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1, Report #1373115
May 14 2017
07:52 AM
Diabetic Alert Dogs of America Jennifer Kaldy Edwin Peeples Ripping Off Peoplke with Disabilities Las Vegas Nevada
Diabetic Alert Dogs of America (DADoA) delivered to me a dog that does not meet industry standards for public access training in service dogs. I have tried work with them to find a solution. I had hoped based on their 100% client satisfaction guarantee that they would make this situation right. DADoA may dispute that this guarantee exists, but I have evidence that they have advertised a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Over the past three months of contact I have found that DADoA is unwilling to stand behind their client satisfaction guarantee. Further, I have spoken with numerous other unsatisfied clients. DADoA has also provided misleading information in their communications with me. In providing excuses as to why they cannot provide a refund the company's director claimed that they are a non-profit company: I have evidence of this claim made in writing, but I have not found in any registries that they are non-profit. DADoA has also claimed, in writing, that they mirror the public access training standards of Assistance Dogs International (ADI). However, DADoA failed to disclose that they have removed two key criteria from ADI's standards, making it much easier for a dog to pass their training, but leaving the dogs much less suited to actual public access work: ADI's public access test stipulates that the dog be handled by the client (a novice handler) throughout the test.  DADoA tested our dog while under control of a professional trainer, employed by DADoA ADI's public access test gives automatic failure to any dog showing aggressive behavior, including growling or uncontrollable behavior during the test o DADoA does not stipulate that any specific type of behavior is grounds for failure. During the delivery visit from DADoA, I was overly excited to receive my dog, and did not question the trainer thoroughly enough regarding alarming behaviors shown by our dog. Within minutes of being delivered, our dog was not willing to be handled, and would run away from my husband. o According to DADoA's own test, the dog should allow handling, and show no resentment or fear to a stranger that approaches. While leaving a restaurant, our dog barked several times at another dog, unwilling to calm down.  By ADI standards, this is a failure. While at a pet store on the first day of delivery, our dog growled at a stranger that approached her.  This behavior is an automatic failure by ADI. At a park with the trainer, our dog was extremely reactive to other dogs - this was a behavior that did not alarm the trainer, or indicate to them that the dog was not properly trained. While at a store, our dog reacted to another dog - our trainer told us to walk the other direction when encountering another dog.  This has always seemed unreasonable to me - we just purchased a dog that was trained for public access. Am I supposed to just walk the other direction whenever I encounter another dog in a public setting? After the trainer left, these poor behaviors persisted. She growls at customers in my husband's office The vet was unable to perform a proper exam due to the dog's aggression. Walks at the park elicit reactivity to other dogs. I have videos of her typical behavior in these settings; barking, growling, etc. When transiting through airports we always encounter other dogs - my dog will react and frequently bark. Am I supposed to walk the other direction while standing in the security line? I have numerous communications trying to resolve these behavior issues with DADoA. I followed any instruction I was given, and spent numerous hours with my dog attempting to improve her behavior. I have done everything within reason to maintain, and even improve, the level of training my dog had at delivery. Unfortunately, I must conclude that I fulfilled my end of the contract in paying DADoA $15,000, but they did not deliver a trained service dog that is capable of consistent good behavior in public spaces. I have attempted to provide fair avenues to resolve this dispute with only two conditions; I will not spend money to get the dog back to them because they should have delivered a dog with completed training in the first place. I am also not willing to separate from my dog for medical reasons - my husband travels for work, and due to hypoglycemia unawareness, it is unsafe for me to be without the dog. Following is an abbreviated version of communication and contact with DADoA: My initial request was to provide airfare and one week of hotel for me to accompany the dog and complete training (I later learned from other trainers, including one of their own, that one week would be too short).  DADoA refused this request stating they are a non-profit generating company. I find this reason to be completely irrelevant and misleading.  DADoA suggested that I pay travel costs to bring my dog to them. While delivering another dog in our area, DADoA did have a trainer spend 3 hours with us. Prior to this training, I emphasized this was a good start, but not enough to resolve the issue. o DADoA did offer to take our dog back with them after this visit - but as stated before, this is not an option for me due to health reasons. After the visit, DADoA's director contacted me via phone. He stated that he was willing to train a new dog for me, and take my current dog back. I advised him that after nearly two years this dog is a part of my family, and I would prefer my current dog to be trained properly. The company's director suggested that I discuss this matter with my husband. Shortly thereafter, I contacted the company's director and provided additional options to resolve the matter. 1. We would pay DADoA whatever the invoice cost was for our current dog so we could keep her as a pet. DADoA would then acquire a new dog, and train it properly. 