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1, Report #1088750
Oct 01 2013
06:25 PM
Trevor Devon Thornton stootrevordevonthornton atlanta Georgia
Trevor Devon Thornton is a habitual liar. He is a bigamist, deceiver, con artist, and manipulator.  He wines and dines women and portrays himself as a wealthy Batchelor seeking love.  In fact, he is just the complete opposite.  He is quite the charmer!  His online profiles peak your interest and make you believe you havs met the man of your dreams. Once he gains your trust with the elaborate lies, hs starts to control your mind. He xows immediately start talking about having children and getting married.  In fact, he haas several children alreasy and owesbover $100k in child support.  I believe others are helping him defraud innoxent women. His behavior will toture you m er ntally, destroy your financially stability and possibly impact your health.  We must stop this pyscho path before he destroys the life of another innocent woman. If you know his location, please contact local authorities immediately! 
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
2, Report #1269597
Nov 22 2015
06:48 AM
Devon Jorlett TD Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is a complete scam artist
Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is a complete scam artist.He is one of the worst solution architects around.Devon Jorlett at TD Bank lies. He is untrustworthy and very nasty. If you are looking for a reliable person Devon Jorlett at TD Bank  is just not one of them. Buyer beware. Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is just not worth the time.Devon Jorlett at TD Bank will make empty promises and never delivers on time. Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is one of the worst one of the worst solution architects I have ever come across. Devon Jorlett at TD Bank never return your calls or responds to emails.He will try and sell you an idea and then not act on it. Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is definitely an unreliable and insecure mind who is not a team player and not someone you want around.Major poor quality service on what he delivers.
3, Report #350768
Jul 13 2008
03:13 PM
Devon Quintrell Fails Worthless husband Oklahoma City Oklahoma
To anyone reading this , stay away from this worthless , pot head who got a dishonorable discharge for drugs two months b4 he actually got out .He stole my money and he is stalking for spousal support and don't want to sign the divorce papers although i'm paying for it .Plus he can't keep his d**k in his pants. Fancy CHESAPEAKE, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4, Report #1190901
Nov 23 2014
02:07 PM
Trevor Devon Thornton Trevor TrawickTrevor TolbertTrevor TouchstonTrevor Thompson Con-Artist, Deceiver, Criminal Casanova Nationwide
I was a victim of Trevor.  From the minute I told my family about Trevor everyone became suspicious and began to warn me about him.  I ignored all the warnings and red flags and believed that he was telling me the truth about who he was.  I refused to let anyone ruin my perfect fairytale relationship.  Little did I know I was part of a sick game being played by a sociopath and con-artist.  Trevor told me that he worked for the FTC and was a special agent.  He provided me with fake bank statements and W-2s to convince me that what he was saying was true.  He convinced me that the information that my family was bringing to me about him was related to cases that he was working, which turned out to be a lie.  He also told me that my family had him mixed up with a Trevor Levon Thornton who resides in Tampa, FL.  I have spoken to him and he confirmed for me that he has actually been arrested for some of Trevor's crimes due to mistaken identity.  Trevor impregnated me, pretended to be a father to my child, tore my entire family apart, played with my mind, put my health at risk, and dang near drove me insane all for money.  His plan was never to be a family, it was all about money for him.  He has multiple wives and dates several women at the same time, sleeping with them all unprotected.  He has scarred myself and my child mentally and emotionally.  Our lives will never be the same again because of Trevor and all of his malicious lies.  Over the last year different women have reached out to me trying to find out if he and I are still together because he has been playing this same game with them.  One of them provided me with a picture of him wearing my dress green uniform!  I felt so violated!  While at work this psycho is at my house dressing up in my military uniforms sending pictures to other women.  He obviously does not know how severe of a crime it is to impersonate a U.S Soldier, but he will soon find out.  I have been in contact with one of Trevor's wives and the hell he has put her & her child through is unreal.  She is out of thousands of dollars behind him.  She is still suffering financially, mentally & emotionally from what he has put her through. He is not only hurting innocent women but he is hurting our children.  My child still has issues behind this mess.  We all are continuously worried about our health just thinking about the number of women he has been with.  It's disgusting and sickening! Ladies this is real!  He will tell you that he has dated celebrities and they are still trying to contact him, that's who it is blowing up his phone, LIES!  He will tell you we're crazy and bitter, LIES!  Trevor was actually in a relationship with all of us!  We ALL have proof! He will move quick, give you money, gifts, and make you feel secure so that you think all of this must be a lie.  Trevor flew me to D.C once where he was supposedly working and had $15k cash on him.  He will make you think he is really wealthy!  Please don't fall for it!  He will tell you he has one child named Taliah who lives in Atlanta with his ex-wife, that is a lie!  They never had a child together.  He was married to Taliah's mother and she lives in Florida.  Trevor doesn't even know how many children he has!  You will think there is no way this is true because he supposedly treats his daughter like gold, LIES!  He doesn't even pay child support! He will pretend to take trips out of town to visit Taliah or work cases, LIES!  The emails that he sent me while he was supposedly out of town lead back to an IP address 30 minutes away from me.  I later found out he was actually at another woman's house who he was engaged to at the same time he was engaged to me.  He will have you thinking you are communicating with his ex-wife whom he claims to be the mother of his child, when you are really emailing him!  He uses a fake email address that is not his ex wife's email that is Trevor or whoever he has working with him!  He will put software in your phone and laptop to monitor your activity.  He will put tracking devices on your car so he will know your every move.  I'm conviced Trevor had my house bugged because he could recite every phone call I made and every conversation I had.  If you come in contact with him please alert the authorities immediately.  This man is a very sick and dangerous individual and needs mental help. 
