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1, Report #1392391
Aug 13 2017
09:52 AM
Todd brown diamond pro cargo Diamond pro cargo Diamond pro cargo stole my deposit Thomasville Georgia
I ordered my trailer almost 6 months ago and during that process Todd was very helpful but once e had my money he stopped answering my questions and concerns. I actually started to drive down on my way to pick up my trailer on the arranged pick up date and I finally got a hold of him after two hours of driving and had to turn around and head back home. I still have not heard from diamond pro in over a month and they still have my deposit after they promised it back many times. Do not shop here it is a rip off
Entity: Thomasville , Georgia
2, Report #1401994
Sep 23 2017
09:47 PM
Diamond Pro Cargo , Todd Brown and Spencer Thompson Failed to refund deposit Thomasville Georgia
 Beware of this fraudulent business! They will take your hard earned money and not give you a trailer. We have been working with Spencer Thompson and Todd Brown to purchase a trailer since July 2017. We left a deposit of $2,500.00, kept getting the run around, either no response or gave excuses when we could finally get a hold of them. They asked for a remaining balance of $6,642.00 but when we asked for proof/pictures of the trailer, they never followed through. That's when we noticed these guys were scamming us. We have still not received our refund for the deposit and they have failed to respond to our calls and emails. Please don't fall for their scam. So disappointed. Makes it so hard for other businesses out there who are good and honest.
3, Report #1390466
Aug 04 2017
02:51 PM
Todd Brown Diamond Pro Cargo Diamond Pro, diamond pro cargo, Todd Brown Paid for my trailer in full, never recieved my trailer. Will not answer or return phone calls Thomasville Georgia
 I custom ordered a 8.5 x 20 with 16 inch tires and custom wheels, a recessed winch plate, tan in Color back in the beginning of March 2017 and was guaranteed my trailer would be delivered by May 5th of 2017. I paid a deposit of $1500 through PayPal to get the build started and wired the remaining balance due directly into Diamond Pro Cargos Bank account. Again was promised my trailer to be delivered by May 5th. Todd Brown, the owner of Diamond Pro Cargo consistently blew smoke up my rear end stating that the trailer had been shipped, or that the trailer was the next trailer to be picked up by the shippers for months this has gone on, it's at the point now where Todd Brown now forwards all of my calls to his voicemail which he will not return any calls, The phone Calls are being Screened at their office, Todd Brown and his associate's are snakes, fast talkers and liars, do not give them no money, or deposits until your hitched up to your trailer and pointing towards the exit of their lot. I have 6 months worth of phone records, voicemails, emails, text message and so forth that I can and will provide to anyone who wants to see how dishonest Tods Brown and his associate's are. Ive even got a sales receipt for my trailer but still have not taken delivery of my trailer. Todd Brown offered me $800 off of my trailer for my hastle , also offered to reimburse me for 2 separate trailer rentals that I had to rent because I had not revived my trailer from them. I believe that was just more smoke that Todd Blew up my pipe to buy himself some time. My advise to everyone is take your buisness elsewhere as I believe Todd Brown and Diamond Pro Cargo are a fly by night outfit. They will screw more people over than they will be honest with. Do your research people.
Entity: Thomasville, Georgia
4, Report #1374181
May 19 2017
12:41 PM
Diamond Pro Cargo Todd Brown took my deposit and has not delivered or can't even tell me when my trailer will be done Internet
 Todd Brown of Diamond Pro Cargo took my order for an 8 5 ft by 16 ft close enclosed trailer. I secured my order with a $1500 deposit thru pay pal. He told me 2.5 to 3 weeks with one month being the absolute longest until delivery. After 6 weeks he can't even tell me when the trailer will be manufactured. For the past 3cweeks the best he can do is tell me next Friday it will be done. I want my deposit back as I would probably wouldn't believe him if he were standing on my porch with a trailer behind him.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1195182
Dec 13 2014
10:39 AM
Diamond Cargo Steve Manager at diamond cargo, GTL cargo trailer sales Diamond Cargo & GTL Trailers Douglas Georgia
I gave Diamond Cargo a deposit of $2000 to build my trailer. I called many times and I get the voice mail. They must have caller id. I have been waiting months for my trailer to be built. As of now I have nothing. They are liers and theifs. How could you not make money if your ripping people off.