2. DADoA could refund $7500 to provide funds for training of our dog locally. DADoA refused both options. The company's owner contacted me in a further attempt to resolve the issue - she offered no new solutions. I am forced to call into question the training capability, and also the quality of testing for public access- I am afraid that it is woefully flawed. DADoA contacted me on April 7, 2015 to let me know that my dog was ready for delivery, and that delivery was set for April 18-19, 2015. At this point, I believe it is logical to conclude that DADoA has committed to travel plans, and has strong reason to proceed with these plans. My dog's final testing prior to delivery was performed on 4-16-2015, only 2 days prior to delivery. At this point in time, it would have been very difficult, and embarrassing for them to change the delivery date if any training deficiencies were discovered with my dog. I believe that the professional trainer employed by DADoA that handled the final testing has significant motivation to pass the dog through training at this stage to avoid causing issues with travel plans and delivery dates already set. This process has eliminated any trust that I have in dealing with DADoA - I believe them to be dishonest and unethical. I am no longer willing to accept a new dog that has been trained by them, and I am no longer willing to have my current dog complete training with them. I am currently pursuing training with a reputable trainer who will be able to address the dog's behavior issues. She has estimated the cost to properly train my dog at $10,000. For this reason, I am requesting a $10,000 refund from DADoA. I have attempted to provide a thorough review of my experience with DADoA. I now believe it is their ethical responsibility to resolve this issue in the manner that I have requested - especially considering their claim of a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. They have failed on many fronts, and need to be held accountable. Also, Edwin Peeples created a fake Instagram account to go after my husband's business (the name he created was very similar to my husband's Instagram handle and he claimed he was my husband and said my husband's office sucks! He also linked to his website). I have screen shots of all of this that I am happy to provide.
Entity: Nevada
2, Report #1402814
Sep 27 2017
08:02 PM
Diabetic Alert Dogs of America Edwin Peeples Scam, Preys on Vulnerable Population of Desperate Disabled for Life Saving Medical Device (Service Dogs) Las Vegas Nevada
The owner of the company delivered this dog and admitted recently that he saw problems even on the airplane to bring the service dog that I waited six months for.  I am a single mom that does not awake to alarms for low blood sugars (which can be deadly) with no family anywhere close.  I was so excited to meet my life saving diabetic alert dog!  Ed assured me that Hachi would adjust and to just give him time, 30-90 days to be exact.  Hachi alerts to an open hand, but not blood sugar levels.  He shook and cowered behind me in public.  The only thing they got right were his obedience skills.  After less than 90 days, Hachi was washed from service.  Ed agreed to let me keep him as a pet and to train a new dog for me.  After ten more months, Ed said the new dog was ready.  Within that ten month period and after my experience with Hachi, I had made contact with well over 15 other customers that had been scammed by this company.  Many have no dog and received no money back.  Many have dogs that experience abuse or neglect on DADoA’s watch.  I lost my trust in this company based on many things, but the fact that this had happened to so many others out there was definitely up there on my list of reasons why I proceeded as I did.  I asked Ed for videos of the dog performing tasks such as night alerts before delivering the dog so he didn’t waste his time delivering a dog that wasn’t going to work.  Ed said he would not provide that.  I asked Ed for a refund instead of the dog.  He made it apparent that he felt like he was doing me a favor by doing his job and resolving this issue.  He seemed angry that I wouldn’t say I was happy or satisfied by my experience, but it was extremely emotionally charged the whole time and I never felt supported by Ed or Nicole, and rarely Christy.  Jennifer Kaldy didn’t even exist to my knowledge for a long time.  Ed and I  came to an agreement and hung up the phone.  Then he called back and told me I had to sign a non disclosure agreement to receive the partial refund.  I will not do that when I have heard him lie about so many other people’s stories and I have been studying dog training myself.  I told him he would have to deliver the dog then because I would not sign an non disclosure agreement that takes away my rights to protect myself from the negative and false stories he spreads about his unhappy clients.  Then, a diabetic in town here sent me a message to let me know her daughter is now receiving MY dog that I waited ten additional months to be trained.  Ed is not refunding any of my money unless I sign his non disclosure agreement which I will not do because of the negative impact on my health.  DADoA has over $11,000 of ours, and I nothing but my PET that has cost me thousands of additional dollars because of the anxiety from his training.  So I am lodging this complaint for all the people out there that think they are alone. This company has been nothing but one big heart breaking scam.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
3, Report #1101058
Jun 16 2014
08:45 AM
National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs, Inc. Lily Grace Diabetic Alert Dogs, Goldendoodles, Puppies Cottonwood California
4E kennels.com, Jeanette Forrey and the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs are attempting to pass of their puppies as sired by my dog, in order to make a buck. When in fact, by their own admission, the puppies were NOT sired by him. I have proof via email from Lily Grace saying, Jeanette told me that we will never know who sired this litter. Even though both Lily Grace of NIDAD and Jeanette Forrey of 4Ekennels ADMIT Jazper is not the father. They are happy to continue to sell puppies using a picture Jeanette STOLE from me. Please see her website as listed here. 4ekennels.com/rileys-christmas-litter.php She simply cropped my face out of the white dog's picture. I have the original picture to prove it. DO NOT BUY GOLDENDOODLE puppies from either Lily Grace of NIDAD or Jeanette Forrey of 4E kennels. They are liars theives.
