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1, Report #122046
Jan 05 2010
05:35 PM
Direct Buy ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I order a sofa set in may of 04' it has been six months since we've order its december and they are still coming up with excussed. Plus the fact that is cost 3500.00 to join this club buy wholesale furniture.Shon st.augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
2, Report #946368
Sep 25 2012
11:27 AM
Direct Buy Deceptive Business Practice Internet
We signed up to direct buy 6 years ago - they charged the initial outrageous fee and then we were told it would cost $200 a year thereafter.  What they did not tell us is that there was an expiration date.  Our membership expires in 2016.  Then we have to sign up all over again.  They never mentioned this in any of there presentation or during our visit.  Then just pointed out that all we had to do to keep our membership going was to pay this $200 a year.   Horrible business practice!  They make it a point not to tell you everything just so they can get a sale.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #120947
Aug 22 2012
09:09 AM
Direct Buy ripoff London Ontario
I joined Direct Buy after being put though their sales pitch. I guess it was really the Now or Never Ever that finally got me, 'well I'll save it some day' I thought. But after my first purchase I realized they didn't give a darn about me after they got my money. I bought a dishwasher, Sept9 to be delivered by no later than Oct 14, it is to be here tommorrow --Dec.3. The numbers they quote as MSRP is so far off its sick, PLEASE help me How do I get my membership money back, I am in Canada, Thank you in advance.Steve Walkerton, OntarioCanada
Entity: London, Ontario
4, Report #473086
Aug 14 2012
06:36 AM
DirectBuy - Direct Buy ripoff Merrillville Indiana Nationwide
DirectBuy - Other reports posted by comsumers here....
Entity: Merrillville, Indiana
5, Report #415206
Jan 23 2009
08:46 AM
Direct Buy $4500 GONE, just before Christmas Waterloo Ontario
This is a scam, pure and simple. We were sucked in with their crummy video and 'kids' in suits. I wish we had left the place with all the other smart people!! Since we'd joined, we found many, many items that were sold for the same price and even less, in retail stores. Their customer service is terrible. Whenever I see their commercials, I want to vomit. I pray nobody else gets sucked in by this wretched company.Been had Paris, OntarioCanada
Entity: Waterloo, Ontario
6, Report #411882
Jan 14 2009
07:11 AM
Direct Buy Poor Customer Service Coppell Texas
The report from Joe in Dallas was spot on. I just wanted to personally add my experience so that the next person can carefully weigh their options before they make a decision on whether to join Direct Buy, or not.I joined Direct Buy in June of 2008. I was taken in with all of the potential money I was going to save on my guest bathroom remodel. Fast forward to today...and my bathroom is still incomplete. What happened?Early July 2008, I made an order for a toilet, a vanity, and a sink with all the fixtures. Honestly, the amount of money that I was going to save was quite significant...or so I was told. The associate told me that I would be receiving a call when the shipment came in. Shipping was to take 4-6 weeks (pretty much standard). 4-6 weeks later and no call. I called them and was told someone would call me back. 2 weeks later and I call back again, this time I'm told that some of my items are on back order, meaning I'd have to wait another few months. This same routine continues until December 2008 and an associate finally realizes that there might be an issue here.Now, granted that the manufacture was back ordered and could not ship my items out when expected...but it should not have taken 6+ months for someone to look at this order history and say, Hey, maybe we should talk to the manufacturer or find a different manufacturer for our member to order from. And as a valued member of Direct Buy, I didn't expect to have to call them every month to find out the status of my shipment and hear that there was another delay, isn't that why they have associates working there?If you want to possibly save some money and don't need your items immediately, signing up with Direct Buy could be good for you. Just know that you're signing up for a locked in 3 year contract and there is no allowance for early termination (so I've learned the hard way). I'm stuck for another 2 years and will begrudgingly continue to use and pay for their services.It's your money and your decision. Good Luck.JT Lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Coppell, Texas
7, Report #443816
Apr 15 2009
12:16 PM
Direct Buy We Snooze, You Lose Rocklin California
