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1, Report #1399748
Sep 13 2017
03:13 PM
Denver Post delivery service Mark in Elizabeth Refused to pay for delivering newspapers for 3 weeks. Elizabeth, CO Colorado
I worked for a month delivering newpapers in Elizabeth CO. I left because it cost more to deliver them than I made. (Gas) They refused to pay for the last 3 weeks of my work. I worked nights 7 days a week.
Entity: Denver , Colorado
2, Report #923737
Aug 07 2012
12:44 PM
AMPCO Parking Denver Horrible Service- Rip Off and Price Gouging Denver, Colorado
I had the unfortunate opportunity to be fined for Ampco parking after I had paid for all day parking. On the beginning of June I parked at 18th and Lincoln in Denver for an all day parking pass. I then proceeded to work all day. 45 days later I received a a letter from Ampco stating that I owed $80.00 for a day of parking that I paid for. I then called Ampco in which the employee was the rudest I have ever met, worse than the DMV and SSN offices combined. She proceeded to tell me I needed a transaction to show proof that I paid for that day and to send it to the appeals department. I obviously did not have a little reciept from 45 days ago so I pulled up my bank account and statements. I sent them the transaction that stated the exact amount, the exact day and the parking lot. AMPCO returned with an email stating that they need the ticket stub and that was the only way for them to really know. I then provided AMPCO with the transaction number for the parking and again another email stating the need the stub from 45 days ago. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and received nothing. They said I also should have received a ticket on my car which I did not receive. So not only did I not receive a ticket and they will not take a transaction from my bank I was late and received an $80.00 fine from a $10.00 parking ticket in which I paid for. If I were anyone driving in Denver or from out of town I would highly watch out for AMPCO parking as they are crooks, horrible customer serivce and price gouging their own customers. I would be taking them to small claims court however I find that I am going to write horrible reviews from them on every website, blog, twitter and in every city will be much more effective. Have a great day Ampco and your wonderful customer service.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
3, Report #825853
Jan 20 2012
02:04 PM
Oceans Moving and Storage Missing items, late delivery, terrible customer service, unresolved missing items. Pembroke Park, Florida
I hired Oceans Moving and Storage Jan. 2 2012 for a move from Orlando, Fl to Denver, CO. The original estimate was for $1000. After the added extra fees for packing material, boxes, etc (the would not let me wrap my own glass, TV) the total came to almost $1800.The assured me my delivery would be 7-10 days. Call after call after call - 17 days later it arrived.The rushed all of my stuff out - did not complete the itemized list...and I am MISSING 2 boxes and my 40 flat screen TV.I have called and called. I am told they will call back (they don't). They told me they found one box, but nothing else. They state they are working on it right now and I am hung up on.Right now, I cannot get in touch with ANYONE to even get a number for the claims department.This company is run by a bunch of frauds and crooks. DO NOT USE THEM.
Entity: Pembroke Park, Florida
4, Report #578718
Mar 05 2010
01:15 PM - world laser LLC non-delivery of product, no contact Denver, Colorado
Company takes orders over the internet, instantly bills credit card and acknowledges order with e-mail.  Fails to deliver promised product and is unresponsive to attempt to contact by phone or e-mail.  Avoid this supplier.  Cancel credit card, as a precaution.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
5, Report #1294485
Jul 18 2016
11:38 PM
Deep Rock Water Where's My Water - Charge without delivery Denver CO Colorado
  Complaint Type: Consumer to Business Complaint Nature of complaint: Customer Service Issues Problem description: I cancelled services mid 2015 for Non-delivery of water.  The only times that they would deliver would be if I called them to let them know that they had missed their delivery date.  They advised me that I would be getting credits for all of the charges. Finally after not receiving water for more than 2 months I cancelled their services and advised them to come pick up their equipment.   They apologized and advised that they would be giving me a credit for everything as soon as they picked up the equipment.  The still didn't pick up the equipment. 4 months later I told that their equipment was now at my personal residence and they should just come pick it up.  For the next couple of months they said they would pick it up but would never stop by. The equipment was finally picked up at the beginning of Feb 2016.  I called them and advised them that my account was now in collections and needed to have all of the credits applied.  I was handed off to 4 different departments and was told that the customer service department was the department that would handle it.  I ran out of time in being able to handle the situation so I had to call back later. It is now Mid March 2016 and started the conversation again.  I was told by the Customer Service Department that I needed to talk to Billing because they had the records.  I spoke to billing and they told me that I had to speak to collections.  Collections sent me to their outside collector (because now its with an agency) because they are the ones handling it now.  Their outside collections agency (AGA ltd) says that they don't have the notes on the account and I need to speak to them. I cannot believe that a company such as this cannot treat their customers with respect on the time that they have spent in trying to get an issue resolved.  I have done everything I was told to do and am pretty much done. I Desired Resolution: Billing Adjustment Desired Outcome  At this point all charges of only $134.17 need to be credited to the account...and even though I would love to say that you owe me at least $500 for the time I've wasted in trying to get you guys to resolved your process I know that's not feasible.  It amazes me that I have been trying to get your company to do what they're supposed to do all along.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #590299
