldn't believe that they did a deep cleaning my mouth looked healthy no sign of any gengivitis (I'm a non smoker). Root therapy would be absurbed he said my mouth was heathy and I was young (I guess for mostly older patients.) He also told me that root therapy would have been a painful experience. The dental hygenist also could'nt believe it. I wish I woulv'e got that in writing. I had to go back to Dr.Valerie Fosters on acoount she and staff refused to send x rays to new dentist never had a problem with anyone else x rays were paid for. I had to go get them in person they were snotty on the phone and also in the office I felt like it was high school they were rude about my decision to go with someone else and condiending and patronizing. I later recieved a bill in the mail with red ink circled PAST DUE, I never recieved a first one. The bill stated 400 dollars was due on a 800 dollar cleaning. My family and I tried to get it worked out my step dad was confident it was taken care of because They had lied about insurance and also not signing anything. It wasn't and started adding interest My husband and I has no idea how we would afford this with two babies and a small buisness we were starting. I aksed why he insurance didn't cover like they said and they said it was because it wasn't a regular cleaing. I feel like they took advantage of me and were just trying to make money. I have alos read reviews of the same happening. Even to a elderly woman with a fixed income and someone said they tols themn they would have to pay 100 and then got a bill for 400. My new dentist lets me know what I will pay and at most its a few dollars off not a few hundred!!! I told her I would go to the attorney general irte revies on her websight or file a complaint with state board. I couln't pay they sold it to a collection that I'm working with we paid them 400 but still owe 600 from insurance this has been a night marrer can't wait to get this paid off but she is still ripping people off on reviews. I think Doctors or Dentist should be about your health not unneccessary procedures to make money my new family dentist teneder care see my family every 6 months not every week.
Entity: aloha, Oregon
11, Report #1276390
Dec 26 2015
10:43 PM
Dentist Sophie Boyer  maison de terreurs house of terror paris france
Je ne peux que vivement déconseiller cette dentiste.Je suis sortie de son cabinet avec la dent plus douloureuse que je n'y étais rentrée.L'anesthésie a été ratée et la professionnelle de santé n'en a pas tenu compte quand je lui ai fait remarquer.Le soin s'est révélé peu efficace puisque j'ai dû retourner chez un deuxième dentiste une semaine plus tard (la douleur persistait !) qui lui a réglé le problème en douceur !J'ai donc payé très cher pour un soin prodigué avec rudesse et qui n'a pas donné de résultat.Amateurs de bons dentistes, passez votre chemin...I can highly recommended this dentist.I left his office with the most painful tooth since I had returned.Anesthesia was botched and health professional has not taken into account when I pointed out to him.The treatment proved ineffective since I had to return in a second dentist a week later (pain persisted!) Which resolved the problem to him gently!So I paid dearly for lavished care with rudeness and gave no result.Lovers of good dentists, go your way ...
12, Report #615766
Jun 21 2010
10:55 AM
Debbie Ashida-Dentist Debbie L Ashida, DDS Quack, Rude, unprofessional dentist in Las Cruces, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Debbie Ashida spends the most money advertising in las Cruces but has the worst service. She is rude, spends no time examining the x- rays of her patients and allows the hygenists if they are qualified do the cleaning and examining. I visited her last May (2009) and that visit was horrible where I did not have ay idea I saw a dentist! First of all she never introduced herself, just came over to glance at me and left. The assistants told me I was finished. I asked if I was going to see the dentist and they announced I saw the dentist already!. I then asked if I had cavities, since that was the reason I was there to begin with- I had severe pains on my left upper jaw and two of the teeth were extreemly sensitive. The assistant left and returned (saying she'll ask the Dr.). When she returned she said I had no cavities.Needless to say I was dumbfounded, but the Dr. would not see me again, as ...she examined you already. I then left in disbelief...thinking it was because I used my Medicare insurance to pay. A couple of days later, I caleld anotehr dentist and set up an appointment, to which they required the x-rays. I requested them from Debbie Ashida, and the office staff informed me to pick tem up would cost me $25, but if they mail them it'll be free. I asked them to mail them to my Dr. whom I had an appointment with. Debbie Ashida Never mailed my xrays, regardless of the nuber of requests I made.They staff always gave me an excuse...she's away on vacation etcetera, etc. In May 2010, someone form the medicare office called me to find out what I paid cash for, since I had paid some cash and had filled out a Medicare survey report. Can you believe the Medicare office following up 1 year later? It is preposterous. Do not use Debbie Ashida as your dentist. She is running a Medicare scam where she advertises she accepts Medicare but provides substandard service to Medicare patients. I just got my cavities filled at the end of May, 2010 because a year was up and I could use my Medicare insurance to pay for a new set of x-rays.Any other Dentist would be better than Debbie Ashida. The worst Dentist is Debbie Ashida who only is interetsed in getting rich off of the poor Las Cruceans who are Medicare recipients. The staff that work for her are nice, but it does not make up for the intolerable treatment of patients.  