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #844323
Feb 24 2012
07:55 PM
Elizabeth Wynters Boogie Woogie Devon Rex Boogie Woogie Devon Rex Sold us a Devon that Had an Undisclosed Heart Disease Plantation, Florida
Liz Wynters sold me a cat that had a heart disease she did not disclose to us. We did not find out until the cat died at the age of 8. It seems to be a common theme. I know of two other cats who had heart disease as well. 
Entity: Plantation, Florida
6, Report #163270
Nov 03 2005
08:02 PM
Devon Allen A.k.a yet another Internet Scam Montreal Quebec
Devon Allen is a well know Montreal based internet scammer. Below is his latest scam... If you have been ripped off by Devon Allen of Montreal Quebec please report him to the Montreal Police internet fraud department, they will be glad you did. Beware of Devon Allen a.k.a SCAMMER. Can You Use An Extra $1,000.00/Week? OF COURSE YOU CAN! We ALL could!!! I will show you how. Absolutely RISK FREE. RUSH U.S.$5.00 & a SASE to Devon Allen, 2090 Decarie, Suite 22, Montreal, QC, H4A-3J3, Canada. Email Art Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
7, Report #422592
Feb 10 2009
03:40 PM
DeVon Williams This person bought an L.A. Lakers Jersey from me & later reversed the charges but didn't return the Jersey. Woodland Hills California
This person bought an L.A. Lakers Jersey from me and 4 months later reversed the charges but never returned the jersey. I provided Google Checkout with the tracking # EB000305413CN that proves the jersey was delivered & Google said in my account they ruled in my favor but gave the guy his money back!! I lost $88.39 on this deal & want my money back. Iam willing to sue this person or whatever it takes to get my money back. Also, when I talked to this person on the telephone. He sounded African & everyone knows all they do is run money scams all day. Please help me. Dmann2008 Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
8, Report #935613
Aug 31 2012
09:42 PM
Devon Wells from Gospel Connections Toronto Christian Scam Artist Toronto, Ontario
A few years back a gentleman named Devon Wells entered our store with a card he called the elite optimum savings card. He then made outlandish promises of promotions and sales, if we paid him a couple hundred dollars. He said he was representing a man by the name of Kingsley Cato, from Black Idea and Juio Network, Devon took our money, and continued to rip off many other business on the Eglinton strip. When nothing transpired and we requested our money back Devon and Kingsley disappeared. We have been waiting for a refund for years now, and every time we call we get nothing but excuses. I'm very disappointed that someone who claims to love God would work to scam businesses out of their hard earned cash. And whats worse, he presented himself as my brother and friend. Shame on me. Devon Wells works for a company that does promoting as well. the website is here .  Given my experience with this Go fearing Scammer I would not recommend anyone to work with this young man.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
9, Report #98967
Jul 14 2004
06:34 PM
Devon And His Crew ripoff 2600 bucks n guitar Las Vegas Las vegas ripp off villege
I got majorly scamed by a somone who truly took my money. Please be careful before trusting losers that take money This record producer was fake. He goes by the name devon. He is in las vegas nv last I know. He scammed me. He told he he would make me huge star. I got fu**** over and that whore still has my guitar renee His whole team you'll get it one day I promise you guys Beth las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1052565
May 21 2013
07:52 AM
Devon Samuel When you get you car it will be dirty and late. Does not return your items. Houston Texas
Devon Samuel is a child his company ges transport us dot 1734887 MC 1734887 is a ripoff. If you hire them to do a job your car will be late and dirty and he is full of excuses. If you use them to place an order and change your mind they will not return your property. His drivers license was suspended and he crys about how he  needs to make 10k a month for his family. He screws people over after you give him  your business. Buyer beware he treats you like gold until you cancel your order try it  out for yourself. Bad driver license was not good for months. Check it out online for yourself would you hire a truck driver that had his licensce suspended. Hey Devon you ask for it here it comes  buddy. You should have return my property sir. Hey it's not slander if its true. All this information is public record do your research on devon. Oh yeah the I.R.S. needs there money to. if he has screwed you over you can file a report with fort bend county sheriffs department texas dps dot  texas dot federal motor carriers association texas attorney general and the usdot. My new job in life is to shut down tthis horrible company. I have filed complaints on Devonn Samuel with all the above agencies. His number is 281-451-7222 call  him for a dirty late delivery you will get it every time and your property taken.  3906 east teal estates circle Fresno Texas he hides out in the sticks.    
