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1, Report #1387586
Jul 23 2017
12:28 PM
Derma Genetix Internet
 I applied for the free trial of their eye and skin cream on 7/9/2017 received the box on 7/17 or around that date and today was charged over 180 for both before I even used it for 14 days. They don't give you a return address and they are rude customer service. Do your research before ordering any free trials please
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1379251
Jun 15 2017
08:16 AM
Derma genetix Internet
 I signed up online for trial bottle of skin cream but was also billed for eye serum so I called immediately and cancelled both orders because I was concerned it might be a scam and was told the order would be cancelled but I still received the shipment and was billed 4.95 for skin cream and 4.97 for eye cream so I called to ask why it wasn't cancelled and was told no recorded of being cancelled so I got a cancellation number but meanwhile I was billed 93.80 and I called again and was refused a credit I then called my credit card company to dispute this charge!!! It's a total scam.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1378426
Jun 11 2017
11:49 AM
Derma Genetix Deceitful Facebook Ad Internet
 I saw an ad on Facebook for a free trial of skin care, just paid for shipping. My email confirmation showed I purchased 2 products and I was charged for shipping fees of $4.95 each. I emailed them that I only wanted the skin cream not the eye product. No reply. Charged shipping for both and they were packaged together. Less than 2 weeks after I received product I was charged $94.00 for something. Auto-ship. No email. No communication about the charge. I am on disability and now I won't be able to fill my prescription for my seizure medicine.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1391208
Aug 08 2017
09:02 AM
Derma Genetix Complete scam! Internet
 I ordered a Free 14 day trial of the Eye Serum and the Face Cream. It was delivered 7 days later and I was billed the full amount of a 30-day supply on day 7 of usage. I was then told by a very rude Customer Service Rep named Nadine that IF I had read my Terms and Conditions then I would know that by not calling to cancel by Day 14 (which would be Day 7 of usage), then I agreed to pay the full 30-day supply cost. 7 days is no where close of enough time to evaluate a skin care routine. I get that it's all in the fine print, but this is SCAM at its finest. And I might not even be so upset, or consider writing this review, if the Customer Service training were more considerate. Clearly they get these calls all day long if dissatisfied customers, or else she would have jumped into her you should have known condescending attitude so quickly. Never buy from Derma Genetix!
5, Report #1388814
Jul 28 2017
09:34 AM
Derma Genetix Scam Beware! Internet
As others have already stated here, Derma Genetix advertises $4.95 for a sample cream, but buried in fine print its a full subscription and you soon will be billed almost $100 for that sample bottle. Each subsequent month you will continued to be billed that amount as well. Who sends a full supply labeling it as a sample, and if you arent happy with it you return it. So you return some crea worth $100 that will then be dispossed of? Scam artists, buyer beware and stay away!!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1377550
Jun 07 2017
06:38 AM
Derma Genetix False advertising stold $168.62 Internet
Online advertising for product that was offered for $4.95 shipping and handling only.  I researched the site for any other information such as auto renewel, etc.  No where was it advertised that there would be any additional charge whatsoever in any form.  I made the purchase which was for two items. Now I get charged $94.77 and $73.85. I would never make such a purchase as I am disabled and on a fixed income.  These charges combined are nearly the amount I have to spend on groceries each month which is $200.00. I have no way to replenish these lost funds.  I am not a mean or vindictive person, however, at this moment I am wishing that whoever made the decision from this company, to fool people and steal their money, I hope they have a similar thing occur to them and in the amount that would devastate their finances just as this has devastated me.  I also wish they had to answer for this.  The two items are listed on my bank statement as RajueyESerum and Uparofacecrm. The other information I can say is this product is from  Derma Genetix and the web site is:  The size of the jars are so small, definitely not worth the amount they have charged regardless if they work.  I have not tested them at this point to say if they do actually work or not.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1379301
Jun 15 2017
11:04 AM
Derma Genetix Definitely NOT free!! St Petersburg Florida
I was on a website and saw the advertising for a free trial & clicked on it. Stated that this was Joanna Gaines new venture, I love her so decided to go for it. Website said only $2.95 for shipping, but I was charged $4.95. Right after submitting the order I immediately received a text say to follow a link set to complete the order(?) I replied to the text asking if it was a scam. After doing some digging in the internet I found that this was an autoship program, not what I wanted to do at all. After I received the product I called to cancel, but was told I would need to send the product back and would be charged a $12 inspection fee. I requested to speak with a supervisor and was transferred. He advised he would waive the charge, but I still would need to return the product, he said it's not free I have been given an RMA number to return at my expense and he assured me I would receive a confirmation email of our conversation, which I have not received . I will update after my return is complete , this is it free and the advertising is very misleading... lesson learned.