Entity: Las Cruces, New Mexico
13, Report #379729
Oct 09 2008
11:42 AM
A DENTIST Dr. Shawn Duri did not do the procedure I ask but want me to pay them Birmingham Alabama
Hi I am 25 years old and I am here to tell you dont go to the dentist in Birmingham call A DENTIST Dr Shawn Duri. I went their to get my teeth just cleaned.They had other things in mind she called her self filling my teeth and charged my insurance company 1,700.00 and then charged me 592.90 for something I didnt want. I had to go back to the clinic to get my cleaning which I didnt get because I wasnt aware of the pain I would be in from the the filling. any way when I got the bill in the mail I went to the office to ask about the bill because I was prepared to pay the money now I JUST DONT WANT TO PAY THEM. because it went from 330.40 to 592.90 and I STILL DIDNT GET MY TEETH CLEANED. When I went she had the nerves to tell me she cleaned my teeth if that was so why did I have a appo. to come in the next day and get my teeth cleaned. then she ask me to sit in the dental chair to check my teeth to see if she cleaned them or not. That was crazy I thought denist people document all the things they do then its not on my bill. then that got me wondering is it on my bill. any way its goes on please help some one if you can. Thanks and stay away people in Birmingham Keke birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
14, Report #569152
Feb 13 2010
02:50 PM
Dr Prada Dentist Dr. Cielo Prada, DDS They will leave your little girls alone with male technicians, break teeth and send you home Las Vegas, Nevada
Wow. Ok. Ok, where to start. Normally, I would start by talking about the fact my 3 year old GIRL was left alone with a male technician when I walked into the room, with HIM HOLDING HER. I asked how long she had been awake( she was screaming in his arms) to which he casually replied OH, A little while now, but I'm not gonna start there. 2 surgeries in 3 days, (both of which I got no information, and her tooth broke shortly after the first). I am horrified. We left the second visit with my daughter SCREAMING in the car ( as they left a piece of plastic in her mouth for some apparent reason).I will be pursuing legal action against this company. 2 hours of waiting for someone to help me, after THEY BROKE HER TOOTH. I am so mad about this, I really, really encourage people to NEVER even consider this dental office. I encourage EVERYONE (as more people must have went through this as well) to post what happened to you on these sites. This woman must be stopped. God bless. Concerned Citizen
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
15, Report #839997
Feb 16 2012
06:25 AM
Dentist Christopher Bryan Moon Jr. Fondled my breasts and sexually propisitioned me. Las VEgas, NV Las Vegas, Nevada
Name: Christopher Bryan Moon Jr. Occupation: Dentist On January 19, 2012 I had an appointment with Dr. Christopher Moon.  When I was in his office, he was looking me over. After the cleaning by the dental hygenist he sat down next to me and wanted to examine my teeth. He made the assistant wait outside. During this time his forearm kept grazing my left breast. Then when he pulled his arm back his hand fell onto my breast and he giggled and said it was just an accident. I was in total shock and I didn't know how to respond. He then asked me if I had ever dated a Latino before or a doctor and said that dating him would be a two fer. I felt so humiliated and violated. I left the office not knowing if this is something I should report or if anyone would believe. When I later told my husband about it he said we should write a review on here. If anyone else knows of him engaging in this type of behavior please reply here.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
16, Report #783893
Oct 02 2011
02:15 PM
Dr. Krill (Dentist in Paso Robles CA) Rips off patients & their insurance co Paso Robles, California
I was new in Paso Robles CA & needed a dentist when my insurance co referred me to Dr. Krill  (he is at 1920 Creston Road #B).  I went in for a consult and met him - that was the ONLY TIME I saw the guy in the +/- 2 years I was a patient, although I went in at least every 6 months.  In the fall of 2009 I chipped a crown and went in, telling them I was unemployed & could not afford a new crown.  I asked if they could just sand down the rough spot that was cutting my tongue. They did that.  I was billed $4 which I thought was them being nice for me being off work and considering I was in & out of the chair in 5 minutes.  In January 2010 I went in for a cleaning and was shocked when they not only billed me $25 for the cleaning but $21 for the crown-sanding they had done in October 2009. When I protested it was clear they did not care - all they said was I had been undercharged in October.  They had no excuse for why I had never been sent a bill. They handed me an appointment card for 6 months in the future but I gave it no thought - I was too preoccupied with how ripped off I felt. I moved for employment, canceled the insurance and turned off the phone # they would have had on my account.Then 6 months later I got a missed appointment bill for from them for $20.A reasonable dentist office would have realized that if they send an cleaning appointment reminder that gets returned with a forwarding address 200 miles away that the person will not be there for the cleaning.  And if they call someone with an appointment reminder and the person's phone is turned off that person is not getting reminded.  That if they were unemployed on their last visit then maybe they moved.  And if that person has changed insurance companies they probably will change dentists.  