Apr 06 2010
10:00 PM
American Engines, Denver Engine rebuild denver, engine rebuild, denver engine rebuild, machine shop denver, denver engine rebuild Commerce City, Colorado
Sept, 2008. My aluminum head, rather than being cleaned, was spray-painted silver spray paint, (right over the old grease)! The paint started flaking off in the first day. I looked into the piston chambers before running the engine, to see if the pistons were new, as promised. They were dirty and scored, as if never being removed. On the plus side, the motor runs now, but for how long? April, 2010....Just over 2 years later.New Report: the head gasket is blown after under 20,000 miles. I am not surprised, since the head was never resurfaced. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I am going to have the head redone at ***************************. People there know exactly what they are doing, and not like the spray painters at American Engines, because they are about making money at YOUR EXPENSE. Don't beleive the other reviews, they are probably planted by employees or owners, but they are terrible and I will post negatives all over the internet to bring these A-holes down. I felt bad putting that engine back in my car when it was finished, but I feel especially bad about it now that I have to sell it after 20, 000 miles with a blown head gasket, after spending tons of money with these fools. Actually, if you read the next review, you can tell it was planted by someone with the company. READ ALL THE REVIEWS OF THESE GUYS. WE NEED TO PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!
Entity: Commerce City, Colorado
7, Report #728265
May 11 2011
11:01 PM
Two days ago, I purchased a CRICKET phone off of When the phone arrived, I followed the instructions which stated that I needed to enter *228 to activate my new phone. When I tried, I received a message that I could not do it via the *228 method and needed to call customer service. After four unsuccessful tries with customer service (the automated machine did not recognize my phone number, zip code, and b-day), I was finally able to speak with a customer service representative.Once on the line with the customer service representative, I was told that because I was switching my phone number to a new phone, it would take 24 hours to have my phone activated because of some new security system that CRICKET had just implemented. I was told by the customer rep. that within the 24 hour time frame my line would be activated and to expect for the phone to be working by the following morning. After rescheduling an interview for the following morning, I waited. As the following morning approached, my phone was still not activated. I called Cricket immediately, spent another half an hour trying to get the automated machine to recognize my personal information so that I could speak with another customer service rep. After finally reaching one, I was told that my line would be activated within 15 to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, my line was still not activated.I then called Cricket again spoke with another customer service rep. I explained that I was told that my phone would be activated in a half an hours time but to no avail. The customer rep. had no idea what I was talking about and so I demanded to speak with a supervisor. After putting me on hold for 25 minutes, I was put in contact with another customer service rep., not a supervisor. When I spoke with the customer service rep. I again explained my issue and was told that my phone would be activated within 15 -30 minutes. When I told him that I was told the same thing an hour earlier, he scoffed at my complaint and replied with, listen it will be activated! After forty minutes, my phone was still not activated. By 11:50, I had reached the 24 hour mark which was the longest amount of time that it should have taken to activate my line.I called once again to Cricket and spoke with another customer rep. and then demanded to speak with their supervisor. When I spoke with that supervisor. I was told that because Cricket made an error on my account (had nothing to do with a new security system) that it could take up to 48 hours to activate my line. At that point, I blew my lid and demanded answers. I kept getting the same excuse that my ticket was in line to be processed so that my line could be activated and I responded with, what happened to the origional ticket and taking 24 hours to correct? The supervisor had no explanation. I explained that without a phone, it was costing me money because I am an independent contractor. Again, the supervisor did not care. To make matters worse, NOT ONE customer service rep. or supervisor was willing to give me their identification numbers. Explain that one!I still have yet to have my account activated.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
8, Report #1267152
Nov 10 2015
06:42 PM
Manna Delivery Service Untimely delivery Minnesota, Nationwide
Manna was to deliver my replacement TV from Vizio in 10 to 14 days.  It too three days shy of a month.  Visio shipped my TV in a timely manner and the TV reached KY where I live two weeks before they delivered my TV that was 2 hours away.  They have very poor customer service and played the blame game with Vizio.  When Vizio got involved they contacted Manna and Manna called me back after spending hours on the phone with both companies.  They assured me that something was going to be done and they would call me back the next but they never did.  Also, Manna used a second party company that was very rude and they did not deliver the TV in the time frame that they gave us which was a 4 hour interval.  They came an hour early demanding us to leave our place of work to come let them deliver or it would go back to the warehouse to be delivered the next week. 
