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1, Report #1400783
Sep 18 2017
10:45 AM
Dianna Liner Liner Entertainment Group Diana Liner is a Lying Thief Houston Texas
I would like to issue a warning to anyone considering doing business with Dianna Liner or Liner Entertainment group. She and her company are alternately listed in Houston or The Woodlands, Texas, and Tucker, Georgia, and her company is supposedly formed in Florida. On the phone, Dianna is very good at selling herself and her services.  If only she were half as good at delivering those services! Problem is, in many cases, I don't think she's even trying. She merely intends to rip you off from the word go. She will promise you over and over again, It's coming any day now, just be patient. Meanwhile NOTHING happens. Against my better judgment, I agreed to an arrangement she suggested, where she would arrange financing for a movie I hoped to produce. She assured me she could raise the 5-6 million dollars I needed. All I had to do was pay a due diligence fee in the amount of $1250.00.  Since I had seen the due diligence ripoff in action before, I was very skeptical, but she assured me that her investors were going to be moving money within the week, and this fee needed to be deposited in her account IMMEDIATELY, or I would miss out on the opportunity. Plus, her contract specifically said, This fee is 100% refundable. IF Diana Line has not attached interested investor to client's film projects within 120 days... No questions asked!! So I went to my local Wells Fargo Branch in New Jersey and made a deposit of $1250 in her account on October 6th, 2014.   About 3 weeks later, she called my with an extreme urgency, telling me I need to send an additional $100 RIGHT NOW to cover half the cost of the lawyer writing up the agreement with the investor. Again, against my better judgment, I did that, making a direct deposit to her Wells Fargo account at my local branch. That was nearly three years ago, and guess what? I never even heard the name of an investor, much less got any introduction or contract. I gave her far more than the promised 120 days. While I contacted her numerous times over the ensuing months, I was always told I'm working on it, We're very close, We'll have a call with the investor this week, and a lot of other such statements that now appear to have been nothing more than fiction. Finally, on June 22, 2015, more than 240 days after paying her fee, I emailed her asking for a refund. She never refused to pay it, but told me that she was again very close to having an investor attached, but if I wanted a refund, I could have it. Over the next few months, she continued to agree to issue a refund, while not doing so.  Throughout the summer, she continuously promised to send me a refund check, and then did not. In mid-August, she told me I would have it in the second week of September.  By mid-November, I still had not received anything.  In December, I began to threaten legal action. She finally agreed to send me $100 every two weeks until the debt was repaid. I got one check for $100, then nothing for several months. With repeated badgering, I got a second check. After that, I could not ever reach her by phone or email. I never got any further payments from her. When I threatened again in early February of 2017, she promised to have the debt paid in full by end of February. No payments ever came. My lawyer sent her several letters requesting payment, but they were all ignored. Of course, any legal action against her would cost me much more than the $1150.00 she still owes me after 3 years, so I have no choice but to spread the word: If you are offered any kind of business arrangement from Dianna Liner, no matter how good it sounds, or what kinds of guarantees are offered, RUN AWAY!! She is a liar and a crook.
Entity: Houston, Texas
2, Report #785571
Oct 06 2011
01:09 PM
dianna liner liner entertainment liar, fraud houston, Texas
Dianna liner is a fraud!! As of this report she has not returned $400 dollars that she took from me for a bogus business funding scam that she was promoting. Over the last 10 now going on 11 months she has continued to promise me my refund and in the same breath say how broke she is.She first wrote me a check for the $400 on a temporary personal check and this was returned NSF. then a few months later she sent me a signed notarized contract that she would repay me the $400 dollars by september 18th and also give me $10,000 dollars for the trouble she put me through. So on september 20th (already breach of contract) she sent me another check this time on her company liner entertainment. and you guessed it it was also returned NSF!! That is check fraud.This woman is a pathological liar, everything she has told me has been a lie week after week.So now it is going to be a legal issue. I dare her to come on here and try to call me a liar because I will be more than willing to prove everything that I am saying.