Entity: Cottonwood, California
4, Report #1202740
Jan 19 2015
02:14 PM
Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers guardian angel service dogs, sdwr, warren retrievers ripped off by diabetic alert service dog org. Nationwide
 I purchased a diabetic alert service dog for my son, what I received was a non trained house pet. I have fully paid 20K to this org in the hopes of getting what we signed up for.   The org has stopped all communication with me and my family but still has all our 20K   We have filed a report with attorney general, irs, and postal inspector.   Buyer Beware when searching for a d.a.d  diabetic alert service dog this org is a scam!
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1373866
May 17 2017
07:03 PM
Diabetic alert dogs of america This company has yet to help with sccy . the vet record i have are mixed some for sccy the others for another dog.  Las vegas Nevada
 This company has yet to help with sccy . the vet record i have are mixed some for sccy the others for another dog. They say they will help only to say i have to pay to get sccy to them or live her with them either way they did a horrible job the first time way would i trust them again . i have missing paperwork, incorrect paperwork, no follow through, 2 near death experiences and 3 super high bloodsugars (because she did alert just laid on the floor). I have been lied to i purchased a $15,000 diabetic alert dog and got an expensive mutt that i have poured even more money into get her train the way she should have been when i purchased her. As soon as this case closed ed peeples and employees quit acting like they were going to help me. They have is mission on the website and its a guarantee Dogs are living animals with free will. All behavior, trained or untrained, may be subject to change over time. Our intensive training program is among the best in the world, and we are 100% confident that we will exceed your expectations. If, at any time, your dog experiences a loss of training, Diabetic Alert Dogs of America shall provide professional training services at no additional charge. This training service is for the entire lifetime of the dog. Our follow up consultations may include phone calls, E-mail support, dog and client instructions, and private training at a Diabetic Alert Dog's of America training facility. We consider our clients a part of our family. We believe in a very strict 100% client satisfaction gurantee. We will work very hard to exceed your expectations throughout the entire process. Our team of highly educated and experienced service dog trainers are always available for you throughout your dog's entire lifetime. To date, our training team has placed over two hundred highly succesful Diabetic Alert Dogs and have a long list of references available. We are also proud members of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating. Our team stands ready to assist you and your family with aquiring one of these life saving service dogs. “To provide individuals and families that are challenged by Diabetes with world class Service Dogs. These service dogs provide quality of life by providing independence, companionship, and lifesaving abilities. The true measure of our success are the individual lives that are saved or changed for the better as a result of our work.” However im completely unhappy with my service dog she isnt world class by any standard. They haven't even touched my expectations , they have let my family and me down. And as for world class dogs and it's far from that. She has to be medicated because of anxiety which is about $80 a month. She won't alert at night ever , or alerts every so often. I have yet to get sccys breeder information and akc paperwork. Im missing paperwork and even got some for the wrong dog. Online it say you get the breeder information i have yet to get that.
Entity: Las vegas, Nevada
6, Report #1415054
Dec 04 2017
08:19 PM
Cash Now Diabetic strips purchase Cash Now Offer Never sent payment for 5 boxes of strips.
I sent 5 boxes of Aviva test strips to this company.  Tracking says they received it on November 22nd.  I never got payment and my 6 phone calls have gone unanswered.  I left 6 messages...3 of them I marked urgent. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and this is devestating me. Their voice mail is very professional. A man named Jeff I believe is the advertiser.  Are we able to sue this company?
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1381072
Jun 24 2017
07:47 PM
Bank Of America Scam Alert Credit Card Lines of Credit 0% Interest El Paso Texas
Received offer for 0% interest until 3/18. Offers state use offer for items like: Home Improvements, Car Repairs, Unexpected Bills, Payment to Individuals, and Consolidation debt. I wrote a check to myself to pay off a couple higher interest credit cards. I received statement and they were charging me 16.74% interest. This is after they collected 4% of $7000.00. When I contacted them they said the 0% does not apply because your wrote it to you self. I told them it does not say that any where on the form. They replied but, it didn't say you could. This is a scam. Other companys do not void you if you write it to your self to pay off other debts. They only give you one blank check for 0%. Do not do businesss with this bank,apparently they have not learned from past issues with ripping off the public. 
