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1, Report #1393955
Aug 19 2017
11:03 AM
Diggy pod Advertised commitment to quality but does not deliver Tecumseh Michigan
     In January 2017 I first contacted the company. This was my third book. I had written the book in 8 X 11 format and wanted to convert it to a 6 X 9. Shawn Hawley, manager, began marketing to me in emails stating that each correction they made would be $40. I had difficulty reducing size of the book. Valerie was also marketing for them. She did not know that Diggy Pod had 6 X 9 template online and she told me the margins to use. I corrected the book six times. The book went to print 1/31/17. I still had e mails 2/1 and 2/9/17 asking about margins.         Shawn at Diggy Pod fought me tooth and nail. They advertise 'commitment to quality'  and 'happy customers' but the 50 books I finally received for $479.50 had 114 formatting errors. They corrected it twice. I have been writing since the age of 10  and have never dealt with a company like this. This book was supposed to honor a child who died and I am now giving it away it's so defective.         Their own employees don't even know that there is a 6 X 9 template you can just download and cut and paste your document to. I spent so much time reformatting and I am a perfectionist.  Sentences ended somewhere else and new paragraphs began when they weren't supposed to. The spacing was off in the middle of the book.       Instant Publisher has much higher standards. Please do not use Diggy Pod.
Entity: Tecumseh, Michigan
2, Report #831559
Jan 30 2012
10:50 PM
Negative user report! I purchased the Snipe Pod at the ISE show in Sacramento Jan 2011.  Mr. Rogers told me that if I was not pleased with the Snipe Pod after using it I could return it to him the following year at the show.  I put it on my BAR 300 winmag and took it on my 2 day pig hunt 3 weeks later in California.  Though nice and lite, I found it not stable enough of a platform and too flimsy for my gun.  So I took it off my gun and stored it for this years show to return.  It was litely used but undamaged.  I stopped by Mr. Rogers booth to return the Snipe Pod and told him I wanted to return it as he had promised the year before that he would allow.  He looked at it and said it had been used and therefore would not give me my refund as he could not resell it.  He had totally reneged on his previous years promise and in my opinion has no integrity.  Buyer beware!  It is not a cheap item so be sure you want it, as once the money passes hands, it is yours forever.  My opinion of the bipod is that it is nice and lite but not heavy duty and sturdy enough for active hunting with high powered rifled while stalking game, too high priced, and a seller unwilling to stand by promises.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #460875
Jun 11 2009
05:43 PM
Apple - I-Pod New Generation 4 I Pods not Supported Menlo Park Internet
Generation 4 I-Pods can not be recarged on non apple charging/player devices used to charge earlier generations. Apple is not making customers aware of this prior to purchase. You only find out after purchase when you attempt to charge the I-Pod on chargers/players that work on older models. For example, my family uses 2 older generation I-Pods that charge on several different chargers and players. The new one will not! Thus anyone buying a new 4th Generation I-Pod will have to purchase duplicate chargers/players in order to charge their new I-Pod. The new I-pod will charge on any computer with a usb port. However, if you are in your car, on an airplane or travel without a computer you will have to purchase all new charging/player devices. Of course Apple would be more than happy to sell you a new chargers and players! Upset Anywhere, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Menlo Park, Internet
4, Report #853326
Mar 13 2012
02:44 PM
POD travel & teach Be aware, be warned !!!! Batley, Nationwide
I have just come back from China (FEB 2012) after having worked as foreign english teacher through POD travel and teach for 6 month. I admit that it is not easy to see through their website from the UK side of the globe, but having seen the backside of their webside from out there in China I can definitly confirm that it looks much different from behind .  I had my interview with POD back in Feb last year and have been succesful, as I suppose many have been aswell. It does not say more than that they need poeple to go out to earn money for them. At the second interview I received my Visa to send to this 5 star chinese travel company and an information booklet I read through in silence at home. Until then I was not suspecting anything, but when I read through it I fell out of all clouds: the person composing this little piece of information must have been seriously dyslexic. So may spelling failures! Absolutly doggy for a company that sends out people to teach english. No, not me. I may not go. However, I went to China, but this doggy POD information booklet would pop up in my mind throughout the whole stay out there. When I arrived in Shenzhen southern China after a days travel I was picked up at the airport by Bruce, a chinese man. I was allowed to rest at my hotel until next day when I met Isabel, the chinese women and wife of Bruce who had contacted me back in the UK. After some time knowing her I decided that we don't harmonize well, she being someone interested in dominating me and I being someone having it's own independed reasons for coming.  