And if they got ripped off on their last visit they probably WANT to forget about the dentist in question.So Dr. Krill's office had every reason to know I would not be there for an appointment THEY set up for me 6 months before.  For them to NOT know means they are either (1) stupid, (2) looking for ways to exploit patients, or (3) both stupid & exploitive.When I got the missed appointment bill I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  Dr. Krill's office never responded to me or the BBB.  Then they sent ANOTHER bill - this time with account detail that made me realize that when they spent 5 minutes sanding my crown down in October (that they billed me twice for) they ALSO billed my insurance company $155 - for 5 minutes work!!!!  I forwarded that bill with this whole story to the insurance co and explained how we both got ripped off by Dr Krill's office - and cc'd Dr. Krill.Dr. Krill's office then sent ANOTHER bill telling me they would send me to collections for the $20 missed appointment bill.That's when I got an attorney.The happy ending is they stopped billing me and I will never again have to deal with a dentist who is never there in an office full of people with corrupt business practices.Forwarned is forarmed . . .PS: I knew I needed a crown but was shocked when my new dentist told me just how much dental work I needed - work that Dr. Krill's office had never informed me off.  If the abusive billing of Dr. Krill's office doesn't scare you off from Dr. Krill's office the bad dentistry should.  And I keep talking about his office because I don't think he is even there anymore, considering I never saw the guy after my initial consult.  Maybe people who don't know what they are doing just rent his name & license.
Entity: Paso Robles, California
17, Report #527433
Nov 23 2009
06:55 AM
The Island Dentist - Dr. Micheal Dukes You can go home and play doctor if you want to Atlantic Beach, Florida
I went to the Island Dentist to see why my tooth was hurting, they took an x-ray and then Dr. Dukes came in, sat down and said open up.He did not introduce himself, he was very unprofessional, and rude.The nurse took another x-ray, and he looked again and said that he didn't know why my tooth was hurting. I asked, would you like me to go home and wait until it gets worse? he responded, you can go home and play doctor all you want to, but I can't figure out what is wrongIn all of the 10 minutes he saw me, he looked in my mouth once. His nurse wrote a report on my paperwork stating what was said, incase I wanted to do something about it. She also gave me a different dentist to go to. Before I left, they said that I didn't have to pay for anything and I went on my way. 2 weeks later, he has filed a claim and wants almost $100.00 for 2 x-rays, which I don't have. I am a military spouse trying to get my teeth fixed for braces and to pay $100.00 on 2 x-rays is far-fetched to me. People, do not go to this place, do not give them the benefit of the doubt because he truly isn't doing anything in your benefit and should have his license revoked. 
Entity: Atlantic Beach, Florida
18, Report #924533
Aug 08 2012
06:56 PM
apen dental and all smiles dentist rip off targeting elderly and kids. Internet
Steer Clear of these crooks and see these places are a scam targeting kids (crowns on baby teeth)and the elderly (credit cards high interest rates for dentures)  Patients, Pressure and Profits at Aspen Dental June 26, 2012, 5:59 am ET by David Heath Center for Public Integrity, and Jill Rosenbaum, FRONTLINE  96 Surviving on a meager $1,300 a month, 87-year-old Theresa Ferritto fretted about the cost when her dentist told her she needed two teeth pulled. She figured an oral surgeon would be too expensive. So she decided to try out a dental chain that promoted steep discounts in its advertisements. She went to an Aspen Dental office just outside Cleveland. Ferritto said Aspen Dental wouldnt just pull the teeth but insisted on a complete exam. She was bewildered when they finally handed her a treatment plan four pages long. Total price: $7,835. Ferritto could not afford it, but Aspen Dental signed her up for a special credit card, with monthly payments of $186 for five years. She blames herself for signing the papers. I made a big mistake going there, she says. I should have known better.After a day of cleanings and two fillings, Ferritto asked her son for help. He called Aspen Dental to complain but said he got nowhere. So they turned to the state attorney general. Aspen Dental took all charges off her credit card for treatments she hadnt yet received. But the company said the $2,540 she was charged for two fillings and cleanings was appropriate. Aspen Dental charged Ferritto $350 for an antibiotic put next to teeth the dentist was going to pull, a charge other dentists say makes no sense.  There were four separate charges for an antibacterial rinse, similar to Listerine, for $129. There was even a $149 charge for an electric toothbrush that Ferritto didnt even know she had, until she recently retrieved an Aspen Dental bag from her garage and found it inside. Imagine how many groceries that would buy, she sighed. When asked if Ferritto was taken advantage of, Aspen Dental chief executive Robert Fontana said, I hope that the team was clear about what she needed and that that she completely understood what she was getting into.  