Entity: Douglas, Georgia
6, Report #1255048
Apr 13 2016
12:43 PM
Diamond Cargo Trailers illegal wiring, shotty workmanship, lazy, get what you pay for, BUYER beware! Douglas Georgia
Where to begin!? I thought was getting a great deal for my new concession trailer. I have spent over $900.00 on my 8.5 x 20 V nose Concession trailer just to make it legal! I have a in depth review on youtube and vimeo as well as my facebook, if allowed I'll post the link here. https://youtu.be/QQpFHZPnPIU if not allowed, look up on youtube, Diamond Cargo Trailer in depth review. The electrical is ILLEGAL, improper and poor workmanship, for crying out loud, walmart could build a better trailer! No rubberized collar / cuplar  for the ROMAX wiring coming into the breaker box. Pinched wires, screw thru the romax wires, outlet boxes cut out in the back, wires JAMMED in EACH one of the back of the boxes, collapsed wires ran thru the ceiling, handles on the cabinet below the sinks ( sinks not properly caulk ) are secured by one small screw that is NOT enough to hold the handle. ALL four wheels had NO grease for the wheel bearings, NO FRP walls as advertised. I really hope you go ANYWHERE else for YOUR trailer!
Entity: Douglas, Georgia
7, Report #1286743
Feb 10 2016
05:14 PM
Diamond Cargo Warranty is a lie. Won't return email. Sell across the country. Have to return trailer to them for warranty. No paperwork given of warranty at purchase Douglas Georgia
I purchased a trailer from this company 4 years ago.  I was given a bill of sale that states 5 year warranty and was told that it covered pretty much everything from manufacturer's defect.   I have a panel that the screw heads broke off and the wind got under it and ruined the panel.  Called and talked to Steve Brown and he informed me I had to bring the trailer back.  So I have to return a trailer 1200 miles round trip to get a warranty item covered. I offered to replace the panel myself if he sent it to me.  They refused, told me to get an estimate and he would work with me.  That was the last contact.  I sent estimate and again offered to replace the panel myself and no response.   This company offers warranties they don't cover.  If you are going to sell nationwide, you should have a warranty that follows the trailer.    
Entity: Georgia
8, Report #1401479
Sep 21 2017
07:22 AM
Diamond Pro-Cargo Todd Brown Paid my 1275,00 deposit and ordered my 18 ft enclosed trailer in April of 2017,finally they said it was ready to be shipped on Aug 3 2017 and billed me for the 4215.00 balance whitch i paid by wire transfer,long story short,as of the last of Sept.I still have no trailer and yes they screen my calls and will not talk to me,seems like their is too much of this crap goes on these days,what happend to honest dealings,oh well i will spend two or three times the worth of the trailer collecting from him,here we go !!! Thomasville Georgia
paid my deposit (1275.00) and ordered my 18ft enclosed trailer in April 2017,FINALLY they said my trailer is complete and ready for shipping and billed me for the balance(4,215.00)on Aug 3 2017 whitch i paid by wire transfer,Long story short as of today Sept 21 2017 no trailer and you guessed it,they wont take or return my calls.any lawyers willing to take my case or any news media willing to do a story please contact me Rip-off report.Thamks
Entity: Thomasville, Georgia
9, Report #448975
May 05 2009
01:07 PM
SilentAngelKittens And United Cargo Transporters promised kitten, supposed to ship by United Cargo Transporters, never received the kitten and they tried to scam me out of extra $1500 for crate rental now they disappear with no response. Diamond Bar California
United Cargo Transporters and Silent Angel Kittens are working together to rip off people buying pets. They ask you to send Walmart Moneygram because their credit card has been compromised. You send the money, they supposedly take the kitten to United Cargo transporters for shipment. They contact you with an airway bill/tracking number, but then they need extra insurance, then they need a special crate to ship the kitten and a deposit on the crate of $1500. Then when I said no, the breeder supposedly puts down $700 of this deposit, asking me to pay the rest. When I say no, breeder says shipping company wont give the money back or the kitten back so I'm out the $$. There is no such shipping crate, there are no restrictions, and this transportation company is a hoax with web address from Columbia and phone calls that link through the Cameroon. The breeders web address has a .tk rather than .com, I found out afterward that this is some country off of New Zealand. Linda Carlton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
10, Report #1205813
Jan 31 2015
03:59 PM
NEXUN TIRES Nexun Npriz No WARRANTY No pro rated no nothing Diamond Br California Internet
Entity: Internet
11, Report #610547
Jun 04 2010
10:43 PM
Delta airline cargo overcharge for cargo, Internet