The promised training was just immitating once what Isabel performed. No literature, only one piece of paper. I signed a card which did not look to me to be a contract. At the wall of their office a faded dusty sign was hanging saying British Chinese Cultural Exchange Centre and I asked Isabel: Is this how you call yourself? Are you not belonging to POD travel and teach? Isabel answered that this would be the name of her business and that she would recruit people from POD. Until then I only knew Isabel and Bruce as POD's staff in China! After 5 days I was send to the north of China to work in a private kindergarden there. Experiences may vary, but it turned out that I had to endure daily aggression and violence towards the children of this kindergarden: teachers would shout at them, slepp them, kick them and fling them through the room, as horrible as it may sound. I never have experienced so much violence in such a short time in my life!  After three month I had to go to Hong Kong to get visa. Isabel had given me one piece of paper with some information, nothing else. When I went to Hong Kong to the Visa agency I found out that I had to apply for a business visa or F visa giving false informations. Back in the kindergarden I reserched and found that as a foreign english teacher I was not allowed to work on a business visa, I was working illegally!!! When I first time arrived at the kindergarden back tree month ago I was greeted with: We hope that you will work with us for many years. I only had intended to stay for 6 month but I had to agree to stay for one year as the principal of the kindergarden got upset. I agreed first but after I got my visa decided to leave at the end of six month. I kept silent and told no one. Troubles with Isabel increased throughout the time. She would not pay the promised 4000 yuan unless I called in every month. Over Christmas and New Year I fell ill with 38 fever, an infection contracted from the children. The rooms were constantly undercooled, in China they do not heat much. Isabel started to show her true face and almost demanded from me to go back to work when I called her after being better. You see, they charge the kindergarden 6000 yuan per month and keep 2000 yuan for themselves. This exchange is just a business and you are just a means for them to earn money.  At the end of the chinese new year holidays I silently left the kindergarden and went to catch my flight back to the UK. I called Isabel to tell her the news of my departure from the kindergarden giving as reason the illegal visa. Isabel,however, insisted that the business visa would be okay. (Oh dear, they only look for someone stupid!). What do you fear, you are safe here in China, nowone will arrest you, etc. After some time of discussion she demanded from me that I should now get someone else instead for her. She would have nowone else to send. At the end she put the receiver down on me. I only was paid four times, from the moment I told her that I would leave she would not pay me anymore, keeping the money for herself. Luckily nothing serious happened to me. But POD travel and teach: not to recommend, these are criminals in shirt and ties.    
Entity: Batley, Nationwide
5, Report #200236
Jul 10 2006
12:33 PM
I-Pod Mechanic ripoff dishonest fraud lies Kalamazoo Michigan
I sent my I-Pod to this company to be repaired. The website guaranteed a 24 hour LCD replacement. It has been 36 days and I have not received the I-Pod. In addition, I have sent 4 inquiries as to the status of my I-Pod. I have only received auto replies. I have tried to call I-Pod mechanic several times and no one returns my calls. This company also requested payment from paypal for an additional $49.99 than what they advertised on-line. There are several reports on Amazon and I-Pod forum complaining about this company. J. north richland hills, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Kalamazoo, Michigan
6, Report #1181815
Oct 08 2014
07:31 PM
POD Marketing Inc. Action Furnace, Edmonton Furnace Failure to pay invoice Calgary Alberta
   During the month of July 2014 we were hired by POD Marketing which is owned by Action and Edmonton Furnace to acquire internet generated customers. As instructed we sent them 170 new HVAC customers that represented by thier own estimate a revenue value of over $595,850.   For this service and per our signed contract we invoiced them $6,250. Also per our signed contract since we provided the services prior to payment they were required to pay us within 10 days of invoice or incur a late fee. After the ten day grace period we called  owner Bruce Sittler and he informed us that since we were asking him to pay our invoice that we could kiss his a** and that he would never pay us. We are currently continually invoice this company with accrued late fees on a monthly basis.TomColorado 
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
7, Report #1215987
Mar 16 2015
06:07 AM
The Pod Hotel Hidden Charges New York New York
I stayed at this POD 51 Hotel for one night. I booked the room thru orbitz. On the website they make the hotel room look big. When I walked in to my room it was very small. The bed were really uncomfortable to sleep. I couldn't sleep all night. I never saw hotel TV that small. The TV were probably around 11 or 12 inch!!! It was really hard to see the TV. Also the hotel failled to mention they have EXTRA fees on top of what I paid for the night. They charge me $30 extra for insurance. Which some how they forgot to mention when I Cheked In or Checked out. I probably would never know about the charge if I didnt look thru my statement. No one like hidden fees.