And hopefully, you know, she made the choices that she thought was right for her. Aspen Dental is a chain of nearly 350 offices in 22 states managed by a company owned by a private-equity firm. It is part of a fast-growing industry of corporate dental practices, many of which specialize in serving people who cannot afford to go to the dentist, a group many dentists ignore. By marketing to people who havent seen a dentist in years, Aspen Dental often gives new patients treatment plans costing thousands of dollars. The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) and FRONTLINE spent months examining Aspen Dental and found that the same business model that makes Aspen Dental accessible to people short on cash can also lock people into debt and has led to complaints of patients being overcharged or given unnecessary treatments.  Former employees say Aspen Dental trained them in high-pressure sales. Corporate management scrutinizes the production of dentists and staff daily. And internal documents show that dentists get paid bonuses as key production targets are met. Youve got people who are not dentists, that are in management they are breathing down the doctors back, said Jenny Hayes, who worked as an office manager for Aspen Dental in the Chicago-area last year. There are goals and if you are not hitting your goals, then you lose your job. Aspen Dental denies that its dentists have stronger financial incentives than other dentists or that its bonuses affect treatments. Fontana, founder and chief executive officer of Aspen Dental, based in East Syracuse, NY, said dentists wont do unnecessary treatments because its just not in their DNA. Im not even sure what corporate dentistry means, because we have no influence on the dentistry, Fontana said. He said Aspen Dental frees dentists to focus solely on patients, because the company handles back-office duties such as marketing, accounting and billing. In fact, dentists own and control all of the practices, says Fontana. All but four states forbid anyone whos not a dentist from owning a practice on the assumption that dentists are trained and motivated to put patients ahead of profits. But Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, questions whether dentists at corporate dental chains are free from corporate pressures to maximize profits. Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, wouldnt speak about Aspen Dental specifically, but hes had committee investigators looking into the company and other private-equity-owned chains for months. Because when private equity firms get involved, Grassley explained, you got to understand that their motivation is to make money. And they are not dentists.  And dentists ought to make the determination of what is good for the teeth Not some private equity manager in Wall Street. Aspen Dental says it serves people who otherwise wouldnt go to a dentist. Forty percent of Americans have a family member who put off going to the dentist because they couldnt pay for it, according to a survey by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Fontana says Aspen Dental looks for ways to make it easier for those people to walk into their offices. Their offices are easy to spot at shopping centers, often near fast-food restaurants. Posters advertise a free exam and X-rays. Many of their new patients walk in the door without an appointment. Aspen Dental accepts most insurance and if the patient is still short on cash, they will sign you up on your first day for no-interest credit cards through GE Capital or Chase. Aspen Dental specializes in dentures, which they make in each office. The consultation room has a tray of dentures to choose from, ranging from the basic no-frills model to the precision hand-crafted ComfiLytes, coming in 27 shades. Internet ads offer dentures on sale for $249. Its commercial tells stories of a man in pain from poor-fitting dentures and a woman too embarrassed to smile. Aspen Dental insists that all new patients get a comprehensive examination. So even if someone just wants a routine cleaning or needs a broken tooth fix, Aspen Dental presents a treatment plan for any problems that may crop up years later. Fontana says this approach is whats best for patients, because neglected teeth and gums can lead to serious problems. Several former employees, however, describe the initial exam as a sales tactic to maximize revenue on each new patient. People would come into the office maybe with a toothache and come out with a treatment plan that maybe the dentist said we need to extract all your teeth, said Jenny Hayes, the former office manager in Illinois. They were made to stop in the managers office and sit down for an intense consultative selling process that they really didnt bargain for when they walked in the door. I had people literally breaking down and crying in my office. And it happened quite regularly. The average treatment plan presented to new patients runs $4,450 at Aspen Dentals top producing offices, according to an internal company document obtained by CPI and FRONTLINE. The company says the extensive treatment is a reflection of the patients they draw. A typical patient is probably 45 to 65 and struggling just to make ends meet, said Fontana, Aspens CEO. Theyre taking this weeks paycheck to pay last months mortgage, making their car payment, trying to put their kids through school and unfortunately, dentistry can become discretionary. Donna Kelce of Des Moines, Iowa, fits the profile. At age 55, she hadnt been to a dentist in 15 years. She didnt have dental insurance and didnt think she could afford it. Besides, her teeth never bothered her until a gap starting forming between two front teeth. Embarrassed, she finally went to an Aspen Dental office after seeing one of its commercials. Kelce was X-rayed and sent to a consultation room, where a dental assistant handed her a treatment plan. Kelces gaze stopped on a particular word.  