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1063634
Jul 01 2013
03:14 PM
Select Staffing/Denver, Co ,Quebec, Very Unprofessional Service / Treatment Denver Colorado
Was placed on a great job that I loved for 6 days ( 59hrs) the first week, and 5 hrs. the second, driving a forklift. It was great because my co-workers were great and the job was something I love to do. The reason I only worked  5 hrs on the next Monday was because of a migrain headache and was sent home. Great job right.?                      I received a phone call when I got  from my client rep. stateing that she needed me to come to the office for a meeting. After I told her that I was sent home because of a bad migrain she proceeded to tell me I was terminated for a 10 YRS. old felony. When do you get to stop paying for a mistake ???After being told that I was removed from their system, meaning terminated, I was told that They would have my final check ready after verifying my hours and would get a call when ready. So after waiting for over a hour I went to the office with a bad heead acke to receive my final check. How long does it take to print a check at your office and make a simple phone call. My client rep. had gone to lunch when I got there. Wow without any contact.So I talked to branch manager who told me that they had 24 hrs. to have my check and that I would receive a convermation phone call in about one hour ( which was 2:00 p.m.) After not getting a phone called as promised by branch manager I called and same client rep. I was told that they had 48 hrs. to have my check ready (after I couldn't atlk to branch manager because she was on a call) and would receive a phone call in 48hrs. Excuse me but after not getting the other call backs , how can I have faith in the same thing again.              
Entity: Denver, Colorado
10, Report #1028339
Mar 13 2013
06:25 PM
Curtis Hubbard Denver Post, Curtis Hubbard Smear, Bias, Dishonest, War Monger Denver, Colorado
Curtis Hubbard has written a smear article about Colorado's Proposed Jessica's law. Exact Article is: He missed understood the show, changed Bill O'Reilly's words and tried to smear him. I believe (opinion), that this is not the first time he has done this, not just with Bill O'Reilly but other issues as well.  Curtis Hubbard IS AN EXAMPLE of a poor journalist. He needs to understand the topic before writing, understand the risks, use facts and cover his opinions scholarly, not just sprout off ideas such as everyone in Colorado disagrees with Jessica's law.  Denver Post, you should be ashamed on keeping him there. Curtis Hubbard, go back to school and get educated before you write another article. Stop putting words in Colorado Resident's mouths! 
Entity: Denver, Colorado
11, Report #1297812
Apr 23 2016
03:36 PM
Trading post restraunt Terrible food and terrible service Kit carson co Colorado
 Hello I ate at the trading post today I want my money back not really but I will never go in the restaurant again the food will make you nauseous and the service will piss you off.Used to be decent not any more.The employees are angry and act like you owe them .I don't need any more bs.When I eat out I want to relax and eat and I will tip if I get decent service.