On February 10, 2010 my cargo from Moscow arrived to Atlanta. It was carried by Delta Airlines in Atlanta Hartsfield airport. My assistant,after the cargo was cleared from customs, came to Delta Cargo office to pick up the cargo. Upon arriving she was told by employee of Delta that the the  Air Way Bill was lost by Delta, so they will print a new one from their system. They printed the new AWB. And ask my assistant to pay 2074$$. So she did. When I came back to my office 2 weeks later I look at the copy of my original copy of AWB which was sent to me by mu customs broker   , I find that this game withlost AWB cost me extra 1100$. Delta simply overcharge my assistant 1100$ claiming they lost the documents and charging her $5.50 per kilo instead of my original rate of 2.05$ Next day I call to Delta with  complain ,they told me that I have to e-mail to accounting department about this matter. I submitted all evidence to them and 3 weeks later i still recieving e-mail from delta asking about same paperwork which was already sent. I also visit Delta Cargo Office international and spoke with manager Natasha  she told me that it was Delta mistake and she will take care of this. nothing happened. Now I am thinking to hire a lawer and sue them for unfair business practice..Is anybody had same expierence?? It looks like they didn't do it a single time. 2 weeks later when I personally pick up next cargo, Delta clerk started to play lost documents game with me but I showed him a copy of mine and he accept the rate of 2.05$
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1427422
Feb 05 2018
05:05 PM
Roland Mundeke Kasongo from Shabunda Mining operating in Nairobi Kenya - Gold Scam Louis Neba Ben Aziz Musafiri Paul Kobia Hans Wagner Katerina (Kate) Mundeke Sky Blue Cargo Logistics Nairobi Gulf First Cargo Logistics Nairobi Roland Mundeke Kasongo pretend to be a Gold Seller but instead he is a ruthless scammer. After paying money he will never export Gold Nairobi Nairobi Province
Unfortunately we have to report a list of scammers. Not just the average gold scam but a very well organised cartel operating in various African countries. In this article we I will try to explain how they operate and tell you the people as well as the companies they use to scam potential buyers interested in Gold Dore Bars, Gold Nuggets, Copper Cathode and even diamonds and gemstones in Nairobi, Tanzania or Uganda.How do they operate... They will invite you in their office in the (exclusive) Lavington Area in Nairobi Kenya. Lavington is an Upper Class Area for people with money and their office looks professional to, to be honest. They dress well, they drive nice cars (Range Rovers, Mercedes E-Class, etc)They have a small location behind the office to smelt Gold and it all looks good, but... It is their plan to make you feel comfortable in order to scam you! They will offer you collateral which is worthless because at the end of the day, the Gold doesn't have any documents which means you can even end up in jail with that gold in your possession but they will not tell you that there are no documents, they will pretend everything is ok.. They will offer you to store the Gold in the bank but that also doesn't make any sense because they will always make sure that one of their own (most of the time the so called customs official) will need to sign documents together with the buyer which means gold will not leave the bank if the so called customs official doesn't sign in order for you to get the collateral released in case of a dispute.The documents you will get from them are are fake. Business cards, Insurance documents, Certificate of Origin, etc, etc, it will all be fake. This is the moments their delaying tactics will start. Don't ask me what they will not use in order to delay things: Hospital visits, delays with documents in Congo or Tanzania, UN Certificates, Children or parents in hospital, car accidents, you name it !You will get something they will call the Airaybill but it is a joke. Airwaybills (AWB)are from Airlines like Delta, Lufthansa, British Airways or Kenya Airways. AWB's never come from Cargo companies but that is what they try to make you believe so when we received the AWB from the cargo companies we knew something was wrong. And yes... The IP address from the AWB cargo company hosting was the same as the one from the Exporter used (so both Sky Blue Cargo and Gulf First Cargo Logistics were probably co-hosted on the same server and used the same IP-address). When we digged a little deeper we found out that the phonenumber on the packing list as well as the phonenumber on the AWB was on the internet linked to 419 advanced fee fraud so we knew we were in trouble already. But we found out too late and want to make sure you will stay away from these con artists.At the end of the day you will never get your gold and you can say goodye to your money. Kenya for instance is still a 3rd world country and salaries are low so this cartel got some high ranked Police officials on their payrole which means they are sort of untouchable because they just bribe their way out of jail.Roland Mundeke Kasongo is a citizen from Congo but operating from Nairobi, Kenya most of the timeLouis Neba is operating in Nairobi KenyaPaul Kobia from Kenya is operating from Nairobi, Kenya most of the timeKaterina (Kate) Mundeke is operating from Congo as well as Nairobi, KenyaThis cartel is using different companies and when they find out they are exposed they use other people to do the dirty street work so be extremely careful.