I could feel the kind of blood run from my face, thinking, Oh my God. Dentures, Kelce said. Kelce recalls the dentist saying she had no real option but to get dentures because she had lost too much bone for implants. She wasnt sure how she could afford Aspen Dentals $3,700 bill. But then the office manager signed her up for a no-interest credit card through Chase. Relieved, Kelce thought she was getting a bargain. She came back in late November 2009 to have 13 teeth pulled. But she said the dentist pulled and pulled and couldnt get all the teeth out, breaking one at the root. Kelce wondered if so much bone was gone, why the teeth werent coming out easily. After three hours, the dentist still had six teeth to pull but said she could do no more because she had already given Kelce the maximum dose of Novocain. Aspen Dental sent Kelce to one of its former dentists who could see her that evening. Dr. Jessica Lawson looked at Kelces teeth and concluded that they didnt all need to be pulled. But she finished the work so Kelce could wear her dentures. She suggested that Kelce report the incident to the Iowa Dental Board. Lawson herself wrote a letter to the board. Having worked at Aspen Dental myself for a short period of time, I am well aware of the type of care that can potentiate, especially if the doctor isnt firm with the office manager and regional managers in providing the standard of care that he/she is use to, instead of producing the numbers that Aspen requests and expects, Lawson wrote. The dentist at Aspen Dental, did not return phone calls for comment. But she gave a different account of Kelces treatment in her notes. She said she suggested alternatives but that Kelce insisted on dentures and full upper extractions even though (six upper teeth) can be saved. She added that four of those teeth might not last forever. Kelce, who is now suing for malpractice, said the dentist never told her any of her teeth could be saved. Who in their right mind would let them pull my teeth if they didnt need to? she asked. Dr. Gerald Marlin, a Washington DC prosthodontist who specializes in replacing teeth, looked at Kelces X-rays at the request of CPI and FRONTLINE. He drew a red line along the bone and said Kelce had plenty of bone to save seven of her upper teeth. Marlin came up with seven treatment options for Kelce, in most cases replacing her teeth with a bridge or partial denture. He said dentures should only be a last resort. They dont adhere well and affect a persons ability to speak and eat. Partial dentures are not only cheaper but they fit securely, anchored by the remaining teeth. The dental board dropped the case and wont discuss it, citing confidentiality laws. Coincidentally, that same month the dental board issued a press release, saying, The Board has seen an increase in complaints in connection with corporate dental practices. The types of complaints include both continuity of care issues and issues related to the business aspects of the practice. Corporate dental chains are barely regulated in most states, especially if they dont accept Medicaid patients. State dental boards typically dont have any power over corporations. Lili Reitz, executive director of the Ohio State Dental Board, said last year a quarter of her complaints or 140 were against dentists at corporate chains. Yet she has little authority to take action against the companies. Instead, her power comes from having control over the license of individual dentists. Its common for Reitz to get complaints that private dentists are trying to do unnecessary care, such as putting fillings on cavities that other dentists dont see. Still, Reitz says the pressures on dentists at corporate dental practices seem more intense. I think quotas and how many patients need to be seen a day definitely have an adverse effect on the quality of care, Reitz said. Whats frustrating for us is to go dentist by dentist by dentist. By the time we get there, theyre not there anymore because corporate chains have high turnover rates. Reitz says dentists tend to stop doing needless treatments after leaving a corporate dental chain, so she considers the problem solved and takes no formal action. State attorneys general can take action under consumer laws if a dental chain deceives patients. The Pennsylvania Attorney General sued Aspen Dental in 2010, alleging that Aspen Dental advertises free exams but still charges patients with insurance. The state also alleged that Aspen Dental failed to reveal that the no-interest credit cards it pushes have steep penalties 29.9 percent interest on the entire amount of the original loan if a patient misses payments. Aspen Dental settled, paying $175,000 in restitution without admitting wrongdoing. Dental malpractice cases are relatively rare, attorneys say, because they are expensive to pursue and usually dont offer big payouts. Consumer sites on the Internet are full of complaints about Aspen Dental. Fontana acknowledges that the company counted 1,000 complaints posted from 2006 to 2010. But he said Aspen Dental treats 12,000 patients a day, so the number of complaints is relatively small. Aspen Dental has an employee who now responds to the complaints. Two former dentists at Aspen Dental said Donna Kelces story is not surprising. Neither would allow their names to be used because theyd signed confidentiality agreements and feared being sued. But one admitted that he himself pulled teeth that he didnt think needed to be pulled. It would happen when another Aspen dentist had written the treatment plan and said the patient had insisted on dentures. He recently left Aspen Dental, saying, I couldnt do it anymoreThey spend most of their time trying to talk people out of their teeth. Fontana dismissed complaints by former employees, saying all companies have disgruntled workers. Aspen Dental is a pioneer among corporate dental chains. Fontana considered becoming a dentist when he graduated business school in 1991, but decided instead to apply his business knowledge from working in a group dental practice, imagining ways of tapping into the market of people who never go to a dentist. In 1998, he founded Aspen Dental Management. After five years, the company had opened 50 offices and drawn the interest of private-equity firms. Capital Resources Partners of Boston invested $18.7 million in Aspen Dental in 2004.  