Entity: Kit carson co, Texas
12, Report #443978
Apr 15 2009
11:08 PM
I purchased a package on Ebay without a choice of delivery options and forced to use USPS Parcel Post delivery and paid for insurance, tracking and signature confirmation. The package was shipped from Indiana on 04/01/2009. It has been 15 days and it has not arrived. I called the USPS customer service and they relayed the expected delivery time was 04/08/09. On 04/10/09, I called USPS again and they stated I should wait until 4/13/09 & call back to file a Complaint. I called my local post office also to track the package and they could not locate the package either, telling me that it should take 30 days because of the downsizing, cutback in staffing and skeleton crew in CA. When I called back USPS again today to verify if these issues exist, they simply state it should take 10 business days as projected on their website. Well obviously its past 10 working days and I can't seem to get a real answer for the simple facts of Snail Mail. So economy issues or not, we the public should be informed of possible delays &estimated delivery time frames of 10-30 days not 10 days! Tam OAKLAND, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1116097
Jan 16 2014
02:53 PM
Denver Appliance Repair and Service SCAM, CRIMINALS, SAME TECH SCAMMING ALL OF ITS CUSTOMERS Denver Colorado
Called this company to have our Frigidaire front loader washing machine looked at because it was leaking. THis was a Friday AM. Technician, who barely spoke english, spent 5 minutes looking at it and stated it was the water line and it needed to be replaced. 2-3 days to get the part in and I needed to pay for it all up front. $294.00 I was quoted. He said the office would call me the next day to let me know. The weekend, then Monday and Tuesday passed. No phone call. My check had been cashed. No part and no phone call. And then shortly I realized, I never got a receipt. Right away I felt SCAM. My husband called and said it had been 5 days and we hadn't received even a phone call. She said not to worry, the part will arrive tomorrow and he will come late in the date if he has to. No phone call on Wednesday. He called back and she said, sorry, the part actually won't be in until tomorrow. He asked to have some of our money refunded since they did nothing but yank our chain for the last week. She told him she wasn't able to do that, but the technician could work with us to get something figured out. He arrived on Thursday. Put the part in and informed my husband that he was only a technician and couldn't give us any refund, the office would have to do that. My husband was infuriated and told him this was all a huge scam. 2 minutes after he left he went to start a load of laundry and guess what......WATER SHOOTING EVERYWHERE AGAIN!!! The technician didn't even bother to run the washing machine to make sure it was fixed. Why?? Because it's a SCAM!!! He immediately called back and asked to talk to the owner. She said she would have him call us. We are out $300 and still with a broken washing machine. Now these crooked know where we live and have a check with our account number on it. Great. If you do minimal research online about this company you'll notice the reviews ALL say the same things:-rude technician who doesn't speak hardly any english -no receipt given -no call no show -owner James would call back when he got in (you'll notice everyone saying they never got a call) -The technician can give you the refund, the office cannot I have never been so infuriated in my life!!!!!
Entity: Denver, Colorado
14, Report #1023999
Mar 05 2013
04:14 PM
Action Appliance , Denver Terrible service: did not provide service as promised:charging me cancellation fee for not wanting to do business with them. Denver, Colorado
Action Appliance gave me bad information regarding their ability to repair my oven. The tech said he would have the part, but didn't. The office said the part was in stock and rescheduled, then when I didn't hear from them and called, the tech said the part was being fabricated: TWO WEEKS LATER! I finally told them that they had yanked me around too much and not provided the services they promised. They then said they would charge a 25% cancellation fee...even after I just gave up and bought a new oven because I had guests coming! After several calls to give them the opportunity to make things right and waive their ridiculous fee, they made up several different excuses, would not let me speak to the owner, and hung up on me. I have reported them to the BBB. DO NOT USE ACTION APPLIANCE! They are a scam and unprofessional.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
15, Report #69819
Oct 22 2003
09:15 AM