Have you ever heard the temr buyer's remorse? Well, my wife and I are suffering a huge case of that because of problems we are having with Direct Buy.We remodeled our kitchen and went to Direct Buy to purchase a new stove and over the range microwave. We were sent to some catalogs to search out what we wanted. When we saw what we wanted, we filled out a purchase form and took it to the customer service desk. They took our order form and told us that after they input the information into their computer they would come and get us so we could pay. After about 15 minutes (they weren't busy at all) we went back to the desk and asked if it was ready. The lady said it was being input and pointed to the girl who was working on it. We walked over by her but did not interrupt. She had the order catalog and our order form.When our stove and microwave arrived, we drove 85 miles to pick it up at their warehouse. At the warehouse they cut open each box just to show us that no glass had been broken during transport. When we got home we left the two items in our garage until the kitchen back splash tile work was completed. When we opened the box with the microwave we discovered that it was a stand alone counter top microwave. We immediately called Direct Buy to see if we could exchange it for the correct item. The order form had a model number, and the description on the order form was Gallery Series 2.0 cu. ft. Over the Range Mocrowave. They said they would look at their copy of the order form and when they did, it matched ours.They said they would consult the company's catalog to see what it said. They called back to say that the item number was correct, but that we had mistakenly written Over the Range Microwave, that that number corresponded to the built-in model. I said that when they were comparing the model number on the order form they should also have compared the description of the item and caught that. They said they don't do that , they just check the model number. I asked how often this kind of thing happens and was answered with silence. If they know that there is a no return policy they should make every effort to make sure that the model number and the item description are the SAME, don't you think?I asked if I could return the Microwave and replace it with the correct one, paying any additional costs for the correct one. They told me they do not do returns. I said, It is not a return, it is an exchange. I don't want my money back, I just want the right unit. She said they would call the company (frigidaire, a subsidiary of Electrolux) and see if they would make an exception and call me back. Five days later they still had not called me back so I called them. Demetrius, the girl who was handling my case, said that the company does not do returns. Again I protested that this was an exchange, not a simple return. She said we were welcome to come back and buy another microwave that was an over the range type, but that we had to keep the one they sent.I called Electrolux Customer Service and was told that my concern was handled by another office but that they could not and would not give me that number. Jay said, You will have to have Direct Buy call for you. I told him that they did not call and would not call Electrolux, He said he was sorry that he could do nothing. I kept researching to get a number where I could get some satisfaction on our issue. And then EUREKA, I found the Ripoff Report site where I read a complaint against Electrolux from a man who bought a washer that he had a problem with. In his correspondence with the company he got a different customer service telephone number. I called it and described my problem. They said, Return the unit to the store and exchange it, and then gave me the address and telephone number of a local store that sells that product. They gave me a case number to take to the dealer to complete the transaction.The main point here is this. If you have a problem with something you purchase from Direct Buy, you can abe assured that they will do NOTHING to help you achieve satisfaction, no matter how logical and fair your request it. They blame you for any problems and refuse help. If you are smart you will not become a Direct Buy member and will tell all of your friends to avoid them like the plague.Don'ttreadonme Modesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rocklin, California
8, Report #432064
Mar 08 2009
04:32 PM
Direct Buy Potential Big Bucks Wasted Tampa Florida
We had no idea of what to expect from responding to an invitation from Direct Buy.After being kept waiting for half an hour while watching HGTV (house renovations and what sells), we were asked to sit through several information sessions, one of which was clearly a paid infomercial (wonder what the speakers were reimbursed).We were told that we could have potentially saved several thousand dollars to purchase and install a new floor, purchase a refrigerator, and renovate our bathroom.All of these savings were predicated on membership.That was fine, but the membership fees were rather extraordinary: $5500. paid up front, and we had to sign up then and there or never return!It is rather like joining a gym; if you don't use it, you are just wasting money. In order to really save, you have to spend lots of money. We could have purchased a new refrigerator and select a floor for just what the membership fees are.We did not sign on the dotted line; in this day of Ponzi schemes and trying to save money, it is unconscionable that these ploys are allowed. What a bad joke. Shame on us for wasting a perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon.Jacqueline Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
9, Report #773512
Sep 07 2011
11:30 AM
