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1, Report #1403365
Sep 30 2017
08:16 PM
DermedicaXR trymedica Ripoff/Fraud Internet
I received an offer on Amazon for a free gift. I selected DermedicaXR.I received the gift in the mail. Then I saw a charge for 94.71 from revitalizelabs. At first I did not make the connection.I have just received another shipment of the same products with no identifying information or way to contact them. I then tried to call the phone number associated with the charge on the credit card and got nothing but music.I will now contact my credit card company and have them refuse any charges from this company.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1212429
Feb 28 2015
02:48 PM
Ripoff HARPER NOEL PHOTography ripoff Ripoff HARPER NOEL PHOTography ripoff Ripoff HARPER NOEL PHOTography ripoff ATLANTA Georgia
Ripoff HARPER NOEL PHOTography ripoffRipoff HARPER NOEL PHOTography ripoff We hired Harper Noel photographer for our wedding and she ruined everything. She was very drunk and impolite. She dropped her heavy camera on the groom's foot! Avoid
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
3, Report #141742
May 06 2005
05:25 AM
R.G.A Ripoff ripoff Los Angeles California
R.G.A Ripoff in Los Angeles CA. My honest truth story is that when these guys approached me they played up to my kindness. The jackets they offered as a gift but asked for help because they were desperate. They told me that they were ripped off by two women that they had slept with at their hotel the night before. They said that they had to fly to italy in a few hours but did not have any money to pay for their rental and that they would not be allowed to leave unless they payed. They called their Dad on the phone and he begged me to help his son and that he would pay me back. (which he does not know yet but they definately will) I prayed to God and went to the ATM in the Rain took out $640.00 out of my account he said they were hungry if I had something else for some food I gave him everything I had in my pocket which was $15.00. Before I gave him the money I gave it to GOD while he watch; I said God I give him my money but it's you I trust. I explain to him that I have a family that is depending on this money and I am expecting it's return. Which I am confident will be returned because you see I gave it to GOD. At the last minute I said I'll hold on to the jackets when you return my money I will send tham back to you.he said no no they are gift for you. I said please man my family is depending on this. This is the money to pay my mortgage. I have two very young children. I tell you when I think about it it made me angry that he was so cold. I must say that I do not have much faith in men because we are all wicked and a wicked man destroys much good. I gave from my heart and I will not allow him to destroy the love that God has placed in my heart to help others when I see them in need. I have curse him and all his associated, but I pray that God may have mercy on him. The wrath of judgement is now on him. It's really sad but I pray for him. He thinks that he is making all this money but the fool does not realise that he goes to his distruction. I am sorry for all of his victims but I am not his victim GOD is. May he find mercy. George Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
4, Report #627525
Jul 29 2010
03:21 PM
Windstream Ripoff Windstream Ripoff Internet
DON'T BE FOOLED INTO BUYING THE WINDSTREAM BUNDLE PROGRAM.  You pay outrageous fees up front.  I got the TV, Internet, & Phone bundle.  I was told one monthly fee that never changes.   I actually pay almost twice what I was quoted each month and it varies month to month.   With all the extra fees for rental, service, and taxes,  I am paying $30 extra fees to NORTH CAROLINA which is a RIPOFF too.  None of these extra monthly rental and charges were ever told to me up front.  I HATE WINDSTREAM SERVICE!!!!!! I feel I was lied to about their program and service.  It would also be good customer service if they would warn you about all the extra fees charged on top of their charges.  It would have been much cheaper for me to buy the individual services I needed on my own than going with Windstream bundle.   
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #1199389
Jan 04 2015
10:55 PM
comcast ripoff ripoff cable company philadelphia PA
Comcast has the worst customer service I have ever seen. They insult you and have no right to do so being a representative. They need to lighten up a bit and be supportive of their customer. You raise your rates with little or no warning. You refuse to make people happy period after a certain period of people being with you after these 937 complaints on top of 32500 complaints wow! I needed billing errors corrected and you refuse to so 80 some dollars! 