Entity: Nairobi, Nairobi Province
13, Report #594369
Apr 18 2010
12:58 PM
International Cargo Movers PUPPY SCAM Internet
I was helping my son look for a english buldog. After searching for months I came across a listing for two puppies. I emailed Rose Kate to inquire about them . She responded says that all she wanted was to get thema good home because the apartment where she moved to in Anchorage,Alaska would not allow her to have pets. The only thing that needed to be paid was the fee for shipping the puppies. The names are Mike and Sandy. She sent pictures of them as well. After gving her my name and address, international movers contacted me via email and then by phone. The money was t sent via Western Union because there website was down. My mother provided the funds for the transaction. I caught the scam too late. I'm out of $314.00 dollars.I called the company back several times and blasted them. I also demanded my money back. The phone number that was given to me I traced back to a throw away or prepaid by AT&T through a holding company Blue Licenses Holding LLC.  I contacted local law enforcement, the Anchorage Police department and the FBI. Following there advice I will change my phone numbers I gave them. I found this site too late. Please don't let it happen to you
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #674953
Dec 24 2010
10:59 AM
Xs Cargo Kingston Fraduant warrantee Kingston, Ontario
On December 11th 2009 I purchased An Xbox 360 from this store. At the time I was offered an additional warranty for $47, reportedly giving 3 years coverage. In November of 2010 the Xbox failed, when I returned the Xbox the store staff took the receipt, and refused to return it to me and offered an in-store credit that had to be used immediately. As there were no Xboxes in stock and nothing that I wanted, or needed I was out the entire amount including the "warranty" fee. While dealing with this issue I heard the same complaint from other people trying to get service, rather than serviced!
Entity: Kingston, Ontario
15, Report #177712
Feb 23 2006
02:16 PM
World Cargo Express ripoff almost Zagreb Croatia
There is a car on the internet for a 1968 mustang GT J code.Highland Green 390 V/8, 4 Speed BULLITT This GORGEOUS 1968 HIGHLAND GREEN BULLITT GT Fastback S Code 390 V/8, 4 Speed is a VERY RARE FIND!!The BEAUTIFUL Black Deluxe Bucket Seat interior in this HIGHLAND GREEN BULLITT is a KILLER COLOR COMBINATION!! It has the Factory front headrests, Sports Deck Rear Seat (Fold Down Seat),8000 RPM Factory Tachometer. excelent Chrome & Trim, a new GT Gas Cap. The Marti Report shows that there were 12,087 GT's , 4,113 with these Engine / Transmission Codes B U T ONLY 355 with this Paint / Trim Codes!!! Do the MATH, a GT Fastback S Code 390 V/8 , 4 Speed in this Color/ Trim Combo is not a easy car to come by in ANY CONDITION!!The odometer only reads 59870 miles. Yes it has the Racing Torq-thrust D Wheels with new BF Goodrich Radials that put the FINAL TOUCH to this GORGEOUS BULLITT!! Please contact me for more information! Price: $13,000 THIS IS THE AD THEY HAVE ON THE INTERNET FOR THIS CAR. I SENT A EMAIL OFF TO A MAN BUY THE NAME OF VAROL, AND HE TOLD ME HE WAS IN ZAGREB. I THOUGHT ABOUT BUYING THE CAR AND DECIDED TO GO THREW WITH IT.I RECIVED A EMAIL FROM A MAN BY THE NAME OF ARON AND HE ASKED ME TO GO TO WESTERNUNION AND WIRE MONEY TO HIM, AND HE WIIL GET THE CAR STARTED TO SHIP TO THE STATES. SO I DECIDED TO CHECK ON THE COMPANY WORLD CARGO EXPRESS ON THE ENTERNET. THATS WHEN I CAME ACROSS THIS WEB SIGHT AND READ ABOUT THE SAME THING I THINK THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN YOU BUY A CAR, AND CHECK THE COMPANYS OUT GOOD BEFOR YOU BUY.. MIKE TACOMA, WashingtonU.S.A.