Direct Buy Warranty SCAM ARTIST Internet
We were looking for an extended warranty on a used vehicle we had just purchased.  We found Direct Buy Warranty  online and it stated how they never had unsatisfied customers and were backed by the online Better Business Bureau.  We went to the online Better Business Bureau Website and checked them out and saw they had a good rating so we gave Direct Buy a call.  We spoke to Kurt Moore and specifically asked him about certain things we wanted to make sure were covered as we purchased a Diesel pickup. He assured us everything we were concerned about was covered and all we had to do was have the shop contact them and everything would be taken care of.  They also offered to save us $600.00 on the total cost of the warranty if we made 3 payments of $500.00 so we chose that payment plan.  The warranty did not go into effect until 30 days after the purchase date.  Well, 32 days after  the warranty went into effect an injector and the turbo went out on the truck.  The repair shop contacted Direct Buy to file the claim and Direct Buy stated that this was wear and tear and they would not pay for the repairs.  Well, there was only one number to get in touch with the company and you could not get in touch with a supervisor ever.  The only thing we ever got was we are sorry, every time we called.  We asked them if they had certified mechanics that reviewed these claims and they stated no. We never received a return call from a supervisor as promised and we stated that we wanted to cancel the warranty because it had become obvious that they had no intention of fixing anything.  We contacted several repair shops , including dealerships, that assured us the injector and turbo going out were indeed NOT wear and tear. After stating we wanted to cancel the warranty , then Direct Buy stated that they could not help us  because we canceled the warranty and so they deleted all our information from the computer.  They refunded us $500.00 , less than half of what we paid, and we only had the warranty 32 days.  We kept hounding them and finally they agreed to give us back $300.00 more but we had to go through our bank and file a complaint and get the 300.00 that way.  The bank went ahead and gave us our money back while investigating our complaint. It took the bank 6 months to get their money back from Direct Buy even though I had an email from Direct Buy stating they would give us the 300.00 back and not contest the request. And just to let everyone know, before purchasing the vehicle we did in fact take it to a repair shop and have test run on the truck to make sure it was sound.  Buyers beware, this company says everything you want to hear to get your money, has no intention of repairing anything, and has NO MEANS of challenging their decisions on repairs. Moral of this story, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.  STAY AWAY
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #308085
Feb 11 2008
05:18 PM
Direct Buy Fraudulent Company WARWICK Rhode Island
Don't waste your time!!!! 3 hours to find out that they could not possibly save us any money on the items we would buy and they want $6,080.00 to join ($4.750.00 up front, cash or charge) finance the rest at 17.75%.We asked specific questions on products that we actually purchased to compare to thier price and they could not even come close, never mind beat!!!!i.e., Granite tile, we paid $9.75 per tile, there price $14.00 plus shipping, plus 8%, plus tax, plus, plus, plus wait 3 weeks.When the salesman realized that we were asking too many relavent questions, he showed us to the door!!! Rude!!!Don't do it! Be aware of what this company is doing. I was still a little skeptical and thought that I made a mistake by not joining, but now I know that if you are a good consumer and you shop around, you can get what you want and need. Db Cranston, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: WARWICK, Rhode Island
11, Report #183984
Jan 05 2010
05:35 PM
Direct Buy ripoff Elmsford New York
I too was deceived by Direct Buy. My husband and I signed up with the intention of saving money. The only thing they are doing is taking our money (which BTW the membership in NY is now $4300) We are now stuck with the membership and will probably not use it ever. When I contacted Direct Buy at first I got no response, then I have some guy willing to help me out and lower my monthly payments. I don't want it lowered, I want OUT!!! If there is a class action suit filed I would be more than happy to be a part of it.An Angry Consumer Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
12, Report #1149484
May 24 2014
11:18 PM
Direct Buy Mr. Richard Hillard fraudulent contract bham Alabama