6, Report #131285
Feb 14 2005
09:48 AM
Retrofeet ripoff ripoff ripoff Lauderhill Florida
Ordered shoes online and payed with credit card ($240, card was imediately invoiced and product not received. It has been 2 weeks and the company is in south Florida and I am in central Florida so I know it doesn't take 2 weeks to arrive!! Company will not return calls or emails! DO NOT order from this company!! Fred clermont, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lauderhill, Florida
7, Report #387289
Nov 02 2008
07:34 PM ripoff, ripoff,ripoff Nationwide
borrowed 300.00 from this company by the time this loan will be paid offi will have paid over300% back they wont let me pay it off early, borrowed this money august 8 2008 wont be paid off till dec 1 2008, i have pleaded with bank of america not to let them take any more money out of my account and they keep telling me there is nothing they can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the banks are getting a piece of the pie too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James Old Town, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #755658
Jul 20 2011
11:12 AM
Leanspa Ripoff! Ripoff! Ripoff Internet
I used they're product,  and it didn't even work. So I cancelled, and sent back four unopened bottles. We're talking I didn't even open the packages. They charged my account 79.99 twice. I know they got my package because I checked it online. They told me they cut me two checks and sent it out July 6th. Well, its now July 20th and no checks! They said it would take two weeks to get my checks, c'mon are they sending it from China? How can someone just be allowed to steal $158.99 and not get charged with fraud?  
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #17505
Mar 24 2002
12:00 AM
J.D marvel Products ripoff, ripoff, ripoff, lied!!!!, avoided calls , ripoff!!!! dirty ripoff liars Hawkesbury, Ontario Internet
Marvel Products advertises products in their flyers and then will not send them. We ordered a product in November and even payed for it and they refuse to send it. We have tried numerous times to call them and when we finally get through, after 20 minutes + waiting on hold, they assure us that the product is on its way. Nice try!! They have totally ripped us off and we would like others to be aware of this company. It is not just a Canadian based company. There are American branches as well. Be careful! Tracy Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Entity: Hawkesbury,, Internet
10, Report #1131688
Mar 18 2014
06:56 PM
I have been truely taken for a ride / ripoff by Virgin Mobile Canada. And good on them for doing so - i am usually really good at avoiding these situations and they caught me.  I purchased two iphones for my daughters at Christmas and the agent convinced me it would be a good idea to purchase the Smartcare package for $10/month per phone. It was to cover loss, damage and all the other things that can happen with teens who have phones. There was no mention of any costs at all to have phone replaced or repaired if we had an issue - only that they would replace or repair it to our satisfaction.  So, my daughter dropped a lock on the screen and broke it. go figure. these things happen. And, when i went to communicate with Smartcare, I learn there's a $250 deductible fee for processing the replacement What a rip off. These guys charge people $120 / year and then charge almost what the phone is worth to replace it.  scam scam scam.  Good job though - they just cost themselves our new corporate account which I will personally share with the agent we dealt with - and who was a nice enough guy.  Nice work Virgin - way to screw up a nice piece of business.     
Entity: Richmond, British Columbia
11, Report #61159
Jun 19 2003
09:43 AM
MKS ripoff ripoff fraud business ripoff fake California
My wife get a PC through gateway with AOL free for 6 months.AOL required a credit card in order to be able to use the Internet. About a month ago MKS company tried to do some charges on her credit card the PFF Bank refuse the charge, we replace the credit card. AOL requested again a credit card to be able to use the Internet my wife give the debit card of Citi bank to AOL. On June 12,2003 the company MKS Private Plus process a debit charge for $134.50 and hold the money for 4 days in the mean time City bank bounce 3 check and charge me $30.00 for each check = $90.00 plus the charges for the collector about an other $90.00 Total of $180.00 My wife never give any authorization and information to MKS Private Plus they offered a freed credit report through AOL, she is not dum to pay 134.50 for a credit report. AOL should not disclosure mi wife personal information to these companies. I hope to hear from you if not I will take a legal action. Israel Ontario, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
12, Report #59808
Jun 06 2003
10:12 AM
Credit Credicorp ripoff ripoff fake ripoff Dallas Texas
I didnt know they ripped me off until i thought i waited too long that i didnt hear from them. I paid them money order of 37.00 with them promising that i will be getting a card. I went to search their phone number online then i found this out that there are several people reporting that it was a rip off. I couldnt believe in my eyes. I felt like a fool. I hope we can sue whoever did this and get our money back. If there is a way I could do something about contact me through the rebuttal. Daniel Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
13, Report #23333
Jun 24 2002
11:07 AM
first national credit ripoff ripoff ripoff California
i sent off for the credit and they never sent nothing back ronald myers, Illinois
Entity: California
14, Report #34865