Entity: New York, New York
8, Report #660382
Nov 10 2010
10:11 AM
The Poppy Pod Depot the poppy transplants another ripped off victim of The Poppy Pod Depot / the poppy transplants scam ft myers , Florida
I ordered from *Nancy and Garry* when they were on doing biz as an Ebay store called *the transplants* or *the poppy transplants* a few years ago. for 3-4 months they honored my orders but were not too good at sending them out and I had to constantly email them to see if they had even sent my order. I'm in the same state so my orders only take a day or so. but when I put a large order in with them for $700 bucks only 1/3 the amount of poppies were sent, so when i emailed they said they would look into it. after 2-3 weeks of trying to get an answer from them they said they had to file a report with the shipper and this went on for a month and a half! what they were actuaclly doing was stringing me out for 45 days, after that I couldn't file with paypal or ebay and after that they refused to answer my emails. at the same time my girl friend was also ordering from them and I warned her what happened to me, a month later they ripped her off in the same manner. whatch out for nancy and gary, they literally are thieves and will steal your money. if you deal with any pods suppliers in ft myers anmed Nancy-Garry steer WAY clear of these theives. how come they haven't been shut down by now is something else?
Entity: ft myers, Florida
9, Report #735938
Jun 02 2011
08:56 AM
CallPod Call Pod ChargePod Charge Pod Defective products Chicago, Illinois
I purchased 2 chargepod units in 10/2010 and recieved the Free adpaters included for each adapter as well as purchasing $48 worth of additional adapters.  Within a week I had 2 of the adapters that were defective.  I paid more money to return the defective adapters for replacement.  Then a few months later I had another adapter go bad. I paid more money to send that one back for exchange.  Now I have another adapter that went bad.  I called CallPod about this and advised them that I was not satisfied with this product as stated on their website Callpod designs and manufactures quality products and seeks 100% customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with any product purchased from Callpod or the shipment arrives damaged, please review this information. All Callpod products are covered by a limited warranty for 1 year against defective workmanship, which can be found in you user manual and below.  They advised me that I would have to return the units to the Verizon store and hopefully get a refund.  I ask about the $48 worth of additional adapters that I purchased directly from them that would be worthless once I returned the chargers, and I was told that they would only offer an exchange, but would not accept and return for refund.  I asked her if they were willing to exchange the latest defective adapter at completely no cost to me and they advised No that I would have to pay for shipping.  I advised her that this is one reason why I was not satisfied with their product.  All of my problems and returns are documented with CallPod and they refused to address an obvious continued defect with thier product.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
10, Report #535068
Dec 07 2009
08:59 AM
The Poppy Pod Depot sent me unpresentable, moldy poppy pods to be used in floral arrangements and refused to respond to my emails. Internet
I ordered twice from this company dried poppy pods to be used to make some wreaths and other crafts.  The first order contained nice big pods with long stems.  They were beautiful and I even put some in a vase for display.  They were so nice that I ordered from them again once I ran out for the busy holiday season.  The second order came in a small box with just poppy heads (no stems at all).  They were broken, moldy, ugly, and otherwise unpresentable.  I felt extremely ripped-off and contacted the company and they said to Send them back for a credit.  They wanted to see them.  Unfortunately, I no longer had the original box they came in, so I needed the address to ship them back to.  I sent 3-4 emails simply asking for the address (2 were even from different email addresses in case they spam-buttoned me) and have not yet received a response a week-and-a-half later.  There are 3 pictures that I am adding to this report.  One of them shows a few of the pods from the first order in a vase.  The second shows the worst of the moldy pods.  The third shows a comparison between the first order and second order (the nice looking ones with the long stems are from the first order).  Please keep in mind that both of these products were received by ordering the same exact product.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #488394
Sep 01 2009
02:56 PM
Apple - I-Pod Apple Apple does not honor warranty, water exposure scam Charlotte, North Carolina
Apple sinks and is up to no good. Recently, purchased a Ipod from Costco, after charging the battery and one or 2 days learning all the fuctions, started having problems with the unit ( skipping songs, not playing others .. etc, etc..) When called apple support the stated know issue with port on earlier version of the ipod 120g version. just take it to the apple store to be replaced... Got the same run a round, the guy picks up a scope after looking in every nook , says to me there has been water damage.. No need to repeat what I said, but the fact is, the unit never left My house or My hands, let alone recieved any water damage. I will be writing My State's attorney general to see if this is a common practice, I think this is a scam to get out of replacing units that are under warranty.. THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT MICROSOFT!! Shame,Shame.. how do u say scammmers... I have looked throughout the web and see many , many, many complaints of customers who have been treated the same way.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