On the afternoon of Friday, Jan 17th My husband and I spoke with Mr. Richard Hillard with the Direct Buy sales team. He lead us to believe that we would get a 10year offer for $3900. We both were skeptical from the beginning, but with much pressure Mr. Hillard claimed to go into a back office and get approval from a manager for us to get the initial $4990 3 year deal for $3900 for 10 years. Neither of us were interested until he claimed to offer $11,000 off vehicle purchases with this program. He then said my husband must bring photo id with in next 72 hrs so that he can complete contract. The very next day I called several car dealerships to ask abt DB discounts but all said they thought it sounds fishy because they dont make up used cars 11K. I walked into DB facility, Monday Jan 20th on 3780 River chase Village, Suite 800 Bham Al 35244 to cancel in person and was told Richard was not available to speak with me because he was with clients. I left my name, email Hm #, cell number as well as all my husband contact info with the receptionist Dean- no one called. I then called the DB office and spoke with office manger Jennifer, who claims cancellation may take up to two weeks. I informed her of all that transpired and she said , yes Mrs. Thomas you were given the wrong information, we can not offer a 10year plan for 3900. I did advised her that I have already placed a dispute with my cc company 108719872. I disputed this matter with CC company Chase in January 2014. I received a letter(April 30th)stating Direct buy will not accept dispute because contract signed even though false information given.Mr. Richard Hillard should be reprimanded for falsely selling a service when there was no intent on delivering in the truthful manner sold. His commission should be taken away and he should also apologize to my husband and me for the frustration and aggravation caused.I was then contacted on Friday, Chris Schulte(Membership Concern Manager in Tx.) 1-210-877-2828 called today, Friday, May 23rd @ 1:08pm  stating that my DB membership was deactivated Feb 11th and he reactivated it yesterday, May 22nd. I informed Chris that I do not wish to have a direct buy account and explained the deceitfulness. He apologize and said there is nothing he can do but speak with the sales rep. The only resolution I will accept is 11K off 2014 Honda Odyssey & 10 year contract for 3,999 /OR a cancelation.   Mr. Schulte then stated that he cant offer 10 yr for $3990 amount but will offer 5yr. I asked for his boss name and contact because I was not stratified with the outcome, if he offers 5 years he can also offer 10. Mr. Schulte states contract must be canceled in 3 business days in writing. The contract does not state 3 business days to cancel, furthermore, why would I not believe the manager Jennifer canceled as promised, stating it takes up to 2 weeks to cancel. Why would you want to keep a customer who doesn't want to be kept when you offer a 30 day free membership? Dan Miller called from 214-395-6800 on 5/23 @ 3:48pm with Direct Buy vehicle dept., stating. I don't know why you were told an 11K discount. We don't markup in cars a difference of 11 thousand. I have asked DB to please have a knowledgeable representative from Direct Buy, who will has a genuine concern for fairness to contact me with a resolution.
Entity: bham, Alabama
13, Report #972828
Nov 24 2012
08:52 AM
direct buy (rocklin) rip off rocklin, California
First Direct Buy had a store/office/branch in closed so then we had to go to Walnu Creek, then it closed SO now we have to drive to Rocklin  1 1/2 drive one way So we order some items, no one returns calls.... And we have been told, if items are not picked up within 7 days...we willl be charged and EXTRA fee!! I am not driving  1 1/2 hours one way to find out they are not open. DO NOT GET A MEMBERSHIP.....YOULL ONLY BE DISAPPOINTED!!! ANd you can with a little time invested, find the same items as cheap OR CHEAPER elsewhere!!
Entity: rocklin, California
14, Report #980862
Dec 12 2012
04:33 AM
Direct Buy Warranty Total Lie Internet
Direct Buy Warranty is nothing but lairs and thieves. I brought my warranty in Feb. 2012 and was told that it covered everything (bumper to bumper) minus normal maintenance and that there was a zero dollar deductible. My family is low income and needed to get something in case the car broke down because we couldn't afford a repair bill of more than $100. We were told that it would be three months before the warranty went into effect. About a month after the warranty went into effect the alternator went out and the car developed an idle problem. I took my 2002 Mercury Sable the to local Ford dealership for repair. The service manager called Direct Buy and they told him that the repairs were not covered and that I would have to pay for any and all repairs to the tune of $1600. The service manager from Ford called me and informed me of what he was told. I was able to stop Ford before they started teardown on my car. I had to then beg the Ford dealership to give me my only car back because they wanted almost $200 just for diagnosis and I didn't have it. My recent problem is my a/c compressor. It literally blow itself up from the inside outside. Come to find out, the guy that sold me the policy lied to me. It's not bumper to bumper. So, of course, the part is not covered. I've been trying to get someone with authority on the phone and have left numerous message with the promise that someone would call me back. No one has. Tomorrow morning, I feel sorry for the poor soul that answers the phone because they are going to get an ear full. I'm pissed. I just don't know what to do because I have no money and now no car.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1091957
Oct 15 2013
01:40 PM
Direct buy  Woodlands Texas