The Los Angeles firm Leonard Green & Associates bought the company in 2010 for just under $550 million. Fontana says private-equity firms want out of a business after about five years, and the key to a big payoff is growth. Aspen Dental opens a new office nearly every week, creating a drag on profits, according to a recent report by Moodys. Last year, the company made more than $500 million in revenue but had a pretax profit of only $12 million. The company meticulously tracks revenue targets for each office. Yet Fontana said those targets dont apply to dentists.  I think its important to keep in mind again, that the dentists dont have these goals, he said. They just dont have them. They dont exist. But even an Aspen Dental video on the companys Web site recruits dentists by saying, Compensation for associate dentists includes an annual salary plus bonus opportunity that increases as key targets are met.  The video even gives a glimpse of the revenue targets for an office in Springfield, Mass. A multicolored spreadsheet titled My Practice Metrics shows that dentistry billings for November 2009 were 243 percent above budget. The image shows there are also revenue targets for cleanings and dentures. The scrutiny dentists are under at Aspen Dental is clear in a report that Fontana called the game tape. Its a monthly performance measure sent to office managers. CPI and FRONTLINE obtained one of these confidential reports for an office in Owensboro, Ky. It shows that in February, the office had billed $270,000 so far this year, $35,000 above its target. The document shows that Aspen Dental also scrutinizes the billings of its dentists. The lead dentist in Owensboro was billing an average of $5,206 a day, earning him praise from the regional director, who wrote Showing great trends for this month. But the tape also compared the dentist to top producing dentists, and in that regard, he fell nearly $1,000 short each day. Heather Haynes, who managed an Aspen Dental office in Joliet, Ill., said that office managers who didnt hit their targets consistently were likely to be fired. She said thats in fact what happened to her. Haynes said dentists and hygienists, the offices revenue makers, faced the same pressures. Aspen Dental invited CPI and FRONTLINE to a new office in Warsaw, Ind., to show how badly needed its services are. Warsaw, a town of about 13,500, has only six private dentists. Aspen Dental opened an office there after a dentist noticed how many people from Warsaw were driving an hour to Fort Wayne for dental appointments. Ted Collins, a 47-year-old truck driver, walked into the office that day with an excruciating toothache.I have to use ice packs at times to keep it frozen so I can get some sleep, Collins said. He hadnt been to a dentist in 10 years and came in because of the free X-rays. Two of his teeth were abscessed, an infection can spread and in rare cases even become fatal. The office gave him a comprehensive exam and found he needed dentures. Dr. Kurt Losier, the owner of the practice, wiggled several of Collins teeth and showed on the X-ray that his bone had receded dramatically. Losier suggested Collins get the dentures with the longest warranty, which are also the most expensive dentures. Collins couldnt afford the treatment plan, which came to $7,000. So the office manager tried to sign him up for a credit card. He was rejected. Patients at Aspen Dental are turned away every day because they cannot afford the treatment, Losier said. To avoid that, the office will trim the treatment plan down. But even that often doesnt work. Losier vowed no matter what, he would take care of Collins abscessed teeth. Ultimately Collins said a friend gave him the money for the dentures. Haynes, the former office manager, said she lost sleep at night worried about whether the sales tactics Aspen Dental taught her were ethical. She said she trusted the dentists she worked with. But she was so skeptical of the expensive deep-cleanings sold to so many patients that she herself refused to get one after she was examined in her own office. Lance Dykes, who managed an office in in Tennessee, said he felt like he was being forced to take advantage of people by selling them treatments he suspected they didnt really need. He finally quit one day when he says he had to sell a $12,000 treatment plan to an elderly couple who seemed confused. Dykes said the man looked him in the eye and asked if he had to decide right then. Dykes said no. Go home and think about it. This broke the rules taught in training for closing the deal, which he says, include getting the patient to commit before they walk out. In December 2008, Sarah Keckler went to an Aspen Dental in Mechanicsburg, Penn., just to get her teeth cleaned. After a long wait, the dentist said the 20-year-old had three cavities and also needed to have her wisdom teeth pulled. She also said Keckler might have oral cancer. Keckler, who now lives near Washington D.C., recalls the woman talking so loudly that it seemed the whole office could hear. She was giving this massive disaster scenario. I didnt believe a thing