12, Report #612186
Jun 09 2010
01:19 PM
iuniverse POD company steer clear of this company if you want to get published---not unpublished!!! bloomington, Indiana
I am the author of THE OAKLAND COUNTY TRAGEDY. A book about a terrible crime of arson that claimed the lives of five children who happened to have been my neighbors for years. The purpose of the book is to expose the truth about what actually happened at that home, and the fact that an innocent man is in prison doing life for what was obviously someone else's doing. The story about the author of BETTER NOT BITTER rings eerily similar to my own nightmares with iuniverse. It was as if i were reading my very own story written by someone else! The problems first started with their severe lack of competence,and the repetitive mistakes that seem to keep on popping up despite the fact that i've already paid to have them corrected. Some of which I didn't make in the first place!  Once the book became available online (with no input from their marketing department whatsoever) I was impressed by the international online exposure that it was getting. After quite a few months worth of this type of exposure I was puzzeled by the sales reports (when their website is finally allowing me to check). They were unrealistically low, and I had my suspicions of my sales reports being fudged or not being made available at all!  They claim that they can't track the sales from other outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Yet I constantly see how Amazon and others sites are getting copies of my book and then having to order more. During the end of the quarter,when authors are supposed to be able to check on the sales history of their books, their website is always conveniently down and the information is not available to them.This is a perfect opportunity for an unscrupulous company to take advantage of the authors sales and pocket the royalties. Also, I too was e-mailed by none other than mr.Eugene Hopkins that someone made alligations that there were things in the book that weren't true, and that this was the sole reason that they were going to take the book off line. Even though this company is not responsible for any of the content because they did none of the editing, they chose to let one single phone call from a person that a lot to lose from this book being made public cause them to breach their contract with me. Once he promptly removed it from the web, he became impossible to reach, and would not respond to any of my e-mails or phone calls so that I could substantiate my claims or address whatever the concern was because Eugene sure didn't tell me specifically. In my opinion these people are nothing but crooks, and we authors need to get an attorney to file a class action lawsuit against this company.   
Entity: bloomington, Indiana
13, Report #619097
Jun 30 2010
04:46 PM
The Poppy Pod Depot On-line scam. no refund, refuse to provide contact info, misleading product info. Internet, Florida
Poppy Pod Depot is an on-line scam. They refuse to provide me a refund for an order they shipped me in error. They owe me $350 and refuse to provide a refund. Their product description is false, they sell moldy/old products. They also refuse to provide a telephone number or any contact other than the general email address which they do not respond to. Nancy and Gary Hoff are thieves. I have politely requested a proper resolution but they refuse. I have had to ask my bank to get involved to seek my refund. There are several quality providers who conduct business with integrity. Poppy Pod Depot are simply in the business of stealing money from people. They do not provide tracking info for packages or provide proper receipts. DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH POPPY POD DEPOT. I have found several other complaints since this issue.
Entity: Internet, Florida
14, Report #1333489
Oct 17 2016
06:04 AM
15, Report #1246325
Aug 04 2015
12:02 PM
POD 39 Hotel REFUSE TO REFUND- Refuse to work with Expedia for refund New York New York
Assistant to the owner of a private travel company, I had to make a last minute reservation in NYC for my boss. He brought his adult daughter with him, as she is leaving the country for a few years. My boss was travelling on buisness- NYC had limited picking. I ended up booking a bunk-bed pod for them at the POD39. Upon checking into the room, he noticed that instead of a bathroom door- there was a foggy peice of glass... his daughter stood in the bathroom to test the visibility- the fog didnt do much for privacy. 1st he went to the hotel front desk to see if there was a room with some privacy (as he is traveling with his daughter- the glass is highly inappropriate)- They couldnt assist, as they are at full capacity. Next, I called Expedia and spoke to an agent in the Philippines who was unwilling to assist. She stated that POD39 doesnt allow refunds. I told the agent to please find a way to make an exception- they cannot stay in a room where they cant use the bathroom privately- this is unacceptable. She said The hotel is unwilling to refund you. and hung up.   I called the hotel and they said they cannot refund a 3rd party booking.... So, they wont allow Expedia to refund it and then are trying to blame Expedia.... this is poor buisness practices. There should be a warning label for this property: if travelling with anyone- you will have zero privacy when using the bathrooms.   When a business man is travelling with his daughter and this sort of privacy flaw isnt disclosed prior to checking in to the hotel- There should be NO issues with extending a refund.