Entity: houston, Texas
3, Report #949502
Oct 01 2012
10:48 PM
Dianna S. Liner Mama D scam artist, fake, run now!! houston, Texas
All you need to know is Dianna Liner is a fraud, a fake, and a scam artist. Run Now.
Entity: houston, Texas
4, Report #776084
Sep 13 2011
06:28 AM
Liner Entertainment Group, LLC Dianna Liner Unethical, No Integrity, Liars, Houston, Texas
My name is H.E. Mantel-HaroHalola, I am a published, professional writer; I answered an ad on Craigslist posted by Dianna S. Liner, CEO/Founder of Liner Entertainment Group, to tweek the boring Bio of her managed client/artist Bobby Soloman Smith (www.bobbysolomansmith. com & www.myspace.com/bobbysolomansmith). Because of the natural vibe I caught from her, counter to my business policy I did not request an up-front/deposit fee. I completed the work - as committed-to - in one day & mailed the Bio in a word.doc attachment (6.26/27), confident I had more-than-fulfilled her requisite (the existing Bio from which I drew some info was jr. high school at best; this for a recognized hot property in the industry!). It is now June 29th., my repeated E-mails & phone calls have remained unanswered...in short, I have not been paid/compensated for my effort/work: This smacks of rip-off. This posting is among the 1st. I am assigning to the Internet to alert any whom would contemplate dealings with her Co (I am not now so certain the prior posting re: the Sweet 16 denial is accurate). Further, any rebuttal/denial which subsequently appears here posted by Liner Entertainment/Dianna S. Liner, et al will be false & should be construed as such (anyone desiring documentation of this is invited to contact me at Hberrygrove@aol.com). If you happen to venture to any of Bobby Soloman Smith's sites & read an erudite, concise Bio...It's my work (or part-of which doubtless was plagiarized). Thank you for reading this, integrity has become an obscenity. H.e.m.-H'H. 54 days ago by HaroHalola In regard to the above, I have been contacted by E-mail (after several weeks of my unsuccessful attempts) by Liner Entertainment Group, LLC Staff (presumably one) presumably ONLY after my original post (above) was discovered; any logical mind will glean why. The following is their message: Why did you POST on scam alert because we didn't like your WORK?? your bio read JUST like the original We are looking for someone who can RE-WRITE the artist bio... so because we didn't like your work you post on a scam site??? This is the reason why we are picky with you we work with. pride always gets in the way of professionalism for some people.. not that it will hurt anything because Ms Liner is well connected.. however we ask to please remove that post it clearly just states you were hurt because we didn't like your work.. there is no SCAM anything.. we never used you work... Thank you Staff To which my reply was a well-documented, focused, de-linerated, comprehensive reiteration of truth, apparently obfuscated, evidenced by the above mail. So, the question begs, why have they chosen to not rebut with a post here (as they promptly did re: the initial posting for the Sweet 16 party? And, as stated in the mail, if Ms. Liner is well connected, why make the effort to send me a request for removal? My reply was promptly answered (how ironic) with a short, cryptic ignorance, seemingly the final blow-off. Whether they employ my work or not (I have already stated my belief they will - part or whole, It's too replete not to, even doctored & plagiarized), the issue is one of not solely being ripped for my writer's fee, but a blatant lack of professional integrity. They can't get out of their own ways of lies & subterfuge. For the record, I have offered a reasonable solution for the resolve potentially-amenable to both parties. H.e.m.-H'H. 53 days ago by HaroHalola **Addendum to the above/above: I challenge/defy anyone reading my comments in the light of the narrow scope of Liner's pasted mail to indicate ONE syllable which indicates/references my ...that post it clearly just states you were hurt because we didn't like your work... Aside from the grammatical/syntactical errors of this statement, It is laughably inaccurate (& I'm not laughing!); they really do need an educated writer, even to document their mis-informational, self-serving guile. H.e.m.