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
11, Report #747089
Jun 29 2011
05:04 PM
fashion contactlenses com Fraud Brixam, Devon, United Kingdom
On Mon 5/16/2011 I ordered from this company. They sent me a confirmation email, as usual. I had ordered twice before, successfully. Since that time i have been sending repeated emails begging them to reply to me, to send my product, or to return my money. it is currently jun 29. They kept my money, and have never replied to a single email. I have sent them 6 contacts in total. Be warned. does anyone know how to pursue legal action in the UK? i am in the US and they seem to be ignoring me because I cannot do anything about their crime.
Entity: Brixam, Devon, Select State/Province
12, Report #729373
May 14 2011
07:01 PM Scammed me!!!!!! southampton, United Kingdom Internet
Order 3x 1gram dimethocaine. On the website it says its buy 1 get 1 free. So i Should have received 6grams in total. However, i only received 2 grams, not even 3,  or 6!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but i paid 5.80 for royal mail special delivery and it came via 1 first class stamp in an envelope! Also, its not dimethocaine, they sent benzocaine mixed with caffein powder!!! 44.80 for nothing. Do not use these people they are crooks! Phone the tel number on website and its always off, and email after email with no reply!
Entity: southampton, Internet
13, Report #1416254
Dec 11 2017
11:59 AM
Golden Audiovisual - Devon perry Golden Audiovisual - Devon perry Don't trust this guy! It's a Scam! Very unprofessional, Very improper, Very unqualified, Very incompetent, Very unskilled, Very impolite. Denver Colorado
Don't trust this guy! It's a Scam! Very unprofessional, Very improper, Very unqualified, Very incompetent, Very unskilled, Very impolite. I contact this person simply because I need and RCA audio cable. I search on internet and he was the closet to where I leave. We talk over the phone and he told me he would have this cable for me. Ok I trust him. He gave me appointment for later evening. When I met him. He show me a cable that it didn't look like and RCA audio cable. It actually was a coaxial digital cable. I told him that the audio cable I need it would have a right and left channel. He went in to his truck pull out another coaxial digital cable. Tape it together with his previous one and told me that it would work. He almost forced me to buy it because he prepare that exclusively for me. While everything was happen in a parking lot next to his truck. Of course he didn't accept credit card. Therefore, I had to pay him cash without receiving any receipt or invoice. I contact the guy back in an hour. Telling him that his cable wouldn't work and that was not what e need. I ask to meet him the day after, so I could return to him the not working cable and get back my money. From there the situation escalate. He start to tell him that I was an idiot and I wasn't entitled to to return the item and therefore have back my money. He also threatened me saying that if I wouldn't stop to call him he would call his lawyer and put me to jail for 3 years like had happen to some previous customers of him. I then realized the guy was not normal. I had to call the police in order to take care of the issue, and have them for a civil stanby situation. As right now I still haven't got my money back. There is a civil stanby report against him. In conclusion: I didn't have any idea that he was so unprofessional. I didn't know he had his store/warehouse in the same apartment/condo where lives. I didn't know he was handling his business in the street. I didn't know he was such of asshole. I didn't know he would not take credit card. I didn't know he would not offer any costumer service. So basically I was so naive, unexperienced and too polite that I got screw very bad. Please do not do the same. Be alert!!!!Also I search fro him and his company Golden Audiovisual on Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, and I wasn't able to find him. So at this point I'm also wondering is this person licensed to do his job?!?!?!?!!!
Entity: Denver, Colorado
14, Report #143399
May 19 2005
05:40 PM
Devon Hill Motors lemonlaw suit pending company lost franchise for v/w appear to have made fraudulent claims for warranty work v/w now will not make settlement ruined interior of vehicle while searching for water leaks appear to have cannalbalized vehicle for parts prior to selling as new vehicle drivers door was never properly bolted to frame or had been changed Devon Pennsylvania
this vehicle is a 2003 jetta wagon,it was leased by me in sept 2003 at 726 miles i added over $700.00 worth of accessories, including floor mats cargo mats wind deflectors mud flaps. at this time i took it back as the right rear head rest was defective, also i mentioned that the seats were not as described in the Moroney sticker which is the sticker that describes what the vehicle was shipped from Germany with, note this vehicle was built in Wolfsburg, Germany, the seats were supposed to be heavy duty, with map pockets, these were not the seats that were on the vehicle. the salesperson Ian Welsh stated that this sometimes happens and it was standard, and i did not pay any extra. however it was found out later that they were supposed to have airbags in the seat backs. at this time i still dont know if i have those airbags. to keep this simple, i brought the vehicle back to have them check on a noise in the drivers door. it was found that two of the three upper bolts holding the door on had nver been torqued and could be taken out by hand. which i showed the technician. the service manager wm.salerno stated that sometimes they come from the factory loose. i told him that how would they pass the assembly line xray scan, and that they had never been torqued to specs. i.e 25ftlbs. he gave no answer. Later in this history i started to notice water leaking in through the right front stereo speaker, down and under the carpet. i took it back, the manager salerno said he would do a water check and that probably the water was coming in thru the sunroof drain, they kept the vehicle for several days returned it, and i found out it was still leaking. took the vehicle back they did another water check, this time. salerno said the leak was from the pollen filter. they kept the vehicle returned it and it still leaked. in that