Uhaul made my move a nightmare! I called the regional office 2 weeks before my move and made reservation for a truck and storage facility. while doing so i also gave them a deposit on the truck and paid the first months rent on the storage.They informed me that someone would call me the night before the move and give me the location to pick up the truck. Needless to say i never received that call, so the morning of the move i called to find out where to pick up the truck and sat on hold for 2 hours before i was connected to the most incompetent lady i have ever spoken to. The only thing that came out of my mouth was my name before she accidently disconnected me. I called back and sat on hold for another hour and finally gave up. I could have already been moving for three hours at this point. My husband called around and found a private gas station that had one truck left to rent us. The thing barely ran. Finally, four hours behind schedule we arrived at the storage facility where the guy working there (who acted like he was a herion junky) claimed that they never charge the credit cards for the rooms. They just take the number of the card to hold the reservation, so i have him my card and he charged the storage to it. The next day, low and behold, i find out that not only was the storage put on my card originally, but that i was also charged fifty dollars for not picking up the truck that i had reserved. There were a total of 6 different charges on my card from uhaul, and to make matters worse - because of their stupid asses i ended up getting 5 overdraft charges from my bank at 28 dollars a pop. This company is very incompetent and does HORRIBLE business. They made my move a complete f'n nightmare!!!!!!! Robin denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: DENVER, Colorado
16, Report #217436
Oct 24 2006
12:14 PM
Granite Depot ripoff countertops customer service counter installation Denver Colorado
I made the mistake of using this incompetent and rude company for an expensive granite countertop. We bought two large slabs of granite, and wanted to cut the countertops in a specific way so that we could have a rough edge on the backsplashes. The first part of the project went well. They held our granite, and told us we needed to let them measure the space before they could give us an installation price. They gave us an estimate at that time. Then everything went wrong. 1. They forgot to include the backsplashes when they sent the granite to the cutter. I caught it during the meeting with the cutter and fixed it. This is important because the backsplashes are made from the same patterned granite and had to be cut so that the patterns matched. 2. The Granite Depot people then called me and told me it would cost more since it wasn't in their initial estimate. Whatever. I can overlook a mistake. But I didn't hear back from them. 3. They then came to measure the kitchen. I talked to the measuring fellow, and figured out that he still didn't have the backsplashes on the order. I corrected it again and gave him instructions. 4. The installation people came while I was at work, and I got home to find a nice installation of countertops...and no backsplashes. 5. Granite Depot then called me again and said it would cost $445 to install the backsplashes. I asked about the initial estimate for the countertop, and they said, Oh, we're charging you exactly that amount. didn't cost any more? No. So that means it cost less, and please update the estimate. No. That's what we're charging you. Whatever. Crooks. 6. I wrote a nastygram to the manager saying that I was concerned about whether the backsplashes were cut correctly, and informing them of the repeated errors. I gave them the choice of not charging me for the installation of the backsplashes or getting very bad word of mouth from me to everyone I know. 7. The salesperson intercepted the nastygram and called me up yelling that it was my fault and they were charging me the extra money and essentially being very rude. She was more interested in protecting herself than in correcting my problem. Very rude, very nasty. I'm a mellow person, and I ended up yelling back at her. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I told her to make her choice - remove the additional $445 or I would share my story. She told me she wanted the $445, so I'm posting this anywhere on the Internet that I can find. 8. They told me that the backsplashes could be installed that day, so I had to pay for my contractor to go over and wait for them. They never showed up, and I had to pay the contractor for that time. 9. They finally showed up the next day and installed the backsplashes. They were not cut correctly, so the patterns don't match. Never, ever, ever, use Granite Depot in Denver. They are incompetent and they will not correct their mistakes. I paid them over $7,000 for this granite, and I think I should get back about $1,000 of that - $445 for the backsplashes, $200 for the contractor, and at least $300 for the time I spent trying to correct the error. K Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
17, Report #385228
Oct 27 2008
10:40 AM
Xcel Energy Billing After Cancellation of Service Denver Colorado