16, Report #277567
Oct 07 2007
09:54 AM
Pacific Cargo Services Bad Management Spokane Washington
I was a Driver for this company. I quickly discovered that this company has some unorthodox procedures. All local Drivers were given brand new trucks. All graveyard drivers were given low end equipment. I broke down a few times with in a truck that should not have been on the road. When it was brought to the companies attention. I was accused of not properly doing my pre-trip inspection and that was why the break down occured. Pacific Cargo Services illegally transports Hazardous Material. When I told them I could not transport HAZ-MAT because my truck did not have placards,and I did not have a HAZ-MAT endorsement. I was told to hide it,by packing other freight around it so it would not be seen. I was loading some freight in my truck one night. I picked up this box and the bottom gave out. A car battery fell out and hit me in the foot. I tried to call the on call Superviser. I got no answer and tried back several times and left several messages. I was forced to drive about 50 miles with a fractured toe on my right foot. After this incident was reported. I was treated like I was faking the injury,and that it was no big deal. One night I was backing my truck in a rainstorm. This is my fault. I mis-judged the distance between the rear of my truck and the corner of a building. I struck the corner of the building. I called my Superviser and reported the incident right away. The next day I had to turn in a incident report. I was fired. I was told there was issues with my driving record. I had drove for this company for almost a year, and was four days away from being eligible for vacation. They said my paycheck would be in on Friday. I showed up for my check and it was not there. I was told it was sent to my home address. It never arrived. I called the Payroll Dept and had to leave a message,they never returned my call. Nobody had a clue where my check had gone or where it was at. I finally got the check to find out it was almost 400.00 dollars short. I was finally issued another check for the remainder after two weeks of phone calls and getting the run around. My advice is stay clear of this company and their shadey operation. Tdriver Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Spokane, Washington
17, Report #1041152
Apr 06 2013
04:28 AM
I went into XS Cargo to return a shoe rack @ $15.72..& I was arrested for an alleged assault. The cashier was extremely rude and unprofessional. I was denied to return the shoe rack, a my credit note & my original receipt for the return of the shoe rack, not to mention the actual shoe rack. Was demanded to leave the store & when I asked for either both my receipt & shoe rack; When I tried to retrieve my original receipt by reaching over the counter; The cashier shouted for the Supervisor; when I was approached in my personal space and I was threatened by the woman calling herself to be Supervisor to leave & the irate cashier to have the police called. I told them to call the police; as the way I was being treated the police was needed. As I stood there; both the cashier & Supervisor chuckled & decided at that moment they were going to call the police and charge me with assault. At that moment, I continued to stand there patiently & most of all calmly & asking for my belongings & receipt when I was denied. I do not have a criminal record. I am INNOCENT. I did not strike nor assault either individual involved. I turned and left; but before exiting; I turned around and calmly expressed that thier behaviour was both as if they were crackheads & then told then to have a wonderful day & God bless you...I will prevail!
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
18, Report #1097090
Nov 05 2013
12:02 PM
Cargo world Misleading furniture sales Independence Missouri
My wife and I had been looking for new living room furniture.  We had been to several stores and came across Cargo World, I spoke with Don on the phone and he told me he had name brand furnishings and fantastic prices. Upon arriving were greeted by Don who was in a wheelchair, (upon subsequent visit discovered he can indeed walk) we were shown several selections, we made a choice, paid 1650 for them and awaited delivery. When is people were moving in what we had purchased they damaged the items. So called don and he agreed to exchange it scored something else, ok all fine and dandy. So we return to his store and picked out what was told was Natuzzi. Well less than 60 days there are issues with this as well. So after taking the receipt to him (which we did even though he should have it) two weeks elapsed with no response. So I looked for a manufacturer label and could not find one. I called Natuzzi and was told where it should be, nothing. I was further informed by Natuzzi that it was probably not their product! When I called Don to inquire about the concern he immediately became very rude and started cursing at me using language I won't post here but most were four letter expletives beginning with F, then hung up on me! So my wife called back, as her demeanor is softer than mine, he again started screaming at her with the profane language of a drunken sailor! Then hung up on her as well! After two more attempts to call and speak rationally with him( which was even worse than the first times) it was apparent that when he realized that he had been caught in his scam! He is a liar and the rudest person I have ever encountered in recent years!!!!