-H'H. 22 days ago by M_mac Dianna liner is a FRAUD!!! For nearly a year I have been trying to get my money back from her after many many broken promises to pay me in full. She would in the beginning every now and again send me a little bit of money and call it an intent to pay. She then writes me a check for $400 on a temporary check, And of course it was returned. She then proceedes to give me this sob story that she is broke and has no money, but at the same time telling me that she promised pay me and make it right. Now she has blocked my number so i cannot call her. News flash dianna, If you think that I'm going away you are dumber than a bag of rocks! You are in Houston And I'm in San Antonio, I will be in Houston to see you in court. COUNT ON IT!! 15 days ago by HaroHalola M_mac, victim of FRAUD - I am pleased, yet saddened to learn of your similar plight with the well-connected one, & you obviously have read my experience(s) re: her double-dealing. Doubtless there are others whom will begin to come forward in the names of ethics, professionalism, et al. My E-mails to her client, Bobby Soloman Smith have gone unanswered, likely due to her filtering what reaches him; my phone calls/messages, similarly to her, are not returned. I am holding the vision you will prevail in your litigation & smack her where It hurts most, in the $$$$, which she covets like nothing else. What is the nature of your gig for which she has reneged? Perhaps a public forum in court will catch the air of the media (Texas & Nationally) & she & her crew will be exposed for the truth. H.e.m.-H'H. P.S. - Bring on Judge Judy! 14 days ago by HaroHalola P.P.S. - M_mac, Please drop me a note (E-mail address in the above posts) when your court date comes up in Houston; she owes me approximately the same amount as due you for work I did (see above), turning a piece-of-trash bio for her client into a mature, cogent, original, dynamic work...for which her staff's rationale for non-payment was it read like the original. Well, if that could possibly be considered, one need only compare the two & immediately discern the ludicrousness of that claim, i.e., I have been out of jr. high school for quite some time, & my jr. high school writing in the 20th. C. surpassed her supposed bio for Soloman. She agreed to compensate me for my work; her ethics seemingly are non-existent...Truth is an obscenity. H.e.m.-H'H.
Entity: Houston, Texas
5, Report #954487
Feb 18 2013
03:07 PM
Dianna Liner STILL has not paid me! houston, Texas
Well here I am again, It will be three years since Dianna liner has taken money from me. she has sent me a few dollars here and there. She owes me several hundred dollars and is still promising me to  pay me my money and then some. The latest lie she has sent to me was dated 9/28/2012 That she would send me my money 100% the following week and in true Dianna Liar fashion Has lied. As of this posting 10/13/2012 all I have is excuses and the never ending promise of next week. What she has failed to realize is she will be in court sooner than she thinks. Come on Dianna, jump on here and try to call me out I dare you. because You know I will prove everything that I am saying. So here is the update you asked me for!!!
Entity: houston, Texas
6, Report #1121836
Feb 07 2014
03:19 PM
Dianna Barranco Skrocki Dianna Grebe, Dianna B Skrocki Interior Designer or Print AD Copy CAT ? whiteford Maryland
   I learned about Ms. Skrocki through a mutual friend.  He told me she was professional, timely and creative.So I took a chance hand hired her to do some decorating in my home.  WELL,  First SHe CHARGES entirely too much money for her services.   I was very disappointed in HER work. I could have done what she did.  Instead of being creative, her ideas look like they came straight out of an AD for HOME DEPOT or JcPenney Catalog.I was very disapointed with her WORK all the way around.  My advice to other customers is to take your time & do your research to find a qualified Interior Decorator.  NOT someone WHO wants to be decorator.  I would NOT Recommend Ms. Skrocki!