We are a military family and moved out of our condo and canceled service in June of 2008. We moved to Texas and placed our house on the market. The house did not sell until Oct. of 2008. It was sitting completely empty and unoccupied until it sold. Now Xcel is billing us $205.74 for services provided between June and Oct. I called to ask what the bill was about, and was told that since we had owned the condo we are responsible for paying the energy usage. I replied that I should not be held accountable for the bill because I had specifically CANCELED the service! And it's not my fault that since Xcel did not turn the power off to the property it was still consuming energy. Their response is that they never turn the power off, they just take your name off of the bill. And since I did not turn the breakers off I'm responsible for the consumption. I asked if they had something in writing stating that I'm responsible for turning off the breaker after canceling services to avoid getting charged. Their response was no. When I asked for all the information needed to contest this bill I was told to look online. I said no that is unacceptable and asked that all the papers necessary to contest this bill be mailed to my current address. So I can document all communication. I was speaking to Specialist Carmen employee # 6263. I had also asked to speak with someone of higher authority who can help me with this issue. I was told by Carmen that they would have to call me back, so I gave her my number and had it reconfirmed twice. This all happened today so I'm still waiting for a response. I was told that they usually get back to me in the same day. L & c l Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
18, Report #660409
Nov 10 2010
11:06 AM
Arun Arun VERY UNProfessional service and bad experience Denver, Colorado
See the following. This is for BOSSSERVICES.ORG carpet cleaning company.  A very bad experience and they even didn't call back and were very bossy in talking. The tech person who was about to come that day, he has to leave for his next appointment and will do all the job in 30 mins (he called earlier in the day) and I checked with Boss and they said, he dont have any appointment for that day. He came finally (2nd time, first time nobody from BOSS team/tech carpet contractor/person showed/called me up)  and ran off (without even saying a word) when I asked what's 30 day guarantee thing.. he was very unprofessional. OTHER things, I called BOSS company same evening, one of the representative told me that I have to pay for the new/next Tech person's visit (I thought in my mind, what the heck)!!!!!! BOSS person forgot that it was not my fault when first time boss person didn't show up (as they had my wrong contact#) and next time the one (carpet cleaning person) who came just ran away after listening 30 day warranty thing.  BOSS person gave me 3 different quotes whenever i spoke to a different person and when I said the other person promissed me this quote, they said he's don't know anything and im his BOSS so whatever she's was saying (the boss lady), i have to listen; and that seems very unprofessional as well. I even don't think that BOSS team have their own tech persons, they just call some bogus/3rd party cheap carpet cleaners and send it to your home................   Finally i thought I SHOULD NOT USE THEIR Service and let others know about their clever cheat tricks how they make fool of customers very easily. Don't worry. Im not pissed but I'm not HAPPY either with what BOSS said, they will do and what their site reflects online about their services. See the chat with boss person first that confirs that he didn't had any appointment that day after my appointment. .............. Chat Content: Cathy C: [3:14:57 PM] Ok, thank you for visiting. Was that carpet cleaning you wanted a quote on? Guest: [3:15:07 PM] you there Cathy? Cathy C: [3:15:24 PM] Yes-can I help you Guest: [3:15:45 PM] this is arun. 2 ?s Cathy C: [3:15:55 PM] can I help you Guest: [3:16:12 PM] How much time usually a personspends for cleaning 3 rooms [3:16:28 PM] from bossservices Cathy C: [3:16:38 PM] about 90 minutes Guest: [3:16:51 PM] that's 1.30 mins. [3:17:03 PM] what's the tech person's name who is coming today? [3:17:09 PM] and his contact# Cathy C: [3:17:36 PM] You can call us if you need anything and it is either Henry or Eric Guest: [3:17:43 PM] ok [3:18:05 PM] does he has any other appt.. after my appointment today? Cathy C: [3:18:11 PM] No [3:18:20 PM] Why? Guest: [3:18:26 PM] ok.. just checking. Cathy C: [3:18:39 PM] Great-we will see you later Guest: [3:18:43 PM] thanks Cathy.. Cathy C: [3:18:45 PM] Thanks again. Bty Guest: [3:18:52 PM] i'll get back to you if reqd. Cathy C: [3:18:53 PM] Bye :) Guest: [3:18:56 PM] k  
Entity: Denver, Colorado
19, Report #123621
Dec 19 2004
10:29 PM
Brakes Plus ripoff fraud Denver Colorado