Entity: El Paso, Texas
8, Report #271417
Aug 30 2007
03:24 PM
Magazine Services Of America FRAUD ALERT!!! Ripoff Margate Florida
In July I ordered magazines and PAID $57.48 billed to my credit card. I did not receive any magazines, consequently I received a past due notice at the end of August. My credit card had reached limit therefore the company was unable to charge my credit card again. When I called customer service I was told I could not cancel the service, that I would begin receiving magazines in September. Since when do we pay for magazines 2 months in advance??? The representative stated she was the supervisor, she was very very rude and did not satisfy the call. I am begging for this company to be legally pursued. I have since then cancelled my credit card so that no future moneys would be charged when the money becomes available. Justin Honesdale, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Margate, Florida
9, Report #814468
Dec 27 2011
03:49 PM
Belfast City Hospital Diabetic Unit Medical MisDispencing of Drugs leading to a severe fall and crushed spine !!! Belfast, Internet
As a type II diabetic I had been taking medication for my peripheral neuropathy. I had been on this medication for a couple of years and it worked extremely well. I regularly attended the Diabetic Clinic in the Belfast ity Hospital every three months. This was for a general checkup. On my September, 2010 checkup I was attended by a Lady Registrar who I had never seen before. She immediately told me I was using out of date treatment for my peripheral neuropathy. Cymbalta was now the number one treatmeent for my illness. I had to reduce my pregablin medication over two weeks then take the Cymbalta daily. What this Registar ommited to mention was the side effects in recommending this medicine. I suffered for three days, after starting Cymbalta, with nausia dizzyness and sweats. During one of the dizzy spells I fell on my bottom and severly damaged my spine. this was fifteen months ago and I still wear a spinal brace. Don't let someone who has never seen you before recommend NEW MEDICATION !
Entity: Belfast, Internet
10, Report #431601
Mar 06 2009
06:07 PM
Breeders Association Of America Sell sick dogs from puppy mills! Brick New Jersey
We purchased a puppy from the Breeder's Association of America on January 29, 2009. The owner and salesperson at the store guaranteed that the dog was from a reputable breeder and the price initially started at $3,000. They eventually chased us out the door, dropping the price to $800. we went through a financingcompany to pay for the dog as well as owed the store $299.00. We took the dog to a vet suggested by the Breeder's Association on Feb. 6 and tests came back the dog has Tracheo bronchitis. She also became sick with a parasite several weeks later and needed more medication (Feb 20). Our vet wrote us a letter that the dog was unfit for sale (we were also told the dog was seen by a vet the day we picked her up). He also suggested that we find out which breeder the Breeder's Association went to. We took the vet bills to the pet store and they said we couldn't be reimbured until we paid the balance. She also said she couldn't tell us where the dog came from because again we still owed them money. We paid the balance and they gave me a copy of our contract which had the last name of the Breeder as well as the name of a Kennel. They told us we couldn't get any more information on where the dog came from because there is a law that protects the breeder's privacy. I am unable to find such a law. Upon researching the Kennel, Oleo Acres in IA, we discovered the USDA has previously charged them for violating the Animal Welfare Act with over 15 violations. We have been unable to locate the breeder in the town they gave us. However, there are breeders listed with that last name in IA who sold dogs to puppy mills. These people are truly sick. The store needs to be shut down!! FURIOUS Mantoloking, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
11, Report #288700
Dec 03 2007
05:52 PM
Reward Program Of America In Jamaica New York SCAM...ALERT....SCAM Jamaica New York
I received a letter today and low and behold there was a REAL check from Big Thompson Federal Credit Union for the sum of $3,899.00 I called the number in the letter 1-905-462-1601 and some guy answered, it didn't sound like a business. I asked him what the check was in regards to and if it was real. He said yes the check is real and what was my reference code. I located the reference code and he told me the computer system was down, he took my first and last name and said he would call me back. That was an hour ago and I'm still waiting. That is when I came across this web site. I knew it was to good to be true. Also sme as the other peoople it said to contact Scott Brooks and after I deposit this check another $32,701.00 will be expressed mailed to me, but I MUST claim it by Dec. 16th NO EXCEPTION. Well I'm glad I came across this I feel like I already gave way too much information, already. T24 Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Jamaica, New York
12, Report #1175969
Sep 10 2014
08:43 PM
Breeders Association of America, inc. Brick, NJ Puppy Store, Route 70, Brick, NJ Selling puppy mill dogs, dishonest about dogs health condition. Selling puppies unfit for sale. Brick New Jersey
Breeders Association of America, Inc. rip off starts with their name- what kind of breeders association are they? Puppy mill association should be the name, as that is whee they get their puppies. They have them shipped from facilities, which receive numerous citations due to poor conditions that the animals are kept in. All they emphasize during the sale is that, you receive lifetime health warranty, which then (after you already have puppy in your hands, ready to take him home) turns out to be only 3 months and you have to pay extra for it ( not disclosed in previous conversation). Price negotiations are just ridiculous. Every puppy starts at over $3k; however, before you walk out the doors the price drops to below $1k. My puppy, amongst many others I now read about, turned out to be sick after a few days I had him at home. He has a kennel cough, typical for puppy mill animals. It is however so severe, that he is now hospitalized and I was told his chances of survival are 50/50. He, just like all of the puppies sold at that nasty place, was weaned off of his mother way too early and never developed a good immune system. He was vaccinated early and kept in poor conditions with other infected dogs. This is devatsting as my whole family already fell in love with him. I hear now the stories just like mine regarding puppies bought at that store. I have to pay for the hospitalization and all other treatment expenses and then file a claim with the insurance company. I want to warn everyone not to buy dogs from that store or from others which sell puppy mill pups. These are barbarian facilities and no one should support his business. Even if I get reimbursed partially for the treatment, who is going to reimburse my emotional pain? My daughters suffering? How about the risk of my other dog getting infected? His treatment? 