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #1103133
Nov 30 2013
01:34 PM
i pod batteries depot on line bought aand paid for batteries for i pod. Never received any. complaim over phone, Ask for C E O Internet
Orderer and paid for i pod batteries which never shipped.  Contaced Depot and askked for C>E>O  of depot.. Told no one knew of such a person. aSKED TO FIX PROBLEM.  no resultes and no money returned..                                                                                                                                                                                            Harry, Los Angeles, California                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ueed debit card
Entity: Internet
17, Report #885729
May 21 2012
10:43 AM
Warranty Logistics refused to repair I Pod under extended warranty i purchased w/I Pod @ Target in La Crosse,Wi Sterling, Virginia
I purchased.my I Pod.@ local Target store along w/ extended warranty, I returned the I Pod to Targetthey informed.me I had to send it in to warranty Logistics. For repair, They returned my I Pod to me 1 week later saying physical damage,liquid damage or prior unauthorized repair is not covered & is being returned to me in as is condition. The I Lid has never had physical or liquid damage or ever been repaired by anyone. Neither Target or Warranty Logistics will replace or repair the I Pod, so why are they selling BOGUS.Warranties on their electronic devices? Target & Warranty Logistics. Are both In Business. To rip off all consumers to purchase BOGUS WARRANTIES. NEVER PURCHASE Electronic devices or.Targets. extended warranties as neither company will stand behind their.products or warranties.Let this be a WARNING to all consumers who are considering purchasing TV, or anything electronic @ Targets Stores
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
18, Report #1270275
Nov 25 2015
10:52 AM
Bohemia Interactive Arma 3, DayZ Sa They banned me without reason or any proof Mníšek pod Brdy
I recently ask for help from Bohemia Interactive, with this email: Hello, I'm feeling very dissatisfied with your system. 1 month ago I tryied to play and I received a message that I was global banned, I contact the  BattleEye support with this message:   ​Hello Yesterady I was global banned, my computer are clean, I have no virus, no cheats and no other things (I can send to you teamviewer access to check my computer), I think that the problem is that I try to run my own server yesterday and get banned (because I was kicked from the game that I was playing and running my own server.   BAN ID: d5f48f GAME: DayZ Standalone   Thank you​   And they just reply with a automatic system and not send any explanation about the ban that was unfair. I suppose that you have in your system a history of my action and you can see that I have no cheat history, no suspect acts and they banned me without reason. I am contacting your system to say: I am really dissatisfied with your products because I played a bunch off time without problems but they just ban me and I can't play DayZ or Arma 3 because banned me without reason.   What I will do is: I will contact econsumer and ripeffort about this actions, not replies, not justified actions and search for my rights because you are just ignoring my rights. But they reply only with a evasive reply that can't do nothing. So I ask for proofs, I request to they access my computer with TeamViewer to scan for virus or software of cheats at games, but they don't make any action about this, they just banned my account and I can't play DayZ Standalone or Arma 3 that total costs was 83 dollars (converted to my currency) and they do not respect my rights!   I want a total refund or unban of my account because they banned two games and my account have no other bans, I never was banned before.     Thank you
19, Report #1170879
Aug 19 2014
04:19 PM
shoprider canada throttle pod that breaks by frequency Vancouver british columbia
This is a story to let the people know about the shoprider scooter that does it own thing, cell phones mess up the computer chip and is dangerous. Mary my roomate was backed over by a vancouver handidart , we then got a scooter from Human resources British columbia and what a farce. Body molding is like chip cardboard and computer system reacts to all frquency interuptions, cell ambulance, underground parcade or any other frequency in the airwaves. Check the price in China and these are sold 650.00 or so, Canada is 3600.00 what about this free trade agreement, we had fortress scooters and they were great, no longer a contender in canada but can be bought. This is  a mockery of Canadians and the shop rider scooter should be left in china, canada sells good products not trash. The purchasers must be getting extra spending money as a product purchaser , we want safe products and not trash in our country.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1029715
Nov 16 2004
10:53 AM
EMarket Research ripoff I-POD scam, deceptive marketing Internet