Entity: FL
8, Report #1382575
Jul 01 2017
06:49 PM
Derma Genetix Deceptive billing practices Internet
 This company uses celebrity Joanna Gaines of the fixer upper show as a spokesperson representing the skin care product to lure you in. I now find out that is absolutely untrue. Then they have a bait and switch and also have incredibly deceptive billing practices. I thought I was signing up for a free 7 day sample if I was willing to pay the shipping. I mistakenly did not read the terms and conditions and today found out that they have a big bait and switch in there which says you are actually signing up for a trial and they will bill you the full cost of the sample if you don't call and cancel within 14 days. Hence I am left with a free sample that costs over $180 and they say there is nothing I can do about it (other than accept their gracious 35% courtesy credit). I take responsibility for checking the terms and conditions box without reading all of the fine print but I trusted in the name of Joanna Gaines not to change the terms and conditions in the middle.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1383700
Jul 06 2017
10:32 PM
Derma Genetix Falsely charged St. Petersburg Florida
 Ordered a trial offer and paid shipping only for a total of $9.92, for skin cream and eye serum. Had a charge on my credit card for $94.77 for the cream and $93.80 for the eye serum. I called to see why I had these charges, and the representative ststed that if I didn't call in 24 days from the time I ordered to cancel, then I would be charged. I explained to her that I didn't even have it for 14 days, plus there wasn't anything written stating those terms. I had read every word before I ordered! She claimed that there was and would not reimburse me. So evidently I was charged almost $200.00 for trial offer. I called my bank to try to have this charge reversed, and I have not heard from them yet.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1388233
Jul 25 2017
08:28 PM
derma genetix hidden undisclosed charges, just shady florida Internet
My bank account was charged for product not ordered, and no disclosure of charges after a free trial very shady. I had to cancle my card, call the company multiple times only to be told what a busy are some fun facts...gosh we are busy. Leave a call back number and when did get the call was told of the charges after not cancelling after 14 days. Well if I saw that I never would have ordered. Now I am out a bunch of money I cant afford to lose. My bad for taking the bait.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1392735
Aug 14 2017
03:15 PM
Derma Genetix Clokofacecream, Rajufacecream Derma Genetix all you have to pay is Shipping Internet
 Seen an online post about a skin care product; one an age-defying skin cream & the other an age defying eye serum. I looked everywhere on the web page about any other fees & extended billing that may apply. I seen none. So I figured this was a good choice, to just pay the shipping fee. I did not read anything about a 14 day trial, or that I would be charged for the products after the 14 day trial ended. It also did not say anything about additional billing for further shipments of the product. I ordered June 25, for a shipping price of $4.95, $2.99 and another $2.99. These did not raise any read flags. Then on July 10th I was charged $94.77 & on July 11 $93.80 for the products. I called and cancelled immediately an future products they may ship. I tried to get a refund back but they told me that I had went over my 14 day trial on July 9, and I called July 13 to cancel and get a refund. They do not under any written or posted sign say any of this. Do not purchase from them. This is a scam!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1387123
Jul 21 2017
07:38 AM
Dema Genetix Ripped off by Derma Genetix St Petersburg Florida
I have also experienced the same complaints that have been posted.  When I ordered the trial products from Derma Genetix, there was no mention of a charge other than the shipping.  There was no deadline given me to return the creams if I was not satisfied.  I was also charged nearly $200.00.  The two products came in the same box, yet each charge to my checking account had a different telephone number. After a long wait, I finally got someone to answer the phone.  He was very vague in his answers and I had to keep rephrasing my questions.  I called my bank and they are stopping the payment of the amounts Derma Genetix withdrew since it is a scam and they ordered me a new debit card.  If I send it back the guy said they would charge a $25.00 inspection fee.  I asked it they were going to give the returned items to someone else.  He said they wouldn't, but they still had to inspect it. I'm feeling foolish for ordering.