We joined this company and 3 days later it was not for us, so we faxed in a letter stating we did not wish to pursue this membership,we had left several phone messages, only to be told it had to be brought in person or registered return receipt requested , which we did. But they still denied letting us out of the contract, we have not used it nor do we plan to ever use it
Entity: Woodlands, Texas
16, Report #1052979
May 22 2013
11:55 AM
On 5/13/13 I took my car a 2004 Porche Cuyan to get repaired at AMMCO in Inglewood to check on a few problems. Initially I took the car in for air conditioning problems but after further inspection by the technician it was discovered that I had a transmission problem.  AMMCO called and talk with someone from Direct Buy, which is who I have my warranty through.   A representative from Direct Buy contacted AMMCO’s front desk and inquired about their process for doing oil changes on Porche Cuyans.  The front desk gave a general answer in which Direct Buy took, without speaking to an actual technician and called the Porche dealer to find out their procedure, because both the AMMCO and the Porche dealer gave two different answers Direct Buy decided not to pay my claim. My complaint is that the Direct Buy representative never spoke with an actual technician to find out how they fixed my car, the receptionist gave a general answer of how he thought the oil change was done.  I had an oil change done in March from this Inglewood AMMCO, this is why I felt comfortable taking the car back there once Direct Buy recommended the place for me to get the problem fixed.  Once it was determined that major work was needed, Direct Buy then began questioning the very place they sent me to, in an attempt ( in my opinion ) not to pay my claim.  It would seem to me that the Direct Buy rep. should have made more of an effort to find out how my car was done before deciding not to pay my claim.  I would like for this problem to be resolved as soon as possible resulting in Direct Buy paying for my vehicle to be repaired.  If this is not possible I would like for my money to be returned on my warranty and I will be escalating this matter further. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait 10 business days before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone (((REDACTED)))Sincerely,Angel C.
Entity: SOUTH ISELIN, , New Jersey
17, Report #967091
Nov 09 2012
06:12 PM
Direct buy scam corona, California
I've been member for three years and dis only one purchase when I just got the membership. One month later I relised I did not really saved money on my purchase. i went to review many of their prices in their cataloges and did not find really any good deal. I spent the whole day locking for prices and comparing them with other stores prices. The guy hemping me end up saying that they could give me an extra 10% discount since i did not find any good deal. this 10% was nothing to the 50% they promise you will save and they never talk about the high shipping and handdling rates you have to pay. By the way the refrigerator I bought was crashed when I got it and it took one whole month to get another one. they say I coud not have refounds for it. I had to pay the high membership fee just to get away from credit collectors and I decided not to do any purchase there anymore. That was the expencier refrigerator I ever bought. Since I had to pay the $5,000 membership to get it NO MEMBERSHIP REFOUNDS PER CONTRACT.
Entity: corona, California
18, Report #1257235
Sep 25 2015
06:57 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Auto Warranty Internet
On July 22nd, 2015, I talked to a sales rep, Mark Morgan, from Direct Buy Auto Extended Warranty company, and I was told that their company can provide a full coverage for my 2007 Mercedes GL450 and 2010 Mercedes C300. I was also told that if I bought both warranty coverage packages and paid in full, which was $4600 ($2300 for each five-year a hundred thousand miles warranty package) that day, I would get a huge discount. I believed him and paid $4600 on that day for those two warranty coverage packages. The warranty coverage started on August 22nd, 2015. On September 16th, 2015, my 2007 GL450 had an electronic issue which was covered under this warranty. The Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown service manager, Marty Gillions, called Direct Buy Warranty and got an authorized repair from a supervisor named George Thompson on that day. Mr. Gillions was told that he and I needed to sign the form and fax it back to the Direct Buy Warranty company, and one of the warranty authorization department employees would call Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown and make a credit card payment of $187.62 within 24 hours. Mr. Gillions and I followed the instructions and faxed back this form on September 17th, 2015. After 24 hours later, I called Mercedes-Benz service department and inquired if the payment had been made by the warranty company and if the part was ordered. I was informed that they didn't get the payment and the service advisor attempted to call the warranty company several times and could not get through and could not leave a voicemail and did not get any response from the company on September 18th, 2015. I