Entity: whiteford, Maryland
7, Report #1147277
May 16 2014
11:53 AM
Dianna Boss Get waisted This chic took my money and didn't send my order! Fairfield,CA Internet
I placed my order on April 1st. 2014,  they took my money on April 1st. But on April 11th I sent a message via Facebook. Asking about my order someone responded with an apology and  said they will check it out and will get back to me by the end of the day,well no one never got back to me. Sent a message. On April 15,18th,21st,25th with no response. I have. Sent email messages, instagram message,and twitter no respond
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1406409
Oct 15 2017
12:31 PM
Dianna Nguyen MD This doctor should have her licensed revoked Irvine California
 After waiting 45 min. To be seen I then waited another 30 in the room to talk to a medical office technician to then wait 15 min to be told i had the flu and wrote a antibiotic which the office technician handed me and sent me on my way. The doctor never saw me nor spoke to me after expressing i needed to be evaluated by a doctor. Theres no EXCUSE what was she doing? They weren't busy I was patient I would have waited even longer to speak to dr. Nguyen, but she refused. I went home called hospital hotline and come to find out none of my symptoms would have had used the prescription she wrote. Go figure.... i have come here plenty times previous this doctor shouldn't be allowed to PRACTICE MEDICINE!
Entity: Irvine, California
9, Report #1247469
Aug 10 2015
07:13 AM
Liner World SCAM COMPANY!!!!! linerworld.com
I ordered a liner from linerworld.com. the liner is very flimsey!! we installed according to directions! after filling with about a foot of water the liner came out of the track and tore at the seam. I contacted the company and was told they will not replace or refund because it is an install issue. I then patched the seam and proceeded to fill only to have evry seam leaking. The product is cheap flimsy and crap! The company is terrible unhelpful and ridiculous. I have never had such a bad experience in my life! I am out 150.00 and still do not have a liner! Buery be ware!!! Do NOT buy from liner world!!!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1234497
Jun 09 2015
08:56 AM
Liner World Sells defective products Crestwood Illinois
We purchased a liner from Liner World and had it installed by a professional pool company. The liner broke along the seam when the pool was filled with water and consequently it began leaking. When we contacted the company, Carmen stated that it was a manufacturer's defect after viewing the picture of the hole. She offered to send out a new liner, as that is what their warranty covers.  I now must pay $350 to have the new liner installed and I wasted 23,000 gallons of water that cost me $147. Because of their faulty product, I am out nearly $500. This is unacceptable considering that this entire situation is due to their faulty product and not any fault of my own, besides choosing a company that does not stand behind their products. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! (Unless you have an extra $500 you would like to throw away!)
Entity: Internet
11, Report #15969
Mar 05 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: CONESUS, New York
12, Report #442175
Apr 09 2009
07:14 AM
Dianna Weller & Money Bookers Shipping Department 2003 Nissan Maxima on SellMyCar Provo Utah
Found this too good to be true offer on a 2003 Nissan Maxima with very low mileage for $2900. Tried to contact seller to find out more about the vehicle and Diana Weller replied with the following: quote ------ Hi there, The car is in perfect working condition, it doesn't have any dents, chips or scratches and the interior is in like new condition, never smoked in. All the maintenance done on a regular basis and I have all the service records for it. It's accident-free and has a clean and clear title. The total price that I 'm asking for the car including shipping will be $2,900.00. I am selling it so cheap hoping to find a buyer since the car is located in Provo, UT at MoneyBookers and I live in Scotland. I would like to use MoneyBookers Shipping Department a third party service to handle this transaction for our both safety and comfort. (they will take care of the shipping/payment). If you are still interested just send me your full name and shipping address, phone# and I will open a case and they will contact you with all the informations about our deal. Thank you Diana unquote -------- Thank goodness did a search and found you guys with almost identical scams from this same person. I just wish that they get caught quickly and before any more people gets scammed . Roxana Plantation, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Provo, Utah
13, Report #1319814
Jul 30 2016
08:28 PM
Liner world.com Liner would.com $448.98 25g liner installed, not 25g, faded and seams visible within week, told ship back w/ $50 restock fee. Impossible. CrestWood Illinois
 $448.98 25 gauge decorative liner purchased and installed. Not 25gauge. After installation and pool filled with 18,000 gallons the liner faded and the seams became visible within one week. After taking pictures and sending to the company like the company requested I was told by company to ship back w/ $50 restock fee. This is impossible as I'd have to drain the pool which cost $100 to fill up, pay for the shipping, and send $50 additional for a restock just for refund of the liner price. This does not include the price for the installer to tear down and install again. Unbelievable!