13, Report #1383016
Jul 04 2017
10:07 AM
Derma Genetix Charge auto-renewal fees when you did not sign up for it St Petersburg Florida
 Ordered their product under a trial premise. Advertised as only pay the shipping. Seemed easy enough. Ordered the product, it came in a timely manner. Nowhere in the ordering info did it say this was an auto renewing thing. However, when checked my credit card statement, 14 days after the initial order they charged my credit card $190 without notifying me! And I didn't receive a second batch (not that I'd want it anyway!). I will be filing a dispute with my CC company. I would recommend not ordering from this company.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1387444
Jul 22 2017
06:29 PM
Derma Genetix Scam, False /non clear Advertisment, unauthorized charge on credit card, bad customer service St. Pete Florida
 Ordered a free/pay shipping only eye and face products. Received in a timely manner then approx. 3 weeks later , after already having charged for the shipping, they charged me 93.80 & 94.77 for these products, I thought I had read very carefully but was told by customer service that I had not and that the most they could refund was 35% of my now I have over 135.00 plus in two produts that don't work, that I can not return and originally thought were only going to cost me less that 10.00. If the advertising had been open, clear and consise I would not have ever ordered any face products costing over 90.00 a piece. I think this company is not ethical. BUYER BEWARE.
Entity: Florida
15, Report #1377170
Jun 05 2017
08:08 AM
Derma Genetix This company is a complete rip-off St. Petersburg, FL Internet
I saw an ad for this company on my newsfeed, using Gwen Stefani as a draw.  I read it and never realized it was just an ad.  I bought some samples for @ $4.95 each.  I received them right away - nothing impressive about them.  Today I logged onto my checking account and saw 2 charges for @ $95 each from this company.  I called the company and waiting on hold forever before talking to a person.  When I complained she said that I had signed up for a 14 trial and that the $9.95 I paid was for shipping and I was now being charged for the products!  I was livid and complained and she immediately offered my 40% off.  It was obvious that this was their ploy.  So, now I feel like an idiiot and paid $123 for two products that are, in my opinion, worthless!!  DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1377394
Jun 06 2017
10:52 AM
Derma Genetix Free Trial just pay shipping cost me $94.77 & $4.95 after 2 weeks St. Petersburg Florida
Their website advertised “Derma Genetix Age Defying Skin Cream free trail just pay shipping”. We ordered the trial for 1 fluid ounce jar and were charged $4.95 for shipping. 2 weeks later we were charged an additional $94.77 with the comment that if you don’t return the trial within 2 weeks you get charged for a 30 day supply. This was not clearly stated on the webpage for a “free trail” - additionally to the charges that occur when wanting to return the item. Furthermore we were unknowingly placed on auto ship and had to cancel. The company is misleading and misadvertising their product. This is not a free trial and we are not the first ones to experience this ripoff.
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
17, Report #1379194
Jun 14 2017
09:18 PM
Derma Genetix & Joanna Gaines Fraudulent Access of personal funds St. Petersburg Florida
A very slick ad deploying a standard telemarketer scam centered upon the inducement of a... For a limited time. Get your free sample. Just pay shipping and handling. And, we’ll rush your sample to your address. All of which ultimately morphed into several charges to our account for a grand total of $198.44. Some “Free Sample!” What irks us both is the fact that nowhere in print was there caveat(s) advising the purchaser of the actual motive and cost associated through your initial involvement. You know… A buyer responsibility clause of some kind. Instead, this Derma Genetix and its varied and sundry permutations sought to take advantage by taking funds without consent supported by a slew of chicanery too often associated with telemarketing. What chicanery you ask? Prolonged wait times for a customer service agent. Multiple phone numbers associated with the firm. A poorly trained, but amply scripted employee who seems concerned [and, might very well be] who rambles off the terms and conditions that, of course, we objected to because no such information was provided from the very beginning and even a hint of consent would land us in further debt owed. Then a response to our concern which was a [purported discussion with the supervisor] followed by another prolonged hold time, which resulted in a halfhearted apology for the delay and a lame offer of a 35% discount on the order. Our response? No, thank you. Calls to our bank set a Loss Prevention investigation in motion, but, we have zero faith in that process given that the bank may pursue our claim and agree we had been defrauded, but… The bank does not refund you your money. The company has to do that based upon your request. So, folks… Let us suggest a more appropriate response. One, never use your debit card. That was our initial and significantly embarrassing mistake. Two, know that account closure, or card canceling does not constitute a legal reason to not receive your full refund. For instance, you might be told that because you cancelled your card, that the company is unable to credit your account. Wrong. Straight up strong arm tactic. So, don’t cave. Instead, insist upon a full refund using your bank account info. Third, write a letter [or, file a claim] to the Attorney General of your home State and to the State of Florida. The consumer protection arm of these offices will gladly go after telemarketer fraud on your behalf. Maintain complete records. Follow up as needed and don’t let up for an instance. This is a criminal act of fraud intended to unlawfully acquire your money without your consent. Be reminded that fraud carries no statute of limitation. Finally, we want to also share that falling for an endorsement by a “celebrity”… In this case, Joanna Gaines of TV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ has been just plain foolish. These endorsements are cash cows for the endorsee. Do you believe for a moment that Ms. Gaines has a vested interest in how youthful your skin will be if you use her endorsed product? Instead, she’s laughing all the way to the bank while wring our hands in frustration for having fallen prey to another Fountain of Youth scam. Ladies… Aging is inevitable. Genetics reign supreme. Live well and whole. Someone no doubt thinks you are absolutely gorgeous even at sunrise!