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
13, Report #911556
Jul 13 2012
12:24 PM
Citizens Insurance Citizens Insurance Company of America Consumer Alert!!! Howell, Michigan
This is an alert to Michigan consumers who are either currently dealing with OR who may be considering dealing with Hanover Insurance Group, in Michigan.  This information concerns Homeowners insurance policies that were written under Citizen's Insurance.  Hanover may be applying these practices insurance groups other than Citizens.     Consumers are receiving deceptive postcards, via postal mail, in which a company named Information Providers Inc, informs (does not request) the homeowner of the fact that an underwriting survey of their home is to be conducted.  This group conducts inspections of property - for the benefit of the insurance group.  The card states that this is being done at the request of both the insurance company AND YOUR AGENT - for the purposes of updating their records.  The card language is vague, cleverly worded, deceptive and designed to get the consumer to allow access to their home and property, while attempting to reduce the company's liability for providing false information and/ or hiding the deceptive intent.  The card states/ implies that this survey is a normally occurring event.  They describe the intention of this invasive survey, to be a way in which Hanover/ Citizens can obtain perspective about your property.  The consumer does not receive an official (legal) letter from Hanover, from Citizens or from your personal Agent.  This may be an attempt to create some form of denial of responsibility.  Consumers are not being asked to provide any needed/ updated/ missing information through a written form - only to agree to an invasive survey.  This survey is actually an onsite inspection. While an ethical insurance company may indeed ask to conduct an inspection of a home, prior to agreeing to underwrite/ insure it; it is NOT a normally occurring event for an ethical company to attempt to gain entrance to the home/ property of a client who is already insured - and in some cases, with that property having been insured for many years.  This is an attempt to find fault with your property and to create some cause to raise your insurance policy rates.  The homeowner will then receive an 'increase in premium' notice... and a threat to cancel if the increase is not agreed to and paid.    The Hanover/ Citizens personnel have tried to claim that the purpose for this invasive behavior is to determine if your rates should be LOWERED, or whether you have a need for an expanded policy to better protect the home improvements that you have completed.  Logically, any homeowner who improves his/ her property would be wise enough to contact their own Agent TO SEEK PROTECTION FOR THAT IMPROVEMENT INVESTMENT!  If the company were attempting to protect YOUR interests and property, they would send a letter in which you are encouraged to identify those improvements and to update your policy.  This deceptive survey activity does not seek to protect the homeowner... but to establish some reason - any reason - for negative action.   They also may attempt to say that they need measurements of the exterior of the home, itself.  Generally, the homeowner had already provided those measurements, at the time of underwriting.  If that need were legitimate, the company (or your own Agent) would first ask YOU to provide those measurements YOURSELF.  No intelligent company pays an employee to make an onsite visit, just to measure your foundation, if they can get you to do it for free.        We are also finding that in many cases, YOUR AGENT is totally unaware of this activity - since neither Hanover, nor Citizens has bothered to inform the Agent of this attempted activity.  This fact is a clear indication of deceptive intent - since your Agent may well be your strongest advocate.  In addition, questions are now arising as to the qualifications of the property inspectors that are used by Information Providers, Inc. and whether or not these personnel are nothing more than personnel that are quickly hired and then taught to target/ report any flaw in a property - with the sole intention of drumming up any form of justification for a premium increase.  The professional credentialing of these personel is in question - and therefore, so are their findings.  You may wish to consult your city government and inquire as to what type of inspection support is available to you.    We do not yet have sufficient information, to state conclusively that this activity is occurring more frequently (or exclusively) in targeted geographic areas.  If you receive a survey demand card, please post that fact on this site and identify ONLY the geographic area (the city only) that your home is located within. Call your Agent and ask if he/ she was even aware of this activity and post that information also.  Do not identify yourself, your address or your Agent.  Ask your Agent to find an alternative homowner's insurance provider for your home.  Do not reward a company like this with your business or your money.  Check with any friend or neighbors to see if they have been contacted with a demand for survey.  If you determine that you have identified a geographically-based pattern for these survey demands - Contact your appropriate elected officials immediately!  We will update this information, as it becomes available.  If you are threatened with a cancelation or rate increase, because of your refusal to submit to this inspection process - please post that information also.  If you DO submit to an inspection and receive a demand for premium increase or a cancelation - please post that information, as well.  