that she said. Keckler went to her dentist regularly, the last time just six months earlier. But a change in her insurance forced her to switch dentists. As she was wondering how she was going to get out of this, the office manager handed her an estimated bill for a little more than $600. Keckler said the manager encouraged her to sign and even to enroll for a special credit card to pay for it all up front. Angered by what she considered a hard sell, Keckler got up and left and went back to her family dentist. He found no cavities, no need to pull her wisdom teeth and no oral cancer. Aspen Dental reviewed Kecklers files and says she was appropriately diagnosed and that other dentists would agree. However, in an interview, Aspen Dentals Arwinder Judge, the vice president of clinical support, acknowledged that the surface cavities dont show up in Kecklers X-rays. The company is relying on the dentists notes to support its diagnosis. Last February, Dr. David Schneider, a dentist in Chevy Chase, Md., examined Keckler and her X-rays at the request of CPI and FRONTLINE. He said there were no cavities, no need to pull her wisdom teeth and no signs of oral cancer. :(  :(  :( 
Entity: naples florida, Internet
19, Report #278432
Oct 11 2007
12:40 PM
Rosewood Dentist I've Been Robbed by Rosewood Dental (take money and leaves town) Oak Park , Naperville, Chicago Illinois
Rosewood Dental took my money and left town. Had three business's(that I know of) now there is none. No working numbers, No 1-800-new dentist number anymore, it's a telemarketing number for business's who want 1-800 numbers! Many people got ripped off my this so called dental office in Oak Park, Naperville, and Chicago and now what? Not a trace! Lyn Oak Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Oak Park, Illinois
20, Report #301801
Jan 20 2008
10:33 AM
Alpharetta Family Dentistry, Alpharetta Sedation Dentist, Mehrdod Parsa Cosmetic veneers from hell Alpharetta Georgia
Mehrdod Parsa is not a member of any of the following Societies. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. American Dental Association Atlanta Dental Association Georgia Dental Association I was shocked to find out, that to be a member of the above organizations is voluntary not mandatory. Patients of Dr Parsa's don't have any assistance to dispute, they can't get help by grievance mediation and peer review from the above organizations, because Parsa is conveniently not a member. Dr Parsa screwed up my teeth, all the work had to be redone, and he refused to give me back my money. He advertises as a quality cosmetic dentist, do not believe him, don't be fouled by a pretty web site, or a fancy office. got ripped off in Alpharetta Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
21, Report #1148703
May 21 2014
07:14 PM
Dr. Chris Keefe / Dentist Great guy with wonderful personality but really dropped the ball on my dental need South Jordan Utah
I had sought Dr. Keefe's help with a tooth that seemed to be injured up in the gums somewhere.  It was time for my 6-month checkup anyway and he was my regular dentist. He took xrays and had nothing to say about anything being unusual.  I still felt something was wrong in the same area of my mouth up in the gums so made another appointment.  More xrays, still nothing recommended to be done about it. Although he said it appeared it was broken up in the root area; there is nothing that can be done in such cases.Third visit = same results. I called and asked that we do something about it because it was sore and the tooth was a little loose.  The secretary asked that I come in for yet another visit with xrays.  I said that, no, I was not going to come in for the same thing over and over and wanted something to be done about it - either pulled or something.  They disagreed, so I requested all my records be prepared for me to pick up to take to another dentist.My new dentist was worried that something hadn't been done earlier and that it had been left so long.  I had a bad infection up in the gums that needed three rounds of antibiotics to get rid of and the tooth was pulled.  He then sent me to the surgeon to prepare me for a dental inplant.Dr. Keefe has a wonderful chairside manner and is very pleasant, and I used to think he was very skilled.  Now I have a different opinion about the skilled part. 
Entity: South Jordan, Utah
22, Report #1131777
Mar 19 2014
08:01 AM
My Charleston Dentist Over Charged Me for Treatment I Did Not Need Excessive Fees Charleston Illinois
 DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST I went to my Charleston Dentist when I just finished college. I was young and just started my new job. I felt I was taken advantage of. This was an in network dentist and I was suppose to be just getting a standard cleaning. I was charged $50 for some oral exam they I did not know I had to pay until after it was done. Also, they had to do this special cleaning that 80% of their patients needed. This cost over $300. They told me this was necessary and had to get this done.This was supposed to be a standard cleaning and checkup that my Dental Insurance pays 100% of it. Based on my poor experience I would not recommend this office because I ended up paying over $350 for a standard cleaning. Please note I had no cavities. Also, I have been to other dentists and did not pay anything for my standard cleaning and checkups. This includes an out of network dentist! Yes. I did not pay anything for an out of network dentist my insurance covered all of it!!!Please feel free to file a report if you have had a similar experience. I have talked to several people in the community and they have reported having similar experiences as well.