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
18, Report #1376932
Jun 03 2017
11:40 AM
Derma Genetix Charged $95 per item if not cancelled in 14 days St Petersburg Internet
Online beauty aid creams advertised as trial see below. My credit card now has two charges of approximately $95 each. Called the company, they will not refund the full amount. I need to pay to ship product back and they are reducing the charges to $12.75 for each item. Complete misrepresentation. Do not fall for these scams!     Shipping Info: Patricia Horn7035 Sandy Ln Waterford, WI US 53185phorn1@wi.rr.com4143392719 Billing Info: Patricia Horn7035 Sandy Ln Waterford, WI US 53185phorn1@wi.rr.com4143392719 Shipment#1- Order 89EB4CAF54 Derma Genetix Age Defying Skin Cream 14 Day Trial Customer Support: (877) 719-5656 Price: $0.00 Shipping: $4.95   Derma Genetix Age Defying Eye Serum 15 Day Trial Customer Support: (877) 719-5656 Price: $0.00 Shipping: $4.97     $9.92  Total:        
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1384708
Jul 11 2017
12:20 PM
Derma Genetix Deceptive practice of hiding subscription in terms of conditions Internet
I should have known better -- I ordered a 'free' trial for $4.95 shipping, looking for any mention of a subscription or other 'gotcha.' I didn't even see the link to the Terms & Conditions, a link on the bottom of the page, not even a check-box, in which they state that by ordering the trial you are signing up for a subscription. I wasted $95 on a product that isn't even any good. Totally deceptive practices. They should be shut down.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1385729
Jul 15 2017
11:13 AM
Derma Genetix Age Defying Skin Cream Buyer beware Internet
Buyer beware!  When ordering, they say the sample is free, you just pay $5 for shipping and handling.  The pitch is for the skin cream but when you try to order, they throw in an eye liquid that wasn't mentioned in all the glowing ad.  This is also free, but has a $5 shipping and handling fee.  Also not mentioned is an extra $3 for 'expediting' your order. So, you will end up paying $13 for what you thought was $5.  When you receive the order, it comes in one box with both items in it.  You need to decide if the cream works and whether it is worth the $13 for the free sample.  I, personally, don't see significant changes like the video shows.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1385326
Jul 13 2017
02:57 PM
Derma Genetix Never mentioned auto shipping every 30 days St. Petersburg Florida
 Just another gimmick to rip people off. I ordered a trial offer of Derma Genetix without the knowledge of an ongoing automatic shipment. Of, course, no answer when I called their business number. I could kick myself for being such a sucker.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1385275
Jul 13 2017
01:05 PM
Derma Genetix rip-off, scam, deceptive, liars, free-trial St. Petersburg Florida
There is no such thing as a free-trial here! Don't get sucked in by all the claims. They charge you, whether or not you keep the product, and whether or not you call to cancel. They are charging me a fee to return the product. It's 12.75 + the cost to ship it back. They told me the free trial is not a free sample. They send you a 30-day supply, but you have to cancel within the first 14 days. I was told the other 2 weeks are not free? I have to send back the unused portion, be charged for it, plus the shipping! I read the terms and conditions before I ordered this, and it said nothing about sending back the product, the fee, etc. Just don't order from them!  