time salerno said the leaks were now coming in from the windshield wiper channels. they took out the wiper and channel in so doing the wind deflector was damaged and scratched and there were wrench marks on the wiper housings. which they refused to fix. the vehicle was still leaking where i said it was on the first trip. salerno said they would do another test. keeping the vehicle for another week, i have pictures of the vehicle torn apart carpets mats, seats etc, sitting outside on a city street unlocked. i picked up vehicle drove it out of lot for about 500 ft and saw water coming in under the speakers. i returned vehicle immediately to lot had the svc. mgt. salerno come out and showed him clearly the water on the carpet. and also scratches on the seat bumpers where it appeared they had been dragged across the floor, they were stryations marks, these are familiar to me as i am a retired police officer and have investigated many accidents when these marks have been made. salerno said to me in the lot that he did not give a F---about my seats, and this was in front of witnesses. the vehicle was brought back into the shop this would be the fifth time for this problem. it should be noticed that during this time i started to notice a wear spot on the drivers seat bolster. upon inspection i found that a rough spot on the seat frame had been wearing through the seat cover. this was photographed and verifeid by the service writer bruce baynard, a v/w rep. jim wyler saw this the cover was replaced. now it should also be noticed that the orginal seat was not the seat that was listed on the window sticker i.e. Moroney sticker. also it should be noticed that before all this i had gone through the v/w consumer hotline, and when i told them that i had not received the correct seats, they stated that what ever is on the Moroney sticker is what the vehicle is shipped with. which led me to believe that somehow someone had switched seate prior to my leasing a new vehicle. anyway during all this, i had noticed that the front bumper guard kept coming loose. upon closer inspection i found that the clips that hold this on, where not in place in fact the guard was only held on by 4 clips. devon hill ordered a new guard, and it had to be painted, and was replaced. but i had called v/w america and they stated that the vehicle could not have gone through final inspection xray with this problem, and that the guard was or had been replaced prior to my purchase or lease of the vehicle. the water leaks continued, the vehicle was torn apart over 5 times by the dealership. i finally went to lemon law, kimmell and silverman. however at this time and it is almost a year, v/w refuses to acknowledge any manufacturer mistakes, and that devon hill motors could have solved the problems initially. i think that the service manager and shop formeman mayhave been ripping off the company and v/w by not doing the correct warranty work, and getting a kickback from someone. I am in the middle now between v/w america and devon hill has lost there franchise with v/w, i am still missing three rear head rests that were left at devon hill before they lost the franchise to Fred Beans. repeated requests to devon hill who now only handle BMW have gone unanswered. It should also be noted that the service writer bill baynard observed, bill salerno the svc.mgr. hand sewing a hand made airbag patch onto the seat covers that were put back on my vehicle. this was verified by other devon hill technicians, salernos response when questioned was this is to cover ourselves or words to that affect. also the lemon law attornies appear to not be after devon hill, and as they have no further dealings with v/w america, i could be left with nothing. this is such a bazaar case. i am left with what should be still a new car, but it is so torn up from all the tearing out of carpets, seats, etc., it is worse than my 1993 dodge with over 100.000 miles. it is scratched , it creaks and moans. and it was new less than two years ago. Lee spring city, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Volkswagen
Entity: Devon, Pennsylvania
15, Report #141713
May 05 2005
06:57 PM
Atlantic Coast - Shareware Village - SWREG, Game-cloner ripoff, deceiving, false advertisement, lied about refund within 30 days Devon, England Nationwide
I ordered game-cloner software via internet from these deceivers over two months ago. Their web site stated that this product would make backup copies of Xbox video games, along with various other games, which it did neither one of them. After I paid for the software and received a confirmation #, I entered the # and attempted to make backup copies of Xbox, and PC games. Game-cloner would not perform the task for either of the two. Within three days of purchasing the software, I emailed their support team explaining how their web site deceived me, and I wanted a refund. Their site stated that they would only give refunds within 30 days of receipt, but they lied to me and gave me the run-around about my refund. For the past two months I've been emailing them about my money, with very little response. The responses I received were, I'm no longer at this email address; You need to contact DVD Guru INC.; Your account will be credited the Tuesday after next; and I'll contact my management and then contact you when I hear from them. I guess these deceiving crooks will never refund my money. Stay away from them, so you won't be their next victim!! Joe Blackshear, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Devon, Nationwide
16, Report #941688
Sep 15 2012
01:42 PM
John Williamson antiquesjohn123 Seller never sent items , never provided proof of postage or tracking number , stopped interacting now Torquay, Devon, UK, Internet
I purchased two pocket watches from mr John Williamson of 45 Leys road Torquay, devon UK and paid him 341 Canadian dollars for them . I also paid Mr Williamson for registered signed for mail which provides tracking  information. Mr Williamson never sent me those items and never provided me with any proof of postage. last time I heard from was two menths ago when he told me that he was going to cliam money from Royal mail of UK for lost parcel. when I asked him to provide me with postal details of that parcel then he stopped interacting with me. I have health issues and that was my savings money so I feel depressed and ripped off.