Nov 11 2002
06:53 PM
Audiofile ripoff fraud scam Austin Texas
I was approached while driving down Guadalupe in Austin near the University of Texas campus. I was stopped by a whitr Envoy with two occupants. They asked me did I want some speakers. I was in the market for some home speakers anyway. So I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get some good speakers for cheap. I did write down the license plate number of the vehicle, but unfortunately I cannot find it in my car. I want my money back. If I was to catch these little SOB's I would plant my foot straight in their asses. It goes to show that there is a lesson learned and taught everyday. Darryl Austin, Texas *EDitor's Comment: Rip-off Report confirms contact info salesman misrepresentation ripoff
Entity: Austin, Texas
15, Report #28017
Aug 26 2002
12:24 PM
Globalinx ripoff ripoff deception fraudulent ripoff business McLean Virginia
I'm charged charges on my Credit that I know nothing about. Never heard of this company and they have charged my account for 99.90. I called and they are to call back. I also called my credit card company to find out what this charge is. They are going to file fraud charges against globalinx. Hope we all get sattisfied. What a scam. I'm wondering how did they access my credit card? Never have I talked to these people. Kathy Arcadia, Ohio
Entity: McLean, Virginia
16, Report #28501
Aug 30 2002
08:51 AM
audiofile speaker ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
My story is exactly the same as the person in Orlando, Florida. Probably the same two white males made their way down from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale florida and pulled the exact same scam on me. I was flagged down at a stop light and asked if I wanted to buy some speakers. I bought the pair for 210 bucks. One guy rode with me to the ATM machine and told me that they had the extra set of speakers from a faulty delivery order. I think they are going to be in Miami tomorrow (august 30th) please beware. There are terrible people in the world. I cant believe I got suckered. Dave Ft Lauderdale, Florida *EDitor's Comment: Rip-off Report confirms contact info salesman misrepresentation ripoff
Entity: ft lauderdale, Florida
17, Report #25441
Jul 26 2002
07:04 PM
audiofile speakers ripoff, ripoff ripoff austin Texas
Well,we have been had. Again, it happened at an intersection with 2 caucasian guys in a white explorer offering speakers that the boss only ordered a certain number and they have extra. They showed me and my husband an invoice saying that they were valued at $1200 a piece and they had a trunk full of them and wanted $600 dollars a piece for them. My husband negotiated and we gave them $260 for 2 speakers. We have not plugged them up yet,but what a nice show they performed.Acting like they had to make a delivery at 6:00 pm and how the boss kept the big screen t.v for himself. Well, nothing is free. And being ripped off enough by the government, sometimes we fall prey to these con artists. But in the end, they are going to get what is coming to them. Whether it be death or jail. Hey, let's be happy that it wasn't a bunch of bricks;at least we do have some crappy decorative faux speakers. charlotte austin, Texas*EDitor's Comment: Rip-off Report confirms contact info salesman misrepresentation ripoff
Entity: austin, Texas
18, Report #29708
Sep 11 2002
07:47 AM
Audiofile ripoff ripoff liars victimized us false promises fraudulent ripoff Salem Oregon
I also was taken in by these two convincing guys in a emerald green Ford Explorer, showed me the fake invoice. showed me a magazine with the speakers in the ad 600.00 each retail in a unopened carton labled audiofile even the packing tape had he company name on it, speakers are crap to good to be true .....YUP! Sammy Salem, Oregon *EDitor's Comment: Rip-off Report confirms contact info salesman misrepresentation ripoff
Entity: Salem, Oregon
19, Report #17506
Mar 24 2002
12:00 AM
Fry's Electronics ripoff ripoff abused & mistreated ripoff Wilsonville Oregon
I purchased 17 Likom monitor model #L7052P for $138.00 at Fry's Electronics because they advertised a $50.00 rebate. This was early Dec. 2001 and still I have no rebate. I filled out all the nessessary paperwork and sent in the receipts and barcodes. I have purchased many things with rebates before and was familiar with all the steps to get the rebate. I have e-mailed Likom from their website numerous times and have gotten no response whatsoever. I have called Fry's a few times and was originally told to wait a few more weeks because they were a little slow getting it out because of all the response. Now the people at Fry's ask if I have copies of everything I sent including the bar code. They say without all of these copies I am S.O.L. I have the original receipt. I believe that Fry's should be held responsible because they advertised the deal and they were the ones promising the rebate. Dan Newberg, Oregon*EDitorial: The Marketing Rebate Rip Off ...Manufactures invent reasons why not to pay the consume
Entity: Wilsonville, Oregon
20, Report #213675
Oct 01 2006
02:26 PM Jenna ripoff ripoff ripoff!!! Stockholm Sweden
I just got conned, I am blaming my self for not doing research before I requested my personal astro reading from It all started when I was searching for a free horoscope and then this Jenna page came up where you could get your free reading/horoskope sent to your email. That was fine but then of course in the end if I wanted to know about a new exiting transit period that would soon be happening I would have to pay 60 dollars to find out, didn't do it immediately but after a few days thinking about it I requested one, she sent back that I would get my reading with in 3 days time now its been more than a week and I still haven't got it, I have tried to contact them but just got auto response back,,,no luck!!! I can't belive they do this, I will never ever let myself get fooled again. Just thought i would warn everyone and i really really hope someone will be able to stop what they are doing..... Carola StockholmSweden