Fill out forms to recieve a free I-POD. Requires you sign up with one of their partners - Columbia House in this instance - and provide 3 names of other individuals who might be interested. Wait 4-6 weeks for I-POD. Checked with web-site after 2 months and it says it has no verification of membership from Columbia House. Sent the information on Columbia House account. Waited another month, now the web-site says that I didn't fill out the forms properly and all information has been lost and I must start over from beginning. In the meantime, I'm stuck with a Columbia House membership I never wanted to begin with. Sherrie Lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1128976
Mar 07 2014
10:12 AM
Dried pod central Sweet Paula's pods, poppy pod central Poppy pods, dried pods Internet
On Sunday, March 1st, I placed an order for 25 medium pods. The only shipping option I was given was Express delivery which is $30. I didn't have a problem with that, I liked the idea of receiving my order by Wednesday at the latest. Their website states that orders will be shipped next day, and to please allow 24 hours for a tracking number to be sent to you. Tuesday came and I still had not received an email with my tra cking number, so I sent an email to them. Wednesday came and I still had not received a reply. So around noon I sent another email, telling them that if I had not at least received a reply with my tracking number by the end of the day that I would dispute the charge with my bank.  A few hours later I receive an email containing my tracking number. I click the link and discover that my order hadn't even been sent off yet. I'm very angry. They have completely ignored me, and show no interest in the fact that I am not a happy customer. Do not give them your money. They won't ship your order until you complain and they ignore emails from their customers! There is another report on here about them, and they claim that they tried to work things out with the customer but I doubt that's true. I have proof they never emailed me back, just in case they come on here claiming they provided me with good customer service. It has been almost a week and my package STILL hasn't arrived yet. I'm definitely not ordering from them ever again. 
Entity: Internet
22, Report #668845
Dec 07 2010
07:29 AM
The Poppy Pod Depot Gary Hoffman Sends product worth less than half of what was ordered. Refuses to respond to any emails. North Fort Meyers , Florida
I was once a fairly satisfied customer of this company having ordered many dried poppy flowers from them. A few times they sent some rotten ones, or a couple slightly smaller but for the most part the orders were OK.  The last order I placed was for a very large sized pod that I have ordered many times before so I know exactly what they should look like. The flowers they sent were less than half the size of those I should have received.  I have now sent 5 emails over the course of 5 days and they have all gone unanswered. I know this company is receiving emails because after sending one email about my problem I immediately sent another from a different email address asking them a generic question about their product and it was answered within minutes.It seems that this company are actually thieves who will take your money for one product, send an inferior product and then ignore you.  Do not do business with them. They may send you what you ordered, or it appears they may not and then refuse to communicate to satisfy the problem.
Entity: North Fort Meyers, Florida
23, Report #1154891
Jun 14 2014
06:58 PM
Wine Pod Dangerous & Poor Made San Jose California Internet
We ordered this $5,000.00 time bomb with much anticipation. It looked awesome on the website. What we received was a shody and dangerous item that caused issues with circuit breakers from day one. A month into trying to make wine that was remotely drinkable we were awakened by out some alarm the thing was smoldering and could have killed us. We dealt with an abusive and obvisously intoxicated man called Julian Rinaldi who cursed at us and threatened us. No refund was offered and we threw it away. Beware the product and the service are awful
Entity: Internet
24, Report #570505
Feb 17 2010
06:21 PM
Mp3 Rocket mp3rocket 'Damage control failing hoplessly', Internet
if you are thinking of paying to go 'pro' and receive 24/7 tech support from rocket. read this first,... PLEASE... although i personally dont have any problems (presently) with their program, i cannot help but take pity on people posting at the support forum, complaining of getting no response from the 'pro' 'paying members only' 24/7 email tech support. (several years ago i did have three emails, sent over a six week period, requesting technical help for the same unresolved problem,... ignored.) so i feel their daily angst, awaiting a reply that never comes. there were no emails lost in my junk file. at that time my AntiVirus program alerted me should it suspect an email of being junk, and i always checked the junk file as a matter of course, should an email be diverted there. i had previously added the rocket email address to my contacts as requested. so,... i have raised this issue on the forum, and also, problems with the support forum itself, alas, my grievences have fallen on deaf ears.  last May i sent one more email to the tech support regarding a new problem i was having with their program. to this email i did eventually get a reply. it stated i should go to the 'mp3 rocket support forum' and ask for assistance there... well i submitted my query, waited a week for it to be approved then posted. two weeks later after no response was forthcoming i queried again. my answer arrived days latter. over one month from please help to here's your  answer........... that was my introduction to the ' free to all mp3rocket support forum '.... 