Entity: Howell, Michigan
14, Report #1367302
Apr 12 2017
11:42 AM
Diabetic buyers
 I used this company to send my test strips back and I never received my check they received my pkg on march 27 2017 and still haven't received anything what a rip off don't use this company
15, Report #1256598
Sep 22 2015
06:28 PM
Connect America/Medical Alert This company fraudulently extracted money from account, didn't repay and did not respond to alert button Broomall Pennsylvania
We needed a medic alert system to keep my 93 year old aunt independent as she is hard of hearing.We received the machine and button as promised and a contract that if we paid for 10 months we would get 12 months. We go south in the winter and put it on suspension after six months of service. We were informed that was NOT an option. They would refund her money but only for four months. One week later they withdrew the amount of the refund FROM her account. Five days later they withdrew it again!! I contacted the company six times over the next four months and finally got a check for the two withdrawls but not for the refund amount. I called two weeks before we were to come home and requested to have the service reinstated from the money they still held of hers. I was told by customer service that it would be done. Six days after activation they withdrew almost double from her account again! I have called another six times, each time being told a manager would contact me in 48 hrs or less. I have never been contacted! I think this company is a ripoff and I want to warn others about them. We are to test the button once a month also. On one occasion we pushed the test button four times in a 20 minute period and gotcall in progress but no response! They said it was a faulty unit. They would send out a new unit next day. I tried the old unit immediately after and guess what---IT WORKED!!!! If you have a loved one you need to protect--don't use them! 
Entity: Broomall, Pennsylvania
16, Report #916488
Jul 24 2012
07:12 AM
Bank of Americia Alert online banking status unknown names I just received a suspicious email claiming to be form Bank of America Internet
I just received a suspicious email claiming to be form Bank of America saying:   Bank of America Alert: Your Online Banking Status (Action Required) From:  Bank of America Alert [onlinebanking@safe.eglobal.bac.com] To:     undisclosed-recipients   Online Banking Alert Important Notification Security Checkpoint:  Always look for your SiteKey   Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of your online account we have issued this warning message. It has come to our attention that your account information needs to be updated due to inactive members, frauds and spoof reports. Due to this, we have sent you an attachment which contains the web page in order to confirm your account information. Download the attachment to your desktop and open the file to Get Started Your security is important to us.  Like to get more Alerts? Sign in to your Online Banking account at Bank of America and within the Accounts Overview page select the Alerts tab.    Email Preferences This is a service email from Bank of America. Please note that you may receive service email in accordance with your Bank of America service agreements, whether or not you elect to receive promotional email. Bank of America Email, 8th Floor-NC1-002-08-25, 101 South Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28255-0001 Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender 2012 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved. This email was sent to: You AR72768/DD6A66
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #750813
Aug 12 2011
06:07 AM
Pet Amber Alert They take your money, do not do as they claim Maspeth, New York
On 8/10/10, I reported my cat missing to Pet Amber Alert. I paid around $80 to have them send notices within a 100 mile radius from my home to various businesses such as vets, pet stores, animal shelters, and similar places, and also, to place automated phone calls to my neighbors alerting them of my missing cat.  That same day, they sent me a confirmation e-mail and stated my report would be reviewed immediately and would start processing shortly.  Further, they said I will receive a confirmation e-mail and poster within 12-36 hours, which I did. On 8/12/10,  I received another confirmation that my poster and info had indeed been processed within 100 miles of my home.  They further recommended that I make at least 20 copies of the poster and hand them out around my neighborhood.  This alarmed me, since I had paid them to make all these contacts.   I then went to my vet at Mission Animal Care Center and asked if they had received the faxed poster.  They had not, and said they never receive them by fax.  None of my neighbors had received phone calls, and the poster was not at any local pet stores. In the meantime, I found my cat on my own, and called them to notify them on 8/12/10.  Two days later, I received an e-mail from them, asking me if I'd found my cat yet, and to remember to report it if I do.  Now I'm wondering if they ever check their voice mail.  Over the next several days, I placed calls and left voice messages aking them for the list of businesses they faxed the report to so I could confirm if they were telling me the truth.  Finally, I spoke with a person, who said the list would be sent immediately.  I never received it.  They never responded to my phone calls or e-mails after that. I was left with no other choice but to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  The complaint is #8279728.  They never responded to the complaint, and the BBB was forced to close it on or around 10/26/10. I have read the previous 4 complaints on this site and see they have all had almost exactly the same problem.  To the first person who ammended their complaint because the company sent a list afterall,  I'd be curious to know if they actually followed up and called those contacts to confirm. I'd also like to point out that they state Our Pet Detectives will design a poster that attracts attention and produces real results.  They did no such thing.  They printed exactly what I wrote, which was not polished, since I thought they would be doing that.  The picture was gorgeous, but the credit goes to my kitty for that. One good thing I have to say in their favor, the free info they have in the missing pet guide is what prompted me to look for her by asking neighbors, and following those leads.  I found her almost immediately, trapped in the local schoolyard.  To the owner of this company, I would like to say, if this isn't a scam, then you should be firing some of your employees for not doing their job!