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1391800
Aug 10 2017
12:13 PM
Derma Genetix It's a total Rip Off! Fulfillment in St Petersburg, FL Internet
Derma Genetix is a completely unscrupulous company! I had asked for a free trial of the product after seeing it on a TV commercial in May. All I authorized was a charge of $4.95 on my credit card for shipping the free trial. Instead, I found two charges for shipping that time, the second one in the amount of $4.97. Anyway, since the amount of the additional shipping charge wasn't too high, I let it go!  When I received the product the first time, I found that not only did it not perform as claimed but, in fact, was causing some allergy and burning to my skin. Being a former cancer survivor, I have earlier undergone chemo therapy that has left my skin very sensitive, so I am normally very careful with skin care products and decided not to use the product further as it was not suitable for me at all. I thought the matter ended there!  I was subsequently extremely surprised to find another package delivered to my door in a few weeks and two charges to my credit card in the amounts of $94.77 and $93.80! I had NOT asked for any subscription to the product, nor had anything to that effect been communicated to me during the the initial transaction for the free trial of the product. So I called the only number that was there on the paper slip in the package and found a recording that kept me on hold for a customer service person. I waited for about 8-10 mins and then pressed 2 to leave a message as requested. I left a message expressing my surprise and saying that I had NOT ordered any product from them and that I was returning the package. Then I sent the package back to the address that was on the box and also called my credit card company to dispute the charge.  Now it is August and I am still trying to get this company to stop sending me the product that I have NOT subscribed to, do not use and to stop charging my card that they had allegedly put on file for the initial shipping charge for the free trial sample! They have now charged $94.77 + $93.80+$99.72 + $98.77+$38.87- the first two charges on May 28 and 29th, the next two charges on June 28th and 29th and the last charge on August 4th, making it a grand total of $425.93 for products that I have not used, nor asked for and in spite of several requests to STOP sending me their product! Of course, I am disputing the charge with my Credit card company but it is so stressful having to deal with all this unnecessary hassle! This has caused so much waste of my time and energy and given me an exhorbitant amount of totally uncalled for stress!  Such unscrupulous companies take advantage of unsuspecting and trusting consumers. I hope that they are brought to book soon! Please DO NOT ever order their so called Free Trial or you will find yourself stuck with a subscription to a product you will find is costing you around $200/month and is exteremely difficult to stop! Also, when they are this dishonest, can we really trust any of their claims?!! BEWARE of Derma Genetix! 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1389753
Aug 01 2017
02:59 PM
Ran across an ad online about a product that would help with wrinkles and age spots.  They offered a free trial of the product and you had to do was pay the shipping.  I sware I searched all the screens I needed to complete before submitting the info to get my free trial and did not see anything about having to contact them within a certain time frame.  I have been caught before on this time of deal, so I make sure I am careful looking for this.  Well, low and behold, two weeks later, they took out $73. 75 and $34.00 for the two free samples.  I called and compalined nicely that I wanted the transaction reversed and they told me they can't do that.  However, as a courtesy, they would refund half to the $73.  Guess that's better than nothing, but I can't afford all that money for a product that doesn't even do what they say it will.  Isn't that false advertising?  Can't they get in trouble for that?
Entity: st. petersburg, Florida
25, Report #1388318
Jul 26 2017
09:44 AM
Derma Genetix Age Defying Skin Cream, Derma Genetix Skin Care Products, PurC Vitamin C Serum Trial = SCAM Internet
I am usually very cynical and think of everything as being some form of scam or another, but lo and behold, I was duped. I read an article about Joanna Gaines leaving the show Fixer Upper to engage in this great new skin care business that she had been investing in, and when I checked out the skin care line, it turned out to be Derma Genetix. I saw that there was a limited offer to receive a free trial of the product for just paying the shipping charge of $4.95. I ordered one trial of two separate products in early July and once I received the product, I never heard from the company again. I did later discover that Joanna Gaines has no affiliation with the company and does not have a skin care line at all. On July 18, a charge for $94.77 hit my credit card account, and another charge for $93.80 hit on July 19. Since neither charge had indicated “Derma Genetix” I had immediately disputed them with my credit card company. I later realized that they were for Derma Genetix, and when I called their customer service to dispute the transaction and request a refund, they told me that there were Terms & Conditions that indicated that the trial would only last for 14 days. After those 14 days, if you do not contact the company and return the product (for an additional charge), then you are charged the list price for the products. The $94.77 and $93.80 were supposedly the list price for the “trial” products that I had received. They refused to issue a refund/return, and told me that “the best they could do” was to offer me a 50% discount, which is supposed to be refunded to my credit card. When I placed the trial order, I do not recall ever seeing the Terms & Conditions that they mentioned. Looking at their website now, I see that there is a check box with Terms & Conditions that must be checked before proceeding. I am assuming that it is newly placed, as I would have read through it when I placed my trial order and would have opted not to order at all due the added cost to return the product, or significantly added cost to keep it. 
Entity: Internet

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