Entity: Independence, Missouri
19, Report #1282272
Jan 25 2016
01:55 PM
Cadence premier Cargo inc LT Cargo inc. Stealing money Alsip Illinois
 Worst company I ever worked .They trying to be nice for the first couple weeks to attract drivers to start work for them, then the nightmare begins...Stealing money from your Paychecks with stupid excuses ,illegal charges.They count on new immigrants that new in the country so they can be confident they they will not complain about anything .very bad attitude to the drivers,they force you to open A corporation so they can save their ass for taxes and responsibility .they got a department.They force you to pay for it that correct your logbooks which is let you drive over the limit .My advise never ever think to step to that company.
Entity: Alsip , Illinois
20, Report #1232870
Jun 02 2015
06:40 AM
Cargo Express Inc. Cargo Express (Saipan) Inc. International Shipping Fraud Saipan MP
We had our household items shipped from Saipan back to the U.S. over 6 months ago!  The CGI employee kept telling us 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks, but the shipment never came.  We repeatedly asked CGI for additional tracking and shipping information, but they would not give us information and, when they did, it was inaccurate and/or unverifiable.  Please do not use this shipping company if you are moving to/from Saipan.  Save yourself the trouble.
Entity: Saipan, Internet
21, Report #1417770
Dec 18 2017
07:01 PM
Ben Aziz Musafiri and Hans Dieter from Nairobi Kenya | Gold and Diamonds Scam Ben Musafiri Hans Wagner Albert Yale Roland Jojo Olembe Paul Kobia Joe Kirimi Ben Aziz Musafiri and Hans Dieter Wagner from Gulf First Cargo Logistics and KMGR are Gold and Diamond Scammers Nairobi Nairobi Province
Unfortunately we have to report a list of scammers and the companies they use to scam buyers interested in Gold Dore Bars or Gold Nuggets in Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam or Uganda.How do they operate... They will invite you in their office in the Lavington Area in Nairobi Kenya. Lavington is an Upper Class Area for people with money and their office looks professional to, to be honest.They have a small location behind the office to smelt Gold and it all looks good, but... It is their plan to make you feel comfortable in order to scam you! They will offer you collateral which is worthless because at the end of the day, the Gold doesn't have any documents which means you can even end up in jail with that gold in your possession. They will offer you to store the Gold in the bank but that also doesn't make any sense because they will always make sure that one of their own (most of the time the so called customs official) will need to sign documents together with the buyer which means gold will not leave the bank if the so called customs official doesn't sign.The documents you will get are fake. Insurance documents, Certificate of Origin, etc, etc, it will all be fake. This is the moments their delaying tactics will start. Don't ask me what they will not use in order to delay things: Hospital visits, delays with documents in Congo or Tanzania, UN Certificates, Children or parents in hospital, car accidents, you name it !At the end of the day you will never get your gold and you can say goodye to your money. Only thing to do in a case like this is immediately contact the local authorities (CID, Interpol, Local Police, Etc) and report things.Aziz Ben Musafiri from Kenya and he is operating in Kampala Uganda Nairobi Kenya as well as TanzaniaHans Dieter Wagner is a German national but currently living in Nairobi KenyaAlbert Yale is from Kenya operating from Nairobi Kenya most of the timeRoland Jojo Olembe is from Kenya and acting as the customs official he is operating from Nairobi KenyaThis group operates in the following counytries:- Nairobi Kenya- Dar Es Salaam Tanzania- Kampala Uganda- Kinshasa Congo DRCMost of the time they will probably use one of the following companies to scam you so please be extremely careful !!Umoja Express Logistics operates in Kampala Uganda as well as Nairobi Kenyawww.umojaexpresslogistics.comSky Blue Cargo Logisticswww.skybluecargologistics.comStedmak Gardenswww.stedmakgardens.co.keGulf First Cargo Logisticswww.gulffirstcargologistics.comKenya Metropolitan Gold Refinery LTD - KMGR operates in Nairobi Kenyawww.kmgoldrefineryltd.com+254739250732The moment one of the people listed in this complaint or someone using one of the companies above, you already know it is bad news. Just end negotions right there and leave as soon as you can and it doesn't matter how nice their sttory will sound, please DO NOT pay them any money upfront and stay away from them because they only have ONE intention and that is to scam you.