Entity: Torquay, Devon, UK, Internet
17, Report #172932
Jan 23 2006
03:38 PM
Seal A Drive ripoff Ruined my driveway. Refused to complete job per Building Inspector instructions, then billed me anyway. Devon Pennsylvania
THE ESTIMATE I first became aware of Seal-A-Drive in June 2005 when I came across their coupon in the Clipper Magazine that is distributed to Brookhaven residents. They were one of the first organizations that I contacted for an estimate. When I first called, an answering machine prompted me to leave a message. So, in as much detail as possible, I described the work I needed to have done, and asked if someone could provide me with a pricing estimate. About a day later, a receptionist returned my call. Again, in as much detail as possible, I described the nature of the work I needed to have done: 1)I needed to have the width of my driveway extended. The extension was to be equal in size to my existing driveway, in effect doubling the size of my driveway so that two cars could park side by side. I was very clear that the point of the job was to ensure that two cars could park side by side in my driveway. 2)I needed to have the concrete apron / entranceway widened to match the width of the expanded driveway. In addition, I needed the grading of the concrete apron / entranceway to be a bit less steep than the existing apron, so that my wife's car would not bottom out upon entering / exiting the driveway. The receptionist indicated that someone would inspect my property, complete a written estimate, and leave it in my mailbox. On June 20, 2005, an estimator from Seal-A-Drive inspected my property. However, no estimate was provided. I left several phone messages over the next two weeks. Finally, on July 11, 2005, the owner, Frank Cusumano, sent the estimate via fax. The quoted price was $2,400. Upon receiving the estimate, I contacted Mr. Cusumano and asked if his estimate included a sealcoating of the existing section of driveway. (I asked this question because I had received other estimates that did include the sealcoating of the existing driveway.) Mr. Cusumano agreed that his estimate would include this sealcoating. At this point, I had already received two additional estimates, one for $2,900 and one for $3,600. I was waiting for one final estimate from Rando Construction. When Rando provided me with their final estimate on July 29, 2005, it was for $2,500. In addition, they were willing to start within the next week, as they had already committed to another driveway job on my street. However, I informed Rando that I would move forward with Seal-A-Drive, given that they had provided the lowest estimate. I then contacted Mr. Cusumano, informed him that he had won my business, and asked that he begin the work as soon as possible. THE SPECIFICATIONS I spoke to the borough Building Inspector, on several occasions regarding a building permit. During these conversations, he indicated that several criteria needed to be met in order for the job to be considered in compliance with the building code. I clearly communicated these criteria to Mr. Cusumano to ensure that all work would be performed to code. The criteria included: 1)Surface water could not run from the driveway toward my neighbor's property, even though there were several feet of land between the edge of my driveway and the beginning of my neighbor's yard. 2)Twelve inches below street with front of curve. 3)The apron had to be six inches thick with 3,500 lb. concrete. As I reviewed the criteria with Mr. Cusumano, he expressed some uncertainty regarding his ability to complete the concrete apron portion of the job for the previously agreed upon price. I reminded him that his written estimate was broken down into two line items: $1,050 for the concrete work and $1,350 for the asphalt work. In addition, I reminded him that his estimate was not out of line with my other estimates. There was no further disagreement. At that point, I believed that the issue had been settled. THE JOB By the time I had received my permit from the Building Inspector, and Mr. Cusumano had completed all of his paperwork with the borough, it was late August. The Seal-A-Drive crew began the job on Monday, August 29, 2005. They cut the curb and dug the hole where the concrete apron was to be poured, damaging the street in several places. In addition, rather than simply sealcoating the existing driveway, they covered it in new asphalt, significantly increasing the height on that side. As a result, the driveway sloped dramatically toward my neighbor's yard. My neighbor called the Building Inspector, who arrived at my property and immediately halted all work due to the fact that water would clearly flow toward my neighbor's property. Mr. Cusumano called me at work and informed me that the Building Inspector had shut down the job. Mr. Cusumano said that he was not certain why the job had been halted. He asked that I speak to the Building Inspector myself in order to resolve the situation. On my way home from work that day, I could clearly see from half way down the street as I approached my house that the driveway was sloping drastically toward my neighbor's property. The crew had built on top of my existing driveway, elevating that side significantly. It looked more like a sloped platform than a driveway. Not only was it aesthetically unpleasant, it was a safety hazard. The Building Inspector informed me that the driveway had to be quickly fixed so that water would not run toward my neighbor's yard; otherwise, they would take me to court. I called Mr. Cusumano and explained why the job had been halted. In addition, I informed him that his crew had built on top of my existing driveway, instead of simply sealcoating it. He was surprised by this, and quite frustrated. Given that the driveway was now elevated much too high off the ground, my preference was to have Mr. Cusumano undo the damage by removing the asphalt that his crew had erroneously poured on top of my existing driveway. However, I told Mr. Cusumano that I felt bad that his crew had made such as egregious error, using much more asphalt than should have been needed, and costing him more than he anticipated. I told him that I did not want to ask him to pull up the asphalt that had been poured in error. I asked him if he thought that he could solve the water flow issue by building up the new side of the driveway with some additional asphalt, causing the water to flow in the other direction, toward my front yard. Mr. Cusumano indicated that this was feasible, and that he preferred this approach to the alternative of removing the erroneously poured asphalt. The Seal-A-Drive crew returned two days later on Wednesday, August 31, 2005. They poured some additional