I personally am an ASE certified technician and had performed some extensive repairs on my wifes 98 neon. I did a complete brake system overhaul, as well as the majority of the front end and suspension(pads, shoes, rotors, drums, hydraulics, hardware, struts, control arm bushings, motor mounts etc) as it was a higher mileage car and starting to have some problems. While i was out of town for a seminar, she was having some problems with the transaxle making some noise and slipping out of gear occasinally. I told her to take it in to the next place she went to and have it looked at then call me. She took it to the brakes plus at 4750 Leetsdale in denver. They didn't even attempt to address the actual problem, they proceeded to attempt to sell her a set of spark plugs, wires and a cap and rotor for the ignition. FYI for those guys, it doesn't have a cap and rotor. They also informed her that the struts looked exceptionally worn out and needed to be replaced. Keep in mind, these struts have even now less than 5,000 miles on them, at this time they had maybe 200miles. There were numerous other things, however at this point, i was screaming at them to put it back together. They proved to me one thing, they do not have any clue as to what they are talking about. The problem ended up being a rather simple one, a kickdown cable was out of adjustment. Was this worth a $3700 estimate? I think not as most of the work was either not applicable to the car or simply not needed. Eric Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
20, Report #1068748
Jul 20 2013
04:41 PM
just brakes lied, stole, & manipulated denver Colorado
I went into this business in November 2012. I needed my brakes changed, oil change, and new wiper blades. After taking a look at my brakes the manger came saying they needed to replace something else on my brakes in order to change the pads. Me being a lady and not knowing much about cars I trusted them. It was an extra $130 on top of the $99 groupon special I had for the brakes. They took 3 and a half hours to do this although they said it would take an hour and a half. I left and as I was reaching home I noticed my oil light was still on....did they even change my oil? It was snowing shortly after that. I turned my wipers on and one flew off!! I took my car back to the scammers and they reset my oil light and assured me the oil change happened. They said sorry and I left.  The first time i went there they told me the brakes might still squeak for about two weeks. So, I patiently waited the two weeks for my brakes to stop. They got worse! They sounded worse than before I got them changed. I did not want to cause a seen or get myself all worked up so I waited. Soon my car started to shake uncontrollably whenever I pushed on my brakes. This time I had my husband handle the situation. He went to this terrible business and they said their work was fantastic but our rotors were now bad. I have a 2009 Pontiac G6 FYI.... As my husband was looking over everything he noticed the math didn't add up!! That's when they admitted they overcharged me $90!!! How does a business over charge their customer that large amount with no explanation?! Today the manger Anico calls me saying he cannot refund me the money they over charged me because it was too long ago and all I'd get was service from them so they could fix the rotors!! Wtf. I said I know you can give me my money, I requested to speak with his manger MIKE WISDOM. He said he'd have him give me a call but I could only get more terrible service from them and not my money they stole. I didn't want them to lay another finger on my car. Five minutes later...yes five, Aneco calls again saying it was approved and I should expect my check in the mail in 3-4 weeks. Funny how he said it couldn't be done. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS WITH YOUR CAR. THEY LIED, STOLE, AND TRIED TO MANIPULATE ME. BELIEVE ME THEY AREN'T WORTH THE HEADACHE. PROTECT YOUR CAR FROM THESE FRAUDSTERS! DON'T LET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MAKE A MISTAKE BY GOING TO THIS BUSINESS. On the phone they wanted to know why I was upset...does this sum it up? After all of that you still wanted to keep my money that you guys stole. Run yourself like a reputable business and maybe you can keep people coming back and you won't have to scam.Thank you and goodbye.
Entity: denver, Colorado
21, Report #1120383
Feb 03 2014
07:16 AM
Uhaul Scheduled appointment but service not available Denver Colorado
I called this location 10 days in advance to have a hitch installed.  I had a reservation number and was to have the hitch put on in preparation for a trailer to be attached. Called the company on the morning of the service to make sure that I still had an appointment, and was told yes, I did.  When I showed up to have the service done, I was told that the hitch was not there, and there was no hitch at any other location in my city. This was a major inconvenience since I was moving, and needed to coordinate things so I could get moved.  I called customer service after the bad appointment experience and the girl was sweet and felt really bad, but could not reschedule my appointment or give me an accurate time when I could get the part.Fortunately I was able to find another moving company.  I will never use Uhaul again. As a result of this inconvenience I had to fire 2 other companies who were involved in the move, because the timeline fell apart thanks to Uhaul.  