Entity: Nairobi, Nairobi Province
22, Report #1329700
Sep 23 2016
06:11 AM
Cargo Experts Corp. Cargo Experts LTD Cargo-Experts Stephanie Bodner FRAUD. SCAM. BEWARE! Company takes your money but never pays vendors that ship your goods. Plantaton Florida
This company is a total scam. I paid $2500 to have to have my goods sent from Guatemala to Colombia. This company makes shipping arrangements and promises door to door delivery. After waiting for more than 2 months for my goods to arrive (they said 20 days) I was hit with more than $900 more dollars in additional fees that were never mentioned. Import taxes were a small part of that amount. Other fees including delivery had to be paid in cash despite the door to door service promises. I then began getting emails from the cargo company contracted by CARGO EXPERTS stating that they were never paid and can't get in touch with them for payment. I am also waiting for a refund of more than $500 for the difference in the estimate of my cargo vs. the acutal price. Stephanie Bodner, the head of this repugnant company, continued for more than 3 months that a refund was on the way and that it was taking time to process. This company takes advantage of shipping companies located in 3rd world countries that can't fight back for the money owed to them becuase they are outside the USA. I am a US citizen and this is unaccablte and disgusting. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! They literally steal your money and never pay for the services that get setup for your cargo. TOTAL SCAM!
Entity: Plantaton, Florida
23, Report #770232
Aug 28 2011
04:41 PM
Jon Chilian Jon Chilian From Usa use to claim to be Diamond dealer and also Rough Diamond Grader, last know to sell Beach Front Properties in Brazil He asked Money that he will buy Diamonds and gold and give profit i gave him $35,000 and till today its been almost 8 years and after i posted as wanted i got some told me he is selling Pro palm beach Florida
I am  looking to know how to get my Money back from Jon Chilian   , he asked Money in Totoal for Business  that he was going to  do buy Diamonds and gold  and will pay  me back or give huge returms   I sent him in total $35,000   back some over 7 years ago   , then i lost all his contact   , i had posted that i am looking for jon Chilian and finally i did get through to him  selling Beach Front Properties  he sent only $5000  in 2006 / 2007     and i did contact him again for more but he never sent me any more refunds apart from $5000       I will like to know what can i do  and anyone has his PICTURE ID  address ph nos   and any attorney can help me recover my money with Interest 
Entity: palm beach, Florida
24, Report #385286
Oct 27 2008
12:31 PM
Diamond Re-Marketing - Diamond Motorsports Biggest Crook In Arizona Scottsdale Arizona
My wife and I bought a 2007 Mercedes Benz S550 from Craig Diamond and John Paul. We were NEVER told that the car was a buy back Lemon from California. He pushed us through so fast along with that little snake John Paul who thinks he is a Craig Diamond who is nothing but a legal thief. When we went to Re-Finance the car we we told by the bank that they would not touch it as it was a Lemon. We went to the Mercedes Dealer and they said the car is worth half of what we paid for it a year ago. We spoke with the service Mgr. who informed us that Diamond buys these cars at auction and brings them to the dealer under warr. and tells them to just Mickey Mouse it the best you can. The Mercedes Dealer even said that Craig, Brian, and John Paul are the biggest Slime balls around and if things go my way our Lawyer says that he has collected so many things on Craig that he will soon be out of business and in jail along with that little want to be John Paul. BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS CROOK.....Also, Check with the BMW Dealer on N. Scottsdale Road and they will tell alot more, thanks to my lawyer noseing around. Jj Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
25, Report #24438
Jul 11 2002
04:39 PM
J&B CARGO INC ripoff Woodside Queens New York
On January 2,2002 I paid $345.00 to J&B CARGO INC. which included insurance for my CPU COMPAQ which has total of $1,645. Which this package was being sent out of the States. This company said This cargo is going to be received within three months which should of been April of 2002. As of today July 11, 2002 this company keeps saying that my cargo is still in the custom-house which I personally went where I shipped my cargo and they said they never received my package. This company said they can't give me my money. Who should I speak to about my grievance to get my money and my computer back. Thank you. David Bronx, New York
Entity: Woodside, Queens, New York

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