also called the company number at 1-888-865-4484, but I also could not get through with this number. I then tried to call the sales rep. Mark Morgan, who I got the warranty packages from, on his direct line at 732-243-5947. It was the same result. I could not get through and could not leave a voice mail. Finally after 5pm on that day, I called company number at 1-888-865-4484, I was able to reach the after hour answering service. I have left several messages regarding the unpaid claim at night on September 18th , 19th, and 20th. I have also emailed Mark Morgan at on September 18th, 2015 at 9:53pm, 10:25pm, 10:31pm, and September 21st, 2015 at 9:21am and 9:42am regarding my concern, my frustration, and my unpaid claim. I have also emailed Direct Buy company customer service email at on September 18th at 10:25pm regarding my concern and unpaid claim. I have used every possible contact way for this company, but I got no response from anyone so far. On September 21st, 2015, after all of the attempts to contact this company in every possible way, and I got no response whatsoever, I have decided to cancel these two warranty coverage packages. I have emailed Mark Morgan and customer service department again on September 21st, 2015 at 10:44pm, stating that I want to cancel these two warranty coverage packages that I had purchased and explained why. However, I never got a response. Again, on September 22nd, 2015 at 2:40pm, I emailed Mark Morgan and customer service indicated that I wish to cancel these two warranty packages that I have purchased on July 22nd, 2015 and the coverage started on August 22nd, 2015, and listed several reasons why I decided to cancel. As of today, September 24th, 2015, I have not received any response from anyone from this company, and I still could not get through on their company line or Mark Morgan's direct line. I'm left with no choice but to file a charge back on both $2300 charges. Today, Sept. 25th, I finally got through to George Thompson after over an hour waiting and run around. I told him what happened and what I did. Instead of apologizing what this company has done to me, he has totally changed his attitude. Not to mention they promised Mercedes to pay the claim, and left them with no pay and no answer whatsoever, he has the nerve saying that Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown is not following the proper procedure, and that is the reason why they didn't pay. He also said that I'm not entitled to the full refund, because It was outside the 30 day period. It started on August 22nd, and I sent them another email informing the cancellation on Sept 22nd. I have Mercedes service statement in writing and I have my many emails with time stamped. They are the one breach the contract when they were supposed to pay on Sept 17th. BTW the claim was only $177 comparing the $4600 I paid. I have filed a complaint with several government agencies, and George Thompson said they would dispute my chargeback and they would tell the government that I demanded payment before the repair. It was completely a lie, and I'm shocked. I have never demanded payment to me, and I wanted them to pay Mercedes as they promised within 24 hours. However, I have statements from Mercedes, and my time stamped emails. I don't see there is any difficulty to prove they are the one breach the contract, and that is why I'm canceling. I hope people are reading this, because you WILL regret like I am now after purchasing from them. I have not seen anything like this before, I have never written a review here. I feel it is my civil responsibility to tell the future potential victims.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1337502
Nov 10 2016
01:30 PM
Direct Buy Travel Ripped off and Mis-informed
Booked a vacation for the family that we have all been looking forward too through Direct Buy Travel. I dont have alot of extra money so I used a travel certificate from a friend (paid him cash) and booked a trip to Mexico. I paid for an upgraded room that is suppose to sleep 4 adults and 2 childeren. I originally only had Me, Wife, 19 year old son and 12 year old son for a total of 4. called and asked if I could add one more adult (sons girlfriend) and they told me no problem children are free. Gave about a week and called back because hadnt received a new confirmation but was told everythig was fine. At that point I bought all airplane tickets for 4 adults and a child and prepared to enjoy are vacation in 90 days. I get a call from Direct Buy 45 days before to confirm my reservation and they tell me the were confriming for four people, I informed them of my conversation with a one of there customer service reps and they told me he had told me wrong. The room will only hold 4, cell phone signal is broken up so says he will need to call me back in 15 min. that never happen so I called direct buy back, this person tells me yep your good hold 4 adults and 2 children. I call again the next day to get a new confrimation because I am not going 2500 miles to mexico without a confirmation especially with children. I am told this time that I can only have 4 with children and adults. By now Im going crazy so I call the hotel only to be told they can not tell me anything because I booked through Direct Buy. Moral of the story I did cancel and had to rebook a last minute vacation through Apple Vacations (which I will now recommend) because I already had purchased 2000 worth of airplane tickets for a vacation I was told was good, Direct buy kept my 250 upgrade and the travel certificate (that i paid cash for) because they have no idea on the accomdations they provide. I would never recommend or offer Direct Buy to anybody, It is a complete joke and customer service is the most frustrating conversation I have ever had. I see no resolution to this matter without refunding my 250 and certificate for a family vacation you ruined, after telling me everything was just find (Atleast 3 of the 5 customer service reps did)   Brian Rockford, IL