asphalt on the new (lower) side of my driveway. When I returned home from work that day, I saw that the slope had been decreased a bit, but not eliminated. It was obvious that water would still flow toward my neighbor's yard. Still, I contacted the Building Inspector and asked him to inspect the work. When he did, he informed me that the work still did not meet the requirements of the borough's storm water management ordinance. I asked him if there was any way to bring the job into compliance, short of removing all of the asphalt and starting over. He stated that removing all asphalt and starting over was the best course of action. However, he indicated that the job could be brought into compliance if Mr. Cusumano would build a barrier along the side of the driveway, using 6 by 6 pressure treated lumber, which would act like a curb. The barrier would have to be tall enough to keep the water from running over. In addition, it would have to be waterproofed, so that the water would not seep through toward my neighbor's yard. When I called Mr. Cusumano and informed him of the Building Inspector's instructions, he stated that he would need more money than the $2,400 that had originally been agreed upon. Although I was not happy about this tactic, I really wanted him to finish the job. So, I offered to pay him $2,700 upon completion of the entire job (driveway and apron), $300 more than I originally agreed to pay, and $200 more than what Rando Construction would have charged. Mr. Cusumano agreed to my offer and stated that he would have my job completed within a week. On several occasions over the next few weeks, Mr. Cusumano promised to have the job completed, but never showed up. He became more and more difficult to reach by phone. I called and left messages several times per week during the weeks of September 4 and September 11, and again on September 19. Finally, on September 19, Mr. Cusumano left me a voice mail stating that I would need to get someone else to finish the job, and that he would contact me to discuss how much I owed him. On September 19, I called Rando Construction and asked the owner, Tom Rando, to provide me with an estimate on how much it would cost to bring the driveway up to code, pour the concrete apron, and repair the damage to the street. When Mr. Rando arrived at my home on September 26, he looked at the driveway, shaking his head in amazement and said You didn't pay this guy anything, did you? Mr. Rando strongly recommended that I have him remove the asphalt that had been poured by Seal-A-Drive, so that he could install a properly graded driveway that was not elevated so far above the ground. I agreed. However, since so much more work was required to correct the problems created by the Seal-A-Drive crew, Mr. Rando had to charge me $3,950. This was a full $1,450 more than he would have charged if he hadn't needed to remove the existing asphalt and repair the damage to the street. THE DISAGREEMENT Although I felt that Seal-A-Drive was directly responsible for me having to pay $3,950 instead of $2,500, I decided that I would not pursue the matter any further. However, unbelievably, Mr. Cusumano continued to call me and send invoices claiming that I owed him money. I called and reminded him that he did not complete any of the work that we had agreed upon. The work that he did do was never in compliance with the building code, was aesthetically unpleasant, and was a potential safety hazard. I would have gladly paid him if he had simply returned to finish the job. However, he abandoned the job. Therefore, I was not going to pay him. In addition, I informed him that I would not be taking action against him, even though I strongly believed that he owed me $1,450. I recommended that he move on, as I had done. However, he expressed his intention to sue me for his time and materials. Shortly thereafter, I received a notice from my local District Court informing me that Seal-A-Drive had filed a civil complaint against me. A hearing has been scheduled. For several reasons, I have decided to submit a counter claim against Seal-A-Drive. First, my wife and I had to park our cars on the street for over three months. Luckily, neither of our cars were hit during this time, although they were at risk on a daily basis. Second, as a direct result of the actions of Seal-A-Drive, I had to pay nearly double what I would have paid if I had given the job to Rando Construction from day one. Third, the negligence and carelessness shown by Seal-A-Drive was all the more egregious given the fact that I went to such considerable efforts in communicating back and forth with Mr. Cusumano and the Building Inspector regarding job specifications and building code requirements. I feel obligated to pursue this claim not only to receive justice in my own case, but to discourage Seal-A-Drive from repeating such harmful business practices in the future. Darren Brookhaven, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Devon, Pennsylvania
18, Report #1043531
Apr 15 2013
06:36 PM, WeSeach Ltd, - James Marnley's companies!,, WeSeach Ltd, and many more! Torquay, Devon , United Kingdom Internet
Sorry I have to weigh in on this, I find it very difficult to believe that the owner of has never engaged in slander against his competitors. The director of is James Marnley, a man well-known for his terrible reputation online! Domain name: james marnley Registrant type: UK IndividualRegistrant's address: The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.Registrar: Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG] URL: ************************Relevant dates: Registered on: 10-Mar-2003 Expiry date: 10-Mar-2015 Last updated: 03-Mar-2013 James Marnley has been the Managing Director of WeSearch Ltd for 13 years, his registered address has also been his home address which is of course the same as the registered company address in Toquay, Devon: He was caught out in 2009 when he owned Marleys Wholesale Ltd and and has been mentioned on before: He has been slagging off his competitors for years! This has been the standard way he has run his companies since 2009, all from the comfort of his bedroom! So much so that Whole Sale set up their own website just to counter his fake scam reports and the fake reviews created by him! Website dedicated to James Marnley: James Marnley's name is associated with a lot of negatively online due to his poor business practices, and he has seemed to have earnt a reputation as an internet scammer: He has set up and closed down many sites in the past and still uses others as medias to post fake scam reports and reviews online: He will just keep doing the same thing over and over again and the sad thing is nothing ever seems to happen to this scammer!