Entity: CrestWood, Illinois
14, Report #1117122
Jan 20 2014
09:39 PM
Dianna Barranco Skrocki Dianna SkrockiDianna Grebe Unlicensed Contractor. Working with an Interior Design License and charging customers full price and gettig paid under the table. whiteford md
 Ms. Barranco Skrocki is misreprenting herself to homeowners.   She claims she is a Home Interior Designer, however, she does NOT even have a valid MHIC License.  In addition, she has quite a bit of excess debt. She charges $75-$100 per hour and works under the table.   Cash only. This is Not Morally acceptable and she needs to be accountable for her actions. People are being ripped off by a wanna be designer. Dianna Barranco Skrocki  = FRAUD  Please stop lying to people. Thank you! 
Entity: whiteford, md, Select State/Province
15, Report #924396
Aug 08 2012
03:08 PM
Pool Liner Specialists Swiming Pool Services Warranty Issue Darien, Connecticut
I purchased a Liner from the company on 5/04, under the contract that states that if there is a MFG warranty issues with the liner that Pool Liner Specialist will replace the liner for free for up to 20yrs. A floor seam opened up and has been determined by the MFG to be at fault. The liner company won't return my calls or come out to look at the problem. They have asked me to fax the contract and email pictures of the problem(REALLY). I believe once they have seen the problem from the pics they have not returned my calls. I have had to call another local company to look at the problem and address the issues I have, they have confirmed it is a warranty issue and have been dealing with this problem with the MFG and will have to do the install. BEWARE of the Pool Liner Specialists, once they get your money thay won't deal with any issues that might arise.
Entity: Darien, Connecticut
16, Report #881751
May 12 2012
08:10 AM
we hired pool liner specialists to install a replacement liner on our inground pool, on april 21, 2012. We gave a $900.00 deposit. $1875.00 was due upon completion of the pool. Installation took place on May 5th 2012, when the installers left our house we noticed oils on my concrete near the pool as well on my drive way this happened when his pump equipment leaked.We gave the installer a personal check for $1875.00. Later on in the evening I went outside to check to make sure everything was going well, and the shop vac which was duct tapped to the inside wall of the liner stopped it was no longer on. My husband checked the vacuum and it would not turn back on this was about 5pm . We made several calls to the salesman and the owner Aris papageorge and finally the owner called me and tried to reassure me that everything was going to be taken care of first thing Monday morning.He was very rude in telling me that his employees do not work on Sundays and that i needed to be reasonable.  His employees were not coming out on a sunday. well on monday morning I left for work at 8:30am and no one was there. I returned home by 11:00am and still no one was at me home. My son was home at 5pm and he called me to let me know that the pool guy was there. When I returned home at 7pm the new vaccuum was working to pull out the air trapped behind the liner and wall. Since they were soslow in coming back we placed a stop payment on the final payment of  1875.00. We informed the owner that we did this because we did not feel safe in paying for something that was not completed due to our satisfaction.  He than called my husband yelling at him and my husband decided to let him know to come and take the liner and refund us our origional deposit of $900.00 We have not heard from him if he is going to refend us, and as i researched his name I found out that he was arrested for fraud in 2008 from nassau NY. Beware do not do business with POOL LINER SPECIALISTS OWNER ARIS PAPAGEORGE. HE IS A SCAMMER AND WILL TRT TO STRONG ARM YOU WITH HIS THREATS!! stating we wrote a bad check... 
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1312535
Jun 21 2016
07:02 AM
Pool Liner Specialists Breach of warranty Allenhurst New Jersey
 Pool liner was purchased four years ago with a 20-year warranty. Liner is pulling away from corner and a simple fix was all it needed. Several attempts made to contact the business over the course of a few months, and I finally received one phone call back. I was told he would get back to me, and here we are. Services were paid in full, and I have the warranty information. Literally would have have taken 30 minutes to fix the corner. The location is not far from our house either.