Entity: Charleston, Illinois
23, Report #9061
Dec 11 2001
12:00 AM
UCSB student health Dental crown rip-off
A tooth of mine was giving me troubles so I decided to go to a dentist to see what it was. I am a student at the University of Cal. at Santa Barbara. So, believing that the student health center would be the most affordable and sympathetic to the monetary stains students are in, I went to the on campus dental clinic to get it taken care of. I was told my tooth had cracked and needed a 3/4 crown to repair it. I asked my parents what to do and they said just get it taken care of at school. Because there they would be the most reliable. After my first visit, which included drilling of the tooth, I was talking to my girl friend who warned me that I may be getting a gold crown and that I should request a porclein crown. I called the dental office and told them that I was never asked what type of crown I wanted and I rold them that if possible I wanted the white crown. I also asked if the cost or strength was any different. The manager of the dental clinic on my campus is named Marsha, who told me the cost was the same and that gold was only slightly more malliable. I told her that I would think about it and let her know which I wanted. Marsha then called me back and told me I would be charged an additional one hundred dollars if I wanted the porclien crown. I then called several dentists who said that peolpe hardly ever wanted the gold crown and that both cost the same. So why was I charged an additional hunderd dollars if they both cost the same. I called and talked to Marsha again who said that my tooth required more detailed work. This dentist, , falled to treat me with the professionalism you expect from a person in his position. He should have informed me of my choices of crown type, which he never did. Instead he chose to make the decision himself and then charged me more money for his lack of professional service. All the other dentists I talked to gave me all my options on the phone before they started drilling. In addition, I found out that I could have gotten the work done for several hundred dollars less. I will edit this again and provide the dentist name.
Entity: Santa barbara, California
24, Report #287417
Nov 28 2007
12:51 PM
Stephen Lenari DDS Horrible dentist bad manners poor workmanship no communication scary dentist Everett Washington
Imagine seeing a dentist when you have your teeth cleaned, and going back for another cleaning, and exam, and then to have a mouthguard made ( a soft flexible one for headache control, his assistants said), and having the dentist exclaim, Oh, I see you have a missing tooth! It should have ended there. But his assistants and office staff were so nice, I trusted them. Wrong move.. He made a lightweight guard, and it was so high on one side that it made my jaw hurt real bad for a week, he had to reduce it, but how could he let you out of his office like that? When he was reducing it, I heard him say he was using the wrong tool. He completely put a hole through it. I had to go out of town, as I told him, I would be gone, and I had this thing , still too high, but with a hole in it that irritated my tongue. I called him to have another made, and he said I needed to wear it anyway, and it was just a step towards the 600.00 one ( this one was 300.00) I asked his office again and they assured me they made soft flexible ones and that was what I was getting, I asked them to talk to him, I asked to talk to him myself in an office, I mean lying in a chair with his hands in my mouth is convenient for a dentist who has no competency. I was told it would have to be with people in the office.?? What? Now there's a clue once again..! Don't use 'professionals who act like this anymore, I tell myself'. I always felt tension around him, but his office, as I said was so nice, that I wasn't listening to myself that well, it was like a mixed message. At any rate, he made another, and guess what? Same deal, too high, and a hole in it. When I tried to talk to him, he was belligerent, and awful. I was late that day, but if it was my mistake or theirs is questionable, I put it on my computers calendar as soon as I got home. Later, I found the card, and it matched the time I had on my computer, which would have made me on the dot. But if I was late, it would have been 15 minutes anyway, (his excuse) hardly an excuse for putting another hole in a mouth guard, but that is his explanation. He obviously has been in trouble with some patient before, from the way he acted. It's been a year for me, headaches, and still trying to find someone I can trust, because I am very leery now. The nice front office for a dentist is probably worth it's weight in gold. Don't judge your dentist by his office , or dental asst staff! And I can assure you, his assistants know where there bread is buttered. Even tho I have physical evidence the assistant stands behind him. The office I don't know about, But I filed a complaint with the dental association, I was told that dentists always try to work it out. Well guess what? Not Dr Steven Lenari! He composed a letter contrived to look like his shoddy workmanship , bad manners, and controlling attitudes were not at fault, but twisted it to try to make out it was me. (said I missed an appointment, well, no, I didn't miss an appointment, I had to go out of town and I cancelled my appointment..but anyway what does that have to do with mixed communiqu and poor workmanship anyway?) What kind of a 'professional' wouldn't work with their patient, I ask myself? I still have the guard, with a hole in it, The complaint stands, unresolved . ( I am sure he thinks it wouldn't hurt him) Of course, it hurts me, time , and money wrapped up into a horrible dental experience. So here I am warning you all, don't go to Dr Stephen Lenari of Everett WA, and watch for these signs. Don't be sold by a nice office staff. Get recommendations for a dentist that is known by a friend. This guy had a coupon in one of those mailers, must be clue number 1! He said he was also an orthodontist, that's why I went to him. I needed a professional evaluation. The dental assoc said he was not an ortho. It is really sad when people are in pain and they get teated this way, really a shame! You think everyone is conscionable...ha, think again! Beware! If you have a bad feeling about a dentist, or doctor,RUN, don't walk, away! Jerez everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Everett, Washington
25, Report #383822
Mar 04 2010
07:19 PM
Dentist Profits, Ed O'Keefe Beware of Charge Card Abuse Chicago Illinois
I have requested that the charges and services be discontinued several times. They still send sophomoric material and charge my card $490 a month. Steve Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois

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