Entity: Torquay, Devon, Internet
19, Report #1145013
May 08 2014
08:34 AM
Pagan Magic DAWN GRIBBLE ,Director, I ordered products about 9 months ago, they took the money and did not deliver. Devon Internet
I oredered products from them way back in August 2013. It is now about 9 months.They notified that productes were dispatched but I did not recieve them. They claimed that Royal mail had destroyed the products for some reason. That they would resend them. The sam estory happened again twice. I have asked for a refund and they have now cut off communication. I do not get any response from them regardless of my several messages.
Entity: Devon, Internet
20, Report #421065
Feb 06 2009
01:02 PM
Ryan Gentle - SCAMMER - CHEAT LIAR CHEAT, FRAUD, Plymouth Devon - last seen on the 28th of August using nickname Kira (i.e. Anime Europe) joined, posted once, last seen on the 28th of August using the nickname Kira-sama If you are on those forums be wary! Usually Ryan is easy to find on a forum. He usually has these things on his profile: * Plymouth / Swindon or Plymouth / Tokyo as his locations. * Extreme Sports, Army, Army - Airborne, Paratrooper or any one those combinations as his interests. * Uses the internet address of his current scam as both his e-mail and his web site so look for things like for example. If one or all of these warning signs are found, be very wary! I can confirm that he is being investigated by Devon & Cornwall Police as well as Plymouth Trading standards. Both the old and new Stopryan forums had information on how to pursue a complaint with Ryan and a few forum guys were in the process of taking him to the small claims court. Glenn s CottswoldsUnited Kingdom
21, Report #1160059
Jul 07 2014
10:12 AM
hotstardesign-Turod Armstrong-Devon T Armstrong Defamation Of Character Miramar Florida Internet
Hello, Several years ago when the internet was new to all of us and we were not so careful about who we do business with.I tried to work with him.I have an address,proper licences, and a solid business track record to show for my hard work. This basic fellow has none of the above. I tried to send him a check but he said i dont have an address to send it too .  The following is an excerpt from some of Devon,Turod Armstrongs response and why im mad and taking this to the next level. Hope that this never happens to you as it is impossible to remove these libalious posts.     Hi I am responding to the fake report on hotstardesign and Turod Armstrong this Guy David is a scam artist who has designers to do work on his website and never pays them.. don't be fooled.. He is a creep!Hotstar design is still in business and does not rip off or scam anyone.. scamming is when you steal money from people I never stole or ripped anyone off this guy doesn't have a life! Misery loves company! lol Guess we will see how a judgement against him will feel.   As of today i am taking this to the next level. It is one thing to post something negative about someone ...but a whole nother thing to post these words.Creep,Scam Artist,etc. See you in court.       