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #890134
May 29 2012
04:56 PM
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #320855
Mar 25 2008
09:12 AM
86th Ripoff Upsell or No Sale Internet
I bought a camera from 86th Street Photo & Video ( for an unbelievably low price. I noticed that the accessories were a bit pricey though, so I did not buy any accessories. A couple of days later, I received an email from asking for me to call a representative due to a billing question/discrepancy. When I called the representative, he told me that they did not have the month of my credit card expiration. This was odd, because most web sites due data validation to prevent a customer from leaving fields blank. It's much more cost effective for a customer to see an alert online then to have to staff a call center just to handle missing data field calls. So I gave the representative, Clark, my credit card information one more time and he complemented me on my purchase. Then he started to tell me how miserable the battery life is on the camera and he tried to sell me a new battery. I had read the reviews of the camera before purchasing it. I knew the battery life by heart too, and the numbers that he told me were not at all close to the reports that I read in the reviews. Then he told me that there was a sale on lenses, but I declined that too. I told him that I wanted to get the camera first before I bought any accessories. His over-eager voice turned quickly to one of impatience and he assured me that my order would be processed quickly. Not even a minute after I hung up the phone, I received an email that the shipping department received the order request and that the camera was backordered. It would take up to 3 more weeks for the cameras to be back in stock. I picked up the phone and called Clark one more time. When he picked up and he asked for my order number, I politely identified myself and he rudely put me back into the phone queue! The next person to answer was clearly not Clark. I asked to cancel my order. The charades were over. I would not give-in to their up-sell tactics and I would not wait 3 weeks for a camera that seemingly magically vanished from stock in front of my eyes. It is coincidental how Clark knew the battery life of the camera by heart, had all of my information in front of me, and knew enough to tell me that the camera is very popular. He knew all of that information, but did not know that they were out of stock. It is even more coincidental that the shipping department attempted to fulfill my order instantly upon my conversation ending with Clark. In all of my experience of purchasing items online, no shipping department is that quick, very few web sites have credit card validation errors that require manual intervention, and no sales person is that rude to customers. They have lost my business. Forever. Anonymous North Brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #19617
Apr 26 2002
07:55 AM
Gardeners Choice ripoff ripoff screwed others too consumer fraud ripoff Internet
On April 8th I ordered Paulownia Trees and Quick Lawn. I emailed several times and did not receive a response. Today 4/26 I tried to email them again - their email no longer works. It asks for a user name and password. I want a refund and I want to see businesses like this fined and put out of business. Linda Duluth, Georgia
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1059969
Jun 18 2013
08:37 AM
Kavi Kitchen Ripoff Ripoff Ripoff Internet
Kavi Kitchen or Kitchen Advance or any number of other names, is not a legitamate business.  I ordered some things to try them at very reduced amounts.  What I got was charges in the amount of $503.92.  The boxes that came I sent back unopend.  I wanted nothing to do with them.  They finally credited $9.95 and $130.30 and $191.12.  That's $331.37, out of $503.92.  That leaves $172.55 that they did not refund to me.  They claim that they don't refund shipping or handling charges.  I just don't think it cost $172.55 to ship them and what do they charge for handling for Pete's sake!! Wow!  The customer service is terrible.  Their rates are terrible.  Their promises are false.  Their advertising is false.  Gee, is this a terrible company or what???  
Entity: Internet
25, Report #54905
Apr 29 2003
08:38 AM
I was looking for a video on I preordered it and after I gave all my information a box came up for disney's blast saying as a thank you we want to offer this for free for 3 months, I clicked no. Then i went to go make another order. After I was done I got on my credit card companies website and saw an order for $49.95, so I called them and asked what is was it was for disney's Blast, so I asked if they had the number and I would call them. When i called I was told that I would have to call my Credit Card Company and have them take it off. So I called a different number and asked to speak with a manager when Richard got on the phone he told me there was nothing he could he would not give an address or let me speak to another manger. He said I was all he had and he could not assist me. bottom line RIPOFF, I clicked no and they still gave me the product that I have no use for! JL Orange Park, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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