Entity: Maspeth, New York
18, Report #1311766
Jun 16 2016
01:14 PM
Life Alert Beware of working here Nationwide
This is a report on working for Life Alert as an employee in SALES, NOT on what the company does to protect seniors, which is not the issue here... No complaints on that, they do what they say and they keep seniors safe and protected. Here's the complaint:   The company advertises that you will make 50-130k a year. This is misleading and bordering on false advertising because they give only a few salespeople the best qualified leads and screw the new hires.  They're distribution of leads is based on crony nepotism not on your performance. Most of the reps receive a majority of grossly unqualified leads and old recycled leads of seniors who have declined service many times over.  They also  purposely transfer the customer service calls to the salespeople  and count them as leads, their biggest screw you of all .  Before you take a job in sales with Life Alert, read the negative sales reviews about Life Alert on the glass-door job website.   They're all true. The reps I talked to were making closer to $500 a week and complained that they're often shorted on their paychecks and gouged for any reason the company can find to cheat their employees out of their full commission . If you don't want to be treated like a rented mule, look elsewhere. I was hired with several others and each quit in under a month. The company runs permanent job listings on Craigslist and hires continuously, which should have been a red flag. Worst experience of my sales career!  Life Alert should be investigated by the labor board for their deceitful recruitment practices.  
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1262204
Oct 19 2015
09:14 AM
Connect America medical alert Scam, fraud, lied, misused credit card, Broomall Pennsylvania
 I set up this service for my mom and dad who are elderly and disabled. I live 650+ miles from them so this was supposed to be a peace of mind. My mom paid for the first 3 months like she was told to do and after that she was to receive a paper bill each month thereafter. I had this system set up in March 2015 and in that time until today, October 19th she only received one bill. I phoned them numerous times and was always assured that the matter was taken care of. On Oct 2nd I called and had them take her credit card information off her account or so I thought. They have repeatedly called her and harassed her over the bills. So today I called and cancelled her account with them. They wanted her to pay to send the stuff back and I told them no. So they said they would send her a prepaid sticker. They had also charged her credit card $499.95 after I made it clear not to do so. They're supposed to cancel her account and refund her money after they get the equipment back.
Entity: Broomall, Pennsylvania
20, Report #1272756
Dec 16 2015
09:18 AM
VIP Teacup Dogs/Posh Pocket Pups VIP Teacup DogsPosh Pocket Pups SCAMMER ALERT! Toronto, Canada
BUYER BEWARE!This 'person' is stealing photos and making websites to sell puppies. She will ask for you to do the wire transfer to her bank account and then not send you the puppy. My friend tried to get a puppy and once she did the wire transfer, the person disappeared. Her name was: Carmen Aleksandra Sisa-Sternal. Her husband's name was: Alexander Sternal. Their phone number they gave is (((REDACTED))).The address is: (((REDACTED))).Email address: puppies@vipteacupdogs.comWebsite: www.vipteacupdogs.com Be sure to do your research before buying!