Entity: Denver, Colorado
22, Report #1048255
May 03 2013
01:23 PM
Delivery Wow - Very poor customer service Delivery Wow, Poor Customer Service, Frustrated, Disrespectful, Cold Orlando Florida
I live on the west coast of Florida and our friends had a death on the east coast of florida so we decided to have food delivered to them through Delivery Wow.We placed the order on Saturday 4/20/2013, filled out the information with the credit card and had a delivery time for Sunday 4/21/2013 at 4:00pm.Recieved a confirmation so thought we were set. Sunday morning I recieved a call from Delivery Wow telling me that I had to fill out a credit card authorization form (for which I had to find a fax machine)and send a copy of my credit card and driver's license. I recieved the form, filled it out and sent it back. On the form it suggested that taking a picture of credit card and license with acellular phone and sending it email to which I did?.Again thought we were set!. I get another phone call at 3:30 that afternoon telling me that they did not recieve the fax of the copies of credit card and license,. I explained that I sent it email as suggested on the form'. I then made copies and faxed it over and the delivery was then 1 hour and 20 minutes late/.I explained how frustrated I was with the service and complained that no where does it say when ordering, that then you have to jump through hoops just to place the order'.I did send a complaint to them with no response/.I would not recommend this company nor would I use them again?.I would like to get back the delivery fee, processing fee and gratuity that I was charged.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
23, Report #376784
Sep 28 2008
06:33 PM
Genesis Media Labs Scam sale of extra units from delivery Denver Colorado
There is a scam selling supposedly high end audio equipment out of the back of personal vehicles. These individuals asked for anything of value I had since the $1100.00 I gave them wasn't enough. The $5000.00 system is hardly worth $150.00. I also have a friend that paid cash for a Divinci Audio System that was worthless. David GRAND JUNCTION, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
24, Report #1305927
Jun 14 2016
10:04 AM
amazon delivery service very dissappointed, Internet
Me and my family trusted you a lot. Whenever we need to buy products our first and the last choice was only and only amazon just because that we had a belief that at Amazon we get the best product and best price but recently faced very bad experience - the experience which I will soon share in video and text format on social networking sites. I got an ankle surgery and bought few things from Amazon India and US and DJI Osmo was one of them with the price tag of Rs. 54000. Keeping a belief in Amazon about the price check I ordered the same. When the product came at my home as usual a buyer will open it and on the handle there is a mobile stick which had a scratch - seemed that might someone else has used it before. Anyways this is the primary issue. Primary issue is when I went next day to buy sound mic of the same the Dealer of Chandigarh told me that the selling price he is offering for DJI OSMO is Rs. 41000. With that he will also add Mic free of cost. It was a shock and a big shock that how come amazon has not done price check of the product before listing on the website. If it would have been 3k to 4k would have accepted but its Rs. 13000 - huge difference. Anyways I did not know the buyer. I only and only know Amazon and called customer care. They said there is a return policy and told the executive as well as filled return info online. The seller firstly gave me the number online and when I called and told that I am Munish from Chandigarh who bought OSMO he disconnected the phone. With that I also left SMS to which he didnt even reply. And next day ie today morning he has closed the return himself and in his email he has written that his person has already spoken to me. Its lie and straightforward lie. I trusted amazon and ordered from amazon with that trust only. I didnt even log on to other sites for cross checking price. You tell me how it is justifiable to get Rs. 13000 expensive product for the purchase of Rs. 54000. Yes I have opened the pack and its every customer duty. How justifiable is it to get a brand new osmo with scratch on it??? I have read your selling policy why Cameras are not included in the same. Did I make mistake to buy product from amazon and did I make mistake not to go to the market and cross check.. Anyways can amazon do anything for me in this case? Why amazon has written 100% purchase return? Please resolve this issue asap. Otherwise I have every right to write and record reviews on social networking and go to the court of law. This matter will be resolved easily. I am ready to give to the Chandigarh retailer Address and anyone can go there and ask for DJI OSMO and you can cross check the price. Either ask seller to take back the osmo or ask them to pay me Rs. 13k and give me a mic as well. Will wait for your reply.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #346611
Jul 02 2008
04:56 AM
United States Postal Service Closed Ripton, Vermont Post Office without notice, no Rural Delivery provided East Middlebury Vermont
I no longer get the US Mail because I live in a rural area that the USPS has ceased serving; no more Post Office, no rural delivery. It's as if the 250+ households here no longer exist. The Ripton, Vermont Post office (05766) is suddenly closing, by management fiat, without community input or review and in apparent ignorance of Title 39, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 241.3. A decision to close a PO requires a 60 day comment period involving the public. There is also a 30 day period of appeal. None of this happened; the decision was taken in secrecy, and the only notice was a handwritten poster outside the PO telling residents that the boxes themselves would be removed by this coming weekend. It's a new hardship for Riptonites, residents of a mountain community including many elderly, who will now be forced to commute at least 3.3 miles, expending extra fuel and expense to retrieve mail that used to come to us. The extra trips up and down the mountain will be even more difficult and hazardous next Winter. I don't even have access to a car during business hours. Many of us are stranded without mail. Letters to the USPS are simply referred back to the local managers who closed our PO in the first place. The USPS seem to be an agency with the immunity to ignore governance. Robt. Ripton, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Middlebury, Vermont

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