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1209073
Feb 14 2015
08:58 AM
living social DECEPTIVE VOUCHERS SOLD BY LIVINGSOCIAL.COM philadelphia Internet
Feeling cheated! We bought a LivingSocial coupon for remote auto start for our car. The business is called ASAP automotive, located in Norristown, PA. When I called up to schedule an appointment the sweet voice receptionist told me to get all the keys for the car. She mentioned the valet key gets salvaged. She never spoke about any additional charges.  Absolutely did not mention there will be additional $155 charge for the service. When we went to pick up the car she came up with a bill of additional $155. The so called 'additional fee' was 1.5X more than the actual cost of the living social voucher!!!We were absolutely surprised ! The receptionist started using abusive language and when my husband said let me record this and post it on you tube- this is how you behave with your customer. She kept quiet. After verbal arguments we called the police. We were given two choices1. Pay for it tonight and take the matter to civil court.2. Leave the car and they will take the auto restart system off at their CONVENIENCE! The fine print says- cars with push start, keyless entry (where key is in your pocket and as you go near the car it unlocks the doors), chipped keys or any addition security system that they need to bypass in order to install auto start kit, will cost additional charges. I didnot have any of those features. I do have remote to open the car doors and to lock and unlock it.Any how They should have told us the additional cost UPFRONT while I scheduled the appointment.I was told it is one hour job and was given appointment accordingly.Then the day before appointment I was asked to drop off the car previous night or by 9AM. after much inconvenience I did drop it off. Never heard back from them till 6PM and finally I called them. It was still not done. Received a call around 7 PM to pick up the car. One hour job took 9AM-7 PM!!!!I contacted living social for such deceptive practise on thier website & they refused to acknowledge. Living social is worst website to buy any deal. Thier customer support is pathetic.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #536869
Dec 11 2009
04:05 PM
DeVon S. Howard - Quality Wholesale Homes - DSH Manufactured Homes ADVICE from Victims - How to get your Money Back if you were SWINDLED by these VARMINTS Internet, Texas
Several of the victims of this deposit collection swindle and/or credit repair scams run by DeVon S. Howard and sons (Chris and Dan Howard) have put together some useful information that can help you get your money back from these varmints. You can download the case files, advise and and information at the website: (((REDACTED))) If you have any success stories (received your refund or won a court battle) or any advise you would like to share with the victims of DSH that may help them get their money back, please contact us as soon as possible. Remember, be sure to file a police report, a Attorney General report, an FBI report and send your story to the media, asking them to investigate this scam.  The more people who join us to help shut down this scam once and for all, the more success stories we'll be sharing with everyone in the future. Let's not allow this scam to go on any longer so more innocent folks get their money stolen. Enough is enough! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet, Texas
24, Report #480726
Aug 16 2009
02:53 PM
Although I reported to IC3 on-line which is the same as reporting to the FBI, my husband and I decided to report to our LOCAL FBI office (suggested by my very helpful sisters). Perhaps a warm body standing before them would result in some action. You have to call for an appointment first, so my husband called and talked to an agent. The agent was very interested in the story of QWH/Goldbilt, etc. and my husband was on the phone with the agent for about 20 minutes. The agent said that time was needed to look over things and wondered if it would be OK to call my husband back, and he said yes. Later in the day, the agent called back. IC3 was checked and there are several complaints filed. The agent said that was good, that when enough complaints are filed, the FBI moves on a case. You are welcome to verify this story. It would be good to have others in the group state what happened when they called their local FBI. PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT IC3 BY DOING THAT YOU ARE ALSO REPORTING TO THE FBI! EASY ON-LINE REPORTING! Complaints filed show the tendency of QWH to scam (vs. the customer didn't understand excuse). IC3, Internet Crime Complaint Center @ At the bottom of the page is File a Complaint, click there The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) was established as a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to serve as a means to receive Internet related criminal complaints.
Entity: Washington, Utah
25, Report #488441
Sep 01 2009
04:47 PM
DEVON S HOWARD , DSH HOUSING GROUP,QUALITY WHOLESALE HOMES, GOLDBUILT.COM Aka GOLDBILT.COM DSH Threatened to keep deposit when we refused their undisclosed changes to contract Washington, Utah
I am going to make this short and sweet, as we were able to get some of our deposit money refunded, and signed a promise not to pursue legal action in the future.  Even though we will never get any more money back, I wanted to post our story so that other consumers will see these stories before they get scammed. In the Fall of 08 we began looking at a manufactured home as our only option to get out of our rental apartment.  We discovered Quality Wholesale Homes/DSH and got started. Things started ok.  Our salesman sent us a DRAFT contract with the options we had selected over the phone.  He told us to sign it to show we accepted the options as listed, assuring us that this would not bind us to anything and we could cancel at any time and receive our money back.  We sent our $2500 deposit. Next came our final contract that would outline the total costs, to the penny.  When we received that contract, it had suddenly grown and included charges for things like tires and lights and brakes for the truck that would haul the house, and we called to ask why those charges were not disclosed earlier. These charges totaled another 3,000 to 4,000 as I recall. Our salesman was conveniently gone on vacation.  Another took over.  He told us well those things are required.  We said yeah, we can figure that out.  You knew they were required, so why weren't they listed up front?  He hem-hawed around and we told them we didn't like their little sleight of hand, so we wanted our deposit back.  He said No.  Then the threats began.  He threatened that not only would he not refund our money, but that he would place the order for the first contract we signed (the one called a draft and was not binding) and that we would be liable for the $40,000+ that was listed on that contract.  He told us that they would have it built and that it could sit in storage and we would still have to pay for it. We were quite frightened.  We let it drop for a day or two so we could think.  We made more calls.  The owner/bossman Dave Higbee also refused to give us our deposit back. Finally, I had an idea.  I wrote a letter to Fleetwood, the acutal manufacturer of the homes that DSH/QWH sells.  I sent it to the CEO and another prominent individual.  I told THEM my story and advised them to cut off relations with DSH/QWH before Fleetwood's good reputation was ruined.  I cc'd Dave Higbee, of course.  Within a week, we got a call from Dave Higbee offering us half of our money back.  We were glad to get anything back, so out of sheer delight we accepted and signed a waiver promising no legal action in the future. SO... learn from us... these guys are crooks... and with anyone else... DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!!!
Entity: Washington, Utah

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