18, Report #1261271
Oct 14 2015
12:09 PM
Hawaii Spray liner Worst spray on lining Kapolei Hawaii
10 months ago our company had a contract to work on the new rail in Hawaii we had 6 trucks to spray the back bed. I decided to have the truck I was assigned sprayed with Hawaii Spray Lining because of all the great review. The owner sold me on the fact he was so knowledgable of the material.I have to say that he got me smooth talking clean shop but after 4 months the lining has faded and started to peel. The warranty is worthless now that we shipped the trucks back to the mainland.We have had many trucks sprayed but by far Hawaii Spray Linings has been the worst not sure how he got all the good reviews. I'm not a happy customer.
Entity: Kapolei, Hawaii
19, Report #963995
Dec 14 2012
04:28 PM
Dianna Liner The patholgical liar! houston, Texas
Ok, since my last post Dianna Liner responded to the post and said that she contacted me and arranged to pay me my money!! if you refer to the  title you will see why I am again posting. This woman does nothing but tell Bull S**t lies. For three years this month she has done nothing but lie. She was supposed to pay me as of last week and sure enough she calls me at the end of the week and asks me to give her until this week and she would add $200 to what she was going to pay me, I VERY reluctantly agreed but told her if she does not pay me my money then I am going to post on every site I can think of and continue to do so every week until she does. She agreed and sure as the sky is blue she tells me today that she needs a few more days!!! That is really what I expected, so if she comes on here trying to make it look like she has fixed everything with me, remember that ALL she does is lie through her teeth. I hope who ever else has done business with her and have been screwed over by her, takes her to court like I am. See you next week.
Entity: houston, Texas
20, Report #1232128
May 29 2015
07:56 AM
AvistaCats Dianna Davis Fast Talker Vista,CA/North Carolina California/NC
This breeder Dianna is horrible. She won't communicate in writing she only wants to talk on the phone. She is a very 'fast talker' she just wants to make a quick sale. She wanted to sell me a Maine Coon kitten under 12 weeks old. Legitimate breeders don't do that.I wanted proof that her cats and kittens were FIV and FeLV negative and she couldn't provide that information to me in writing. I told her I would purchase a kitten from her if she could email me this information.Instead of doing that she kept calling me a dozen, times or more. I did not answer any of her calls as she obviously felt she could pressure me into buying the kitten if we spoke over the phone. She even says right on her website 'It is better to call me then email'I emailed her again letting her know that I would need that information in writing. I received a reply that 'this kitten was so great and she was going to keep him for herself but she would part with him just for me (someone she doesn't even know) he comes from great German lines and he is the cream of the crop'I didn't necessarily care about how great his lines are. I was looking for a family pet that doesn't have FIP or FeLV that was it. She simply cannot provide any of this information in writing.She also mentioned that the kitten was not registered but that if i sent her the money she would register him for me. REALLY. What type of legitimate breeder doesn't register their kittens. I don't trust Dianna.When I refused to answer any of her numerous phone calls and made it clear I would not be sending her any money without some proof in writing, via a simple email from her, she finally replied via email stating 'its too tiring to type and how she was going through too many personal issues and let's just hold off on the sale of the kitten and to check back with her in the future.'I won't be checking back with her in the future. I already found a great Maine Coon kitten from a legitimate breeder.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #927284
Aug 14 2012
04:31 PM
The Liner Specialists Will not cover warranty,will not call back,they never answer a call for this reason. Allenhurst, New Jersey
They installed pool liner 14 years ago stating that vinyl is covered by 20 years warranty.Installation was far by being perfect but it hold water,now at the 2 corners exposed to sun vinyl literally melted and huge cracks appeared.I taped them and wanted to call to have them patch it just the corners with same pattern vinyl.Do you think they answered my messages?Seeing other reports filled online I realized these are scammers.They use to have office in Lindenhurst NY and I saw them moved to NJ.You know why.right?As sooner they will see a NY number that calls they know is another claim.They have to be put in jail for this rip-off!