24/7 thinks that is where its members should go for quicker answers than they can provide. sadly, they are right. most posts do eventually get answered at the forum. last week another 'paying member' complained that he hadnt recieved a reply from email tech support. i replied to his post, offered some advice, and latter, was going to refer him to some posts of mine. only to discover, several of my posts,... the truth about the failings of member support and the forum itself had been silently removed. now they will not post, my 'new topic' regarding the removal of my posts. (not surprisingly) they truly seem to believe they can just delete posts/decline topics and hope people will think there is no ongoing problem. if they truly believe this is the case, let them explain this. please insert picture1 here smilinpete posted a complaint about not receiving a reply from member response. although now, (after i had imformed rocket i'd brought my concerns here) his post sings the praise of rocket and he tells us all how to ensure a quick, guarenteed reply from support. (and how come his post does not show up as being edited? any post that has been edited by the postee after its been replied to, is shown on the board as being edited by the postee.) why would smilinpete join the forum and re-open a two year old post about support problems to tell us how satisfied he is with his treatment. mentioning GMail twice as a solution? if he had no problem..... wait for it the real irony is still coming.... NB: the date of his first post. please insert picture2 here note the date. why would smilinpete reply to himself three days latter affirming his satisfaction with just a bit too much exuberance, praising the product and the support. again mentioning 'GMail' as being the answer to a 'no problem'..... i will tell you,..... and the clue is in Diggys' first line of his 2nd reply, quote Ouch! Barlou dropped the hammer. what hammer?... where?.. my post has been deleted. the post i made is needed to make sense of Diggys 2nd reply to smilinpete. why would Diggy tell smilinpete all about using GMail (if smilinpete already knew) and the problems with getting responses from support. etc. etc. now in-between these two post is where a reply from Diggy and yet another one of my post that has been removed (due no doubt, as some form of immediate 'knee jerk reaction,' damage control, after they became aware of my posting the matter at 'ripoff report') please insert picture3 here this was the PM (personal message) i sent to smilinpete. i also sent a courtesy copy (plus additions) to the forum for the general veiwing of all members awaiting replys to their posts. having read my PM. if you can imagine,... smilinpetes first post as a complaint against  'no response' from email support............... Diggy replying with, its lost in your mail............me replying with, congratulations on getting a response while so many others are still waiting  (complaing about email support always receives a quick response)  Diggys full response can still (i hope) be veiwed at the 'mp3rocket forum' if you love irony, youll love the way the post reads now at the forum????? you 'mp3rocket' offer 24/7 technical support for a fee,.. i paid,.. where is the support i and others have paid for? so, to the good folk at rocket, explain away the above post and replies if you can. if you are going to try to match wits with me, make sure next round you send someone with both halves enabled. the issue of unanswered emails to 24/7support also remains unresolved as far as i am aware. see also links for mp3rocket, MP3ROCKET, et al.
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Jul 02 2010
03:03 PM
DBR Enterprise I let a reputable company into my home I-pod dissapears Franklin Indiana
A guy comes to my home offering a free one room carpet cleaning.Nothing to buy he says. I agree.,He comes back with 2 more people and a Kirby vaccume cleaner.I allow the demonstration. I tell them now is not a good time for me to purchase a Kirby.They contiue with the demonstration. i had moved things out of the way prior to them arriving.My i-pod was sitting in its dock.5 days later I go to get my i-pod and its not there.No t one soul has been in my home since then. I'm not adetective but there is no other explanation.I called DBR enterprises and they said they would cheack into it. Called them back and said no one admitted to stealing the i-pod.[like someone is going to confess they stole somthing] Give me a break.You would think a company as reputable as Kirby would do a better job of finding good people to sell there product. Be careful of letting  sales people into your home no matter how good a reputation the company has.
Entity: Franklin, Indiana

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