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1348969
Jan 10 2017
03:46 PM
Direct Buy Scam and Extortion Indianapolis Nationwide
 My wife and I went to check out Direct Buy. The salesman talked us into buying a membership. When we return home we decided that we did not want the membership. I called the company and they agreed to stop any paperwork concerning our membership. No payments were made and we never used those services. Now 5 years later they have sent the paperwork to a collection agency. I have called the company and they refuse to speak to me about the account. The company is now in Bankruptcy and trying to stay afloat by extorting money from people they agreed with to void their membership.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1224579
Apr 24 2015
11:36 AM
Direct Buy rip-off / fraud Pensacola Florida
 I received a letter with my address hand-printed, stating; you're going to receive an Android Touchpad Tablet Computer from our gifting department, at no charge. The word charge was underlined twice. It further stated; Call now, and we'll also include a Gift Card valued up to $100.00. I called the number and provided the code printed in the letter and the woman I spoke to also stated I was going to receive these items. She then proceeded to ask about 5 questions and then informed me that based on my answers, her computer was telling her I did not qualify for the give away! Now, I did not ask for this, nor did I seek out this company. The letter did not say you might get, if you qualify, or based on your answers, you could receive the following items. The letter stated I would receive them! I feel this is fraud and a complete rip-off. I can assure you that I will NEVER shop there and will make sure all my friends both in person and on facebook are aware of this incident. Legitimate companies that fulfill their promises and aspire to make both established AND prospective customers happy can rely on word of mouth and reputation to keep them in business. I definitely feel that Direct Buy falls way below this standard.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
22, Report #355643
Jul 25 2008
12:50 PM
Entity: PEORIA, Arizona
23, Report #274615
Jun 14 2011
10:05 AM
Direct Buy I saved $5000 by NOT joining Direct Buy. You should do the same! Naperville Illinois
I was always curious about Direct Buy and was so glad I did a little research before searching out one of their locations. Im afraid I wouldnt have controlled myself as well as so many of you have in the face of pushy and rude salespeople.Thanks for saving me the headache.Livermorebrian Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Naperville, Illinois
24, Report #340317
Jun 14 2008
05:33 PM
Direct Buy Tampa FL Direct Buy delivered damaged goods and won't replace them Tampa Florida
Direct Buy Tampa, FL delivered an expensive refrigerator to my home. It was damaged. The store manager told me too bad. I am so upset. I noticed other folks have been unhappy with Direct Buy. Don't let this happen to you.Babs Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
25, Report #338226
Jun 08 2008
12:26 PM
Direct Buy, Direct Buy SHADY PEOPLE WORK THERE TOO !!! NORRISTOWN Pennsylvania
I ALMOST went to their 'reserved time' at their showroom! I TRIED to cancel --but their site only allowsSIGN UP TODAY ! No phone #. So I stayed home. I was supposed to be there at 9:30 A.M. At 10:00 A.M., 'Direct Buy' called. At 10:38 A.M., 'Direct Buy' called again, told them, Not interested. At 1:51 P.M., 'Direct Buy' called. I have caller I.D.,so didn't answer (no message left either). At 1:52 P.M.---'Direct Buy' call again (didn't answer; no message left). At 1:53:30 ---'Direct buy' call again (same --no answer, no message ) At 1:54 ---'Direct Buy' call AGAIN ! I answer (nope, not cursing, just irritated at this IDIOT !!) I tell him again, Not interested & the STUPID SITE didn't provide a # to cancel & hung up. UNBELIEVABLY ,he called back !, Suzann, I think that was a VERY RUDE PHONE CALL ! I had to laugh, told him, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT 'RUDE' IS --- YET ! DON'T CALL ME ANYMORE !! & hung up.DEAR GOD !!....that idiot called me TWICE more until I answered the 3rd call with a CALM voice & told him, Keep calling ....ONE MORE TIME & I'll file 'harrassment' charges. 2:03 P.M. he stopped. These people MUST BE PSYCHOTIC !!Suzann LAFAYETTE HILL, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania

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