21, Report #1423414
Jan 16 2018
02:54 PM
Cashnowoffer I sent 7 boxes of O.T Verio strips. Never got pad. Sent 7 weeks ago. Chicago Illinois
I sent in 7 boxes of O.T Verio strips and have not been paid. It's been 6 weeks ago. If you email them you do not get a reply and if you call you get a voicemail which no one calls you back. Big rip off.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
22, Report #453722
May 20 2009
12:22 PM
E And O Coverage Of America / Professional Benefits Society (PBS) Fraud Alert!!! Deceptive Practices Castle Rock Colorado
I'm a licensed insurance agent and I received an automated call (Robo call) about getting E&O coverage for just over $400 per year. I then went to their website to see who they are and what they really offer. First thing I noticed is they only post a PO Box address on their website....THIS IS A RED FLAG. I dediced to call and ask what their physical address is but the receptionist told me she is not allowed to give out that information...ANOTHER HUGE RED FLAG, ANY LEGITIMATE COMPANY WILL ALWAYS BE WILLING TO GIVE THEIR ADDRESS. I asked who the actual E&O insurance provider is and was told there isn't one because they do not provide E&O insurance. They provide E&O coverage but not insurance. This is a total waste of time & money because any insurance provider that you want to contract with will require E&O insurance. This company istrying to use the word coverage to make it sound like you're protected however the fine print listed below which was taken right from their website clearly indicates that you have no guarantee of being paid for any claim that may arise: Below is info taken right from their website: E and O Coverage of America is a Nonprofit Corporation, not an insurance company, and therefore cannot offer any insurance products. They are a non-regulated Risk-Sharing Plan. They are not regulated by the Insurance Commissioner's Office, thus the office has no ability to force such companies or plans to take any action should a consumer have a problem. These programs are not intended to replace insurance. Insurance requires a contractual transfer of risk in exchange for payment. When transfering the risk, insurance products also transfer your control of your legal and claims processes. This allows the insurance company to make decisions on your behalf with or without your consent. E and O Coverage of America's coverage is unique in that you retain the risk and, therefore, the complete control of your legal process. Now you and your attorney are allowed to decide what is best for you and your case. Their coverage may simply assist you in the reimbursement of the expense for your legal claims through the money available in the community pool that their Nonprofit Corporation has set up for their members. Based on the reserves in this pool, there is no guarantee that a need will be paid. This allows them to offer you a plan at a substantial savings. Many insurance agents prefer their convenience and rates, compared to what they can obtain in the traditional insurance market. Tom Van Nuys, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Castle Rock, Colorado
23, Report #761092
Aug 05 2011
11:23 PM
Glucoslin diabetic pills thieves/liers/FRAUD wripoff senior diabetic people on social security lewiston ME, Maine
GLUCOSLIN COMPANY Don;t fall for their sh*t. The ad on the TV  reaps many times send for 30 day FREE TRIAL for these puills!! They are suspose to lower blood sugar count for diabetics and make you loose weight!! They thieves, liers and FRAUDS,...You see the d*mm ad says you only pay 11/79 shipping  that is it.................even if you ask the salesman who is John that can he guantee that only 11.79 will taken out of your credit or debit card.........the crook says you, yess....bull crap The crooks took 211.79 out and hae not returned it.   The FRAUDS do not tell you have to pay full price in advance and it you return it within 30 days you may, repeat may get part of your money back!!!  Because I was such a dumb moron I fell for thir crap and lost 211.79.  It caused over drafts and gret hardship. I even hat to close my debit card and waint for a new one to come. I have endured much harassment, and the insult is this company told ke to go to h*ll
Entity: lewiston, Maine
24, Report #1085613
Sep 18 2013
05:35 PM
premier diabetic solutions orthapedic braces lafayette louisiana
Premier Diabetic Solutions is scamming people over the age of 65. Tricking them into thinking they need a orthapedic brace and that it is 100% covered by Medicare. Medicare only covers 80%. Please protect the people of 65 or older. This is wrong. Another company of this is High Point Wellness. They only target seniors in the states. I am so sorry becauseI have to work for them and it makes me sick.  
Entity: Select State/Province
25, Report #435490
Mar 19 2009
08:13 AM
Bank Of America Loan Gone Bad. loan, misrep, bad sales Orlando Florida
My wife and I took a loan from Bank of America. It sounded great at the time. The sales person told us all the terms, told us we were approved, also took the liberty of telling us that we could call back within 9 months to decrease the interest rate. The customer service has been the worst I have experienced yet. The first time I called in, the guy didn't address my biggest issue. There was a $500 dollar fee on our first bill. Not only did he not care about this, he just tried to sell me an equity line of credit. Great, thanks for the help. What is even worse, my wife and I both called back multiple times, and after a year, nothing was done to reduce the interest rate. I guess the sales guy was just telling us that for giggles. There is not a thing we can do. I talked to a manager at Bank of America, he informed me they do not have a recording of the original call, and pretty much told me that the sales person did not say the things he really did, and also DID say the things he really didn't. The short of it, Bank of America walks all over us. I will never never never use Bank of America again. The very first thing my wife and I will do is move our business else where if possible. Zeke orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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