Entity: Allenhurst, New Jersey
22, Report #1080032
Aug 29 2013
04:38 AM
Spray Liner Hawaii Lines was off on the sides, spray jobs was uneven in the back Honolulu Hawaii
The lines was off. The sprays was uneven in the back. Charge to much for the job and never fix the mess
Entity: Honolulu, Hawaii
23, Report #1240581
Jul 08 2015
03:35 PM
Liner World aka Diggers Pool Service aka Shop the Great Backyard Sales defective pool liners and makes excuses to avoid warranting them. Crestwood Illinois
Take your business elsewhere!!  I bought an expandable liner from them last year and it ripped along the side horizontally after just a couple months of use.  I sent pictures and filed a claim and was sent a replacement liner. Since summer was ending we waited until this May to put up the replacement liner.  After a little over only 2 months this liner has ripped horizontally along the side IN ALMOST THE SAME SPOT and the company refuses to correct the issue stating that they only cover manufacturer defects.  Linda states they replaced the first only because it was on a seam-but the funny thing is the rip on the first liner was even further AWAY from the seam.  What a joke!  Also, their product warranty policy says Seam tears, rips, punctures, abuse, and seasonal damage are not covered under this warranty and yet she is claiming they don't replace UNLESS the tear is on a seam.  They must just make stuff up as they go along to deny responsibility any way possible.  Obviously these liners are defective when I've had two tear under pressure along the side.  What a sham!  I'm contacting the BBB and FTC.  I might not get my $300 back but maybe if word gets out this company won't be able to stay in business to continue to scam buyers.  Take my advice and just buy elsewhere to avoid the trouble.  
Entity: Crestwood, Illinois
24, Report #573709
Nov 09 2012
08:17 PM
LINER ENTERTAINMENT GROUP - DIANNA LINER Dianna Liner of Liner Entertainment Group is a con artist Houston, Texas
Dianna Liner is an incompetent business person that is nothing more than a scam artist. She was the acting booking agent in a concert that she was involved in with James JB Brown of R&R Entertainment out of Charlotte, North Carolina and Michael MJ Jordan of MJ Entertainment out of Winston Salem, North Carolina. She spent another investors $30,000 and literally begged for me and my friend to invest $30,000 with her company and promised us a return of $10,000 a piece along with our original $15,000 after the concert because she was on the hook for the $30,000 and the concert wasn't going to take place otherwise. She issued us both signed contracts and we sent the money. This is where the scam started. MJ and JB both disappeared and left me and my friend waiting for our money back from Dianna for over a year. Just recently she decided to change her number after many many many many broken promises to pay us in installments. She now tells the original investor (WHOM SHE HASN'T REPAID YET) lies about us behind our backs and tells me A LAWYER TOLD HER SHE DOESN'T OWE US ANYTHING EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE SIGNED CONTRACTS!!!!!! So now me and my friend have to hire lawyers and acquire lawyer fees to get our money back from this scam artist. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND DON'T HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH DIANNA LINER OR LINER ENTERTAINMENT GROUP!!
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #168613
Dec 27 2005
12:38 AM
PC Pros, Dba Resumeblaster.com, Dianna Phillips Ripoff does not pay people who do work for them, vendors watch out Olathe Kansas
I have performed work for this company since Oct 1997. They had paid on time for several years. However, once Dianna Thompson aka Dianna Harden aka Dianna Phillips took over as CEO, checks started being late. Now they are over 3 months behind. The company is still in business and has profited from the work I and others have performed. However, the company no longer sends out the checks. Their voice mail is constantly full, they do not return any email since 07/25/2005 when I was told by Dianna Phillips that I've installed a new service that will ensure the checks every other week and mail them. I've started with this check that was due 7/22. You should receive it within 3 days. The next check should be received on or before August 5th. That is the last I have heard from her about missing money that is owed by her company. She uses work at home contractors, and also has an affiliate program. Anyone that is owed money by her should not give up on trying to collect it. I wont' be giving up as she owes me approx. $1000.00. Cynthia Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Olathe, Kansas

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